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AARP/Hartford lies on their commercials. They will drop you like a hot potato for the slightest reason. You’re better off looking to other companies for coverage if you want to be able to count on it. Worse yet, they refused to take me back due to two accidents in two years and neither of which was my fault. I even offered to send copies of the police reports, to which they responded, "We know they weren't your fault, but you're a high risk." Really? Even though other people hit me and I had no previous accident in over 30 years? This is a lousy company.

They lure you in with a low ball rate just to get you to sign up. But after the first year they jack up your rate more than what other companies charge you. My rate jumped up almost $300 for absolutely no reason at all! No accidents, no tickets. Just pure corporate greed!!

We've been seeking a different company due to overall dissatisfaction with this claim. (We had always paid premiums faithfully and on time for over 7 years). After a driver slammed into me while I was parked, and sitting in our vehicle by our mailbox with the key off, the repairs left us with an inadequate car. Our deductible for accidents was about $800 - this amount was too high, but the only one that seemed affordable when we signed up. Other companies offer better rates for deductible and other rates overall. It was processed in a timely manner, but the repairs were not totally adequate and we were left with a left car door that never closed properly. They insisted nothing more could be done. When we requested the car door be replaced rather than " fixed" it was denied, despite our dissatisfaction.

As of this date, I have not signed up, even though I had my husband do so; after reading these reports I will be looking for another company. The comments to which I'm replying reminded me of my experiences in my attempt to find out the costs for various autos which I was considering for purchase. I spoke to several different agents- never the same one- and every time the quote differed (talking about the same vehicle(s), of course). Just as this reviewer said, I was also told that there must have been some mistake on my part, that the ins. would have had to have been "x" amt (which was more, of course). Their site screwed things up as well; when you tried to adjust coverage it would freeze up on you, and in EVERY instance no matter what the vehicle the quote online would differ from the agent's quote with whom I was speaking at the time.

The discrepancies were hardly miniscule several times. It was quite frustrating. Since I hadn't read any reports about them, when we finally decided to go with them for his car I wasn't worried about any shenanigans - I just thought that their agents were poorly trained (I had gotten incorrect info about later discounts to be applied, but thought I had finally found a knowledgeable individual; I do admit, however, that at the back of my mind was the thought that they might have been attempting to extract the most they could from their applicants, but I let it slide - everything seemed to be working out and there seemed to be so many positives).

Monday I start checking out others again - will call AAA again - but we all have to remember there are all kinds of thing we have to take into consideration: will full value be given for totaled vehicles, if another driver is using your car and has an accident, will they use our limits or the driver's (this came up with Wawanesa- you can have high liability ins, but they'll only pay the legal minimum, and the same goes for un/underinsured motorist protection as well, etc, etc).

BTW, AARP isn't run by us older folks, as I found out - and many of their recommendations are not beneficial to their members. Obviously it's mainly about the money they're raking in - who gives them the most - and I doubt seriously whether much of that money is used to protect seniors; I have seen them take positions that are hardly beneficial. I think their choice of companies for "Medigap" seems to be pretty good, however, when it comes to the questions they ask to qualify those when this is necessary. Well, here I go again - and I was just to sign up as I am about to purchase another car (sigh)... lol

I have been with Hartford for many years. Every year they increased my rates, excuses from, Nevada raised their rates, credit score low, on and on. Well just got another increase. Sick and tired of them. I had an accident rear end, due to my rear ending someone, minor damage. I just had new brakes installed and the company did not bleed the brakes, so I got into a minor rear end on the way home. They were supposed to sue the company for damages, instead reported me to DMV for at fault, and did nothing to the company. They lied to me, used that for an excuse to raise my rate again, when it was not my fault. Sick and tired of their crap. Went to another company almost $1,000.00 less. Seniors, beware rip off company. Seems everything that AARP refers are rip offs to seniors.

I called in good spirits just to notify them that a small correction be made to my newly received endorsement on my 3 car auto policy. They have my vehicles listed as only having 2 auto theft devices when I actually have one on all three of my cars. A female answered the line named **. I immediately sensed a tone of arrogance and cockiness to her first words, which were "Who am I speaking with???" It wasn't so much the words she spoke but it was her demeanor that gave me a feeling of what was to come, as far as her idea of customer service... From that point on, it was "MAM, MAM, MAM" being spoken in a very condescending manner. She was quick to let me know that she would not make the notation and followed with letting me know that from now on I should deal directly with my agent for my service needs.

When I protested she repeatedly stated I should call my agent... "his office is open now." I asked to speak with a supervisor because I had always called Hartford direct in the past and no representative ever denied me assistance. Nor had I been told that I cannot call them directly anymore. Then it makes me wonder why they list their phone number on the documents to call for customer service.

My husband and I are very disappointed after 2-3 years with Hartford with a perfect record in terms of 3 autos, RV and Homeowners Insurance. We pay dearly for our policies to the tune of $6500.00 per year and have never been treated so badly by any former insurance company. My husband tried to call back to speak to a supervisor and after explaining the terrible experience I had; to his surprise he himself had a terrible experience too and when he asked for a supervisor the rep refused to get one and then later said they were all too busy. Remarkably, it turned out that he was speaking with the same representative Ms. **. I own 2 corporations and I would never maintain a representative in my customer service dept with the type of demeanor that ** demonstrated to us today. We treat our precious clients like gold. I think I am going to give AAA a call just about now. I am sure they will welcome my business.

I have had enough with THE HARTFORD! I can't believe how many times they CLAIM to have NEVER received a fax! Or CLAIM they didn't get this form or that form! Their phone lines are enough to drive you crazy. You get 10 prompts to choose from until you FINALLY get a LIVE operator who just transfers you 5 or 6 times and still you get nowhere! This place is a JOKE and we will NOT be renewing our contract! P.S. It's actually hilarious when you call and get a voicemail on EACH and EVERY line that says if I don't call you by 4pm, here's my supervisors #, blah, blah, blah.... and the supposed supervisor never even calls back either. Like I said... JOKE. Feel free to call my office, The Hartford, if you would like to finally take care of this matter from February of 2013! You know who I am!

It has now been over 3 months and still waiting for my 2006 Mini Cooper S, (pristine condition) to be totally fixed! I was involved in a 'no fault accident', police came and no tix or fine to me. I am 63 years old with absolutely no history of tix or fines. My 2006 Mini Cooper S has only 47,000 miles on her (for 10 years, good history and deemed a 'safe driver' thru the Hartford). I was able to have her mechanically fixed thru a foreign motor shop owner for $3200 with whom I've always used. Appraiser from The Hartford told owner of foreign motor shop, "All Mini parts are made in China." NOT true at all ("Mini parts are made in Germany or Britain", shop owner replied). And even if appraiser wanted him to use after market parts, too few to use for Mini. That was battle # 1.

Battle #2 - Mini is drivable and used 'preferred' body shop thru The Hartford. Again, appraiser is totally inept! Appraiser accused me of 'more damage' that I supposedly did in same area of original damage AFTER mechanically repaired. WHAT!!! I know what 'they' are trying to do - Mini was considered 'totaled' after 3-4 weeks in mechanical shop per appraiser but fixed leaving me with a balance of $1,050 for body repair - WHAT! Body repair is about $5,000 and the Hartford is stalling! I don't think by laws in NH that once mechanically drivable, The Hartford can 'total' my car!!! TOTAL JERKS!

Have escalated to Supervisor as Insurance rep and Appraiser totally clueless. Ready to write to corporate. Supervisor was helpful at first, but, as well, caught in lies per email correspondence to me. I keep all emails, responses to them and documents from 'them' and they ARE just SIMPLY THE WORST company for car insurance. I am a responsible 63 year old woman and was 'sucked into' by AARP - The Hartford!

