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I opened a policy with AARP earlier this year and it has been nothing but headaches. Some reason they opened my policy under two different social security numbers. When I attempted to close out the wrong policy they told me it would be cancelled but only a fraction of the money could be returned to me instead of just cancelling out the policy and adding the money to my active policy.

I like everything about AARP Life Insurance. AARP is great. They have knowledgeable staff and they were very professional and helped me a lot. They had a lot of good information when I called and talked to them. They answered all my questions for me and walked me right through the process with no problems at all. They got me all set up in less than 2 days. The prices are great and I got exactly what I asked for that I didn't even need to shop around too much.

I enjoy how informative AARP is via email and text messages. Their financial department is mistake free and payments are steady to match the policy. AARP is unique in that the senior citizens enjoy their complimentary rewards... such as discounts and cutbacks. I will continue to be a lifelong member also because their customer relation is geared towards quality service vs quantity.

I purchased a NY Life whole life policy. It was a paid-up whole life policy based on market returns. The market failed and dividend did not support the policy. NY Life demanded more money. At the time I did not have the funds so I requested that they lower the face value. They said they would not do so. Because I could not support the policy I was forced to sell it. It had a cash value of about 22k. NY Life charged me a 10k surrender fee thus I netted 12k and they stole 10. I am suppressed that AARP would be involved with such an organization as NY Life. I urge you to read all of the fine print and preferably have your attorney review any contract you enter with NYL.

My husband had his policy since 2005. He was 2 days late for a payment for Sept of 2012. He died in May of 2016. This opened a Contestable policy. They have gone back to records from 2004, a dead doctor from 2009, an eye doctor, a consulted doctor. Items wrongly placed accidentally in my husband's med records. I was told 3 weeks ago again that we had passed. (They said it was cleared in August, and something else came up.) Still no check on the horizon. I also have this policy, and I fear for my children should I die suddenly. I have Never been late. But, they won't send me the proof he was ever late, though, I have asked for the payment details 6 times now.

I really feel this company is a ripoff. I have a 12 year old, a dead fridge, a failing heating system...and promises of money. I just need to be paid, to get the funeral bills paid...and be able to access HIS bank accounts. I need to write a book about the dog and do not when someone dies. DO NOT DEPEND ON THIS COMPANY.

Aarp is suppose to be such a great value. What a joke and they're just a bunch of clowns or should I say puppets. They try high pressure tactics. Never is going to work on me. You're wasting your time and postage soliciting me. Oh by the way I tell a lot of friends and neighbors that they should never do business with you clowns. Or should I say thieves. My take. GET LOST MORONS.

My mother passed away in July unexpectedly and unfortunately her life insurance fell under the 2 years or less clause and just like everyone else on here my brother and I kept getting the letters. We're reviewing, we have everything and then now wait we need some more stuff. We noticed there was about 2 letters a month. I also called a handful of times and got nowhere but decided to have faith and wait it out. My brother and I finally got a check yesterday about 6 and half months after our mother passed away and get this... It included interest as well. So I post this to let everyone know to hang in there and have faith. It sucks to lose a loved one and have to go through this but hopefully if you're reading this there'll be a light at the end of your tunnel and if for nothing else but for the fact that your loved one wanted you to have the money.

I have also submitted a claim to AARP after my husband's death in 2011. I have been given the same excuses as so many others on this site. They keep asking me to get more medical records submitted to them. I am quite perturbed about this action that they continue to display to me. I continue to fight to get what is due to my husband's efforts, of trying to make sure that I would not have to go through these hardships, especially after losing him so abruptly as I did. I will call them again to inquire about the claim on his policy. I read all of the misgivings that they have taken others through, as well after they had also lost their dear loved ones.

I think that this conglomerate needs to be brought down, so that they will stop lying to people that are already hurting. And they should not have to hurt financially as well. These people and I had faith that we could depend on them to do the right things for us with these claims, when we needed them to do so the most. It never pays to have profit in business or life in general if you are doing it through the hurting of your fellow man. If there is anyone that would like to pursue this company and make yourselves heard, please make it known to me on this website. If there is any attorney that would like to fight the good fight of justice for us all, please also let yourself be heard. Together we can all make a difference for ourselves and our loved ones who have been wronged.

The people I have talked to have been very friendly and supportive and have answered all of my questions without a problem. They are ready to assist you and have explained some questions that I had in detail so that now I understand what the policy contains. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for insurance.

My wife and I were under the understanding that the life insurance was guaranteed with no medical exam and no questions. My wife died 5 days before the 2 year and when it came down to it, they now refuse to pay saying she lied on her health questions. They state she would have been denied if they had known her health history.

With my insurance company AARP, there are a lot of features that I really like although I love most is that I do not always have to call in to speak with someone, I can access my account at any time of the day online and I love it. They are so very helpful for me and my family with pretty much everything that we need, they are so convenient and always willing to help and go way above and beyond my expectations. Overall my experience with AARP has been wonderful. They have not let me down since I have been using their service, they are perfect and I would not trade them for another company ever.

My husband filled out their form for $10,000. My husband went to the cardiologist and was taken off of all meds. except three that were a diminished dose from what he was taking. They used this appointment to refuse payment. He died 2 years of severe pneumonia that had nothing to do with his heart. They refunded the premiums we paid. Everyone should boycott AARP as paying up is not their agenda when someone dies. They put your money into a high interest account and when you have a million people paying into it every month and then they refuse to pay up on a death... $10,000 here $20,000 there... after you thought you would be covered and OK as that's why you were paying for the stupid insurance to begin with... for protection! Great rip off scheme... don't ya think?

Outstanding sign up. Customer service during the The process was quick and not too intrusive. The premiums are quite manageable for the coverage offered. I had resisted buying life insurance for a long time because I didn't think I could afford it, but the variety of plans offered made me comfortable with signing to. I'm glad that I did.

My wife was the secondary of 100% 15,000 thousand dollar insurance. He passes away and on her sister get the money not my wife because she was secondary. AARP are wrong. He was paying for both not one.

