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AardvarkCompare Online Insurance Reviews

Very easy to maneuver.
Friendly,professional and quite knowledgeable & available to answer all questions
Jonathan was EXTREMELY helpful in guiding me in what terminology meant, and given my needs, what plan covered my bare minimum, but also what might be a little better should the worst happen. Would 100% recommend!
Agent was very nice to deal with. Hopefully I won't have to try to collect the insurance..
I was able to compare policies, and I was able to find an answer for any of my questions right on the site, as well as look at policy documents.
Easy process thanks to Sonia, she was great to work with. Prices very reasonable and nice to see that my granddaughter is free. Thanks Sonia
Talking with Jonathan Breeze was a pleasure. He is very knowledgeable on matters relating to trip insurance. He wanted to make sure we didn’t pay more than what was absolutely necessary and helped us research our other insurance medical coverages to choose the proper policy for our upcoming voyage to avoid duplication of benefits. No need to go elsewhere, this is the right place to buy your trip insurance.
Awesome experience!
Jonathan was extremely helpful and explained the choices. It gave me clarity and helped me chose the best policy for my needs Very good service!
Perfect on everything. Professional and courteous staff. Very informative, put any questions or concerns to rest. Thanks,
Johnathon was very helpful
Very helpful and considerate!
Jonathan is very accommodating and knowledgeable about the product. Any questions I asked he is ready to give me the answer. Thanks Jonathan. God bless.
Got back to me in less than 24 hours to answer my questions. Answered phone right away when I called to ask about 2 policies I was looking at. Explained them very well and recommended which policy would be the best for my upcoming trip to Africa. The person was very personable and helpful and I am totally satisfied with their service and their pricing,
Very happy with my experience dealing with this company. They are first rate and very helpful to explaln all options and coverages.
Great service! I have been traveling and advising travelers as a physician for years. I never knew it was this easy to be protected. I advise starting with live chat and then calling if particular questions arise. Their representative helped me make a wise decision.
Quick and easy, answered all my questions. Good coverage at an excellent price. Highly recommend.
Fast, complete and the best prices!
With so many travel insurance providers, it was nice having AardvarkCompare narrow down our choices to the top 13 after we inputed our basic info.
I shopped around for Travelers insurance and this company came out the best. They gave me quotes from over 10 different companies. I When I called they were very helpful and explained the policy's and their benefits so I was able to choose the best one for my needs. They also offered the most reasonable rates around.
Agent on chat called me quickly at my request to discuss exactly what I needed for trip insurance. Great listener, priced moderatley without duplication health insurance we both already have. I recommend this company and found it through a link on Costco.com.
Jonathan and Sonia where very helpful and easy to speak to.
Excellent service, prompt response and very helpful
These folks are very helpful with prompt and thorough responses. This includes email exchanges. I have found very good rates and currently focusing on one particular company that Aardvark compares, which offers reasonable rates and good pre-existing waivers.
Jonathan did such a wonderful job of explaining the type of policy that would work best for our situation. He explained information and made it very easy to understand. The policy we purchased was what we needed, along with giving us peace of mind. Honestly, this is the first time both of us felt like we truly understood what we were buying, and did not mind paying the amount! Thank you, Jonathan!
Excellent site with very helpful information to compare different kinds of travel insurance. I really had no idea about the various options and types of coverage, and AardvarkCompare made it easy to understand and select the right one for our needs. The chat support was great -- the representative was courteous, helpful and clear. I will definitely come back here the next time I need travel insurance!
Jonathan Breeze was exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable. He patiently guided me through my options and I made my purchase based on his no-pressure recommendations. Very good experience.
Easy purchasing experience.
I found the comparisons between different insurance companies more helpful than other websites.
quick, excellent service1
Fast response to questions! Excellent followup. Jonathan volunteered to sign me up over the phone so i didn't have to do it online. Very professional!!!
Sofia was clear and efficient in helping me understand the "Look Back" condition for my wife's recent therapy treatment as to how it would affect our coverage. Great job!! Richard Andrews
Travel is so confusing. I feel that I have made the correct decisions for my future cruises with the wonderful travel consultants at Aardvark.