The nightmare happened on April 27, 2011. I was a passenger in a car, which was hit by an SUV that ran a red light. I was pinned in the back seat. I had serious injuries - a fractured hip, MTBI, facial laceration and spent weeks in a hospital and rehab and I was discharged while still unable to walk. Now the Hartford AARP company just sent me to an IME and they stated that I no longer needed any more treatment, Household assistance, attendant care, and equipment. The car I was a passenger on was insured by Hartford AARP, and my parents have Hartford AARP. I was 19 year old and now I am 20 years old with constant pain, headaches, depression and anxiety due to the whole traumatic effect. It is like I went through a war zone. I really know what your veteran feels like with PTDS. Now I have to fight the insurance company for benefits for both policies that were paid for by senior citizens to insure their cars. Wow, as a very young person I did not know I would be dealing with not only my injuries plus the corporation of Hartford AARP. Everyday is like a war zone, trying to remember things and continuing to live my life.

I subscribed to TrurLans to get a 5% discount on my premium. When I got the device, no one in my home (3 generations) could figure how to install it. So I went to my Toyota dealer and he told me that this device would not fit my car. The service manager said the insurance companies are trying to push these things but they are all a bunch of junk. Then he charged me a $75.00 service fee. When I report this, AARP Hartford told me that the only thing they could do about this is increase my premium. Look like AARP and The Hartford have been snookered by some company in China.

Your loser company overcharged by over $432.00 for a six-month AARP auto insurance policy. How can you and your loser company sleep at night after bilking innocent senior citizens? You are physically ** senior citizens of their hard earned money. What a ** bunch of scumbag, sleazebag you and your company are. I hope your company goes belly up and you all ** and go to ** and burn for the rest of eternity!

Last year I talked to a good agent who told me if I kept my broken car on my insurance with just comprehensive I could get a reduction due to multiple cars. Later after I paid up the policy I kept getting harassed by agents demanding more money. Finally they straightened it out and I got an apology. This year I was told that I wanted my broken car reinstated and I would have to pay for 2 cars full insurance. I told 4 agents this was incorrect and I would like to see the form I filled out. They said they would send me a new form which I promptly filled out and sent back. This was over a month ago then I received a letter saying my car insurance would be cancelled in 6 days.

When I called on Sunday I talked to a very disagreeable agent who finally sent the form which I indeed had filled out incorrectly. It was poorly worded and I misunderstood. I told her I had sent the correct form a month ago which she said they never got. So instead of followup as to why they had not received the new form they decided to cancel.

Exceeded expectations when I compared their policy to my current one. It was time to renew, and my expenses exceeded my income so I began comparing insurance policies. The Hartford offered a bundle, and the auto insurance policy had more benefits for less money. A phone call with an agent saved me even more, and the conversation was quick, friendly and productive.

My car was hit by a Bobcat clean snow on Jan 8, 2014. The driver told his boss that he hit my car and the boss agreed to pay for the damage. We were referred to their insurance, The Hartford. I spoke to their representative the following day and she told me she just need to get hold of the employee and confirm he hit me. 2 weeks went by and I call the The Hartford and I was told they could not get hold of the employee and until then they could not pay for my damages. I told them I need my car to go work and I was missing work. Well one month went by and I call them and the same story, The Hartford could not get hold of the employee. I walked down the road at the same day and found the employee. He told me he call them many times and The Hartford did not return their phone calls. So I call The Hartford and got the employee to speak to the lady. So she told me she would review all the document and call me back. My damages were $2600. She told me she would only pay $1600 because my appraisal was based on new parts and my car is not new and used so she only could pay for used parts. So please to sign up with them they are bad.

I got Auto insurance through AARP with Hartford and almost right away was bombarded by email and US mail trash. I have driven for over 55 years and have not any insurance claims that were my fault. I moved to Ca and because of their outrageous insurance cost, I had to dump USAA who I had for years and go with a company that I could afford. Only 3 months later, I was rear ended in an intersection and not my fault. Hartford has refused to repair the damage because their association with the repair shop Caliber Collision said the damage to the rear of my vehicle was not due to the rear end collision. The fact is that the person from the body shop only did minimal repairs and because of my $1000 deductible, the insurance company refuses to do anything about the remaining damage. AARP claim they have not connection to Hartford Insurance of Hartford Ct. The insurance people said the body shop claims the damage was from a prior accident but the car had never been in any other accidents.

I am not a member of Hartford Insurance and because of Sherry ** - I never will be. This women was not only sarcastic and rude, she was immature. The reason for Insurance is to protect against financial loss when something unexpected occurs. When something tragic happens you expect the person on the other end of the phone to be somewhat compassionate. She shouldn't be in the insurance business. She was not only rude to me she was rude to the auto shop my automobile was serviced at. Example: when I was very upset and I stated, "This doesn't make sense"... her reply "yes it does." I said, "No, it does not make sense." She would cut me off saying, "Yes it does," like a 2 year old. I tried to call a manager, no response. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with her.

I have been driving for 65 years. In 2014 I had my first at fault incident. I was backing out of a mobile home parking space, and I caught the underside passenger bumper on a stone that was half an inch taller than the bumper, and it pulled it off. It cost The Hartford $2000.00. They put up my premium $800.00 per year, for three years. The reason they gave me was to cover the cost of the repair. Now in my view that is EXTORTION. I had already paid them to cover me for. The California Insurance Commission told me they can do this for any accident over $100.00.

The Hartford would not renew my home insurance in Augusta Ga because I had put the house up for sale. As a consequence they raised my Auto Insurance Premium and kept raising it which seemed to occur every couple of weeks. On June 5, 2017 I canceled the policy and was told I would receive a refund of unused premium in about 14 days. To date, Sept 18, 2017 I have receive no refund. I have called the Hartford several times and filled out a written form request. Even after sending the Cancellation request I still received bills. By phone I was told I owed no money and actually was due a refund of about $850. AARP The Hartford is a total rip off. I will not be renewing my AARP membership and I cannot recommend the AARP and the Hartford to anyone.

I have been with AARP since 7/2011. They have been receiving my payments electronically since I began. My payments were returned for insufficient funds, which I would have been paid the day after where they could have received my payment. My payments are scheduled on the 12th of each month. I have never been late with my payment. This is the first incident. They will not re-instate my policy because they said there was a claim filed on April 1, 2015.

I have never filed a claim with them where they had to pay out to anyone. This exempts the slogan of "to being a good customer with all of information that they send out each month, and the money that is paid to the AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance." The bad part about this -- I tried to get "Road Service" but I had to pay for the tow truck to come out, then Hartford said they would reimburse my money.

Home insurance premium was raised from $1200 a year to $1600 a year, was told this increase was across the state of Kansas due to the increase in claims for wind/hail damage. When consulting other insurance providers across the state they were unaware of this increase. I purchased a 2008 Ford Explorer with salvage title November 2008 and purchased full coverage insurance from AARP The Hartford. With the situation above on the home owners insurance, I have been shopping for a new insurance carrier who informed me the vehicle could only have liability insurance for a salvage title.

I asked the Hartford about this whom stated they didn't know it was a salvage title, I asked had I had an accident what would they have paid? The person stated they would have paid only for liability insurance since it has a salvage title! I stated I have been paying for full coverage, I deserve a refund for the difference. The Hartford rep stated I was not eligible for a refund because they didn't know it was a salvage title. The new insurance company (AAA) stated all insurance companies run a report and they should have known. I would certainly not recommend the Hartford Insurance company for any reason and feel the Insurance Commission should conduct an audit on their practices, policy number listed below.

I have not had to file a claim with this company. I have auto and renters insurance through The Hartford. My biggest complaint is the renewal policy. My policy is a one-year policy and my policy will renew in July. This will be the second renewal. Last year, when it was renewal time, The Hartford sent me a statement around the end of May. The statement showed that I had a payment due on July 5th and another one due on July 27th. After that, the payments were due just on the 27th of each month. In all my years of having auto insurance, no matter which company, when it came time for policy renewal, I only had to pay one payment in each month.

The agent called The Hartford on my behalf and I thought that things had been straightened out until I got my next statement. Once again, it showed two payments due in one month. So, I spoke with my agent's secretary. She called The Hartford and was told that that's the way they do things. I always try and pay more than the minimum due; but, I am not in the position to pay 2 months of payments in one month. If the renewal notice shows that I will once again need to make 2 payments in one month, I will likely look for other insurance options.