Filled out form requesting 10000 dollar final expense policy. 4 weeks later get information to call underwriters. I called number, told no agents available. Smelled a rat. Went online, found AARP- New York life are scamming seniors. They both need to be shut down or be investigated.

I filed the claim in April 2016 for Life Insurance for my husband. I receive regular letters always dated the 25th of each month that notifies me they are giving me status in accordance with the state law. This makes me believe that they have no intention on paying the claim. Called the customer service number and was told me that it's with the underwriters. This process could take a year to six months. I have canceled my policy with them. Do not want my son to have the same experience, should I passed unexpectedly.

This whole association between AARP and New York Life appears to be a conspiracy to scam senior citizens. The policy was grossly misrepresented and immediately upon sending me an email saying that I was approved they charges the premium without me ever seeing the policy (it arrived 2 weeks later). When I called they said that was "policy". When I requested cancellation which I have now done 3 times they refused to cancel unless I notify them in writing and refused to refund my $266 unless I send them a written request.

Once I send them a written request they will take at least 15 business days or more to give me a refund so, the entire process can take up to six weeks!!! This is just a ripoff and they are preying on the senior citizens. AARP does not answer emails and there is no way to call them. They did the same thing to me on my supplemental health insurance policy with United Healthcare. In less than six months they have raised my monthly premium of $115 by 20% and I have only had one claim for $8. Another ripoff by AARP.

The thing that I enjoy most about AARP is that they have the most comprehensive help and caring employees I've ever had. Every time I've had a dispute or a complaint, they would immediately take care of it, and send me on my merry way. If I had to choose between a different insurance company, I would stick with AARP. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

My mother passed away in Aug. 15, 2011. My family sent in all the required paperwork. They said they have gotten medical records that were sent. It's been 3 months and I still haven't heard anything from AARP.

I took out a life insurance policy with NYlife/AARP in 2005 on my mother and I paid on it until it gotten to $300.00 a month for a $50.000 policy. I paid the premiums until 2012 and she was not reinstated and I paid close to 8,000 dollars. I was the owner of the policy and beneficiary and they sent by wire transfer to my mother's account without my knowledge. She had no idea why? But never said anything. I hate this company. They ripped me off for a lot of money.

I would not rate them. Not even 1 star. The customer service and claims need to retire.

My mom had AARP Life insurance since 2002. She had always made her monthly payments for her $15,000 policy. Last year, my mom was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which means now she is on daily medications. In October of last year, the cost of the meds got to be too much so she missed her payment as well as the next 4 payments. Once Medicare took effect for her, my mom was able to catch up on her payments. We contacted AARP and were given the amount of money that was owed so that she could catch up. We wrote out a check and mailed it the same day.

About 2 weeks later, we got a letter in the mail asking my mom medical questions such as her BP and any medical conditions. My mom truthfully answered telling them that she is now diabetic and gave a list of medications along with her AC1 level. 1 month and about 8 phone calls later, we got another letter in the mail denying her for reinstatement due to history of diabetes. History? Where the hell was there a history of it? She was diagnosed in March of 2012!

When we called AARP to dispute it, my mother was shut down by a representative who told her she committed fraud. Are you kidding me? So who gets the $9,000 that my mother has paid into this policy because according to AARP, it will not be my mother?! We're calling a lawyer.

My sister took out a $50,000 life insurance policy through AARP New York Life. Effective date is January 2011. Unfortunately, we found her dead at home on October 20, 2011 in the bathtub. There was blood shed, some gashes, contusions, etc. She was taken for an autopsy by the coroner (they requested). According to that report, the primary cause of death was drowning (accidental). Other significant conditions contributing to but not result of death is combined drug intoxication. My sister went to the doctor on October 18th and had 2 shots (one in left and one in right buttocks). The band aids were still in place when we found her on the 20th.

The family feels that she died on October 18th as her cell phone record shows the last time she was in contact with someone was the 18th. According to AARP NY Life they are awaiting medical records from her doctor to check for pre-existing conditions as policy in force less than two years. How can drowning be considered a pre-existing condition? I feel that they are just holding this claim up for no good reason. Funeral expense is thus to be paid. I am considering contacting the Illinois Department of Insurance, and if I don't feel that I like what they have to say, I will contact an attorney.

They were very easy to work with over the phone. Required a few health questions & information about my doctors & health. This company made it easy for me to find a policy that fit within my budget and allowed me to have enough coverage that my final expenses would be paid and I wouldn't be a burden on my family. I would gladly recommend them to others that are of advancing age and on a fixed income.

My husband and I have had this insurance for five years and this is the second time the rates have gone up - this time, a whole $15.00. I suppose they will keep raising it until we can't afford it anymore and then we will cancel it. They know all about fixed incomes. If we cancel the insurance, we have nothing and will lose all the money we have put into it. They spend a ton of money on political issues. Why can't they afford to pay their claims and stop picking on seniors?

In 2000, we took out an AARP term life insurance policy on my husband. The premium was automatically debited from our checking account every quarter. In April of 2012, I realized that the debit hadn't occurred. Then when I checked our bank statements, it noted that the January debit hadn't been made either. I called NY Life only to be told they had mailed us three letters and left three voicemail messages notifying us it would be cancelled. Twelve years, I never a missed payment and suddenly we missed their six attempts to contact us! Absolutely ludicrous. They knew exactly what they were doing and enjoyed 12 years of premiums with no obligation to pay. I contacted Insurance Commission but they were satisfied with NY Life's lame response. So we are out in the cold. Over the years, my husband has been diagnosed with critical illnesses and cannot obtain life insurance. I would never buy anything ever again through AARP or NY Life. They are scammers.

