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I have not had a claim but they have attended to my queries and questions expeditiously and I have been happy with AAA since I obtained auto insurance from him a decade ago. Good value/price, although I wish they give me better discount for being a customer for such a long time. I would have no problem recommending AAA.

The insurance premium is comparable to quotes I get from other insurance company and because AAA has always given me good service, I decided to stay as a customer for the last many years. Very good, I have always called their 800 customer service line and someone usually attend to me quickly. My wait time is never more than a minute or so.

I'm kinda young, 21, and I just bought my first car with my money. AAA had the best rates for what I got. They have a good amount of discounts available. I pay $170/month for a 2013 model year car. Most other insurance quotes I got were closer to $200/month, even with similar discounts. The premiums can be high, especially if you don't want to pay a ton per month, but nothing out of the ordinary. The roadside assistance was VERY quick to respond when my old car failed to start and I get great deals on many hotels and restaurants (if you're a AAA member, which doesn't cost that much a year and lowers your auto insurance as well). I love this insurance and love all the benefits that come with it. My only real complaint is the premiums, but you can lower them if you have the funds. I'm in college, so I'm kind of stuck with high premiums until I'm out and can afford higher monthly payments.

I honestly wish I had the option to put no star because this is the service I felt I received as a consumer. I had the ugliest experience with an insurance company at this location. I have never had issues with triple AAA in the past. I used to love AAA, I used to do business with the location in Addison where the service was very efficient and the employees knew what they were doing and how to treat their customers. AAA in Arlington is by far the worst location as their service is below the standard of some of its other locations. The manager was rude, and the employee who attempted to help me was unsure about what they were doing, wasted 3 hours of my time, and I had to cancel another appointment because I had to sort an issue with them out, that they blamed on their system many times.

I called the employee who served me 3 times after that, left two voice mails and emailed twice requesting my proof of insurance documents to be resent electronically since I was shopping for other options. I waited 9 days, and they had stated they would to get back to me by the end next day. I had to email them again to remind them to send my documents after my calls were unreturned. I also called the manager, who was incredibly dismissive and rude. He did not wait for me to explain what happened, and cut me off during my conversation with him on the phone. AAA is a great company with a reputation for great service but the AAA Arlington location is the most disappointing AAA insurance company location in Texas. I decided to move to another insurance company and I definitely will not be using them again.

My father got a RV special package through AAA to find out when his motor home broke down during a trip with my children (his grandkids) that they do not even have a tow truck able to tow his motor home. He placed his call around 4:30pm to not have anyone there to pick him and his motor home till 11pm that night. He was broke down near a tweakers house that called the cops and made it a real uncomfortable situation. Do not trust this company.

I was hit in Dec 2012 and thrown into the car in front of me. My truck was totaled. The auto side of the insurance was fantastic and resolved the financial reimbursement in a fair and timely manner. However, the medical department did not even contact me until I wrote a letter of complaint to AAA itself 2-3 weeks after the accident, which is what I have had to do all through my experience with them. They paid second to my health insurance until I told them I did not think my current treatment was helping and wanted another opinion and possibly some physical therapy, at which time I was told they would send me to their own doctor for an evaluation. I was led to believe that physical therapy would be a possible outcome. Never once was any treatment advised, or recommended. Of course, since those doctors are paid by AAA, why would they ever have any reason to find a problem?

I went to an orthopedic surgeon of my own choice and he gave me an injection which solved the pain issue for a couple months or more and advised physical therapy which AAA would not cover. When the pain returned, I again wrote AAA since my adjuster was no longer in evidence. After 2 letters, a new adjuster was assigned who sent me back to the same AAA paid doctor. Even with x-rays and doctor reports, this doctor again denied anything was wrong. As a consequence I am unable to stand, sit or walk for any extended period of time, not even to walk around the block, without severe back and hip pain. This week I will resume my original treatment since it is covered by my health insurance, but I cannot afford to pay for physical therapy with my large deductible. I will also consent a lawyer.

I'm not satisfied with my services with triple A of CO. at all. I have had two incidents happened in one day my first time using their services. Customer service was horrible by reps and supervisors they want to argue about things that they know is complete bs. They were in the wrong when my car had got damages on the back of their tow truck supposedly for malfunctioning of the truck and the driver take full responsibility. And all of a sudden they are treating me like I'm the bad person here that has to pay for the damages. Saying that I have to go through a claims department and see who's to blame here when it's obvious my car was damaged on the back of their truck on the way to our destination.

Meanwhile my car is fixed at a shop waiting for me to pick up but I have to wait for the claims department to get ahold of me to try to fix my car. Two tires were dragged and popped remind you they were brand new. I would never go through this company ever again. I get to wait for my vehicles damages to get paid for before I can take it from the shop. Triple A has been more of a burden than a help. Go elsewhere.

I first got AAA over 10 years ago. They were very helpful switching over the insurance from other carrier. They were very good about explaining all of their benefits that they offer along with the insurance and membership. I like AAA because they are friendly. When you go into the office and make any changes they are ready to help. Towing part really works well because if you tow your car you get one day free rental so you can get situated. Sometimes AAA is hard to get someone on the phone to get some help. Also you cant make a payment at just any agency. You have to make sure they are in your region either northern or southern part of the state. They have tickets for movie theaters but none of them are in my city.

I most like the ability to obtain travel-related materials free of charge. I also appreciate having the ability to easily speak with my agent, and his expedient responses to my inquiries. The process of purchasing my insurance policy was swift and painless, and payments are easy to make. However, I am not a huge fan of the smartphone application that pairs with my policy. I also dislike the frequency with which my rate increases, although I have found this to be true of all insurance agencies for which I have had contacts. But overall, AAA meets my needs well.

I have had AAA auto insurance 30+ years; no accidents, tickets. In Dec 2016 my yearly rate went up from $792/year to $906/year. When I asked why? They stated California allowed them to increase rates this year, so they did. Just wondering if any others were raised. Looking for other car insurance with lower rates.

I have bad experience with AAA, after having minor scratch and misalignment of the bumper. I asked for claim - they made me to go to a body shop where they did the billing just near the deductible. There were many unnecessary changes done for me to exceed my deductible. It looked very fishy and unreasonable.

Easy to work with. Quick turn around in claims. Accident forgiveness for first accident. Adding a new teen driver was not financially painful. Great representatives to work with. When adding a new vehicle, quick service. Excellent customer service when dealing with auto claims.

I called AAA at 9:30 am as I was about to drive to work. My battery was dead. They said they would arrive by no later than 11:20 am to jump start my car. At 11:30 I called AAA again to ask why they had not shown up. They said they were 6 miles away and it would take them at least another hour. The representative said he was not sure of how long it would take. I had to call a private tow truck company to have my car towed to the repair center and pay out of pocket although I am a AAA member. Then I called AAA in Winter Park, FL (where I had purchased my membership) and asked them to cancel the membership and reimburse me a prorated amount of the money I paid They said they cannot cancel memberships nor reimburse any money even if they don't provide service. Basically, service is not guaranteed.

I had AAA in other states and they always showed up within 30 minutes. Needless to say I lost a day of work and I am paid hourly. I have a one-hour drive to work. No one should join AAA in Orlando, Florida, because in case of a major emergency, AAA does not show up and does not reimburse you. They never gave me an order number when I called. I cannot fill in the order number.

My tires blew out in the freeway early in the morning. Gave them a call and they came instantly. The driver was very nice and helpful. Had a conversation while he was taking me and my car to its destination.

