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I have had AAA coverage for as long as I can remember; probably 50 years at least. I did not become a homeowner until 2010. The coverage is almost identical to the coverage I had, but at a lower cost. In addition to lower cost and a trusted name in the industry, there is the AAA assurance for roadside assistance if needed. I also get a discount for bundling auto with homeowner's insurance, and the standard benefits that comes with auto insurance such as assistance with travel plans and other perks I forget at the present time. I'm glad to have the opportunity to use AAA as an insurer.

I have had this insurance for about 15 years. I have had nothing but helpfulness with AAA and continue to use them for my home and auto policies. I had to wait until I was 19 to get AAA for my auto and of course I had to use them when I bought my first house. I think the rates may be higher but the customer service is great and I like the fact that they have offices nationwide that I can visit if I need anything. I have called them many times and even filed claims that were handled quick and easy.

I sold my house July 15 2015, Have had my insurance for years with AAA, my homeowners was paid through my escrow account from Wells Fargo. I have contacted them, had letters sent to AAA, text messages with attachments from the mortgage company proving my insurance was paid up. And AAA, has ruined my credit with a report saying I owe them $632.00. Crazy. Again last month I spent 1.5 hours on the phone to get to the right department in Nebraska, the guy on the phone promised me he would handle this and get it cleared up.

Wells Fargo again sent me all the documentation, this is the third time. And again I forwarded it to AAA. Someone keeps dropping the ball and losing my documents. It clearly states my escrow account payments and that I did not owe. When I sold my house I sent this documentation with a letter from Wells Fargo stating I was paid in full. I can't seem to get anyone to answer the phone, or return my calls. I told them I was going to drive up to Nebraska and take them to lunch to explain if needed to, like people used to handle a problem...

DO NOT HIRE, this guy took 2 days to install an air conditioner at my house, where it only took 4 hours for a professional. He was not able to get the unit in the attic or the outside unit on the concrete block and required my help to do it. In doing so, he set the AC down in my house and scratched the wood floors and damaged a picture.

While I was helping him get it into the attic, he was complaining that he was "in the wrong business." He asked me several times which unit he was installing, the upstairs or downstairs. 1 day later the unit has begun to leak in my attic OUTSIDE the drain pan. There was over 7 gallons of water in the drain pan as well. When I turned the unit off water poured out of the side of the unit at least a pint or two. The whole thing was a circus. He arrived late, with 1/2 the AC unit and had to drive an hour back to get the other. At 8 pm he told me that he "had to be honest, that he was beat." I explained that I had another crew coming in the morning, lucky me I had two units go out at the same time... and he needed to complete the work that evening, which he couldn't because he forgot, or ran out of oxygen to light his torch.

BEWARE, this is not a professional, and I doubt at this point that he is certified. Ridiculous and a waste of my time. In total he spent 11:30-10 pm (with one other guy and some of my help, and Friday and 9:30-4 pm on. So ~25 hrs in what Barton AC did in 4!!! Swearing, pleading his case, excuses and using my tools. Unbelievable. Hire someone else.

I've always had an actual insurance agent. That said, a family friend signed me up with AAA when I was searching for new insurance options. Unfortunately, she is no longer with the company and their customer service department does Not answer questions regarding your policy. So, here I am with a question, regarding my policy that I pay dearly for - and my only option to get an Answer was to file a claim. If you never call your insurance company, this is the company for you. Should you need any question answered regarding coverage, what Your Policy does and does not cover, as well as what would not be covered, you are hit with a claim against the company for Asking a Question. If I could, I would give them Zero stars!

I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH AAA. I WAS DISPLACED DUE TO A FIRE IN MY RENTED HOME. I lost everything and I had a mother daughter residence. When I called AAA the day of fire and displacement they assured me I would have some funds allocated to my account. It was a Friday and a Holiday weekend. The money never appeared. We Sat broke in our hotel room Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues. On Wed I went to bank. It was confirmed that AAA put my funds in someone else's account. Next I had to find temporary housing. After a local co. failed and had poor service assistance we found a 3 bedroom place on my own. When I called AAA to notify them the claims specialist handling my case was away on vacation for a week and he had no coverage!

Week 2 at hotel at 1800 plus dollars a week that sent me too. Week 3 begins at the hotel and still no results. I had a home with a sunporch and 2 floors of bedrooms and living space. I had a basement with a washer and dryer. I will not be told where I have to live and how I have to spend the next 6 months of my life. I am extremely disappointed with AAA and how they don't handle claims properly. There is no accounting for their lax attitudes and work ethics towards their customers. We are 4 people displaced. I am sickened and disgusted that I am being treated as non emergent. I paid my insurance faithfully as they expected. I am in need now due to fire and being displeased. I EXPECT THE SAME!

I have a good relationship with my representative at AAA. I've only had to make a claim once, when lightning damaged some valuable computer equipment, but I was really pleased with the service. Steve handled my claim in a timely manner, knowing that I depend on my computer for my living. He came out to the house and took the time to reassure me that everything would be ok. He didn't just do his job and leave. I'm so glad my late husband used AAA. It's why I'm with them today, and will never leave.

I had a toilet overflow which created considerable damage to the floor, walls and garage ceiling. AAA sent an adjuster from Alamo claim svc. who quoted $5,000 in damages. Since I have a deductible of $1,000 I expected a check for $4,000. Instead AAA sent a check for 2,800 which does not cover the quotes for repairs to my house. AAA is the worst homeowner's insurance ever!! I am so disgusted with their horrid service that I will most likely cancel my car insurance also.. I have been a member for 28 years.

If I could give AAA of Southern California 0 stars I would. As a consumer, I have never been treated with as much disrespect as I was today by the Insurance Branch Manager **. From the get go, my Husband and I were treated like scum. He was abrupt, smug and unwilling to hear us out. In a nutshell, due to the incompetence and lack of follow through of our Insurance Agent **, our auto and renters policy had been canceled by no fault of our own. I even went into the office when the original issue occurred in October of 2012 to have all of our policies reinstated. Less than a month later the policy (unbeknownst to us) was canceled again as ** failed to file the appropriate form with the underwriter to reinstate the renters policy.

Fast forward to 11/2014 we had a flood with a loss and called to file a claim at which time we were told that we did not have a renters policy effective October 2012. Furthermore, I have correspondence in July 2013 to ** indicating that we have moved to a new address and that I would like to have my address and RENTERS POLICY updated to the new house. An email was received in August 2013, after I had to contact her again wanting to know if the changes had been made and at no time did she mention that I no longer had a current renters policy. Had I been made aware of the situation in 2013 more than a year before my claim in November of 2014, I certainly would have taken the steps to resolve the matter and have the policy reinstated. No communication was made on their behalf to alert me to the issue.

This is only one of the issues that I have encountered while with AAA Insurance. My policies have been canceled on a number of occasions without explanation and without any wrong doing from myself or my Husband. We purchased a new vehicle in October 2013 and it took ** until March of 2014 to properly add my new vehicle to my policy. I HAVE DOCUMENTATION, my financing company went so far as to threaten to invalidate my loan if it was not resolved.... Again I had to contact her to ensure this was taken care of. I have stacks of email correspondence with time and date stamp to support this evidence. I was with Geico for 6 years and I never ONCE had to email them for anything, my policies were always correct and in force.

Please before you give them any of your hard earned money, think again, is the savings really worth the hassle? Shame on you AAA, shame on you ** and **. By the way our conversation was recorded and I have the Branch Manager blatantly tell my Husband that he will do NOTHING for us. I am sure your prospective customers would be delighted to hear how you will go to bat for them when you have a heavily documented case PROVING errors, lack of follow through, poor customer service, and incompetence and excuse after excuse. Feel free to contact me as I would be happy to share the recording as well as my printed documentation.

I found out while trying to get a proof of insurance card to send the DMV that AAA had decided not to cover me anymore. I don't yet know why. It seems to have happened around the same time I cancelled my renter's insurance with them, due to poor customer service. I guess that since things were bundled they just dumped both. I had assumed they would just charge me the premium difference, but apparently not. Absolutely no communication, and now I learn we've been uninsured six months or so. I'd check online, but their website is so archaic that it wouldn't do any good. A few years ago I got in a wreck and they were fine, but there's no excuse for this kind of reckless and possibly illegal activity.

Signed up for AAA Homeowners insurance. Later started an in ground pool project with county work permit in place. AAA gave me 2 weeks to "have water in the pool or they would cancel the policy." (Very unrealistic requirement under the circumstances.) As deadline approached - they wanted a picture of water going into the pool. I sent them one. Then at 5 min to close of business, they said they wanted a picture of the pool full (it was filling). The next business day I get a call from my MTG company saying my policy is no longer in effect. TO HELL WITH AAA, I will now cx my AAA car insurance and cx my motor club as well. I have 4 kids, who will NEVER do business with AAA and as I can influence the next gen after that, I will too.

I've always done business with AAA Homeowners Insurance for years. I chose them for their best reputation and they are consistent. My family had them and it is good to do business with them. They are great with their clients. Doesn't make you feel like a number. I got most attention from them, and all my questions got answered. They care about customers and keeping them happy. They keep prices good and want to retain clients, they have worked close with me. I wouldn't change companies.

AAA is the company my parents always used and had good things to say about it. So it was just easy to know who I would pick as a company when I needed to. They are always easy to get a hold of and when speaking with the representative they understand what you are going through. They work quickly to solve problems. They are very good at what they do. Settles claims fast.

Fast service, dependable, representatives are very knowledgeable, reasonable rates, always ready to help in an emergency! They had the best policy for motor home coverage and I always have been very satisfied with the company!

