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I had an accident going to church in my Nissan Murano. It was totalled. I rented a Ford Fusion from Enterprise in O'Fallon, IL through 21st Century (Farmer's Insurance) who told me that was covered and any extra insurance that I would get would be my responsibility. Well, we had a terrible hail storm and the rental vehicle had hail damage. I turned it in to my insurance company who told me that I would be responsible for $500 deductible. I had already paid $500 deductible for my truck and do not believe that I should have to pay for the rental because it was an "Act of God." Also, I saw that the Ford Fusion was fully covered by Safeco Insurance through Enterprise and they should pay the remaining balance. Thank you.

They stay in contact by mail and email with constant updates. There have been no issues in the 5 years I have dealt with them. I have never had a problem with them or ever filed a claim. You have the ability to go online to view updates and your current auto policy and make some changes online.

I moved to Oklahoma from Calif. Minimum coverage. 15,000/30,000 Calif and 25,000/50,000 Oklahoma. Fine, $358/yr Calif to $674/yr Oklahoma. Now my monthly increased from $52.73 to $79.10. Huh? A warning, but no why. I'm trashing uninsured motorist. NOT required. That's $105.54 off my policy. ** great!!! Only been with since 1997. What gets me to all of y'all. Insurance companies DON'T tell you the savings for driving under 25 miles a day. GOOGLE it. They live in secrecy. I ** hate it!!! YES!

One guy I spoke to was so lame, I wanted to rip him out of the cell by his throat. Impossible to reach. Ever notice they all want to know your yearly mileage. That's fine, this worthless maggot, told me, point blank, "It won't make a difference." Yes, it does! I have a GDD, 47 years under my belt driving career, tractor trailer experience in my past, motorcycle in my past, clean driving record, anything else I've overlooked? Oh, bend over, ha ha! It bothers me to admit this! I wish them and all of y'all well! Truly. I am in the poverty level, and a discount is a discount. Once upon a time, it was great! What the ** happened? God bless all of you!

For one thing, when calling it takes hours to reach anyone. They always seem to be in a meeting. I was told originally that I would be paying a higher rate because I had an accident on my record and it would drop off and my rate would go down in August. Then when my policy renewed, there was no change. I canceled, went back to American Family with more coverage and less money through them. 21st Century now says I owe them even though I cancelled before the next payment came due. They are part of the Farmer's Insurance Company and are giving Farmers a bad name as well.

I have been long time customer with 21st Century Insurance. They just raised my premium based on a fraudulent insurance claim. I do not have any tickets or accidents in my record for 31 years ever since I have been driving & over 20 years with 21st Century. I have been lucky enough to have NEVER even needed a TOW or ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. As you know when a kid gets of driving age they must be added the policy. My daughter lets someone drive her vehicle & the driver hit a DOUBLE PARKED car with NO ONE in the car. The man heard the bang and runs back outside.

He LIED and said he was in the vehicle when it was hit. But does not call an ambulance at the scene. He calls his daughter for a ride home. He goes to the doctor sometime later and keeps going to the doctor, submits the doctor bill and a FRAUD claim and 21st Century pays this man 70,000. False Insurance claims is a CRIME. It is not to make extra income! THE MAN WAS NOT IN THE CAR WHEN IT WAS HIT. HIS OWN INSURANCE COMPANY DID NOT BELIEVE HIM AND DENIED HIS CLAIM BUT 21st Century settles the fraud claim for 70,000 UNBELIEVABLE!!! I did not know it was this easy to commit insurance fraud!!

My husband and I have had 21st Century for many years without having had any tickets or accidents. We have never filed a claim, nor been late with a payment. My complaint is that the cost of our insurance coverage goes up each and every time our policy comes due. We pay every six months, and every time our payment is more than the time before. This is really bothersome.

I have been with this insurance for a few years and 6 months our premiums go up! We called this last time and all they said was prices went up across the board, meaning for everyone, but never gave us notice or explanation to as why. I just now noticed I only have limited tort when I believed I had full tort. I never signed anything for it to be limited tort. After doing my own search, I now realize bodily injury doesn't cover yourself if you're injured and the accident isn't your fault. I also found out on my own that PA is a no fault state. I didn't understand why my policy showed this first party medical section for 5k. The only reason I found this out is because of a recent bad accident that totaled my car and put me in the hospital and THE ACCIDENT WAS NOT MY FAULT, from what I understand now I'm responsible for all my medical over 5k.

I just cannot believe this! I cry just thinking of it, I have to pay and go in debt and collections and bad credit reviews over something out of my control. Who in their right mind would accept 5k Max for medical? I would have never ever accepted that! Just my ambulance ride will be that! Why did this insurance company not mention any of this to me and explain it so I could make the right and best decision? I still have the package from Feb that has a form in it and says "if you select limited tort please sign and mail back". I didn't want limited tort.

And I knew nothing about PA's no fault and this first party medical thing. Cannot believe I'm going through all this! If only this insurance company would've been honest and had professional representatives that provided accurate and truthful information I wouldn't be here wondering what am I going to do now? Just so unreal. No insurance company should be allowed to misrepresent insurance like they did to me. I'm baffled, hurt, and depressed over all this now and it was out of my control and I wasn't even at fault.

Sales rep De Anne ** does not return phone calls. I called her twice, but nothing.

I am still waiting for 21st Century to pay my credit union for the claim since my car was in a total loss accident. The accident occurred on 6/9/15. They said they sent a check to the credit union on 6/18/15 which as of today (7/8/15) has not been received. They mailed me a check for the amount over the pay off amount which I received on 6/23/15. I have spoken with 21st Century and told them that the credit union has not received the check and they are able to verify that it has not been cashed yet.

The credit union continues to take my monthly car payment out of my account. I am getting the run around. I asked that they put a stop payment on the check and sent another out next day priority or do an electronic transfer but they don't do anything. How long do I have to wait? Who can help? I have been with this company for many years and paid them thousands of dollars. They are more than happy to take my money. I'm so livid I'm switching insurance!

Century21 does not stand by their clients. They are quick to pay out to scammers and then raise your rates. I had a very small accident. I was backing into my driveway and this idiot decides to go into my driveway that am backing into at the same time. Police estimated the cost of damage 20-40.00. They had a lawyer at the site of accident in less than 10 minutes. So they did on purpose (I say insurance scam). Century paid out because it would cost more to go to court than pay out. They said it was my fault and no they were not changing their mind. When I called to complain and immediately raised my premiums by 30%. First of all the accident was not my fault. Second they should have not paid out a scammer. Third raising my rates 30% over such a minor accident by their own standards 774.00 is ridiculous.

I never had an accident in 40 plus years I been driving. Been with them over 5 years. (Hey Century21 what's the use of having insurance if you can't use it) I already found insurance cheaper than what I was paying before it went up. DON'T GET THIS INSURANCE. You will pay for years but when you go to use it they are going to punish you!

Is there a way to file an actual complaint so someone would look into it? I don't want to even give them one star. When I first received the quote for my new vehicle, they were the cheapest. Now 3 yrs later, they have doubled my insurance and the car is 3 yrs older. I'm 48 and I haven't had any tickets or issues, how is this even possible??? They, just this month, jumped my insurance 70 DOLLARS!! Can you believe that? When I called and asked them why… I got the same BS excuse as usual. Then the guy acted like I shouldn't be upset, REALLY? I don't know about everyone else, but 70 dollars is a lot of money. Can someone give me guidance on what to do here??

I hit a deer in November 2011 and had it repaired at Village Dodge where it had been towed. I had reported that after the accident, I had tried to drive the Jeep because it was late at night and I had no cell phone. The Jeep was fixed, or so they say, and I drove it for awhile. I started having trouble with it slowing down, not having any get up and go. Finally, the engine light was flashing so I pulled into a Midas to see what was wrong. They replaced two cylinders and spark plugs. One day later, it was doing the same thing so I went back to Midas where they told me I had a blown head gasket. The insurance refuses to reopen this claim saying I had driven the car and so it is not their responsibility.

I have a dead car, no one wants to look into it to see if this is still from the accident and I found out that the dealership tried to drive it to the body shop and also overheated it causing a second tow in November. This is a mess. I have to go through customer service to return phone call. They have promised me a report explaining why they have denied to reopen this claim and that was 3 weeks ago. What can I do?

I was in a car accident on 2/18/13. I was rear ended on a freeway on the way home from work. When I arrived home, I immediately filed a claim/report. The person taking the information was kind and helpful. Every day I expected to receive a call from 21st/Farmers inquiring after my health/well-being and assisting me with my claim. The wait continues and it's been 6 weeks. I have called on a continuous basis trying to find out what's going on, asking for help and status. I emailed those listed on my claim site and even emailed supervisors with little to no response. When I discovered (notice I said I discovered) that the person who hit me had no insurance, the one person who had made contact asked for a copy of the letter I had received which I sent. Then even they stopped responding to my inquiries.