My mom has had this insurance for several years now and only missed one payment, and that was almost two weeks before she passed away this year, but I've been told 4 times four different stories that "it's the fault of the funeral home" because they're still waiting for paperwork (but supposedly the funeral home said they'd already sent the paperwork several weeks ago). Why should it take so long and so many months to receive monies that are supposedly already there? I will NEVER, ever have anything to do with AARP ever again. PLEASE stay away from this corporation. This is crazy. P.S. If enough of us get together and complain loudly and fight this, maybe we could get some real changes here folks.

My father passed away on Oct 26, 2011 of lung cancer. At the time we took out the policy on Jan 2011, we did not know that he had cancer. He was diagnosed in July. I contacted Aarp and told them the situation and they stated don't worry about it they go by the time the policy was taken out. It is early Jan 2012 so I contacted Aarp and they stated they haven't gotten any medical records and I asked the lady if I could get them. She said sure and she proceeded to give me her fax number. I talked to them the next day after I sent her the records and she stated that the doctor's office had to send them. That isn't what she stated the day before. A little word of advice, if they start off hard to deal with, just go ahead and take it to your attorney. I wish this company didn't even exist considering reading all these complaints

I had AARP supplement insurance, for years I was paying $15.00 a month. In 2011 I had to go to the Hospital for 2 months in Hospital. AARP insurance was to pay me, so much money a day, I think it was $150.00, that I'm in the hospital. When I submitted my claim, it was declined. Then in 2013 I'm back in the hospital again 2 weeks. I submitted my claim again for a different case, it was decline again, SO it is all ** AND A SCAM. THEY JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY. So I told them to take a hike. They kept sending me letter and I throw them in the trash.

My husband bought into AARP Life Insurance for both of us 4 years ago. His payment was $179 and mine was $27=$206. That is $9,688 in on time monthly payments. As of Feb. 2014, AARP has raised his to $300 & mine to $40. What a greedy, power play. Perhaps if we worked as an AARP employee we could just slap another $1200 $3,600 of 2/14. AARP has notified us of an increase in our monthly rates to $340 so we dropped his policy with NO refund, no nothing except they have $10,000 of our hard earned money. Talk about dirty money, AARP is getting theirs the dirty way. Most people budget monthly expenses but our hands are tied and so is the money. I think AARP must have an additional meaning like Arrogant Association Ripping People off.

I, too, received $38 after making monthly payments for the past few years. My experience with AARP is that every time I made payment whether online, personal check or money order, they never received payment until a few months when, alas, I found the payment. Many times my bank account was overdrawn because AARP claimed they never received payment online and a month later they found the payment when I did not have the funds. I finally decided to cancel all insurance with them, sent them a registered letter, return receipt requested, and guess what? They never received it even though they signed the return receipt acknowledging receipt. I'm not sure if this is a game they play of never receiving letters or payments, or perhaps it is the city I live in, Philadelphia, but I will never deal with them!

One reason I joined AARP at 56 years old was to get a basic life insurance which, they deeply marketed to me. Even the basic insurance policy (say 10/25K) will be impossible for anyone to obtain if you have been prescribed any medication other than ** (maybe this also). Marketing done by them at their best and useless if you are seeking real help in the insurance area.

I have had an awesome experience with AARP. They have been helpful to me about letting me know what I was covered for and how much. They explained my policy to me thoroughly and let me know when something was to change or if a new deal came along that was better for my circumstances. I don't make a lot so letting me know these deals and having a lower price at the same time letting me know if something was to happen, my son would be taken care of is a peace of mind for me.. so thank you AARP for being an awesome insurance company.

I see why everyone is upset with AARP/NY life. They do not live up to what they’re suppose to do once your love ones passes on. I’ve been waiting six months to find out when or if my claim will be settle. They are a bunch scammers. That's why I am getting a lawyer because I hear they can continue to do this for months maybe years or just deny your claim. My family member did not lie on the application so I don't know what the fuss about pay out what you owe the family members. I’m glad we had a second policy to at least pay for the funeral. Good luck to others like me trying to get what our family leaves us. I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever sign up or recommend this company.

I had life insurance through AARP for at least a good 10 years. When I reached 61 my premiums went up and I was unable to afford that policy. I decided to drop that policy while considering different alternate ideas. I decided the best thing to do was to drop the amount of my policy and open a new one with AARP. In the meantime I was diagnosed with cancer which in fact has been treatable but I was denied a new policy because of this diagnosis. This is morally wrong. I have supported AARP for years and no they are not for the senior citizen but just another money profit organization. They should be ashamed.

My mother paid her insurance and when she passed away, AARP would not pay and that caused my family and I even more pain because we had to get the money together to bury her. It was the hardest time in my life. There is more to this story about how they treated me like they could care less about my mother. They were rude. It was sad. I don't believe it when they say there's a policy for any condition because when someone passes away, they say, "Oh your mother didn't have that policy."

What AARP is doing to our families is a disgrace before God and this nation. They need to be stopped. An attorney should be looking into this for a class action lawsuit. Now, I will speak with the Senator's office next week and the Attorney General's Office. Maybe they will never pay me but maybe I can save someone else's mother and father from being ripped off. Let's be a voice for each other. What AARP is doing is wrong in so many ways.

As a man I am absolutely offended when the Wife in the commercial says to husband "honey we need to talk". To which he responds "I took out the trash". How stereotypical and how demeaning to a man to feel an immediate response is to go on the defensive to an outdated man chore.

I called in to change how we paid our bill. I gave them our new account and they took out a payment out at that time, the next day they took a scheduled payment and it resulted in an overdraft of my account and I was charged a $35.00 fee. I did not authorize them to make a payment when I called in to set up a new account to make the payment from. They will not pay my overdraft, they said that it is not their fault.

A year ago (around January 2014), I was offered term life insurance by AARP. I was told that it would be cheaper to buy or get the insurance at that time because I was 59 years old (rate is from 54-59). So, I accepted the offer and mailed the application. I started paying my monthly premium February 2014. Today, January 29, 2015, I received a letter from AARP informing me that my premium will increase effective Feb. 21, 2015.