I have not yet actually gone on the trip for which I purchased travel insurance. However, the experience of selecting and purchasing a plan has been very simple; the staff have been pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful with my questions.
Very easy to use and great customer service!
Customer service, something so sadly missing nowadays, is alive and well at Aardvark Compare. User friendly website, answers to all our questions by phone, multiple travel insurance company quotes for comparison and friendly/knowledgeable staff. What's not to love? Long story short, if you're looking for travel insurance for that next special trip (and we previously learned the HARD WAY that it's well worth it), spare yourself the aggravation and let Jonathan and his staff do the work for you. Almost forgot to mention- great prices on policies matched to the needs of each member in your party.
Very easy to use site and I looked at the top 10 policies and did a comparison in a few minutes. I purchased a plan within 5 minutes.
Jonathan was very knowledgeable and did not try to sell me anything. He explained all the benefits of the plan I wanted. He made the process easy.
Purchase of travel insurance was easy, hopefully I won’t need to use it, if so that it meets my needs!
So easy to choose a travel plan and purchase! Jonathan was so polite and professional when I called twice with questions. My confidence in Jonathan is 100% and likewise for company who insured me!
Sonia was very helpful in getting us the right coverage for our needs.would recommend this company to all my family.
Fast, easy and affordable.
Update: We did get contacted by both Jonathon and Sonia to resolve my concerns. They both called and e-mailed. They were most communicative and helpful and I was pleased with this follow up. I purchased Aardvark for an upcoming trip to Egypt and get daily e-mails asking me to go ahead and purchase after looking even though I had already purchased. I went into the site and attempted to manage my account using the Policy Number Provided and the system says no such policy. So I then contacted customer service and a week later no response. I got this survey so I could share my experience about a policy that the system says I do not have but my bank account says I do.
Useful information for seniors available, Site very easy to use. I'd recommend you.
Jonathan was very patient and kind. He is truly an asset to your business!
Jonathon was extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.
Jonathan called me right away and was very helpful.
Very computer friendly .Would recommend to our friends
Thank you Aardvark for actually helping with travel insurance for older people. Most companies just tell you about all of the exclusions. Your policies are practical and you've actually thought through what an older person actually needs. It was such a relief to find you. Your team was so easy to deal with and helpful! Even the CEO takes customer calls. I wish more companies cared about clients like Aardvark does! Thanks
Filters were easy to use to find the appropriate coverage. Overall, fast and painless way to get travel insurance.
I tried working with another compare web site and did not obtain what I was looking for and gave up. I am so glad I tried Aardvark one more time.
Very helpful, pleasant and accommodating agent. Lynne found me what I needed at an affordable price. She was recommended to be my a friend who was also very happy with the service and price she received. S. Vogel
The agent, Jonathon, was so helpful and knowledgeable - he made this very easy!
I was very impressed that I could get instant travel insurance quotes online. When I sent my questions to AardvarkCompare via email, Jonathan responded quickly, he explained everything in details and recommended a travel plan that suits for my needs. Thanks for your excellent service.
Excellent customer service!
Jonathan was very informative of different policies and only suggested the ones that fit our needs of travel. I will use this site again if i need this type of insurance in the future. He didn't try to push anything that i didn't need. Very knowledgeable on different policies. Have a great day. Diane
Good compare choices and great policies
Lynne was so efficient in finding the insurance coverage I needed. She was able to answer all my questions, which put me at ease. In just a few hours, I had the policy, with all the coverage I wanted, for my world cruise. I highly recommend this company. AAA+
Helpful. Gave lots of options. Quick response to my questions.
Very concise and clear in providing information needed. Website very easy to use especially doing comparisons and changing coverage.
It was fine. Just thought that the type was a little small and reading the policy was arduous.
Very helpful customer service answered all my questions.
Site easy and informative
Aardvark, and their on call or by chat staff, made choosing travel insurance pleasurable !! I had the best ever help line conversation. My travel companions who had different concerns were also guided to a good product for them. I will recommend this company.
