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AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance
AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance

AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I have no complaints so far with AARP United Healthcare (other than raising the monthly price about every 6 months). But I just received a letter saying they will not cover SILVER SNEAKERS anymore and offered 50% off gym price... That's way too expensive. The Silver Sneakers has been the only exercise I get and it's a healthy outlet to be with others to talk to exercise with and be treated nicely at the 24 hour gym. I'm sure going there keeps me healthy but now maybe I won't be so healthy because of AARP United Healthcare in January will no longer pay for it. Maybe I have to change insurance!!!

They terminated my coverage for no reason, went to pick up my medication at pharmacy and was told I have no Insurance. Called them and spoke to over 12 people for 7 hours in 2 days. I was told they mailed me a letter (I did not receive it) and that I live in another state. I do not live in another state, have been at the same address for 8 years and the same State for 30 years, Have all my mailings from AARP monthly statements. They claim they have a different address on file in Florida. I live in Kentucky, More or less called me a liar. Representatives said this was wrong but when they go back to the external dept. this person is not reinstating my policy, says I live in Florida!

I am being treating unjust for some kind of postal error, I have paid my premiums in full through December 2014. This manager is not kind and treated me like a second class citizen and all the while I am doing without my medication because the pharmacy wants $900 for it and AARP made a mistake and will not admit to it. I do not have $900 and I need my Plavix as well as other life altering medications. They will not give me a direct phone #, you get transferred over and over. I am at my wit's end. Please help.

I have AARP medicare complete by United Health Care. I am a senior 82. United healthcare sent a letter to me that as of Sept. 1st 2014 they are dropping my heart Dr., my eye Dr., my wife's cardiologist and bone Dr. Also many other doctors in the Kansas and Missouri area. When I called and asked why the answer was we want doctors we can work with. My question for them is why in the middle of the year when we can't enroll in a new plan. Then they have the nerve to call us to pick new doctor and don't have a list of available doctors. I would like to know why AARP endorses them.

My experience was quite mediocre but it fulfilled my needs. There were some bumps along the way that I believe could've been handled much better, however it was eventually resolved. The shipping of their product takes too long along with fixing mix ups cause a great deal of stress. Even so, reaching a customer service representative wasn't too difficult, which made my experience much better. The company seemed to want to help in any way it could with my stressful experience with them.

I agree that the service, or lack thereof has gone through a major decline. AS someone else noted, s/he noted that there had been a major decline in the service and the accuracy of their bills which they have been unable to correct. Have be inaccurate and unable to be corrected. No doubt, they are living on the float. The longer they hold the money, the longer they collect interest. Yes, the interest rate has been low but when you hold millions in the account it does amount to a considerable sum and their expect that no one will make a fuss about 7.95 so for the individual subscriber, it is a bother, but for the company it is a windfall. It does add up does it not?

AND, they clearly do attempt to defraud! Not only have they billed me for a month during which I was not a member, they're doing, due to poor accounting which I thought I had corrected but one hand apparently doesn't know or care what the other hand is doing. It is totally impossible to reach Medicare AARP bookkeeping by phone. I have tried three, maybe four times. Their answering machine goes in circles, transfers you to another answering machine which says it is to the right department and transfers you back to the original machine and then to someone else who transferred you originally. His name is Lance and I spoke to him twice during this merry go round.

But, That is not even my major complaint. The major complaint is that I was dropped from coverage from AARP Drug Rx because I had overlooked a bill. They said I could rejoin at the start of the new enrolment year, January 2018. Then they sent me questionnaire asking who had covered my Rx costs during the 3 months during which I had not been insured by them. Had I enroled in another drug plan, with whom and why was I dropped. I said I had been paying my own costs for the 3 months and that I should not be charged for LED which I translated as Late Enrolment D?

Yesterday, I receive a letter stating that my appeal was rejected and I must pay the penalty. Totally illogical. They dropped me. I did not quit. There is no appeal. And now they expect me to pay a penalty as a result of their decision. Quite a setup. They could look for excuses to drop people, require = them to wait a few months before re-enrolling and then change them a penalty for late enrolment, The more people they drop, the greater their income. This has got to be illegal. To punish members for something about which you, not they have control.

Now as to their overcharge. Was charged for an extra month when I enrolled again in January. I called and explained to the agent or agent/salesman. That I should be charged only for the period beginning January 1, 2018, when they ALLOWED me to re-enroll. He agreed and said he would correct the billing. It was still on the next bill l but thought it might take up to 2 months for corrections to go from one computer to another. In March, I again received an incorrect bill. Now, they have added interest on the overcharge. So many crooked ways to make money. As I said, It is impossible to get through to AARP by phone. I will investigate other insurance companies but if I can't find one, I can pay my own expenses which will be significantly lower if I use Canadian pharmacies and no longer have to pay for a plan and I might possibly be able to deduct these expenses.

It might come out even or maybe not. In any case, I will not be wasting time on the phone and will not be wiped off by THESE crooks. I don't recall if you rate pharmacies. But if you do, I will look to see that you give fair ratings. Many other subscribers appear to think you no longer do. P.S. At one time AARP was in charge of the programs and represented the public. I remember that they were suddenly bought by United Health. This appears to have been the point at which the service went downhill. I wonder if there was another bidder or was this a secret inside deal?

Looks like most of the complaints here are about AARP MedicareRX customer service. The AARP UnitedHealthCare plan is good (for the money). My experience indicates that they have two types of customer service representatives, those without a clue and those who simply lie to you. Since they are a call center (that may or may not be a third-party call center) that is not surprising. My recommendation: Never, ever believe what they tell you!!! Oh, and their online pharmacy is even worse than their customer non-service. This may be where the clueless customer service losers go if they can't cut it.

Seniors are on limited budgets but our supplemental insurance continued to increase. Silver Sneakers classes are the only exercise many of us are able to perform. It helps keep up moving and less likely to have more health issues. Bring back Silver Sneakers!

I just moved from one state to another - Tucson - and called their customer services to apply for the same medicare plan. A primary care physician was assigned. Later I checked out the physician - and was surprised to find that the physician was located in Mesa - 2 hours away. I called back - and this time they assigned a doctor that the first customer service person said was not taking new patients - and they said, definitely the doctor was accepting new patients. So after the call, I checked out the doctor. Oops - not a doctor - only a nurse practitioner. So I called a third time. This person said just wait until I get my card and then make the change. Period. However, I had done that in the other state - and found that I had to wait several weeks to a month for the change to take place before I could see my primary care physician. Seems to me I got 3 untrained agents. I consider their sales service has quality problems.

It covers all of the expenses that I have and I provides coverage for all of the extraneous expenses that I have. I have also provided it for my relative. I like everything about the company, particularly the things that are covered under the Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan. Everything is sufficient. Injuries pertaining to extraneous factors are covered under this supplemental insurance. Everything in the company works effectively in every way and I have never had any issues with anything.

The features that I really care for and admire about this company is that they will go far and well beyond whatever is needed to help the customer understand the exact product and services that they purchase. No other brand or company can offer this feature. But one feature that I would like to see changed is offering a cheaper startup price for first time applications. This feature should be well explained and understood by the consumer before they ever sign or finalize their policy. My overall experience with this brand is a very impressive one for the simple fact that this company is very customer driven and offers the very best in very high quality products and services that fit within any family's budget or financial planning.

I have been a customer of United Health for 10 years and have been completely happy with them. I like that I can choose my own doctor and don't have to have a referral and they have great customer service. I also like that they take care of all of the paperwork. But the downside is that the premiums are quite high and they get higher every year.

My Primary Care doctor and I are extremely dissatisfied with the inefficient bureaucracy of this company. I tried for 2 months to order 5 medicines through OptumRx home delivery, was sent page after page of denial and approval at the same time for my medications and I finally received 3 medications way after my due date and needed to make a weekend emergency call to my Primary care doctor since I had completely run out of my blood pressure medication waiting and waiting for my mail order.