We had a flood in our home due to a faulty toilet on a Saturday. At first, we could not get in contact with anyone. Then, I finally found a # to call & the person gave little info & said someone would get back to me. I called on Monday & got through to someone who said the person on Saturday should have called him. I had an adjuster at our home by Tuesday. Adjuster took 3 weeks to get his report in. My case manager, Patricia, made sure all of my questions were answered. We ended up having a public adjuster help us to facilitate getting the funds to make repairs & replace damaged items. Patricia was very good with her communication & got checks right out to us after they went through the insurance adjuster's approval. He must have had a lot of work because it seemed like all delays on the insurance end went back to him.

We have only been with AAA for a year, but after our experience with them for this unfortunate accident, I would have to say that we are really happy with not only our rates, but the services we received. This is not a complaint. Under the circumstances, we feel very fortunate about the way we were treated by AAA of South Florida.

I have Homeowners insurance with AAA for more than 15 years. During that time I have less than $2,000 in claim last year and now they increased my premium from $1075 to $1796 - that is more than 67% increase in one year alone. This is really taking advantage of small people who do the right thing by keeping insurance for so many years with the same company.

AAA was really helpful finding builders for us. They were on top and called to check of the claim and everything was covered. However the waiting for the assessment from the person that came to see the property was too long. The company had to send someone from out of state. They should have an office here. We had many questions and wanted to see the person eye to eye. The person we bought the house from had AAA. But I would have love to check more. It is very complicated to change after 5 years but we are planning to. They are good but didn't feel as they know the area as we wished.

AAA is such a wonderful company to work with. They are easy to do business with and the claims process is the best from any company I have used in the past. They are also very competitive with their rates and they have discounts that I can get for being a policyholder.

We swiched to AAA for auto & homeowner's. We were very pleased. Until we got a cancellation notice because they didn't come to take photos. I immediately contacted my agent & she assured me she would take care of things asap. The policy is scheduled to cancel in 4 days & she is yet to follow up with me & the issue is still not cleared up. I am very disappointed to say the least.

The house that I just brought had new water damage inside and out after I moved in. AAA said it would not cover attorney’s fees or represent me in recovering my lost because they felt the prior owners were to blame. After an expensive trail, the court noted that only $30,000.00 for a law suit where I was sued for encroachment. The cost for attorney fees and repairs are in bankruptcy court and no further auction can take place until the bankruptcy has been settled. In the mean time I'm unable to pay over $44,000 in attorney expenses. Thus, I have no one acting on my behalf. AAA failed to cover me for the damage or for recovery of expenses. I have no more money to proceed due to their failure to cover me for this fraud. The prior owners were found guilty of fraud, breach of contract and misrepresentation.

We had AAA Insurance for 3 years. We had 2 losses caused by small plumbing leaks. One caused by my neighbor's plumbing. BAM. Not renewed. After the first loss I called the adjuster and told them I thought they had us written the policy incorrectly. They wrote us as a Dwelling and not a townhome/Condo. They said that the adjusters had been out to the home...which they had, and had seen no problem. They told me not to worry. When we applied for an umbrella policy we were denied. I called to ask why and was told that it would be silly to issue an umbrella on a policy that would not be renewed. I was shocked.

Never had this happen before. I then asked if they would continue coverage if we re-piped the entire home. They told me they would. I took that with a BIG grain of salt. Last Friday I received a call telling me that my policy would not be renewed, even if re-piped. One of the reasons given was that the policy had been improperly written. HA! Don't worry. Famous last words. Suddenly the friendly AAA agents were no longer helpful or returning my calls. VERY poor performance. Their motto "At AAA we're with you" should be followed by "As long as it's convenient".

Had my auto/homeowners insurance at "like a good neighbor", which was great. I had an at fault accident and consequently my rates went up, leading me to check around. AAA in Glendora Ca seemed fitting especially being a member of 30 years. So I/we had a meeting where my emphasis was to be clear and disclose everything accurately. I made it clear I wanted the correct information about me to be considered. The agent didn't seem to get it. He kept throwing in discounts which I don't want or should have. I'm not married, I don't smoke, I'm not retired. Whatever. Everything would get more reasonable if I get auto and homeowners insurance so I did. So now nearly two months in I get a letter terminating my homeowners policy. They say I'm in a brush fire is area, near a slope or hillside, and that a burglar alarm had inadvertently been applied. So guess what happens to my auto insurance rates.

My husband and I have been covered by AAA for 20 for both our home and cars. My husband passed away in February so I sold his car. I called AAA to take his car off the policy. I told the agent on the phone that he passed but she did not remove him from the policy. So I made a trip to the local office and removed him from our policy altogether. Last week I received my annual renewal for homeowners and they increased my coverage limits by 2.69%, my premium was increased by 45%. It was described as a premium surcharge. I am outraged and will be looking for new home and car insurance tomorrow.

In 2010 we filed a roof claim with a 1% deductible, replaced our roof and then received our replacement cost depreciation. In 2016 we had another hail storm and filed a claim. The inspecting adjuster made a comment about our high deductible which made me take a closer look at my Dec sheet of my policy. Lo and behold the Wind and Hail deductible had been increased to 3% without my knowledge! A customer driven company would not make such a material change so detrimental to a policyholder without formal notification and in an extreme case such as this require written conformation or sign off. They certainly notify me in writing when my premium is increased.

We contacted their customer service and were told that AAA made the change on their own. Now here is the real kicker! They based the change in our Wind and Hail deductible based on having an old (1996) roof despite replacing our roof just six years prior. Seems their claims department and underwriting units do not consider it a fiduciary responsibility to their policyholders to check these facts or notify us of material changes in the policy. We should have been given the chance to decline, accept or negotiate otherwise. We were then told in writing that since their change in our deductible was made on false information that our deductible would be corrected back to 1% retroactively. However after several conversations that underwriting was reviewing (should have done that before raising our deductible), we were then told our deductible would be 3%! This is not acceptable.

I have both auto and property. Plus I did an umbrella policy cause I got a great deal. This makes it far easier to manage and stay in touch. The convenience is paramount in to shopping around for policies. I wish it were cheaper though. Insurance has been going up every year at a record pace. This is not fair but they are all doing it. I shopped around and the prices are out of control. AAA was not the cheapest but I liked the fact that I could put everything together. Every company should do this and lower their prices since you are getting 2 or 3 prices.

They help you all they can and make sure that you have all you need for your home to cover you. I get all I need and they do it all right. I also get really good rates and if I need to know something they are there for me with all I need to know. However, I wish that the deductible was lower when you need to use this because it's really high. Still, they do the best overall.

I called AAA after noticing the barn roof had caved in after the ice storms a couple of years ago. Not being sure if it was covered, I had the agent come and check it out. After checking the barn, she proceeded to get on top of the polebarn (I never asked her to check that roof). I had a water leak in the basement and asked if it was worth claiming. After checking that out, she said the roof was not covered but the basement leak was.

AAA sent out a crew called Professional Restoration Services who boxed everything up and took it to a warehouse stating that they would clean everything and bring it back. Months later, everything came back boxed up. I didn't open the boxes for months until I was looking for something. Unbelievably, they had placed everything in boxes and brought it back literally the same way... Nothing was ever cleaned. On top of that, they tracked black basement water all over my breezeway after I just had it cleaned. I had to pay out of pocket to have it steam cleaned again.

Then to make matters worse, I got a letter saying AAA was excluding both my barn and pole barn from my policy because of bad roofs. AAA had me go through the hassle of figuring out the value of everything and putting what year it was purchased... Only to say everything was worth 50% of the value I had listed. They paid me 2,870.00 and Professional Restoration Services over 5,000.00 just to box up my stuff and return it dirty. Nothing was ever done to clean the basement nor breezeway floors. For this only time that I ever made a homeowners claim, my insurance is significantly higher and now it is difficult to change insurances because of the one claim.

My auto insurance has been just as bad with AAA. I have gotten nowhere when I have complained. After the agent called me introducing herself and stating she was here to help me, my insurance was once again jacked up because I mentioned that my son was in the army. She asked if he stays with me when he comes home. She then put him on my insurance even though he has his own. She stated "that is the law."

Now my auto insurance is also 400.00 higher than it was. I am extremely disgusted with AAA and would never recommend them to anyone. Their practices are underhanded and definitely not pro consumer. I plan on complaining to the Better Business Bureau and anyone else to prevent other consumers from having the same bad experiences as I have had with them.

Have had AAA homeowners insurance since 1995 with a $500 deductible policy. They have, of course, increased my premiums on the dot yearly. I made one claim for a fallen fence during a heavy windstorm. AAA refused the claim saying that the fence was old due to wear and tear. Fast forward 15 years. I had old clay pipes that were being broken by tree roots. The result was flooding and backing up of water into the basement and shower drain during heavy rainstorms. I made a claim for AAA to repair the pipes. They refused my claim citing that it was the homeowner's responsibility to repair! So I do not recommend AAA as their policy is worthless if they refuse each claim a homeowner makes. If everything is the homeowner's responsibility, why bother to have a policy with AAA then?

I transferred to AAA Home and Auto after another 'routine' premium increase with my prior agent. After 2 months, I get a letter in the mail stating AAA was canceling my homeowners (in less than 1 month from receipt of the letter) d/t evidence of woodstove in exterior inspection. I never received a phone call or prior indication that they were going to cancel or needed clarification on whether or not I had a woodstove. I don't have a woodstove but I shopped around and found another agent.

When AAA issued my refund, since the mortgage company pays out for one year in advance, my refund was $55 short d/t an added expense for short-term policies. It doesn't seem to matter to them that they canceled me and it was not my choice to be short term. When I contacted AAA, I was also informed that my auto insurance is going to increase because it is no longer bundled and if I cancel auto there will be another early termination fee for that as well. I strongly encourage people to find their insurance elsewhere.

