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This company kept withdrawing money from my account for two months after cancelling due to my employer picking up the policy. Called to complain on January 28 and was sent a cancellation letter finally after being charged another cycle. These people with AAA Life are thieves. I am cancelling my AAA auto policy Monday when they open.

AAA is very cheap and affordable for someone who is my age. It's so easy to apply, not very many questions to answer on the application and their customer service is always on point. There's no hassle or haggle. They are straight, direct and to the point. I would recommend to anyone.

I only had my life insurance for a short time. About three months. One of my main concerns was will I get my money back if I cancel? I was told I would. I did need to cancel and got one lousy payment back. Buyer beware!!!

I like their services. It's easy to communicate and I been using it for like 5 years now. They never fail to impress me, got everything I need. It provide my family a better insurance. Low payment deductible, worth to join. They are there when you need them. Better than other insurance that I use to have before. I will keep this for very long time as I lived! Thank you very much for your service to the customer like me!

I'm a new member of this life insurance and I have had no bad experience with it up til now. I am very, very, very happy with their service. They have different plans and are even affordable and attainable. It sure, sure, sure is a very good company. I have nothing to complain about the service of this company.

It is good to have just in case the unexpected happens. God forbid my family will be taken care of and won't be left with the burden of trying to find or borrow money to try to pay bills or party down with and I won't have to be buried in a cardboard box. Instead I'll be in a fancy pine box with no lid and a bunch of holes thanks to my life insurance.

My insurance company is usually very proficient. They answer all my questions. They help me find the best plan for me. Most representatives are very friendly and usually can help me relatively quickly. I have noticed in the past they oftentimes have a long hold time when communicating by phone. A rep will usually call me once a year to update my information and make any changes needed.

My mother had a whole life policy through AAA less than a year and she recently passed away in August 2013 and I'm the beneficiary. I reported her death the same day and signed some few forms (claims) and told to write down a few sentences concerning her death (how she died). I went in the office after receiving the death certificate. The agent who sold me the policy told me shouldn't take longer than two weeks. I wanted the funds to go to direct deposit. Been three weeks now and nothing. So I call the agent to get an update and now she said they are waiting to get medical release from her doctor.

Since her policy is less than a year, they have to do some investigation. She advised me to give the clinic a call and I did that but the clinic never received any type of letter or fax from AAA. So I called the agent back and left her a voice mail since she's probably busy but never heard anything from her for three days so I decided to call the 1800 numbers on the policy and explain the situation. And now this customer person is saying that they did receive the claim paperwork and are waiting for this company called: "ICS" to get medical records from her doctor and that someone will be contacting me. I have not heard anything from them!

I asked the customer how long it will take. She said six months to a year. I offer to get the medical records for them but she said I couldn't do that and it's up to the ICS to get it. And that I have to wait and hear from them! Been four weeks and have not heard anything from anyone! I am so frustrated with this company! They don't live up to their words. On the policy, it stated clearly that if the insurer dies and policy is still in full force they will pay out to beneficiary. I don't see funds in my account!! This company just delays so they don't have to pay and will come up with dirt just so they will deny you without a good cause! So please pass on the words about this company, nothing but a fraud!!

My father passed away Dec.15, 2014. He had a life insurance policy with AAA, which he had paid on for years and was never late on a single payment. On the policy it states that my mother is to receive 50% and my 4 brothers and myself are each to receive 10% after all funeral expenses are paid. It also states on the policy that all funds would be released within 10 business days after the policy holder is deceased. It had now been 28 days and nobody has received anything other than an excuse every time we call to find out why we have not received our checks.

If my father had known how incompetent this Insurance Company is, he would have never given them a dime. This company lacks customer service and they do not honor their end of their own policy whatsoever. I would never leave my family the burden of having to deal with this company's ignorance just to have what I left them.

I've had no problems with my life insurance company. Would highly recommend them to others. Rates and premiums are among the best I've seen in a long time.