I tried to take advantage of the OTC supplies, made many calls for the ordering form which I never got and could not activate an online order (I am very savvy). The Silver Sneaker program would cost $20 if I want to participate in water aerobics. I incurred a very painful colon infection and was prescribed a medication from my doctor which was more helpful and less damaging than **. It was my birthday. I had to argue with a stuck up pharmacist at OptumRx to allow me this medication for pain. He again asked me to have it authorized again by my physician and therefore I am stuck for 3 days without that very much needed medication to wait for the office to open Monday. My Primary care doctor, whom I trust and respect, told me that his office no longer deals with the inefficient paper war coming over his fax. I am really disgusted with the unknowledgeable employees who cannot even discuss common sense issues.

Website for: DOES NOT FUNCTION. I was encouraged to sign up for electronic communications and receipt of EOBs. Yet, when I logged into the above website using either Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer and try to view EOBs (or view information about my benefits) I get a "white screen." I called a "web specialist" and they said they are aware that the website has a problem and know about the white screen and have been trying to fix it for a "long time" and are getting similar complaints from others who are unable to access information on their site. I was told that they currently ONLY support browser version which are 5 years old (REALLY!) and do not support updated software.

I am told that I can not request paper versions of my EOBs because that must be done on the website. [But, I get a white screen and can not use the website. Oh, sorry!!! ] This situation is not acceptable. AARP/United Health Care is willing take my premiums but don't prioritize providing information to me after they get my funds!!!!! Arrrrgh! AARP should threaten to withdraw their trademark naming until UHC provides an acceptable service. Shame on United Health Care and AARP.

AARP is well known company that peope know of. I like the company and how well the company is doing with it all. It is a great place to be in business. It is a good brand of products it has with the company. It is great to some people and everyone likes it.

AARP is great to me and my husband. They are very patient and kind. They are knowledgeable and know it alls. They also send me my mail on time or any notices that I must know about come right to me at the right time. They are great when I call them as they are very helpful and always willing to answer any question. I like their app and website. I can get tons of information I need and want on there. I even get a free donut every morning with my coffee. They help me with other resources that I may need at my age. They are so nice at the call center and cares about your needs and not just rushing you off the phone. I appreciate them so much.

It is really good to have the company for the Medicare Supplemental Insurance. It is really helpful to have such one to be in need of them. They are charging less and continue good. I will continue to renew to the same company in future.

Called twice today, on hold over 2 hours. Tried computer system, they says I was registered but when I gave them my email address, they said I DID not exist.

I am a writer, and I have written a blog about my experience with AARP Medicare Complete HMO - it is below: I usually like to write about things I know about, but today isn’t one of those days. I am a moron when it comes to insurance, and I really don’t care to learn more about it. But, in order to get by in life without major headaches, we really do need to have a basic knowledge of insurance. Otherwise, you may get into a mess just like the one I am in right now.

Since 2014, I’ve had Medicare for my insurance because I am on disability for complex spinal problems. I usually buy additional Part D coverage for my prescriptions. But last year, I had particularly high medical bills, so I looked for secondary coverage to help cover expenses this year. I looked up plans available in my area, and during my research, I came across the AARP Medicare Complete HMO.

This plan sounded great! For just $89 per month, there are no co-pays for visits to your primary care physician and $25 co-pays for visits to specialist. In addition this plan has some dental and hearing coverage which I need. Prescription coverage was good for me too as it covered most of my medications. I was so happy when I signed up and breathed a sigh of relief thinking that my coverage was very much improved.

That feeling of confidence quickly faded into nothingness this week. I have had problems with my right knee for years, but this past weekend, I injured it somehow which led to searing pain in the front of my kneecap. I was barely able to walk. Stairs were particularly hard – I had to take them one stair at a time without bending my hurt knee. A day after the injury, I was unable to fully straighten my knee, and any attempt to bend it resulted in severe pain. I put ice on it and rested for about 1 1/2 days, and the symptoms improved, but the pain never fully went away.

This week, I made an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. **. I had seen him several times in the past about my hip and knee. He had even x-ray'd my knee previously and determined that I had chondromalacia in my right knee. Yesterday, I went to his office only to find out that since I was now in a HMO, I had to have a referral before I could see him. Ugh.

This morning, I had an appointment to see my primary care doctor, Dr. **. When I explained to her that I needed a referral, she looked confused. “But I thought you were on Medicare,” she said. I replied, “Yes, but I got additional insurance this year. It’s a HMO, and I guess I now need referrals to see specialists.” She looked confused and then told me that her office may not accept this new insurance. I was stunned. She left to check it out and came back without any further information. The billing manager for the office wasn’t there today, and she really couldn’t tell me if they would accept the new insurance or not, and she wasn’t sure if she could give the referral.

I went straight home, really angry and irritated by what I had just learned about this new insurance. Honestly, I have no idea how all this works. I don’t know all the specifics of how HMOs are run. I called United Healthcare and told the young lady on the other end of the phone that I was confused and irritated that I had been to two doctors, both of which could not treat my knee because of insurance issues. She explained that I still have Medicare, but it’s now all under United Healthcare. I’m still not exactly sure how it all works, but I did learn that I can’t go to any specialists without a referral. Everything has to go through a primary care doctor when insurance is a HMO.

At one point, she offered to give me a one-time referral while everything was being looked at regarding my primary care doctor. Well, it turns out that Dr. ** isn’t a preferred provider, so United Healthcare could not give a referral to that doctor. OK, so now my patience was running quite thin. Then I asked her to check and see if my spinal surgeon, Dr. **, was a preferred provider. This was of utmost importance to me as I had absolutely no intention of leaving him. After two failed spinal fusions, Dr. ** was able to successfully fuse my spine in 2012. He had been my trusted spinal doctor since that time, and I will not go to anyone else.

Well, it turns out that Dr. ** wasn’t a preferred provider either!! At that point, she said that one of the options was to discontinue this AARP plan and go back to original Medicare. I was confused… I thought we could only change plans during the open season (Oct – Dec). She said that I could still change it now, so I agreed with her, saying that if Dr. ** wasn’t in the plan, I had to leave. I asked her if I could get a Part D plan for prescription coverage, and she said yes. She put me on hold, and I waited for quite a while, but when she came back on the phone, she apologized for the wait and told me that she was going to get another lady on the phone who would be able to discontinue the plan. The call was transferred, and I began the discussion with the second lady.

This second lady proceeded to tell me that she could not discontinue the plan over the phone. WTH?? The first lady told me otherwise. Now I was really getting mad. She gave me a list of ways that I could discontinue, and I chose to do it online. She told me to go to and fill out the form on the site. After asking me a bunch of questions, she told me that I could get part D ONLY if they approve my request to discontinue the plan. WTH?? They might not approve it??

So, I asked the lady for clarification – “So, they may NOT approve my request to discontinue the plan?” Her answer was “yes”. At that point, I was so disgusted that I ended the call. I went to and did not find any form to discontinue the plan. I decided to send an e-mail that detailed why I was so disgusted with United Healthcare and this AARP plan. They have since sent a notice to me that a case had been opened.

This plan is awful. If I stay with this plan, I would basically have to start over. All the doctors that I have been going to for years and who know all the details of my health over the past ten years or so are not included in this HMO plan – ALL of them!! I would have to start over with all new doctors. In addition, the first spine doctor that I had screwed up my back. It wasn’t until I went to Dr. ** that my spine was finally stabilized. I am NOT willing to go to just any doctor…some doctor that some HMO says I can go to… to treat my complex spinal issues!! Beware of the AARP Medicare Complete HMO plan. It’s one thing if just ONE of my doctors wasn’t in the plan… but NONE of them are in the plan!! This should be a BIG RED FLAG to all those looking for good health coverage through AARP. Shame on you, AARP, for promoting this insurance plan!!

Update: I received an e-mail saying that they are forwarding my complaint to the Appeals and Grievance Department and that they would get back to me in 30 days. 30 DAYS!!! What about now? I have this knee pain and need to see my orthopedic doctor now!! But God forbid that they do their job and address this now… no, go on ahead and take 30 days… that’s no problem at all (obvious sarcasm). By the time they finish pushing around all the papers, it will probably be open season again. Pathetic!