To future potential consumers: WARNING! Stay away from this company. I have been a loyal customer of The Hartford since 2013, coming to it through AARP. I am a senior citizen. l am also a disabled person. On Dec 3. 2015, I phoned the Hartford, and made my monthly payment for my auto insurance. Please note that my premium is not due until the "7th" of the month, and therefore, in good faith, I paid it earlier.The CS Rep name was Stephanie. The CS Rep stated that is went through, she thanked me, and I thought that was the end of the transaction. At NO time, did she tell me that my payment would be held and not presented to my bank until the following day.

Two days ago I received a "Cancellation Notice" from The Hartford. It said that my payment was denied for insufficient funds. Almost $1300 comes in on the 3rd of each month from Disability like clock-work. It is impossible that from $1300, a payment of $61.97 would deplete the balance of my acct. Also note, that calling Hartford with my payment was my 'first' task of the day on Dec 3.

When I reached out to Consumer Affairs, not only were they not helpful, very robotic and scripted --not a positive reflection of your company -- but an Ann ** actually accused me of "being rude" because I asked to CS Rep for a confirmation # for my payment. Do you consider that being rude?? I was shocked. I attempted to go up the chain of command, as this entire scenario is unacceptable to me, I was only redirected, again, to Consumer Affairs. This is obviously a gross misunderstanding. If Hartford 'genuinely cares' about their consumers, I would ask that this cancellation be waived, since, again, I paid the bill on time. Again,I have the name of the CS Rep, and was assured that my payment was fully taken care of.

I am requesting that this entire scenario be waived, even offering to pay, again, today, while on the phone of Consumer Affairs. It is not my style to complain and spend time online making negative Reviews, but this is my intention if this matter is not cleared up. I will also add that Consumer Affairs refused me when I requested to be connected, or for a number, of the offices of Mr. Swift or of the President. I do not intend to 'go away'. I look forward to a response from someone higher than your Consumer Affairs Dept. who sound like they read from a script, instead of showing a sincere and 'human' concern for their consumers.

May 2014 a Domino's delivery person from Long Beach, CA at Orange & 7th cuts across 4 lanes of on coming traffic from their parking lot. Never looked to their left I'm maybe 15 feet away with nowhere to go as we collide. She is ticketed. I show my proof of insurance from Hartford... no problem. After being their customer with my partner about 5 years I get a call saying I had BEEN DROPPED end of April. I had paid up until August then would get my own. But the fact that HARTFORD didn't contact me when the policy had been changed and left me unprotected is unbelievable. Then they have my car taken to FIXX Auto in Long Beach where it remains today totaled and accumulating storage fees. I have a lawyer but Prop 213 basically says "no insurance" means you cannot have everything covered damages etc.

So now the other driver insurance knows and only wants to give 50% or less of what's my car worth. And now no settlement yet and going to court asking a judge to not let this case fall under Prop 213 will cost not alone the stress and physical strain from the accident and associated bills but I imagine a considerable amount of time. How neglectful can HARTFORD be to not attempt a text, a call, a message the moment they let the primary policy holder decide to drop a faithful paying customer. Be warned HARTFORD/AARP WILL DROP YOU!

This is the second time I try to get coverage with Hartford. The first time they told me they don't cover a Porsche. OK. I just called them after watching an AARP TV ad so I called again. Now we drive Lexus cars and my daughter a VW Jetta. Sorry they said can't cover you since one of the Lexus SC430 is a High end performance vehicle and my daughter is 22. A Lexus S430 High performance car??? Are you kidding????? Don't even try to call them. I don't understand why AARP promotes them, I guess they must receive lots of money for it... You would think they would be more flexible than others. After reading other reviews and realize they get a mere 1 STAR, I am glad they refused me after all. AARP wake up and drop this company. They NO good or people will drop YOU.

I was charged for coverage that I had already paid for. The Hartford auto insurance company was automatically deducting my payment for coverage every month. On 06/21/2013, I called to have my policy cancelled in order to get coverage from USAA. At the time, my AARP policy was current, and I was told by the rep, that I would be receiving a refund for the time I had already paid for. Well in late August, I received a bill stating I owed for coverage from 04/30/13 to 06/21/13.

Once I informed AARP that my policy was current up until I cancelled, then they changed the reason for the bill stating that now the bill is for an early cancellation fee. There is nothing in my policy that refers to an early termination fee, and when I called to cancel, the rep told me I was to receive a refund. So after waiting and no refund, AARP sends me a bill for coverage I had already paid for, and when that fact was brought to their attention, the reason for the charge was changed to early termination fee...

AARP acted quickly and helped me a lot by never dragging things out. Had to have windshield replaced 3 or 4 times in one week due to repairs being made on highway going to work. No problems with arguing, AARP just took care of it 100% each time. Wind blew ladder up against side of truck and they paid for it, again not questioning it.

The saying is true, you don't know what you have until you need it. I am so glad I have AARP car insurance from the Hartford. They really helped me when my car was run into, and I had to deal with the other insurance company.

I have been with The Hartford for over 13 years and never had a claim. My home, auto, boat and umbrella policy. While boating I had a minor collision with my boat which involved hitting my kicker motor on the dock while pulling into a slip. I had enough damage that I decided to file a claim rather than fix it myself. So, I file a claim. A few days later I get a call from their adjuster and they tell me that they cannot cover the claim as it was a collision and not covered under my policy. What good is it to have insurance if you are not covered? I had full coverage for my boat.......

The short of it is, I cancelled my boat policy that day, and the following day I cancelled both Home and Auto plans with them. I went to Allstate and got better coverage at cheaper rates. Another thing my last ticket was in 1977, it is now 2013. They raised my rates when I hit age 55. This programs is supported by AARP. So much for good insurance for seniors. I hope they go bankrupt.

When filing a claim the people on the phone made everything easy to understand and to do as they asked. I have had excellent customer service! I would very much like to find a cheaper company, though, especially for the Chevy S-10 that I bought for my son to drive.

In December of 2016 I was in a car accident, my first ever. The Hartford raised my premium $300 per year over the next 5 years. Every year the amount can drop supposedly. The accident happened early one morning on a road that had patches of black ice. I was going to my daughter' s house to babysit. Even though I was going slow when my car hit that black ice there was no controlling the car and it went over a hill. There was no other car or person involved in this accident. I was not charged with the accident.

I have been driving for 57 years without an accident or ticket yet my insurance was jumped this amount. I think this is outrageous.and so does all my senior friends. I feel The Hartford has used my premium monies and is not standing up to their advertising that says how much they care. Obviously they only care about their pocket and AARP must agree to have this company represent them. Shame on The Hartford and AARP. Seniors BEWARE.

Called Hartford after an accident on a Friday. Was informed an agent would get back to me in three business days, since there are no agents on weekends. Period. (Apparently Hartford has a department that just takes down your call and refers it to the agents when they come to work on Monday.) That department was not helpful at all. I said "I need a tow truck (which yes, they did supply) and a car rental." (Which they failed to mention which car rental they have rates with. When questioned Hartford, they defended themselves by saying they do not tell you what car rental to go to! I said, "Whoever answers the calls could have suggested something?")

Found out later, I didn't choose car rental they work with or however wording they would use. Paid $70.00. vs. $27.99. (Hartford) Hartford covers $20.00 for car rentals. I found my experience with Hartford frustrating and flabbergasting. Customer service was cold and impersonal. They also make you feel like they are talking to an old person and can manipulate the conversations.. Really... wait till they reach the age to get Hartford car insurance. Company rated pretty good until you have an accident on Friday...

I keep getting notices from the Hartford begging me to come back to the AARP auto insurance program with The Hartford. I left The Hartford three years ago because my rate doubled in five years. I had no claims accidents or traffic violations. They must think all AARP members are stupid or senile.

I wish that AARP would drop their endorsement of the Hartford as their unethical tactics are hurting AARP's credibility.