My daughter was involved in a accident back in January. It was not her fault but we did what we thought was right and contacted AAA about the accident. We were told that because we only had comprehensive that there was nothing they could do for us. No questions even ask about what happen or whose fault it might be. Poor customers service #1. Now over 2 months later, I get a rude email from AAA claims stating that they have been trying to get a hold of me and have had not luck doing so I must contact them regarding the claim. What claim right? They also contacted my college age daughter and she told them she could not talk right now as she was walking into class.

I call the claims person and the first question I asked is how and how many times have they tried to contact me and her answer. "We have been trying to reach your daughter and she is not responding." Poor customer serves #2. She lied. She only called her the hour before and according to my daughter she was rude to her as well. I told her we did as we were told to do and contacted Progressive direct. They were great. Easy to work with. Caring. Quick to pay the claim and most of all treated us like people. So adjuster Erin **, not employee of the month. Wednesday I will shopping my insurance so I guess you did your job. You can close this claim forever!

Our AAA auto insurance continued to go up since our purchase of our 2015 Durango SUV. It would have been over $1600 annually this April 2018. Both of us have excellent driving history...seniors...SUV has some of the discounted perks. The discount rates are no longer listed. When asked how much we were saving the AAA rep said it is worked into our price. "Be assured you are receiving the many discounts." With the increasingly high annual rate & lack of candor/knowledge of our policy I reviewed a few of the top ten insurance companies. Found Progressive gave us the same type of policy for over $600 less per year!! They were much more forthcoming with rates and discounts as well. What makes AAA so expensive? Certainly will be more proactive researching plans when our

Progressive plan expires to see if their rates are still competitive. Seems all insurance companies have to be watched carefully.

On June 11, 2018 at tree fell on my vehicle. I called out AAA to make a claim. The adjuster David ** came out. The very first thing that I noticed was the tree was no longer on the vehicle. I said to him that tree was just on the vehicle. He stated that he removed it off the vehicle. Then he wanted to do a recorded statement on me. Well they never do recorded statements when filing a claim. Right then and there he was accusing me of a false claim. I wrote to Mr. ** about this situation. Mr. ** Has not yet followed up with my email. I feel very discriminated against that AAA would accuse me of these accusations. They never once went after the owner of the tree. David also told me I file for the same damages twice. It is really terrible situation when you are discriminated because of your **. Those who are looking into AAA. I will think twice about it if I were you.

We have all our car & home insurance with AAA. They have been totally helpful in any situation we have experienced. We even use their travel services. Affordable & superior service. Filing a claim is very easy, and they are caring, & efficient.

I've been a Premium Plus RV member for over 12 years with only 3 requests for service in that time. AAA has never provided service to me as outlined in their member benefits. Only once was I reimbursed for services after I had to find my own tow service in the middle of a blizzard, after waiting for 3 hours before they determined they could not help me.

This last time, I was in a rollover accident on Dec 29, 2017, taken unconscious to the hospital, while my vehicle was towed to an impound lot (not by AAA). While I was still in the hospital, I requested AAA to tow my vehicle to my property 40 miles away to avoid further storage fees. Since I couldn't be at the vehicle to "meet" them, they refused service. I contracted with the tow company to deliver the vehicle to my property for a total bill of $1297.00. I submitted a reimbursement form and was again denied. AAA hid behind obscure policies and procedures to avoid paying out for services due their customers. I will never again be a customer of AAA and will adamantly refer friends, family, and others away from AAA. They are a scam, and should be sued under class action.

When I took an auto policy, the agent did not tell me about hefty early cancellation fee. On the contrary, he told me that the policy can be cancelled anytime without having fine. I should have recorded that conversation. I found out that their insurance rate was the highest and then cancelled the policy. After cancellation that they charged me $350 as cancellation fee. What a rip off. Of course the 11% early cancellation was in the multi page contract that you fail to notice. Never going to get AAA insurance in my life.

AAA insurance is the worst company I have ever had insurance with. I had a claim on July 5th. On 4th of July I got my car vandalized. There were 10 kids outside of my friends house who I was watching her dogs West live on vacation in Sacramento. The kids were drinking and smoking weed. I was in the area on 9th and Julian downtown San Jose anybody and everybody anytime of a Moe's that Priscilla is the real bad area. There are car break-ins, car vandalism, home invasion, killing and stabbing does well. I called my insurance on July 5th to make a claim of vandalizing of my vehicle as well as made a police report. I took my vehicle to get looked at an auto body place called Fix It in San Jose.

I WILL NEVER go there again. I had to go back to the auto body place cause they lost my pictures and they had to retake the pictures. Then they called me on Thursday saying they wanted me to meet them at their attorney's office for a deposition. I told them I did not feel comfortable going to an attorney's office. Anything they had to ask me that can answer ask me over the phone and they can record me over the phone. When she called me she basically asked me questions that did not pertain to my claim. Asking me where I work, how many hours I work, how much I make an hour, who I work for. She wanted name and she wanted receipt from my last repair that I made.

I talked to an attorney and he stated that they did not need all that information. The day that I got that interrogation call, I got a letter from the insurance in the mail stating that they were going to take responsibility for it the damage that is on my vehicle and how much they were going to write a check out to me for. And they said it was enclosed in the envelope and there was no check in this envelope. I thank all the insurance agent that interrogated me and I told her I got that letter and she asked me "who wrote the letter?" I advised her who wrote the letter and that I would like my car fixed and they are taking full responsibility of the damage. She said ok and hung up the phone.

Her boss called me the next day and stated that a lot of the things that I told the interrogator did not make sense and they were not going to take responsibility for my damage that they were going to talk to their attorney. By then go to my mailbox today which is Monday. Can I get a letter from them and they won't receipt have been previous damage to my car which I do not have. This is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with.

In Nov. of 2014 we experienced a water damage based insurance loss. A month later AAA endorses the claim payoff check to PNC Mortgage (Loan Depot 'sold' our loan to them). PNC sends a list of seven demands that must be met before they will release any funds for repairs. These include: A separate notarized document from each contractor waving any right to sue for payment; an additional notarized document from each contractor estimating the costs; an additional notarized document from each contractor with a signed contract; an additional notarized document from each contractor agreeing to 3 payments of 33%; a PNC inspection for each contractor prior to their beginning their next step of repair; they also require a W-9 from each contractor stating their costs and profit. This process is required for each and every contractor involved. This could easily turn what might have been a three to four week repair into three or four months. It's PNC's way of keeping you from your insurance payoff.

Try getting ANY contractor to agree to these terms and then try to co-ordinate all involved with constant delays waiting for inspection and release of funds by an East Coast financial institution with a reputation for delayed or non-payment. Also consider that Lowe's, Home Depot and possibly even Costco are all 'Contractors' if you are using them for your carpet, flooring or other installations and repairs. Here's some Consumer Affairs reviews on PNC... 384 reviews... Most all of which are 1 out of 5 stars. Our chances of ever seeing a dime of our insurance claim are very slim. We explain all of this to AAA and that we own/have 80% of equity in our home. All they say is that's our procedure. If your 'procedure' includes enabling an unscrupulous financial institution, then that makes you just as unscrupulous. What good does it do to have insurance if AAA gives your claim payoff to crooks and you can't rebuild or repair?

AAA is a full service insurance agency with competitive rates and excellent options to cater to your needs as an insured. With the AAA roadside assistance and all that AAA has to offer its customers, it is a trustworthy company with longevity and quality.

I will be canceling my service effective immediately. I have been a long time member but have never needed to use it-had a tire blow out this morning and have been sitting for 5 1/2 hours in 109+ temps. We were told a 2-3 hour wait. I have called AAA 3 times for an update and each time they promise they are en route. We are only 23 miles outside of PHX. I finally called the tow company they engaged. They had told AAA of the delay but they never communicated to us nor tried to engage another company. I just called a tow company on my own and they will be here in 30 minutes. Looking at the other reviews there is a definite consistent business practice of poor customer service and under delivery of services. You need an overhaul of your processes-they are severely broken.