My father passed away on February 6, 2016. He carried two $10,000 policies. One with Mutual of Omaha and one with AAA Life. My sister notified both companies after the funeral. Mutual of Omaha verified through the funeral home that he had passed and paid the claim in two weeks. AAA required a number of forms be completed and a death certificate be sent. We did so. Then radio silence.

I emailed repeatedly and was told they were "reviewing the claim" - seriously? Then we got a letter stating his beneficiary was his estate. Really? He did not leave his life insurance to himself. He left it to his wife. They REQUIRE you to name a beneficiary when you take out a policy. Now they insisting we send a Letter of Authority from the estate. He had no estate. Everything was in his name AND my mother's. They just don't want to pay the measly little $10,000 he had a policy for and that they paid for over the past 10 years. OUTRAGEOUS behavior for a large company with no compassion.

My mom just passed away 08/15/2016. She took out a 25,000 POLICY. They said she canceled the first policy for 15,000 but she paid on it for 3 years now. Don't sound mighty fishy. She added 10,000 to that 15,000 to make it 25,000 paid 179.00 a month. I am her daughter which I took care of everything. I sent in all the paperwork they needed. Now they said they can't pay. They will pay only the premium what was paid in for 20 months. That's some **... NEVER AGAIN. THIS IS JUST WRONG. I NEED A LEGAL ATTORNEY.

This insurance company is well known and the products they sell are competitive in the market place. I have not had any problems with AAA and the service from them has been good. The contact information and customer service is readily available and the information I receive thru the mail is always current. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone needing insurance products of any nature.

I took a policy with AAA back in July of 2006. I was told that this policy was a Return on Premium Policy; which was explained to me that if I decided for any reason to cancel my policy, AAA would refund the premiums I had paid in. I acknowledged that I was interested so AAA sent a representative to my office to perform a physical exam. The lady who came also reiterated that the policy had a Return on Premium.

In April of 2011, I incurred expenses that has made it had to sustain this policy. So I called the insurance company thinking I could maybe borrow from it and was told that I only had the option to cancel the policy and get my premium refunded. In July, I called AAA again to ask how this process would work. At that time, I was told I would need to send in a written statement or send back my monthly bill with cancel written on it and to make sure I signed and date it. I did so on July 25th.

On July 30th, I called to see if my cancellation notice had been received and if there was anything else I needed to do. I was told, at that time, AAA had not received it but I could wait until August 18th and just let my policy laps. I decided not to wait so I faxed a second notice. I called the beginning of August and was told that I would receive a notice in the mail. I got a notice today, August 12th, stating that AAA had canceled my policy on June 18th and would not be sending me a refund.

I called and spoke with a representative who informed me that I had to have the policy for 6 years before they would refund me. I explained that I was not informed of that at anytime. I specifically called to find out about canceling the policy and getting a refund twice before I canceled, and at no time, did anyone told me that I wasn't eligible. I was lead to believe a refund would be given. If someone had told me this, I could have made a way to keep my policy until next year which would have met the criteria. I really feel duped by AAA.

Fraudulent agency - In January 2012, I dropped off a change of payment information with a copy of the contact and deposit ticket in the mail drop box at the AAA Daly City office. May 2012, I received a letter from AAA stating that my above mentioned life insurance policy has been terminated due to breach of payment. I was shocked because I did my share to inform AAA of my new payment information and it is set up to be auto withdrawal each month. I tried numerous times to resolve the issue with AAA and was suggested by the Daly City office agent, ** that they can reinstate the policy if I agreed to do a new physical examination. I feel that this is not a proper and ethical business conduct because my life policy was terminated without any advance notification.

There was no phone call or registered mail from AAA prior to the termination. However, they had contacted me via phone and mails for other issues and I wonder why AAA did not even try to contact me at all for such a big decision, termination of my life policy. This is a long term investment for any individual and should not just change or terminate without trying their best to contact their customer. I also talked to their Daly City office manager and was told that they have been having problems with their mails in the drop box.