There are several teams supposedly helping on claims and none of them give a hoot about you. I was injured in the accident and need medical attention, which I have to handle out of pocket since the other driver has no insurance. Money is tight for me so I began calling to follow up on payment for receipts, which I submitted through the national document center and for which I have emails confirming submission of the said documents. When I finally got a hold of a live person, they told me no documents had ever been received. Status quo - horrible service. 21st/Farmers has exacerbated the pain and suffering caused by the accident. In no fashion would I ever recommend them to anyone! Pay the extra premium and find a good and responsive insurance company!

After 10 years of being with 21st, I forgot to pay my insurance one month! Realized my mistake the very next month, but it was too late! 10 years of giving them money. No accidents! No tickets! Miss one flipping payment, and it's up yours, go somewhere else! I didn't tell them the only thing I could think of why I must have forgot to pay my March 2017 premium was March 10, 2017 my best friend's sister was murder! Not an excuse, but for someone like me who is never late paying my bills, her murder was all I could think of why I forgot! Well UP 21st you know what! Money grubbing bastards!

I used 21st Century Auto Insurance for over two decades. In that time, I have had nothing but positive interactions with them. Their customer services and agents are topnotch. They are always helpful, friendly, and informative. When my car was totaled in an accident (not my fault), they made the claims process painless. I didn't have to worry about my rental car and they had my money to me within two weeks. I can't say enough good things about them.

I was merely attempting to change the start date of my policy from a Saturday to the proceeding Friday. After 52 minutes on the phone, I was told that the representative had never seen this "error" message before and would need a supervisor... to change a start date? She was less than helpful. I asked for a supervisor and thrown back on hold again. Then 10 minutes later, was told I was waiting for one. I finally had to leave a callback number - problem was not solved - and I wasted over an hour for a simple, simple request. With claims they are better - hence the two stars but rest assured I will be changing companies this week.

I received a notice of cancellation of my auto insurance policy in September, as of October 24, 2012. My driver’s license was suspended 7/2012 for non-payment of child support, which I was never made aware of. My daughter is 19 years 8 months. I stopped child support March of 2011. After correcting the CSS's mistake, I went to DMV on November 17, 2012 and paid $30 to have my driver’s license reinstated. After speaking with a service rep from 21st Century concerning what I needed to stop the cancellation of my policy and the money needed to bring it current, I faxed all necessary documents, and paid an additional $56 and change as directed.

I called to make sure all documents were properly received and was confirmed they had, and all would be taken care of. After not receiving a bill for November, I called to find out the problem, only to find my policy was cancelled on November 24, 2012. Bottom line is the uncooperative and unprofessional way they treated me, and handled this situation. They stated that Underwriting refused to accept my documentation that my California driver’s license was reissued, that I should have followed up and made sure it was okay, that the money they took was to cover only up until the 24th when the policy ended not the month.

Sorry, your fault Mr. **, now you can purchase a new policy, of which would have cost 2 times my original policy if it wasn't for one bright light in this dark hole I fell into. A customer service advocate by the name John **, he found a loop hole that saved me over $350.00, and did all he could to save me more. I want to thank him for his diligence and caring, bringing some light to a very dark day. I am very disappointed with a company that I thought had my best interest at heart; looking to find another company ASAP to take my business.

I've been a customer of 21st since May 2008, and never really had any problems, however, I never had to make any claims, either. I just returned from Iraq, and got a civilian job, that offered me a company vehicle. When my boss picked me up from the airport, I had the honor of finding out that the rental car company could not release a car to me, and almost lost my job right there.

Shortly thereafter, I learned that they had submitted a claim, that I was in an "at-fault accident, 50% or more at fault". When I inquired, they didn't have a police report, nor did they pay anything out. I assured the rep that was because there was no accident. After over 1.5 hours, being deferred between departments six times, and being hung up on 2 times, there is still no resolution. I realized that they are not a BBB member, and clearly understand why.

I have two things to leave readers. I urge caution when considering 21st Century and look at USAA. Their customer service is honestly second to none, and make you feel like they are truly there for you. I was humiliated due to being denied a rental in front of my boss. It cost me $300 worth of plane ticket to get a vehicle, and more money for fuel to drive from Ohio to New York. My premium also increased from $75 to $176/month due to "accident". Now, I cannot go to another insurance company, due to false reports, including a false speeding ticket, and equipment failure, until cleared.

When I originally signed on with 21st Century Insurance almost 2 years ago I was paying about 2/3 of my present premium, approximately $700.00 for 6 months. My bill in 2016 was $885.00 for 6 months. I just opened my bill for 2017 and it’s $1042 for 6 months and increase of almost 18% in 6 months... 18%! My pay doesn't go up that fast!! I have no tickets, no accidents and a perfect driving record and yet I'm paying an 18% increase for "6" months. This is called gouging or ** and pillage! Their profit was in the billions of dollars in 2015 and 2016.

When I phoned them I was told they paid out more than they had anticipated. Let’s see. More people in general are driving than ever before and $20,000,000,000.00 isn't enough net profit for them!! I'm now shopping. I have no issue with the company except they are out of control with their rate increases, 18% in 6 months!!! Perhaps I just don't make so much money that it shouldn't matter, but it does! I don’t like being taken advantage of or having my money stolen from me.

I called this company just to verify if windshield repair was part of my coverage. Then immediately they transferred my phone call to their glass repair company. They told me that they would see if I had coverage and that they needed my address along with that. If I didn't have coverage, they would, along with 21st Century Insurance, get back in touch with me by email with a confirmation.

We lived overseas for many years, upon moving back to the U.S. we bought two new cars. Our Banker recommended Century 21 for our insurance. We got that insurance in April 2012, never had a claim. In December of 2014, one of our credit cards was compromised and replaced, that is the card that our automatic renewal for this policy was charged to. I never changed the payment information on their website. In April of 2015, the policy came for renewal and of course, the payment was rejected. We received our new insurance ID cards on time and I actually thought everything was OK.

Last night I realized that we had not received our new ID cards. Logged on to the account and discovered that they had cancelled our insurance. IN APRIL!!! My fault, to a point, but they never contacted us about the issue, no letter, no call, no email. When I called them to have it reinstated, they refused to quote until I paid a $25 fee. I refused. I then called Farmers who carries our homeowners policy. They had us insured within 30 minutes at a rate less than I had with Century 21. Upshot is that they don't care enough about our business to contact us if there is a problem. So the answer is to take our business elsewhere...

I've been insured with 21st Century/Farmers for the past 12 years and have not filed a claim in the past 11 years, paying a yearly minimum of $2000 to cover our vehicles. My husband's vehicle was hit and 21st Century agreed that he wasn't at fault. They came back and said since, the other insured claimed that we were at fault. Next step was for us to pay for the damages and deductible out of our pocket and sit around and wait to see "if" they put in a claim and "if" then maybe we'll get our money back! Their customer service sucks.

They told me they wait (I say, sit around) and do nothing in the interim to see if the other party files a segregation of demand for their loss. The adjuster also told me basically they have no reason to contact the other insurance since they are not anything at this point. So I asked, "What is the risk of me forking out my money?!" They offer that I call their insurance but most likely they won't give me any information. Warning consumers that they may be cheap but when it comes to service, they provide cheap service! Nothing happened except I'm cancelling my policy today and not referring them to anyone.

This company is always quick to respond and has always been easy to deal with. Their agents always are helpful and knowledgeable and seem to be there for the customer too. Whether it’s to see if they can help ease the cost of the policy, or to help you through an accident. They even lowered my monthly bill considerably when I told them how little I actually drove my car. The agent asked how many miles I had on the car, and calculated that my insurance should be about $300.00 a year less.

I was also involved in a car crash when another vehicle, ran a red light and smashed into us. Everyone was safe thank God, however, my car was totaled. My insurance company had an agent out the next day. He said he could open a claim, and give us an estimate of what they would pay for the totaled car. I was quoted a fair price, and eventually went with my insurance, instead of the at fault driver’s. The other driver's insurance company wanted to start at a very low price and haggle over the final settlement. I eventually called 21st Century back and said I wanted them to handle the case. I received a check in less than a week.

I dropped my car keys down a storm drain. Call for roadside assistance while me and my son sat outside of our vehicle for three hours. Three hours. Yes three hours. Not even exaggerating. I eventually gave up on waiting for them and went home then they said that the service provider showed up and I refused the service because I wasn’t there well of course I wasn’t. It was now midnight and I’m not going to wait any longer. I walked home. I still was charged for the service as if I refused it. Why would any insurance company leave a single mom and their child outside for 3 hours at night time waiting for help? Definitely not an insurance company I will be keeping much longer.

