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My Rx consist of 2 simple generic pills. My total out pocket cost (no insurance) is 456.00 USD per year. My insurance for AARP United Health Care is over $700.00 per this year my co-pay increased by a factor of three. This company and the AARP are a total rip-off. The cost goes up about 10% per year and the copay is increased by a 2-300%.

It's hard to begin when you have so many complaints about one organization. I have been a member of this miserable organization for years yet I don't know any of the officers or how they were ever elected. I only know that this organization doesn't meet my needs & from the reviews I've read many others as well. The complaints that I have & others seem to cover the gamut of what this measly, powerless organization is supposed to offer you. Instead this huge group of people over 65 have to take what is offered. Their insurance through Hartford is an ugly joke. Their dental insurance is unlike any other. Generic drug prices continue to climb...... Our well informed organization only begins to ask its members months after this has happened. STOP PAYING YOUR DUES LIKE I HAVE DECIDED... THIS ORGANIZATION DOESN'T SPEAK FOR YOU.

I was told about Secure Horizons which has converted to the above. I had to wait almost a year in pain until I was able to access dental insurance, which is $33 a month. The first year it seemed to pay. The second year - mind you most of the dentists listed in their booklet do not take their insurance. I changed dentists because the Oral Surgeon I worked with appears to be too old to do the job. The person I went to demands payments the day of treatment, even though they are never able to quote you what you need to pay prior.

UHCare claims to have nothing to do with dental implant treatment - I took it to mean the bone graft I need - so the dentist suggested I wait until I get Delta Dental and go to the oral surgeon - it took me five dentists to find this one. This time I paid the monthly $33 dollar premium but did not have any work done until July - and with the $100 yearly premium I was charged the insurance did not pay. I will be dropping them.

My mother passed away on October 26, 2018. On the 29th of that month, I called to cancel her health insurance premium. They said it was too close to the end of the month and the premium would be taken out for October but after that it would be cancelled. They took the premium out the end of November. They said they didn't do it. The bank did but they would make sure it didn't happen again. I went to the bank and they said it was the insurance company. They then took it out again in December, again I called and I spoke to both AARP, who guaranteed it wasn't them, and referred me to United Health Care who again told me it was cancelled. I went to the bank again and drilled down and it was an authorization through AARP who said it was cancelled.

Today is February 2 and they have again taken the money out of my mother's account. To date they have taken $680 out of my mother's account and all I get is their assurance that they won't keep doing it. I am still awaiting my refund from last month. Don't give them access to your account, no matter what you do as I have not been able to get the madness to stop.

Complaint #1: I spent 2 hours and 10 minutes waiting to talk to a "licensed" customer care attendant (having been transferred twice from their Customer Care Phone number) so that I could change my supplement plan from F to N. It was the correct phone number and continued to thank me for my "patience" and "a representative will be with you shortly." I finally hung up just shortly before I threw the phone across the room. I had earlier needed to change my AARP Auto Insurance, but they seem to know how to do business. They electronically told me (1) how long it would take (10 minutes) and (2) gave me the opportunity to give them my phone number and they would return my call - and they did (11 minutes).

Complaint #2: By calling in last week, they told me that my rate for "Plan F" would be almost $40 cheaper than they have been charging me (I was "grandfathered" into that plan). Please tell me why my rates went up rather than down just because the company discontinued my plan and put me in Plan F (similar to what I had), but did not adjust my rates to Plan F. That also was true for my husband, so we have been paying nearly $80 per month more than we should have been paying for 2 years! And since my husband just passed his 71st birthday (I will be 71 in February), his rate will be $30 more than my rate since we are asking to change to Plan N. It will continue to be that different from now on because we are changing plans. We are very healthy so one would think they might want to keep us. This is crazy. I will be checking out other companies.

I have been on AARP United Healthcare for many years and have always been satisfied with the coverage, although having to pay $50 for seeing a specialist is hard, and I am a breast cancer survivor and all my doctors are specialists. However, now in 2015 they have added $55 to my premium, on top of my medicare deduction! This is a 50% increase in the premium! They have not decreased the other costs, still pay same co-pays and hospital amounts. They lowered Tier One drugs by $2, but raised Tier Two by $1. The only major change was in out-of-pocket, it went down to $5,900, but they had only increased it a few years ago, and took it back to the level it used to be.