I have had nothing but problems with AARP/UHC Medicare advantage since I became eligible for Medicare due to many health problems. I wanted to stay on Medicare A/B and find a really good secondary plan that covered everything Medicare did not including RX, Dental, Vision and so on. Well come to find out that is not the case or option at all for those under 65. If you are proven disabled by the US Government we should be allowed to get the same Medicare options and plans. NOT, the Healthcare administration along with our government leaders won't allow this. Your only option for Medicare (which mind you, you are still paying the monthly premium on for A & B) on social security disability is to be forced to use the Medicare advantage plans (some have premiums every month and some don't).

The creation of Medicare Advantage plans was the worst idea our leader's ever created, you are limited to what advantage plans are in your state and if you want to travel good luck on having any insurance coverage outside your state, Example I have coverage in my home state of Utah, No coverage at all in California or Nevada, But I do have coverage in Idaho as long as I use one of their approved towns (family that lives in Meridian - can't get medical help, go into Boise which is pretty much one in the same with Meridian, but I can only go to one hospital). What a load of crap they pull with all the advantage plans but AARP UHC/Medicare Advantage plan (all of them).

Not a single medication that I take is an approved drug and good luck trying to get it added to your plan, if you are lucky and they do add it for you, they put it in the highest level tier. Thank God I found GoodRx so I don't have to fight UHC or pay these horrible amounts of money to get my medications, I have the pharmacy run it through GoodRx instead and while they are still more money, I have never paid more than $25 on medications. AARP/UHC Medicare coverage of any sort, secondary, part D, Advantage is the most horrible insurance there is.

Thanks to Medicare advantage plans through AARP/UHC (my only choice in my state) just choose a new primary care provider for 2018 because they won't cover the one I have and because of them pulling this stunt, they are very much putting my life in danger. Tell me how is that okay!!! Stay away from any UHC plans Medicare or not unless you want the worst care you will ever receive.

This is a great plan that can't be beat. After announcing they were closing the plant we work in The union and company had an agreement to pick up any extra costs when the company went out of business in 1984 in our city. We pay only $400 apiece for the year out of pocket. My wife has Leukemia and the insurance coverage is great. They are still paying all but $5 of over $18,000 chemotherapy expenses per month for 15 years now.

AARP is a good and honest company that treats their members with respect and good service with a lot to be proud of. And I respect and appreciate them a lot. But there is a long wait time when I try to call them.

DO NOT BOTHER WITH AARP UHC! I started attempting to enroll in their Plan F Supplemental Medicare plan in November. Here it is January, and I just cancelled the plan, that I didn't get approved for until early in January. One day I spent 5 hours on the phone with a representative; my calls have been disconnected; and I've been given false information, or rather no information at all that might affect my decision for this insurance. I thought I was registered with them, at least 4 times, to only find out through ANOTHER letter, that there was a problem.

I finally chose a plan that would cost us approximately $120.00/month, and by some miracle was actually accepted for the plan. We received the plan, then the bill in the middle of January for approximately $380.00. When I called I found out that after they approved the plan, it was sent to underwriting (no one had explained this), and they had decided that they needed to raise the premium by 50% due to a health risk??? There had been heart surgery 6 years ago and everything was great with no further hospitalization within the last 2 years (really 6 years), they only wanted 2 years. Someone in underwriting decided that there was Cardiac Artery Disease to consider, and they raised our premium. However, if you do the math, our premium was raised over 75%? When I asked why, no one had an answer. It has been a NIGHTMARE dealing with this company. BEWARE.

My experience with AARP has been great. My family recommended this company to me and I am glad they did. Even though I would like to change the price, I love that AARP covers and meets all my needs. I never have to worry about my coverage with this insurance and I like that I don't need to pay high copays. I trust the company and would recommend it to someone else.

I feel sorry for anyone that is connected to AARP in any way; but, especially for those that have fallen for their United Health Care Plan. I've been with the plan for over 5 years. In Dec. I received a monthly bill for $29 per month due each month in 2015. I had never paid extra for my plan before. The billing was dated 12/07/14. I opened the bill some 3-4 days later. Does that date mean anything to you? It's the cut off date to change your policy. (This increase was "news" to me.) I have contacted anyone and everyone I can think of, to complain about this "new" policy. I have never had to pay a monthly bill (out of pocket) before.

Things that I have learned: Contact your states insurance commissioner for retired persons. There is an "opt out" period from Jan 6th to Feb 14th. In my State it's called "Shiba", or something like that. Get with a advocacy group (not an insurance "time share" sales person, that makes a sales commission), during this period, to go over your options for opting out of your current policy. Their advise and information is FREE. Never become involved with AARP. They are a marketing program, making their money by selling you something. (If they are a senior "advocacy" group, they have a strange way of showing it. This is not the result of "Obama Care." (That is unless Obama was President in 2005, when President Bush privatized Medicare). Please, get your facts straight. This has nothing to do with "Obama" and everything to do with corporate greed. The ability to bill insurance consumers (an additional, monthly, out of pocket expense), was already built into the revision of Medicare in 2005. As a consumer, you have a right, even an responsibility, to vote/protest with your wallet. Unfortunately, this is the only recourse we have.

AARP Medicare are pretty good and easy to work with. It can sometimes be hard to reach someone with questions, but you usually get an answer once you do. They are understanding and seem to have the goal of offering a product that meets their customers needs. They offer a lot of assistance in answering any questions you may have or understanding what coverage exists. Overall I have had a good experience with the company and will definitely consider staying with them in the future. But it would be nice if premiums could be lowered. Nothing is free but lower cost is always a plus.

We had a power outage. My husband got heat exhaustion and went to the hospital. When he came out, he was well but then started getting sicker, blood sugars going high, altered mental status and other symptoms of urinary tract infection. We made an appointment with a urologist, who then said it wasn't a UTI. I talked with his endocrinologist, who said it was almost certainly spoiled insulin. But because I didn't figure all this out by 7/16 (this was 7/17), UHI/AARP Rx carrier denied coverage of replacement of the insulin. My husband has, in addition to diabetes, Parkinson's Disease and Lewy Body Dementia. Figuring out what exactly is wrong with him is not easy. Sometimes, it takes a detective work. If I had been able to get a urologist's appointment one day earlier, the insurance carrier would have covered it. Instead, my call and appeal (by customer service rep Mike) to an unnamed person/s with unavailable phone numbers/department name was rejected over the phone.

According to AARP Med. Plan, my total drug cost for a year using Mail Order Pharmacy would be $862.24. From January thru the end of the year, it is now costing me $1501, if there are no additional adjustments. I will be paying $300. Over the quote was given. I've exhausted every avenue. From the company, AARP recommended the Mail Order Pharmacy (they must be receiving something) which is as much as any pharmacy, and last Medicare. NO ONE WAS ABLE TO HELP ME. I place an order with the mail order pharmacy. Never received. Did not rec the med.

I called & was told "out of stock." Called again. I was told sending overnight, still waiting for med. Transferred to my pharmacy had to pick-up and paid more. I called AARP, spoke to many reps, response: we will investigate but cannot let you know the outcome. I'm a senior on a limited income and cannot afford to pay $300 more a month. I have one alternative and that is to cut out some medications. Why can't anyone help us????

When I went to the hospital, my meds while there were not covered by the AARP Rx plan. Some of the meds were, but they refused to pay all of them. I do pay a high premium for this plan and this was very disappointing to me. I will not continue with this plan in the following renewal. I don't recommend it either since they refuse to cover hospital meds.

I signed up for this medical coverage years ago to assist my medicare. Their contracted doctors never impressed me so I did not use this coverage. Then I asked them to separate from my medicare so that I could at least use my own Medicare coverage without them. Their representative on the phone said it was done as of 12/01/2017. This was a lie. I found them still attached to my Medicare late in 2018. They said that I would have to unenroll and then they would let me know by mail if they approve of this. Currently they are blocking an important surgery for me because my doctors are not on their network. I have to pay for everything out of my own pocket. I truly hate these creeps! I am looking for a lawyer now.