Today I called to get auto insurance through 21st Century and let me say I give them 5 stars so far! The downpayment was even cheaper than my already cheap quote. The monthly payments were over twice as much at Geico $72/mo and only $32.50 with 21st Century. Almost seems too good to be true! Goodbye forever GEICO! Hello 21st Century!

I was involved in a minor crash. While sitting at stop light, my car was rear-ended. The driver who hit me was insured and never challenged the fact she was at fault. The accident was reported to both our insurance carriers and her company paid for the damages because the other driver was 100% at fault... 21st Century raised my rates ANYWAY by nearly 40%!

When I pointed this out to them, they said it was a clerical error, but when I got my next banking statement, I saw they STILL had not corrected the "clerical error." This is the reason I do not like having them take the money directly from my account; if I had not noticed, they would have overcharged me by 40% FOREVER! IT took MANY, MANY calls to get this taken care of and it was completely ridiculous. Not ONCE did anybody at 21st Century apologize to me for all the hassle they caused.

I have been with 21st since 1991. In recent years, my rates started going down. However, a month ago, I received a letter that my zip code was updated and I will now have to pay 55% more for my car insurance. In CA prop 103 (passed in 1988), it specifically prohibits auto insurance rates to be based on zip code. I immediately wrote to 21st Century quoting the appropriate paragraphs of the law and all I got was a letter saying, "Thank you for being a valued customer but we're increasing your insurance based on your zip code because it's legal." Needless to say, I'm filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner and looking for a new company. I would also advise anyone considering car insurance not to use 21st. I got rear ended last year and it was a complete nightmare; I had to follow up everything myself with the other party's insurance.

I purchased a car insurance on Friday, Aug. 5th. I then found a cheaper insurance so I called and canceled the policy on the 6th. The money was not taken out of my account until Monday, Aug. 8. So I called the company asking why they took the money out of my account when I canceled the policy. The next day, they said it was taken out on Friday. I told them not according to my back statement and it showed it was taken out on Aug. 8. The representative said the refund will be in there on Friday the 12th. I have called every day and finally, talked to a Dorthy who said she was going to call over to Payment Accounts office. I still have no refund and the supervisor never returned the call back to me.

I have been with 21st Century for 2 years. Renewal time came and 21st Century submitted my payment with wrong account number. They cancelled my policy and never contacted me! Here I was driving around with no coverage! The only way I found out is I was looking at my card charges and noticed I was never charged! I had to go on their website to find out it was cancelled! I tried calling customer service and emailing them. They don't care! They kept asking for a letter from my bank showing it was the bank's fault, what? It was never submitted!

21st Century just doesn't get it! I asked to speak to someone higher up (manager), but they left me on hold forever never connecting me! Here is the greatest part of this debacle; I received a bill from them today for $25 for insufficient funds! Stay away! If these complaints, and there are way too many of them, helps anyone by going with another insurance company, I'll gladly send them a check for $25 and smile! Please take my advice and stay away from 21st Century!

I was connected to an Alabama sales representative today (8/14/14 @appr. 7:50 pm cst). The guy who I spoke with was very rushy, smart mouthed, rude, and had an attitude from hell!!! Not only that but the rates was unbelievable!!! I would advice anybody to stay away from this company and take your business elsewhere!!!

I was hit from the side and damage to my right wheel well, bumper and right front door is obvious. The other driver admitted immediately it was his fault. He pulled out from a parked position and hit me as I was passing. After speaking to both companies' adjuster, my adjuster for 21ST CENTURY cannot, and will not make a phone call to the ALLSTATE agent refuting their claim that I was 20% at fault. I sent my adjuster the pictures taken at the scene, still no assistance. She claims because I do not carry "full coverage" on my car, that they can not help. So why do I pay those monthly premiums if they don't advocate (at least a phone call!) for their clients? Not my 1st complaint about this unethical company!

They also refused to advocate for me when I needed a rental when another car of mine was accordioned from the rear. I was stuck with a $1900.00 out of pocket bill because they would not negotiate with the other insurer. They are great at keeping you on track with paying your premiums, but don't ever need their assistance. I will now have to hire a lawyer to get my car fixed 100%. I will be looking for an insurance co that is ethical, and responsible. (Am I dreaming?)

Last Friday I walked out to my car at 10:15 am and noticed my tire was completely flat. I called my employer to inform them that I would be late and contacted roadside assistance shortly thereafter. I informed the CS agent that my tire was flat and I may need a tow to purchase a new tire. I was quoted 30 minutes so I again called my employer and waited for assistance. An hour later I received an automated phone call saying my service provider should have arrived and to press 2 if they had not. When I pressed 2 I was connected to another CS agent who put me on hold to find out why there was a delay in service. A few minutes later I was informed that the provider they were sending out had broken down and I was to wait for them to send someone else out. This would take an hour or so they said.

It was now 12:30 and I received another automated call saying 20 more minutes. Around 1 pm I get a call from the tow company saying he's outside. I walk outside to meet him and there is no tow truck in sight. After we speak further we realize that he was at the right address but the wrong zip code. He received the wrong address and was over an hour away from my home. I again contacted 21st Century to tell them that I still needed service and was again quoted "an hour or so". Around 3 pm I received another automated phone call stating 10 minutes, 20 minutes later a call saying they should've arrived, pressed 2 and another agent saying service would be out shortly.

Around 3:30 I got a phone call from the provider saying he was outside. I walk out to see a car with a couple and an (easily) 80 lb. pit bull barking his head off and the window is down. I ask the woman to restrain her dog and she grabs his flimsy collar and rolls her eyes. The gentleman gets out of his car and asks for my spare tire. I inform him that I didn't have one that's why I needed a tow truck, to which he responded that he couldn't help me. At this point I am more than frustrated with 21st. I call and get a supervisor who says she's sorry for the delay and she'd get someone out to me as soon as she could. It's evening at this point and there are no tire companies near me that are open. When I explain this to her she tells me that I'm only covered for a $75 tow. I ask if the company could cover any addition cost, if accrued, to which she states, "I didn't pick your policy, ma'am". I wasn't pleased with the snide comment or the attitude with which it was delivered.

So, finally, 5:15 pm a tow truck arrives. We try a little air to see if it takes, when it doesn't he says he'll need to tow me. He's gearing up to load my car and I'm gathering my belongings to go. I walk out with my young son and a car seat and he informs me that his truck is a two seater. I'm home alone at this point and unfortunately he can't load my car without me joining him. I thank him for his time and send him on his way. At this point it's almost 6 pm and I call the supervisor back to inform her why I couldn't accept the tow. Instead of being apologetic about the whole day she simply says, "You didn't tell me you had a child with you." I was told her supervisor would get back to me in one to two business days.

That was last Friday and this is now Thursday and I still haven't heard from anyone. I tried to reach someone this morning and I got the same run around about someone contacting me. I am completely unsatisfied with the level of customer service this company offers. We may not need roadside assistance often but I want a company that I can depend on, not one that makes excuses and doesn't even respond to customer complaints. Thank you for reading my review and I hope it can be of some help.

My parents have 21st Century auto insurance. My mother was involved in a not-at-fault accident in Florida. 21st Century would only pay 80% of her PIP and would not pay on her med pay until she had reached the $10,000 threshold on the PIP. This does not follow Florida statute and has caused my parents to be hounded by a collection agency from Lee Memorial Health System now. Jennifer ** in 21st Century claims has really made my parents life miserable. Nobody should purchase auto insurance until they have thoroughly researched their business record. The lowest price is not always the best way to go. You get what you pay for in this case.

I switched to 21st from GEICO as it was WAY cheaper. I had a car accident months later and they were WONDERFUL! My car was totaled and I got $15K+ for my 4-year-old car which I only paid $18K for. It was a very clear and organized process. I was SUPER impressed. I knew my rates would go up at the next renewal due to my accident but that was understandable.

But here is where it gets AWFUL! A year later, I received an e-mail with my new policy amount. It was as expected. Then 2 days later, I get another e-mail that said due to the changes I made to my account, I owed $50 more. I DID NOT make any changes. I call, they can't figure it out, so I am told they will contact me back within 2 business days. 2 weeks later I call back. I am told that there was a computer glitch and most client accounts were affected. IF this was the case, post something on your website about it or send everyone an e-mail. I was told they know about the problem and the amount would be adjusted ASAP. Here it is 4 months later and still not adjusted. I figure they lied to me just to get me to not worry about it. When this policy ends, I will not renew.

I was so impressed at how they handled my claim after my car accident but their rates keep going up and then I get lied to about why.