Meanwhile, they are making money, as listed in their 2013 financial report. But I gain nothing for my added $55, and since I am on a fixed income, I cannot afford this. I have contacted my state senators; sent letter to AARP protesting the use of their name to this company, and sent letter to Medicare director asking why they are allowing this to happen.

I will not stay with them, will go back to traditional medicare if no other plan is available, even having to get Part D it will still be cheaper for me. In fact, paying the 20% co-pay for an office visit to a specialist will be cheaper for me than the $50 I have to pay now. Don't sign up for this plan, look for other options, you should not have to pay more than your medicare deduction for coverage. Or, just stay with Medicare.

This is apparently the only place to get a prescription supplement. But they won't let you delay payment -- it's not their policy. For Medicare folks, that's problematic. AARP doesn't deserve this govt. contract.

This company is impossible to contact. When I call the number on the back of my card I am put on hold. The time of hold is between 45 min to 1hr and 20 min, When I finally get thru, the customer service is pleasant and takes my question without hesitation. Then nothing is ever done. I have been receiving a medical bill for over $2,000 for over 7 months. When contacting them, I am put on hold for over an hour then the lack of service begins again. Very UNSATISFIED.

Based on my relocation to a new home in July of 2014, coverage with my previous healthcare provider no longer allowed me access to my primary care physician. Therefore, after exercising my due diligence reviewing available healthcare firms that would allow me to keep my primary care physician after a seven (7) year relationship, I chose AARP/United Healthcare after performing an exhaustive interview process. There were three key factors that drove this decision. First, that I would be able to continue working with my current primary physician. Second, that the current medications for my medical conditions would be covered by AARP/United Healthcare. And third, that I would have direct access to decision-makers that are empowered to listen and respond to patient concerns after initial contact with the "member services line" representatives did not resolve my patient issues/concerns.

The first factor was satisfied with my primary care physician continuing to provide medical services to me moving forward. The second factor regarding approved formulary medications has been completely altered by AARP/United Healthcare since acceptance into the plan. During my initial interview process with the AARP/United Healthcare representative, I specifically asked if certain medications that I have been taking for medical issues were covered by the AARP/United Healthcare Pharmacy Formulary list. I was told that the two medications I requested were on the approved formulary listing. The only caveat was that an upcoming set of changes from AARP/United Healthcare due in September may impact the current formulary list and that a notice would be forwarded to a patients defining the changes. However, at the time of my interview process, both medications would be approved.

My first prescription refill request for both medications in August were approved without incident. When the prescription was due for refill in September, my pharmacy notified me that one medication had been approved but the other medication was denied. When I contacted member services to question why the second medication was denied, I was told that a pre-authorization from my doctor was required. When I expressed my concern based on having been informed during my initial application process that both medications were on the approved formulary list, I was told that AARP/United Healthcare forwarded a notification in July to all patients that pre-authorizations were now required on certain medications.

Unfortunately, this notification was never mailed to me. The representative went through a lengthy process attempting to identify whether the right contact information was entered into their system. After an exhaustive search, it was confirmed that my contact information was indeed correct and that it was likely that the notification was never forwarded to me since my new member application was "in the transition phase" of their database entry process. As a result, I was told that my doctor was now required to complete a formulary exception form and "fax" it into the expedite line for approval consideration.

I was told the window for the expedite process would be 24 hours (keeping in mind that 48 hours had passed since the denial with no medication). When I called my doctor to confirm his completion and faxing of the formulary exception form, he stated it was sent to the expedite line as requested the night before. When I called the member services line to confirm receipt of the form by the pre-authorization group, they stated it was being processed and could not tell me how long the approval process would take at that point. I chose to call the pharmacy pre-authorization group directly and was then told that the preauthorization form had been denied due to a question that was not answered on the form.