I called AARP to inquire about this increase and I was told that starting at the age of 60 (every 5 years) rates increase. I told the representative that I got my insurance when I was 59, so why increased it a year after, and not when I reach the age of 64. Again, I was told that it works that way (increase in 5 year increment) and I cannot do anything about it. I feel so strongly, that I've been tricked (and I bet a lot of people too). Someone should investigate this organization. They are fooling the people, especially the senior citizens.

Please be aware of the 2-year clause in your policy: "Except for nonpayment of PREMIUMS, WE cannot contest the validity of YOUR insurance or reinstated insurance after it has been in force for two years during YOUR lifetime from (1) the INSURANCE DATE, and (2) the date the insurance is reinstated, if applicable. To contest, WE will only rely upon written statements signed by YOU in applying for such insurance. A copy of all statements must be furnished to YOU or to YOUR beneficiary. Such statements are representations, not warranties."

My husband got this policy last October when he turned 75 because his other life insurance ended then. Early this year he got sick and died. Because the policy was less than 2 years old, it is AUTOMATICALLY contestable. I understood that and waited patiently while they gathered all of his medical records to review. He didn't die from any illness he had prior to this coverage and he was completely honest on his application. In less than a week it will be the 4th month anniversary of his death and they still haven't completed this claim. I call at least every 2 weeks and it's always "still being reviewed." I've seen his medical records and was able to review and understand them in less than an hour. They've had everything for 2 months. I just canceled my own insurance with them because I don't want my family to have to go through the same nightmare that I'm going through.

While I'm over here racking up interest on our CC's they are over there doing nothing. I don't know if they are going to deny it or what, but there's nothing I can do until they process it. This is absolutely horrible to do to anyone, let alone elderly people that are living on social security. My husband worked and was the income earner in our home and this is the only money (that we were SURE we could RELY on) to handle matters after his death. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT GET THIS LIFE INSURANCE.

We received from AARP/NYL an offer to "increase our Life Insurance coverage." They never mentioned that this was not an increase in the policy's face value but a sale of "Accidental Death insurance" which they don't even specify in their "Rider Certificate." We learned when we received a thank you letter for purchasing an "Accidental Death Insurance Policy."

My claim was finally resolved after I contacted AARP directly and filed a escalate case on my dad's delayed claim. New York Life Insurance is horrible and keeps telling me that his claim was under review with the underwriters for several months. It was cleared that there was no evidence that my dad was never sick before his policy was activated. If you guys are having this issue, contact AARP and file a complaint against their provider. Let them know what's going on and request assistance by setting an escalation. It took 10 days for New York Life Insurance to finally settle. We are relieved and can now move on. Good luck everyone.

I sent in the paperwork in May of 2010 and I have moved 2 times since and never received a penny from these people for my mother's insurance. I do not understand why people trust AARP. She had the medical reimbursement coverage and I sent in a copy of the medical bill. Not even a reply.

I just jumped in one, it takes a while for them to pay. Say I die before 2 years of start date they will only pay if it not suicide, and without 2 years passing they only will give back what I paid. Now every 5 years there is a 10 increase. I hate that.

My mother died April 6, 2015, four months before the two year window was up. She never went to the doctor other than the last 7 days of her life. Half in the hospital and the other half in hospice. However I understand that an insurance company needs to investigate. Considering she has no medical records other than that as of January 24, 2017 they still have not settled the claim. I called as of today and the final step of the manager to finalize this is still up in the air. They told me once it reaches the manager's office it should only take about three weeks. Now funny considering it has been in the manager's office since Dec. 2, 2015. They had no problem in getting 700 dollars a month from my mother on her policy but yet there is no justification in them not paying the claim on my mother. I feel my next step is to go to the insurance commissioner on this matter. It's not like they had binders and binders of medical records to go through for years just 7 days.

My father had life insurance with AARP for a few years, then got extremely sick from his illnesses and on top of that pneumonia too. However my father always paid his monthly payments of $65.00 give or take a couple of dollars. At the end stage, right before he died, he missed his last three payments because of his illnesses and the pneumonia. On January 6 his doctor called and told me that my dad wouldn't make it through the night. So I hurried to the hospital and asked my dad if there was anything I could do before he went. Weakly he tried to tell me by writing bonus a piece of paper that he want sure if he paid his life insurance. Since I'm a single mother to 6 kids, my father felt that at least he could do is leave me some money to help bury him and pay off any old or occurring debts. Therefore, I went to his house and found his mail and sure enough he had a stack of unpaid bills. I went to Moneygram that same day and made a payment for $194.00 which equaled 3 months. Unfortunately, Moneygram takes 24 hours before the payment goes through.

Finally, after my dad died on the 6th of January, I called a couple weeks later to file a claim and about a month later I received a letter saying that AARP was sorry to inform me that I wouldn't be able to receive my dad's payout for his life insurance since his premiums weren't paid until the day after the 6th. I called them several times to explain what happened and then finally someone from AARP told me to get a dr. note stating why my father couldn't make his payments. So, I did just that. I still didn't receive anything and it's been over 3 months without anything except a check for the payment I made for $194.00 for my dad's 3 missed payments. However, when I sent the documents from the his doctor, I returned those checks back to show them I don't agree.

My father passed away on 8/2014 - A week after him being buried the family filed a claim to collect on his burial life policy. After numerous calls requesting status of our claim, their claims dept seem to never receive any paperwork faxed. After numerous tries of getting them the documents we started having the doctor's office and funeral fax them over... Still nothing, never received. It's now 1/23/2015 and no payout, same excuse. Final call went into today. If nothing happens, I'm hiring an attorney. Please please do not USE AARP for anything. Horrible people.

I took out an insurance policy for my wife (AARP Life Ins thru NY Life), $10,000 and upgraded to $15,000 in Sep 2018. On November 8th, my lovely bride of 31 plus years passed away, less than 2 months after taking out the policy. Now, no one including me thought they would pay on the insurance. All contact with the company was professional... On 4 June I received the full amount plus interest and a refund of premiums paid after her death! Yes, I do recommend them to everyone!