My son is in the process of trying to purchase a vehicle. He hasn't lived with me for going on a year now. He has his own job and his own residence. I was trying to help him with insurance so I contacted some other insurance companies before I contacted 21st Century in which is who I have my insurance with and have been with them since 2004. I called to just get a simple quote to see how much it would cost to see how much it would be to add him to my policy and I was asked several questions in which I answered.

The main question I am writing about is when they asked me does or has he ever driven my car and I told the lady yes. I told the sales rep and the supervisor that he may drive my car once or twice a month and I stressed may. Well after talking to the sales rep, she informed me that my next payment was going to be $708 and I asked her why that was and she said because she added my son to my account. Well, I reconfirmed to her that I was calling to add him that I was just calling for a quote in which I stated that at the beginning of the call. She persistently continued to tell me the price and I asked her why she added him without my permission when all I was doing was calling for a quote.

She told me that if they hear you verbally say someone is driving your vehicle that they have the authority to put that person on your account. I told her again that I didn't authorize that and that I needed him removed and she told me that she couldn't remove him. I then asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. When the supervisor call on the line, I explained to him what was going on and he basically told me the same thing and told me that the only way to remove my son was for him to show that he had gotten his own car insurance otherwise they couldn't remove him. So I am very furious in this matter because they said if the $708 isn't paid, my policy would be cancelled. For you to have been with a company for so long and get the results and treatment as I did is unacceptable to me, so I am currently in the process of finding a new insurance company. Thank you for your time and I hope that this helps others out to not get caught up with this company.

I contacted 21st century to inquire about my bill, because my policy was due this month, and they had no record of us. After two hours on the phone, they found out we got "lost" during their "conversion". They also said they sent a policy quote for us to sign and return, which we never got.

Then we were told we were without car insurance for 5 months,which we would never go without ( also the state would have wanted our plates back if we had no insurance). Had we known this months ago, we would've fixed it right away.

It's bad enough that car insurance is a scam, but how can they do this to us? I'm sure we're not the only people who experienced this. Someone needs to investigate how many people didn't get new quotes in the mail when they were converting. How convenient for 21st century to have lots of money. We were "forced" to get a new policy at a higher rate because of the lapse - of course it was our fault, not theirs. This will be on our driving record. Now we will have to explain to D.M.V.

21st Century Insurance was the best in California! The claim was many years ago, but the company was very quick to get an appraiser out to look at my vehicle, and quick with payment for damages. Also when I lived there the rates were great; not so much when I moved to OH. Then they stopped covering OH altogether.

On July 27th, 2013 my 1994 Toyota Corolla DX tampered with them with my place of residence. I call San Jose please respond within the hour damn. I proceeded to call 21st century with my police report. 21st century didn't respond for 14 days. I have full coverage on my car. Did you not want to let me rent a car of the 750 $25 a day of my policy? They sent an investigator then you accuse me of vandalism my own vehicle. Now its take $700.00 and take my car to go fix and resell it and leave me with nothing - I still haven't fixed your glass. You guys know any legal standpoint like quicker than small claims court, please get a hold of me.

I was given a quote and bought the coverage. First statement went from $92.54 to $301.25. Stay away from this company.

Last year when our auto insurance came up for renewal, 21st Century Insurance informed me that our auto insurance with them would be cancelled on the renewal date and that they would no longer be writing auto insurance in South Carolina. I had been with 21st Century for over 5 years. I then had to shop for new auto insurance only to find that what we were paying to 21st Century would more than double with other companies. Have had no accidents or claims in the past 5 years, but yet we are having to pay double to insure our vehicles. Both vehicles are getting older and we are older drivers. What a rip off!

Just received our homeowner's renewal policy through 21st Century insurance. The rate on our homeowners insurance has gone up $81.00 for the year. The increase was because we no longer have our vehicles insured through them. Let see now, they cancelled our auto insurance because they were no longer writing insurance in South Carolina, yet we have to pay an additional $81.00 a year for homeowners insurance because we lost the multicar discount and auto/homeowner combined discount. This is fraudulent and unethical. These insurance companies NEED to be audited and regulated for this type of activity. This has all gotten out of hand!

Well, was satisfied with claim that I had. They covered just fine. But my daughter moved off to Colorado and had to get that car insurance instead of Texas. She found some much cheaper with another company, and so changed companies. However, 21st refuses to take her vehicle now off of my policy. So am stuck with double payments. Guess will see about speaking with an attorney to resolve this. Didn't know insurance companies could do that.

My Insurance premium has doubled and I have all dismissed tickets and one that is a non moving violation and this fraudulent company increased my premium completely disregarding the dismissals and non moving violation. I highly suggest not using 21st Century. I will be seeking counsel tomorrow to sue for illegal and unethical business practice.

We have 21st Century Insurance after shopping around. They were the best fit for us although premiums and deductions are way too high. I like their customer service reps who know their job and do it well, and courteously, give great rates and have different options for payment and give you a choice as to what time of the month you want to pay. But I do not like it when a company says, "We will give you a replacement car" but the fine print says your car has to be a year old with low miles on it. No one reads the fine print so the rep. should make all options plain and clear to the buyer. I'm not a fan of insurance companies because I see them as robbers. They are big business.

Easy to navigate through site. Find insurance to be expensive. Went up after 6 months for some reason. Roadside towing very helpful. Sometimes they send out emails that don't mean anything and confuse me because I think my insurance is going to be cancelled or something. I like that I had received a $50 visa card for using direct payment from my bank account that was neat.

I was an auto insurance customer of 21st Century and was dropped without warning and unaware that I was driving around without coverage. My bank recently changed my debit card due to recent national fraudulent events. I realized 2 weeks after my payment was due that I hadn't paid due to my previous card being cancelled. I called to make the change and they stated my policy was cancelled. I asked why I didn't receive any warning and they stated "we had an automated system call you." I was never left with a voice mail, email or letter. This is poor business practice and dangerous for customers. I asked if I paid the policy in full, would they reinstate it and to which they stated no. I am just so disappointed in them overall and their lack of commitment to me as a client.

I wish that I had read these reviews from all these other upset customers because I wouldn't have gone with this company. Just like the others, I had auto pay and was issued a new debit card because ING switched over to CapitalOne360. Since things happen in people's lives and things do slip their minds, I noticed on the day of payment that my bank account wasn't charged. I called them on the day in the morning about this and they simply didn't care. All they kept saying was that's "our policy" and there's no way they can credit my account but they kept giving different scenarios that they can do something if it was this and that. Even though I paid on time, they still charged me a $25 fee and a $5 fee for cancellation which is ridiculous since I was never late on a payment; I always paid on time and never once did they call. They do this policy because they know that it will eventually happen to people. So they keep getting more money while raising your rates every renewal time. I can't wait until July to switch over to Esurance that has way better rates and knows how to treat customers right.

I am a 56-year-old female with no accidents or tickets. I am currently in Canada for a few months and my truck is located in Nevada on a driveway not being driven. I am keeping insurance on it because I am not sure when I will be back home driving it again. I have traveled the past 3 years and have been paying the same amount to keep it minimally insured. My insurance payment was sent to me and I noticed it went up 120.00 for 6 months and phoned to find out why. I was informed that my information is resubmitted every 6 months in Nevada and my credit affected the increase. I have not used a credit card in 3 years and my debit is used to only pay my insurance. He said I am now a risk because I do not use a credit card. I have been using this insurance company since I was 16 years old. I am cancelling my policy. They are absolutely horrible since they merged with the other company.

While sleeping during the day (for medical reasons), I started receiving phone calls from 800-850-2792. There was not a name on my caller ID. Also, the caller did not leave a message. This happened eight times between 12:11pm and 2:45pm. These calls disturbed my R&R. When I would drift back off to sleep, they called again and again - leaving no message, no caller ID. I finally returned one and told them to quit calling, yet the phone rang two more times after that. I blocked the number...... They need to discontinue these harassing methods. I have to have my phone on for medical reasons and I'm sure they do this to other people also.

I started a policy with 21st Century, April of 2015. I thought their rate was reasonable, $28.48 for Basic Liability. I then, added an additional driver a family member and a car to the policy. With the same Basic Liability Coverage, on July 6, 2015. Now, the monthly rate for the policy, would be $97 and some change. Which, I had thought then, was ridiculously high, but, when I was talking to the representative, she made our conversation to seem like she was helping me. I, was adding a family member at a reasonable rate, which I knew was not the case at all. I went on through with the changes to my auto policy. I also, told the representative, I might call them back, because I don't know if my family member already had coverage elsewhere, but if not, I wanted them covered.

On July 10, 2015, I called them back to let them know, that I would no longer have the family member or vehicle on the policy. They raised my rate to $31. Asking the reason for the raise in policy spoke with a Supervisor who did not help with a clear explanation, but gave the best explanation she had, which honestly made no sense to me. So, it was either keep the policy, or close it. I had thought about closing it, because of the all of sudden raise in the policy but did not.