While renewing my auto insurance, Roadside Service Contract and my life insurance with Triple A, I found that they would not accept payment via a credit card. They insisted on CASH, CHECK or DEBIT CARD. When I informed rep that I was insulted by their demand as I have EXCELLENT credit and have multiple policies with them for the last 20 years. I was basically told "Triple A does not want to pay the banks a fee to process their credit card charges and as of February 2017, they have REMOVED some of the DISCOUNTS that was promised at the time I signed up with their Auto Insurance. They removed the discount for GARAGED VEHICLE, SAFE DRIVER, AIR BAGS, and MILEAGE VERIFICATION and MULTI POLICY discounts without warning. I explained that all of the above discounts were one of the reasons I opted to obtain their auto insurance policy because I got a check for those 4 discounts every year end of policy.

Their answer was 1st, this is not my policy but the company's POLICY. IF NOT HAPPY, YOU are at your renewal point, you always have the choice to choose another AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY. I explained that I have been a loyal customer with TRIPLE A for 20 years. Why it's not accepting my credit card payments and removing the discounts I was always getting without notice is unfair. All I got was, "I'm sorry Ma'am. There is nothing I can do. I've spoken to my supervisor and all they said was you can opt to pay for one of the teen driver or senior mature driving program and after completion of that program, they can offer a 10% discount on the premium". SERIOUSLY? This is how TRIPLE A treats a LOYAL 20 YEAR CUSTOMER?

Great company and great customer service. I became friends with a representative because she was so friendly and helpful and always there to help if I have questions or issues. But higher prices make AAA Auto more expensive. If their prices went down I would be happier with the company. Many other insurance companies are more expensive. Overall, great people and experience and it's worth the higher prices. Every time I go in for anything, they are friendly and help greatly.

I like their dependability, reputation, history, past performance, quality, years of outstanding service, proven track record, benefits, local availability, etc. AAA Auto Insurance is great although I don't think they offer first time accident forgiveness, or rebate checks to customers who have an excellent driving record each month.

Standard claims processing. Phoned in a claim, rep asked me a bunch of questions and that was pretty much it. I had my car repaired and they reimbursed me soon after. They have all the standard coverage options and deductibles. The agent helped me pick out all the options I wanted/needed by asking me questions about how I felt in certain situations. You get all the comforts of being covered plus all the benefits of being a AAA member for a relatively low rate (compared to the other 3 companies I priced out). All customer service agents I dealt with were professional, helpful and kind. From the agent who sold me the policy to the claims representative to the general help operator, they were all good.

We've had AAA home and auto insurance for 10 years and their roadside coverage for 14 years. They've never disappointed us or been difficult even when we filed claims. Their claims process was simple and painless. We feel at ease having coverage from a company we trust. They have always stood behind us and I'd recommend them.

My car was hit in a parking lot of the Methodist Hospital by someone. A nice person watching the truck damaging my car took the picture of the truck and left a note on my windshield with her contact information. I submitted the pictures of the truck to the AAA for claim and repair. My claims service representative is Kenyada ** who initially could not trace the person with the truck information and then the other person refused to provide his insurance information. For several weeks I keep struggling to repair my car but Kenyada told me that, "Either you pay $250 deductible and we will repair the car under uninsured driver or resolve it with the person who hit your car directly." The other person initially refused that he was not involved in that accident and afterwards agreed and refused to provide his insurance details.

AAA told me to face the person who lied and refused to provide his insurance details, I am afraid to deal with such person. After several weeks, the final decision is to pay $250 deductibles and my premium may go up without any mistake from my side. Once car is repaired then AAA will go after the other person to get the money back and they may or may not get the money from him. Her supervisor speaks the same language. I asked her if she can provide me the contact of someone higher than her supervisor and she agreed to provide the information, so far no response. Her manager is Ian **. I am looking for changing the AAA for my auto and home both. So far, I am completely 100% accident free. My car is still in the same condition after the accident on 10/15/2018 (almost 2 months).

I am with AAA for 13 years (Auto Insurance) and 8 years (Home Insurance). I do not have any claim in all these years. They keep increasing the premium in a small amount $10 - $50. This year, my home owner insurance was raised $200.00 more than I paid last year. I called the Agency and talk to the insurance agent in Milwaukee. He went through my policy and said, he have no clue why the price was increased. He also said, price go up this high when you make claim or make changes to your policy. In my case nothing changed.

So, he wanted to talk to him billing department and get back to me. So he did get back to me and said, the company decided to increase certain policy from 30 to 40% and I fall into that category. So I asked him, in what basis they decided and he have no idea. I asked him, if I can talk to someone regarding this issue, and he said, there is no one I can talk to about it and nothing can be done.

It was the worst experience I had with any company. Basically, they just suck all my money for years and just increase the price of the premium to push me out of the company? I am very disappointed. I just want to tell me case to everyone and BE CAREFUL TO DEAL WITH AAA. It might looks like AAA is good. They are NOT LOYAL TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. BE AWARE AND AVOID AAA and there are other better company provide great coverage and great premium rates. Just my 2 cents.

If you want lose $$ insurance your car with them. They charge you an amount to start your policy and around $350.00 for early cancellation. 11% which it's not describe it in paperwork they send you. WATCH READ FIRST. Associates never mention to you any of this.

I had a flat on inside rear of my motor home in the middle of Iowa. Called AAA, was told by the dispatcher I would need my MH towed! All I needed was tire changed. Put on hold 30 min then hung up on. Called back, was told no tow truck was available. Again explained I didn't need a tow. Put on hold again. Then hung up on again. After 8 hours tow truck showed up and changed the tire. The Dispatcher was Extremely rude. And unprofessional!!!

DO NOT choose AAA for car insurance! They gave me quotes based upon a multi policy discount and never informed me and when I didn't choose them for my homeowner's policy, they jacked my rates up after I had already switched to them. So I went back to GEICO and had to start a new policy which is $550 more a year more than my previous policy. I loathe the day I gave AAA the chance at my business. And the manager at the South Austin branch had the nerve to talk over me and talk down to me when I expressed my displeasure with them.

2 weeks ago, I was in an auto accident. I immediately made a claim through AAA. The next day I was contacted by the 2 other parties’ insurance companies about the incident. I recently moved to Northern CA from Southern CA. So even though my accident happened in Northern CA, I was assigned a claims adjustor from Southern CA. I have made numerous calls to him and have received little to no information. 10 days after the accident, the adjustor still had not spoken to either of the other parties involved.

I went in to the AAA office here in Newark, CA to discuss the claim. They said there was no one there to discuss claims, so they gave me a phone and dialed a claims department. After holding for 30 minutes, I was told I had to speak to another department and was put on hold again for 30 minutes. Then, a very rude woman came on and said my claim number was a Southern CA number and she was going to transfer me to my adjustor. I tried to tell her that the reason I was calling was that I don’t want to discuss the accident with him anymore because he obviously hasn’t done anything. She said, "Well I can’t help you. You have to deal with him."

What kind of customer service is that? I spoke with at least 4 people, none of which would even listen to what my issue was. As soon as this accident situation is over, I will be leaving AAA for sure. I don’t even know who to contact now to try to get assistance.