We have insurance, why are we paying almost $400.00 a night for hospital stays. Really! And prescription drugs are crazy. How is it you pay $8.00 last year and this year you pay $95.00. What's wrong with this picture. We are retired and have limited incomes. Hello. And AARP is backing this insurance, maybe you people need to take another look. Oh I forgot to mention surgery had to be put off because they wouldn't o.k. it in a timely manner. Looking for a better insurance next year.

In July of this year, I was told my Dr. was no longer in network. A week later, the Hospital was to be no longer in network. I am a type 1 diabetic with complications and have been part of a team for over 20 years. The Doctors were told within the last 7 days of AARP's decision to drop Boston Medical Center as an approved provider. If I had known this, I would go to classic Medicare. I'd pay less and get harassed a whole lot less. United Health care is about helping to care for healthy people (formerly known as HCHP). If you any complications other than age, steer clear of these criminals. A contract is not at will, especially when it comes to your life.

I am being accurate and fair. I have had AARP Medicare Supp since January. I am very dissatisfied to be blunt. They never send me EOBs and I have about 5-7 unpaid claims waiting for me to work on myself. Before this plan, I had Anthem which was a thousand times better. AARP had me call Medicare instead of them taking care of it. Now they say I did not pay April even though I paid online on April 5th. Of course, I again have to copy the bank statement and mail or fax it to them. I wonder what they are doing for $127 per month - Medicare is footing the bill for all and they are doing nothing. AARP is going to kill me for sure. Do not enroll in any of their plans.

I had this policy since 2010. All was well until 2013. Nearly all pharmacies became "non-preferred", meaning you will not receive any discounted price. In order to receive a discount, you need to go to a preferred pharmacy. Neither my local pharmacy nor United Healthcare informed me of the change of status. I noticed the higher cost and called UH. Recently, I called a preferred pharmacy to see how much less my Rx would be. Are you ready? I would save $1.00. Drive 30 miles round trip for one dollar! So, I pay a $40.00 monthly premium for NOTHING! I SAVE NOTHING! Many of us rely on AARP, as a "nonprofit" to help guide us so that we can make good decisions. We pay for memberships to be taken for a ride. I hope that we can self-educate and share the information to help each other. We cannot rely on these scams. Please, do some homework. Save your membership fee. When renewal time comes up in the fall, run, don't walk, away from AARP and United Healthcare! Good luck!

My mom who as dementia moved in with me a few months back. We sold her home and advised the post office to forward her mail to my address. We never, ever received her new 2018 premium payment invoice. I found out when I went to Walgreens to pickup her prescription that she no longer has coverage. I called AARP and they said it was too late and she does not qualify for special circumstances. I am so confused and frustrated on what just happened. They took payment for Jan-Mar of this year, but will not reinstate her policy... That does not make sense. Now she will not have coverage until October and they can say no at that time. Please send advise. They are unfair, heartless and unfeeling at AARP/UHC.

I have been a member of AARP UNITED HEALTHCARE Part D Medicare plans endorsed by AARP since their inception. Yesterday, 1/3/2019 I went to my pharmacy for ** which has cost $45 as a Tier 3 Brand name. The druggist said that the current copay is $445 and has been changed to the generic formulation. A 1,000% increase for a generic version of ** didn't make sense to either of us. After a lengthy call to United Healthcare we were told that the plan changed December 29, 2018 less than a week before. I received no notice despite them have my phone number, email, and mailing address all of which they have used to contact me in the past. Needless to say I did not obtain the refill.

Upon my arrival at home I called the same and was simply told the change occurred stated and in essence my total drug cost would double to about $9,000 per year and they stated that they informed me. Now what sane person would accept a 1,000% increase in a covered brand name to generic version for a 1,000% increase. They insisted that I was duly informed and that they also moved almost all of my other prescriptions from generic Tiers 2 and 3 to Specialized Generic Tier 4 basically doubling me cost. This is unconscionable. fraudulent unethical and immoral as far as I am concerned having been a member since Part D began.

Luckily, because of Hurricane Florence the enrollment period has been extended allowing me to choose a plan by Mutual of Omaha or BCBS of NC at a huge savings and coverage for all my drugs at half of the total annual costs for a quarter of the premium ($20-$40 as opposed to $82 for AARP). I believe that there are many other plan participants who are going to be greatly surprised when they go to purchase their prescriptions and BAZINGA they discover the huge increase in coverage. I strongly urge all AARP members to abandon United Healthcare and investigate these other providers. I think their savings will be greatly appreciated. LAWRENCE **, NEWPORT, NC AARP member since 1978.

Good prices on doctor appointments and medication costs. I like that they work with me on the prices of my copays for doctor appointments and my medication costs. They're very good about making sure I have the medications under a certain amount of money so I don't have to worry about coming up with the money. The only complaint is that it takes them a while to respond to my questions and concerns. I have contacted them on numerous occasions when I really needed them to help me understand something or when I needed them to fix a pricing issue either with a copay for the doctor's office or my medications at the pharmacy. I hate that it takes them days at a time to get ahold of me sometimes. I've waited about 2 days at the most for a response on some occasions. Could be better but I'm grateful.

Why do they Advertise that AARP will cover what Medicare won't pay. And yet I always have a balance to pay because they won't pay the balance off. Does this make sense to you. The only thing left for me to do is to pick up another Supplemental Ins to pay that balance off. WHY? WHY? do they do that to us Seniors. My book that is false advertising. Also, I checked on cell phone they advertise for $10 a month. I checked with Sears, and they told me that that was a come on in order to get people to take the $15 dollar a month plan to get more minutes. Problem #3 why do I have to pay AARP an additional $8 or standing amount, for prescriptions when Medicare amount comes out of our Soc Sec.+ paying extra to them. And then there is all of those Co-pays to the Doctors + the remaining balance that I have to pay. Unfair, Unfair. Thank you. Answer when you can.

Have used the service once, no problems used for flu shot and for medication refills, just using the number assigned transitioned at a new facility easily. I like the contact at appropriate times to ensure good health, updates to my account advised of through email, which is my preferred contact method. Also like the fee structures and payment options.

I like the vision part and the dental is not that bad. But it does cover any cosmetic work I need done, which is very convenient for a lot of my situations and medical concerns I have. And if I have to go to a specialist it has to clear with the insurance company. I just so not like the copays. With this insurance company the copays are little ridiculous. And I would like to just go to any physician I want.

Cost was $75 then appealed twice last year 92015 and cost was $2 (from Tier 4 to 1). This year (2016) I appealed and my physician appealed like we did in 2015 and they put the medication at Tier 3 because of some new rule to make more money. The cost is $35 instead of $2. I cannot change companies until the October 15 through December 7th enrollment period. As a result, I pay $68.60 a month to United Health Care and they charge me $35 for one medication per month and $2 to 10 for the other three medications I take. I will definitely be changing Rx coverage next year as United Health Care is only interested in making money and doesn't care about its clients!

Glad this helps people. Good information on health news and saving money on prescriptions. Reliable good benefits. Caring company and happy to use it. Easy access and my mom uses it too.

I like having extra coverage to decrease the amount I have to pay. I also like that they offer different coverage to cater to what I need and when I need it. The company is also very attentive to my needs. Moreover, they offer supplement insurance that Medicare doesn't cover. However, I spend way more than I should on insurance and I dislike the added expense. Other than that, I'm very happy. I would highly recommend them.

My overall experience with this company has been absolutely fantastic. Whenever I have had any health problems, the insurance covered exactly what it was that I needed and I never had to pull out any of my hard earned money out of my own pocket. It gave me peace of mind. I like their customer service. Whenever I have had any issues, which however is a rare occurrence, they were always quick to jump to my rescue and help me out to the best of their ability in a timely and efficient manner. I have never had any significant issues that were not able to be resolved in a good 20 minutes phone call or less. But they could have lower prices.

I purchased 10/325 hydrocodone last month for $17.65 copay for 120 pills. This month my cost is $45.00 copay. AARP tells my pharmacist that their cost increased.