A few days ago, I called to check if 21st Century would be taking $31 out of my Bank Account, for next payment. And they said NO, it will Be $38.14. WHY for, I asked and they still could not give me a good explanation, of why my policy rate is being raised every other day. So, I tried to cancel the policy, and they said I couIdn't. I had to do it 3 days in advance. Because they would automatically take it out of my account, which I think is a bunch of BS. If this is what they put me through in just 3 months of being with them, God forbid an accident, I don't even want to think of how horrible of a coverage I might have, and the expenses I would have to pay out of pocket. Bad customer service. Not off to a good start with 21st Insurance, feels like a scam. They just want my money, but giving me bad service.

I had been a customer with GEICO for many years and received a quote while shopping around for 21st century which offered better coverage at a lower premium. So I set it up the way I normally do my bills which is Auto payment and all correspondence to be done electronically. I took a trip to Tennessee for a few weeks and lost a credit card while there. That happened to be the one that was connected to auto pay on my account. The only notification I received from 21st was by mail that my policy had been cancelled and that I owed $78 for the time beyond the expiration date they covered me for. I called right away, explained what happened and paid the amount due immediately and offered to provide them a letter from my bank showing my card had been stolen.

I thought that this would simply bring my account current given that it was an honest mistake and that I immediately paid it within two weeks of the policy due date right away upon finding out but it seems that they are not very understanding when things happen beyond our control. I was then informed that I needed to start an entirely new policy and the price quoted was $400 more per 6 months because of the charge denial as the card was inactive while they sent me a new one. They send me updates by SMS right to my phone and have multiple options to reach me yet did not bother to fix this as a courtesy before it became too late. They had only sent a renewal notice by email weeks before the card was stolen but nothing after until the new policy documents arrived for my electronic signature. A simple call to me would have given them a new CC number to use to automatically withdraw from each 6 months but no such luck.

Overall I think they are a good company but things like this just leave a bad taste in my mouth. Auto payments make sure my account was never late yet two weeks cost me $800. I understand that this is my fault for losing the card but I'm just disappointed that they did not give me any notice to fix it before it even became any issue. I also have the 21st Century app on my phone and it did not give me any alert of problem with payment. Just frustrating.

I had the misfortune to be rear-ended by a driver who was insured by 21st. This driver was at fault and was cited for following too closely. She hit me hard enough to force me into the car in front of me so my vehicle sustained significant damage from both ends. I had my car towed home and there it sat, dead in the water. I called or emailed 21st daily for 10 days, asking them to send an adjuster to look at my car. They never came. Every time I called, I was kept on hold for an unreasonable amount of time. Their CSRs were extremely rude and had a very patronizing and disrespectful attitude. They were also not above outright lying to me. In one instance, they told me they did not have the information of the driver of the vehicle I was pushed into. While I was listening to this, I had the police report right in front of me, with ALL the necessary information. After telling them this, the CSR actually asked me if I was accusing her of lying. I told her I knew she was. I was then "accidentally" disconnected.

Ten days after the accident and this entire time without transportation, I called my own insurance company. I've been with Progressive for a long time. I opened a claim on my vehicle, telling them that 21st was avoiding me and had refused to come look at my car. The Progressive CSR told me a tow truck would be at my residence to pick up my car at 1:00 pm. I called at 9:00 am. They were 10 minutes early. By 6:00 pm that same day, Progressive called me to tell me my car was a total loss. I gathered up the car's paperwork (title and such) and the next morning, went to their central office and received my pay out. Everything was done within 24 hours. I was injured in the accident. I suffered some muscle strain to my back and left hip. I was treated in an ER the evening the accident occurred. I had a friend with me in the car at the time of the accident. She also suffered similar injuries. We were lucky. It could have been much worse.

I filed a formal complaint with the BBB regarding 21st. I cannot understand why people would choose to go with such a company. The refuse to settle claims or take an unnecessary amount of time to do so. When the claim is against one of their drivers, it is even worse. I am usually not one to complain but my experience with 21st and their customer service is the worst I have ever had. If I could rate them in negative numbers, I would. They are the worst.

I had a policy with them on a Jeep wrangler that I have as a 3rd vehicle that NEVER gets driven on the road. I had insurance and plates put on after I was told I couldn't park in my driveway without it. So I have decided to sell it cause I never use it and when I didn't renew my policy with them they reported me to the dmv for not having insurance and had my driver's license suspended. All cause I'm not paying them $1100 a year for a car I don't drive.

My car was hit from behind by a woman who is covered with 21st Century Ins.. I know this asked that I be fair about my comments but there is no being fair when my car is towed without my consent and nobody seems to know who towed or where my car was towed to. I left to Arizona for a family emergency and asked them not pick my car up because I had valuable items in my car that were gonna be in my not running vehicle for 2 days max. I left message after message and NOBODY HAS RETURNED MY CALLS. I AM FURIOUS!!!

I purchased a policy without uninsured motorist coverage and paid in full. Next thing I know, I get an additional bill stating I owe another 16 dollars because they never received the agreement to delete uninsured motorist coverage. They claim they're going to send another form out but never did. I kept calling and calling and they keep telling me they're going to send it out again. Never received the docs.

Their website is constantly denying me access and there's no way for me to get the forms. I believe in order for me to comply with their company policy, I have to be given the necessary documents and in a timely fashion.

My son's new car was sideswiped about three months after he bought it. The other driver was found 100% at fault. We ran the claim through our insurance company (21st Century-Farmers) and after rather long delays, the repairs estimates were approved and the work completed. Part of the repair was to replace a "Stealth Wrap" that we had done. The estimate was submitted and approved by our 21st Century adjuster and the work completed to the tune of $4,000. Our adjuster told the installer of the wrap that the check was on the way. Several weeks later he called to say he still hadn't received the check and was getting worried.

Shortly after that a new person from 21st Century called me to say that our policy had a $1,000 limit on aftermarket parts and that's all they would cover. I reminded him that it was the fault of the other driver and that driver's insurance should be covering 100% of whatever it took to get my son's car back to new condition. He said they would be holding us to our policy limit. I then also explained that his adjuster had approved the repair and that if the wrap had not been on the car, they would have had to pay for the entire right side to be repainted, certainly costing more than the $4,000 wrap. He said he'd see what they could do. Of course we just received a check for the $1,000 made out to the at fault driver. Talk about a cluster **. Needless to say that after many years of having as many as six autos insured by 21st Century, they have just lost our business.

I first obtained auto insurance with 21st Century in 2011. After 5 years, 3 teenagers and an additional 3 autos added to the policy, my 6 month premium went from $823.55 to $2353.72! My stepson had an at-fault accident, and was then immediately removed from our policy as he started driving a car of his mother's. Six months passed and my youngest daughter got her license. They told me when I had added my stepson that boys always cost more than girls. But here I am, looking for new insurance because they stopped offering in the state of MO, and realize they show that accident on my daughter's record now (when she didn't even have a license yet).

After 3-4 hours on the phone with 7-10 different people, I still don't have this resolved. They also now say that I have not been overcharged for the accident showing on my daughter's record because since she has less than 3 years driving experience, they rate her as having had an accident, whether she has or not. So they're saying there is no difference in rates for teenagers regardless of driving history or gender. Quite the opposite of what they told me in the past, when my stepson had a higher rate for being a boy, and then for causing an accident. I can't even explain the frustration after 2 days of dealing with them. The highest rate at the end of using their insurance is now that we're down to 1 teenager and 1 less vehicle on the policy. And yet the rate is at the highest it's ever been. Shame on Farmers for owning such a shady company!

I have been with 21st century for 25 years, and customer services was great, nice, going out of their way, but lately they doesn't care about the customer. All they care about how to collect money. I rent a car from Enterprise while my car at the body shop and ending I paid $567.00 from my pocket. The 21st Century paid just 7 days and I have to pay 23 days and when I asked to escalate it to the manager Eric he was the worst customer services ever.

He was keep talking to me about the agreement and ignored the mistake from his staff. For couple of hundred dollar, he didn't hesitate to please me as a customer for long time with 5 cars insured plus my family member too. Advice: when you talk to anyone of 21st century, take names, times you talk, because that's why I have been punished (I didn't get the name of the person so I don't have any proof).

I had 60k/100k insurance, and was getting a quote to raise my limits to 100k/300k. I was quoted 482 every 6 mo. I stupidly switched and never read every work of lawyer talk. I was getting quotes from others as I do every year or so to see how competitive the rates are. Come to find out they were lowest legal 20k/50k coverage limits! I have switched to a more reputable dealer with a real location. Don't trust this fly by night company!!!

