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Don't signed up with them. They are not answering their phone and keep telling you they will call you back once they have someone answer the phone. NO claims paid and no returned calls. Please don't sign up with them if you don't want your money taken. Going to cancel my policy with them.

24PetWatch takes forever to reimburse their customers. My recent claim was submitted in March 2016 and I still have not been reimbursed. When I called they hadn't receive notes from my vet, so they closed the case. They received an itemized list of services performed along with their form. The claim was reopened, but I am still waiting. This delay happens every time I submit a claim - very, very frustrating!!!

We adopted a puppy from a shelter. The adoption came with 30 days of pet insurance provided free of charge. We registered online for our pet insurance and the company claims they have no record of it. I spoke with multiple people who said they would get it fixed for me. They then said that a manager needed to give me a call right back. The manager failed to ever call me and nothing has been fixed. This should not be this difficult to receive the services that were supposed to be included as part of my adoption fee.

Everything people have said is true. This company will give you the runaround. They will not call you back. They will claim you did not submit what you did submit. The employees are rude and condescending. I did everything by the book and they refused my claim. They should be on an expose on MSNBC. I am convinced this is fraud.

24PetWatch did not honor a claim for our dog's cancer treatment by stating our dog's illness predated the policy, and never informed us it was denied until we finally got them on the phone nearly three months into the claim. In reality: no diagnosis, lab tests or treatment were done before the policy went into effect. But because a skin abnormality was discovered during a routine visit to the vet the day before the illness clause went into effect, they denied any treatment for cancer from that point on. It took nearly three months to get the status on the claim. Each time I had to wait over a half hour on hold. No documentation was emailed or mailed until I called them. On the phone, the representative said we were denied because the cancer predated the policy. When I asked how were we to know she even had it, she said "I don't know, but it was there, so we denied the claim." That's how they do business.

I adopted a lab mix on 8/16/2014 from a shelter in Dallas. 24PetWatch offered 30 day coverage if you adopted a pet on that day. If their coverage was a scam I would have certainly bought insurance for my dog on the day I got him. My dog was diagnosed with Kennel cough, pneumonia, and round worms 2 days after I took him home. He was put in the puppy hospital because he was so sick. I submitted a claim on 8/19. I called every week to check the status and no one would give me any information. I submitted a claim everyday until someone contacted me and that never happened. I called for over 10 days in a row and no one knew anything. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told no one was available. Today is 10/7/2014 I just got off the phone once again and nothing. It is my belief this company is a SCAM. Please DO NOT purchase this insurance. Horrible customer service. I'm out $2,365.67. If they had just told me upfront they were never going to look into my case I would have simply gone somewhere else. Very unhappy.

First I purchased this insurance for my dog on a Monday and the lady said that it would be in effect 12:01 that same day. Had to take my dog to the vet the next day, turns out it is not covered. So I canceled the insurance before the money was taken out of my account and the lady said that it was cancelled, two days later they still take out the money of my account. So I called back and asked for a full refund because I already called before it even got taken out. They said that they would give me a full refund it would take 3 to 5 business days. Few days go past and look at my account and it’s only partial of the money back. I call back and ask for the full refund instead of the partial and they are denying me and saying that I am lying. This is ** and I hate this company so much I'm giving horrible reviews in every single spot. Can't wait for the manager to call me back. Not to mention I have proof of all of my calls and voice mail in my phone but it was cancelled before money was even taken out.

I purchased a dog from Shelter Care that was supposed to come with a chip. I paid for it to be driven to my home. It came with a chip and person I bought it from said they'd paid to get it done and they hadn't had time to do it. Needless to say, they stopped returning my calls and never paid for the chip. After the initial insurance that came with it, I called and canceled and was kept on hold forever. My husband pays our credit cards through Quicken and we don't get paper billing anymore. We just found out we've been charged for years of monthly charges for insurance we canceled. I called and got put on hold forever again and explained. They said they had no record of the cancellation and did not offer any sort of refund. I've never used the insurance. Terrible customer service.

I recently adopted 2 cats from a rescue organization in Georgia and the 24 Pet Watch chips are the ones they were microchipped with. I called the company to register my name and information because I was having trouble doing it on the website. The girl informed me that I needed buy a "lifetime" membership at a cost of $84.95 per cat. I went ahead and gave them my CC number which they immediately charged. They promised me several items which they promptly e-mailed to me. However, when I attempted to use one of the coupons they sent me, the store told me that it was a "third party coupon" and they don't accept those.

I called them back and explained this to them and that I would like to get it resolved or be issued a refund. I was told last week that someone would contact me by Friday, 9/28/18. I never heard back from anyone. I called them today demanding a refund -- spoke to a manager -- and was told he would call me back within the hour to let me know what was going on. I am still waiting on a return telephone call. These people are scammers. DO NOT USE. I fully intend to contact my credit card company and dispute the charges.

Adopted a shelter pet on May 3, confirmed gift policy May 6, clean bill of health for dog May 6, ended up in ER Vet May 8. Pet almost died from dual issues: canine herpes and pneumonia. After 3 prior reasons given why they wouldn't cover the $750 of a $2390 bill (happened prior to permanent policy (was under gift one though), a part of receipt covered the name on the paper, not enough info on 20 pieces of vet paperwork), I'm being told pneumonia is an excluded URI under gift policy. Kennel cough would have been covered. But it would have had to occur after I brought him home, not before when he was at the kennel. Really think under a short policy that kennel cough may not be relevant to being in a shelter and could therefore be denied?

Wait times for service on claims is always greater than 8 min. Longest was 20 then I hung up. I tweeted them because Chat wasn't available as normal. Got a reply telling me how to get reassessed, then they sent me wrong form. This is a bait and switch - "we cover ALL THIS, but we in little tiny print, don't cover any illnesses things that may occur." There has to be a REAL pet insurance company that is willing to pay for these issues! I signed up for two dogs and full insurance coverage of $5000 on each. I have no faith that if god forbid they get sick I'll see even $50 back. I want my money back and am cancelling this policy even if it takes a lawyer to do so. My positive comment - people on the phone are nice, keep to their company lines and do their tasks.

When I called 24PetWatch to register my new kitten I was told that before I could register her I would need to renew my membership for my previous cat who was lost back in June 2017. When I said I was confused about what membership (the previous cat was chipped in 2015) no membership was ever mentioned. He goes, "Oh without that if anything ever happened to her we couldn't help." I said that when I called to report her missing in June nothing about membership was ever said. So if someone had called or contacted them between June 2017 and January 2018 they would not have contacted me because I did not have a membership for her. NO one ever told me anything about a membership or fee. This is very upsetting to now be told that they would have that information but unless I paid membership fees from when it expired to include the current year they were unable to access any information they might have.

So for $87.80, I could possibly find out if anyone had called in. Then if I wanted I to get a membership for my new kitten I had to pay an additional $21.95 but I could get a lifetime membership for both for a grand total of $257.70 (agents quote) I could get $25.00 coupon for Petco. I feel violated they are playing with my emotions saying they might have information about my missing baby but they may not. I have to pay first to find out.

I took in a rescue pet with a 24PetWatch microchip. It was "free" with the rescue, for which I paid, except I had to PAY to "update" my information after 30 days. This was $90. FOR ONE YEAR. My vet offered microchipping for a one-time, $40, LIFETIME coverage. Interestingly, the one time this sweet dog got lost, the finder did have her scanned for a chip -- the 24PetWatch people would NOT give her the contact information they had on file, because I didn't pay $90 a year!!! Fortunately, we connected through the other microchip... the one I had gotten from my vet for $40 FOR THE LIFE OF THE PET. I would never recommend 24PetWatch... more accurately, the name should reflect that they might help you IF you pay their ridiculous scalper fees every single year. Complete rip-off, and useless.