Does anyone really believe that their cost increased this much? I can buy the same drug at the same pharmacy without insurance for $42.00. My friend buys exact same drug through Humana for $18.34 at same pharmacy at same time. Keep in mind that this is a tier 3 drug so me and my friend pay all cost up to $45.00. There is no excuse for this overcharging and you can't get a straight answer other than your insurance dictates what you pay. This is purely greed driven.

My experience was very good. Everyone was polite, resourceful and helped me in figuring out exactly what I need and was quick to help me get it. I like that AARP is affordable. They have prices that can mold to fit anyone's budget. They're also RELIABLE! Anytime I've had questions or concerns they've been available to answer my questions. They make it increasingly simple to understand exactly what you are getting and what you need. However, I’d like them to change the renewal plans of the insurance as sometimes it can be a hassle to renew and re-up. Other than that, they are near perfect with everything they are doing currently.

Changed to AARP Medicare Complete Plan 1 from United Healthcare for both myself and my wife. Nothing has gone right from start. False and conflicting information from Customer Service representatives requiring extremely long telephone call lengths, (30 to 55 minutes). Cannot get credit for paying for plan premiums that were to be deducted from SSN benefits. Un-authorized prescriptions being requested from Physicians office to a local pharmacy instead of home delivery.

Most customer service representatives seemed untrained with little to no understanding of policies and procedures. On-line accounts not functioning accurately. The technical support staff is no better. The IT department only gives out vague answers about website updates. Some customer support reps speak very poor English and have terrible phone etiquette. It is like dealing with zombies on the other end of the phone. I do not see how it could be much worse. Picked the wrong Medicare Advantage provider this year.

I have been trying to disenroll my mother (Annie) from the AARP Medicare Plan Rx Plan and I was informed that I could not disenroll her until October 15, 2011. The premium continues to add up and is now totaling $1010. Her member ID is **.

She has not utilized the plan since the day of enrollment. I continue to seek resources on this matter; however, I have gotten no solution. I am seeking advise on this matter because my mother continues to be billed for this premium and she does not have the income to pay for this premium since she is living on her social security. I would greatly appreciate some assistance on this matter.

My whole experience with AARP was enjoyable and interesting. It will be one I always will remember. Friendliness was at the top of my list of favorites. While making it more efficient and easier to use would be an improvement, if asked I would do it again.

During open enrollment, I compared 19 plans. AARP/United stated they would cover all my meds. They did indicate that ** they limited coverage to 3 boxes per month all strengths. I called to confirm and joined. 1/2017, prior to first doctor appt, called to confirm. Was told yes, med would be covered. Surprise at pharmacy, only two boxes would be covered. My doctor tried to get an exception which was denied. Every phone call is a different lie. I was told Medicare limited the amount of meds dispensable as of 1/6/17. Called Medicare and they denied it.

I finally received a letter from AARP/United that states I exceed a Morphine Equivalency Dose calculator. I had a bungled spinal fusion. Am in constant pain, rarely leave the house. I also have four herniated discs in my neck the two doctors have advised against surgery. Going to a pharmacist and entering the values into the Morphine Equivalency calculator, we come up with a total of 299. AARP/United maintains I'm at 367 & thus the reason they refuse to cover the meds I've been on for 8 years. I'm paying 3 times as much as my previous insurer Humana that I never had a single problem with. Avoid AARP/United at all costs.

AARP is a great company. They offer great coverage for many things like hospital stays and visits, yearly checkups and examines even teeth cleanings. In addition, they offer a great app to remind you of appointments for doctors visits. I get reminded to take my meds daily or when needed at the moment. But even though I love everything about AARP I would like if they offer more free wellness programs to let consumers know what their company is doing new yearly.

AARP did the job and got me the meds I needed. I wanted help and I got it six seven. They are responsive to emergency need and was quick. I wish the cost was less though. I am on a fixed income. Affordability is needed.

I just switched to this Medicare Advantage plan after several years with a different plan at another company. Now I am told that I cannot rely on (1) my summary of benefits, which tells me I'm covered for a routine eye exam every year, or (2) the "Search for Provider" online which tells me my optometrist is on my plan. They're telling me that my optometrist is not contracted for routine eye exams with United HealthCare, but only for medical diagnoses. How on earth would I know that in advance of making my decision to enroll in this plan? After I enrolled and created my own account, it still shows my optometrist as on the plan and accepting all patients. But NOWHERE does it show that this provider can only provide certain services, and not all vision services listed on my Summary of Benefits. I am now regretting making the change to this plan. What else am I going to find out that they didn't tell me up front?

It is easy to enroll and their customer service reps were excellent and well informed about their plans. Claims handled very promptly and I could see any doctor and not stuck in a network. However, their premiums seem higher priced compared to competitors. But other than that, I like their Nurse on call health lines to discuss general health care issues. I also like the free gym membership from silver sneakers and the good quarterly health publication from AARP with excellent health tips. They are a compassionate provider that cares.

They are efficient and fast. They serve the customer well and they have never given us any problems at the time of making the cober. They are always attentive to the moment of requesting their help never fail us.

AARP seized POA, refused wheelchair, choose my doctor, etc: They are going to court, and I did not give them POA. They are in violation of an injunction and federal laws. I have noticed United Healthcare, and they have refused to cease and are harassing me. I will file myself if I have to. They are defrauding us out of our social security benefits. They are killing us by denying all benefits, choosing doctors for us and refusing benefits. I will never trust AARP again, especially since they claim they "just sold the rights to use the name."

AARP treats me fairly and with no issues and they clearly offer the best quality coverage for the price. But I’d like them to have better coverage on deductibles.

Nevertheless, I would suggest everyone that is qualified to have this company as a supplement take advantage of it.

The company has been very responsible with its services. I love the way they work, everything is easier for me. It makes me want to keep its services for a long time. I recommend the company to all my friends and family.

I called the 800 number which was on the letter I received from AARP-UHC dated 03-07-17 stating a claim had been denied by my supplement policy because I had Medicare Complete. I evidently must have signed up for this program over the phone. I get my care at the VA along with my meds. I have had the supplement policy for 4-5 years now and have been very happy with the coverage and payment of claims. I simply want to cancel the Medicare Complete policy. I have spent an hour on the phone going through a myriad of phone prompts that got me to the wrong department.

I talked to three representatives who all said they could not cancel my policy. I kept asking for a supervisor but never was connected to anyone with the authority to cancel this policy. They signed me up over the phone and I can't understand why they can't cancel me over the phone. This surely cannot be as difficult to accomplish as they are making it. Is there a Veteran's representative that I can contact to get this situation taken care of? After being on hold several times, being transferred several times I am really upset that a health insurance company is causing my blood pressure to rise.

The convenience of using AARP is ok and I like having the basic options that they provide. I like the style of the website and how easy it is to navigate. I also like the way they handle customer service, and the mail I get that tells me all of my costs and premiums. However my experience with this company has been turbulent to say the least. Prices are constantly rising and I do not like the way they are constantly trying to take away services from what I already get and what I'm paying for. It's ridiculous that Americans are supposed to be so forward but we can't even get adequate health care. Government officials need to start doing their job and providing people with healthcare as a right as a citizen of this country.

I have been very pleased since I have purchased the AARP Medicare supplement plan. They are very easy to contact if you have any questions or problems and they always pay the bills promptly. Moreover, I like their pricing. It is based on drugs that are in different tiers. If I ever have a question or a concern I can call them or email them and they can go over other options that might be better for me.

AARP sold its name to United Healthcare. United subdivides itself into sections that won't communicate with each other. After days of phone calls, my wife and I ended up with different coverages, exactly what we didn't want. We're overpaying by 85$/mo. The one time we needed it we were charged over $200 and given an Rx that isn't covered, a total failure. Wish I had never heard of them!

We wanted the insurance to stop billing us. This is ridiculous. United Healthcare should stop taking funds electronically for insurance that they no longer provide! We were able to get the premium for February by contacting them back and putting stop payment on the account. We still don't have January back and they're sending letters daily about the coupon book they'll send for payment.

They don't even cover this area! I had to select new insurance at this address because it's not in their coverage area. Inept at best--even the stop payment didn't ring a bell. They're keeping us busy with all their unwanted correspondence. We'd like the $184 back from January as well. BCBC covers about the same things for 1/3 of the cost.