This is the real point of contention for me in this entire process. Given all the circumstances involved with this request, I was adamant with the pre-authorization team that a simple phone call to the doctor asking for the answer to the unanswered question would have been the right thing to do rather than denying the request. A denial then requires an appeal that takes up to 30 days to process. This is absurd. Rather than trying to simplify the process for the patient and provide applicable solutions for both the patient and doctor, AARP/United Healthcare made the process much more difficult and time-consuming. Now we are in day 5 of the process and no medication has been approved nor will it be for another 30 days.

It is clear that AARP/United Healthcare is not concerned with patient needs. Since they began their austerity program in late 2013 to help increase their profitability at the expense of patient care, many services have been significantly reduced with access to available decision-makers empowered to address patient concerns in a timely manner no longer available to members. Now, the goal of the people answering the phone is to basically listen to the patient needs, concerns and problems and then tell you that "we take your needs and concerns very seriously." I have filed over 20 complaints since I began with AARP/United Healthcare and have received a response back on one.

When I have requested to speak with supervisors, I am told that they read all of the concerns/complaints that are raised with the phone people and respond back via mail. This is also absurd. I should be able to speak to a decision-maker of a company that takes my money each month without question. To run a business with phone individuals who perform patient interference for you and then eventually forward you a "canned" response about why they can't help is absolutely incredulous. After this baptism by fire over the past two months, I will be doing everything I can to leave AARP/United Healthcare and return to Medicare. I will not longer pay for "value-added services" that truly have no value and no service.

Signed up with AARP United Healthcare in May 2013 after moving to a new state where my previous insurer did not cover. I had the additional dental rider coverage on my insurance. I needed to get a cleaning and dental exam, so I went into my 2013 provider directory and found a dentist. I verified on the phone with the dentist that they took the plan and they confirmed they did.

Went for my cleaning and exam and needed to get a cap done. The office provided me with an estimate of what the insurance would pay and what my portion of the procedure would be. I had the cap done in June and a couple weeks ago I was sent a statement from United Healthcare that they weren't covering their portion of the procedure.

After calling the dental office they couldn't understand why, so I contacted United Healthcare. They began to tell me that the dentist was not in the network. Upon further review of the 2013 directory and a check of the dental providers listed on their website I again saw the dental address and phone number listed as a network dentist. When I asked the dental office about the name which was listed in the directory and on the website, she informed me that the dentist name was a dentist who died 2 years ago! The current dentist moved up to take over the practice after that dentist passed away. So I went back to United Healthcare and they could care less that the dentist they have listed died 2 years ago while the office and phone number is still listed as a covered dentist. They blamed the office for not notifying them of the change and continue to refuse payment on their covered portion which is over $300.

The AARP United Healthcare is the worst plan possible. The 2013 directory contained other outdated and wrong information in addition to my dental issue. They had doctors at addresses that moved several years ago, doctors classified as specialists when they were only family practice, and dead doctors listed as accepting new patients. Stay away from AARP United Healthcare at all costs!

I recently switched from an "Advantage Plan," to an AARP-D "Saver Plan," because I thought the coverage of my prescriptions was not enough. I also switched to an AARP-United Healthcare "F" plan, and pay $262 a month for the F plan and I thought signing up for their "Saver Plan," for which I pay $45 a month for, would help cover my medications better. Before I signed up for the Optum-D AARP "Saver Plan," I was told my medications, that I was taking we're covered, and once I signed up for this plan and it was officially active, two medications that I will was taking for years prior to this new D plan Optum- were denied! In fact, their "Welcome," package I received in the mail, which contains the formulary, had the medication that I will I was taking listed, shell cording to their own formulary my medication coverage, that is until they decided not to cover it!

They said I needed a prior authorization for the medications, and they denied an appeal because they said they did not receive adequate information from my physician about why I needed these medications, and did my doc to try other medications. Long story short my physicians don't have the time to sit down and write in detail all the medication that they had tried prior to this one! I actually did have one of my doctors call while I was sitting right there, and the person from Optmum, that he spoke to was absolutely useless! She said they were waiting on a decision about whether or not they will cover this medication! Why did I even need a prior authorization for medications that I've been taking for years, and why did they not listen to my doctor when he called to give them whatever information they needed?