I adopted two sweet cats from a rescue shelter in Colorado named Every Creature Counts (now defunct), they came chipped, and obviously pre-registered since I have received emails from 24PetWatch asking me to "re-register" their chips. Of course, no one tells you this outfit wants to hit you for $85 as a "one-time" fee to even change your phone number, the cat's name, or your contact information. This is a huge scam that preys on people's fear of losing their pets. You believe your pet is registered, and these con artists are really holding the chip number hostage... and until you pay up, you can't even update your damned phone number!

Last week I adopted a pet from the Humane Society. A Microchip was already inserted into the dog. This company has been calling me every day. If I don't get to the phone by the third ring, they hang up. I only know who has called because I have caller ID. When I do make it to the phone it's a recording and I get two options "press one to extend the 'free' insurance that came with the pet you adopted or press 2 for other products". There is NO OPTION for them to leave me alone or for me to discontinue the "service". I have an autoimmune disorder and I sleep in increments. Yesterday the two times I could get to sleep, I was awakened by their calls. I should not have to unplug my phone (and possibly miss an emergency phone call from my children or my job) to avoid what has become harassment.

I have been a customer for 6 years. I paid 40 dollars a month for my healthy dog. In those 6 years I did not file one claim. My rates were quadrupled without notice, to 153 dollars per month. The explanation I received was that they needed to remain solvent in the insurance market. This company does not care about any of us or our pets. I am one of the lucky ones. My dog does not have a pre-existing condition and I can easily move on to another company. I feel for those with pets that do have pre-existing conditions that will make it hard for them to leave this soulless company. I am happy to have cancelled my account.

After seeing all bad reviews, I decided to cancel my policy with this company that I just signed up yesterday. When I called and said I want to cancel an existing policy, they put me on hold forever! After that I knew that I was absolutely right to be canceling. Yesterday it took one second to sign me up. Today, 20 minutes to cancel. They are going to lose lots of clients if they don't fix all these issues.

On Friday, March 29, my dog Velik Julian had an emergency operation in Austin, TX because he had a plant stick with thorns in his nose (not using the proper medical terms). I negotiated with Velik Julian's vet at the Central Vet Clinic in Austin to lower the cost of the operation from $1,200 to $750. Despite having 24PetWatch insurance, I paid cash (except for $121 which I still owe the clinic). The two reasons I paid cash is because Velik Julian was very sick (he hardly could inhale or eat food. I had to feed him with a spoon). The other reason I paid cash is because Velik did not have the time to wait for a long insurance process like 24PetWatch has.

On Monday, April 1, I sent all Velik's medical invoices since the time I purchased the insurance to 24PetWatch, with the belief that the vets that look at the information could sort out Velik Julian's medical problems. I see now I was wrong. 24PetWatch took one month to make the decision to decline the coverage. They never called me to tell me. I had to call twice a week until a customer service rep told me the decision. They only sent a letter with tons of excuses for not paying. From the fact I did not send the proper forms signed by the vet (which I did not know I needed to fill) to the excuse that this was a pre-existing condition. My local vet wrote a letter to 24PetWatch last week and I still don't get any response from this pet insurance company that charges more than their competitors and have a very poor customer service.

I was told that I would have to upgrade one of our cat's policies in order to have a recently diagnosed illness covered. Being concerned about it then being considered a pre-existing condition, I asked specifically about that and was told, "Not, it would be covered because you have had the cat insured with us all along." That was not true and the claim was rejected immediately and after a review. Buyer beware. If you aren't sure, ask for it in writing (though I'm not sure if that would help). We now have Figo Pet Insurance and are quite happy with it.

I adopted a healthy dog from the shelter. We were told to bring her to the vet the first week we got her, healthy visit. Not covered. Then 3 weeks later she got colitis, not covered. I contacted 24PetWatch twice asking why nothing was covered and this is what I was told. "That policy gives coverage for accidents effective the first day of coverage. There are also several illnesses eligible for reimbursement effective the 3rd day of coverage and effective the 31st day, any illness and any accident (as long as it is not pre-existing) would be eligible for reimbursements. The particular claim you submitted was not covered because it fell during the waiting period". Pointless and a waste of money. So I canceled. No point in getting insurance if you don't cover my dog.

People need to call their State Insurance Commissioner and find out what the law is in their state and to report these people. My son is an attorney and he told me to tell them if this claim does not get paid, he will sue them in the City Court. He said they are an out-of-state company doing business in my state. He said by my state's law they have 30-days "after satisfactory proof of loss" to pay the claim.

They don't even deserve a 1 star rating. I received the complimentary 30-day gift with the adoption of a pet from a shelter. Claim (of course) was denied. Never received any notification it was denied (they claimed they mailed me something). I called them on the phone before submitting the claim. I told them exactly what I had to send. They told me they needed one more thing, Soap Notes. I go back to the vet and get that document. Mailed everything in (kept copy of what was sent). I asked them over the phone if there was a deadline on filing the claim. Was told 90-day deadline. (Today on the phone was told 60-day deadline).

Two days ago, I got on their website to check on status via their chat. Woman on chat named Stephanie was very rude when I tried to find out why claim was denied. This is an excerpt from our chat: "Stephanie: Ma'am we can continue to argue about this back and forth however at the end of the day an incomplete claim was submitted and the only way to have your claim processed would be for you to submit a full claim." She claimed the vet did not have a diagnosis. The vet checked on the form "upper respiratory tract infection" which is a diagnosis. They are equally rude over the phone. I have never experienced such rudeness from a business. After the chat, I called customer service and the lady on the phone told me the claim form was not incomplete, it did show the vet's diagnosis, and all they needed was "soap notes". Of course, the soap notes were submitted along with the claim. That was what I made the extra trip back to the vet for.

Now, a phone call again today, get another version of why claim was denied. Man on phone was rude and short. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told only 1 on the floor and supervisor would call me back within 48 hours (doubtful that will happen). I plan on getting my cat pet insurance with PetPlan. They are a lot cheaper, better coverage, better reviews, nice people on the phone, and you get a 10% discount if you are an AARP member. The vet's office has even recommended PetPlan. I am so thankful I did not get suckered into buying this insurance. The reason I did not was the numerous bad reviews on this company.

We have had insurance on our pets for 10 plus. Purina pet care was purchased by 24PetWatch. They have covered NOTHING! We have copies of all procedures performed on our pets and faxed in the day they were done. We have been informed that they were not received within the 90 days of the time allowed for 24PetWatch. The faxed paperwork has the date received printed on it showing received. They still deny. We were informed today there were no supervisors to speak with. Has anyone else experienced this? Purina insurance was great. We never experienced the problems that we are having. We paid our portion and they paid their's. We plan on retaining legal help. We have so many order numbers that we are unable to provide on this statement.

We adopted two cats from a shelter and were told we needed to get this insurance for 30 days free in order to do it. We were in turn charged when we told them that we did not want the insurance after the free 30 day trial. They charged anyway and won't give our money back. We have disputed with our CC company as a result. Just passing on info to others to beware of this company. They are not an honest company.

I don’t know what to say except that these guys were good before they got bought out. Now I’m stuck with the new owners because my dogs are seniors with preexisting conditions. I’d still probably be better off without insurance rather than these criminals. I have a gold plan and somehow they find a way to deny EVERYTHING. They typically pay me $60 out of $800 in claims. It’s a joke. Go with anyone else!