I have auto through AAA, my policy includes 3 free tows a year or they will come any, change my battery, get me a gallon of gas. I have an 100,000 / 300,000 / 100,000. I pay for ten months in advanced and get the rest of the year for free. The customer service is out of this world, they really care about you. Whatever you think you need in an auto policy they have it and it does not cost as much as you think with all the services it comes with. I also have renters insurance through them, they add it to my auto policy and I only pay $12 a month extra which is great.

Been with the company for a long time and I've known the AAA representative for a long time. Anytime I need a quote of insurance for a new vehicle I purchased he would help me and find me a quote for it.

Please know that AAA Roadside Assistance installed a battery for me and the battery subsequently dislodged and punctured our radiator. $1100 in damage and they claim no responsibility! Please please do not use their service! Our entire family was put at risk.

I have had AAA for my whole life. 42 years they were great. When I was hit by a hit and run great service for that. Why I'm giving them 1 star is that my youngest daughter is 17 and not driving. Yet AAA said they sent me a letter to put her on my insurance. I never received the letter. Next thing I received a check from them. They canceled my insurance without telling me cause I didn't return a letter I never received. When I called them they sent me the letter by email. I signed it and send it back same way. I called them back a week later and they still haven't done anything. They are waiting for the underwriter to do something so they cancel my insurance for a daughter that is not driving yet.

Car electrical system went down when trying to leave after a medical appointment. Called friend who came down and checked everything and tried to jump start. Nothing. Called for a tow to the shop that has worked on the car in the past and only three miles away. Told that tow would be there in under one hour. No show. Called again. Story now that it would take another 30 minutes for tow to arrive. No show. Called again and now the story is that it will take yet another 30 minutes. Then 30 minutes later instead of a tow I get a computer generated call that the truck has been "dispatched". Then thirty minutes later another call that "emergency assistance" is on its way and would be there in 15 minutes. Ten minutes later another computer call that it would now be 30 minutes. Called AAA and complained. They called back and assured me that the truck was only "a half mile away" and that it would be there "in 15 minutes." WTF? Even at 20 mph a truck would be there in 3 minutes from that distance. Truck finally arrived, and driver insisted that I just needed a jump not a tow. Tried everything I had tried. (Oh did I mention it is pouring rain while this is going on?)

Finally hooked the car up and towed it to the repair shop. Repair shop told us they could have sent their truck and only added a few bucks to the bill. So to get a free tow I paid dues for 14 years and got soaked to the bone waiting for over three hours in the rain. AAA's live CSRs apparently are trained to make stuff up. Their automated system is chaos. AAA apparently spends your dues soliciting other customers and almost nothing is paid to the hardworking drivers who take AAA calls only as a last resort.

All insurance is a pain to work with especially when you're first getting signed over, but whenever I need to call and talk with a representative they are always very helpful, patient, knowledgeable and kind... I'm 23 years old so I'm easily overwhelmed with adulting. AAA always take the time to explain things in detail to me. However, I wish they had better coverage for my travel trailer. I live in a 28 foot Avion travel trailer and don't drive it often. I wish they had a smaller monthly with full coverage for it available. What I'm paying now seems too high with not enough coverage. I would strongly suggest AAA Auto Insurance to anyone. I love my roadside assistance from this company! Which I haven't used on my new car yet but my old truck I used it often! Wonderful company to work with all around! Fast service and great overall coverage too!

AAA takes care of their customers and I like that you know they are there for you. However in the past few years their customer service has gone downhill and they seem to just want to make a credit card charge every time you call. And long times on hold. It was annoying, on the phone for hours.

What a rough 24 hours! Last night my truck was broken into. I was robbed of most all of my belongings. Which happened to be a lot since I traveled to Louisville for my great nephew's wedding! Today I attempt to drive home (a 3 hour drive) and as I am nearing 65 south my truck alerts me that I am losing air pressure in my driver side front tire. So I skip getting on 65 and go to the next exit in Fairdale in National Turnpike and pull into a Marathon/Circle K and as I pull up to air pumps tire is deflating rapidly. I call Triple A and they send a man out. He is not very positive and says he can not change my tire on ice. I told him if he will put some air in my tire I will move to a better a spot. I get to a dry spot and he says he does not know if his jack will get my truck up high enough to put the spare on. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I call my cousin that I got the truck from to find out where my tools are stashed for a tire change? While I am rearranging items to get to said tools. This man walks up and tell me, "Ma’am I need the tools!" I explained to him I was getting them. He starts his work to change my tire and I was very polite and thankful to him for his effort. Then he tells me a lug nut is stripped and it will be fine and he gets in his truck to leave. I start my truck and notice the spare needs air. I jump out of truck and catch him and he pulls around to air up tire. I told him it needed 65 lbs of air. He said his tank only has 10 lbs. and that is all he can do. I said, "Then what should I do?" He said, "You can buy air from the air machine." And he leaves! I try the air machine and it does not work! I cripple across the road to another Fas Mart store. I pull up to their tank and get out.

I deposit the change and the air comes on. I turn to air up my tire and fall on the ice. Which sets off my emergency button and that is now calling lifeline!?? I try to slide over tire and put air in but it won’t work! I finally get up and check to see if my little air compressor is still working and as I try to get that going...a man comes over and starts helping. I am thankful as I think I broke something in my foot when I fell. While the tire is getting air he is chatting nonstop! I realize he is a panhandler! I told him I was robbed and no money to offer for his help. He says there is an ATM inside! I said, "Are you hungry?" He responded with a yes! I said I have some cupcakes I can offer. He can’t eat them as he is a diabetic! RIGHT! I finally scrape up about 1.15 in change and get the heck out of Louisville! Thanks Triple AAA for leaving me in this situation! Gold member my butt!

I have auto insurance with AAA of Southern California and just renewed my policy for another year. If you are a returning customer, you usually get a refund at renewal time called a dividend. On the renewal policy statement, this amount is shown to be deducted from the total cost of your new premium. If you pay in full, that is the amount they tell you to pay. If you pay in installments, they tell you that your dividend has been applied to your first of 9 installment payments, and that you must pay a minimum of some low ball number like $25, which you think, when combined with the dividend credit you received, is a full payment in comparison to the other 8 you will later make, but it is not. In fact, they do tell you that your remaining payments will be $150 (and your first was 100 dividend and $25 from you for the first, for example).

They also tell you that you will pay 74 in interest in the end. But what if you look at the dividend as any other policy discount, and apply it to the total premium owed, then make 8 equal payments instead of a low ball first payment. I did this and figured out that I would have most of the balance owed in 7 payments, and each payment was less than the one's AAA came up with, and only $60 in interest instead of $70. What a scam to direct you into financing more money over a longer period of time. $10 is not a lot of money, but when you figure they have what, a million accounts in California that they do this to - that is a lot of extra money for them.

I have had a horrible experience dealing with this company. A friend said they had good rates. I went in and told them I had been with my old company over ten years and for them to check me out and let me know if they wanted my business. They called back and said "everything's great. Lets sign you up." I did. Wish I had never heard of these people. About a month later I received a letter saying they were canceling my policy because all the paperwork was not signed. I went in and they found the paperwork was signed and the agent just had not sent it in. So everything's ok.

Another month goes by and they send me a letter saying they are canceling my policy in app 30 days because the cars are in my company name. Agent did not tell me this upfront. Do you think I would have change insurance if I thought they were going to cancel me in 2 months. I ask them to keep me cover as it was their mistake for the remainder of the policy. No way they did not care whether I had insurance or not. I finally found other insurance for more money. My old insurance would not take me back at the same deal. I surely feel ripped off.

I had no reason to contact my insurance company in the last couple of years. I have not been in any accidents or cause any accidents. The price of my insurance is a fair price. It is about the same price as other insurance company. Since I have been with the company a long time I feel that there is no need to change my insurance company.