I have been with AAA for over 20 years, I have made 3 automobile claims and 1 homeowners claim. Up to this point I have been extremely satisfied with the entire claims process. 8 years ago I had a new roof put on after a hail storm. The deductible at that time was 1,000.00 which compared to a new roof at 8500.00 I was more than satisfied. On Monday March 6th 2017 we had strong storms come thru, spawning several tornados in the area. I was more fortunate than many, I only lost one tree and a 10 by 15 foot are of shingles.

I called AAA to file a claim, I was informed at that time the deductible had increased from the 1,000 to 1 percent of the value I have my home insured for. AAA currently has my home insured for 462,000, meaning my deductible is now 4,620.00 dollars over half the cost of a new roof. In the 20 years I have been with AAA I have watched my premiums more than double, which I accepted because of the great care I had received in the past. When I asked about the deductible increase I was told that it would have been in my annual statement back in 2015. I'm extremely disappointed that my agent Mike ** did not even have the courage to call and let me know in person. After this I will be looking for another insurance company that is for sure. What is even more upsetting is the fact I was told that it could take up to 22 business days to get an adjuster out to look at the damage, leaving my home open to the elements. Are you freaking kidding me.

I just found out my home insurance company raise my payment. So I call them and the guy told me that my house value to rebuild my house went up and he can't help me. Not satisfied with his answer. So I call the supervisor and she said the reasons my insurance went up coz of fire and some other people's claims and since they're losing money they're taking it to the people that never have a claim. So in other words we're paying for somebody else's mistake eh! Wow. By the way the office is in Bakersfield California. Just letting everyone to look at their bills.

We chose this homeowners insurance company for the inside of our house since I have AAA for my car. They have always done good with their roadside assistance. I thought I would give it a chance to see how they would do with house insurance. We have had one claim in the 12 years of owning our house and they were fantastic dealing with our claim. The insurance company could have dealt with our claim a little quicker than it did but it still dealt with the claim in a relatively reasonable amount of time.

Don't be fooled by AAA low cost and talk about getting a percentage back at the end of the year. All of this is a fluff and a selling point to take your money. We decided to switch to a more affordable car and home owners insurance company and boy did we get screwed. AAA quoted us a fair decent price so we coughed up the money to get started with them. After taking our money they sent over an inspector to inspect our house and what do you know, our house don't qualify so they cancelled us. Not only did they not keep they money we paid up front and said because we are covered for 30 days, they charged us a $261 cancellation fee as well. This was not explain in the beginning.

AAA was the best price we could find, and our car insurance, home and property insurance is all covered under the same insurance. However, it doesn't cover what I thought it would and there are hoops to jump through to get things covered like plumbing on your front yard. I wasn't sure if it would cover the pipes close to the street or just right under the house or did they need to be in the house and what about flooding. Nevertheless, AAA covers a lot for a good price and has a low deductible and good customer service.

We've had AAA for about 15 years. They used to be a very good company. They have gone way downhill. We had two huge trees fall on and destroy our 30x31x12 garage. The adjuster was a jerk, impatient and argumentative. We purchased replacement value insurance and apparently our agent screwed up and didn't tell us it had a cap on detached buildings. Naturally we were upset. We wouldn't get even a third of the replacement costs. He kept defending the agent by telling us we did have replacement coverage. Frankly I think it should be illegal to sell insurance as replacement value when it replaces nothing... very deceiving. The policy had an exclusion for "out buildings" so our 30x36x12 garage was given the same consideration as an outdoor biffy. He argued every little thing when we lost everything and was rude about it. So deceived and disgusted.

I've been a member with AAA since 1986. I have had multiple vehicles insured with them, life insurance, and 13 years of homeowners insurance coverage. In all the time we have had insurance with them we never have filed a claim. This year after all the wildfires in California, AAA sends us a letter wanting an inspector to come take new photos inside & out - mandatory so they can renew our policy, I called & told them we had no changes to our property and my husband and I are disabled & that they already took pictures when we bought the house and we didn't want anybody in the house. Elvis the underwriter said it was just structural pictures when I explained it was Still Christmas. We had a lot of boxes out and in our garage & our house was still a mess from the Holidays. Elvis said no problem. It is only for structural pictures.

We felt uncomfortable having them take pictures inside our home. It's invasive but reluctantly agreed since we are 1 month to renewal. Lady came. Took pictures of everything, mentioned how nice the house is then left. 2 weeks later I receive a call from AAA we are being cancelled. The lady said Reason was water heater not strapped, boxes were in the way, etc. She really couldn't give me a solid reason why and no time to fix it just cancelling. If we want she says we can call the phone numbers they send us on the notice of nonrenewal to call, I asked if they are connected to AAA. She said yes so they will give me higher rate insurance calling us high risk! We feel betrayed by AAA. They have become a scam for money only. NEVER GO WITH AAA. They do not value their long time customers & After reading the reviews I am certainly not alone! We are now trying to find an honest insurance company.

I have been with AAA since 1992 for home, auto, and earthquake. Recently filed a claim for a roof leak after major rainstorms in Northern California. After many weeks and inspections, AAA is not covering the damage apparently because the construction is defective. Now I got a letter from them stating that if I did not fix the defect, they would not entertain future claims. Can you believe that? This is a complete SCAM.

I've been with AAA for decades. Had a storm claim and thought I had replacement coverage but found out replacement doesn't mean replacement. Windstorm roof damage 6500.00 damages, they paid less than a 1/3 and said if I paid balance, afterwards when job complete they would evaluate the job and decide if they would pay balance. Problem is I don't have funds to pay balance to get job paid for, (that's why I pay insurance in the event I can't make unexpected repairs). They suck. Roof still not repaired and time expired to make follow up claim. I also found same coverage for a 1/3 of what they were getting. Can't believe they had to treat me the way they did. STAY AWAY FROM AAA!!!

My home has been assessed at over 1000 square feet, which is larger than its true size. After multiple attempts to have the square footage adjusted, the only answer I've been given is to pay for a profit-based firm that works on behalf of AAA's interest to charge me more to come out and mis-use their calculator for AAA's benefit. I've had a state-licensed general contractor, the city's tax assessor, and the city's assessor appraisal; but I was told that they were wrong, even though they both went from the blueprints of the home and the city assessor is a government firm. 2200 square feet is a long way away from 3500 square feet. And I find it odd that the government would allow such deceptive practices to go on in the state.

My next contact will be the department of consumer protection. This has been going on for more than a year. Recently, I also had a tree limb fall during a storm, and damage a recreational vehicle on my property, which they claim should be covered by other insurance. It's a terrible company. Believe me if this happened to me, how many others are misled?

AAA Homeowners Insurance was the least expensive policy with the coverage we need. The other coverages missed key features or charged much extra for some coverages we need. AAA is easy to contact and the policy papers are easy to read. The agent is available 24/7 for claims and questions. But I would make their online application and smartphone app more user friendly. It is a wonder they are still in business. I would not suggest them to friends, family or co-workers.

It's cheaper than other insurance. I never had a problem with the insurance as well. The insurance people are also nice and never rude. They will work with you and the family.

I wrote a letter to my agent at AAA and he worked to escalate the issue with my claim being denied. An adjuster was sent out to record everything and my claim was approved. While the entire situation has been stressful, I am glad I was able to work everything out with AAA and that they were willing to work with me in the end.

Our friend was traveling in Vietnam when the water pipe in her Sacramento, CA home burst due to the cold. Her house was flooded. Her AAA Homeowner Policy Agent was quick to process the initial claim actions to clean up the mess, empty the entire house of furniture and appliances, remove the damaged roof portions, then dry out and cut the walls of her home to determine the extent of damage done by the water. A company assigned by AAA performed the previously mentioned work quickly and satisfactorily. However, the company AAA designated to repair the home was taking an inordinate amount of time to start their work. When they finally commenced this construction, they installed a shower wall that was very inexpensive and flimsy. Our friend decided to cancel the contract and find her own company to perform the reconstruction. The construction company furnished AAA with the estimate for repairs, and a AAA Estimator would validate the estimate.

The AAA Claim representative told us the woman who performed this function was on vacation and would return within a week. After the woman returned, there was a simple matter of her approving the construction estimate and paying the construction company for the work completed. She would then arrange to issue a separate check to our friend for the balance of the claim amount. It has been over a MONTH since the woman returned from vacation, and no check has been issued! When we called to obtain the status of this check issuance, we were continuously told it will be completed "by the end of the week". It has been FOUR "End of the weeks", and tomorrow (05/02/14) will be the fifth week. Meanwhile, this poor woman is living with us and not in her home. This type of customer service is not indicative of a company with the repute of AAA. I would hope they understand that people pay them for service, not vacations or excuses that delay their rightful claim proceeds.

I like to be getting myself a new policy for about $50 less than what I am paying every month. AAA was a lot better and cheaper and I have found it for myself. It was a great experience.

We shopped around for various insurance agencies online and in person. AAA seemed to offer the best type of mortgage insurance that fit our needs for value, cost and protection. Anything happens to the home by fire, water damage, earthquake, damage of all property items, the home plus items list in the home will be replaced at full replacement value along with the home as well. I and my wife like the insurance that we presently have, without purchasing additional insure that is not needed or useful in covering our home value along with the property.

I’m 52 years old and well educated so this is not some random rant.

In 2012 my town was hit with torrential rains for a week straight and my basement flooded out of the sump pump pit effectively wiping out 5 rooms (4 of which were finished including my home office). I called AAA immediately to file a claim and was quoted the following mumbo jumbo... "Water coming down is not the same as water coming up", meaning they don't insure the house for rain-caused flood damage. I had to take the entire amount on the chin and paid for the water reclamation out of my own pocket. I have since moved but kept the house as future rental property.

The day after Thanksgiving 2015 the power failed at the very same house during a large rain storm and kicked the breaker which ran the sump pump causing it to stay off when the power came back on. The result was that the basement flooded yet again. This time the water was left standing for several days (we were away and didn't know). I again called again AAA and this time was told, in reverse of the last flood condition that "water coming up is not the same as water coming down" and they wouldn't cover anything because I never asked to have the sump pump covered. I was again rejected by AAA and now again have to cover the total costs out of my own pocket. So far I'm in the hole approx. $4000 and another $10-12 coming to remodel the entire basement due to drywall being saturated in all 5 rooms.

