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AARP/Hartford Homeowners Insurance
AARP/Hartford Homeowners Insurance

AARP/Hartford Homeowners Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

On May 15, 2012, I canceled my car insurance with Hartford. I received my homeowners insurance bill on June 11 for $438.00 and sent a check for that amount. I was sent a continuation form showing a premium of $515.00? I was asked if Hartford could review my policy and I agreed. They reduced my coverage by $74,000. I expected a refund, oh no! The new amount was $528.00. On August 20, I was billed the additional $90.00. My premium last year was $560.00, $438.00, $515.00, $528.00 then $560.00. How much should it cost to insure my house? You can bet I’ll go shopping and find out. No more shell games for me.

A few years ago my husband, who handled all of our bills, became very ill and was incapacitated for a very long time. While he was hospitalized, I called our homeowners Hartford Insurance (sponsored be AARP) to inquire about coverage of damage to our property. To my chagrin, I was informed that our home had not been insured for over a year. They also refuses to reinstate us. I inquired by phone as well as by letter why we were not notified re: premium payments which we had always paid in full. There was no response. I also sent a copy of my correspondence to AARP who also was unresponsive. I will never forget the horror I felt knowing that our most valuable possession, our home, was in such jeopardy. I then called another insurance company who immediately insured our home, as well as our vehicles for much LESS than we were paying to Hartford.

No interaction with the insurance co other than purchasing. They seem like a good company with aarp. I have had no claims.

I called to get a quote for auto & home w/ AARP coverage. When it came time for the home, every question posed a problem. When I told her I have wall heaters, she said they only cover houses with central heating. When I told her the house has a flat roof, she told me they don't cover houses with flat roofs. When I told her I have a fuse box, she told me that was unacceptable. Then she put me on hold to check something and then disconnected the call. She even said at one point that she was trying to disqualify me. What a waste of time!

I switched to Hartford in 2009 because I am AARP member and was hoping that this insurance will be financially reasonable since is designed for the older people. And it was when I started with them. But then year by year my premium was increasing. And when I asked why I always got some bogus excuse. Also when I wanted to insure my "near beach" house my request was denied because it was "too risky." And this year my house insurance jump by almost $300 and they said, just because they are not making enough money(?) So I found another insurance and I am saving several hundreds $$ per year with better coverage. Please shop around -- this insurance is rip-off after you stay with them for few years.

Customer service for the initial application was great. All my questions were answered in one phone call and the quote was reasonable for home coverage. I am happy with their home insurance policy. The only reason I deducted a star for value was because I would have liked to bundle a policy with my car but Hartford's auto policy for my car was more than what I am currently paying for the same coverage with another company.

I called to get an auto insurance quote. I have two cars and have very low mileage because I am retired. They seem to be able to meet my needs and the price was very competitive. I then decided to request a quote for my homeowners. I have a home valued at around $650,000 in a great neighborhood, full paid for. In addition I need $1 million dollar umbrella and a hundred thousand dollar Jewelry rider. They asked if I had a dog and I explained that I had a 10 week old toy poodle. He asked if it had bit me and I explained that I had her in the car going to the vet in a carrier. She was frightened and was biting the netting on the carrier. I put my hand on the netting and she nicked me. Drew blood.

The puppy did not intend to bit me, she was trying to get out of the carrier. Did I explain she is 4 lbs. If any human being can not manage to get away from a 4 lb. puppy, they are not welcome in my home. Are you kidding. The agent told me they could not insure me because my vicious canine. What???? Just to really irritate me, they then sent me a letter, again explaining they could not insure me because of the biting canine. You have to be kidding. I guess they cannot handle any risk. They should not be in the insurance business. Cannot imagine what they are like if you put in any kind of claim. Probably much like Allstate, one claim they will likely drop you. So what is the point of paying premiums. They like the money, but with no risk.

My homeowners premium increased by 63% in 2013. I was not given any notice of the increase nor have I yet to receive my policy that was effective last month. I only received the bill. The customer service rep I called indicated that since I had incurred 1 loss ($390) in the fall of 2012 due to snow damage to my shed, I was moved out of the preferred tier and up 2 levels, which accounted for most of the 63% increase. I was told regardless of the size of the loss, I was considered from a pricing standpoint as every other risk that had a claim. So I was paying the same as a policyholder that incurred a $200,000 fire loss. No distinction was made. I explained that I have been insured with Hartford since 1973 - yes, 40 years, but that counted for nothing. To them I was just a policy that had a claim. I was told their internal consumer affairs would call me in a day or so. I am waiting to hear from them. I also filed a complaint with the Connecticut Dept. of Insurance. How sad that they care nothing for a profitable, loyal customer of 40 years. Their handling of my policy is unethical and immoral.