According to, my total drug costs for the year will be $4967.53. After spending $1359.47 for the first month's supply, the February refills will cost $1827.30. And this is at the discounted mail order pharmacy!?!! At this rate, by March I will have exceeded my estimated annual total. The individual drug costs listed on the site vs. what is being charged at the recommended mail order pharmacy (supposedly the cheapest outlet!):

Issentress: $317.17, $549.75
Intelence: $263.17, $457.03
Prezista: $320.24, $568.91

Norvir: $50.00, $251.61

I called AARPMedicarePlan to ask where I could find drugs at the lower prices. Wal-Mart was recommended but their prices far exceed those estimates listed above. Why are pharmacies (Walgreens for instance) unable to give me the price of my meds until they have a prescription in hand? Why are the estimated drug prices not nearly available at retail or mail order pharmacies? I was told this would be the most economic plan but the numbers are made up and can't be found anywhere. Furthermore, I was told mail order would save $$$. It is one of the most expensive places I see to buy my meds. AARPMedicarePlansRx has misled me. I never thought I'd say it but I would LOVE to get a year's worth of these four drugs for $4967.53. Show me how!!!

AARP Medicare helps me pay medical bills and a small amount on my prescribed medicine. They offer easy pay or direct billing. I do not have to pay all of my medical bills just a deposit. But the cost of the insurance is not very good, high rates, and the phone representatives don't understand the policies. Example, they are supposed to pay for prescriptions but would not pay because it was more than a week's supply. They said it was illegal to get more than a week's worth and yet I've been getting a month's supply for 3 years. I was to be reenvirised and NEVER compensated.

It was an easy buying process and I really like the coverage I receive from AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance. It helps me cover extra expenses and control my medical costs. I also like that they have a fairly priced, good value insurance product. It is a great tool to have.

I am still on hold after 65 minutes! 5 transfers later and still not with the correct department... All I want to do is change my UHC plan from J to F! People do not know their jobs! One transfer should be enough. Completely dissatisfied. Would give no stars if I could.

AARP Medicare does not care about clients even enough to supply information. I was contacted by AARP who assured me I needed their service. Didn't I want their delivery services for my drugs. I am disabled and moved to a different community from a large city to a rural community. I retired from civil service and am a part of the retiree union plan coincidentally through OptumRX. I thought both were necessary encouraged by the phone staff. I told one that it looked like the plans duplicated and the phone staff UnitedHealth/Medicare assured me this was not the case.

So I went from paying $3.00 per month union dues and $17.00 to pick up my meds from CVS to $30.00 pickup service plus $63.00 Medicare fee plus $17.00 monthly. I finally ignored the advice of these agents and cancelled. Now my account has been turned over to a collection agency. AARP/UnitedHealthcare who take their monthly payment for the entirely unnecessary (for me) Part D - their people who answer the phone will tell you anything to keep you enrolled. Shame on you AARP. You of all people perpetrating this on the elderly and disabled who you claim.

I love them. Every time I call, they are there for me. They do everything they can to troubleshoot the problems and try and get me my medication with no fees. They also check up on me, they greet me, and they make sure I'm good. They care to know I'm actually doing well on my medication. I think that if they had a more attractive name and better advertisement with appealing benefits presented to the customers then they'd attract a lot more consumers.

I wanted to add a comment to a review but had to jump through all the sign-up hoops to do so. I am 100% disabled due to kidney failure. I'm on regular Medicare & a fixed income. The 20% Medicare doesn't cover is sometimes overwhelming as I'm sure most of you know. I could have gotten an "Advantage Plan" but it was entirely too cost-prohibitive so I've been waffling over one of these so-called "supplemental" plans.

I've been extremely distrustful of AARP since the whole "guaranteed life insurance coverage (unless you happen to have visited a doctor for any reason whatsoever during the last three years)" scam. As a result, I have not been a member despite being bombarded with mailings of AARP sales literature on a nearly daily basis. I was about to give it a shot and join up to try the supplemental insurance but decided to get some feedback first. Bottom line? Thanks to this site for being here! I didn't have to read many reviews to be completely dissuaded from giving AARP any of my money.

Also, how can a company "dedicated to those over age 50" be legitimate if it or none, and I mean Zero, Zip, Nada, Nikto, Keiner, Zaden, of its programs are accredited by the BBB?!?!? That is the appalling discovery I made in my research. Think I'll just put the money I'd pay in premiums to this dubious plan into a savings account for when I have to go into the hospital again. Thanks so much to the developers & owner(s) of for this invaluable service!

United HealthCare and Optimum Rx are collectively and effectively blocking their insured patients from getting legitimate and prescribed medical supplies under Part B Medicare plans. In Jan. of 2013, I contacted AARP Supplemental Plan F (my insurance plan) to get my diabetic testing supplies mailed to me. The call went to United HealthCare, the plan insurer, who then told me to call their contracted fulfillment center, Optimum RX. I called Optimum Rx, gave them all of the information they needed and was told my supplies would take 15 to 20 days.

Three weeks later, I called Optimum Rx to see about my supplies. The call center rep claimed they didn't have any record of my prior call. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor found my records and said, "Well, your doctor never responded to us with a prescription for your supplies." I asked him to resend the request, which he promised to do right away. A few days later, I called the doctor's office. They never received any requests from anyone regarding diabetic supplies for me. I called Optimum Rx back and once again, they could find no records on me. I hung up and called AARP/United HealthCare and spoke with a supervisor, Kim **. Ms. ** took down all the prior events and then apologized and promised to get Optimum Rx moving. She would call me back in a couple of days.

After several days and no phone call from Ms. **, I called her back. Oh, she sent Optimum an interdepartmental request and assumed it was all taken care of, but decided I didn't need to be called back. So, I thanked her for all her help and excellent follow up and called Optimum Rx myself again. Once again, Optimum Rx had no information about my request for supplies or any contact from Ms. **. I called my doctor's office. No one had contacted them regarding any diabetic supplies. I contacted my doctor's office and requested they just send the prescription to my pharmacy. It arrived later that day and the pharmacy called me the next day to say my prescription was ready. They wanted $86 for the supplies.

But my supplies are fully covered by my Medicare and AARP plan F. Why am I being charged? They didn't know why, just that their system showed I had not met my deductible. I knew I had met my deductible so I called AARP/United HealthCare customer support. AARP/United HealthCare could not access any records because they were updating their system and it would be several days before they could respond to my questions, tell me if my deductible had been met or even confirm that I was an insured customer. Do not do business with AARP/United HealthCare unless you don't need coverage and like giving away your money to people who abuse you.

Coverage help the gap between what Medicare covered and what what they did not. The booklet was hard to read but their customers service representatives were nice and knowledgeable to help me out. The call center was a hassle to call and wait on the phone but once I got a hold of someone, they explained it well. Overall AARP is ok to deal with but I will not subscribe to it again unless the price is more affordable. Most people think the cost is high.

All of the last 5 prescriptions written by my doctors were so costly I could not purchase them. These are NOT INHERENTLY COSTLY MEDICATIONS! They are 'old' standbys that have been marked up so much, they are out of the reach of the average senior with AARP's 'best' Part D plan coverage. I have gone without and suffered the consequences. Like others who have written to Consumer Affairs, it is impossible to get to anyone who can or will help address your problem. I had Blue Shield last year. While their appeals were responded to, all in the negative, at least you felt they were making an attempt. AARP MAKES NO ATTEMPT TO ADDRESS THE COMPLAINT. THEY DON'T EVEN ANSWER THE PHONE! Last 5 Rx's called into Walgreens were never picked up due to prohibitive cost.

The company is a great company for medical insurance. The insurance has never let me down and it always there to help. They pay all hospital bills and I have been with company for a long time and I never had any problem. I love this company.

I am very satisfied with the service provided by my Medicare supplemental insurance policy. Claims have been settled in a minimal time frame, and all contacts with company reps have been satisfactory. Responses to claims when filed - prompt reply to any questions I may have, courteous company reps who are knowledgeable and answer my questions in a manner I can understand the answers.