Apparently AAA doesn't cover water damage whether is comes up or down or however Mother Nature decides to deliver it to your home. I've also never heard of an insurance company requiring you to list 'unknown riders' to your policy in case something happens.

There are two problems here: 1) AAA has no documentation that lists SUMP PUMP, only the words 'sump overflow'. The word 'pump' is not printed ANYWHERE in their coverage literature so how was I supposed to know to specifically ask for the word PUMP to be added to a supposedly whole-house policy?? And 2) The pump itself is just another utility that plugs directly into the wall socket like any other appliance in the house such as the stove or fridge, both of which are covered if the power goes out due to a storm which terminates electricity from the house.

I should be ashamed for leaving Nationwide insurance after 18 years to go with AAA. Now I know why AAA was cheaper.

Been with AAA Homeowners Insurance since 2007. Recently had 2 claims and they decided to cancel my coverage. What a JOKE! Isn't that why we all have insurance? I didn't know we had to pay for a policy but couldn't claim on it.

Spoke to AAA agent to ask about a home insurance quote, she stated combined would be better. We went over pricing, she stated they only needed to take a few pictures of the house to complete it. First attempt at the picture taking, their man came greeted my father, returned to his car and told agent we had not opened the door. 2nd time he cancel and on 3rd time, he invaded our privacy going into closets.

Got insurance papers, then two days later a cancellation letter stating house was been remodel and that the conversion of the garage was illegal. Since neither of these two things was true, I called their agent, left message and never heard from her. Called main line and was on hold for 20 min before I hung up. Wrote letter requesting proof no response, 2nd letter and was told it would be forwarded for investigation but no proof sent. Spoke to another agent. After been on hold for 55 min was given a mix-up reasons as she did not know what to say either.

AAA homeowners insurance disaster experience, Oct 8, 2016, low-quality service, lies, phone dodging, delayed services. Avoid this company, no value, the lowest quality service, liars, punks, etc, feces eating weasels, failure to respond in a timely manner, nonpayment of policy clauses. After natural disaster took so-called adjuster over 30 days to view damage, claims we need to replace all windows before they will pay claim (one was broken). Have given us 2 weeks to rectify damages (without compensation) or they will cancel policy. They are no good, not one of them, phone lines were destroyed. So called claims adjuster (Grace in Oklahoma) said she could not contact us (she was given cell phone number), family was living in hotel room. These people are running a scam, no good. ADIOS pedejo AAA.

My toilet hose on my toilet busted Fri. 2 am 2/10/18. I went to my agent office 9:30a after they opened. She wasn't present. I went to purchase a wet vacuum thinking I'll suck up most the water til Mon. They open due to I wasn't able to find anywhere online a 1800 number to call online. I did get a card but still thought it all opens in a weekday. I was assigned a agent out of St. Louis. A Rachel ** who then talked to a contractor whom card from C-1 Inc that was at my house. I called them Saturday after I left triple A. They said they could come today Mon.

I was recommended him. He told her all my damages and his services. He could do it today. She told him not to touch anything they go thru only and recommended SERVPRO. Said a adjuster was 3 hours away in which I asked the man when I called it in, "Will I have one local?" He said yes. That was a lie. He is 3 hours away. She said, "And don't touch nothing till he gets here." My contractor got mad and left. So did she say I can't get who I wanted? She talked to him, listened to all he can do, called back, told him do not touch anything. Didn't want anything tampered with till the adjuster gets there then call another business.

She then sent SERVPRO guy out not to do a estimate but to call her back as proof. He said that it was as I said then he normally charge 250 to come out that she said she will pay him just to come see. No adjuster heard from yet??? In the freaking meanwhile my brand new carpet and bedroom sets etc. clothes and shoes got wet. Still sitting on wet padding under wet carpet. Wall siding swelling, hardwood have water lifts and carpet buckling. Why in the did I change home insurance. They trust I pay on time but this service ran out of town on someone else judgment. I GUESS SHE THOUGHT I WAS LYING. WOW.

I am a first time home owner and there is a certain amount of stress involved with that. I moved into my home on the 16th of the month. On the 23rd, I received a letter from AAA's underwriting department. The letter was dated the 2nd of the month. The letter stated that their inspector had visited my home and determined that the roof was in very bad shape and had outlived its useful like and needed to be replaced immediately. They gave me until the 6th of the following month to replace it or have my policy cancelled. They did not say it need to be repaired. They insisted on complete replacement.

I was shocked because the roof had been inspected, and there was a separate chimney inspection and the mortgage company's appraisers had been out and nobody had noted any problem with the roof. I called AAA's underwriting department (as instructed in the letter). I had to leave a voice message. They never returned my call. I arranged to have a roof repair company come out and inspect my roof. They said it was "in great shape" but they did note that there was a shingle missing and if I had that replaced they would certify my roof. They said it had at least 10 years left in it.

I forwarded the report to my agent at AAA and he told me that if I got the shingle replaced before the 6th, they would not cancel my policy. I told him that they had obviously made a mistake about the condition of my roof in the first place and that they should be rescinding the cancellation order based on the roof report. It went back to underwriting and they said that they would give me 2 months to have the shingle replaced and if it wasn't replaced in that time period, they would cancel my policy. 1 SHINGLE. The shingle will be replaced this week. The insurance will be cancelled (by me) on the 1st of the month.

I have had AAA insurance since 2007 (going on 7 years). I have never had a homeowner's claim (home owner since 2000), and the last time I had an auto claim was in 1999 (Allstate at the time). I insure 4 automobiles, a auto trailer, 2 jet skis, 2 boats and my house with AAA. A month ago, I found out my dishwasher was leaking at the drain. It appeared to have been happening for about 1 month, but I called in my claim the day I found the leak. I now have 3 estimates from licensed contractors stating my replacement cost is $14,400 to $14,900. All 3 estimates are in the same price range.

AAA sends me a quote, using some program that estimates cost. The amounts of the estimate are not even close to realistic. Such as dry wall repair - $25.00. I have 20 feet by 1 foot of drywall to patch. To bring a drywaller out, it will be well over $25.00!! AAA first estimated $8800, and then $8900. I have priced cabinets for this replacement job and it is well over $6500 just for cabinets!!! I am ready to take legal action! I have not been out of a kitchen for 4 weeks! No sink, no dishwasher, no counter tops, no cabinets and my sub floor is black! Do not use AAA!!! They might save you $100 a year, but when you make a claim, AAA won't pay!!!

Over the years I have tried a few different homeowner insurance companies. They all seem to be about the same, just offering different incentives to get the consumer to go with their company. So since I have AAA for my auto insurance, I decided to combine all of my insurance (auto, home, life) into one package. I am ok with this, although I do check other insurance companies about once a year. As I stated earlier, most have great incentives to get me to come on board. With a little research I always seem to find out these insurance companies give some small savings over what I presently have. So I stay with AAA, simply because the one thing insurance companies will do is give you better rates with longevity with their company.

I decided to switch my homeowner's and auto insurer to AAA on October 24, 2011. All went smoothly, and I was given a very competitive combined rate. On December 2, 2011, I was sent a "Confirmation of Policy Cancellation" of my homeowner's policy by AAA. The two reasons given were the lack of a safety rail around the rear balcony, and because "the chimney is crumbling". The safety rail issue was a quick and easy fix, and being a former building code official for the city of Grand Rapids, I knew the chimney was structurally sound. Still, I contacted a chimney repair contractor, who confirmed my opinion.

The AAA agent who handled my policy change said he was sympathetic, but it was out of his hands, so I subsequently asked if I could at least get an extension to have the chimney rebuilt, until the outside temperature was high enough to allow the mortar to set. The agent ignored my request, and because the expiration date that AAA had given me (1/06/2012) was so close, I found another insurer. My suspicion is that this was an instance of redlining by AAA, since I was willing to comply with their demand, and only requested additional time to do so.

I found another insurer, who agreed with my assessment of my chimney, and did not require any repair to it. Still, since I hope to sell the house this year, and because the cost to rebuild it was less than $500.00, I paid to have it rebuilt within 2 weeks of the expiration date AAA had given me. I can't understand where this could be anything other than redlining.

I chose this company for its great reputation. They are a trusted company with great customer reviews, easy to work with and quick response to any questions I may have. The cost fits into our budget too and we have a peace of mind knowing they have our home insured and covered should anything happen. So far, everything has been easy going. Payments, customer service, cost, what is covered, no issue with any of them.

This company is easy to deal with, I can pay my bill online or go to the office which is convenient. Great rates that I can pay by the month if I need to. Deductible was fair. The terms of my policy and the monthly and yearly rates were too good to pass up. Affordable for my family's income. They also have great people to work with. Best policy I could find for the price.

We recently worked with a builder who bought an existing home, tore it down and rebuilt. A few weeks before closing, we called and got a quote based on the independent appraisal received that we received for the value of the land and dwelling. We were originally quoted a rate for full replacement value of just the dwelling but ended up raising that to cover the cost of the loan to satisfy the lender. An approval letter and proof of coverage was sent to the mortgage and title insurance and closing completed without issue. Then one day after closing, AAA Homeowners Insurance called and said that the underwriter, based on a handful of pictures taken in winter, deemed the house to have a full replacement value of nearly 50% more than the appraised value doubling our premium. Their estimate for full replacement value was double what we paid in construction costs just that month to complete the build. They said that they would cancel our insurance if we not pay the additional premium. We are now shopping our insurance to another provider and taking our auto insurance with us. This is the classic definition of a bait and switch. VERY unhappy.