We have had the Hartford for about 6 years and I have been told the rates a good and now I know why! We had the water line to the refrigerator start leaking. It was a slow leak so the first sign was the floor started to cup. We discovered the leak and fix it. But the floor just kept getting worst. So I called the Hartford and they were very nice. They gave me names and numbers of all the people I would have to deal with. I had pictures of the damage and forwarded them to our claims guy and had a flooring company write an estimate for HARDWOOD flooring replacement.

So the first response was "that looks like laminate flooring". So immediately they called me and my flooring company liars. And of course I have been to a few different flooring companies. I have shown these pictures to a lot of flooring professionals. Not one of them had any doubt this is HARDWOOD flooring. So I get an email stating I will receive a check for about a third of the cost for the floor repair. Of course I am told this is just an initial payment as they work to make us happy.

I called and ask what kind of drugs they are taking and tell them they need to send someone out to verify their stupidity. And we now have a 3 inch rise in the floor because of the water expansion. This also is pushing against the walls. The adjuster comes out and stares at the floor, gets on his knees and takes pictures. Then states "well I can see how they could make that mistake". I wish I could add pictures because you can see the grove pushing out of the tongue and all wood no composite.

At one point they requested the flooring company to come out and cut a part of the floor out and mail it to them. Of course they denied this. Again calling the flooring company liars. But the adjuster ask for me to cut the floor so he could do this. Which I did and then finally he acknowledged this is HARDWOOD flooring. But I had some extra pieces left over from the original installation which I had shown him. And after questioning me if this was the same flooring and it is. He wanted to take a piece of this with him but when I cut the floor I asked how about taking the piece I cut out which had mold on it, he declined and wanted the new clean piece.

This is pre-finished hardwood flooring so the extra pieces are a perfect match for what is on the floor so this is a no brainer. We also have the original box the flooring comes in with the label. We showed this to the adjuster and he had taken a picture of it stating "PRE-FINISH GUNSTOCK OAK FLOORING 3/4 X 3 1/4". So I was surprised when I got a call and asked "Is this PRE-FINISHED flooring".

So being completely frustrated I called a supervisor at the Hartford claims department. (It doesn't get any better). My flooring company and all the others have informed me replacing the floor is the only solution and least expensive. Also you can't duplicate this finish in the home. So she has now said we will have someone come out and replace the bad spot and then sand the finish off the rest of the floor, re-stain and clear finish it. All my flooring people have had a good laugh. Stating "they can do a nice finish but nothing as good as a factory Aluminum Oxide Baked Finish". My flooring people have stated they have never had these problems with any other insurance company. I will continue this review as we try to move forward.

We purchased our house in February 2016. We had the home inspected prior to closing, and there was no damage to our roof or siding. In April 2016, hailstorms damaged homes in our neighborhood, including ours. We filed a claim along with several of our neighbors. Our neighbors claims, with insurance companies who were not The Hartford, were approved. Ours is being denied. Our Hartford rep is telling us there is no proof that there was a hailstorm in the area on the dates in question. Clearly, there was, as two other insurance companies in our neighborhood have approved claims for repairs due to hail damage. Why is it that the Hartford cannot? I am at the point right now where I am ready to cancel ALL of my coverage with the Hartford. My confidence in the Hartford is ZERO. The reps at Hartford should contact these other insurance companies, who CLEARLY were able to find the proof required to validate my neighbors claims.

After initial reasonable rates on both home and car insurance, and for a few years following, I was given, with no reasonable explanation, an increase of 28% on homeowners last year which I ended up paying. This year it was an increase of 30% on car followed by another increase on homeowners of 34%. I paid the bill for car insurance because after comparing rates from other companies, the savings wasn't enough to justify changing and losing the discount for having both with AARP/Hartford. When the homeowners came however, it ticked me off so bad I did change to another company for a savings of 27% less, even with no multi-policy discount. I suspect I'll be changing the car next time also.