They keep us updated with important information. We have complete confidence in AARP and all that they promote. We like all the helpful guidance and advice that we get from AARP. We believe we can trust any recommendation we get from them, and that includes what insurance company to use.

Their first and major concern was me not the accident. It was so easy and without trying to put blame and the next time I spoke with them was about the settlement. It was a good experience. If you are looking for insurance look no further. I am living proof. And when it's time for my payment too I am always notified so I know ahead of and it always keeps me from making mistakes.

When I first started with Hartford rates were fair. This year time to renew my renewal went from 200.00 to 458.00 being taken out of my account. I got the notice of that after I cancelled my policy. Was threatened since I took a car off the insurance and also lied to of why my bill went up so high... I never gave them permission to snatch almost 500.00 out of my bank acct. After calling I managed to get a check of 88.01 back. I will shout it from the roof top this company sucks, and lies... shop around. I believe they target older people they think are too stupid to know they’re screwing us...

When I changed to Hartford they saved me a lot of money. Hartford was a much better deal than when I was at Liberty. Only thing that bothers me is how much the policy goes up each year but that is typical of most insurance companies. My policy is due but I don't feel like taking the time to call around and when I do I keep getting emails from the different companies.

Basically, my rate went up with every renewal. I was running my own business and my business income decreased when I decided to do it only part-time because I returned to college. Even though I was hardly making anything off the business, every renewal they would increase my rate. Never once did they give a straight answer why. Of course, like most typical businesses these days, there is an automated message with a hundred options that you have to go through when you want help. It's difficult to actually get a hold of a real person. But if you owe them money? Someone picks up right away!

Four years ago, I got a quote from Hartford for my 2 vehicles and my house. It was a little lower than my then current State Farm policy, and I thought that the AARP connection would make them a good company for seniors. I was so wrong. This year, the auto insurance premium DOUBLED. Over 2 years ago, I received my first and only speeding ticket in 50 years of driving, going about 10 mph over the limit. The industry average is a premium increase of about 11% for this type of moving violation.

I contacted other insurers and EVERYONE was hundreds of dollars less, including a quote I got on from... The Hartford! I called and spoke to a series of drones, but they would not budge, only offering to lower my premium by lowering my coverage. I know that insurance companies have notoriously poor records, but I expected more from AARP. They receive money from the products they endorse, so I guess it is just about the money. I switched back to State Farm and will NEVER be influenced by an AARP endorsement again.

I am having a very poor experience with Hartford. A client of theirs rear-ended me. They are rude, talk over you when you get them, and look at finding anything and everything they can deny. I even used their crash company, thinking I would get expedited service. I have not had good service. Beware of this company! I am looking to have to get legal representation - how sad!

I called to get the AARP Auto Insurance and was truly confused. I thought I was getting AARP Insurance. Come to find out, it was The Hartford who is connected with AARP... So I started paying on my Auto Insurance. Had only been with the Hartford Insurance for about 3 to 4 months, if that long... I had missed almost a month for not paying due to an illness on my part, but called to pay my Insurance and was told that I was Cancelled... OMG. NO ONE was courteous, just cold speaking and would not explain Hartford functions.

And when I've seen that commercial when you guys said that an AARP insurance holder could not be dropped, I was beside myself with disbelief. I feel The Hartford AARP Auto & Home Insurance Program let me down and robbed me of my money. I will not tell none of my friends to join your prejudice racist program. I am ashamed that I even considered you as valuable.....

After decades of service through AARP, I found that they were charging me nearly 100% more than the competition. When I obtained new coverage and asked them to cancel, they claim they lost more than six cancellation letters, and continue to try and bill be. With the lowest satisfaction levels I have ever seen, how can AARP continue to support this group?

My electrical claim with the Hartford is now one month old and has yet to be adjusted! After TWO recommendations for service providers from the adjuster and SUPERVISOR, my car is still in limbo. One recommended did not handle electrical claims and the Second does not handle INSURANCE CLAIMS! WHAT GIVES?

I had insurance with them 10 yrs. I put money in the bank. Another bank took the money and took fees out that I was unaware of. Had call Hartford to pay my bill...I thought!! No call or email about a problem. 2 times the money was not there for them. I didn't know. I offered to still pay. It was still Feb. I was not late. They said "no," I was to be cancel Mar 10. I feel used and thrown out like old garbage. Heartless and Evil!!!

First of all I want to say this. I have purchased insurance all my life. Auto insurance for 50 years. This is the worst and I mean the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Let me start at the beginning. My first month, I paid the amount they wanted to open the policy, I forgot the amount. Two weeks later, I sent them another payment, three times the amount I was required. I noticed on my online account that they had a payment due in a week and a half. Well I just thought that the payment I just sent would cover the amount due. As a matter of fact, it was twice the amount due. Well the next month, I went to pay my installment. I noticed that I had a late charge from Hartford. I just thought it was a mistake and I didn't bother with it. I just made my monthly payment on the first of the month, the bill was due the 13th and I paid twice the amount due.

So the next month, I paid the bill at the first of the month and noticed that the late charge was still there. So I called. They said I did not make the payment on the date required. I told them I had made 2 payments that month and I just made the third at the first of the next month. I could not get anybody to understand their mistake. That month, I called them 5 times with no solution. The next month, the charge was still there. I called again, they said there was nothing they could do. I just told them to remove the charge or I would cancel the policy. They finally removed it. Well the next month, I had changed banks. All my bills are paid by my bank online. I guess I transposed a number in my account and the payment to the insurance company did not receive the payment, which I did not know and they made no contact with me telling they had not received my payment.

The next month, on the first of the month, I sent my payment by mail. Still not knowing about the mistake in my account. Well the day I mailed the payment, I received an envelope with a note inside saying my auto policy was cancelled because of nonpayment. They would not let me explain over the phone, they just told me I was cancelled. It took them 2 weeks to refund what was left on my policy not used. It also took 3 weeks to get back the amount of the check I had just sent in on the day I had called them asking why my policy was cancelled. I told them to cancel my homeowners also. I told them the date that I wanted it cancelled because I had already set up new insurance. Well of course, they could not take that date over the phone. They had to send me out a form.

That took 10 days so I sent it in and it has been 15 days since I sent it in. I still have not received that back. I am fed up. You see, I paid up the policy the first day I took it out. If you make a mistake, they will cancel your policy but they take a month to return your money.

I am not renewing my policy this year. I've been waiting until my traffic tickets cleared up. It should have been clear a year ago but Hartford post-dated my traffic violation from the later date when I appeared in court to contest it, not the actual date of the violation. My city had a severe backlog of cases to try - out about 8-9 months and Hartford stuck it to me!

I have never had a ticket nor had a claim but they raised my rates 250.00 every year and would not give a reason. My opinion was because I turned 78. I would understand if I had collision but I only have comprehensives and liability on my car. I couldn't pay what they wanted so I changed to Allstate Ins. It is still pricey but not as high as Hartford. When you get older they think you are not playing with a full deck. My mind is as sharp as ever.

When another vehicle cut me off in traffic and scratched his rear quarter panel on my bumper, the police accepted his word that he had been run into by my truck. This went to arbitration and even though Hartford had pictures showing no damage to my bumper and my explanation of the accident (The courts had disallowed the police report). I have not had an accident or ticket in many years. Hartford accepted a judgement against me and raised my rates. They may have lower initial rates but they make up for it at arbitration. I no longer insure my three vehicles with them and have found superior coverage.

I became fed up with Hartford after they started charging people to pay their own bill. I know it was a small thing, but that prompted me to check out another company -- after 15 years and only one claim 10 years earlier. The very first company I went to for an estimate worked out a plan with the exact same coverage on my automobile, PLUS renter's insurance, which I'd never had through Hartford. My monthly payment went down $30 a month -- and that was including the renter's insurance. That's $30 a month times 15 years (without the renter's insurance) -- in other words $5,400. And that's how AARP helps us Seniors save money? $30 more monthly is a lot for someone living on Social Security. I have not renewed my AARP membership since.