To sum up the experience thus far, we had a pipe leak in our wall that caused damage to our walls and flooring. I called a plumber and had the pipe repaired immediately (same day) and Contacted AAA due to amount of repair needed. Agent was ok at first and said he had to have a remediation company come out now. This was at 12 pm and he said they would be there by 4 pm. I told him I did not want people ripping my walls open from 4pm-12am due to having 2 small kids in the house and asked him to set it up for the next morning since the leak had stopped. This was obviously asking a lot due to his tone and he finally agreed when I flat out told him to do what I wanted.

A AAA estimator came out and had his quote into AAA the same day. AAA has had his quote for over 2 weeks now but AAA won't release him to repair the open walls because they keep hammering down their own contractor's price on what needs to be repaired. I've called 3 times to get answers as to what's taking so long for an approval? One guy said, "it's the holidays so we're really busy." The next said she'd have my paperwork complete in 48 hours. Then 48 hours passed and when I called I was told no one would ever tell me that. So in short, they called me a liar. AAA is a joke as far as customer service goes. They lie, then call their customers liars. I'm still waiting to see how this gets resolved. I just want to know how to proceed but nobody on their end has any answers. I'll repost when this gets resolved.

I was sold a policy on my home. It didn't cover my modular. I bought coverage elsewhere. The agent did nothing to assist. My daughter needed a tow. They refused in inclement weather. The insurance billing dept. is slow to respond.

My septic system backed up in November 2013 and flooded my downstairs bathroom. After eight weeks of inaction by AAA, I had to threaten to sue to get them to take action. Mind you, I had a bathroom that had been flooded with sewage and no formal remediation had taken place. To keep a long, painful story short we finally resolved the claim thirteen weeks after the flood had taken place and AAA compensated me about 30% of actual cost of remediation. While demolishing the bathroom, mold was found on the shower walls beneath the ceramic tile. Mold remediation is covered under my policy including materials removed to access mold. This represented claim #2. These were our first two claims in thirteen years.

However, AAA sent three letters with different explanations of why they were denying the replacement of materials to remediate the mold. Bottom line, AAA aggressively attempts to deny claims and when they can't deny them they aggressively attempt to minimize the compensation. Assuming they won't renew my policy, I'm now looking for new insurance and find that having two claims in the recent past is a black mark on your "record" and most insurance companies won't insure. I think I found a policy with another company who has similar complaints as the ones found here. All insurance is a scam and AAA is no exception!

When I bought my townhouse in 1983, a neighbor told me about AAA. They have insurance to cover all of the property inside my house. There is 1,000 deductable. They handle all the arrangements with the bank to withdraw the money and I do not have to worry when they take it out.

I switched homeowners insurance provider on February 8th 2017, so I called AAA for them to cancel as of that date... Waited a couple of weeks for the check to come in to find out that the name on the check was wrong... Called them back to make the necessary change, they told me they had to reinstate the policy, wait for 24 hr then cancel it again and issue another check (another couple of weeks delay). 2nd check arrives in the mail for an amount of $26.00 instead of $442.00. Call them again and they told me that the person whom reinstated the policy forgot to cancel it... So we go thru the same steps and 2 weeks later they issue me a check of $46.00 instead of $442.00... Call them back and we go, again, thru the same steps...

A couple of weeks later I receive another check in the amount of $396.00 instead of $442.00... Call them again and this time the mistake was on the date of cancellation, which was Feb. 8th (they calculated it based on Feb. 28th... Who knows why as my first check was issued on Feb. 17th)... At this point the person tells me that she will have to repeat the same steps in order for them to reissue another check (I asked her if I could keep that check and have them mail me the difference... And her answer is NO)... So I decided to seat on the missing $46.00 and I will never use them again and I will let everybody know that they cheat you out of your money in a very condescending way... Good and honest customer service is a thing of the past in this country.

This is my worst nightmare with AAA adjuster. My house was flooded due to water pipes busted on 6/24/2017. I filed a claim with AAA. 2 months go by, with countless number of emails, receipts, pictures, plus reports to her supervisor, John. LaPorche still doesn't give a **. She's a liar. She can't keep up with her words or promises to clients despite her boss, John, instructed her what to do. Both of us, my husband and I, for food expenses per month (31days) is

To start with, from my very first contact with an AAA person, the adjuster, I felt like I was the enemy rather than a customer. This hasn't changed. I filed a claim against my homeowner policy on about 4/30/14. For what it is worth, although I have been with AAA for only five years I have carried homeowner's insurance since 1969. In all these years this is my second claim. Before I go any further I must say that I have had a couple of minor auto claims, none of which were my fault, with AAA. They were handled professionally and efficiently. I have no complaints in that regard and except for this problem with the homeowner's claim. I would have highly recommended them to anyone.

At any rate my homeowner claim was for damage to my roof due to hail. An adjuster came about six days after I filed my claim and was about the rudest person I have ever had on my property. I almost asked him to leave. After waiting more than two weeks for a report, I called AAA today and asked what was up. Their answer was the damage amounted to less than my deductible. The only problem is that up and down my street various insurance companies are writing checks for roof replacements but somehow the damage to my roof is less than $1000. Now, there is an insurance company that I have seen advertise with an umbrella over the insured property. I am pretty sure that AAA did not have an umbrella over our house.

It is hard to imagine how other homeowners on our street are getting checks over fifteen thousand dollars and my damage amounts to less than one thousand. The houses were all built by the same builder and I am very certain that all of the roofs were of the same quality. I asked if they would send out a second adjuster to look at the roof and was told rather abruptly that they would not do that. I asked about mediation and was told Florida provides for that if I choose that route. I have not yet decided what I will do in that regard. What I have decided is that AAA will not get any more of my money. For five years I have paid, like clockwork, roughly $2500 each year and for that I get treated like a criminal.

First I would like to say, I have been with AAA for almost 20 yrs and have only filed one claim for hail damage to the roof, 5 yrs ago. I have it on my car and home. April 29, 2017 my basement sewer drains backed up during the last rain storm. I called my agent to file a claim only to find out I no longer have this coverage. Apparently a bunch of provisions to my policy was deleted and I was not told. She said, "They contact you at renewal time to see if you want to keep it." They don't contact me, they bill my mortgage company, it's guaranteed full payment. They have no reason to contact me. I am LIVID!!! I am looking for a new insurance company!!

AAA is one of the best for cost. Where I live home insurance is getting hard to come by due to fire danger. I have never filed a claim with AAA and that is probably why they do not bother me. They also allow me a very high deductible which helps hold the premiums down.

After 25 years of membership and purchasing of home insurance with no claims whatsoever, AAA would not renew my insurance policy for no reason. Again, I had no claims in all of the years with them. After 6 phone calls, and many minutes on hold, AAA could not give me a reason for insurance cancellation, other than they made a mistake and "are working on it". Their working on it never was completed and I was dropped like a hot potato. I have never been mistreated so badly by a company in my over 70 years of doing business with companies, big and small. I would not recommend AAA for any insurance needs. I am taking further action, both legal and other to seek compensation.

AAA is well known and reliable. They offered the coverage that I wanted and needed at a reasonable price. I was able to get exactly what I was shopping for. And did not have to do much footwork to find what I needed. I like that I can have a one stop shopping experience with this insurance agent. The whole process was seamless, very easy and actually enjoyable. I have always been satisfied with my experiences.

Initially when we found water damage, due to an appliance, we were happy to have AAA renters ins. They took care of all of our needs. We did not have to worry about a thing. Then the premium adjustment came in the mail. Going forward there would be a $5k deductible on any water damage for the whole home. Keep in mind that it was previously $500. So their policy is this - If you move into a 20 year home with a 10 year old dishwasher that leaks the risk is low and your deductible is only $500, but if you put in a new Dishwasher after finding water damage the risk is too high to cover so the deductible $5k. I hope you are getting the sarcasm here. The real risk has been replaced yet AAA insists that the deductible is now $5k for the whole home. Ludicrous!!!

I appealed 4 times to try and reach someone with a half a brain who could logically work it out and realize that the real risk of water damage is actually now much less that it was previously to no avail. I canceled my policy and got a quote from Geico. I disclosed the water damage claim in my application and not only was the coverage matched with the $500 deductible but it was also a lower Premium. Do not use AAA homeowners or renters insurance. No one in their underwriting department has a brain that they can use!!!

AAA has the right type of coverage that serves the purposes for me. It was what worked best financially as well because there is no point in paying for coverage that you don't use. I like the positive experiences with customer services and the right amount of coverage for my needs. I like the insurance representative that handles my issues. The insurance policy is easy to understand how it works. However, it should be easier to reach customer service and get a faster response. Insurance can be frustrating to deal with when you need to file a claim.

AAA's benefits and coverage of different things are perfect to me and my family in a lot of areas so everyone is protected. That was my goal. My policy features include 250000 accidental and nonaccidental, will cover a lot of situations. Happy with what I got. Hopefully my insurance company holds up to their end of the contract and don't try to come up with hidden clauses and make up or add to the policy other than I signed for.

Experience was similar to others on this site. Furthermore, they lied about applicable statutes and rules, invented rules that did not exist or were no longer legal; attempted to illegally toll the claim, and forget if you think that your policy is a contract. Not to them. A member for thirty years, like others on the site, they go out of their way to screw the public over.

Several months after I purchased my homeowners insurance from AAA, they cancelled it, stating that I had: 1) Two paid claims, 2) an unpermitted storage shed/workshop in my backyard being used as a rental, 3) an unrepaired deck basically a wooden platform a half a foot off the ground. The first two items are not true. I had one paid claim thru AAA which the issuing insurance agent was well aware of and took it into account when quoting the price of the policy. The storage shed/workshop has a city issued permit and is not fit to be a rental, nor has it ever been a rental. AAA had no factual basis for claims 1) and 2). They just made an accusation without proper evidence and used this as an excuse to cancel my insurance. AAA is apparently required to provide phone numbers allowing for a protest of the cancellation. I called all these given phone numbers with no answers from any of them and no returned calls for the messages I left.