Forget any other discounts with companies selling through AARP also. The same thing happened with exterior water line breakage coverage with a company through AARP. Last year it was $66, this year it was raised to $96, a 45% increase. When I called to ask why, I was given a blah, blah, blah explanation and then asked if there was anything else they could help me with. When I replied not unless they could lower the rate, I was then offered a 20% discount if I paid over the phone then and there. I didn't take it because it threw up a red flag on their ethics and makes me wonder what kind of response I'd get if I ever needed their services.

I used The Hartford for my homeowner's insurance for the past 18 years. I have never filed a claim, the same house is being insured, nothing has changed to warrant an excessive premium increase. In 2014-2015 the policy was $1065. It jumped to $1,848 in 2016-2017, a 74% jump. This year it has again been increased to 2,349, another 27% jump. It said The Hartford suddenly taken its pricing queue from the pharmaceutical industry? I called Hartford customer service and got some nonexplanation about lots of recent claims and increased costs related to replacement costs.

In the meantime, a competitor has lowered their premium from $1,700 to $900. As a confused consumer, it appears that the same data on replacement costs has driven one company to substantially raise their policy and another to lower it. I am completely disappointed in The Hartford and feel their price increase is driven by greed rather than taken care of their loyal customer base.

Received a letter from Hartford Insurance that a railing needed to be installed on the side porch of home or insurance would be canceled. Called Hartford because of concern that time frame given was going to be tight. Was told that as long as work was done prior to cancelation date that all would be fine. Got contractor to give bid which we immediately sent to Hartford to let them know we were going to comply with their requirements.

Contractor finished work as quickly as possible…bill was over $1,000. Sent pictures to Harford to show work was completed two weeks before cancelation date. Got letter from Hartford stating we just did not get work done quickly enough and after 35 years of business with them that they would cancel the policy and to not apply to them again. Numerous calls to Hartford all lead to the same response...a decision had been made and could not/would not be reviewed.

At nearly 90 years old am forced to find a new insurance company. This company is sponsored by AARP but when contacting AARP they simply say we do not get involved with companies we sponsor. A black eye for AARP and a very sad statement for Hartford Insurance. If you are over 50 would be very leery of doing any kind of business with this insurance company! 35 years of business and then this type of treatment towards the elderly speaks volumes about this company. Don't you think?

I received a ticket for 5 miles an hour over in May of 2013 and my insurance went up $10.00 per month. Ok I get that. Two years later I got a ticket for 6 miles an hour over. I expected a rate increase. The rate increase was $37.00 per month, or a 30% rate increase. These rates stay on my insurance record for 5 years. The Washington State DMV record only stays on for 3 years. I have never had a late payment or filed a claim. I purchased this insurance because AARP recommended it. The insurance company rep told me that there was a price increase for the west coast due to a high rate of claims. Wow... I have never had a rate increase of this magnitude on any service I pay for. BEWARE!!!

My lady friend has had a claim for almost a year and has never filed a claim before. She has been with Hartford for approximately 15 years and they have done nothing but manipulate and procrastinate paying her claim after a kitchen fire. I have loaned her the money and helped in the construction, and they have done nothing but ** her...

3 weeks into my new coverage, pushed/partnered by AARP, I received a cancellation notice based upon a 3 minute outside inspection. I was not given an opportunity to make any repairs or changes, and most of the reasons stated on the letter were grossly inaccurate or downright false. Calling them on the phone is a test of patience, as you simply cannot speak with a person who can do anything other than "parrot company policy". A completely reprehensible situation where they can make a decision, based on less than accurate info, and I can't even show them that there are mistakes in the "facts" they used to cancel my policy. I have since re-upped with my former company, for both homeowners and auto (it does me a small amount of pleasure to cancel the auto insurance we got through AARP as my retaliation).

Our home is insured for at least 50% more than what it would cost to clear the land and rebuild. I was told that we have no choice in the matter and the percentage of coverage would be less if we choose to insure our property for an amount more in line with its value. We cannot choose contractors that we know and trust, and also cannot do any of the work ourselves if we need to rebuild. This is a sweet deal for The Hartford. By raising the value of our property far beyond its actual replacement value, they can continue to raise our insurance costs on a regular basis.

I've been with The Hartford for 8 1/2 years, for both auto and homeowners insurance. I have never had a claim and so I can't comment on their service. I got them through my insurance broker, but I have a sense that at the time I took out the policies, the rates I got were reasonably competitive. I have stuck with them, obediently paying year after year even though it was a huge chunk of my income. I was vaguely aware that I should try to find time to compare the rates I am paying against other insurance companies, but I was also busy and sort of trusting that they were within reason.