When we adopted our cat she came with a 30-day gift of 24 Pet Watch Insurance in case anything popped up that would be costly. She needed to be taken to an emergency vet because we'd suspected a possible bowel obstruction. When we got there the vet thought it maybe as well. When everything was said and done they ended up telling us it was just a GI upset and when they faxed the paperwork they had diagnosed her with anorexia and vomiting. Neither of those things are covered.

In fact even if she had a bowel obstruction that wouldn't have been covered if it passed on its own. Only surgical procedures for bowel obstructions are covered. But since this was in place to help us with unforeseen costs within the first 30 days of having her home I was hoping that it would help since our bill is easily over $1,000. I'm just glad that when my wife and I sat down and talked about pet insurance we decided to go with a different company. Avoid 24 Pet Watch. They don't help out with pet costs, cover next to nothing, and forget getting ahold of an actual person to answer any questions.

We enrolled our pet in the free 30 day trial that we were offered when adopting him. One month later, I was charged for a month of coverage. In no way was it clearly communicated to me when I signed our dog up for the trial that we would be billed for the next month if we didn't call and cancel. I was able to receive a partial refund, but the company refused to give me a full refund for what they charged me. They are very deceptive. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

We initially had our 2 pets covered through Purina, which after a year or 2 sold off great coverage and premium. Sold the policies to 24PetWatch. Within 3 years, 24PetWatch contracted 3 underwriters. With each new underwriter and new policy year came an annual premium increase, which was fairly manageable... until the 3rd underwriter and 3rd year renewal with 24PetWatch. In the 3rd year, they decided to increase the premium for each pet by 100% and that's simply wrong but they do not care. Who knows what the percentage increase will be next year given that pet insurance isn't regulated it seems (the insurance commission is completely powerless). We either pay up or go without insurance because of (now) pre-existing conditions on both pets. They know we're at their mercy.

As with the other complaints for this insurance company they will always claim "pre-existing" condition in order to avoid paying EVEN when there is not one thing in the health records. They have this phrase "when the condition was first diagnosed is not necessarily when the condition began" and that is how they avoid covering claims.

We adopted a rescue cat and were given a gift health policy. When we took her to our vet he noted that she had a little discharge from her eye (her eye was a little watery). After she developed a serious eye infection that required eye drops and subsequent surgery. The "gift" policy did not cover because in their words the condition was pre-existing and came with her from the shelter (avoidance of paying claims!). There was not one thing in the shelter medical records regarding an eye infection or even a watery eye. This company is truly a ripoff!!!

In my opinion, this insurance company is a fraudulent scam. I send in a claim and receive an email stating that the claim was incomplete. I then send the information they are requesting (even though it was already sent). They then cancel the first claim sent and start the claim process over, using the later date. After doing this several times, they send a letter stating that the claim was submitted too late. Not once did I submit a claim and receive a payment on the first try.

I have been waiting forever on two claims, one I submitted in June and another one September 1st. They must have only one person working there. They take 45 minutes to an hour to pick up the phone. I dread calling them! I am waiting to see if they are going to cover my claims that I submitted, if they give me any beef, I am SO out of there! They suck!

The shelter that I adopted my kitten from sent this company the wrong email address so I had to call to correct it and get him registered. When I googled the company to get the web address this was the second search result that came up and I got a sinking feeling when I saw the awful reviews and expected difficulty in getting my information corrected. I don't know if I got lucky or they are trying to fix customer service but my experience was positive.

I explained the email situation to the customer rep and she reset my account and took the microchip number and associated it with my account. She asked me if I was interested in their live operator recovery service in the case that my pet is lost (for a fee) or was I comfortable in using the self-service automated system through email. I said I was comfortable with self-service and she asks for authorization to contact in the event that microchip was scanned. She asked me if I was aware of their pet insurance policies and I told her that I was able to get similar coverage through my husband's employer at a discounted rate. She asked that I double check to make sure that the coverage was comparable and if I felt that I could get a better plan through them to feel free to call back for a quote. I had absolutely no hard sell for insurance or to enroll in the monitoring service. My agent was helpful and polite.

Overall it was a positive experience and a relief because I was expecting a hassle based on these reviews. I will admit that I did not sign up for a trial nor have I had to deal with a claim but I felt that the process for the microchip registry was simple and pleasant. Hopefully, others will have an experience more like my own. I gave it a four star rating rather than a five because I only dealt with one aspect of their services. I have no complaints about the service I received.

I got the trial of this insurance for my cat when I adopted her from a local shelter. It's a complete joke. There's a 30-day waiting period for illnesses (conveniently, the trial is 30 days). My cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur about ten days after I got her, and there was no record of her having this prior to adopting her. I called to increase her coverage and see if they would cover her diagnosis and treatment, and they said no. It's not on the list of conditions covered by the trial, so they won't cover it.

It's also considered a "pre-existing condition" so they won't cover it if I increase her coverage, even though she's had a policy with them before we got the diagnosis. I fail to see the point in them giving anyone a "free trial" if they won't cover a sick animal for the duration of the trial. I'll be canceling the policy once my "free trial" is up. I really wish I'd gotten the cat a policy myself after I adopted her. Learn from my mistake and stay very far away from this company.

24PetWatch is the worse ins. company. Every claim they want the full med history. That's crazy. If it's an existing claim then why do they need the history again and again. It takes 60 to 90 days to get back your money. The whole idea of ins. is to help keep your animal in good care. You can't because they don't reimburse you to use that money again for their health. Vets are expensive and they are not going to wait 2 months for their money. They say the portal is faster NOPE it's not. It's been 60 days already and still have not received my money. Pls choose another pet insurance.

This Company should not be allowed to do business in the United States. Customer service is awful. They will repeat the script lines until you just give up and hang up. I intend to file complaints with the Dept. of Ins., Illinois. Please do not ever do business with them.

I have been a loyal customer of 24PetWatch for about 10 years, and I have dealt with the gradual increases over the years, depending on how many claims I've had with my pets. In 2016, I paid about $82 a month for my 2 dogs, for their top tier policy. Then, when they renewed this year, that jumped to $172 per month!!! More than double, with ZERO NOTICE. When I called, they explained that they now have new underwriters, because their previous rates were "far below market."

Here's the catch... They don't care if you leave them. If you have a lot of claims, your pets are just liabilities to them anyway. And they KNOW you can't go anywhere else if your dog has a pre-existing condition. So you're stuck. Either you stay with them and deal with the ridiculously high rates, or you just don't carry insurance on your dogs, and hope you don't have any major disasters to deal with. Either way, it's a risk, and they don't care. Has anyone heard of any investigations or class actions against them? Because these rate hikes are criminal.

STILL AUTO BILLED me for DEAD cat for 17 months. Multiple phone calls to cancel and assured it was done.

I submitted every invoice, medical history, and documents that they asked for when submitting a claim. A full MONTH later they send out an automatic email that they are waiting to hear from my Vet office. I check the claim status and it reads "$448.66 submitted amount - $0.00 paid." I call and they said they couldn't get the examination notes from the Vet office. I asked if they just emailed once and tried to call once and then just closed the claim and she said yes. She also said that should be mostly up to ME to provide and get these documents. I told her I submitted everything I've received from the Vet and nowhere did they request I contact the vet to get any more documents. I've never had an insurance company tell me that I need to do literally 100% of the work. Useless company that just wants to take your money. Do NOT recommend.