That's because they do not care! I am locked in to their insurance until the next period where I can switch my Insurance Carrier, and they know that but they just don't care! What I am describing here is not a misunderstanding, and I am describing something that this company is doing that should be illegal, because it is unethical, and they signed me up with misleading information! I actually figured - let me pay $45 a month extra so I can get the best coverage possible, and this is worse coverage and insurance that I have ever had! This is very stressful for me, and I am on disability and I am 61 years old, and this company has no intention of doing the right thing by me or their customers! They only care about their bottom line!

It's hard to believe that a company like this, who in their advertising speak about how important their customers are to them, and how they want to be helpful, and they have been outright irresponsible, not helpful, and unethical! I will drop this insurance the first minute I have the opportunity to do so without some kind of penalty! I strongly suggest that you stay away from this company, because all you will get from it is grief! Read all the testimonies here, and you will see that what I'm saying is done over and over to other people, and they get away with it because the insurance companies have big money! I called again to speak with a supervisor and I asked her when will this decision, I was told, and my doctor was told, was needed, before anything can be done, and she told me 30 to 60 days, and it's already been a month and a half since I have gotten my last prescription!

I pay $262 a month for my F Medigap-United Healthcare-AARP plan, and an additional $45 for my part D-prescription drug plan-Optum, and I can't believe this is the way they treat someone that is paying $305 a month out of the pocket to them for this ridiculous-sub quality-healthcare! I paid into Medicare for decades and they are not doing me any favors! I have spent many hours on the phone trying to speak to someone that knows what they're doing, because that is another issue when it comes to their prescription plan! The people working in that department do not know what they are doing! I am so stressed, I even found my way here to complain about this major headache! I'm actually grateful that I have a forum that I can put this information out there, and if it helps somebody else great! Buyer Beware!

One week after the enrollment period ended, this insurance company notified this patient of a Part D copay change from $0/month to $2,500/month (Copay = $30,000/year). Too late to change companies. This patient has multiple sclerosis and a sweet, soft, little old lady voice. United health care reps consistently treated her rudely, disrespectfully and even abusively. They would not let her speak, much less communicate to resolve the problems. Due to United's abuse, she had to suddenly go off the multiple sclerosis meds against her doctor's orders and which she had taken for years. That caused a rapid deterioration.

I called target optical for an appointment. I told them I was an AARP member calling for the $45.00 eye exam appointment. I was told by a Dr assistant that the appointment would cost me $49.00, that they never had $45.00 appointments. AARP advertises eye exams up to $45.00 through Target. Dr office called other Target locations while I was on the phone with them and no one offered the $45.00 exams. AARP needs to change and update their web page and stop promoting business that do not offer what AARP promotes. Seniors depend on what is advertised through AARP.

First, if I could have an option to go much lower than a one I would!! AARP is not for seniors, they endorsed United Health for nothing but money and misled their endorsement of this corporation. (Personal opinion by experience with them). Was told by the person I called at AARP with a complaint that they are not in charge of the insurance! They will endorse something and don't back it! AARP was, again in my opinion, they promote themselves as for seniors, but my experience is completely different. United Health drop all doctors in a network I was set-up with specialists for several serious issues. Did they help. NO, offered to change to a new PCP and from there I could get new specialists. Where is the government in all of this? No guiding light from Medicare. Was told I would have to wait to change insurance until open enrollment. Thank you for taking care of the average citizens Uncle Sam.

My brother had been in the hospital for over a month, and I received a letter stating that he had 35 days, from the date of the letter, to make a payment or the coverage would be cancelled. After 14 days, he received another letter stating, "Since a payment had not been received, his coverage had been cancelled."

He was still within the 35 day time frame, and we already had sent a payment, which they signed for, but no payment was posted, and they refused to work with us on the phone.