AARP Term Life Policy - I want to cancel my policy and get the $14,000.00 that was supposed to be paid to my benefactors, who told me to cash it as they do not need the money and I needed the money. I have had this policy since 1996, paying a premium of $97.31 monthly. I was told I cannot cash this in and get my money. They want me to go to a permanent life policy of which I was told would start at payout of $2,000.00. I have paid in more than $14,000.00 over the years. So as far as I am concerned, I am out all my money. This is a scam type of insurance.

I have been wary of AARP for a very long time. I was 37 years old in 1998 and learned a lot. Back then, AARP had been fined $135 million for non-payment of taxes ($5,600,00 to go to the postal people). These people (AARP) have been ripping off seniors for years and it is quite foul. I live in a mobile home park and know a lot of seniors that have fallen for the TV ads. It's sick.

My mom passed away on 18 May 11 and she left me and my brother as the beneficiary. She has passed before her two-year anniversary date. Today is 01 Sept 11 and I still don't have the check. Based on what I have read, it says that they have to search her medical records. The thing that pisses me off worse than anything is that they took her payment out of her checking account faithfully every month. She was a hard working woman but cancer came and ate her up. Now, there are bills to pay and AARP is taking their sweet ** time to give us the checks. Two days? Are you kidding me? My other issue is that you should quit sending her junk mail to get her back with AARP. She is already in heaven. People, do your jobs because you took her money every month.

I am the beneficiary to my uncle's policy that New York Life Insurance is neglecting to pay because of a two year clause. Death has no set date. If that is the case we all will know about when we are going to leave here but we don't, only our maker knows. My problem arises when the mortician needs to be paid. I am a single mother who put her uncle away with hopes that the insurance would pay up but they haven't after seven weeks.

They are great. It's something that me and my husband can afford but we are not looking forward to cashing in on the product. We have recommended this product to others our age so they can look out for their loved ones.

My premium went up $200. NO driving violation at all. I called the JOKER, tells me they had a lot of claims this year and insurance is a pool so I have to pay more. I told the JOKER I'm not paying for someone else's bad driving. So I found the same ins for $400 less.

1/5/15 I called the 18003198021 to make a premium payment on my life insurance policy (**). The first representative(?) became very rude and harassing. The second representative(?) hung up on me. Finally the 3 representative got me to a manager(?) who then sent me to 2 others where I finally made my payment. Where is this going????????

I have found that working with the AARP (which my policy is actually New York Life) that they are extremely helpful and take the time to review my needs as a person. As I get older, they are in contact to give me more information on what is, or might be necessary, to help if something happens to me. I also purchased another policy directly from New York Life for additional benefits which I have carried for two years now. They are a great company and AARP spends a great deal of time helping people in my position.

Great customer service! Representatives are very nice and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure all my questions and/or issues are settled completely.

I continually receive requests to increase my life insurance. They state "without significantly increasing your monthly premium". At what point is a 165% increase not a significant amount. From $102.93 to $265.99 per month for $24000.00 more in insurance. Seems wrong to me.

I was really thinking about signing up but after reading reviews FORGET IT. Sounds like the only ones giving good reviews are still alive lol. Family members of deceased members ARE NOT GETTING PAID AS PROMISED! So the living members will not know the encounter awaiting their family after their demise??? No thanks.

LATELY!!! I noticed how many people has been scammed (without knowing how to recover their stolen goods) by AARP including me and is time to get them investigated of how they are screwing people. And for them to start paying back, they think they are like the IRS - impenetrable. I used to keeping them in a pedestal, but no idea what happened. I am thinking they lost lots of people/clientele (may be the Republican ones) and they want the remained ones to pay for their lifestyle. Now they are even using for senior citizen the non-mandatory Commissioner, Minority Report that said that if you get bad credit you have the necessity to fake/create claims??? TO SENIOR CITIZEN???

I was informed by one of their rude employees... that because the "Minority Report" by the commissioner standards that they have to abide by... NOT TRUE!!! It's not mandatory and it should not be applied to seniors (this is to car insurance) - REASON why they increase my insurance 1/3 more... So let get people together and reunited for an investigation so they paid back all they owe to the people they rip off. So when you do this, do not forget to let me know... I believe it's a matter of time.

They keep you update on all your insurance they also bring to better policy. Keep everything up to date, and have a good price. They offer any new insurance that is out. They check with you on a monthly basis. I have been with them for 5 year, they notify you about each age bracket that you before it up with way you could go on your life insurance. They call to make sure you're happy with your insurance.

Glad that I have insurance. But the cost is high because of my age. Least I can leave my girls a little something. I would like it more if my payments were lower and did not go up every 5 years. It's from AARP through New York Life and it will help older people so that is a good thing. Their customer service people are very helpful and really listen to your questions and concerns. I like what AARP offers in deals. I have saved a lot of money by being a member.

My aunt died suddenly after an operation in Lakeland, FL from complications from surgery. She has an AARP policy that the company is refusing to honor because she has had the policy less than 2 years. We all thought that this was a reputable company but have since learned that it is their practice to refuse to pay. My family was devastated by the loss of my aunt and to add insult to injury, AARP is refusing to pay the policy. They so graciously offered to give back some of the premiums that she paid. How can the state of Florida allow these people to operate here? I am cancelling my personal memberships and telling everyone I know about this rip off.

My mom had a policy with AARP and she passed away within 2 years of taking out their policy. Now we are 6 months past her death and AARP wants the beneficiaries to "prove" she did not have an existing condition. No one should use them for any need.

I wished I had saw these reports last year before we got into AARP New York Life. Now I need to find Life insurance for me and my family. I have been out of 100s of dollars already trying to keep the payments up. Somehow they keep saying I am a month behind when but we need Life insurance so I tried to keep it going but now we had a crisis in finances and I did get behind. Now they sent a letter saying all of our policies have lapsed. We don't have the funds to catch it up now but since I see these reports, I will be searching for insurance in my hometown and pray they are Legitimate. Thank you all for your Reports. This really help others especially the Seniors.