Hartford was recommended by AARP to my husband, who contracted them to insure our home and two cars. And because he handled these things, I had no complaints. When he passed away last year, I realized Hartford's rates were excessive, especially for someone on a fixed income. My son-in-law did a little research and found that GEICO offered me a rate that was half of Hartford's for the same coverage (from $1,900 per year to $880 per year for my car alone). I can't fault Hartford for trying to make as big a profit as they can, but AARP should not be in bed with any company that doesn't have AARP's members best interests in mind.

Hartford raised my rates more than 14% due to a 4-inch paint scratch on my car for which no claim was made, no compensation paid, and which Hartford agreed (in writing) was not due to any fault on my part. No violation was involved and my state does not even consider such damage (which occurred in a parking lot) to be a reportable accident. No other claims, violations, etc. on my record ever but Hartford made clear in our correspondence that any "gotcha" like this will allow them to put an insured in a higher rate category although they refused to disclose what rating criteria are used. AARP would do NOTHING to address this. Needless to say, I have switched.

I was with AARP/Hartford Auto insurance for several years. I never had a problem. I thought their rates were fair. This past year, my husband and I wanted to remove our son from our policy, since he had moved out. We thought there would (of course) be a reduction in the premium. I was wrong. When I started doing the research, premiums at The Hartford (through the AARP connection) were nearly 3x the rates at other companies for just my husband and me. Needless to say, we switched companies when our annual premium was due. I notified them of this change - and heard nothing. It is now nearly 6 months later, and I am receiving monthly collection notices for the past due premium. I talked to their offices in December 2012, and I was told that the collection activity had been "rescinded" and that in fact, I would be receiving a small refund.

I did ultimately receive the refund - and thought the matter was finished. I was surprised this past Friday (1-11-13) when I received yet another collection notice. Is it possible their accounting people/systems can be this inept? What should have been an easy fix has turned into an annoyance. It has completely changed my opinion of the company. Just FYI.

The Hartford is recommended to Seniors by AARP. My initial contact was with a very nice and concerned representative. From that point on the entire process was a complete nightmare. From my experience I cannot understand why an organization that supposedly has the best interest of Seniors as its core consideration, why does it endorse The overpriced The Hartford Insurance Company? Since experiencing the hit and run the cost of my auto insurance went from $103 per month to $151 per month. I contacted the company and made an inquiry regarding the price hike. When asked why I was being charged so much, I was told that it was because the state of Georgia gave an increase to auto insurers in January 2017.

It took almost 2 months to resolve a hit and run that happened to my car. The initial investigator argued that according to how she viewed the photos of my car, that it had to have been mobile when it was hit. After that assessment I was subject to a face-to-face investigative interview wherein the investigator took my photo to establish my identity. The request to take my photo was made even though he was in my home where numerous photos of myself hung on the walls, I gave him my driver’s license with my photo on it, and I provided my insurance card. It was an intrusion into my privacy and something I had never heard of an insurance company doing. Finally, with much back and forth discussion, my claim was finally resolved in my favor.

I've had Hartford insurance coverage of my house and auto for many years. In the 1990s, Hartford replaced the pitted windshield in my 1989 Camry. After driving in heavy rain at night, I realized the windshield in my 2002 Camry was in dangerously poor condition. Not only is it pitted but it has a film, which cannot be removed, making it difficult to see through. I called this morning and was told by one Hartford rep that they would be able to replace the windshield for me, and after giving me the phone number of the claims adjustment, he transferred me.

It took several calls and lots of button-pushing to finally reach a person. However, when I finally did I was told that this was not covered. No windshield replacement unless the windshield had a cut or crack. I asked why then my 1989 Camry's windshield was covered for pitting and my 2002 Camry windshield with pitting and dangerously filmed over was not. This could not be explained but the answer was still NO COVERAGE.

Have been a long time 20 year customer with Hartford Auto insurance. Perfect driving record. No claims, was slammed with 40% increase in my rates (yes, 40%) this year 2016. No reason give and even the Hartford agent said the company was screwed up, basically punishing preferred customers for all the claims they had to pay out last year and recommended switching! Don't even start looking deeply into this company. 60 minutes did documentary on their CORRUPT illegal activities in keeping and spending people's LIFE insurance policies, not notifying the deceased beneficiaries.

I bought insurance from them and it's a nightmare from hell. The fact that AARP Hartford gave the wrong VIN number to Public Service Credit Union is how it started I can't believe the AARP blame me for this mistake. Ok in the very beginning of the story it's a snowstorm and I was in the fast lane and the tire goes down. Every light comes on at 4 o'clock in the morning. I call AARP towing company and they bring a flatbed truck and take care of it getting it on the truck and take us to PEP Boys and we wait for them to open the door and a Mexican who did not speak good English and Spanish class I didn't have. Anyway I know what he was doing. Taking my car into the shop and the car was put up into the air and the people who were there is him, no manager and I asked him to send my bills for the tire.

GAP who did not pay for the tire I was trying to get the bill paid so I asked my Grandmother and she paid in full for my car tire then we heard a loud sound. We run to the window and saw my car on the floor and it was in the air. They lied and said the Manager was there and the car didn't run again and it was taken out by a tow truck by another company R&H Motors. They told my insurance company that the engine was cracked. AARP add my husband that at that time he lived with his sister. I was just picking up a car from Enterprise that they paid for AARP Hartford insurance company so I had to get my car home because they were only going to pay for the oil pan and that is what they did.

My car was on a tow truck from R&H Motors. That was April/ 6/ 2016. My car never ran again. I have a garage. I thought that AARP Hartford would call me and I thought Public Service Credit Union would call me because I called both of them plus GAP who knew that the engine was cracked and the car would not run again. I stopped believing in all of them in November so I didn't pay for the car and I didn't pay for the insurance company. We push it out on the street, called Public Service company to come over November 25, 2016. They had the wrong VIN plus they came in November, they took pictures of the car and replace the car oil pan. I'm still trying to get justice for what they all did to me for the VIN being mixed up, Public Service Credit Union add extra insurance on my car and I called litigation and talk with Shown and his boss and they were mean and they would not take the extra insurance off my car.

When they finally took off the extra they added extra on to my car extra fees so I could not get my car back and they sold it. I called them every day about my car. Each of those company and I have tried to fix my car credit but I can't leave this problem alone. It was my car and I was trying to figure out who would even consider helping me.

I got a lawyer and I guess I have to get a lawyer who deals with this kind of case because they are on a recorded line and that is proof and why did they replace the oil pan if the car didn't fall and I had a rental that they add to my account just because I didn't have a credit card then AARP Hartford insurance company policy went to me owing 600 dollars and I could not have a account for another year. They had the wrong VIN and add a stranger to my account. That was how I met my husband. I can't believe how much big business treated me. They Made Me PUT a star in order to send this review. None of them have a STAR. Recommended keep buying from Capital One and get your financial situation turn around. That is the Best Financing COMPANY in the world CAPITAL ONE!!!

I had have car insurance with the Hartford for over 17 years, no accidents, no moving violations and now I discover that the AARP-Hartford is even 350 dollars more expensive than State Farm. I paid the downpayment for another year but I am now looking for a good insurance company.

When I renewed with Hartford I was shocked when I saw my premium. I called because I had a 1998 Escort and a 2006 Dodge truck. They had charged me more for the 1998 than they did the truck and I didn't even have collision on the Escort. I called and they told me it was for a claim made on another vehicle I had that caught on fire two years earlier. I chose to cancel my policy and go with a company less than half what they were charging me. I paid my monthly bill and called to cancel my policy. The agent told me I had a refund coming. Now they are telling me that I owe them money. My advice is to steer away from this insurance. They are not senior friendly and are not out there to help the seniors but to rob them.