I am so furious with this company. Not only are they impossible to get a hold of (wait times to speak to them on the phone over 45 minutes), even when you do get a hold of them they really aren't helpful. My dog passed away mid-July 2016, I have had a policy with them for over 7 years. I submitted the claims including the euthanasia for $1,600. I received an email yesterday saying my claim was completed, amount to be paid $200. I am covered for up to $3,000 annually. Not to mention it's September 13, 2016... Now I'm on hold again for 30 more minutes to try and solve this... I am already heartbroken dealing with my dog's death, now I have to fight with them to get the money owed to me about it. Do not get a policy with them.

We found a dog and got it scanned. The 800-number was called. They wouldn't tell us where the owners were so that the dog could be delivered. We cannot just keep the dog because we have no room (and this was explained to them). The young person at the call center hung up when a supervisor was asked for. Based on the insurance reviews, I wouldn't be surprised if the "protection services" were a scam, too! The dog is cute, friendly, small, and middle-aged. We don't want to have to dump it at a shelter, but we already have dogs of our own and cannot add more.

Had insurance with 24PetWatch back when they were PetCare, not once have we ever submitted a claim (even though we had the wellness pkg of $150 for annual shots). Moved, called to update address, was informed that we no longer had ins because our pet was marked as deceased (yeah like WTF). They gave us 2 options; 1. either back pay for the months we've missed $300 something (why would I agree to pay back the back pay when 24PW had an internal error and marked my pet as deceased???) OR 2. start fresh with a new policy. HOWEVER, if we choose to proceed with #2 and start fresh there's a 14 day black out period in which no claims can be submitted.

Fair enough we chose #2 because our dog was healthy. Lord behold, our dog fell ill on the 13th day. Our vet submitted a claim, 24PW rejected the claim stating that the claim was in the dates of the black out period. I called 24PW to dispute it. They claimed they had to pull the phone call to see whether or not I was informed about the 14 day black out period. 1 wk goes by, 2 wks goes by, now it's a day shy of 1 month. Several emails have been sent to them, zero replies received back from them. I called them and was promised a supervisor call back within 24-48 hrs. 72 hrs passed by + a weekend and still nothing. I called again and finally got a hold of the supervisor and again I got the runaround and was placed on hold several times during the call. Then was suddenly bounced to a regular customer service rep WTF??? They said they pulled the call and during the call I was informed several times about the black out period and I was notified of my 2 options but it was I who chose to proceed as new. But excuse me, I wouldn't be put in this situation if they hadn't made an error and terminated my insurance coverage.

So why am I now burdened with the medical costs when 24PW made an error? All they did was apologize and say yes they admit they made an error and that I should have chosen to back pay for the uninsured months. What the hell for? I was never covered because they marked my pet as deceased so why would I be responsible for the back pay when they made the mistake?? Makes no sense whatsoever. Then they had the nerve to say that why would they take the responsibility to waive/pay for the back pay when it's my pet that needs the insurance. Like hellooooo.... I would not be stuck in this situation if you morons didn't mark my pet as dead. Then they keep saying well you were informed of the black out period. Yes I was ** informed and I chose to proceed with a new policy b/c at that time my dog was HEALTHY!!!! Why would I be stupid and agree to pay the back pay for your ** up?? Pay for back pay for a period in which my pet wasn't even covered for? Makes no sense at all, total bull crap.

I really wish I did more research when I first got my dog. This is a hard lesson well learned. As of this moment, we are no longer with 24PW. What a waste of money and time dealing this ** company.

Pathetically slow on reimbursing claims. We've been waiting close to 8 months to be reimbursed on claims that were submitted. It's been so long that our card on file expired and when they went to reimburse us 2 months ago it would not go through due to an expired card. I've made 3 phone calls over the past 2 months and each time ensured they had the new and correct card on file. They confirm that the correct card is on file and still no reimbursement. We are due over $800.00, which they have confirmed in writing... but have still not reimbursed us.

I've been on hold the last 2 times over 30 minutes waiting on a supervisor. The last time I was told the supervisor would be calling me back, but NEVER received a call. I'm now on hold again for 35 plus minutes and making good use of my time filing this complaint. After having this pet insurance for over 10 years and no claims until this year, they cancelled our policy in Florida, our pet has died and now we are just wanting to get reimbursed for what they have providing in writing that we are due. How hard is this?

I adopted my dog and was told that she was already microchipped with 24PetWatch and all I had to do was call them to transfer ownership. I was also told that she had free 30 day insurance. I activated the 30 day gift insurance because her real insurance through VPI wasn't going to be active for a little over a month. I ended up taking Tasha to the vet for stitches using VPI in January and then 4 days later took Eve to the vet for worms using 24PetWatch. I received payment for Tasha's invoice through VPI but still nothing from 24PetWatch and trying to talk to anyone there is a joke... who has 45 minutes to sit on hold.

As for the microchip... they are telling me that the chip is registered to Eve, but since I can't tell them where she was chipped (apparently not at the shelter) they can't do anything for me. They told me to go have her scanned to make sure the number is correct... I know it is correct because they told me it was registered in her name. They also told me that once I verified the number was correct it was going to take SEVERAL weeks for the change of ownership to take place. Really with all this technology? SEVERAL weeks? Which is funny because the one time I called but didn't have the microchip number they told me to just call back and they would submit it for me.

I will be taking this microchip number and registering her with Home Again and will continue using VPI Pet Insurance. They are friendly, you can talk to someone without being on hold for 45 minutes AND your claims actually get paid out. Their website is awesome and you can see all your pets, and all their claims, the progress of the claim when it was paid out and for how much. You can also get pre-filled out claims forms for the vet to fill out. Save your time and money. DO NOT use 24PetWatch and switch to VPI Pet Insurance.

I am very disappointed with my experience with 24PetWatch. At present, they owe me payments on over $8000 worth of claims. Here are just some examples of things they have done to me. I have had submitted claims which they received be unpaid as they came in after a 90 day waiting period. I have documented that the claims were sent and received in a timely fashion way less than 90 days. They have tried to cancel portions of my policy due to excessive claims on a specific illness. They have changed the requirements of what is needed for a completed claim and after I submit everything they still tell me that I have not submitted everything though once again I can document that I have. Now mind you, they did not inform me (or probably anybody else) that the claim documentation requirements had changed until after they processed a claim and failed to pay. Never an email or postal mail indicating a change, nothing.

You try to call them and sometimes you can get a person on the line. Other times you're told wait time are long and they will call you back. The call backs never come. I filed complaints with the New York Department of Financial Services which regulates insurance companies in the state of New York and that finally got their attention. But now I have had to do it again two weeks ago. If for some reason that avenue is unsuccessful, I will make a special trip to NY to file against them in small claims court. The amount of money at stake in my case is too large to let just fritter away.

I'm not going away. All I want is reimbursement based on what the policy says I am entitled to. But I can't even get them to process claims! Dealing with them is a constant source of aggravation and consternation. I do not recommend them in any way. I do take some comfort in knowing it's not just me who has problems with them. The evidence is pretty clear they will do anything they can to make the claims process as difficult as possible.

When I was signing up for my pet's insurance the phone operator was professional and nice. Three months later I had received a letter saying that I am no longer covered effective March 30, a couple of days after I had signed my pet up. They claimed it was due to no payments, but my credit card statements say that I paid three consecutive months of $48! Why was my pet's insurance ineffective 4 days after I signed him up when I paid the $48 over the phone? Wouldn't recommend 24PetWatch because they take your money and try not to reimburse you when you're submitting claims.

I have read a lot of the posts and from what I can see, the only way to get this company to pay up and act right is a class action lawsuit. Otherwise, it will never end. Just a suggestion.