After reading the complaints/reviews on this site, I really became worried about my mother’s policy. Her contract began in 2005. She answered all the questions honestly. In 2005 along with the 2 previous years, she was in excellent health. It was like pulling teeth to even get her to go see a doctor. At that point in her life. flash forward to 2010 and sadly my mother has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. It is terminal and we are in the final stages. Looking through all her papers to make sure everything is in order I came across her policy. I was a bit surprised to see it. She said she got it to help out with final expenses. I thought it was so sweet but noted one thing.

She had not mentioned on her application that she had been told she probably had Post Polio Syndrome. The truth is my mom to date has never been clinically defined as having PPS as there have never been any emergency health complications in relation to it. I wondered if not providing this information would nullify her contract. Add to the fact, I did some googling and read some of these horror stories and pretty much assumed the worst. The one thing I also checked on was that there really isn't even a mention of it on any of her medical records nor is PPS considered fatal but we wanted to be honest so I gave AARP a call.

I was very honest and explained the situation. The costumer representative was a bit surprised I was offering this information but she made a note and emailed the information to an underwriter. Her biggest concern was not full disclosure at the time the contract began but I explained there really was full disclosure. She had no medical problems back then nor did she have any medical professional define her as having PPS during any exams in her entire adult life to the date of the 2005 contract. The costumer representative was very kind and said we'd hear back from the underwriter within 24 hours. We heard nothing and I called the following day.

The second costumer representative was a bit different. Again, they were also shocked. I was concerned about this issue before a policy holder has passed and he said don't worry about it. I wasn't worried. I was concerned if the contract was void so there is no need for her to continue monthly payments up until her death. At that point, it would have been tacky to let her pay knowing it would not be honored after her death. Again, reading these posts here pretty much convinced me things weren't going to work out well and in a way, it was best to know now instead of possibly being surprised after her death and trying to get the benefits. Now get ready for the final outcome.

As of this date, I have nothing but high praise of AARP. Today, we received a letter thanking us for our honesty. After noting the PPS information on the contract they are willing to let the contract stand as is. My sweet mother wept with joy today, as she wanted so much to make sure she could leave a little something after her passing. I am truly sorry for those that have encountered horrible situations with this company but thus far I have zero complaints. I do want to point out that it appears many of the complaints seem to be about newer policy holders and I would think there would be an understanding that if the deceased was under the 2-year situation, you would understand why they have to check every thing out.

To those who may have had multiple health issues that weren't addressed that may have been hard to acquire insurance some place else my advice would have been to please be honest. You may be surprised what they will allow but don't be offended if you are rejected or pay a higher premium. So to those like me who are reading some of these complaints and getting a little worried, rest assured not everyone feels jerked around by this company and if you are worried give them a call now rather than later.

AARP Life Insurance is always reliable and keep me up to date. They are always able to answer all my questions and are very friendly. I believe they are running this business the way a life insurance company should be ran and I'm very pleased. However, price is a little steep and I would definitely love to see lower cost for insurance but other than that I am very satisfied as a customer. AARP Life Insurance is a very good company to have on my side, have always been there when I need them and I definitely plan on sticking around for quite some time. I have also got many family members to join.

I have been with AARP FOR 3 years now, I just learned that if I was to cash my policy in with them I would get $16.94 back out of $1,584.00. Why? Because they said it's a Term Life insurance, not cash out insurance. I felt that with my age I needed to look into a Long Term Med. Insurance just in case I needed to be hospitalized in my older age. I would have that insurance to rely on. I'm 53 years old, I do have other Life insurance, When I turned 50 years old, AARP contact me. I have other insurance just in case my family needed it in the long run for me but, Woo, if I have just knew which insure I was buying into. People Make sure YOU look at all fine print when working with this Company. And also do you know it go up after every 5 years of aging. This is Crazy. Can't turn back with this one, because I will lose out. Next time I'll stick with United Insurance Company.

My mom passed away May 2nd 2015 and she had no type of insurance so my family and I had to borrow money just so the funeral home would put her out for visitations. It was extremely hard on us and my dad didn't want my sister and I to go through that again so he got burial insurance to make things easier on us when it was his time. Not realizing he would be gone 11 months later... Needless to say AARP didn't pay so once again my sister and I had to go through the same ** yet once again. Now they are saying they have to investigate and asking for medical records and court papers. Here we sit almost 7 months later and still haven't heard from them or received any money. They sure didn't seem to care to take his payment every month. This is ridiculous. AARP why don't you people put yourself in the family's place for once. Just pay up.

Too MANY times not being able to log into my actual Policy Account as I'm told "You must be a registered member". What a load of manure!! So I re-register! I am told "You already have a current account." I'm ready to blow a head gasket, but settle down as I don't know if they'll pay for my unexpected death!! Catch-22.

My grandmother passed away 6/26/2015. She has been dealing with AARP-NY Life for 3 years. As of 5/15/2015 she has been in and out the hospital due to becoming very ill. Therefore she was not able to make payments. My mom called this company to try to get everything situated and they said my grandmother's insurance has lapsed. Being as though my mom is her beneficiary she offered to pay so it will be reinstated. No luck! Terrible service and terrible customer service. Total balance due was just $40. Now they want to search for medical records.

Meanwhile my grandmother has not been set up for her proper burial. Ten days is not acceptable for them to review her claim. From what I am getting from AARP-NY Life is that they don't care about the customers. They don't care what happens to loved ones after the passing of their customers. If I could put no stars I would! I will not recommend this company to anyone who needs life insurance. Matter of fact anyone I come across will know of the suffering that AARP-NY Life has put us through.

The policy was affordable at a time when I needed it affordable and available for my age group. The paperwork involved was easy and painless to fill out and the material provided was understandable and clear for an elderly person such as myself. It also was not overbearingly time consuming. But they could have features such as increasing the amount of policy coverage at cheaper affordable rates for baby boomers. And at times they should offer additional coverage at present rates individuals are paying for. Other than that, my experience has been pleasant.