I had automobile insurance with Hartford for 2 years. During the second year I received a traffic citation for failure to stop at a stop sign. When Hartford sent me renewal notices for the third year coverage, they increased my policy by nearly $1,000 per year saying it was because of the ticket. The increase was approximately 80% of my previous cost. The ticket I received was the first one in at least 15 years. When I see ads from Hartford Insurance they say they will never cancel you, but what they don't say is that their actions will make you want to quit them. I terminated my policy and renewed with GMAC at a rate slightly less than what I paid Hartford for my second year of coverage.

We have been with the Hartford through AARP for 12 years. Last year I had my first accident in 50 years and they raised our rates $800 per year. I asked for their accident forgiveness clause and they claim we did not have that option. BEWARE of the TV commercials where they mention accident forgiveness as YOU have to request it, they never offer it and it is very inexpensive. Looking for another insurance company...

Was involved in an auto accident with Washington State Troop Nicholas ** 20 May 2015, when he failed to obey basic traffic laws and WSP protocol. From my 2nd phone call to my adjuster, Doris ** (adjuster) treated me like I was responsible for the accident. When I informed my PIP adjuster Robin ** that I was filing a claim for my property damage against the State of Washington, she proceeded to tell me that emergency vehicles were immune from claims (as if she were a lawyer). I won my claim. The Hartford has been a nightmare to deal with. From their horrid customer service, losing documents form my health care providers, and refusing to pay my PIP lost wages with any kind of consistency. DO NOT USE THE HARTFORD, at all.

We just received our auto renewal policy & our premium increased by $600.00+. We have not had any accidents or tickets this past year. We called AARP to ask why the large increase. The representative said there had been more claims in our area/state. Not our fault! Calling for quotes in the morning & will move our auto ins business from AARP/Hartford.

They have annual rates, make it easy to pay online monthly or get a discount for paying in full. Always pleasant if I call and want clarification if I should change coverage as vehicle gets older. AARP is known for standing with a quality company. I've been quoted numerous rates from other insurance companies every year and no one can compete with their rates

I was hit from behind while waiting at a red light and was pushed into the car in front of me. The driver who hit us drove away. The Hartford did not raise our rates and they showed sincere concern that all passengers were OK. My mom who was near 90 at the time I brought to her family doctor and the Hartford paid for it. When the driver was caught and the court had him pay for the damages I called the Hartford telling them I had a check payable to me that I would endorse to them and they sent a letter of thanks.

Always friendly, always willing to take the time to explain in as much detail as I needed. This was before I went to work for a rival company. After that, it was like talking to a colleague. Filing a claim was handled quickly and with respect. Accurate information. Not afraid to say "I don't know, but let me find out." I have worked in customer service for over 40 years, and The Hartford is one of the best I've ever interacted with.

I wish I would have read the reviews before I got this auto insurance. I had State Farm for years but found Hartford through AARP and I saved quite a bit my first year. I just got a 25% rate increase with no accidents or moving violations. The customer service rep blamed it on other people's accidents, then I read the reviews that everyone has experienced this. Plus I just found out I don't have first accident forgiveness. I will start shopping for insurance somewhere else. This is quite a scam for a reputable company. I am disappointed and feel like I was lied to. I worry about my elderly mother being scammed but thought I was intuitive about scams. This cannot be right. Time to shop around. Ridiculous!

I was happy with Erie Insurance for 10 yrs. I joined AARP, and they said they can save me thousands... So I went to Hartford. I paid 138.00 a month for Me my wife, and daughter, 3 cars as well. I should of known a year or so, now I went to just 2 cars, because I retired, I don't need a car. Still 3 drivers, I got a bill from 138.00 went to 241.00 per month just like that... I should of known after 10 yrs. with Erie, the 1st time I move, I get a snake bite... No tickets, no wrecks, nothing.

We called THE HARTFORD through AARP for insurance. After five calls and three months our new car was uninsured. We never received a policy, policy number, contract, or insurance cards for our vehicle. We never gave THE HARTFORD any of our payment methods such as cards or checking accounts. We were uninsured and when we finally found a company to insure us we had to pay a penalty for going uninsured. Now "THE HARTFORD" wants us to pay $442 for insuring the car. They are sending us to collection. I would not advise anyone ever purchase or even talk to The Hartford insurance company for any reason!


I was recently in an auto accident. Having not been in an auto accident in about the last 40 years, I was not familiar with the procedure working with my insurance company. Hartford event number **. Kasey ** handled the liability and he was very helpful and it was quickly resolved. Linda ** handled injury. She said since I had coverage The Hartford would cover it. She, also, said that I would have to take a form to the Doctor to fill out. She said she would be out for a few days and if I should call someone would return my call. I did call. The form never arrived and no one returned my call for 3 or 4 days.

In that time it occurred to me if I allowed the Hartford to pay my medical bills the cost of my auto insurance would probably increase. So I called the other insurance company, USAA. They agreed to pay 100% of the medical bills and, also, paid $500.00 for pain and suffering. So it is abundantly clear that speaking to Linda ** was a waste of my time. It is, also, clear that Linda ** was working in the best interest of the Hartford and certainly not in my best interest. So my question is this the Hartford's policy that your client handle everything? Please take note that I never want to speak with Linda ** again. The reason should be obvious.

I, too, saved money on the initial quote; but they increase the premium at renewal and it was then higher than my State Farm I had switched from.

After 17 yrs with no tickets or accidents, they didn't cancel but for my first ticket for over 10 miles OVER THE SPEED LIMIT they raised my premiums from $340 A YR FOR FULL COVERAGE TO $6.200 PLUS. Their ad saying they never cancel is really untrue.

My wife and I were accepted with all occurrences being beyond the required point. We are paying a surcharge currently which was on there since inception of the Hartford policy. My wife had another wreck where she struck the back of a homemade trailer. The driver pulled out from a construction site of a revamped pet park in Dallas. It was apparently going quite slow. She was distracted briefly with the work going on there. She hit the rear of the trailer. There were no bodily injuries, but her 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander was totaled.

The engine, transmission were still good and other driving components. We received $12,000 compensation. The vehicle mileage was around 61,000 miles. There some damage to the SUV bumper that was pulling the trailer - about $800. Don't know what was paid for the trailer. These were hired workers for the Dallas pet park project. I saw no VIN number for the trailer. We are now a number of months down the road. Hartford just informed us that we would now need to pay a significant increase in premium in the near future. They listed various driving occurrences that applied to Ellen, but which were covered by our previous company.

I don't think that this one mishap should require a major increase. We don't know what the amount will be. More review of the accident might reveal something about the hired labor and the city of Dallas' liability coverage for such an accident. It was an unusual work site and pet owners like ourselves have been naturally curious as they drive by. The driver should have been more aware of the traffic on Mockingbird in during rush hour. The project staff could have helped the vehicle and trailer safely leave the work site by slowing down traffic to allow the slow moving vehicle to leave. The in and out entrances are rather odd at that location which made it difficult for the worker to see what was coming. It requires more than a 90-degree turn of the head to see oncoming traffic. What else can be done at this point to handle a major premium increase?

I took my Subaru with dented quarter panel to the Hartford’s recommended body shop, All American in Kingston NY. Don't count on quality from this shop, nor expect the HARTFORD to stand behind THEIR recommendation. Paint job inferior and when I complained was told just needed polish. Why not do the job right the first time? Substandard work and Hartford does not stand behind this shop. Cancelling all Hartford policies, home and auto. Go elsewhere if you want customer service that cares about you, not just your premium $$. If there were a zero star rating, they deserve it.

I called Hartford last week for a quote on car insurance for 2 cars. One full coverage and the other for compulsory. The quote was for $232/month or $2800/year. My insurance agent came in at $832 for the year, $92/mouth for 9 months. How can Hartford justify charging $1968.00 more per year for AARP members than anyone else can get. AARP should reconsider their association with Hartford unless they are in on the ripoff with them. I don’t trust AARP has the elderly’s interest at heart if they don’t look into and correct this thievery.

I have had an auto policy with AARP/Hartford Insurance for the past couple of years and recently submitted a claim for a broken windshield. I lease a premium automobile and the Hartford claims representative insisted that I replace the glass with one of their preferred repair shops rather than the dealer. Not surprising the price quoted by the repair shop was much less than the best price I could obtain from two dealer quotes and the insurance co refused to cover the lowest dealer quote. The problem is that the repair shop uses grey market glass which does not bear the manufacturer's trademark.