However, I just refinanced my home mortgage and the person who was working with me to do this was shocked at how much I was paying, which encouraged me to finally find the time to comparison shop. To make a long story short, as embarrassing as this is, I've been paying over $2000/yr more for auto insurance than anyone else is quoting (Liberty Mutual, Geico, Progressive, Safeco) and over $1000/yr more for homeowners. That's over $3000/yr more than I should be paying - for basically the same policies. I've been with them for 8 1/2 years! How long have I been overpaying like that? How many trips around the world does that make? Frankly, I feel betrayed. "Never give a (good customer) an even break." I can't help but think they are equating "good customer" with "sucker."

Great when you sign up. Rates go up up up once you sign on. One homeowners claim, "Raised my rates $650 a year. Drove one of my leisure cars a little over the limit for leisure," "Raised my car insurance rates $50 a month." I would not recommend to anyone.

Cancelled policy due to missed payment. Policy was reinstated and then dropped by a higher manager. 35 years of no issues, payment in full, on time and then this. My parents are in their 80's and there was a mix up on the auto and homeowners policies. Hartford claimed this was due to having so many issues in Nevada and wanting to cut their losses. We received a renewal and a number for the confirmation that the policy was in fact good again but now the upper manager of the individual that was willing to help stepped and dropped the policy. The payment was made in good faith and accepted. This is why I detest insurance companies. Pay the bill or else. I'm not asking for special treatment but one issue with a payment after 30 years and then this? Looking elsewhere for this and then three other homes they have. Hartford is Heartless.

Joined AARP when I turned 50 and decided to try out their insurance for both auto and home. The rates were reasonable at the beginning but then the car insurance rate went way up (no violations on our part) and I decide on switching to another company. Lo and behold, the homeowners insurance went up over 20% because we did that. Needless to say, I won't be renewing the homeowners insurance either when the time comes around.

AARP foremost is for people who live in mobile homes and they are not a high cost insurance company. And each month they take the payment directly out of my checking. It does not change in the amount, stays the same each month for the last 6 years. You can call them or use a computer to do business with them.

My 82 year old mom has been trying to get roof leak repaired, which has been evident for months. Ceiling in living room has hole in from repair persons who said the leak on roof was due to gutter issue. After spending an hour on phone and 4 different persons, I was told it was due to normal wear and tear. No way and it's not gutters. The repair persons ripped my mother off and a lawsuit is pending if it is not remedied this month. Still not fixed. Contractors are a joke.

We have a business policy through Hartford and were unfortunate enough to have a small fire over the holidays. Not only have they been of absolutely no assistance, it has been almost 5 months and I am still working vainly in a smoky, dirty office trying to keep the business afloat. At first they were helpful. After going through half a dozen adjusters, they finally decided on one and he got the cleaning process started. Then as things were progressing, they suddenly stopped everything and said that they needed to investigate more and we should have some info on our claim within the week. This went on for 2 months, until we finally realized that it was going to be a lot longer than a week.

Unfortunately, due to their constant assurance that we would be taken care of quickly, we hadn't planned to be closed for that long, much less still dealing with it after 5 months. Now due to their delays, we are being forced to re-clean everything that was done earlier since the main part of the building was never even touched. They are denying their responsibility saying that we need to take every reasonable effort to keep the stuff that was previously cleaned clean. How we are supposed to do that in a smoky, sooty structure is beyond me but they obviously don't care about their customers.

I filed a claim (**) on 9/1/2011. Fred **, claim specialist, inspected and stated we would get a $15,000 advance payment, which did not come until I contacted the claim department. It was sent with no box number. The claim department received an estimate from Wilferd **. I received the completed estimate from the adjuster who said he finished the claim when it was more than the insurance ($66,000). I have not heard from the insurance company since returning the signed claim form and returned it to the adjuster.

We're very disappointed! My father who is a senior (50+) was denied homeowners' insurance through AARP because our home is considered "too rural". Our house is located on a state road. They denied us quickly after asking very few questions.

We have had our home insured with the Hartford thru AARP for several years. Each time we renewed, we checked premium cost for the best price. Last year we switched our auto policy to the Hartford because our carrier went up on the premium, insuring our vehicles with Hartford to save on premiums. At renewal for the auto policy, Hartford had a higher premium than the competitor, so we switched carriers in April. On June 5, we receive a bill from Hartford, an additional fee to the homeowner policy for unbundling our cars. This fee was $290.00. We are an elderly couple on a fixed income. An unexpected fee is a surprise, and a hardship to pay, especially when your goal was to save money on premiums. Are we responsible for this fee? Who might we speak with at AARP or the Hartford to have this fee waived? Thank you for allowing us to voice this complaint.