Fantastic experience. I was able to speak to a real live person and she followed up with me. I wanted to purchase some unique products and she understood my requests, researched and offered some great options. I was able to get just what I was looking for at a great price. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good customer service.
too many inaccuracies. Aardvarkcompares needs to provide accurate information and comparison. ie those benefits as declared by insurance providers. it seems to me the link that says CERTIFICATE does not pull up the latest or all the necessary information. for example, in attempting to select a cancel for any reason policy, three options were returned. Travel LX; Worldwide Trip Protector Plus ; Travel Max: and though your comparison page indicates cancellation any reason, this differs from what is contained in the CERTIFICATE PDF from the providers. it would have been helpful to see the covered limits or percentages. Also several other benefit amounts listed in your comparison table differ from amounts found in the insurers table of scheduled benefits.
Very competitive pricing, great benefits, easy to use. Sonia was fantastic- a great help. This was the best coverage for a great price.
Easy tool for comparison & Lynne was great to work with and very helpful as well as pleasant to speak with.
Easy to work wit and answersd questions
Easy to use website, and good reviews and feedback on the policies.
I compared your prices against some of the big companies and found that your comments about higher prices and less coverage are completely correct. Thank you.
Easy to compare. easy acdcess to information
Jonathan was very helpful and answered all my questions.
Just bought travel insurance. Wasn't sure because of my age 75. I thought the Chat person was helpful and gave me great advice.
Saved me money quickly
Great site for comparing travel insurance.
Aardvark was pleasant and efficient from our first inquiry through our purchase of a travel insurance policy.
The webpage would not process my transaction. I emailed the person who sent me the quote and she was baffled as well. Told me to try another browser and get rid of cookies directed to your site. No luck still. Tried to call the phone number provided and waited atleast 10min two different times.
Everything is spelled out and in writing. Payment and confirmations received as soon as you opt for the plans.
This website offers concise comparisons and I was able to quickly find the one that best suited us, with a good price. My emails were responded to promptly including a follow up with helpful info. This was my first experience with Aardvark but probably be our primary solution for other trips.
Received an immediate call back and advise regarding purchase of Travel Medical Insurance. Selected a correctly priced policy. I assume AardvarkCompare only lists reputable companies, removing the risk of purchasing from a scam web-site. Hope we don't have to use this insurance product, or find this review is faulty.
Very easy to access multiple company pricing and coverage options online. I found all I needed to make a decision as to coverage/plan that best fit our budget and needs. After searching numerous companies on line, I wish I had checked with Aardvark (through AARP) first!
went above and beyond to assist us in the right plan
Good travel insurance experience The web search and comparison for trip insurance for our Alaska trip was clear, and a few timely followup emails with more context hit about the right balance without seeming spammy to me. The vendors and policies look solid to me, and we saved a lot compared with the travel agent's trip insurance offering.
Excellent service! They do need a toll free number listed on their website although I was called shortly after leaving a message on the web site that I could not get my call through.
Very nice chap. Called me back within minutes, very friendly, knowledgeable, and speedy.
decent treatment and very little friction.
easy to enroll and the cost was $250 less than what I was quoted by Mayflower tours.
Great prices and very easy navigation! We'll definitely use Aardvark again.
Sonia was very helpful in explaining the different options and helping me select the best plan.
Very helpful people that answered my questions easily.
Jonathan was extremely helpful and answered all our questions I immediately purchased coverage after speaking with him A+ Thank you ! Russ DeJulio Pittsburgh PA
Aardvark's staff was helpful and friendly. I appreciated being able to review several different policies with varying coverages and premiums on one screen. It made choosing the most appropriate policy easy..
Thank you for helping us choose the best travel insurance for our trip!
Sonia did a fantastic job of finding out what was important to us for our trip, and explaining the relative merits of the available alternatives. Jonathan was also extremely helpful. They were both very friendly, and made relevant documents available immediately so we could finalize our decision and secure the coverage we need.
Excellent customer service. Jonathan was very knowledgeable and able to provide a travel insurance policy that is perfect for my travel and medical insurance needs.
Customer Service man was fantastic; friendly and extremely helpful with a good sense of humor!