In checking with the leasing company I was told that installing any parts, including glass, that were not original factory equipment would result in a substantial deduction of the value of the vehicle at the termination of my lease. This revelation did not phase The Hartford claims adjustor and they refused to cover the cost of original equipment replacement. This, despite the fact that they justify charging higher premiums to insure more expensive autos because they underwrite higher replacement and, or, repair costs. I will not renew my policy with AARP/Hartford. I do not believe that they deal in good faith.

Hartford canceled our policy but never informed us of the action. Plus they kept taking our money for a full 4 months after they claimed they canceled the policy. It was a fluke. We found out our car had to be towed, and I called Hartford. This is when we had discovered we had been canceled. I asked my husband didn’t we pay them over $600.00 in the last 4 months and he confirmed we had. The Hartford also made a very discriminating remark about my husband’s age (he had just turned 79 on September 5). I was completely shocked by the statement, and the women just laughed.

I told them I would follow up with an attorney. The Hartford is a fraud group. I also filed a complaint with AARP; it too is a fraud group as well. We discovered that AARP gets huge kick backs from The Hartford. It’s sick to think Hartford targets the elderly when in fact they discriminate against them. I also want to add my husband and I, in the 25 years we had The Harford, never one time had an accident. For years we paid tens of thousands dollars for our company’s vehicles, and never one time had an accident--not once. We have several blogs and post warning others of their fraud.

I'm 71 years old, and when I first got insurance from AARP/HARTFORD it was in 2016 after leaving American Family. I/we had been with AMFAM for 12 yrs, and they decided to raise our premiums, so we chose to seek out another company (AARP/HARTFORD). When we first started with Hartford our premiums were awesome (2-autos & home). Then in 2017 they raised our premiums up $20.79. That wasn't good for us considering my wife, and I are both seniors; I'm retired, but she's still working. That's why we originally left AMFAM, AND THEY WERE AWESOME! As for customer service, when I first spoke to them in 2016 they were totally awesome. Haven't spoke to them since the raise, but if our policies raise again in 2018 we will obtain a new insurance company, and cancel our present one!

Continuous mistakes in their efforts to properly insure our vehicles. Over five years they have made errors each spring and fall as we transfer vehicles for summer and winter use. AARP was of no help and didn't even return our calls. Horrible experience.

I switched to AARP/Hartford because I was an AARP member and would get a discount. When it came time to renew my policy, my premiums increased over $16.00 a month. I've had no tickets, wrecks or claims ever. No prior notification of increase and only explanation was the whole state of Texas raised rates. Then why be a member of AARP? You really don't get a discount.

I am sitting here again watching Matt McCoy sing the praises of Hartford Insurance will never cancel your policy, they may not but from my own experience they will raise the premium ridiculously high that you are forced out. So it angers me to hear this to get you in only to raise your premium when they do not want to do business with you. In our case we went from 169.00 to over 2000.00, when I called they said AZ was a state with a lot of bad drivers. Needless to say I dropped them and never looked back.

I joined Aarp/TheHartford in 2001 and certainly got a reduction in premium compared with Geico. But from then on, for the following 10 years, almost every year there was a hefty premium increase (10-25%) so I was forced to continuously reduce the initial coverage, even if neither my wife nor I ever had a claim. I asked for an explanation for these rate increases and never received a satisfactory reply.

The most common explanation was that my state had allowed the rate increase, or that my zip code had more accidents than other zip codes in the state, or that the premium was increased every few years because of age, or that the premium was increased every year because of age. A friend who is 4 years older never had an age related premium increase until last year (not insured with Aarp). After 10 years I had enough and after a careful study of customer satisfaction, in 2011, I switched the auto and home insurance from Aarp/The Hartford to Amica. My question is, does The Hartford pay Asrp a fee?

I've been a Hartford customer for ten years, car and auto. Not one claim in all that time. I turned 50 and joined AARP. I then called Hartford to have a new policy written up for lower rates offered through AARP. The savings for me was quite substantial. Two months later, I received a large check in the mail. No explanation. I called and found out they had cancelled my home insurance. An inspector was sent out when the new policy was written up. The policy was cancelled because of "disrepair of back deck" (it needs a paint job but is otherwise sound); "disrepair of roof" (has some moss on it, but otherwise sound); and trees that hang over the house (this is false; I'm surrounded by trees, but none of them actually hang over the house). Are you kidding me?! I'm beside myself and will go out of my way to let people know how I was treated by the Hartford.

I signed up for Hartford insurance since I am a member of AARP. To sign up with them, I had to pay for a year's insurance. No problem. I had settlement money and had extra cash on hand. The next year, they sent me a form that gave me the options to: 1. Make onetime payment in full for my insurance; 2) Make two times payments to my insurance for the year; 3) Make twelve times payments to my insurance for the year.

I decided to choose option #2, the two payments a year. For three years, no payment problems - no claims, no tickets. On the fourth year, they sent me a form that stated payment was due in full. The form stated the option #2 and #3 were no longer available to me. I called customer service to explain, that I had chosen payment option #3. I informed customer service that I was on fixed income and I could only send half the year's payment. I was told that it would be okay. I did send the payment. I received a statement that I had a balance to pay for my insurance. I sent payment for 6 months. They accepted my payment, so I figured I was cover for 6 months.

A month later, a letter of cancellation and a check refunded my money back. Not knowing that I was without insurance for a month was a problem I found out. I, in turn, located another insurance company to sign up as a new customer. I was told that since I had lapsed in insurance coverage, they could not insure me at this time. I was very angry about me driving around without being covered by insurance. I believe they wanted to cancel my policy because I had no claims or any type of traffic tickets. That way, all money received from me is all profit. No losses. Free and clear money made. How do I feel? You tell me. How would you feel if a company did to you what they did to me? I will call AARP and see what they think about this matter. Normally, I check a company to see if there are any complaints. I did not see any website with complaints until I entered Hartford insurance complaints. Bingo!

The AARP rates are good but the policies are not covering what you would expect and not knowing what questions to ask results in reduced reimbursements and higher premiums with one accident even if a fender bender. While the beginning process with filing and the adjuster are superb, after that was much less than desirable.

My husband fell asleep at the wheel and totaled our car. The adjuster came out, took photos and paid us MORE for the car than we had paid for it. They were absolutely amazing! I have in my lifetime never had so many good things/thoughts about a car insurance company. They are right in there with the top of the line on needs, no matter what level you may want. Service is outstanding from start to finish. Who could ask for more... oh, the proof is when you have to file a claim. Outstanding all the way around.

While I have not had to file a claim with my Hartford auto insurance, I have very manageable payments each month and the interface on their website is simple to navigate. I have had one direct contact with the company when I signed up and they even helped me with my cancellation of my other insurance, which was amazing to me. I am happy with the coverage and feel confident that The Hartford is a great company.

We received a notice that our Hartford auto insurance premium was going up by 20.00 a month while there had been no change to our driving status or anything negative for that matter... So we priced insurance and decided to cancel Hartford and go with Progressive. We called the Hartford and cancelled our insurance effective February 28. We were told we were all paid up. Well we got a bill in March saying our bill would be due on March 28th. We called them and complained that they were suppose to cancel our insurance by the end of Feb. They knew nothing about that phone call. So we cancelled our automatic payment with them and told them to make sure the policy got cancelled. We had told Progressive to wait until we got a confirmation of cancellation from Hartford. All we got was on March 18th an email confirming we had cancelled our auto payment.

So we told Progressive to go ahead and start our insurance coverage. Which they did. We now received a letter from a collection agency stating that we owe 72.00 to Hartford for the month of March. The Hartford has the worst customer service representatives that we have ever experienced. The person we spoke with in February assured us she noted the acct. And that our policy would be cancelled by February 28th. Because of their negligence on the original phone call they are now saying we owe them money. This in our opinion is CRIMINAL!