I have never had a problem filing claims. They are easy to get to, friendly and helpful! I've had them for years and never considered switching. Periodically, I check to make sure I'm paying a competitive rate. Previously, I had State Farm for 20 years, maybe filing one claim. When I switched to AAA, I cut my premium in half, with better coverage. You will not be wasting your time getting a quote from them. Their rates are great, and their customer service is the best!

Accurate, available, rates are great. Discounts and credits for good driver, multiple cars, no accidents and no tickets. Very fair and absolutely great website for information and payment online available.

I have found that I really like having the insurance company. Purchasing AAA was very simple and they offer things that I find a use for. Most insurance won't respond when keys are locked in the car but AAA will which is helpful. I like being able to call from any place to get help even if it's just keys locked in the car or a flat tire. They cover things like towing which is nice. I also like that it can be used with any vehicle the policyholder is in. I would improve response time, though. It can be pretty slow after calling. I have stood on the side of the road with my two kids for two hours waiting for them to arrive.

Overall experience was ok. I liked AAA because having the card also got me discounts at hotels and restaurants. Also knowing if I ever ran out of gas AAA would send someone out was a good feature as well. I did really like the towing option through AAA as well. However the monthly payments was a little higher than others. I also disliked the annual fee and that they keep contacting me via phone and mail. Slightly annoying that they keep bothering me. I'm getting a better deal through a different insurance company. I would use them again if it was a good price.

I like having AAA insurance and roadside assistance. Me and my young son got a flat over one hour away from home at night and AAA came out and "saved my life". AAA has services for its clients like notary public and being able to pay DMV registration at its locations. Also has discounts on travel and other services.

Could not find my location on a major HWY with off ramp info per CA hwy patrol! Took two calls - first rep hung up when I asked for his supervisor. What??? This second bad experience with the call in center - not renewing in July after 20 years.

I have been continuously overbilled on home and auto insurance with AAA for the past 5 months. I have made numerous calls and spoken with polite customer service agents who proceed to "update" my information over the phone over a duration of 45-60 minutes per call. Each call I have been assured that my address is up to date and that the billing issues have been addressed. Billing and address issues still have not been resolved. Forget about one stop shopping with this company. It's not worth your time or money. I will be changing to a new, more reliable company.

No words for it; we love the service and towing! Also the discounts provided at retailers and cruises are money-saving! Convenience within 30 minutes to have a tow truck help with whatever ails your car.

No claims so far filed so so far so good. I have heard AAA has great customer service and that's why I switched from my previous insurance company. I also have this insurance company for emergency roadside assistance as well.

They were negligent in our claim against AAA + One Stop 86th Inc in regards to our vehicle. The end result we got no help from AAA and are out over $1000 due to the negligence.

It was a waste of time and money. We had to reprogram all our keys for our 2008 Jeep when AAA failed to record our conversation when we asked for tow. One stop jumped us and in the end all our keys failed to work on our vehicle.

AAA Auto Insurance has great service and is cheaper than my prior carrier Allstate. The lady I dealt with cared and saved me $1200 per year on my home and auto insurance, looked for every discount possible.

AAA Auto Insurance is decently priced and stress-free. I like their auto club benefits, roadside assistance, discounts available and emergency road services. I also like that they're easily reachable 24 hours a day and they generally have quick responses when contacted. There's an array of other services available and their associates are knowledgeable with helping. They decide the best policy possible to fit the needs of the policy holder. But they should listen to their policy holders better when dealing with accidents instead of just making decisions that could affect the policy holders.

I am very unsatisfied, and disappointed and still waiting for the refund for two months. Agent Shantel ** has given lower amount before she charged membership fee and registration fee ($108+$45). Soon after she charged both, she came up with higher amount (180$ monthly payment) saying she had to remove some discounts. First she accuse me for entering wrong information in the quote, but after I send her and her manager (Araceli "Shelly" **) the proof of my quote that I entered everything correct, they just said they cannot do anything. I have to either pay 180$ or cancel the policy. I am a student and I am working part time and only reason that I accept to cancel the GEICO policy and get the AAA was they offer me cheaper rate. I clearly told her that, I cannot go with that higher price and will not proceed further to buy policy and wanted my money back that she charged for membership fee and registration fee.

She said she has cancelled payment and initiated a refund and I will get my money in 3-5 business days. She was in rush to cancel my policy and she said that her reason for rush is that she want to cancel my policy before seven days so I can get my money back without any cancellation fee. So I cancel it the day that she wants and I signed the documents. I need to mention, I have to go back to GEICO policy, but since I had cancel it, they need to start the new policy and they offer me same policy as I had it before with a higher rate!!! This is so upsetting that due to AAA, now I need to pay more for the GEICO policy that I had it before.

Later when I did not receive my refund, I tried calling AAA and agent Shantel **, she said that since my policy canceled after nine days!! (Before that she claimed it is seven days) there will be some cancellation fee and I might get some money. I ask her how much money they will refund me and she said she doesn't know!! Only her manager knows! I tried to call her manager multiple times, I even put phone massage but she never call me back. I thought she would help me getting refund but instead she was literally unhelpful and I think AAA should take care of this kind of agents trying to deceive customers. As a student, this is so upsetting. Not only they charge me for their own mistake, but also I am paying more now for the GEICO policy.

This was clearly a mistake and miscalculation from your agent giving wrong information and changing insurance policy price after charging membership and registration fee and signing all the documents. I really don't understand why I should pay when it is not my mistake at all. I do not know where should I contact and ask help and I would really appreciate if AAA can help me with getting back my money.

This company is just like any other big business. Their only concern is their bottom line. How much money they can keep and get from Mr. and Mrs. Penny Pincher. I was in a car accident (rear ended) which resulted in me getting whiplash. Not a major personal injury but an injury nonetheless that cost me over a thousand dollars and three months in a back and neck brace where I was limited in my activities (including activities with my three young children).

After sending in my medical information AAA determined (after their own careful review) that I didn't sustain any recoverable bodily injury damages as a result of the incident. If I wanted I could open a lawsuit to fight for my claim. No lawyer wants to take on my case because it's not profitable to them. An injury under 2,000 isn't worth their time. In my opinion that's really their "careful review" seeing it will cost me to file a lawsuit, and no lawyer is going to take the case. I make 8.25 an hour. A thousand dollars doesn't come easy... What's the point in paying for car insurance if it's not going to help you anyways?

Today I simply wished to pay my insurance bill for the year in full, to avoid the unwarranted interests rates AAA charges. I had no problem on my end (adequate funds, etc.) and simply wished to give AAA my money. It took ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES before I found someone (the fourth person I spoke to) capable of assisting me with this basic task. I am SHOCKED at the incompetence and rudeness I experienced today, and was a hair's width away from canceling my policy. --- Details --- First of all, the website I received the initial phone no. from was for Northern Cal, and not So. Cal, without mentioning the fact. Five minutes wasted. Next, I called the proper So Cal number and was put on hold for 15 more minutes wasted. I hung up and called my local branch directly.

The person I spoke to made no mention that he would put me on hold but then did so, 10 more mins wasted. Next, I called back got hold of an agent, explained the situation and he made ZERO attempt to apologize for my wasted time. His name was Faun **, (San Diego branch) he was incompetent, unable to process my payment via the phone, despite my having ample funds, and unable to suggest anything except for calling me a liar (suggesting I didn't have the money I claimed to) and also that I should drive down to process the payment in person. I told him this was absurd got heated, and he hung up on me. Unbelievable. He should be fired straight up.