Their claims process is a joke. They are very uncommunicative. My adjuster called once in the morning while I was at work. I returned his call minutes later but only got voicemail so I left a message. Heard nothing from him all day then get an email after business hours concerning a new claims document. I can’t even view the document with the link they provide, it just sends me to an error page. I had the same pathetic experience with another claim (both not at fault accidents). I heard from my adjuster once, and after that he doesn’t answer or return any of my calls but they’ll be more than happy to send you documents via email that you can view if you’re lucky. Hoping to switch companies after this claims process is over.

At approximately 5:10 pm on 12-29-14, I called roadside assistance as my car would not start. I was told by the person on the phone that, "We would have a tow vehicle arriving within the hour." It did not come. We received another call stating that the tow company had cancelled and it would be at least 4 hours before they could get someone out, or we could wait until morning when more tow companies would be available and they would call us between 7:30 and 8:00 am. Needless to say, nobody called. I then called them and spent 40 mins on the phone between holds and talking to first to a rep and then a supervisor. The supervisor wanted my phone number which I gave her but also told her I was not hanging up but staying on the line until this issue was resolved. Finally, I ended up telling them that since the car was going to be towed to Plainfield Shell, why couldn't they call them to tow the car and wonder of wonders, my car got towed.

However, while talking to the man who towed my car, I found out that they no longer have a contract with 21st Century because of snafus involved in directions, etc. from this company. While 21st century agreed to pay in full for the tow, I must say had I been stuck on the highway, I would still be there out in the cold and at night. Also, free roadside assistance means I should not be paying for anything anyway. I also went online to the Delaware BBB and found 176 complaints filed against them. The situation I was put in is not acceptable.

After years of being a customer and I underline customer they cancelled my policy for a glitch in the system using the automatic payment system. They can not even give you a call or anything about the cancellation. They are stuck in their computer world and can not even call their long-time customer. So I got this notice after the canceled date and I called and they said this can not be reinstated because the credit card number that I changed few months ago of a hack confirmed by Capital One.

So let's review. I was hacked, 21st Century canceled, got notice after the date. I called to get this straightened out. They said can not be reinstated because of the credit card number. No phone call at all or certified letter about credit card number or anything. Also I had called previously a month ago or so to get a better rate and they snubbed me. Now the kicker. I got in touch with another company and got 200 dollars off from what 21st was charging me! And told them what happened and they said they should have called or something especially a long time customer! 21st Century should be arrested for how they treated a long time customer causing me aggravation.

I choose 21st Century because a friend recommended them to me. I had called several others and had not made up my mind yet. When I called 21st Century the lady that answered the phone was so polite and very helpful and explained all the different plans so I could understand. She helped me to choose the right plan that would fit my budget because I told her in the beginning that I was on a limited income. I do plan to up my coverage as soon as I pay off a credit card and I would recommend 21st Century to anyone. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

I love my insurance company. They have always been extremely helpful with me. I had a tree fall on my car a couple of years ago and they were very quick to help me out, although the body shop I picked was stupid and took forever. Every time I have had to go into the office about anything they are very friendly and always wanted to help me quick.

My 20-yr-old son borrowed MY car when I went to visit him. He does not live with me, nor has he for 5 yrs. He is not my dependent and I do not support him. He does not have a car and uses the bus to go to school and work. While in town, he used my car to run to the store. During that trip, he rear-ended someone and a claim was filed. Extremely little damage was done. In fact, the claim states 0 dollars were paid out. Due to this, my son was added to the policy because the underwriters did not take the time to find out any information. Now he is on my policy and they want to charge me over $700 now...hmmm... wonder why they added him? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! Then I was told to get him off the policy, I needed to provide his proof of residence - which I did... several times. Finally, I got an email stating he needed to show proof of another insurance policy so that he can be removed from the policy. How do you get insurance to ride public transportation? I will never use this company again. They delay responses, but sure do want money right away. Then they change what they say.

These people do not contact you to inform you of any changes! I've been with them for about 2 years and I'll be discontinuing my business with them. I do not like how they handle their business. They said they sent me letters and emails but I have yet to receive them. I was driving without insurance for almost 2 months! I would rather pay more, I pay them to properly ensure me. I should be contacted by them and be insured properly! They lie a lot and blame the customer. They lack every sense of communication. I'll go back to progressive.

I insured two vehicles with 21st century for $115/month. I dropped one of the vehicles to save money, and they charged an ADDITIONAL $1000 PER YEAR!!! I absolutely could NOT BELIEVE THESE CRIMINALS!!! They told me that they charged me an ADDITIONAL one thousand dollars per year because I LOST A DISCOUNT. What kind of a discount loss DOUBLES THE PRICE OF YOUR POLICY? And my last question is, how in the world is this company legal? They absolutely need to be investigated and possibly subject to a class action lawsuit.

I was slowly driving a rental car in the lane of a parking lot as I approached the stop sign at the end of the lane. A person insured by 21st century backed into my passenger rear door, denting the door. She was very apologetic, gave me all her information, signed the rental car forms, etc. I submitted all needed forms to the rental car company and they submitted all needed forms to 21st Century within the needed time frame. 21st Century did not respond in spite of repeated calls by the rental car insurance people.

Four months later, I was being asked to pay for the damage because they could not get anyone at 21st Century to respond in any way. I made repeated calls to 21st Century. I left numerous messages and finally one day I reached a live supervisor who promised he would look into it. Two weeks later: still nothing. The claim went to the collection agency. I told that person the story. She "by-passed" the system and finally talked to a supervisor who reported that it had been "archived" and would take time. Two working days later I was told that action had been taken by 21st Century and that a check would be sent that day. My assessment: 21st Century was either incompetent or thought they could get out of paying a claim.

21st Century Insurance is nothing more than a bait and switch scam. My current six-month policy premium with 21st Century Insurance is $543.57. Imagine my surprise when I received my policy renewal the other day, and discovered that my renewal policy premium will be increased by, approximately 38%. It will now be $749.81!

I have no idea why 21st Century Insurance feels the need to increase my premium by such an outrageous amount, as I have not had any tickets or accidents since I became a customer of their company last July, and the premium increase is far more than the 5% across the board rate increase, that they notified me of in the policy renewal paperwork.

Since there is no reasonable excuse for a 38% increase in my insurance premium, I asked them to give me an explanation as to why they feel that they have the right to raise my premium so dramatically. Since we live in a free market, and I am not obligated to remain a customer of a company which is trying to rip me off, I reserve the right to find a cheaper insurance premium with another insurance company. If 21st Century Insurance will not lower my insurance premium to a more reasonable amount, I won't renew my policy when it expires on January 1st.

Before I became a customer of 21st Century Insurance, I was warned by a friend (and former customer of 21st Century Insurance), that they are an unethical company, and they would dramatically raise my premiums after the first six months. As it turns out, my friend was correct, and I was a fool for believing that they were an honest company.

Don't buy any auto insurance from this company. Their claims dept "sucks"! They will not cover any rental past the estimated repair time. If the repairs are to be completed in 4 days, they will only pay for 4 days of rental. So in my case the car must be brought in on a Monday or Tuesday so that the car would be finished in 4 business days, so Farmers/21st would not have to pay for an extra 2 days of weekend rental. Think twice about this company, I'm going with either Geico or USAA when my policy expires.

Had good experience when it comes to processing claims. They kept me informed. They increased my home insurance by 100% and when asked why they said that they don’t need to explain. Also their car insurance premiums were very high compared to others. I had to move to other company after 10 years of being their customer.

They arbitrarily adjusted our annual miles for our three vehicles which resulted in an approximate rate increase of 5%. Then they asked for the current mileage of the cars which has nothing to do with the projected miles during the insurance period. Our mileage varies based on job assignment each year.

I had an encounter with a pedestrian who claimed that he was hit in the leg and lost 3 days of work. Initially, at the accident site, he said his daughter might have been hurt and he never said anything about himself being hit. If he was really hit, then he would have complained that I hit him at the accident site. But the fact that he changed his story tells me that he lied. However, the insurance adjuster for 21st Century settled the claim less than a week in favor of the pedestrian because she said that is better than going to court. I was willing to go to court. After that my premium went up. I reduced my coverage to lessen my premium. Now my coverage is just the minimum required by law. However I was told recently that the entire California just had a premium increase so my premium will increase again.

I received a telephone quote for 6 months auto insurance that was to cost 582.76. I then received a letter confirming the quote. I then received a subsequent letter, again confirming the 582.76 premium as previously quoted. This letter requested a response by a certain date and encouraged me to go online to view my quote. When I went online the quote changed from 582.76 to 726.69. When I called to find out why the quote was changed the agent could not give me any reason. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was eventually told that a supervisor would call me the next day. I never received any call and I decided to call them. I explained the different quotes and I was given the run around... that I had not made a payment. All this BEFORE the date that I had to respond. The final agent eventually told me to have a nice day and hung up on me. What a complete sham.