I was gone from May 14-18, 2014 came home to a disaster. Apparently lightning hit our home, hit electrical panel, water heater and sump pump (melted it) and all electrical in our finished basement. Just finished it in April 2014. My daughter called Hartford ASAP, (her and her husband live in home also) they took claim and said that we should call Servpro and could connect us after our call. Apparently, they have a NATIONAL contract with them. Told them we would contact them ourselves.

Servpro came out on Monday, May 19, and began extracting and manipulating my contents (as they call it). Wasting time extracting water out of throw rugs, which we told them we were throwing away and could have been thrown in a garbage bag and removed. Puts all area rugs out on our lawn, was going to throw them rolled up in our garage. Threw our contents everywhere, without respect for our personal property. Wet stuff on floor now on couch and furniture. Never had any other equipment to check anything.

My daughter was trying to call adjuster, but couldn't get a hold of him. In walks supervisor, who asked where she was and they told her and she says I'm talking to him now. WOW, we have no idea who it was and never even talked to him, yet, but she was. Kinda unethical if you ask me. Daughter talks to him, tells him they have no place to sleep, he says you have running water, she says yes, you have a place to cook, yes well he says we will get you a cot or mattress and throw it on the floor for you to sleep on. This is before we find out we have no HOT water!!

Servpro's supervisor talks to our adjuster again, then comes outside and says insurance isn't covering it. It will cost $4200 finish job, but she would take $3500. But we owed her $1700 for what they did as of NOW. Husband heard them talking in garage saying they could make interest off us if we couldn't pay. Told us she would walk away for $1000... Gave her the money, got a HANDWRITTEN receipt, claims she would send one to us in the mail, month later, no receipt. Told us we would need 20 fans to rent and 4 dehumidifiers. Called her back and asked how much it would cost just to dry out our finished basement. Have never received a call back or estimate to it.

Had to called another company who came out on May 20. Found out we had no hot water, stayed in a Motel from May 18 - 27 due to no hot water. Told our adjuster, told my daughter what our responsibilities were, first priority was to get the water and basement dry, told him we were and then we needed to get an electrician, plumber, heating, and air techs out to check our appliances out. And he was sending an independent adjuster out. And stated they were not covering any water damage because it was considered water backup. Lightning hit our home and knocked out sump, but yet would not cover damage. Very rude.

She called his supervisor, and asked for another person to handle our claim, which they did, but she isn't any better than he was. Now we owe this new company $3,974. They ended up removing 4 feet of our drywall, chair railing, wallpaper, and baseboard. Have complied with everything Hartford wants, had water heater fixed, had electrician out, has been verified lightning hit our home, water heater, sump and basement. Lost 85% of contents in basement. Had plumber out, even stating water heater contributed to water damage. Their independent adjuster even told us water heater contributed. Waiting on heating and air.

Talked to our new claim rep on June 6, said she was unfortunately unable to get claim reviewed that day and hung up. Needless to say, she forgot to tell us she was going to be gone until June 17. Called her supervisor, and he has yet to respond back. She calls on June 17 late afternoon and informs us that they would only be paying 2 days of our motel bills, cuz there was no reason a tech could not have fixed that water heater in a day but would give us 2 days (like she was doing us a favor) and that none of the water damage would be covered even after a MASTER Plumber and their adjuster said the water heater contributed to the damage. She called it co-mingled and would not cover anything water damage related. And we spent half the day on June 16 and almost all day on June 17 faxing her all her required things she wanted, receipts, estimates, electronics diagnostically tested, bills we had to pay and pictures. Only to be told she was discarding it all. Only wants lightning damaged and nothing water damage.

Back to square one. So needless to say a month later, over $10,000 out of pocket and still wants us to hand out more money and to be told nothing's covered except lightning damaged items and it must say that and has been emphasized many times or it won't be covered. Rates have also gone up due to their new fire station rules and inflation. Funny how everything goes up, but your retirement savings are being dwindled by these companies demanding higher rates year after year. We will be getting a new insurance company after this is resolved, if it ever is.