As a customer, I did my share to inform AAA of the changes and if there is any problem, AAA should contact me instead of making the decision on their end only. AAA had been a very reputable insurance company and consumer trusted their business integrity. In this case, I feel that they tried whatever method to terminate a life policy after they had made enough money from that particular person. I demand AAA to reinstate my life insurance policy without any condition. Furthermore, they should implement an improvement in their inbox system and monitor their contacting system with their clients on situation like my case.

I am satisfied with my coverage of AAA life insurance. I have had the policy for many years now. The representative came to my home to discuss and ask questions to determine whether or not I would qualify for their insurance. Once I qualified it was a quick process to get everything finalized. I don't have a large policy with them but it will help my family cover funeral expenses when the time comes.

AAA was easy to deal with and prompt with the term life insurance payout for the policy owned by my recently-deceased husband, John. They were more than willing to directly deposit the payout amount in my checking account for faster service. I was pleasantly surprised, also, to read in the policy (on practically the last page) that a surviving spouse that is the beneficiary of a term life insurance policy for their deceased spouse is entitled to a free lifetime AAA membership if they apply within 180 days of their spouse's death. I feel confident about the term life policy I have on my own life, and AAA Life's prompt response to my claim has helped a family friend make his decision to buy a term life policy on his own life.

Very poor customer service. Most agents extremely rude. Have been told they would call me back but never do. I called 3/24/17, 2 days after my mother's passing and they never called me back. Called again 4/8/17 and was told call back for claims dept. on Monday. Called Monday 4/10/17 and was told they would expedite my claim. Called back Tuesday April 11th and was told check processed and I should receive it by end of the week. Called back Thursday April 13th and was told another 7-10 days and I asked for supervisor who lied and said it takes 3 days for FedEx to pick up. FedEx says nothing scheduled for pick up. I demanded answers as to what the problem was.

Dan called me back and told me accounting has the check and will send it out Thursday April 13 via FedEx overnight air. Today, Friday, package still not scanned by FedEx. Called again and was greeted by yet another very rude person and immediately placed on hold. Dan called me back and this time he says the check was sent standard mail on Wednesday April 13th. It's ridiculous! My family members who are beneficiaries with Mutual of Omaha have already received their checks. What is the problem and why can't I get what is owed to me? Liars!!!

I paid on a term AAA policy for fifteen years, which expired when I was 75. This was for 25,000. At age 75 I was given the option of changing to a 10,000 permanent life for considerable more premium money. I took the offer and am now 79. I called today to check that everything was ok. Guess what. It was never changed. 25,000 policy lapsed when I was 75. No record of payments for the last 4 yrs. I always thought I was pretty sensible. Guess not.

I signed up for 31 day free trial AAA Life Insurance before looking for reviews on 4/16/2018. I then saw reviews and decided to cancel 30 days later. I called and attempted to cancel and was denied any confirmation number or e-mail. AAA had already charged my credit card on 4/25/2018 so I also sent a letter of revoke. As of today July 22 AAA has charged my account three times with only one credit. I have called this company five times and have my credit card now involved in this nightmare. I'll give this company a few more days with my only out left...cancel my credit card. STAY AWAY FROM AAA.

I opened a whole life policy by phone. I authorized one premium to be deducted from my account for the first payment but they debited two payments. I called and spoke to a representative who verified that AAA had withdrawn duplicate premiums and he told me he'd contact the billing department and have one payment credited back to me. After 5 days when I hadn't received the refund I called again. This time the representative said there was no record of AAA having drawn more than one payment and there was no notes on the account showing that I had ever spoken to another representative. It's not that an extra payment was drawn in error but that there is no record of the conversation with the first representative I spoke to who confirmed that I'd been overbilled. I am cancelling this account. I would not recommend doing business with this company.

I have only had contact with the company a few times with questions or concerns but overall very happy with the customer service and support. The agency has been available for any reason, question, or any other purpose anytime I have needed them. I hope when I pass that they are as respectful and helpful to my family as they have been for me.

I began buying life insurance from AAA Life Insurance Company more than 15 years ago and have always had confidence in them that when needed they would be there to meet my needs. I have converted from a term life policy to a whole life policy. When I called the 800 contact number to convert my policy the representative helped me to choose the right amount of coverage that I could afford at that time. Thanks to them. I feel better about leaving something behind to cover expenses after my death.