I started with Purina Ins, and they were easy to deal with. I filed 1 claim with them and was paid within a month's time. No hassle. Somewhere in there 24PetWatch became my policy holder. I submitted claims of $1412.15 which, with my $500 deductible that left $912.15 of which I should have been paid 80% of that amount. After waiting about 5 months, I received a letter today saying that the total claim submitted was $1412.15. The total un-insurable amount was $1291.40, which made my deductible amount $120.75, therefore I get nothing back. I called them a hour ago, spoke to an idiot who gave me a line of BS. I cancelled my policy, told him what I thought of their company, he then hung up on me. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE 24PETWATCH. THEY ARE SHYSTERS OF THE 1ST ORDER. You will be better off going to Bill & Joe's Bar & Grill and Pet Insurance company. You will get better service.

Better to self-insure. Save your money. I have had their insurance for over 12 years and have insured all of my dogs through 24PetWatch. Recently one of our dogs was diagnosed with cancer and we decided to treat to extend his life. Axel has had a long healthy life and I have never put in a claim for him until now. He needed cancer treatments and the reason you have insurance is to be able to provide help for your pets when they most need it.

Eight weeks for dealing with extremely rude customer service and no e-mail replies, I managed to get 24PetWatch to agree to pay a claim. This was a fight to get claim and very little of it was actually paid. I also have the Gold plan (funny gold). I am still waiting on a check and Axel has passed away with 0% from 24PetWatch. Dealing with a sick dog and 24PetWatch is not where you want to be when your best friend is fighting for their life. 12 years of paying premium for a gold plan versus putting the money into a savings account would have been a much better choice. I have learned my lesson the hard way, and I hope this helps you.

This review concerns the microchip (not insurance): My dog has a 24PetWatch microchip, placed by the shelter we adopted him from. There was an error in the initial registration submitted by the shelter, but 24PetWatch will not fix the mistake without a membership fee -- thus, if my dog goes missing, the microchip is basically worthless. Clearly they are not actually interested in helping to find lost pets (unless you pay their membership fee). Would not recommend for microchip.

I was surprised to see so many negative reviews and a low rating on this company, but reading them they were all about pet insurance which I don't have for my cat. He is micro chipped though, and after 5 moves in his short three years, he got out last night and hasn't come home. He's been gone for 26 hours as I write this and I've been freaking out for my little baby. However, I'm super broke and was worried I'd have to renew membership in order for them to help me or for his chip to be activated if someone found him. Anyway, I called tonight, gave them Mini's chip number and explained that I never renewed past the free year from the shelter.

The woman on the phone was very nice and said, "let's update your information to your current address and I'll report Mini as lost and we can talk about renewal once he has been found." That seriously put this broke college student, who just started a job and hasn't received her first paycheck yet and whose student loans aren't coming in until the end of August, in somewhat of a less stressed state of mind.

So, my cat is now listed as missing, no one tried to pressure me into renewal at this point, and she even gave me some tips to help my baby find his way home (I was already doing them because the internet is a wealth of info, but still, it was nice to know that they were helpful with that). I was just very relieved that they updated my information with Mini's accurate name and address and my phone number and email address so that if he is found, they won't try to send him off to the state we previously lived in. Hoping to get my wittle mini home safe and sound soon, thanks to the very helpful woman I called tonight.

I am not happy. My dog is 9 so if I change plans everything will be pre existing. It takes 2 months to get a payback. When I call, I am on hold for hours. If I ask for a supervisor, I am told they are busy. They take a name and number and I never get a callback. In the last year they changed how they process claims. Ever since it has been impossible to have anything go through. Customer service is 50/50 - they either are rude and unclear, or super helpful... then the claim gets denied anyway. Lol.

I have gotten claims denied over and over. I am 100% sure I am in the right. One of the claims is even for a medication refill they have covered for years. The reason, missing documents during claim submission. They have every document ever made for my girl. It has been sent by me and the vets in every submission form available. In the last year they changed the way they processed claims. Ever since, it has been impossible. I even had a rep on the phone who did it, told me we were done, and I still got denied for missing documents. I contacted my attorney and she will be taking it from here. My other dog is with pet Plan and they are amazing!

This was the company that was used when I adopted my dog and I've always logged in yearly and updated my information and my pet's information along with a photo. When I logged in this year my pet wasn't registered under my account. I called and they said he was registered under a different account and I need to pay them a transfer of ownership fee to have him under my account. They stated that the microchip number associated with my pet was never under my account. That can't be so because like I said previously I've been logging in for years now and updating his profile. I have all the forms from when I registered him originally with the company which I will be sending into them. But I have registered my pet on other free registry websites as well to be safe. Their customer service representatives were rude and refused to do anything unless I pay them.

This company was recommended by my union, and I have also called them to complain about this company. As most people have said, they will find any avenue to not pay a claim. Their idea of a pre-existing condition is a symptom. This symptom can be what you say when you bring your dog to the vet or something that existed years, years back on vet records. To me, pre-existing should be something diagnosed by a doctor. I feel they should divulge this information to you on the phone when you purchase your insurance. I am so angry. They are shady and deceitful. Even if you bring your dog to the vet with symptoms they will say the dog had pre-existing conditions. To get around any pre-existing conditions, you would have to have your vet say they found whatever it is on his or her own accord. Not to mention the amount of paper work the poor vet has to fill out. I am surprised the vet doesn't charge for that.

As with the other complaints for this insurance company they will always claim "pre-existing" condition in order to avoid paying EVEN when there is not one thing in the health records. They have this phrase "when the condition was first diagnosed is not necessarily when the condition began" and that is how they avoid covering claims. My dog was so sick, her vet fees were over $2000!!! The money spent for her never was an issue but a few days later I remembered that I had pet insurance on my 2 little Malteses. I was excited since I have never once in the last 3 years submitted any type of a claim at all!!! Both dogs had great coverage, so I thought..... at this moment I am so angry, the customer service gentleman was so RUDE!!!! I explained to him I spoke to one of their reps 3 weeks ago and did everything they said. My dog has a slight heart murmur that was heard for the first time 5 years ago but you never could hear again up until the last few months.

Molly then was diagnosed with degenerative valve disease which in doctors own written words is an AGE RELATED THICKENING OF THE VALVE WHICH CAUSES THE VALVE TO CLOSE POORLY WHICH CAUSES BLOOD TO LEAK BACKWARDS IN THE HEART IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.. EVENTUALLY DOGS WILL DEVELOP CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE DUE TO THIS. Per doctor, this is common in dogs when they age and there is no convincing evidence that medicine can or COULD have prevented this. So, as I read that statement how in the world am I suppose to be able to see into the future when she was younger that she would have congestive heart failure, she is only 11 years. Needless to say, I cancelled my policy while I was on the phone with the rep. and he seemed like he didn't care at all, not fazed. I guess customer service and keeping your customers happy is not in 24PetWatch vocabulary.

I have had my cats for 8 years. I got them microchipped a few years ago for safety. I was told it was a onetime insert fee of $30 and I was good to go. Sounds great. I needed to update my phone number. They won't let you do it online. So I called today to update my phone number (after sitting on hold for 45 minutes) AND they want $19 a YEAR per CAT to update my phone number!! I was so irritated. I asked the gal "sooo what was the point of microchipping my cat if someone finds her and they can't even call me." She said "whatever information I had on file at time of microchipping will be on her record forever."

SO if you plan on moving EVER, or changing phone providers and getting a new number, then it is pointless. I finally hung up. I decided to Google some reviews about the company, and by the sounds of it, I am not alone. I am glad I did not pay to update the information because it seems they are good at taking your money, but not good at refunding it.