They lure you in with a low ball rate just to get you to sign up. But after the first 3 months they jack up my rate more than what other companies charge me, they will make new company rules and stated staff did not know about, or "I just found out myself." Another way to scam older people for their money. My advice to you stay away from company with no name in this business, my policy number used to be **. And the supervisor name was Lee.

My concern is with AARP's association with and promotion of companies such as the Hartford. How can AARP, an organization that claims to be an advocate for the elderly, defend the policies of the Hartford? My personal experience with the Hartford auto insurance was a very hefty rate increase after being a policyholder for at least 10 years. When I called to ask the reason for the increase when my car was a year older, no change in driving habits and no accidents, I was told it was because I was now over 72.

This from a company that is backed by AARP. It seems that AARP is only protecting those between the ages of 50 and 70. After shopping around, I found several companies that do not punish those over a certain age and got better coverage for considerably less money. By the way, when I tried to get a response from AARP regarding this policy, the only answer I got were non-answers such as contact the Hartford or they won't get involved (even though they do promote) or it is policy, etc.

The other driver was at fault and their insurance carrier agreed to pay all costs. Hartford just had to process my damage claim on my behalf but payment was made by the other insurance carrier GEICO. The claims process was painless and the experience was efficient. I had a choice to receive payment either from Hartford or Geico as the burden of damage costs was the responsibility of GEICO. Hartford arranged with local collision company to repair the vehicle and payments were made directly to the collision company and arrangements were made by Hartford for a rental vehicle while car was being repaired.

They are very helpful. They answered all my questions and help get me what I need to be covered. They are very pleasant in dealing with and they don't try to bankrupt up in getting insurance which is very important.

My experience with AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance was great, until they raised my bill by $400 dollars. By the way, no tickets, no accidents, and no nothing. However, they felt it was necessary to raise my rates!

I used to have Hartford insurance and the first time I got an OWI, they dropped me like a hot potato. Nice ad on TV says they won't drop you for having an accident, but they don't say that anything else is fair game - very misleading.

This company is the best, and they have always did just exactly what they supposed to do. Sure been good to my family. They have always been there for me and their customer service is awesome. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs insurance help of any kind.

Sometimes a customer service rep. can be terse when responding to a problem. I was taken aback when I didn't receive my car renewal notice in a timely manner and the customer rep. told me that even though the situation was The Hartford's fault if this happened again I would be dropped. She spoke to me like cross, rigid old auntie. Not a welcome experience and although this happened several years ago I remember the conversation vividly. Afterwards I began calling other ins. companies hoping to find similar costs so I could change, but The Hartford was by far the least expensive.

I have been with The Hartford for approximately 2 years. My account was set up for automatic withdrawal; however, I was told that when my debit card was compromised they were unable to withdraw the payments. I contacted them immediately to rectify the problem, (called and completed the form and mailed the form) yet to my surprise 6 months later, I noticed on my online banking account that the money was no longer being withdrawn. I called once again and was told that I did not complete the form and that my insurance was cancelled and I was ineligible for re-instatement. In addition, I was told that my debit card wasn't even needed--that they used my routing number so therefore, they failed to withdraw the money from my account. I asked to speak with a supervisor to ask "How" and "Why" a valued customer could be treated with such disregard. It is apparent that somehow they actually made a huge mistake, but I was penalized.

How in God's name could a corporation be so incompetent, unfair and careless. At this very moment, I do not have insurance and the supervisor was unwilling to even try to understand my situation. Well good bye Hartford.. Thanks for such a "Heart-LESS" nightmarish experience..... never again. I can't wait to tell my family, friends and coworkers about this experience. I will contact the Better Business Bureau in my state as well as post this information on all social media sites in which I am affiliated. WARNING: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ONE WHO VALUES THEIR CUSTOMERS, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TRY FARMERS OR NATIONWIDE!

I had Hartford Insurance coverage on my car for over 10 years and never submitted a claim or had an accident or received a ticket. I noticed they started increasing my premiums every year. The second year I inquired why my premiums were again increased. I made inquiries with the third year increase. I never received a justifiable reason for any of the increases. In fact the third inquiry response was to connect me to several different departments with no explanation from any of them. I cancelled my coverage at that point. I would not recommend Hartford Insurance to anyone at this point.

First, let me tell you I sympathize with your rates going up. Let me explain many things that could possibly cause your rates to increase. The first two are obvious: Tickets, Accidents and when I say having an accident, it doesn't matter whose fault it is. They will automatically raise your rates and it stays on your insurance for 5 years regardless of the amount of damage and who is at fault. Secondly, if you buy a new car or add another car, they also go by replacement rates. We bought a 2013 Subaru in February 2013 and it made our policy go up 30.00/month - due to the high cost of replacing those parts. They won't be putting aftermarket parts on our Subaru.

Also, if there was major damage to roads in your area (hurricane, major car pile up, old roads) they can increase your policy, also considered is how many miles you drive per year. Again, the insurance company is not a friendly entity as it once was about 20 yrs. ago. Oh! If someone hits you, don't look for your insurance company to go after them, ours literally sat on their **. I had to do all of the work until I threatened to report them and sue them. Got the money back, finally but it was 9 months of grief. All of these companies are about the same. I suggest switching every few years just so they don't get even more complacent when you call. I recently called Hartford/AARP and they tried to sweep what an employee quoted us under the rug. Don't worry, we will move our policy again in a few months.

I was involved in a hit and run the beginning of January. Luckily I saw and wrote down the man's tag number before he fled the scene & there was also a witness who saw the entire thing. The Hartford was this man's insurance company & since he was at fault & received 2 citations proving as much, I've been going through them to fix my vehicle. I am absolutely astounded by the poor quality of their customer service and the underhanded manipulative ways they keep trying to cheap out of fixing my car. They still refuse to even accept liability for the accident.

Does anyone know of a complaint department I can reach out to that is associated with this company? I can't believe how unhelpful and downright rude my claims representative is & I'm really concerned that this company has no intention of repairing my vehicle to its pre-accident condition. I'm about ready to call my local news station and try to get them to share my story in the hopes of preventing this from ever happening to anyone else. DO NOT USE HARTFORD INSURANCE EVER!!

I have been with Hartford Ins. for a number of years with no accidents or tickets for the past 20 + years. When I called for the reason for the $230.00 dollar hike and after waiting on the line for a while, they told me they rec'd information from a third party, when asked they said maybe it was a mechanic, when asked to explain they said they could not (did not make any sense to me). I then cancelled my ins. for auto and home. I thought AARP would not allow things like this to occur.

If when I purchase both my home and auto insurance from them 8 months ago and they would have told me to get the discount (10%) I needed to actually drive both of our autos a total of 180 days each, instead of saying the device is installed for 6 months to get the discount, I probably would have looked elsewhere. My husband and I are both retired and we keep 2 cars and seldom drive one of them. When I got the email to return one of the devices which took 8 months I called to get the other email for the other car. At that time I was told about having to have driven the car 180 days for the discount. Thinking back on the prior 8 months would guess that that car was out of the garage a total of 50-60 days tops.

Talking with one of the reps and going over again that we are retired and basically only use one auto, and not even daily, these brainless people cannot even look at the output on our insured autos and make a estimate as to how our autos are used and not used. I feed sorry for snowbirds around this country who have an auto sitting in a garage somewhere that they are not at and get this line of propaganda fed to them just to get a fiddly discount. Being with AARP, knowing it is insurance for seniors, Hartford should have tailored their insurance better. I also think AARP should do a better job in advocating for this company.

Hartford was very supportive during my claim. The claim filing was done over the phone at the accident scene, was done professionally and the Rep was very helpful. Though the assigned Rep I was given was unavailable at a very important time in the claim, I was able to explain to customer service what I needed and they were very take care of me. The Rep was very helpful in a very stressful situation. I was able to file at the accident scene and give all the info regarding my car and the other driver at the same time. Though the initial interaction was helpful, when I followed up with my assigned Rep, she was unavailable.

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