Had to deal with AAA to get a death benefit payout for my brother in law. My sister could no longer deal with AAA. They have lied, held up our death benefit, classified it incorrectly then fixed it. We have been 5 weeks on this and no money... It's really sad when you have a sudden death in a family and you are relying on life insurance to get by until you can get your head on straight to deal with stuff only to find you are starved out by your so called life insurance policy and AAA. I'd strongly suggest staying away from AAA for Life Insurance as to date we still have no monies. It's ludicrous and a damn shame to be squeezed out by your life insurance company, Shame on you AAA for your neglect.

We have been AAA members for over 33 yrs. When we got a promotional ad for LIFE insurance Term at a reasonable rate I signed up for it. That was Aug 2016. We never received any package with our policy and I didn't realize that until I was going through some files and saw that we had nothing for this insurance plan. When we called they said they'd sent it in August but sent us a new one. When I got it, I looked over the plan. We had 30 days back then to cancel, which I would've done immediately after reading the terms. It stated that for the 1st 2yrs. of the policy, the payout was only valid if it was an ACCIDENTAL DEATH. I didn't want ACCIDENTAL DEATH policy, this was advertised as a LIFE INSURANCE policy!!!

When we called to ask about that, they said we could cancel the policy and we'd only get around $300 of the $1300+ we'd paid into it. BUT that they could set us up with a different plan. Sorry AAA, I will be getting another plan but NOT with liars and cheats. This was not anywhere obviously stated on the original advertising. I trusted it to do what it said it would do, which is a LIFE insurance plan, because it was AAA. I'll never buy anything again from AAA and I'm considering cancelling my auto membership as well.

We purchased a $50,000 life insurance policy from AAA - soon after that my 50-year-old husband died of lung cancer. He did not smoke, and had never smoked! In January 2009, he had a physical. All was well. In March, he participated in my son's Eagle scout project - He died June 14, 2009. Only 4 weeks prior to his death - he began having problems. Because he had not had the policy 1 year, AAA launched an investigation getting medical records - they cited (honest!!!) his high cholesterol & a fatty cyst that had been removed a few years prior, saying we did not properly fill out application.

I reported it to the NC dept of insurance - and the quick response indicated to me they never investigated anything. $50,000 was not enough money to interest an attorney to take on a large company. So after multiple letters requesting they re-evaluate their decision, they issued my refund for premiums paid. That was that. Since that time, AAA has continued to send me offers to purchase their insurance. I have noticed they have changed their application questions. My husband was never sick, was in seemingly good health, had annual physicals, wellness visits etc. When he began having noticeable symptoms, his doctor thought he had gall bladder issues - but when they did a p. scan he was found to have cancer in all his organs. It was phenomenal in the worst way. AAA has made a terrible time in my life that much worse - as my husband had no other insurance. There was never anything in his medical records to indicate he may, might or could have cancer - never any questionable issues. Only factor was the policy was not in effect for the 1 year.

I really don't have much experience with AAA Life Insurance, other than I have money automatically deducted from my bank account on a monthly basis for my premium. Saying that, I've had no problems with AAA, other than not having success actually logging onto the website so I can see exactly what benefits I have available to me. I've had this policy for more than 20 years. I honestly can't say whether I would or would not recommend them, because I don't know enough, nor do I have enough information, to give an informed opinion. Suffice to say they are an established, reputable company.

I was quoted for 57 to 60 $ a month for life insurance, term policy. I had a telephone interview which was not supposed to happen and I gave urine and blood samples for the company. I can't login to receive the results of the test and I was denied the insurance at first because I had a driving history and now they are saying that I can't have it because of the lab results. I intend to obtain a lawyer because I feel discriminated against because I am disabled. I have further went back and applied for the same policy and now they want me to pay 100 and something, more than half of the quote I got from the salesman who called me. I am going to try and sue AAA for $250,000.00 for putting me through the process and denying me the opportunity to receive life insurance.

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