I finally contacted the AAA insurance sales department looking for someone I could talk to. Here my phone calls were answered and I was steered to a sales rep who offered an alternate insurance policy at about double the price of the cancelled policy. After finally obtaining a copy of the permit for my storage shed/workshop from the city and getting copies of my second paid insurance claim which was for damage to a different house in a different city and caused by a neighboring house, I contacted the California Dept of Insurance to protest this arbitrary cancellation. AAA replied to the Dept of Insurance by basically sweeping their false allegations under the rug. They revised their reason for cancellation, now basing the cancellation on the unrepaired deck consisting of some worn and cracked planks at ground level.

As a resolution, AAA gave me the chance to re-apply for a new homeowners policy. The Dept of Insurance apparently has no desire or capability to hold AAA accountable for cancelling a policy based mostly on false accusations. AAA keeps thanking me for my many years of being a customer with them. Probably

because they figure that anyone who stays with them for a long time will put up with their business tactics. But it turned our well for me because during this process I found another and better homeowners insurance company.

I have had CSAA for 25+ years and been in this house for 13 years with no claims. A big storm tore up trees all over town, rooting most of them. Our tree was huge and healthy but the main root snapped and we watched it come up bringing the covered front porch up by almost a foot and all the ground around it. The fire department came out and taped off ours and the neighbors house and evacuated both. Because of the power lines around the houses the electric company sent out a truck during the storm and topped the tree saving both the houses. Due to the damage on the porch we need to remove the porch, putting a header up to hold it while we take the whole thing apart to get to the foundation and remove the roots that have been lifted.

CSAA will not pay for this, they sent out an adjuster who told them “it was a dead tree”. Even after we told them “it had been cut by the electric company”. They argued that they could see it was dead in the picture. I had to go online and show them with google maps how large and alive it was. They will not pay for root removal so I am out of luck. Had we let the tree fall and take out both houses and the power lines they would have covered it. It will cost me 3500 to fix the deck and it has to be done because now it is crooked from the top down. Very disappointed. I have my seven cars and life insurance through CSAA. I guess it's time to find new insurance. Do not get them for your homes.

I got a quote for house and car. I took a couple days and called back to get it going. The rate on the house went up $150. I asked why and the salesman said that we were in the next month and it was hurricane season. I pointed out that we were in that season a couple days ago but he said he couldn't do anything about that. The price was still good so I said to move forward. He said if I were to get a wind mitigation study done, the rates could go down, so he told me what company to call that they work with. I had the study done a week later and it came back good, so I called AAA back and talked with the salesman and he said yes it did come back good.

So I said, "How much do I save?" He said he already had the discounts in there. I said I spent $85 for nothing and he got very smart on the phone. I told him that furthermore, I got a better quote for the car and he really went off. He was hollering that I wasted his time. I said how about the waste of $85 and he got smart and told me to have a nice day. I will not renew the AAA policy that I have and if anyone knows how to report this to Insurance Commission, I am sure they would love to hear about this.

We had a bad hailstorm and when I called they sent an adjuster out. He said we had a small amount of damage. This was 2 weeks after the storm. Then he sends us a check for the damages. And I will not deposit it until they see the real cost to fix it. I will fit them until they fix it right. And then find a real homeowner's insurance policy. They do not deserve any stars. Worthless is not even the word for it. My first claim on my house ever. Been with AAA for more then 35 years. So Do Not Purchase AAA Homeowners Insurance. Very upset.

We have had AAA Homeowners Insurance for 20+ years and had never filed a claim until January of 2017. During a remodel we rented a "POD" and placed household items in the pod for safekeeping. The POD was broken into and a lot of our items were stolen. We filed police report and a claim with AAA for reimbursement. The claim was processed in a timely manner so that part went well.

However, a month or so ago our insurance was due to renew. Our policy cost went up and when I asked why I was told that this was automatic when a claim is filed and that the cost of our policy would be increased for two years, standard procedure. We feel this is not exactly playing fair. I pay policy premiums for 20 plus years but file one claim and it's an automatic $$ raise in policy premiums? Not happy with that at all. Oh and NEVER rent a pod. After the break in we kept a watchful eye on it and attempted break ins were repeated. At least 3 more padlocks were broken before we got rid of it. Never again.

This insurance company has been working for people for many years. I chose this insurance company for several reasons being reliability, kind, reputation, and they were in my family for insurance for decades. This company rules and very cool. I wouldn't consider changing insurance companies from this brand because I have been with them for years and they have always have been there for me and my family. I would recommend these people to everyone.

In May 2017, the water hose to the ice maker detached leaking water all over the kitchen floor. As a result, there was damage to the Bamboo floor in the adjacent dining room, the kitchen cabinets, drop ceiling in the downstairs family room, etc. We have a higher end condominium, which was remodeled five years ago. From the get go CSAA gave us the runaround. First, they accused us of claiming none existent damage. When the noticeable nature of the damages made their argument a moot point they wanted to fix the Bamboo flooring with a 30 square foot "patch" in the middle of the dining room and buffing the rest of the floor to blend in. Our contractor explained to CSAA that Bamboo is an extremely hard wood, which cannot be sanded. The floor also has a baked on factory finish.

That is when the CSAA reviewer recommended the contractor engage ITEL to locate the same floor somewhere in the US and use it to affect the repairs. Unfortunately, ours is a glued down, tongue and groove, flooring system. It is impossible to simply remove and replace a section of floor in the middle of a room. In addition the floor is continuous no breaks no thresholds. Next, the reviewer recommended my contractor rework the floor planks by removing the tongue and groove. Seriously? A person with even the slightest knowledge (forget common sense) would never propose such a ridiculous option. The floor distributor issued an opinion saying the alteration CSAA recommends alters the product from its original design defeating the purpose of the tongue and groove system. It also voids the flooring warranty.

A short while ago I spoke with the adjuster (withholding her name out of respect for our profession). The adjuster confirmed she has received everything she needs from the contractor, the distributor and me. Now the next step is to go back to the mystery reviewer to be sure he agrees with the contractor and the distributor. In addition, the adjuster will not even provide me with a definitive time line for resolution of the claim.

Obviously, CSAA does not plan to honor the promise they made to us. Clearly, they would not care less about our property or us. They will continue with the borderline unfair claims practices. But Newsflash! CSAA I will NOT go away. And for every minute of irritation and frustration you cause me, I will cause you bad publicity, loss of goodwill and future revenues tenfold.

We had other policies with this company for our cars so it seemed natural to go with this company. Plus other neighbors in our community used them also. When I have had a claim AAA is quick to respond. They are friendly and helpful. Fast turnaround too. Easy to contact and use vendors I know. They were most helpful with our situation of a broken pipe which destroyed major parts of our home. But the policy keeps going up and up each year and is now becoming too expensive. I have had the same company for the whole time we have lived here over 20 years and it seems to have gone up a whole bunch.

Had a small kitchen fire. Fire restorators were sent, nothing was explained. Cleaning company took everything out of my closet. Everything was like a whirlwind with no explanation. IN order to slow the process that was overwhelming to me, I asked if they want to settle. AAA does not settle. They cash out. They get estimates from the restorators, whose rates are unbelievably high, and cash out leases a percentage until you have the work done. The adjustor offered an approved subcontractor to get my kitchen in order because that is where the cabinets were damaged. The subcontractor that was sent out by AAA would not install the sink because I had bought it myself.

I hired a master plumber. Because the counter needed some tweaks for the sink to fit, it ultimately chipped in two places. I sent pictures of the counter to AAA to see what I can do about that, and no reply. I have asked what it means to be covered for replacement value, no response. I bought a sink I did not like because to get another bone sink that matched my kitchen was only available in an $800 version. So I spent $450 on a stainless sink I hate. Emails I sent received no response. I finally called the adjustor's manager because I am livid at being ignored at every turn. Although her manager called me back, and I left a message From him (phone tag), I have not yet received a new adjustor as requested. I thought we were on the same team. I have paid them premiums for probably over 40 years. My hands are tied and this is so unnecessary. Shame on you AAA. This is a long story made short.

I have been a member of AAA insurance since I was 17 (nearly 50 years) - roadside assistance, auto insurance, and homeowners insurance - any one to all three at various times. Now I want to quit all contact with them because in the past 15 years, every time I have needed to file any sort of claim, their service has gotten worse and worse. It is clear that they no longer value my membership as they used to. As I read other reviews, it all seems deja vu, and it is clear that their conduct towards me is not much different from how they treat others.

Currently, I am trying to collect from a massive home flood (7 days of a broken refill valve in an upstairs bathroom causing 90,000 gallons to water to cascade down the walls and break apart ceilings). The total $$ damage was about $90,000 (rough estimate), and at least $35,000 in personal property. My policy provides for full replacement, although it doesn't seems that they are paying attention to that detail.

When I came home from a week away (half my home had been destroyed from the flooding), I found out that AAA had terminated my HO insurance nearly three years prior when my ex and I separated. They took it upon themselves to change the policy name to her name and the address to her address. Then because they decided that my home was not being occupied (I had concurrent roadside assist and auto insurance to the same address), they sent her a note that the policy was being terminated. She called them and told me what was happening (I didn't remember any of this until I looked through our old records), and she informed them of their mistake. They were not convinced, so I called to confirm, and never heard anything since then. AAA cancelled the insurance anyway.

It took two months for the state Dept of Banking to adjucate that AAA needed to reinstate me. By that time, I had already contracted for much of the repairs. Never-the-less, they sent people to look at the damage. But, I was told that they would not look at the hundreds of photos which I or other family members took as they loaded two dumpsters with destroyed items. Nor would they examine photos of the furniture as it looked prior to the flood.