I recommend 21st Century Insurance because of my 40 years of experience with them. They provide the quickest and smoothest in claims submitted. Their rates are very competitive and very possibly the lowest. The payment structure is quite comfortable. As one can see, I am very satisfied with them and that is why I have renewed my policy every year for 40 years.

I am from NJ and with 21st Century since 2009. I was paying $340 for insurance until one month ago. They increased the premium by $100. I called the company and they told me the following: "Because the number of claims in NJ is very high, the company is not profitable there, so they petitioned the state government to let them increase rates in order to be profitable in the state." When I asked whether all the premiums were increased by the same amount, they told me that the customer service doesn't know. What kind of excuse is this? Is this possible at all? I tried to find information about that online but I could not find a bit of information.

I spoke with them 6/20/17 after thunders storm shorted out my unit. They sent a company named Chesapeake to view damages. The estimate was $5000 for new unit because of damage. 8/23/17 still no A/C. Chesapeake said they could fix it for $500. Ok. No response from Chesapeake or 21st Century. Can't speak to managers or anyone except Joel ** and he is a smart mouth representative! I have correspondence via email stating costs and claim denied because of surged wires.

I had my first accident in my lifetime of driving that put me at fault because of CA laws even though I didn't actually cause it. My car cost less than 1000 to fix, of which I paid 500 for my deductible. My renewal went up more than double for 6 months. What good is having insurance if you get such high increases for a very minor damage fender bender? I definitely will be shopping elsewhere in the future. I was very happy with them for many years, but no more. I would expect some increase, but over 100% increase is outrageous, especially with no prior accidents. Won't recommend them to anyone again.

I had a towing bill claim and it was a bit difficult to get them to understand that they owed payment of the bill both under the complimentary free $70 towing coverage and the additional $70 coverage for which I paid a premium. They no longer offer the complimentary free coverage. But this is very reasonable coverage for someone with an excellent driving record.

I don't know about the company but I have met with an accident with one of their client, It was his mistake. At the time of claiming The representative whom I have spoke was very rude and cheap. As part of the claim he has to provide me a vehicle while they send my car to Body shop. I asked for same segment car which I was driving. The representative was so arrogant that, he started saying, "I cannot give Mercedes or Toyota Avalon for you." Moreover 2018 Corolla is equal to 2016 Camry. Without knowing facts he was claiming "both have same engines, and what's your problem in that". If he has some budget problem, I can understand that. But he cannot be so rude. As he was talking cheap. I didn't find a point in arguing with him. I will not recommend this Insurance to anyone.

A few months ago, I received a quote from 21st on auto ins. almost half the price I was paying before and that was with an additional car. When they sent me the first packet, it was all messed up. They put a car on there that I haven't owned in years, so I made a call and did the change and, of course, the price went up as well. When they sent the 2nd packet, they had the vin # all messed up and I placed another call. After a while, they sent me a cancellation notice because one truck had a 2'' lift kit. Long story short, people, they pulled me in with this great offer and in the end, it cost me more. Thank you, Travelers Ins. for taking me back. Beware of 21st Century.

They hound you with too much paperwork after you have completed paying the premium in full! I had something to do each month with them threatening to cancel me for non-payment of policy! I did everything they asked for within the timeframe they requested. They still cancelled me. They wanted more money, in which I disagreed with. And could not get any representative to see my point of why I should not be owing the additional charges. I called before the due date of when these fees were due and I had her on the phone and asked her to hold on one second while I pleaded with her not to hang up. Steer clear of these guys!! Terrible customer service!!! And she hangs up!!!

I had 21st Century for about 2 years and, minus higher rates at renewal time, never had any other complaints. However, in June, they cancelled my policy. I had added a new driver and vehicle in April. For the payment in April, they took out less than what should have been taken out and never took anything out for May. I was under the impression that nothing was taken out in May as the May payment would cover the end of May through the end of June. My policy coverage end date was on June 2nd, so it made sense why nothing was taken out in May.

2 months later, Aug, I receive a phone call from them wanting $140 for coverage that was not charged to me while I was a customer of theirs. I was informed that I was already in pre-collections and was about to be sent to collections if this was not paid. I never received an email or mail saying that I owed anything. This phone call was the first I had heard of a remaining balance. When I asked them why I had not been notified sooner, they said it was because I was on paperless billing. After I was cancelled, I never checked online, as I had been on automatic withdraw every month, and I no longer had them as an insurance carrier.

Apparently it was my fault for not checking my account periodically after I was cancelled. Not only that, they state the $140 was from adding a driver and vehicle but, for only 2 months, should have only been about $60 difference total. I argued and was finally told, pay it or be sent to collections. I now have Allstate and love them. I had State Farm in the past and loved them too. I had left State Farm related to the price vs. price of 21st Century. The increase price, with these other companies, is worth it. You typically get what you pay for but, with 21st, it's much less!!!

I totally understand the complaints. Unfortunately, some of the management that I knew of either were micro-managing personnel or didn't care (according to many employee comments). It's a numbers game, no matter what it takes to make the sale (legal, of course) (in the sale's department), or to get the customer on and off the call quickly with the customer service department. The pressure is on to make their numbers look good, while they grind their employees into the ground.

I've witnessed other companies, who have gone through similar problems with customers and employees, disintegrate into oblivion (local offices closed). If changes aren't made to management style and culture, it may very well happen here. Changes should be looked at for management from the local levels on up to HQ management for one. Two, looking at their processes and realizing that perhaps their front-line employees aren't always to blame; perhaps, it's the poor insight of management on advertising, their management, and a lack of vision and creativity. No one is perfect, I know; however, now is the time to make changes - in my humble opinion - to stop the bleeding, if it's not too late. I know a lot of good people there and I don’t want any of them to lose their jobs; I’d just like to see improvements for the employees and customers’ sake.

For over 10 years, I had a 5 vehicle policy with 21st Century. So plenty of experience with them. I'm really happy to be done with them. As a preface, I will point out that I was the perfect customer for an insurance company. Never filed an insurance claim in my life. Never been in an accident. Haven't had a moving violation since 1983. And have never been late on a payment to them or anybody else in my entire life.

So how could I have such a distaste for them? Well, I can't count on all my fingers and toes the number of hours I have spent on the phone and at the computer ironing out all of the mistakes they make. And if you think dealing with outsourced customer service reps is a debacle, just wait till you have to deal with this company.

The final straw was when they credited a partial 6 month payment back to my credit card with no explanation. When I called them, they told me they were cancelling my policy. They hadn't even notified me. When I called to ask why, they said they have new underwriting guidelines and my motor home doesn't meet the new guidelines. They told me that I would have to provide proof that I have insured the motor home with another company or proof that I have sold it before they would reinstate my policy. I couldn't believe it! And with no notice! I'd had that motor home insured with them for over a decade and spent well over $20,000 with them and never filed a claim or had an accident or citation and never a late payment.

So here is the final straw but typical of what you can expect from them. Now, they are billing me a $50 policy cancellation fee.

They are on the ball with all aspects of my coverage. I have been a long time customer, and have had 2 accidents, not my fault, which the company handled beginning to end. They were very prompt in addressing all of my personal questions and handling the claim. They paid me top dollar on my vehicle, which was a total loss, and even followed up with me once claim was closed, just to see how I was doing and feeling. How cool is that?!

It's been good, only had one small claim. I changed my billing date and had no problems with that. The service has been very good when I have called in. They have helped me understand my auto insurance policy and the different coverage that are available thru Century 21. I would recommend Century 21 to anyone who desires a hassle free auto insurance experience... No problems.

I just had the best validation of my decision to leave 21st Century Auto insurance. I'm moving, I needed to add insurance and found a better deal on several policies than what I had with this company. I've been with them for over (way over) 10 years. When logging in to my account, I found no way to cancel online, so elected to use "Live Chat." The initial screen said I was #6 in the queue and would wait an estimated 48 seconds for help. I sat for 50 minutes and watched as I moved up to #1 in the queue. Then I was # 2, then #1. After almost an hour, the screen showed "Request canceled. No agents are available."

After this wait, I made a phone call and was abandoned during a transfer. A call to another number got me to a live agent who told me I could cancel the policy, but there would be a $50 charge. I asked for the fee to be waived based on the hour of wasted time online, but he was unable to do so and justified the failure of the online chat by telling me, "It's Monday. We're busy on Mondays." I suggested if this is a true they should get more help on Mondays and asked for a supervisor. Two levels of supervisors later made it clear that the fee wouldn't be waived. My only apparent option is online reviews and word of mouth.