My 91 year old mother had a policy with AARP/Hartford for several years and always paid. She was late paying the most recent annual premium. It was due 9/20/2014 but was mailed until around 10/19/2014. The check was cashed by Hartford and cleared the bank on 10/22/2014. The president of the AARP/Hartford Homeowners Insurance Program, one Andre A. Napoli, sent my mother a letter dated 10/29/2014 informing her that "we are unable to reinstate your policy." Also, the policy premium was increased by $200 for no apparent reason other than they just decided to increase the premium.

When I called the Hartford, I was told not only was the policy cancelled immediately when the check did not arrive on the due date (no grace period even after years of faithful on-time payment), but that they would not even consider reinstating the policy. I was told to find someone else. I do realize my dear old mom did send the money late, but I find the Harford's actions, while perhaps within the letter of the law, callous on a personal level. I hope that no one else makes the mistake of doing business with them and that all those connected with the AARP/Hartford program, and their families, get treated in life exactly as they treated my 91 year old mother.

My experience is identical to Henry's in Santa Rosa on 4/16/17. Been customer since 1999. On 5/2016 Homeowners increased 20%, on 5/2017 another 30%, total 50% in 2 years. Hartford manager blames it on construction costs and increase in claims in WA State... We have no hurricanes, typhoons, and we don't live in a flood plain. Never had a claim, nothing has changed for18 years. Very irritated that Hartford can treat their loyal senior citizens this way. Scared to see Auto insurance next month. Will have to start long process of looking for another company. Who was the competitor Henry found?

We have been with Hartford for 5 years both auto and home, no claims. A big cold storm comes into our state in February 2011, our water pipes freeze flood our house and all the contents. We file a claim with Hartford we get 3000.00 for it which doesn’t cover it all. They jack up our rates 100%. They say they raised our rates because we do not have a fire hydrant close to our house! They did not say anything about a fire hydrant before. I think they singled us out because of our claim. Why have insurance if you have to pay back the claim? We canned them right away.

Been using Hartford for years, no claims. Then why did I receive a notice of "nonrenewal". Insurance companies evaluate the risk, then charge you (too much) to cover that risk, but seldom do they hold the insurance liability. They sell it to a reinsurer. Hartford prides itself on low rates. If they have to raise your rate, then their average rate across the board goes up, then they lose that false advertising claim of lowest rates. Thus after years, they've decided that this neighborhood (actually the state of California) poses wildfire risk (though that is bogus in my neighborhood) so they drop clients in order to maintain misleading ads (some even suggest that they don't do nonrenewals in most situations). OK. So we're stuck with a banana republic, lightly regulated (the state board is owned by the insurance companies) company. If you can save a few dollars by going with the Hartford, don't. It's too risky for you.

I writing this on behalf of my 86 year old mother. She was cancelled after 11 years of having home insurance. She had been in the hospital and then rehab. She was late on her payment and they would not work with her. She even stated that she would put automatic withdrawals in place. She never had a claim in 11 years. I believe they were looking for an excuse not to insure in Detroit.

Paid the full amount for a year's worth of homeowner's insurance before the due date. (Have now checked to see that, in fact, the payment was deducted from my account. Yes, indeed). Five months later, in one swoop, they claim I have an account with X amount due, but Y can be paid as minimum, or Z on another page. But in another letter, "policy cancelled due to non-payment" - never mind the FULL payment received six months prior. This is after they did the same crap with my auto insurance. 100% complete SCAMMERS. THIEVES. LIARS. I'm talking to my lawyer about getting $$ back from them. They accepted full payment and then denied service. DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THE HARTFORD. Let's see them out of business!

Something very strange is going on with Hartford. 3 weeks into my new coverage, pushed/partnered by AARP, I received a cancellation notice based upon a 3-minute outside inspection. I was not given an opportunity to make any repairs or changes, and most of the reasons stated on the letter were grossly inaccurate or downright false. Calling them on the phone is a test of patience, as you simply cannot speak with a person who can do anything other than "parrot company policy." A completely reprehensible situation where they can make a decision, based on less than accurate info, and I can't even show them that there are mistakes in the "facts" they used to cancel my policy. I have since re-upped with my former company, for both homeowners and auto (it does me a small amount of pleasure to cancel the auto insurance we got through AARP as my retaliation).