I was with this company getting my rx coverage for close to ten years. Every year the reps seemed to always have an issue if you called to ask a question. As long as you didn't call to try and get something accomplished and send them their money they don't bother you. I asked to have my premiums taken out of my ssa check because I took in two of my grandchildren and could no longer keep up with sending the premiums by check. NOT ONLY DID THEY NOT DO IT THEY TERMINATED ME WITH A LETTER DATED NOV 1st notifying me I would be terminated Oct 31st??? I received the letter Nov 10th!! I called on the 3rd to see why my premiums were not being taken out of SSA by now and was told nothing I can do I am terminated! This company does not care about its consumers! They are rude and downright don't even do their required Job... But of course its not their fault.

I tried to have it reconsidered with help from the SSA but not even the SSA rep could get it through to Medicare what was going on. So now I am left with no rx coverage. Paid $688 for only two of my prescriptions, And now going without needed medication that I have taken for years. AARP PRESCRIPTION COVERAGE INSURED THROUGH UNITED HEALTHCARE IS NOT GOOD DRUG COVERAGE and I've wasted all this time paid them all the premium money for years but if you try and ask them to do their job forget it. They won't. I'm sure Ill have better coverage in 2016!

We chose the AARP United Health Care because we heard it was good. It's TERRIBLE. Prescription coverage is awful. It's only the end of February and we can't change plans until Dec. We will change it as soon as we can!

Three days after the closing window of being able to change insurance companies for Medicare supplemental Part C insurance they sent me a letter that they dropped SilverSneakers free health club membership. They phrased it like this: quote: "New Services Available Jan 1, 2019". Whereas instead it is a large reduction in Service. Now instead of free, we need to pay 50% of the regular membership fee. They claim they sent a letter two months prior, which I never got or noticed since if it was worded the same, I knew I can not upgrade, but can only choose a plan that is equal to or less than the one I have now. Which is the least expensive plan. So, there is no point in even looking at those "New Services".

How disingenuous can they be? Very. United Healthcare Insurance Company, sponsored by AARP, have been covering the few times I have needed coverage, and only denying coverage when the charges were coded incorrectly by the Doctor's office. But this really puts me off AARP for insurance of ANY kind. It looks like it was AARP and not United that dropped the Free membership to health clubs. A service that has helped me stay healthy and very fit, so that I've Not Needed insurance for drugs and diabetes, or any of the usual illnesses we get as we age in America. Now, thanks to AARP, & being low income, I cannot afford it. Another example of Corporations doing unilaterally things that only benefit them.

I called them on April 1st 2015 4:45 pm, and to see if I was approved to get teeth fixed and this lady got on, said "just one moment" then she got back on the phone and said "Yes and you have till April 21 to have all your teeth done, due to radiation." So she said "I would run and get them done soon as you can..." So next day I ran in to get 2 teeth in front fixed, the one in back broken off and 5 xrays... the receptionist asked and asked for 1 half hour to get the codes for my dental...

So I call the next day, they had no idea of who said that to me... Caused me so much stress cause this woman was a angel to tell me this great news, now she's a nightmare cause no one know, and no one is educated enough to help me. I have talk to supervisor "I had 5 x-ray" and they said it was covered but I found out I am not... what lies to people dreams to be shattered... They must be something out there cause I am screaming what I need to do or if I am responsible to pay. I want to cry... One Indian said this and the other 2 don't know what was said... fire this company please. Sincerely this place to be hit with a big fine... ASAP.

I added a dental rider in January 2015, went to my dentist, they said I had no coverage, called Unitedhealthcare, took them a month or two to correct but I had to pay out of pocket. Then when coverage was in effect, I got a root canal. The dentist did not trust United Healthcare so I paid out of pocket upfront and they filed the claim for me in April 2015. Contacted United Healthcare to verify claim receipt and they said they could not verify for 30 days.

Called in 30 days. They said no claim was filed so my dentist refiled and sent me a copy which I also filed by fax after a complicated process to get a FAX number. After I faxed it to them, I called them to confirm receipt. They would not even confirm that they received the fax of the claim from me. Dishonest scam artists who take your premium payments and refuse claims.

Do not sign up with this program. You will be sorry. Check out their ratings. They are rated 1.8. They jack up the prices about 30% or more every year. The deductible is very high, and their customer service is non-existent. With Medicare Part D the window to change to another plan is a very narrow, just between Oct - Dec. 7 each year. So if you don't switch at that time, you'll be stuck.