After 7 yrs. of paying premiums on time, never late, I received a letter from the "CEO" stating that my policy was cancelled due to my turning age 60. I called and was reassured that I still had my policy but my rates would increase as I was on a new "Tier". They kept trying to get me to exchange my term policy to whole life which would cost me almost 200.00 per month!!! I was upset that the whole life was not offered to me initially as I would have accepted the whole life... 7 years ago! I agree with everyone else, I trusted AARP but now I see that this policy is a scam for us older individuals and now I'm wondering if I should keep IT because of the reviews, they might not pay my kids and husband if I passed away!

I advise EVERYONE... DON'T GET NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE THRU AARP!!! Now, I think I will cancel my AARP membership. I trusted them and now my trust has been lost. AARP should be ashamed to have this company representing them. I'm embarrassed that I fell for their scheme. I know that there are a lot of seniors in the same boat that I am. What do you do after having paid this company premiums for 7 years??! Just what I am doing. Warn others and try to locate a good company that will treat you fairly. My next step is to the New York Insurance Commissioner because of the blatant misrepresentation that this company has done to seniors. Take my advice. Run as fast as you can from this company!!!

I have no clue why I keep giving this organization my money. Everything I need or want is denied. Healthcare, rentals, life insurance and more. The answer I get time after time is "You're not 65". If that is the case why the heck do you accept people at 50 and deny benefits? Everyone who is not 65 or older do not join! What a friggin ripoff. They will take all the money you are willing to give, but god forbid to get one benefit if you are younger than 65. WASTE OF TIME AND MY MONEY!!!

They advertise guaranteed coverage and denied my coverage because of my health history that they located from old form. They do not have guaranteed coverage!!! False advertising is what I think this is.

The membership department of AARP is a total disgrace. My mother passed away over 1-1/2 years ago. Upon her death, AARP was notified within a couple of weeks; however, I continue to receive billing and renewal information from the company. Each time a notice was received, I returned with a note on the billing that she had passed away. Apparently, the staff of this department is totally incapable of reading and updating records; or, which I tend to believe is that they don't care. This is an agency that is supposed to have the best interest of seniors; however, their inattention to detail show just the opposite. The amount of money spent by this agency to send these notifications is a waste; and I consider it harassment. The cost of redundant mailings could be put to real use by helping seniors. Another concern, if one notices on the billings/membership renewals there is no way to contact AARP.

I was only able to submit my concern by finding a number online. There are a lot of people who do not have internet access. Today, after I spoke with an agent, Kayla, she assured me that the mailings would cease. I shall see. I hope it does; because each month when these are received by me, addressed to my, mother, my stress level increases due to the frustration of AARP not addressing my multiple requests to discontinue these mailings. The agent advised that they had never received the notifications that my mother was deceased. Not sure what they do when they are received; however, I know I have sent more than 1 dozen notifications. Not a company with which I wish to conduct business.

My mother passed away 8/2015, she had a brain hemorrhage which led to her having a stroke, she had a 30k policy thru AARP with NYL, I being the beneficiary submitted all paperwork, as of Jan 27, 2016 I have not heard from them, after I call I get a letter from claims with no signature, stating they are waiting on paperwork. It is now mid February I just contacted the insurance commissioner, because though she passed within the contestable period, it was no preexisting condition... And they keep asking for the same paperwork over and over, I would not insure my pet Maltese through this company. And I love him like one of my children. NOT RECOMMENDED.

My account it's an old one with them... but never D less... I was told that my last day for payment was on the 26th. And I have been trying since 8-9pm Orlando/Fl. time to make a payment not on the 26th but on the 25th, I tried to talk to someone... their animated system said... "You need to get in the web!!!" I did that... but to my surprise!!! I did not get any help... Then I contacted CLAIMS DEPT (for help)... supposed to be 24/7 as per their own advertising.

Nowhere to be found a person to talk to me... To receive my payment!!! Several times I tried but without any luck. What in the world is happening with this company??? They raise my insurance triple, it's because when I lost my job my credit went bad, no my safe driving records, no my over the limit driving but just my credit score went low, they are not supposed to do that because it is not a law...

But so, I barely Have the money that they increase... (I don't go nowhere if I do not have to) their system sucks, I did not GET A WAY TO PAY (their increases) (TODAY 1/25/2015 I wanted to pay but no one is there to take my payment or answer a call or message with you, nor even in the claim department!!!) my insurance. I will see what they are going to tell me tomorrow, and I will relate to You. I was shopping around, and I found BIG TIME BETTER DEAL, BUT SINCE I HAVE BEEN WITH THEM FOR SOOOO LONG I LET THEM TAKE THE BEST OF ME... I AM DONE WITH THIS!!!

In my middle 50's I researched auto insurance and home owners insurance and found that AARP was the most expensive out of about ten different agencies I checked. I constantly now in my 60's receive mail and offers from AARP and am not interested. I really wish they would stop sending me anymore offers.

My mother have a policy with them for 10,000. Her policy was 1 year and 7 months old. They have only three question that you have to answer on the application. I answer those question. I even wrote in that she had a heart attack 2 years ago. So that issue the policy a standard policy. I worked for an insurance company in the past. They ask you over 20 question about your medical history and before they issued you a policy they would check it out. But AARP don't do that. My mother pass month ago a heart attack. Now they say if they would have known this that they would have declined her. They never had no intention to pay on this policy. AARP is a fraud. They will collect all of your premium. Did when it time to pay off they come up with all of this about her when those wasn't any questions on the application so I won't recommend AARP to no one. They will not do you right. Yes they have consumer services. But when it time to pay they won't, so beware.