I was treated rudely at every step and was inconvenienced by incompetence and the fact that I was requesting to cancel. Although, I suspect there's no law, contract, or policy violation, companies like this that lack the integrity to honor customers requests to mitigate time wasted due to incompetent management shouldn't be on anyone's list of businesses to spend your money on. If you're considering 21st Century for any service. Think twice. You've been warned.

A 23 year old male uber driver hit me in my car IN MY PRIVATE HOME DRIVEWAY while speeding into my driveway to flip a U-turn. Not only was the claims adjuster, Craig **, not helpful, he didn't answer my questions why he ruled against me until our most recent phone call. In fact, he gave me NO useful help other than this at all. I asked him REPEATEDLY for help regarding how I start the appeal process and all he would tell me is that the claim had been referred to another adjuster who would, sometimes, contact me. I made it clear I wanted information on appealing his unjust decision OUTSIDE 21st Century Insurance but he refused to answer and give me any information.

I am now looking for an attorney who will help me through an independent, fair and impartial appeal process since 21st Century's Craig was not only not helpful, he tried to foreclose my getting any REAL independent help. He also neglected to answer my questions about an Insurance Commissioner and Insurance Claims review board, etc, claiming he knew nothing. The only thing he was good at was at being a complete obstacle to the fair resolution of this claim.

After reading a number of reviews of 21st Century (after the accident occurred), I see that my experience is common with that company. In fact, reviews of 21st Century contain many sad stories of unjust claim verdicts followed up with jacking up premiums to as much as twice the previous rate - if this happens I will just go to another insurance company as I hadn't had any insurance claim since 1988 and I am not at fault in this recent one. The ENTIRE accident happened in my private driveway.

Craig was personally rude and shutting down of any information I tried to provide at almost every juncture - certainly well over 90% of it. He was a negative experience no one who is a customer of 21st Century Insurance should ever have to encounter. An adjuster who just makes up his own mind then attempts to force his decision down your throat while providing ZERO useful information, NO information WHICH HE WOULD HAVE in the course of his job, regarding outside 21st Century appeals.

All he did was say another 21st Century claims adjuster he gave me no information about would review my case. This is not fair and not good business practices, and in fact in violation of many consumer protection laws. I WILL fight this case outside the unfair practices of both Craig and by proxy 21st Century. Im certain consumer protection laws were violated with regard to how my case is being mishandled, and I will be getting them addressed from outside their company.

On June 4, 2015 I was side swipe by one of 21st Century Insured. They called me and told me verbally that they will accept 100% of the liability to repair the car. The repair shop called me and told me that my car would need a four wheel alignment because of the accident. I then talked to the adjuster ** who told me that they were not going to pay for the alignment and threatened that he was going to cut off the car rental. I then spoke with his Supervisor ** who told me that the car only got hit on the wheel and would not need an alignment. He said he would call me back and so far he has not. Customer service at this company is very bad.

I was a passenger in an auto that was insured by 21st Century Ins. The owner of the vehicle has lent the car to a friend of his while out of town. I do not know if he was aware that she was not a licensed driver. I certainly was not aware of her unlicensed status. She rolled the vehicle, which was totaled. She abruptly fled the scene. I suffered an injury to my right arm from the asphalt as the passenger's window shattered and my arm scraped the road. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and treated. The police arrived to take a report at the hospital. I told them the details of the incident and was shocked to hear the officers' claim that they had already taken a statement from the driver, who stated that I was the driver and she was a passenger. They harassed me and threatened to arrest me unless I corroborated the details they maintained, which were given by the driver.

I refused to do so and was finally released with a notice to appear. The next day, the owner of the vehicle contacted me. He tried to harass and intimidate me into changing my statement and saying that I was driving. He begged me over and over on numerous occasions - repeatedly insisting that because the actual driver was not licensed, that his insurance company would not cover the vehicle damages nor any injuries that I sustained. I refused to do so. I was disgusted and disturbed, but I believed him and when he said that he would pay for the emergency bill out of his own pocket, I was somewhat relieved. I am not ignorant but since he himself, being a lawyer, I was fooled by his charades.

I received a notice to appear at the Los Angeles superior court to determine liability (fault) for the accident. I appeared at the specified court on the given date and time. The driver nor he showed up in court that day. I was called to the podium by the judge but before I even said one word, the judge said, "Don't worry, everything is fine." He said it was all taken care of, that I had nothing to worry about. I was flabbergasted. He said, "Have a good day" and moved on to the next case. I left without getting to say not even one word. Then roughly sixteen months after the accident, while talking with a friend, I found out that the owner collected on his claim and his vehicle was replaced by his policy. I immediately made a call to 21st to find out what was the case, why were my hospital and emergency services and injuries not covered. I gave the policyholder's name and the date of the accident.

I was told that the claim had been closed and was finished. The person I spoke to originally that day on the phone was surprised to hear that no one had contacted me about my injuries and said that I would have been covered by the policy, and assured me that the claim would be reopened. I waited about two weeks with no word. I called back and that's when I began to get the big runaround. Every excuse in the book - someone will contact me, call back next week, that information is confidential, we would have contacted you but had insufficient contact info on who you were and where you could be reached. As if the police report didn't contain all of my info and so forth. I called two to three times a week to be directed to voicemail or put on hold, disconnected or flat out hung up on.

Eventually I started just getting an endless ringing phone and no answer! After numerous attempts with an endless ringing and no one picking up (mornings and afternoons, Monday through Friday), I knew that these people were avoiding me intentionally. I started calling from different numbers and getting someone to answer, but getting the same **. Then after a few calls from a certain number, those numbers would just ring or remain busy! I even called the operator to make a collect call to see if I could get through and then tell the operator I would just pay the charges once someone picked up. They did but that didn't work more than a few times. I used a calling card, until that didn't work. I got no return calls, no answers, no cooperation at all after the very first call. I never was able to get copies of any documents that had my name pertaining to the disposition.

For seven months I could get no one to tell me a thing about the status of the whole thing. It literally was, for lack of a better description, a conspiracy! I did all I could do and finally, the two year period passed and I was told that the time limit had expired. I have a gruesome scar where my arm was literally like ground beef, unpaid bills and the like. That is how 21st Century operates. Not too ethical or honest. Wouldn't you agree? What a great bunch of people running that place. Disturbing!

I was a customer for close to 20 years and this year, I had to add my newly licensed 17 year old to my policy. I made the policy adjustment on August 14th and at the time, they couldn't provide me with a quote - the representative said the system was not able to update that at the time. I trusted this company from past experience, so I let it go but checked my online policy every other day waiting for the updated information and policy amount. I called back twice in the month of August and was told both times that they were having system issues and I would need to check back at the end of the month. I called back at the beginning of September and was finally able to get my quote. The new charges were EXTREMELY high! I was expecting it to be a lot higher, but this was ridiculous. I called around to other insurance companies and found another provider that saved me $1,400 a year and provided better coverage.

I canceled my policy with 21st Century on Sept. 20th and asked if I owed them any money. The representative said that they couldn't tell now, the policy was in process and they would notify me if I had a balance due or a refund. I tried logging into the policy periodically but I was locked out. I watched for invoices and received nothing. On Nov. 13th I received a collections notification - I was sent to collections without ever receiving a bill. I called 21st again tonight and was told that they sent me 1 invoice and the policy cancellation acknowledgment on Sept. 22nd and 26th - I KNOW I did not receive this. I told the rep. that I found it strange that I have received every policy declaration for the last 20 years and the one time I really needed something, it somehow never made it to the same house I have always lived in. The agent read the notes from previous contact I had and agreed that there were a lot of issues and apologized for that.

She said that she would escalate my account due to the notes she could see regarding all of the issues but that I would need to pay the $432 that was due for the 37 days my kid was insured with them. She said they would escalate this to retract my collections notice if I paid now so I did this to avoid having a collection notice. I let the rep. know that I was very disappointed with their service and that I would be writing a review and sharing my experience with everyone I can, to help them avoid this happening to them. There are many insurance companies to choose from, I recommend you read reviews for the ones you are considering before you go with 21st Century. I looked at reviews before writing this one and if you sign up based on reviews...you won't be choosing them.

We put the monthly payment for our granddaughter's insurance on our debit card. As happens periodically, our bank sent us a new debit card. Now, 21st emails you about everything EXCEPT a missed or bounced payment. They wait until the very tiny grace period expires and then they CANCEL your policy. You have no way to know if a payment didn't go through. Only 21st knows that and they don't tell you until it is too late. They are the only ones who know. They will grudgingly issue you a new policy at a mere $95 INCREASE per month even though they sympathetically say, "We are sorry; it is just our policy. After all, it was not our fault." Well, it is not ours either. We can't know - An email to say there was a problem instead of a slow snail mail letter which arrives TOO late to fix anything, except if you want to reapply and double your rate... Be careful.