I got caught this year because I didn't receive any notice of the price increase, until they sent me the new bill on Dec. 12, after it was too late to change. I did make an appeal to Medicare, but it was denied. AARP claimed they sent me the info, however I did not receive it. I believe that a reputable company should send out several notifications, just to make sure that the information had been received in a timely manner. Obviously they don't want to do this.

When I tried to call them I ended up on hold for long periods of time, since they do not have enough customer service reps. Eventually they sent me a letter with supposed instructions to disenroll or switch, but it was denied. So why bother sending me that? It was just a runaround.

I tried to get AARP insurance and they are discriminating against me because I have the pre-existing of epilepsy which I have had since I was 5 years old and they are not supposed to do that. Everyone's supposed to have health insurance. Obama pass the bill and they know that I am a senior citizens. This is not the first time I've tried to get them but I wait a couple of years to go back and try it again and they still refuse to give it to me frankly and I can't get it. Something's wrong with that picture. They're going to pay for this. They base when I forget. They have parents too and karma is a **. Nothing good is going to come on today. They're going to get theirs in the long run. They always send me over to The Hartford insurance company and they turn me down because of what I have. They're not supposed to do that either.

Medicare part d - We had the enhanced til it went up. Switched to savers plan at $27 month. My was always taken out of checking. Husband's was from ss check. They stopped. Sent first month for husband & signed paper to draft account. No problem til June. This was Dec. In June, Walgreens notified us. He had no coverage due to non payment. No correspondence from AARP. Called & they drafted account for 4 months & said coverage would start August 1st. Had to pay full in July. Now, with new prescription, WG says, still no coverage. We try to call various numbers, and so does WG. No one available to help. We have customer ID. Bank statement. Still no ID card for either of us. I do have coverage.

Does AARP cut increase by 50% on a yearly basis as my premium? I thought this organization was to help senior citizens not sell them out to these vultures. The Hartford Insurance Company has increased my premiums by 50% the last three years. However, I am retired now and drive less than before. They told me it was because of my age. I either have to quit driving or die.

My wife and I recently signed up for the RX home delivery program. The fact that my wife was told there was no co-pay for her ** was a deciding factor in our decision to join the program. On Sept 9 2018, we ordered the ** and were surprised that our copay was about $465 for a 3 month supply. However we proceeded to place the order. On September 14, we had not received the ** and had only 2 days supply on hand. We called customer service and were shocked to find out that our order had been cancelled, the reason given that two requests for approval from our M.D. had not been answered.

We were not advised of the cancellation by phone, email or text and we find this totally unacceptable and improper handling of the situation. We therefore requested that our account be deactivated and the deactivation was confirmed by the OptumRX representative. We have notified United Health of the matter and look forward to hearing their response.

I lost Tricare for Life due to divorce. I have been trying to get a supplemental policy since October. A major issue has been that I don't know the exact date that Tricare coverage ended and can't get an appointment to find out until January of next year. UHC has been very difficult -- first in finding anyone who understood anything at all about the loss of Tricare and the difficulty of getting information once you are locked out of online sites. Second, getting the runaround about application process and information needed.

It has been a real hassle and they have taken until December 8 to let me know that they have withdrawn my application and I have to start over. This is ridiculous. If they had questions, as they seem to, they could have called me and asked or emailed me. Instead they sent a letter which I never received. Strangely, my experience applying for a UHC prescription drug plan has been entirely different and my application was promptly accepted although the very same issues existed!!!

I've been with AARP for a couple of years. The first year on my auto insurance renewal, my rate increased by over $10.00 a month. The reason they gave me was because of the type of car I drive. I drive a 2005 Ford Focus??? Then last week I checked on renters/owner mobile home insurance. The price was astronomical. I ask the agent if she gave me my AARP discount and was told yes. Years ago I had my renters insurance with the same company that's affiliate with AARP and my payments were about $22, now because they only have a combination package, which I don't need and I was quoted, right at $69.00 a month. So far every company associated with AARP have been higher cost. I don't need their membership anymore.