I signed up for the free one month trial for my newly adopted pup, and after that read the reviews here on Consumer Affairs. Was very worried about being unable to cancel the trial and having my parent's credit card charged for an unwanted policy. However, I just spoke to them on the phone and was able to successfully cancel my free trial. I was transferred about 3 times, but I only spent a total 15 minutes on the phone before receiving a cancellation confirmation number.

Overall, I am quite happy with my experience with 24PetWatch so far, and would recommend new adopting families to sign up for the trial for just in case moments. So far, the two vet visits we've had, we can afford out of pocket, so I am not that concerned whether or not 24PetWatch reimburses us. I will be submitting two claims and will update my review once I find out whether or not we get our reimbursements. Should 24PetWatch reimburse my claims AND refrain from charging my credit card, I will update this review and also considering purchasing an annual policy with them.

PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT get this Horrible Insurance for your pet. My cat had surgery due to kidney stones. This horrible Insurance company did not pay a penny what so ever. When her benefits stated Xray/Surgery will be covered and she had coverage for $3,000. It took them 60 days to review the claim and were very rude over the phone when following up on the claim. It's like they care when you are enrolling with the company then when something happens to your pet they take FOREVER to review your claim and end up not paying for anything. So disappointed that we paid every month to this HORRIBLE Ins. company. Thank god for Care Credit! Really HORRIBLE and USELESS to have this pet Ins. They are NOT HELPFUL AT ALL!!!

I had my cat microchipped at a shelter. The shelter misspelled my name when they registered the microchip for me. I cannot change my name through 24PetWatch's website. I emailed them THREE TIMES with ZERO response. I can't make phone calls during their business hours due to my work and class schedules, and time zone differences. I had to register the microchip with another, totally free, totally transparent service. I should not have to do this. Having the microchip registered with more than one service with different information can cause major issues when a lost pet is found if the finder is not careful to determine which information is the most up to date.

I've had this insurance for a number of years, and as a pet sitter, even recommended it to my clients. Now, only to find after being certain not to auto pay, I called to renew my annual policy. Was told by the rep it would be about $300 so I paid over the phone. Now I receive my credit card statement, and see that I was charged $764 without my authorization! That's over a 120% increase... Why? They claim they re-evaluated my policy (oh yes, I received a $14 payment for a claim over $700 filled with reasons for payment denial!) How convenient, too, when I tried to cancel, I had to wait for a review which took an extra 2 months of payment.

THEY'RE MASTERS OF FRAUD and need to have a class action suit against them. See all of the complaints on this site with similar concerns... Let's do this already. Big cheats...scandalous and should have to be held accountable. How and why should they be allowed to charge a credit card without authorization? I kept record of every rep, date, and conversation.

I adopted my dog in New York 10 years ago. She came with a microchip that the rescue organization said was registered with 24 Hour Pet Watch. I decided to insure my dog through them for convenience, as she was already chipped with them. I gave them $19.95 a month for 10 years. I used the insurance only twice in the first two years. They recently more than doubled the cost of their coverage ($49.95 per month,) which I found to be financially unfeasible. I discontinued the coverage. Prior to this, I'd moved back to New Orleans. During this past hurricane season, I realized I may not have updated my address for the microchip. I contacted 24 Hour Pet Watch, only to find out that my dog's chip had NEVER been registered, the entire 10 years she had been insured with them.

I was told that I could register the chip for $80 for my dog's lifetime, but I would receive a coupon for $25 off dog food at PetCo. They never offered a discount on the registration, though clearly, they had been lax. You guessed it. I never got the coupon. I've called four times to obtain the coupon, with a promise each time I'd get it in 5-7 days. No results. My take-away is that 24 Hour Pet Watch has NO regard for your pet. Only money. I now have similar coverage (for a good deal less,) with the ASPCA, a trusted, legitimate organization. Do NOT give your money to 24 Hour Pet Watch.

Terrible micro chip support - All I want to do is simply CHANGE MY ADDRESS AND PHONE number, but they want $85 to do that. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR A MEMBERSHIP TO CHANGE information. SUCH A RIP-OFF!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

I had a very good experience so far with 24PetWatch (was SPCA insurance in Ontario, Canada)... very grateful for their coverage as I had to cover nearly 16,000$ for eye surgeries just after my pup turned 1 year old... they covered to the limit as written in the policy without any issue and in a timely manner. I have been treated well with each and every claim submission and this has been an unexpectedly bad year medically for my pups... I am so pleasantly surprised by the support that I have received during this tough time and I highly recommend them.

I really wonder if this company is a scam. I have been buying this insurance for my dog for 3 years now. Never had to use the insurance until recently. I wish I found this out much earlier, maybe I would have saved couple years of premium. First of all they only give you 90 days from the date of the “initial” treatment date to submit the claim, other insurance company give almost 9-12 months. Then they make you go get the form completed by the vet instead of themselves getting it from the vet like other insurance company. I don’t know about other vets, but my vet is so busy it took him a month to get the form back to me. Luckily I was still able to send all documents to 24PetWatch on the 90th day from the initial treatment date, but 24PetWatch declined my claim anyway, the reason given was “claim submitted outside of the required time frame”.

So I had to them and asked for management to review because it was submitted on the last day. So this time they came back and declined my claim again, this time, the reason was “missing medical history” which is BS because they do have the medical history. Now I will have to call them again. I will not give up like they want all the policy holders do. This insurance company really need to be shut down.

I have carried insurance with 24PetWatch Pet Insurance for over 11 years with modest increases throughout the years. Today I received my bill and the monthly increase from $30.50 a month to $64.06 a month! There was no explanation of the outrageous increase outside of they recently did a review of the premiums. I've shopped insurance for my dog within the last two years and found my prior rate to be in line with other companies. For them to now say or think they have been under charging is beyond uncomprehensible. SHAME ON YOU! Needless to say, I will be shopping for new insurance again along with other the other people that just received their increase and are writing the same reviews.

We should have read these reviews before we signed up with them. They totally lied to us. The sales rep said our kitten would be covered even though we told them he had a pre-existing condition. Then when we submitted a claim to get reimburse, we waited several months before we called to ask what the hold up was. That's when we were informed our kitten wouldn't be covered d/t its pre-existing condition. When we informed them of what we were told, they replied we never should have been told that! Well we were and now what are you going to do about your sales rep LYING to us? Nothing! But would still like to stay on with us? Really? Of course, we like getting screwed! Really?? We're glad it was only $30. Could have been a lot worse. STAY AWAY! If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

I adopted my cat with a pre-existing microchip from another company (thankfully) as well as a free trial for this pet insurance. Throughout the process of registering for the trial and canceling it, this company outright lied to me trying to convince me they were my cat's microchip provider and that I would have to pay them in order to change the ownership information. Every time I simply corrected the representative lying to me, explaining that I know they are not my cat's microchip company, the conversation would shift to a dark tone and they would become extremely hostile and rude.

Now pay attention to this before you scammed: The actual company my pet's microchip is from allowed me to update my information for FREE. I'm convinced the 24PetWatch trial insurance offer is actually a scam for them to try to get money from new pet adopters for a chip via this method. Lawyers, please contact me for a class action lawsuit, which is bound to happen anytime now.

Like others, they claimed pre-existing condition when they saw a vet note on one puppy exam in 2007. I informed them that my vet told me they commonly make that note for all the small breed dogs and it didn't necessarily mean they had the condition. I was told by the first 24PetWatch representative I spoke to about this and they said if I got a letter from the Vet to that effect I could get a reassessment of my claim and it sounded like I had a good chance of getting the claim paid.