The next person I spoke to was polite, but also incompetent, unable to explain how I could navigate the website, and unable to process my payment. - FINALLY I spoke to a supervisor, who was able to help me in minutes, explaining that the website was on lock for payments because of a recent auto pay I made, and that he could take my payment via check, but not my debit card, despite these being the same account. This is the experience I should have had from the start. The website also, should inform you of the fact that auto-payments negate the ability to pay a bill online.

AAA Insurance Company has office near me that also has a department of motor vehicles location inside branch so I don't need to make another stop and/or stand in another line, which is usually quite long; and is open on Saturdays. Policy allows me to put my children with permits on as well. However, as with many other things I would like them to be less expensive.

AAA increased my auto policy in $200 because I temporarily moved to another address for an Internship. When I came back home, SURPRISE with a $200 bill! When I sent a letter complaining about it and asking them to review it, they DID NOT ANSWER to my letter. Later, they Charged Off $184 which appeared on my credit report WITHOUT NOTICE. The AWA collections agency they used DID NOT NOTIFY me of the debt nor I received a message or letter before they decided to punish my credit score. SURPRISE costs for moving back home and for willing to talk about it. Moreover, AAA continued to bill me AFTER I suspended my insurance with them for the same reason. They asked me for proof of insurance with another company but otherwise charging me more money despite I did not want to proceed any further with their service. I used to like AAA auto insurance. Now AAA's position and attitude was RUDE and ugly.

My overall experience and process of purchasing the Triple A auto insurance policy went pretty smoothly. I didn't have to pick up my phone and wait for someone to answer on the other end of the line, not like every other company out there that I have tried. It was very simple to sign up even though I did not do it over the internet. Everything was straightforward. I just had to check off some stuff and put in my information as well as my dad's information. The response after I send in my application was pretty quick, which made it completely awesome.

Triple A is extremely affordable. I also like that it is extremely convenient and extremely cheap to add on a family member, which I absolutely did. I added my father. Getting Triple A for my father definitely gave me more of a peace of mind. Although I very much like Triple A insurance for cars, there were still very few things I didn't quite understand.

One main thing I didn't understand since the very beginning before I even signed up was what the insurance covered for the amount I paid. I understood I would have access to a tow truck 24/7 anywhere in the country as well as fuel recharge and battery recharge or even a popped tire, but I'm almost certain the insurance covers a lot more than just that. One other minor thing I didn't like about Triple A was that they send way too much paper in sending mail to their clients' homes. With so much technology and cellphone users these days, there is absolutely no reason to be wasting so much paper and harming our environment.

What happened to good old AAA in taking care of claims? Used to be same day service. Now there is an endless number of hoops to jump through. Numerous questions in initially filing the complaint. Then it is passed off to an adjuster who responds with an email to call. My call is still unanswered. This is terrible service. I haven't seen a live body yet after three days of this endless process. By the way claim number **. Please note that there are fewer individuals in the United States than that number. Just another sign of their inefficiency.

On Aug.1, 2016 the rear tire on my Mercury sedan went flat while traveling on US1 in Miami Florida. By the time I pulled off the highway into a shopping center the tire was completely flat and I was driving on the rim. I immediately picked up my cell and called AAA Roadside Service for help. It was 10:46 PM on a Monday night and they answered after a short wait. I was told that they were busy and it would take about 40 minutes before a service truck would arrive. I received a call back about ten minutes later verifying my location and a 40 minute wait for service. I mentioned that the shopping center had closed down and there was only one store still open.

At about 12:45 PM a small van with the AAA logo appeared. It was now raining. I opened the trunk for access to the spare tire. Due to a previous injury, I am unable to lift or remove tires. The technician went to work with a large screwdriver, trying to dislodge the hub cap that covers the wheel lug nuts. After he struggled unsuccessfully for several minutes, I dug into my trunk to find a tool made for prying off caps. I took a while but I found the tool and removed the cap myself. I cannot believe how ill-equipped this service person was. He quickly changed the tire and placed the flat tire in my trunk, but did not put it back where it belonged. In addition he lost some of the hardware used to lock the tire down in place. I did not get home until 2:00 AM Tuesday. I am very disgusted with the extreme wait and the poor service delivered to me. AAA is going downhill fast.

We got stranded out of town with a truck that had blown a rear seal in the rear differential. AAA said that they wouldn't tow the truck because it had a flat bed. So I called AAA and pretended that I wanted to become a member but that I had a flatbed truck. The AAA lady Teresa said that as long as the vehicle wasn't over 14000 lbs and wasn't a commercial vehicle that it would be covered!!! Then I told her that I was a member and had just been denied a tow. She talked to a supervisor and confirmed that the policy wouldn't cover the truck. I believe that what the new member representative did is fraudulent. This is the second time that AAA has not helped me because of a policy loophole and I will never support their business again!

I couldn't believe a big company like AAA could have a bad customer service and could play a cheap game like this. I called AAA to renew my auto insurance policy, and the insurance guy named Ryan ** sent me the quote promising a student discount and mileage discount along. He said send those related forms back to him on Monday and he would process the insurance. I worked all day on Monday; so my husband called him. He emailed the documents to Ryan, placed call many times, left Ryan tons of messages. NO RESPONSE. My husband called and talked to his supervisor, and other agent. They said he would be out of his office until Thursday. So they would like my husband to talk with a new agent named Raul, and of course under new circumstances, my rate increased $300 more.

Well, I talked to Ryan the other day. Wouldn't he not smart enough to give me enough information the first time? Well they said they monitored all phone calls, well so replayed what I had been told on the phone and my conversation with the first agent. It was such a waste of time. I called his supervisor Katherine and left her a message, but no one ever called me back. Even the insurance guy Ryan said he had personal reason to be off on that Monday (well he was back in his office the following day and never sent me anything or gave me a call back). I just cancelled my insurance policy today after 5 years with AAA. I was with AAA since I first got my driver license, and when I was in school in Nevada. I felt a little bit bitter, not for me, but for a big company that my auntie used to recommend to me. Maybe she would change her mind if I told her this story.

It has been so great! AAA is always there to help when I need them! I would recommend them to anyone! Anytime I have had a road emergency they have been quick and precise! I have no plans to change my insurance carrier anytime soon because they have been more than helpful! I began using them in college and I will continue using them post college because I have had such a great experience thus far!

They act quickly and always have my best interest in mind. If I need a tow I can talk to a real live person, not a machine, within seconds. I do not remain on hold for more than 1 minute then a tow truck arrives with a courteous driver who loads my vehicle. My wait time for the tow will be 20 min then I go to my destination, then the driver unloads my car nicely. He allows me to come along then he helps me out of the tow truck, has me sign on the dotted line and says, “Have a nice day.” I get a follow-up call and I also get updates on when my driver will arrive here. I am safe and sound with my vehicle at home with me or at the repair shop. Have a nice day.

With the company for 6 years, been paying the same premium on a perfect driving record. I cancelled and went somewhere else. They still took the money today when it's been cancelled for weeks. Now I'm waiting 2 weeks for them to send me my money back which doesn't make sense since they seen the cancelled notice.

I'm insure with AAA insurance company since 1999. I have a 2002 Sienna and 2008 Highlander and thanks God I have a clear record. But this coming year my insurance rate went up $460.00 only because this year I drove few more miles than last year. They have no consideration for anybody, even I have insure my house with them too.

When I first called to get a insurance's quote I was given a great price compared to others. Everything was done by phone and email. Never had to leave home. Insurance started immediately and always had good services with customer service when called.