I am suffering with blood clots, which can be very dangerous. My doctor prescribed an anti-coagulant and United Healthcare Medicare Advantage insists on prior authorization that can take 72 hours for their permission. If I don't take the drug, I could easily suffer an embolism that will end my life. I can understand the need for an authorization on a controlled substance. They insist that a prescription from my doctor will not suffice as authorization. I do not write my own prescriptions. If a doctor does, why is this not considered authorization?

I have been on the phone for hours trying to get them to understand that my life is at stake and that the doctor called in the prescription to my pharmacy, but they won't budge. I could end up in the hospital emergency room, which will cost them a lot more than the cost of the drug, but they won't budge. The worst mistake I made was going with this terrible company. I will not be using them in 2014, but in the meantime, if I live through this fiasco, I have to deal with it. In the meantime, my blood pressure is going up and I'm nervous that a pill that can save me has to go through hoops.

Contacted both United Healthcare and Aetna regarding health insurance. Having a need for both supplemental and individual plans I asked for rates. I was told they cannot quote unless buying within 30 days. OK, understood this and when asked if present quotes could be sent to compare to other company's the representatives hung up on me!! I guess when you have AARP as a sponsor there is such a flood of applicants that customer courtesy isn't needed. Makes me want to give up my AARP membership.

I needed a referral for a doctor in my network. I called, was on the phone over half an hour, and they still could not provide me a referral. It took 3 more calls and more than a week before I could finally get a referral. And I pay a very high premium every month.

As a member of AARP, I bought the dental policy recommended by AARP. Delta Dental is the company AARP recommends. Delta Dental (AARP) delays payment and when asked to speak to someone in authority, access to a person of responsibility is denied. AARP's role is dishonest and complacent in cheating its members.

AARP RX Enhanced plan - This was an expensive RX plan (105.70/mo) which promised coverage in the donut hole. Not only was it costly every month, but also costly every prescription. We have spent thousands on out of pocket costs. We also receive about 12 lbs. of mail from AARP each week. Mostly advertisements and life insurance.

Now all my doctors are out of network. I've been a customer since 2005, close to ten years. So I guess this is my thanks for being a great customer, but ** you, right? Yeah, I'm pissed. Do you folks realizes how long it take to get a doctor that you trust and like? And for the doctor trust you and like you? No, I don't think you people get it. So, as soon as I can, I'm outta here, I'll never again use your ** company again. I've already got all the paper work, so so long there medicare complete so been real, been fun, but it damn sure hasn't been real fun. See ya.

The AARP Unitedhealthcare PPO is absolutely disgusting. After fighting with them about an October 2014 claim which I submitted directly, THREE TIMES, and was given all sorts of stories, I finally received my reimbursement today. 13 months later, now, I have another claim from August 27 this year that I have already submitted twice and still no reimbursement. I was on the phone with customer service for 52 minutes when I finally asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Waited for another 10 minutes on hold. No supervisor, they are the worst insurance company around.

I have had my plan since I got Medicare at 65 (I'm 78 now), and it has been great for me (expensive, $170/mo, but great). Except for that $170, my Medicare Premium, Part B Deductible, and prescriptions, I have never paid a penny more for Medical expenses, including surgery. I don't have to fear extreme poverty due to catastrophic medical expenses, as long as a procedure is covered by Medicare, this Supplement covers everything else for the procedure. I just make sure I let medical providers know that I only agree to procedures covered by Medicare. Plus, I can go to a gym with Silver Sneakers, for no further charge, to try and maintain my health. It has been right for me.

My husband was taken to Emergency Room. He was kept in the hospital for 2 days and a night. Much to our surprise, Medicare has a policy that a hospital can keep a patient for up to 72 hours as an outpatient without admitting them. Because of this outpatient status, Medicare Part A or B will not pay for the medication that was given while he was in the hospital as an outpatient. As a result, A or B will not pay for the medication. AARP MedicareRX has made it next to impossible to be reimbursed.

They have denied the claim because they said it was "self-administered". It was given intravenously! Then they said he didn't get preauthorization. It was given to him in the hospital and under emergency status! Do we stop a doctor from giving a medicine and say "WAIT"! you must get preauthorization? Lastly, they deny receiving the explanation/justification from the doctor and tell us now we have to file an appeal. It's been over 30 days since we requested the reimbursement of over $900. Now we have to file an appeal which will take who knows how long.