Then I got the call back from the manager that I requested and she was rude and informed me that she didn't care if I got a Vet letter, that didn't change the note in the records and submitting for a reassessment would be a waste of my time. She said she didn't care how long I've been a customer or how many premiums I have paid over the years for my two dogs. I paid well over twice the amount in premiums than it cost me out of pocket to pay for the surgery. Avoid these scam artists. After my experience with 24PetWatch, I would never recommend buying ANY pet insurance, especially theirs.

I adopted my dog from a Humane Society two years ago. She came with a microchip associated with 24PetWatch so I registered her chip with my information on the (at the time) free to use database. After a year, we moved and I updated our information with no problem. A couple days ago I received an email saying "When you had [dog's name] microchipped, you received free pet protection services from 24PetWatch. But did you know that you can benefit from our premium pet protection services with a Lifetime Protection Membership?" Just a promotional ad, but whatever, it reminded me I needed to update my address since I moved again. So I go to do so and turns out, my account "is currently locked for editing. Please select a membership plan to edit your information"... which is apparently $85.

ALSO I noticed that my information on record had reverted back to the original address I registered with. Thought that was strange, so I decided to test something. I logged out and then used my dogs microchip number to run a "found pet" search. The search was submitted to the company, leaving them responsible to contact me that somebody has found my "lost" dog. I have NOT been contacted (only my address has changed so contacting me should not be an issue).

So apparently 24PetWatch is no longer free like the email says, but literally the most expensive microchip database I have found. So if you're in my boat and have a pet microchipped with 24PetWatch, I would highly suggest registering your info with a different database (or two) so that you don't have to rely on them alone. I would also like to point out that there is no universal microchip database so it wouldn't hurt to register your pets on multiple databases just to be safe anyways.

When I got my cat she came with a chip from 24Petwatch with a years free of service. After the year was up you had to pay $85.00 which I didn’t want to do just yet. But at least my info was accurate on the chip. Yesterday when she went missing I paid the money because my phone number recently changed. After calling them the first time the office phone said they were closed and to call at normal business hours. Which I thought was ridiculous since they are called 24Petwatch and on their stupid website said they are open 24/7/365. I called again and it kept me on hold for over an hour.

After that I gave up and went to their website and posted her chip number. I received an email saying someone will call me shortly and still almost 24 hours later I haven’t heard a thing from them. Thank god we were able to find her ourselves several hours later. I then tried to call back to let them know that she was safe. I still was put on hold for forever and I have been locked out of my account. Do they not want me getting in there??? What is wrong with these scammers. Our pets mean something to us!!

I previously reviewed this company and saw numerous negative reviews regarding claims not being reimbursed on a timely basis. I spoke with the company and felt comfortable with their response as to why this was happening. To my delightful surprise, they said I would be receiving reimbursement the first week in April (56 days out) and I did receive reimbursement March 21 which is earlier. Thank you! I hope this review helps.

I have a nine year old dog. A Chihuahua. Have been paying 24PetWatch $53.00 a month for pet insurance. I received a letter that for the same coverage I need to pay $166.00 a month now. How can they raise my premium this high? I called and was informed a new underwriting company came up with the figure of what the same coverage I had is now that I would have to pay. Premiums to screw the loyal customer that has been paying for years??? I would love to join a class action suit against this thieving business. How can I possibly get decent coverage for my dog just turning 10 now? I cannot afford this. Do not join this company.

I gave one star because it won't let me leave it at no stars. This company is a scam. They doubled my rates and did not tell me. I'm paying almost a car payment a month for two dogs. I never got a letter, a call, and email or anything else. I should have been the one to confirm or deny this increase. I will be canceling and now they won't give me my money back since I never agreed to that. I am so disgusted with such behavior from a company. Please do not use them for pet insurance. Do your hw and research before choosing an insurance. When they were Purina care, they were perfect. Now they take forever with claims and never give back the amount promised. I'm tired of throwing my money away to them. They should be shut down.

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have no idea why Purina sold my policy to them without my knowledge or approval, but ever since they took over, they raised my premium, tripled my paperwork, and claims that Purina used to process in 2-3 days now take 2-3 months. I have no idea why they are allowed to pretend to be in the pet insurance business. I'm guessing because it is unregulated.

I have been with this company for almost 20 years, through many underwriters. I have two dogs and at times have had two dogs and two cats with this company. I would have switched after I adopted a new cat but both dogs are older, making the switching process cost-prohibitive. Like many others, my policies doubled this year - "new underwriter." At the same time, their billing was chaotic resulting in charging me for four months and not informing me they had somehow neglected to bill me!

In regard to the rate increase; while it is upsetting, this company was so non-competitive with regard to price! I was paying so little and getting 80% coverage. They have raised their rates to be competitive which I know because I shopped around - a lot. They cover office visits for illnesses which many companies do not; they are now quite prompt in responding and have a good customer portal. I don't think they are the best but believe they have made many improvements in the last year, despite the shocking rate increase.

Do not use this company. I have been paying into my policy since my dog was a puppy with direct withdrawal for over 12 years. Never missed a payment. My dog is very healthy to this day. Had one small bump removed 2 years ago. Now it looks like the company cancels with no warning once your dog gets to a certain older age. Someone should bring a class action lawsuit against this company as I just lost all the money I put into it and now have no money for future major health issues that might come up.

I have been using 24PetWatch for over 12 years before the company changed their name. I also had both my dogs on the gold plan, that I see was changed last year. Hershey was 12 years old and cancelled with them since they paid for one surgery and didn't want to pay for claims to the vet. Now, with my 6 year old and the first claim in for her ears, they are saying this was pre existing. I have been trying for weeks to get someone in the Corporate office which is non existence. I will be cancelling this now for her.

They love you to sign up and have your money taken out each month but when it time to pay on a claim, and they refuse, they expect you to take all these papers back to your vet to fill out again, list all the visits etc. If you were smart you would be looking for some other insurance. I see there are so many complaints about the same thing since I came on here, I can't even believe this company has not be shut down... This company does not require to even get one star. They get nasty on the phone. Buyer Beware.

We had to leave our cat 13,000 miles behind in southern California as she went missing on 02/25/15. Before we left our vacation spot we left contact information with neighbors that will be there longer. When we got home we also called 24PetWatch with the chip number from records we had at home. We were ask to pay $21.95 with the assurance that we would be contacted if our cat chip is ever scanned. Our missing cat info was put online on their website with our contact info.

In a couple of weeks our cat started visiting the RV site we were staying and we were contacted by neighbors. The neighbors contacted a animal shelter at our request to pick her up and have her return to us. About March 10th when our cat was being picked up our contact information was giving to and we talked to the lady on the phone. She went through the process too so our cat can be fly home on a plane. We got her three days later on March 14.

I went online on March 15 to report that our cat was recovered. We were surprised to find out that our found cat wasn't in our list of pets. We called their 24 phone number and was told that they transfer ownership to the shelter worker and she was no longer our cat. We were told that in order to transfer ownership back to us we would have to download a transfer form and pay another $21.95. Then we would have to visit a vet to prove we have her and have the shelter worker sign off on it.

We were totally shocked and couldn't even sleep last night knowing that our pet could of been giving away without our knowledge. When they transfer ownership of our cat no one from 24PetWatch called us or email us to sign off the transfer as we wouldn't of as that cat is part of our family. The way 24PetWatch protected our pet is anyone can snatch our pet from our yard and gain owner ownership by filling out a downloadable form and paying $21.95. That makes their microchip program worthless.