Consequently, they were willing to pay me $1500 for an antique double drop-leaf dining room table, but when I showed them two photos of exact duplicate tables being sold for $5000 (a third table was offered for $9000), they decided that I was being uncooperative and they insisted I get an outside Appraiser. Oops, I'm jumping ahead of the story because that happened three years after the flood. Yes, they procrastinated for two years by not answering my questions before they basically quit paying for any further claims.

I spent over one year trying to get them to itemize an $11K supplemental check they sent me when I pointed out that they had not included a number of repairs in their estimate (how could they? When they were not there to see that actual damage when had occurred or the quality of the kitchen cabinets?) For instance, they had estimated about $10K for kitchen cabinet repairs, but it cost me nearly $20K. When they finally sent me a copy of their original estimate with the changed lines highlighted, I pointed out that the changes didn't equal the check amount, they ignored my letter.

When it was clear that I would never get an exact accounting of their check (NJ law requires an easy-to-understand itemization of payments), I submitted the remaining home repair receipts only to learn that they had closed the case for home repairs (even though I had told them there were more receipts pending). I am still trying to get them to pay for the remaining amount. I should point out that they have no qualms about lying to me.

They were only willing to pay $200 to repair my hardwood foyer (they assumed depreciation, because they were unaware that my floor looked great because I had it redone 2 years prior), and all the estimates were $1000. So I insisted they send their own guy out to do the job. Eventually (6 months later), a guy came out who said that not only would I need a new floor, but might need to replace part of the subfloor. I told him to go ahead and get the job done.

When I didn't hear anything for four months, one of the adjusters suggested that I get my own guy to replace the floor, and the adjuster gave the OK to the preliminary estimate. When I contacted AAA two months after the job was completed to find out why they were balking at paying the floor guy, I asked what happened to the guy they sent out. I was told that he had submitted a proposal to me and was waiting for me to decide when floor color to use. When I contacted the guy's company, they told me that they had send a proposal to AAA only and were waiting to hear back from them. I caught the guy in an outright lie! I could tell more anecdotes, but I think you get the general idea.

Before my last receipts for home repairs had been examined, AAA offered me $18K to settle. I turned it down because they neglected to include the home repairs and any other expenses I had which they subsequently decided they weren't going to pay for. I retained an attorney and consulted a number of other attorneys. Basically, I probably don't have a legal case because the statute has passed.

The AAA point guy decided to continue to contact me directly until a few weeks ago when he must have decided that I am stirring up too much dirt by contacting the adjusters also, so he wrote to my attorney (and copied me) that my attorney was to tell me not to contact anyone from AAA directly. HA! I told him that he never bothered to have the AAA attorney contact my attorney, he was the one who decided that it was OK for a lay person (me) to speak to him, and it was obviously OK for him to speak to my attorney.

Over six months ago, AAA offered to continue negotiating with me or to have us both engage the services of professional Appraisers. I told the point guy that I wanted to continue to negotiate (we hadn't negotiated much at all, in fact), but he then ignored that he offered me this option. Every response from him now is calling for my Appraiser. I have offered to accept his prior offer of $18K (which was exactly the amount of money they had planned to pay me when, and if, I replaced all the items I had lost), but despite email evidence, he is denying he made this offer.

I have no plans to replace ALL the items which were destroyed in the flood. My needs have changed (for instance, I am now single with no children living here), so it would be stupid for me to purchase the full sized dining room furniture I used to have. But, my policy guarantees full replacement value, and they are unwilling to pay me more than the value of the wood planks. I would never ever again do business with AAA. When I was younger, AAA was known for its great customer service and its superior service. Clearly, they no longer wish to live up to their reputation.

We have had ALL of our insurance through AAA for over 15 years. We have had to do a couple of car insurance claims in that time and they were wonderful. THEN we had a huge storm that damaged our home and had to open a Homeowners claim. The storm happened June 2017 and we STILL haven’t had all the damage repaired (a year and a half later). AAA refuses to pay the necessary amount to properly fix the damage.

Our roof, windows and siding were all damaged during the storm. They were fine with replacing the roof and that was done a few months later. The rest, however, has been a nightmare. For some reason, they don’t seem to believe how much it’s going to cost to replace the windows (as if we can control that). We even took it upon ourselves to get SEVERAL quotes from various window manufacturers. We are the original owners/builders of this home so we even showed the ORIGINAL order form of the ORIGINAL windows to show what brand and type they are. What more do they need?!

We just want our home returned back to the way it was... nothing extra. At this point, our contractor is at his wit's end, our house is being infested by hornets that have made a home behind the damaged siding and windows so we couldn’t enjoy our yard all summer and now it is October... that means snow is on its way (we live in Wisconsin) so any home repairs are, once again, going to have to wait until Spring.

On top of that... AAA has not responded to our contractor AFTER he talked to a manager that was “going to take care of it right away.” This was a month ago. I am not a confrontational person, but this situation has pushed me to the brink. We are honest people and we have been loyal to this company for years. I’m beyond disappointed with the way we have been treated. I didn’t ask to be hit by a hail storm, but it happened. I thought AAA would be right there for us. Instead, I feel like we have to fight tooth and nail every step of the way.

I recently needed homeowners for a new purchase. I chose AAA because I have my life insurance with them, and I have had AAA Auto Club for as long as I have been driving. They wrote the homeowners policy for the wrong type of house, and now I am being canceled. I had to hound them every damn step of the way to get the policy written, and now I have nothing. What a giant waste of my time, not to mention all the anxiety. Now I have to start all over because they cannot write insurance for my needs. Oh, by the way, did I even get an apology for their mistake, nope! I would not recommend using them to even my worst enemy.

DANGER! DO NOT GET INSURANCE WITH AAA!!! They have a continued reputation of denying rightful claims (read the 3000 complaints). When you pay your premiums you anticipate that they will be there for you when you need them to protect you from financial ruin. Not the case! They take your money and do nothing in return but add tremendous hardship to your life. We have had multiple policies with AAA that included 2 life, 2 homes, auto, and a membership for 13 years. I have never had to file a claim before until this year.

In January 2017, our house in Michigan had a pipe burst 12 hours before the closing of a sale. It seemed impossible that this could happen... the one in a million. We were devastated. Within the hour we called AAA and submitted the claim with hope that they would help us repair the water damage allowing us to get it back on the market to sell. The water damage was extensive and ran down all 4 levels of the house. Mitigators came, dried it out, and gutted everything that detected moisture. We were left with a house that required $80,000-$100,000 in renovations.

We immediately felt resistance from AAA with a letter questioning ownership (deed in our name) and occupation (house cleared for new owners 4 days prior) that escalated into them requesting we appear in March for an Examination Under Oath (EUO). It became necessary to hire a Public Adjuster and Lawyer. We cooperated with every request that included providing over 50 pages of supporting documents and appearing at the EUO for over 5 hours of interrogation. They procrastinated any response until we received a denial letter in July. This denial letter came after 3 months of continued procrastination all while our lawyer inquired with them on 6 separate occasions.

6 months of waiting, spending $8,000 in accumulated expenses, for them to formulate a denial that could have been done 5 months prior, with a house that is stuck in purgatory, in a condition that we could not reside in, with mortgage, electric, gas, water/sewer, tax, and insurance payments that we continued to make. We don't have the patience to sue and wait another year or two so we now have to cover the entire bill ourselves to renovate it back to selling condition. Who has an extra $80,000-$100,000 to throw into something like this? Nobody, because you anticipate that you will never be in this situation because you have insurance to protect you.

Don't have false security under AAA. We are done with them and are changing all 5 of our policies. Seems like we are not alone with this in reading over 3000 complaints. Laws need to change to stop protecting the corporations and screwing the paying client. It's fraud. They are raping us and it's legal. Not sure what insurance company to turn to next... maybe they are all the same.

I had home insurance with another company then I decided I wanted to compare the price with the second insurance company. The second insurance company gave me a much better price rate and more coverage which I did appreciate. Also, I can walk into any one of their offices and any agent can help me because it's a company as a whole not individual. The way the policy is written should be simple English language though for those of us who are not attorneys to understand legal terminology of what is going to be covered what is not and this is why.

AAA is our insurance company for our home and auto both. I like that they give you bundle and with that you can save more. They asked us to download an app to get more discount on our bundle. We have compare several insurance company and we reached at the conclusion that this company had better plan with price. And our close relatives had suggested us this company over others as well. However, the main thing that I dislike about them is they increase home insurance based on property value. And last time we called them for leakage through the ceiling and they came out, looked at it and didn't cover. Which I felt was wrong. But other than that, they have a very helpful customer service.

I have never filed a Homeowners insurance claims in 25 Years of being a Homeowner. This past July there was a wind and hail storm event in Louisville KY. AAA adjuster came out and determined there was wind and hail damaged, but said only enough on the front part of the four sided roof. The shingles are discontinued and every roofing contractor states, new shingles will not reasonably match per KY State law, yet AAA will not say they can reasonably match roof and have rejected my request to replace only the front and have a 3rd party Independent inspector come out and verify it does or does not reasonably match, I offered this twice and was will to pay for the inspector myself. I am still fighting this, hiring an Attorney (at my expense again). The point of this review is buyer beware of AAA Homeowners, they are the most difficult people I have ever dealt with.

I had been with AAA for over 15 years with my Homeowners and car insurance. Beginning in 2012 and again in 2013 my homeowners insurance began to increase by 60% each year. I had neither a Homeowners nor auto claim while I was with them. Now I can figure maybe a 3-4% increase even a 5% increase would be frustrating but doable, but 25% and a 45% increase in subsequent years was to much. Each year I received the same lame answer that Minneapolis was the center for several storms (Tornado) and that it was costing all insurance companies more to do business. And also the roof thing, shingles were 18 years old and needed to be replaced and that would cost me more in premiums because it was close to the 25 year warranty... really. In the beginning of 2014 took my business elsewhere. 1 homeowners and 6 vehicles. Have not had to worry about being jacked around sense. Plus after reading these posts I would be afraid to file a claim with AAA.