During the last four months, I have consistently had problems paying my auto insurance bills. I'm sent a statement for so much but, when I go to pay this invoice amount, I find it is not correct and there is no way to pay the correct amount??? This is getting ridiculous! When are they going to get 'Sally to talk to James?' Who's coordinating this? They really have problems!!! You would think a large company like AAA/CSAA would have their 'act together!' Hope they see this as I'm sure, many customers are as 'upset' as I am.

My son was in an accident on 7-10-17 with an AAA insured. The adjuster is Theresa. I went and got the Police report and sent it to her because we needed a rental car. I thought this would expedite the claims process. The police report said her insured was at fault. Mind you there were 3 policemen at the scene. They did all the measuring and interviews. Theresa decided to ignore what the police report said and is going with what her insured said. Now I guess I'll have to get an attorney. This is so sad. I thought AAA was one of the more reputable companies. I have Liberty Mutual and they will decline their request for payment because they believe the police report. Don't use AAA.

I've always liked AAA. Strong and very caring company with great features and service. Very good, friendly and kind people. Service with a smile. They treat me as I am family. They have been there for me when I've needed them the most. They will do you right and always call right back. Never late. Lots and lots of people are very happy with this company. All my family used them for years. Glad I choose them. They are awesome. They fit my every need. Will continue to use and highly recommend to anyone.

I have been an AAA member since 2008 and did renew my membership too late in 2015. As a thank you for being a 7 year+ customer I had to start as a new member, but without the nice benefits from the new membership. They are not better than what I had before with Allstate, in the contrary, Allstate was more forgiving and understanding when it came to claims to (some other stories here to tell, why they let me pay full coverage for a fully paid car after three years, based upon a "fictitious" value).

They were very fast and efficient with claims. I have had no trouble with them at all. They have been friendly too. I find it easy to use their services. I love how quickly they respond! It has been great with this company. The Gold Plus program is even more helpful. I would definitely recommend them. It is valuable to have an AAA card. The prices are much cheaper than being left with a towing bill and other car problems on the side of the road. AAA has been very friendly and helpful. I do recommend them for I have had no problem with them during customer service.

Solid company. I liked the built in roadside assistance/AAA membership. It came in handy several times. The AAA discount was a nice bonus and I also liked the employee discount. I was an employee so signing up was fairly easy. However, my most recent company was not on AAA's list at all. It ended up being too expensive for me. I needed to save money so I had to switch carriers and get something more basic. But I would definitely consider them again in the future.

Not worth the time, money or worry. Allstate has better rates. I wish I would have reviewed Consumer Affairs regarding AAA prior to getting the insurance. If so many people are complaining about AAA and not happy with them...Insurance buyer BEWARE!! I will never go back to AAA.

I was driving on the Interstate 880 heading to a meeting. The car in front of me stopped really fast and I slammed on my brakes and I stopped. The car behind me rear ended me and hit me and push me into the other cars around. He caused a small scratch on my front end. However the whole rear end was totally destroyed. It's not my fault. I have not had an accident in over 30 years old coverage. AAA has still yet to fix my car in 4 months.

I had taken AAA for the roadside assistance and it helped me in getting my car to the service center free of cost. It also was a great help for me at that time because any towing company would ask minimum 100 bucks for that. I purchased the insurance online and I did it easily. AAA is a great company to connect with if we are able to get some more discounts.

I searched around online and found several different companies. The policy was advertised in an online ad after searching for insurance and I was able to buy this right online. I had a choice of several policies and coverage. The insurance was acquired conveniently and purchased over the internet. The policy met my basic needs and was flexible and could be change throughout the coverage period. However, the insurance representatives took a long time to answer any questions and I could barely get a live person on the line. Also, the insurance was expensive and had separate roadside assistance covered by another insurance carrier.

I wish I could give the company zero stars because after spending 1 1/2 hours on the phone just to get price quotes for car insurance it became ridiculous to say the least. After going through such scrutiny of answering questions that obviously the woman had on her end for researching, I began to feel like I was on trial. She eventually put me on hold after giving her my driver's license number and came back stating that she would have to raise the insurance quote due to the lack of me being a few months shy of ten years with my previous insurance company. She continued to argue with me that my former spouse was STILL on the policy even though I had the papers sitting in front of me. He does have HIS OWN policy with the same company but has not been on mine for over a year. Then she proceeded to split hairs on the day my 16 year old became insured with my current insurance company.

It was insane and as far I am concerned they will never receive my business when it comes to insurance, ever. This was a lesson to be learned. I have never had to go through such questions in my life and have never been cross examined like this by a "young, snotty girl" who thought she was being cute by trying to do a "gotcha" situation. It was as she was trying to find something on my son and/or myself and I had to plead my innocence as she had seen me guilty without any good reason. I typically don't waste my time complaining on sites but let this be fair warning to all. AAA will leave you frustrated and mentally fatigued after trying to get some simple quotes on car insurance. I only hope and pray that I am not sent a policy and bill like others have been duped on with this company. Never mind AAA, I will stick with Geico. Thank you.

The process of purchasing insurance was fairly easy because we have our homes insured with AAA. I also like the price of insurance with AAA and the quick service and response time for accidents and trip planning. Furthermore, I love that AAA has road service such as battery changes and flat tire repair. Overall, I'm satisfied with the service AAA representatives have provided. However I dislike the wait time when calling a representatives about a question or problem.

AAA Midlantic car insurance - I have been a loyal AAA car insurance member for over 3 years. I have always had a habit of paying my monthly bill online for the convenience. I recently received a renewal form from them that increased my coverage a few hundred dollars. I was upset at first, although I made the initial payment over a week prior to the due date for 75+ more than what was due.

I received a letter on the mail today stating my policy was cancelled due to "non-payment." Funny thing is, I knew AAA was infamous for this, so I made sure I wrote down the confirmation number and I also called my bank to verify that the money was taken out of my account 7 days before it was due. I have now been driving around for 2 weeks without car insurance. Seriously, AAA?! People have more important things to worry about than car insurance. My bill was overpaid and done before it was due, so I am completely taken back by this horrendous car insurance company that has never failed to screw me over! I will definitely be complaining about this terrible service. Stay away from AAA!

My car was flooded during high tide. Electrical issues. Got car fixed. They say they won't cover. I have had 1 conversation with the company at the beginning of process in November. Their denial letter was written before they received repair info. Was received from d by them. Worst insurance ever.

I was driving my mother-in-law’s car. She is insured under AAA and a car behind us decided to pass us up on our right side which is dirt. I was making a right turn with signal light on but the driver did not see our signal. She hit our right side. And me and my husband knew that this accident would be settled quickly or so we thought. AAA is blaming me completely for the accident even though I continue to tell them that she drove on the dirt. I explained to them detail by detail how the accident occurred and the other girl lied about the whole accident and made it look like I cut her off. They completely believe her story even though I have showed them countless pictures of the accident.

Lowanda is my adjuster. I feel that she is not even helping me because she right away blamed me and said I kept contradicting myself. When I called and asked to speak to supervisor, Timothy, he did not apologize for the way Lawanda was acting and took her side and said she has been a loyal worker and would not expect that from her. What happen to keeping the customers happy. My husband and I are telling my mother-in-law to switch to State Farm because AAA is very rude and do not care about your situations. Please do not get AAA.

Easy to enroll over the phone with good customer service. All insurance options and pricing explained. You can set up a recurring automatic payment plan using your credit card, which saves on the hassle of writing (and remembering to write) a check monthly.

I had a car accident and the response was wonderful! AAA has excellent customer service.

I am a consumer who is fed up with AAA Car Insurance. Getting the workaround is tiresome, so here is where I will vent. Share if you're tired of car insurance companies, and post your stories!