SHAME ON AARP for associating with United Healthcare. I made the huge mistake of signing my mother up for this insurance because AARP endorses it. My mother moved to another state and I began the process of signing her up in May and it is now July and I am still having horrible problems with this company. The insurance started on June 1st and she still does not have an identification card for this insurance! And what the representatives tell you on the phone is often exactly the opposite of what is printed in their "Welcome" book, including proper addresses to send information to them.

The book says all correspondence should go to Montgomeryville, PA. Not true! I have TWICE sent my Power of Attorney papers to that address for handling my 87 year old mother's affairs and they still claim they have not received it. When I called about this, the rep gave me a DIFFERENT ADDRESS for the P.O.A. And, lots of luck in trying to change an address with them. They did, of course, send us a bill, but they NEVER sent her an insurance ID card for the insurance.

I PAID the bill and they WILL NOT CONFIRM whether or not they have received the payment! This is considered "confidential." And, no one ever mentions the fact that you need a different card for the insurance and another card for drug coverage. I asked them to send HER an insurance identification card and they would not do it because I was asking them to do this instead of her asking for one. I requested a coupon payment book to be sent to her to keep up with her payments. NO DICE! SHE has to request it, not me! She is 87 years old and she CANNOT handle these things.

I cannot handle them now since they just can't seem to find the TWO Power of Attorney forms I have sent them. And these are the SMALLER problems I have had with them. The big problems I have had with them would fill a few chapters in a book and they are too complex to document here. It is SO OBVIOUS that AARP DOES NOT care who they associated themselves with. United Healthcare is a NIGHTMARE to deal with. Open enrollment cannot come fast enough for me so I can get rid of United Healthcare so I can sign my mother up with a company that doesn't LIE and where the employees KNOW what they are talking about. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

This are the worst health insurance company in usa for people on Social Security. Before I changed my plan from a better insurance than this I talk to a salesperson that talk they were better than the one I have at that time. I ask if I can have the same Doctor I have and he said "yes it's in list I got here." So I went and sign for.

When I have the card from the insurance there was no Doctor on. It said you need to pick a doctor. Call the service office they gave a Doctor I can see and where he was. I went there pick him as my Doctor and I find out that he gave me a shot that day and he was suppose to call first to see if the insurance authorise it. Now I end up paying $328.00 for the shot he gave me and for the visit. I have $5.00 copay. But they still charged me $328.00 Copay. What kind of insurance is this? I have made the worst mistake of my life by having an insurance that not. Here is My MEMBER ID **.

I contacted AARP Medicare Complete to inquire of the changes in payments from $10.00 monthly to $49.00 monthly. I was told that I would be paying a late fee for the duration of my policy, which means health care wants me to pay them late fees until I die. This seems a way to get more money from older clients and get around the laws and profit from it. They charged me for part "D", $123.00 and now they want me to pay a jump of $30.

Looking at bank statement, I discovered my recently deceased mother paid a monthly insurance premium. Five times since November I've requested whatever forms are needed to discover exactly what this insurance covers. The form finally arrived six weeks later on January 6, 2016. This hospital indemnity insurance pays using a window of time going back 15 months. Mom was sick 15 months ago, but they have "conveniently" moved that window by delaying response time. After dealing with their "customer service", I believe this is intentional. They are a horrible company, which makes me wonder about ALL the companies used by AARP, and maybe even AARP itself. STAY AWAY FROM AARP INSURANCE!

This is a horrible dental plan because the customer service takes 40 plus minutes to reach anybody to ask a basic question. Also they keep you in the dark about how much the plan pays for different dental procedures. I was told when I go to a specialist like a periodontist that I won't know how much the plan pays and what I have to pay till after the bill is submitted. AARP is just one big scam deal to make seniors think they're getting a great discount. Also the AARP Spammed my email for months with every insurance company on the planet. My advice...look elsewhere where they have real customer service that can answer all your question.

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