I've had the policy since 2009 when it was Purina and it was great. Then it switched hands to 24PetWatch and since then they've become increasingly more difficult to deal with. The last thing that happened was that I just happen to see a $900+ charge on my credit card from them (the years before it was $200/yr, then $360 when they took over), no bill or anything. When I called they just kept telling me that I signed up for them to automatically charge me in 2014 (which I never did) and that they have my permission to charge my card. They just repeated the same thing to me and said there were no supervisors available for me to talk to. They wouldn't refund anything. Needless to say I cancelled my policy. That company is not an honest business.

I have been trying to contact this company on my claim for months now, and every email or online reply is to call them, which puts you on hold for at least 1/2 hour, or that is as long as I waited anyway. This company is a scam. Glad I dropped coverage early on. Wish we could rate them ZERO!

When my daughter graduated college her dog came to live with us. We attempted to update the chip information through 24PetWatch. She was advised her dog's chip had lapsed and that she would have to pay an annual fee to update and to keep it current. She was told they would not have provided her information if her dog had been lost. We registered the number on a free site and updated the information. This company cares about money, not pets. The dog was adopted from The Pets Alive! shelter in San Antonio, Texas and was required to be chipped by their vet prior to adoption which took place February 2015. I want other customers to know the chip means nothing after one year unless they register the chip number on a free site.

Just curious here, does the 24 in 24PetWatch represent 24 hours on hold or ...? I've lost my dog and THEY WON'T ANSWER. I've literally been on hold forever. I don't pay to be on hold, I pay to be helped. If I could give 0 stars I would.

24PetWatch is a nightmare to deal with. I, too, got sucked in with the "gift of 30 day free pet insurance" when I adopted my cat. The cat started peeing blood right after taking her home. It has been 2 months since I filed my first claim with 24PetWatch. Initially I was promised a 30 day period to file claims. Now, 3 phone calls later and after speaking with one discourteous rep after another including a supervisor by the name of Erik on his cell phone, I am told there is no date they can give me as to when my claim will be paid out. I then came to Consumer Affairs' website to find this overwhelming amount of negative 1-star reviews on them and their service.

After reading these, I do not feel confident- nor after speaking to their rude staff- that I will ever see payment on the claim I made sure by reading the fine lines of their policy should be paid out. It was the same excuses as other reviewers... that they are training new adjusters. The only things they were good at was convincing me how wonderful they were when I signed up and arguing when I kindly asked for answers on my claim. I put a stop payment on them taking money out of my bank account and will call the state insurance commissioner this week. These people are a fraud!

When I adopted a puppy several friends recommended getting pet insurance for the first year of her life. I read reviews for several companies and spoke on the phone with a couple about different coverage options and decided to go with 24PetWatch. Here is where they went wrong: Submitting claims is not as easy as I would like and they weren't able to set up access for my vet so the vet clinic could submit claims for me like human health insurance. Many other pet insurance companies make this easy. I was unable to deposit their checks using my mobile banking app for some reason. I had just moved to Maine from Wyoming where the bank I use does not exist so mobile deposit was my only option. I spoke to 24PetWatch on the phone and they set up direct deposit for me and reissued the payment that I couldn't mobile deposit. However, months later, after submitting several other claims, I still hadn't seen a single deposit from 24PetWatch.

Over the course of the past few months I spoke with several representatives who said they would reissue the 4 payments I was waiting on, but still nothing. I have now had this policy for almost a year and have spent almost $500 on the premiums but haven't seen a single dime back. Today I canceled my policy and supposedly the agent reissued the checks, my 3rd try to get paid, and for some reason they couldn't manage to get the direct deposit to work so I will have to mail the checks back to Wyoming to get them deposited in my account. The 24PetWatch agents were always very friendly and polite but I am appalled and really upset and do not recommend this insurance company.

Avoid avoid avoid. Easy to enroll with automatic annual premium payments but nearly impossible to cancel the policy!! We carried this insurance for several years and, fortunately, never had to use it. After our dog died I pulled out the most recent renewal paper work to find out how to cancel the policy (and the automatic payment). There was no information on how to do this in the paperwork or on their web page. So I called. I spent over two hours listening to recordings, leaving messages, and waiting to speak to a human being just to cancel an existing policy. Even when I did speak to a human being, I was transferred with assurances that it would be quick only to be left on hold again.

Only when calling back (for the third or fourth time) and pushing the buttons leading me to NEW policies did I get transferred quickly to a human being. I complained to this person about their customer service for cancelling policies (even though they seem very efficient at customer services that generate revenue). I let them know that I am unhappy with their service and will discourage any and all who ask about pet insurance from purchasing 24PetWatch. He ultimately was able to transfer me to some kind of manager who was able to cancel our policy. I will also be notifying my veterinarian's office that they should discourage their clients from using this pet insurance company.

It would've been two years since I signed up for 24 hour PetWatch insurance on Aug 2nd, but I had to cancel my insurance this morning because of what I found out about the coverage. I was given the "gift of insurance" for a month when I adopted my puppy on July 28, 2013. Shortly after that, I bought insurance for my dog on Aug 1, 2013. And then I took my puppy for her first vet visit on 8/2/13. During the visit, I mentioned she'd been having exercise intolerance and the vet examined her and said she had a heart murmur. He said that sometimes puppies have it and it goes away as they grow older and that we should just watch her at home. We went back a few weeks later for more vaccines and because she still had the heart murmur, the vet referred us to a cardiologist.

On 9/18/13, I took my dog to the cardiologist and found out she had a congenital heart condition called tetralogy of fallot (TOF), obviously a much severe condition than a simple heart murmur. Just her ultrasound was $500 and she had to keep getting them every year on top of the other blood work, medication needed for monitoring and managing her condition. At that point I contacted 24 hour Pet for a preapproval and they covered her expenses with a $100 deductible. But apparently the coverage was only for 1 year and only up to $1500. As you can imagine, that doesn't do much for us since we're dealing with an ongoing condition.

I just got off the phone and found out that because the onset of my dog's condition was during the 14 day illness grace period after signing up for insurance, they cannot cover her condition any longer. Which I'm hearing for the first time after almost 2 years of having the insurance and having been reimbursed for other claims related to the same condition. I would've kept on paying for the insurance that could no longer cover her heart condition had I not called today to change my address and check on the claim that I submitted a month ago (that I still haven't received payment for). That's when I found out that only part of the last claim would be reimbursed because they classify the denial under pre-existing conditions.

Even though the dog's condition wasn't diagnosed till 9/18/13 and the insurance was bought on 8/1/13, the insurance company proceeded to label her condition before the specialist even had the chance to. They say it's because they go by the day of "onset" not diagnosis. The day of "onset" is apparently the date that they got from my primary care vet's notes about her having a heart murmur on 8/2/13; the day after my insurance was effective. What really upsets me is that they didn't bother letting me know that they will no longer cover her ongoing condition despite it having gotten actually diagnosed over a month after the insurance was purchased, well after the "14 day illness grace period".

It's irritating that the day of onset is the day I took the dog to the vet, who with all his expertise, didn't jump the gun for diagnosis and waited for a specialist to look at her for a proper diagnosis. How on earth do insurance agents get to determine coverage based on onset rather than diagnosis? They would've had me making monthly payments had I not actually called and sat on the phone with a bunch of questions today. And although my experience was negative, I have to add that when you do call their customer care, despite the long wait time, they were always courteous and polite on the phone. But that doesn't do much for me when the actual insurance itself is mediocre.