April 23, 2012 is when it all started. My lovely wife backed the car from a parking spot and dented the bumper against a curb. Minor damage. Since we had a $500 deductible, I wanted to fix it on our own dime. Instead, my wife called AAA, and 401 days later, we are still getting screwed over.

Concern: we didn't want the minor damage to affect our AAA Car Insurance rate. I told my wife to make sure that before we file a claim, it does not go on our California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record. We called AAA Car Insurance and talked to William **, a claims representative. William, or Bill for short, assured us multiple times that the claim would not be on our DMV record since the damage was minor. We called several times to remind him of our concern. He stated we would be fine.

We were not fine! In February 2013, we discovered our rate had increased. When we called AAA about the increase, they stated it was in part because of our April 23rd accident (AAA later said the rep was wrong; this response flip-flopped a couple of times). Ugh! Our request to AAA: take responsibility for your erroneous advisement and erase the accident off our DMV record and lower our rates. We escalated, got ignored, was told conflicting information, and still no resolution. On countless occasions, AAA addressed other issues and assured us this does not negatively affect our driving record and rates. They forgot to mention that it would affect our insurance rates if we decided to go with another insurance agency. In other words, IT DOES AFFECT US.

Here are some useful information every consumer should know:

1. Once you call AAA about a possible claim, a claim is automatically filed. This is regardless if you go through with your claim.
2. If an estimate is over $750, the California DMV requires by law that it is reported to them via an SR-1 form (something our AAA claims adjuster, Bill, should have told us).

3. Once reported to the California DMV, a mistake cannot be fixed. That's right: even if the estimate has been erroneously reported by an incompetent insurer, it cannot be changed. Erroneous murder conviction: yes. Your car insurance: no.

Next steps for us: We wait to see if #3 can be overturned. And we are waiting for a formal apology from California AAA. It's been 401 days since the incident and still no resolution.

Very easy claims processing, great customer service, helps you to make the filing easier and walks you through step by step. Couldn't ask for a better company. Thank you. Rating its coverage is as easy as making apple pie, slice it, mush it, bake it and eat it. Simple. Any two year old could understand this process. Value is an important thing to have. I have a couple of pennies saved up to pay bills but this is definitely worth every cent paid in. Customer service is the best in the entire whole wide world. I would highly recommend this company for everything it stands for. They changed a flat tire for me once.

This company charges more than other cut-rate insurance companies. I believe you get what you pay for. We have had to file two accident claims in the past two years. Both times AAA was helpful, insightful. They go out of their way to make things easy for you. We basically filed our claim and forgot about it. AAA handled everything and handled it all efficiently, quickly and thoroughly. I hear stories of people who have other insurance companies who have headaches when filing an accident claim. I will continue to use AAA based on my past experiences with them.

Over a week ago my tire popped after hitting a pot hole on an interstate. I called roadside assistance that comes with my car, which is AAA. After waiting for over an hour, around Midnight, someone pulled up in front of me on the brake down lane. I was told not to get out of my car. I had a few things inside my trunk and the guy moved my sports equipment on to the the back seat to get the new tire out. After he was done, and I was all set to drive, I waited until he left, since he was parked so close to me. He wasn't moving, so I decided to back up.

I backed up enough to realize that my bag with my laptop and hard drive was laying on the floor! I was angry and confused. I ran out to get it and the guy seeing me, yelled out "sorry about that"! And took off! I called back and complained about this and the person said that a manager will contact me about this issue. It's been almost 2 weeks and no one has contacted me, and I am unable to reach the "manager".

AAA builds customer loyalty. I appreciate AAA benefits, including towing and roadside assistance. However, the price is not always competitive with other auto insurances. Even so, I overall love AAA and will support them because they have saved my life multiple times with their services.

Always received mail to join AAA, so after some thought and 3 vehicles I decided to join and choose the Plus membership for $94.00 (to get more mileage for towing). Will NOT renew. They use contractors and do not communicate with a customer. First tech came out from KAM. What a disgusting, rude, disrespectful and unprofessional person. He was shaking his head as I told him I requested my car to be towed to my house. So what the battery is dead, why would have I waited to get a jump??? Duh, I know it’s more than the battery, so he just looked like he did not want to do the job. His whole demeanor said it all. I already was pissed from the call with the 2 agents as they do not explain why they ask so many questions. I just want my car towed to my house, can we get that done please?!? Don’t tell me how long I been a member blah. Are you able to assist me? That’s all.

Needless to say, the tech was just so ugh. I became uncomfortable and my gut feeling said, "Nope. Cancel!!!" I went home after waiting almost 2 and half hours. Why pay so much money for crappy tech and service??! An hour later I requested a tow and KAM company again accepted the call but a different guy came out. He was very very helpful, informative and telling me all what he was doing.

The first guy was a true **. He must NOT like his job. He even told me why he was doing it because I am a “woman" and women need to know that way there isn’t no misunderstandings. Very nice guy. But too bad. Next year for renewal forget AAA. I WILL NOT RENEW due to their sorry way of not communicating and poor service. Oh and I used TWO tows not one on that same day. Was I able to get it revised? Nope. Just money hungry company that do not value customers or understanding. I received no confirmation number on the call, no name of tech. No courtesy call to tell me he was in route or late. Nothing. Second guy, yes. He was very very nice.

I been member of AAA for over 20 years. I finally decided to purchase car and home insurance from them. I had the car insurance for a year. When it was time for renewal, they decided to increase my premium dramatically. I shopped for different insurance company and switched over. I called to notify them with the change. They told me to let it expire and I will be done. One month later they send me a bill for over $400 claiming they added services for my plan one month prior to renewal. I called them and told them I have never requested these added services and they never billed me for it. They insisted that since they added them I have to pay it even if not requested. They refuse to reverse. Horrible horrible company - stay away.

Basically AAA stole from me. I thought they were in business to help people and people even pay a fee every year for service and discounts. Well here in Medina county it is not the case. I paid them in advance for a tow thinking they have my back or are going to help but actually charged me $51 more for a tow than if I just called the tow company direct. It's a shame to pay for a service and be taken advantage of poor unsuspecting public. I'm going to contact the Better Business B.

I feel safe with AAA. Roadside assistance is amazing and usually arrives sooner than said, which is great. You can get phone calls or text messages and track where the tow truck is en route to you. Free towing is great to have because you never know when something happens to your car. They have treated me exceptionally well. I decided to try AAA because it is who my mother has her auto and homeowners insurance with. AAA just saved her $400 just on homeowners and saved her $100 on auto. When I got my own policy they gave me a great price. Sure one of these days maybe the prices will change. If its too high I can always shop around. But for now, I love AAA.

I have recently moved from Massachusetts to Texas. Before that I took AAA auto insurance. When I was moving from there I cancelled my policy. Now I got notice that I need to pay 272$. Why should I want to pay before moving only I cancelled policy. That AAA insurance dealer Peter ** he works in AAA insurance Burlington Ma. He said that "you don't need to do anything already, your insurance policy got cancelled. You don't have to do anything after that." Also I called him couple of times put voicemails also he didn't respond so I thought that my insurance policy got cancelled so I don't need do anything. Now I got notice that I need to pay 272$. Is this correct way? Please don't take insurance from half knowledge AAA dealers.

I was on the freeway on a turn and I struck a box that was on the freeway that I could not avoid because I had a jersey barrier on one side and cars on the other. Needless to say I had major front end damage. Unbeknownst to me the claim rep deemed me at fault. I have been trying to get an explanation from the claims rep but he doesn’t return phone calls. Instead he had another claims rep call me and she told me that I would need to talk to the original claims rep. It’s been over three months now. I was never rude to them. Nobody seems to care at AAA.