This is just to confirm that I was beyond disappointed with AAA homeowners insurance. Do not get it!!!! And, I mean it, DO NOT GET AAA HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. You get a couple of minor claims and they write you off, as if you were a criminal. VERY disappointed with AAA. I am a single mom (a widow), professional with a solid income. Worked hard all my life and paid insurance in full and on time. DO NOT GET AAA... I am going with GEICO.

I became a widow tragically. Attic fire happened on 2/7/14 and the timeline of events are horrifying. AAA's adjuster Javier ** put me in a hotel and left me there for 7 and 1/2 months and NEVER returned one phone call. I had to reach out to a public adjuster who came up against the same thing. No return calls from adjuster or his supervisor. After doing nothing on my claim for 7 and 1/2 months, Javier ** walked off the job with my claim file along with ALL his other client files. This man has all my personal information. My claim was picked up by another AAA adjuster on the other side of my State. Keep in mind all of my paperwork for Content loss was submitted immediately after the fire and no checks were ever cut to me for my losses.

My new adjuster gets on my claim and sends all checks out within a month. I now have my Content loss check and a repairs check and AAA says I have to find someone to fix my home after their preferred vendor Wolgast Restoration backed out of the job. Why does the homeowner have to find a contractor. My claim should have never drag on this long and AAA is not being accountable for their bad adjuster who did nothing on my claim for over 7 months. My ALE has run out and I'm homeless and need justice. I lost so much money living in a hotel for 9 months and now that my ALE has run out they won't pay my expenses. This claim is a nightmare. Can any Attorneys reading this PLEASE call me? Thanks.

Large storm with 1.5" hail and wind damage two weeks ago. I met with an adjuster and a roofing contractor (who my agent suggested). The adjuster 'inspected' the roof from the ground and determined that it was not damaged. The house is three stories high and he did not want to go on the roof. When I pointed out the number of shingles on the ground, he said that they may have come from the neighbor's houses. Both of the neighbor's roof are being replaced because of the same damage. He told me that AAA would give me $100 for a bundle of cedar shake shingles and $400 for someone to repair the damage. He went on to tell me that a lot of people would be glad to earn $400 for a day's work. The window frames (approx 30) have lots of dents and two of them have holes in them. He proposed to repair the sashes. Very arrogant and condescending. My roofer brought several things to his attention and he said that he wasn't there to discuss these things, just to look at the house. BTW, this is my first claim in 30 plus years of buying homeowner's insurance.

Been a loyal AAA member over 30 Years. Have all my insurances (Cars, Homes, Earthquake) with AAA. Now AAA tells me to get my Umbrella insurance somewhere else!!! Why?? Because I serve as a volunteer Board Member at a HOA (non profit organization). Sounds too weird and strange to be true??? Yes it is. I even had the case escalated to a supervisor with the same outcome.

AAA does decline umbrella insurance coverage. Because I am a volunteer Board member at an Homeowners Association. Yes there was a claim opened (trip and fall) several years ago against the HOA. Nothing ever happened, but the case is still open. I did of course mention to the supervisor: Did you guys ever hear about the Davis-Stirling Act. Or hear about civil Code Section 5800-5810. Volunteer board members shall not be held liable or cannot be sued when serving on a non profit Organization.

This law was signed into affect so people would be willing to volunteer and offer their time to do good. Now AAA is telling people if you do that we might not Insure YOU!!! Just think about how many volunteers are out there holding a position at a Non profit Organization. Most of which will be sued or have to deal with a claim at one point. And to reward all this volunteers out there, AAA will in return decline coverage!!! Come On AAA - are you for real!

We have had AAA for more than 34 years. Our house was built in 1984. The family room flooring is grouted porcelain tile over linoleum on a concrete slab, I think. The original homeowner installed the flooring before we bought the house 28 years ago. March, 2018, we called AAA to report a one foot area in our family room floor made a squishy sound when you walked over it and it was growing. AAA sent a 3rd party field rep to look at the area and ordered a leak detection company to inspect for a leak.

First leak detection plumber walked over the squishy area and agreed it sounded like water. Plus he pointed out the tile flooring was raised up and moved when you walked on it. He checked all over the area but found no water seeping between the tiles or wet baseboards. He wanted to check behind our wet bar wall for water leaking. He also checked the water pressure, shuts off the incoming water to the house and put a gauge on. He notes a slight variance in water pressure. He cameras our clean out drain and does not see any leaks. He drills a hole into the raised floor grout and air blows out.

3rd party field rep returns for follow up and said no leak was found by the plumber. No one drills into the squishy tiled area to check if there is water there. Meanwhile, the squishy floor and raised area continues to increase in size. We are thinking the first plumber will come back to check behind the wet bar wall which is the closest water source to the problem area. He never returns. Two weeks later we get a letter from AAA stating we have a slab leak and they don't cover slab leaks. What slab leak are they talking about???

April, 2018, call AAA claims about their letter. We are surprised they report it's a slab leak. I ask them to send plumber again to show us the slab leak. New leak detection plumber comes out. He retests the water pressure and states no change in water pressure was found. He won't drill into the squishy floor to find out why it squishes.

Finally, May, 2018, a letter from AAA arrives stating we have a slab leak (with zero physically proof) and they don't fix slab leaks. AAA claims the recent rains caused the problem of water seeping into the slab. Plus the house was still settling. Also the problem area is in a high traffic area which caused the tiles to loosen and raise up. We are extremely disappointed with AAA. The tile floor is in the kitchen, family room, laundry room, all areas of high traffic. AAA NEVER physically proved it is a slab leak. They only proved they will not determine why the floor is squishy and raised. AAA left us to fend for ourselves. What's the point of having homeowners insurance with them? Are there better ones out there?

AAA has a great rate for everything. They offered in with my packaged deal. They were very nice and courteous. They're very prompt, fast and very accurate. They help you find the right plan for you. They custom fit your plan to your needs. And to your house and property. They don't try to make you get something you don't want. However, it is hard to get the corporate office to answer the telephone. I wish there was a better way to get ahold of them or they had more customer service people to answer the phone calls so customers didn't have to wait on hold so long. Nevertheless, they're there to help you when you need them to answer any of your questions.

Called to get quote on both car and homeowners policy. Was told you do not get much of a savings on car insurance, more on homeowners but was denied a quote because I have metal siding on house never put in a claim ever. What a scam. So much for being a premiere member.

Insurance company closed homeowner's claim prematurely and has not paid and/or partial payment in the following areas: construction work performed, loss of rental income, damaged personal property, depreciation recovery. I have provided supporting documentation and was told that my case was closed by phone by AAA rep in an unrelated department.

I had shingles on my roof blown away by a wind storm. About a dozen of them. My neighborhood was hit all over and several of us had the same or similar damage. All my neighbors, about 10 I know of, got new roofs paid for by their insurance co. My claim was denied. I don't have matching shingle replacement. AAA doesn't offer that in my policy and even if they did I was told it wouldn't have mattered. Then the following year another wind storm. More shingles missing another 10 or so. Inspector tells me roof is leaks. Good for at least 2 more years. More neighbors get free roofs. I try again this time with a roofing company inspector with me when the same field adjuster Shane shows up again and with desk adjuster deny my claim. Then 2 months later I get a cancellation notice for my homeowners policy. Hmmm. Really. Ok. You guys and I mean AAA suck.

Needless to say I switched with no problem and my auto and umbrella. But they tried to keep my other policies saying how much I was valued...yeah until I have a claim...that will be denied. Go stick your forced membership fee that has no value you know where. Auto claims treated me like I was the criminal too. Acted as if I was not the person who paid for the policy...basically took word of stranger over mine...for a scratch on a bumper in a church parking lot. Horrible. Lady goes to my church and has a 95 Taurus worth less than the 500 she wants for a new buffed bumper. I tried to not claim it but my hand was forced. Thanks AAA! You guys are the best. That's severe sarcasm in case you missed it. Hopefully this helped you to stay away from these chisters.

We recently bought a house. Since we got 2 cars and a condo insured with AAA, we naturally called my agent to add this house. First of all the agent was on vacation, had his assistant signed me up a home insurance with $7500 deductible (that he later said he would never recommend this policy). His assistant never explain the policy, no communication about deductible and coverage whatsoever. We trusted them and needed the policy to close escrow. Now 6 months later, the house had a water pipe sudden burst at the crawl space. We had to call the emergency service. The adjuster Adrianna ** never bothered to come check out what's going on, she just told us we couldn't get coverage because we have $7500 deductible and the house was not damaged (plumbing repair is not covered).

We spent about $4300 on the emergency service and nearly $10K to the repair guys, what facts on Earth she made that judgement that we couldn't get any coverage? The repair company had video and photos (before and after) and detailed breakdowns, she never even looked at... what is the insurance for? ONLY premium payments, everybody is happy until you need help on a claim. NO MORE AAA! If I can rate the 0 star, I would.

I live in condo on ground floor. My neighbor in the unit above has leak in his shower. He did not has insurance. My insurance bring contractor PW Stephens Environmental who did remediation for mold. And he bring another unlicensed contractor EVista Environmental who certified, that everything is fine. I did have health issues, and I ask insurance to help. They refuse. 2 months later I have to hire Titan Environmental to test my house, and they find toxic mold which was not removed. Insurance hire another contractor to do remediation. After this Titan certified, that no mold.

I continued to have health issues. I called insurance again, they came and find mold, but refuse to fix it because 2 years passed. And they did another test, which shows I have no mold. How does this happen? I complained to contractors board, bond company, insurance commissioner. I did not get answer from insurance commissioner, but bond company sent me check for 200 dollars, contractors board sent contractor violation letter. I can't live in my house anymore.

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