Please! AARP should have a certain time to pay the beneficiary off. They shouldn't be able to keep people’s money after their loved ones have paid for it. Please have someone to investigate AARP. The web is filled with their scams, from poor families that loved one struggled to pay AARP so their family members wouldn't have to beg others for help. AARP New York life insurance are doing the same thing to people that the big banks were doing with mortgages and student loan. Please! Help my son receive what is owed to him so he can pay the funeral home. I have written several letters in the past. My son is a twenty-four year old black male from Englewood in Chicago with a learning disability. His father felt that the least he could do is leave him some money to help bury him and pay off any old or occurring debts ** had so he could finish school. He just wanted ** to be independent.

Finally, after ** died in the November 2014, ** called to file a claim so he could pay for ** Service and about three weeks later, ** received a letter saying that AARP was sorry to inform him that his father’s policy was being investigated. ** sent AARP all the doctor information and documents, but they still haven't paid on the policy or service. ** has called AARP several times and they continue to say the policy is being investigated. We live in Chicago Ill on the South side of Chicago. ** lived on 63 and Indiana. ** would be afraid to catch the bus to make sure his father was ok. ** felt that he needed to take care of his sixty-four year old father if it took loosening his own life. ** taught ** how to survive on the streets of Chicago. But, ** also encouraged ** to move to another state. ** moved to Michigan and enrolled in street.

** was proud of **'s accomplishments. He sent ** money to help him along. Before ** died he taught ** how to be responsible and independent. ** left that policy for ** to use for school. Now AARP don't want to give it to him. I am writing you because as a mother living in the dangerous streets of Chicago, don’t want my son to drop out of school because of AARP of New York scam. I researched the internet and found that AARP is scamming hundreds of people out of their life insurance. That needs to be stopped. If people had monies, they wouldn't need a life insurance policy. Could you or someone on your staff help us not to be the next victim of AARP? They are robbing consumers just like the big banks did in the past. My son don't want the funeral home debt to be hanging over his head. ** is already grieving his father death had. Now he don't know how he will be able to pay the funeral home or finish school. Thanks.

The price is great for the amounts covered. It is whole life insurance, at first. It was easy to buy, and all my questions were answered by the literature they sent to me in the mail. Unfortunately, the rate goes up as you get older. They send you offers each time that you would get an increase (which is every 5 years) asking if you want to convert to Term Life for a lesser rate than your new one for whole life would be. They offer automatic debit monthly payment plans. If you don't have much money, it's a good way to be covered.

My mother passed away 5 days before a 2-year waiting period for her life insurance policy. She and my dad took out a small policy each of $5000 to cover their funeral. They were told they were getting the guaranteed life that AARP and NY Life advertise in the mail, email and on TV. What NY Life gave them was a group life and because my mom signed the paper, they now will not pay her life insurance -- leaving my dad to pay the funeral cost that he cannot afford.

I have read a lot of people who had the same problem. I feel that NY Life through AARP is pulling a bait and switch with the elderly knowing that they will not read the paper work that is sent to them because they told them it was the guaranteed life they were getting. My parents never received a copy of the insurance policy and I called 2 weeks before my mom passed away to ask for one. They never sent one. The day of her funeral, the funeral director told me that it was being contested. So we waited for 2 months.

We got a denial letter in the mail from them stating that my mother had things done by her doctor that canceled out her policy. I sent an appeal letter and with the second denial letter, we finally got a copy of the policy and found that they put them in a group policy instead. I feel they are taking these seniors for their money and won't help them in the long run.

I was in the insurance in March of 2006. Got cancelled the next month, they had me paying on a canceled policy. They took out another policy claim that I sign which I didn't. They never sent me any information saying I or my son was canceled and etc.

My dad purchased a small policy to pay for his burial. They make up reasons and forms that they need over and over to keep from paying. I will be canceling my insurance and calling whomever I need to make them pay this policy. Shame on them for being like this at the worst time possible

I am satisfied with my insurance company AARP. It fits my budget and protects my family. There are so many benefits to having this insurance and so many trustworthy products you gain access to for being a part of AARP. I would add to this insurance but I would not change it.

I applied for a $15,000 life insurance AARP Life Insurance through New York Life, and was denied because the underwriter called me and asked me questions concerning my health. She asked me if I had cancer and I said I had prostate cancer back in 07or 08. It's been a long time but it’s gone and has not shown his head anymore. If she needed proof I have and willing to prove it. The next thing I knew I get her letter from this underwriter, saying that I have been denied because I said to her that I had cancer. I did not say that.

I explained to her my situation. She made the decision to deny me insurance under false pretense. Is that right what someone that supposed to be fair to treat someone that needs and being honest about life insurance and a good customer. So I know there's nothing is going to be done about her but she is not God and she shouldn't lie on people. I'm African American and I believe she did it out of and I'm a member. I have auto and renters insurance with AARP. Ain't that a kick in the head.

I thought there would be a discount since I was aarp member but the home insurance and car insurance was the highest of all companies. I am so glad I read other reviews on their life insurance as I was getting it for my grandchildren. Thanks for posting those reviews.

I'm very sadden beyond words. My mom like most parents was excited when she got life insurance and like everyone else she paid her premium and unfortunately passed away. Thankfully we had family to help us pay for her funeral to give her the respect and dignity she deserved when AARP refused to pay the Funeral Home since they needed to investigate. As her child I decided to do some research and found this website along with others and I must admit that I am expecting me and my siblings to not get paid a dime since it appears AARP doesn't like paying up, even when you answer honestly to get the insurance. Who knew you could be healthy but had an emergency room visit a few years ago and they use that visit to deny your claim.

This company itself needs to be investigated and from what I see it needs to be shut down. It's adding more grief to families when they decide they don't want to pay because for example; Jeff had a breathing treatment a year ago although he was healthy, but AARP says if they had known that they would've denied his application. I'm just disgusted and hurt to be honest since I know my mom wouldn't want this, but it's ok my family is strong and we will be ok. I just hope other people take notes and go with another insurance company. AARP is what I consider an insurance company that "hustle" and for those who don't know what that means, it means they will basically say and do anything to get money and you to get their services even if it means stretching the truth. I'll update...

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