Able to help right away without hassle. But sometimes they do things that aren't even needed, and one calls take a long time to get through to someone. Sometimes people are rude, and don't even know what they are talking about over the phone. Then I'm put on hold for so long, that I have to hang up and call back. I like that they're on time, accurate and fast. At times when a car is needed or roadside assistance, they are there to help, but does take some time. That when I am able to talk to someone who actually knows what they are talking about, my phone calls go much faster, instead of me talking to someone who's just reading a script.

Also, sometimes they're pushy on their decisions, especially on an accident that wasn't caused by yourself. When they tell you that they are going to be there, it usually takes them a long time to come help or they will end up sending a tow truck that has nothing to do with their company, and then I get charged more because the other company charges me. I need a change!

I became a member of AARP's United Healthcare Supplement F on 7/1/13. I have found that over the course of time whenever tests are ordered by my physicians, it seems to take at least 2 weeks or more to get prior authorizations. On 5/5/17, my Cardiologist ordered a ** Stress Echo as I have severe cardiac issues, and as of today, 5/12/17 no approval has been received by my doctor's office. In fact, they were sending another notice to find out what the delay is with getting this approval.

These kinds of delays have happened many times before this. Prior to this Supplement F, I always had Medicare Advantage Plans which only took 2-3 days to approve. I am paying almost $170/mo for this coverage (far more than with any Medicare Advantage Plans), and this is the kind of service I am getting. These tests are all Medicare approved, so why is it taking so long to get approvals to have these vital tests done?? Maybe you are hoping that the patient dies before the tests are approved!! It is ridiculous to have to wait so long to get prior authorizations. What's the problem?? I am very frustrated over the kind of service I am, and have been getting from United Healthcare!!

All I needed when I called today is proof of the premiums that I am paying this company and it is a lot. The internet site is a joke and requires you make up a 51 character password and no matter what after 3 hours none of the passwords I made up worked at all. All technical support wanted to do is tell me that I was wrong and that they had a 1 character password I had to make up. It honestly was a 51 character password no matter what you used nothing at all worked. Customer Service and technical support would not print off how much my premiums were in the computer. I am sure this had to do with the HIPPA lawsuit that caused the entire HIPPA crap to be passed.

All I need is to be able to print out this sheet for food stamps and customer service and no one I talked to after making 4 phone calls when my time is valuable would help me. I hate your GUTS AARP Medicare Complete. You do not care at all about the money I pay for you to do me a service and give me medical care. You would not help me at all get in the computer to find this information. All customer service and technical support wanted to do is argue with me and tell me that there was not a 51 character password required for me to set up my own account when there was. Get into the site yourself to see. I was in the site over 3 hours trying to figure it out and customer service and Technical Support did not give a GD about helping me get this information I needed for Food stamps. Please never ever never ever sign up with this plan.

Their phone staff is incompetent and not caring and they do not give a damn about you as a customer. They made in the trillions of dollars in 2015 in revenues and this is how I get treated as a customer. I hate your guts AARP Medicare Complete. You deserve this bad review because your 4 reps could care less about what I needed from the food stamp office when I really need it real bad. Never have I been treated so bad by a company I have done business with by telephone or by mail. You guys really suck super bad. I plan to tell 10 others and so on and so on where you will hardly have any customers ever. You do not deserve to have me as a customer.

I was billed $31.25 for oxybutynin which is the generic for ditropan. I paid $7 for this a month last year and this is quite an increase. You have been denied by Butyn which has helped me considerably. My monthly rate has increased and now you want to increase a monthly payment, $24.25, which I cannot do. Dr. ** has my drug booklet to help me with the butyn. Is there another drug cheaper to replace the osybutynin?

After recently retiring, I decided to go over my monthly bills with a fine tooth comb. To my surprise, I found a monthly debit on my secondary checking account for $18.90. After some digging I found that this has been going on for over 14 years! After spending hours on the phone trying to figure out what this was for I discovered it was an AARP supplemental plan via United Healthcare that pays you a whole $34 a day for every day you spend in the hospital. I had no knowledge of this, surely don't remember ever signing up for such a rip-off plan. That's over $3300 I have paid into a plan that is virtually worthless. Does anyone have any suggestions for recourse. Please advise. Thank you.

When you have a SUPPLEMENT plan F, it pays after Medicare pays and only after Medicare pays. One complaint is that they take the payment out of Social Security and they still have to pay co-pays. No you don't if you have a Supplement. You pay Medicare Part B to the government and that comes out of your Social Security check. Then you have to pay a premium each month to the Supplement carrier because you bought the Supplement. But in most cases, when you go to the doctor, you pay nothing else no matter how high the bill is. Now you may have chosen a different plan letter because the premium was cheaper but the trade off of a cheaper premium is you have to pay MORE in medical costs. You need to get with a PROFESSIONAL INDEPENDENT AGENT to explain to you how this works and see if there is a better plan that fits you. With AARP, if you want to change Supplement plans, you can do so once a month without having to go through underwriting so you can get better coverage.

I am so discouraged with my experience with AARP UnitedHealthCare. I signed up for services around Nov. 2017, service to become effective Jan.1, 2018. Still no CARD, no information, have made repeated calls, no results. If this is the future of my experience with UnitedHealthCare, boy, did I ever make a mistake.

I enrolled with United Healthcare for Medicare coverage when I turned 65--almost five years ago because of the AARP affiliation. The premiums increased dramatically from year-to-year until the monthly premium for 2011 was going to be $180. I looked around, applied for and was accepted by Mutual of Omaha. My premiums for 2011 were $105--a decrease of $900/year or 40+% from the United Healthcare rate. United Healthcare pays (amount unknown) AARP for the affiliation designation so, obviously, AARP does not care how much their members are gouged.

My experience with AARP Medicare supplement insurance by United Healthcare has been a good one. I don't have to pay a premium for the insurance and my co-pays are low. Also, I appreciate that I don't have a co-pay when I need to see my primary doctor and I don't need to have a referral to see a specialist either. I also like their customer service. They are knowledgeable, helpful and easy to do business with.

The company has been easy to work with and they have taken the time and called explain to us things that did not seem to be understood and to make sure there were not any issues. All of our claims for coverages have been taken care of satisfactorily and very accurately.

I like many things about AARP. Although AARP doesn't always provide as much help as is needed, they have provided a lot of help with various medications, prescriptions and many other medical issues that have been needed over the years especially as I have gotten older. I have had a very good experience so far and am happy with my experience with them.

General statement to all insurers: I moved from NEW Hampshire (155.00) monthly for supplemental INS to Maine (122.00) MONTHLY to Florida (384.00 monthly). A pleasant surprise when I was told by a representative that premiums varied SLIGHTLY. Having become a Florida resident will cost me thousand, I understand after several calls that the state sets rates but why be discriminatory on disabled people. Do I move out of state or can the state take action? Concerned and unfair. Please note this is a statewide problem but certainly would have been nice if told upfront. 300% increase - unacceptable.

I enjoy the good coverage with no co-payments to my doctors or hospital. I am able to visit any doctor/hospital that accepts Medicare. Very limited paperwork. When I get a raise in SSA though, the premium is raised on my insurance.

I had a choice between 2 plans, I asked more than 6 times for a provider directory by telephone for a complete list starting in early October for a directory in ENGLISH. They told me you can only receive those if you sign up. Then a complete provider directory in SPANISH showed up in PDF version on their enrollment website in the latter part of October - so I asked for a PDF version in ENGLISH. They could not do it so I filed a website complaint on 11/6/2013. Never received a directory, they claimed it was because they didn't have a physical address even though I provided both my PO Box address and subsequent physical address to them. On 12/6/2013 they finally provided a PDF version of the provider directory. But they managed to send a bill for the January bill to my PO Box - when it benefits them they can deliver.

Then I never received the "welcome kit" but I did receive my bill! Upon demand I received an abbreviated Explanation of Benefits (EOB) which I read in its entirety. My application left out the two specialists I provided to them - I told them I was scheduled for a total knee replacement in March when I signed up (they record this process). Upon reading the abbreviated EOB, it states that if you are new to the plan, you have to get referrals for your already established specialists for any care from your primary care provider. They have numerous mistakes in the provider directory where specialists are termed primary care providers (example: my gastroenterologist is called a primary care provider - maybe I don't need a referral, but then again, they aren't my primary care provider - who knows with these people).

So, I have to ask my already busy primary care provider (PCP) to fax my specialists referral forms for my followup and previously arranged surgery. Got it, my PCP faxed it out. Then I call up AARP to ask if I am covered - they tell me I have to visit (and make the co-payment) the specialists so AARP can decide if my total knee replacement and gastroscopy is medically necessary! Go figure - is this insurance company god?

I used to be a hospital and clinic administrator, but this insurance company is the worst. They can't give you a straight answer to explain how your benefits work. I received a robocall from them, I answered it before the second ring and the message was: "We are sorry we missed you, we called you to welcome you to AARP-Medicare Complete and explain how your plan works. Please call ...." Is that infuriating or what? And when I do call for clarification, no one knows anything, all they do is apologize. There is no email contact for service, and don't bother to sign up for online "service" because that will not get any online chat or email support for you either.

I never received an announcement of AARP's Rx medicare rate increase through United Health Care for 2014 only to find my automatic draft for January increased by 70%. Now I am stuck with it for another year. I would have shopped around had I known before open enrollment ended. Do I have legal recourse?

My premium rose over $30 per month in less than six months with more increases to come. It just keeps going up. When I switched to another insurance carrier, they still withdrew a premium from my bank account. It has been over a month and still no refund. I don't know how anyone affords their product. Customer service obviously is not a priority part of their extreme premiums.

I take the generic drug for Imitrex, Sumatriptan Succinate for migraines. The cost in India for a 100 mg tab where it's manufactured by various companies if not purchased in bulk ie. Consumer prices is about $1 a pill. Here in the US the costs range from $14-$100 for nine tablets of 100mg, or $1.55 to $11.11 per tablet. The cost of Imitrex is about $250 per 9 tab pack. AARP's pharmacy partner Catamaran charges $100/9 tabs and if you add delivery it's over $200. That is highway robbery, I feel sorry for anyone who relies on this. I'm still waiting to make back my membership cost on any discount they have offered that I couldn't have received w/o that cost. I think it just must be a political lobby group, do not see a non-profit here.

I have religiously made payments every month. This year I got cancelled for being behind for last year, but they did not tell me when or how. Every time I called them to make a payment, I asked if I was up to date and the operator said yes. Even though their supplemental insurance is very expensive ($140.41/month) for the 20% Medicare doesn't pay, I have many medical bills and can't guarantee that they will be under what my payment is. The people I spoke with were pleasant but it all depended on that person in billing that sent the letters without documentation. I don't recommend AARP's Health Insurance with United. Terrible!

I have had great experience with AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance. They have been great with all my insurance claims, especially when I went to the emergency room for kidney stones. Their customer service is great. I like all their features. They keep you up to date on things. They pay bills on time and they work great with any hospital I go to, no matter what state I'm in.

Every time I come to their website ( I waste hours only to end up calling on the phone and wasting more time! The new website is even worse! Two days ago I spent hours trying to find a new PCP since I received a letter stating that the current provider has left the practice. The search process simply does not work on this website. No matter what key words I input, I get incorrect information back if any at all. I put in "Lee Physicians Group" (current provider office) and get every doctor with the word "physician" in their profile! Yeah, that is all of them!

I select various filters in the search fields but none work. For example: select 'female' but still have males mixed in. Select Fort Myers location but get them all! Put in a physician’s name but get no returns, even though I know they are in the network! UHC (United Health Care) actually selected/appointed a new physician for me automatically, way over in Cape Coral! They actually sent me my new ID card with my new PCP that I did not pick and do not want! I live in Fort Myers. So there are no physicians participating here anymore???

So as usual, yesterday I make the dreaded phone call. Yep, another day off wasted with UHC and still no results! After talking to a UHC rep yesterday for half an hour, and being put on and off of hold several time (they have to research EVERY question or escalate it to someone that may know the answer…), I finally realized she could not provide me with any information whatsoever! She said she could mail me a book with all the physicians listed in it! What!? I told her this is 2018, I am in your website now... just tell me how to access the available network physicians since the search function does not work! She said the website does not provide that. What!? So I cannot use the website to search for a new doctor nor can I access the information within the website. So what is the website for again??? So I asked to speak to a supervisor.

After being on hold for a supervisor for 15 minutes, I hung up. This is not a one-time issue; this has become the new norm. Today I decided it was time to change insurance companies. So I have spent another morning on my day off to research other providers only to become so overwhelmed that I felt like giving up! I even sent emails from within the website a couple days ago asking for help and explaining what experience I had in a detailed message. They did not even respond! Fed Up! I suppose I will have to fill in one of those quote request online forms, only to be flooded with phone calls and emails from every agent in Florida! So I decided to put my review out there so others may make an informed decision on which Medicare supplemental insurance plan they place their healthcare needs with.

AARP United Healthcare RX Preferred Plan D - When I first enrolled in this plan, I paid the regular rate and found out later that I qualified for "extra help" with the premium/prescriptions. UHC erroneously billed me twice on one month for the full premium and the lower premium. I paid the correct lower premium as advised by Medicare/Social Security. Two years later, I received a threatening letter from UHC for a small amount, with no supporting documentation as to what it was or where it originated, as I had paid all premiums on a timely basis. On writing a letter disputing the charge, UHC sent me a form letter demanding payment with a schedule of billed/paid on the back. The incorrect amount was shown as billed with a short pay. UHC will not admit their error and are threatening once again to send me to Collections. Since it is a small amount and in order to make them go away (I have since changed to a better/less expensive plan), I'll pay it just to end the harassment.

I found their formulary to be deliberately deceptive. On one occasion, UHC denied payment on a medication that was plainly listed in the formulary. UHC claimed it was a "different type" and refused the claim. The drugstore wanted to charge me $92 for the prescription; another store charged $4.00 for the same medicine without insurance. In the future, anything with AARP or UHC names on incoming in the mail as solicitations for business/money is going straight in the trash, and I will not be associated with either ever again.

AARP is a great help for insurance holders. I get lots of help from them and I just love it every time I want it. There's no need to pay quickly monthly payments and they have easy access and easy payment methods.

I am no closer at finding a solution to my health care problem than I was two weeks ago. I guess you need to be an insurance hustled in order to figure out A thru L. Not enough plain and simple language. I assume I'll just be another person left by the wayside because of technobabble.

They offered great customer service and helped me with all and any questions I had. They explained everything to me and made sure that I did not have any questions. Plus I love that they find out the answer from a supervisor if they did not know it. I would like to have more online options though. Technology is moving so fast and it would be so much better if we could access more items on their website.


A: I love their customer service, their ability to answer all of my questions or the iniciative to go and find out the answer from a supervisor if they did not know it


A: I would like to have more online options. Technology is moving so fast and it would be so much better is we could access more items online on their web site.

I retired a few months ago and signed up with AARP Medicare because I had a very good experience with UnitedHealthcare before I retired. What a negative experience with AARP. Their website did not work reliably, so I could register myself but not my wife. I tried registration by telephone, I was told that if registration had failed once for technical reason it would always fail again (and it did). So I had to register by mailing paper forms. I finally got my wife registered a month later. Since then nothing but problem. My wife has still not received her membership card. I cannot sign in to their Website, getting a "500 Internal System Error". I have been hanging on the telephone for several hours for help to no avail. I am now in the process of figuring out how I can change to anything else, I don't see how the service could be worse.

I am new to Medicare and I trust AARP. It was the best plan for my needs and it was easy to sign up. I am pleased with what I know about it and what I have used with it so far. The services are available and I can keep my own Doctor. I will be covered for everything I need at a percentage of what I owe but I hope they cover more of it. Also, I wish to be able to go to any facility or doctor and have AARP pay my deductible and drug coverage fully.

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