My father had a policy with Hartford through AARP for years, always paid his premiums, and never made a claim. I helped him in his last years by handling all of his financial affairs and medical needs. He passed away and my brother, sister, and I moved the policy into our family trust. I moved in to the house and forwarded my mail through the post office. For whatever reason the Hartford bill never came through and was being sent to my old address. After discovering the error I called the Hartford, paid our bill in full, and updated the billing address with them directly. They took the money but did not update the billing address. The next notice we received 3 months later was cancellation.

I called them immediately and they said the reason for cancellation was a failure to pay. I explained that I had updated the address when I paid it in full previously and was happy to go through the process again as well as pay up in full as well as set up an auto-pay feature if they had it. I asked what the billing address they had on file was and they gave the old billing address. They then said that the initial failure to pay allowed them to "review" our policy and they had decided to cancel us. I mentioned our willingness to pay in full and to avoid the same problem in the future but they said no, search for coverage locally, and that they do apologize. No customer loyalty, care, or concern of any kind. A company with a total lack of character or morals.

The company inflates property values under homeowner's insurance to justify higher premiums or so it seems. The values used for my dwelling are double the fair market value of my dwelling and exceed the local County property assessments. I can only conclude this is deliberate as we, AARP seniors, are thus held to be incapable of discerning that we are paying for insurance coverage we could never claim... even under a total loss scenario.

I have never had to file a claim but am overall satisfied with this company. Foremost if insurance name that was referred to by AARP. I have never used any other company. This is for mobile home owners.

This has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I feel the need to share this so that no one else gets bitten and loses thousands of dollars as I did. I also know some other folks that have lost on the same thing as I did. This pertains to anyone that has an HO6 Home Insurance Policy with "The Hartford". Please look through your policy documents for a "Loss Assessment Coverage Endorsement - HO04 35 10. When you bought your HO6 policy you had options coverage. The one I am referring to is an increase in "Loss Assessment Coverage". In my case I took an increase of $10,000 giving me a total of $11,000 loss assessment coverage. This cost me an additional $7.00 in my annual premium.

I have been with Hartford for well over 20 years, and never filed a claim for loss assessment until a hail storm occurred on July 28, 2016, and I was assessed an amount of $6857.00 from the homeowners association for the damage of this hail storm. I filed a claim with Hartford and was denied all but $1000.00. The reason they claim is because it was due to a deductible of the homeowner’s insurance policy as stated in the above endorsement that is all I will get. What really makes this interesting is I looked through all my policy documents that I had including the electronic file that Hartford encouraged me to do to save paper, and there was no such endorsement in any of my documents.

So Hartford ripped me off for $5857.00. I tried many ways including going through my State Insurance Agency, and Hartford would not budge. When I took out a policy on my new patio home with Hartford, I went through the policy documents and that endorsement was in the documents. My contention is that the endorsement came out sometime while I had my policy in force but Hartford never notified me, or I would have canceled my policy immediately. I definitely would recommend canceling any HO6 Insurance Policy that you may have with Hartford, because you will get ripped off by them with regard to "Loss Assessment Coverage".

I won't go into detail, but I got ripped off on another loss assessment claim for $1800, and was only paid $645.96 because they ruled out so many things they did not consider loss assessments. I am through with The Hartford, and will not renew my AARP dues because they say in their advertisements" "Worlds most ETHICAL Company by Ethisphere Institute". Ethical? NO WAY is The Hartford Ethical. If I could afford a lawyer I would consider bringing a lawsuit against Hartford. But as the saying goes “You can’t fight big corporations” and I have come to believe that quote.

Very dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. Always pleasant and affordable. They were all so much for the cause of making our insurance correct. There was no hidden fees and no umbrella issues. It took us a while to find the right one and when we did, we were so happy.

I have never had to file a claim on this insurance. However, they are very friendly to work with in regards to payments and changes to the policy. I would recommend this insurance company purely due to their customer service. I get a bundled policy price for having auto insurance as well as homeowners insurance with them. This saves me quite a bit of money each year which makes me very happy. I also like the ability to pay the annual premium on a monthly basis. It is taken directly from my checking account so I don't have to worry about it being paid on time.

We had our home insured with Hartford Insurance. When we refinanced our home, there was some misunderstanding about who was making the monthly premium payments because the money was put into escrow. Because of this issue, the policy lapsed before we realized the payments were not being made. We got the problem resolved, but Hartford would not reinstate our policy and other insurance companies wanted double and triple the original cost of insuring our home. All because of a lapse in policy?

When my husband and I were preparing to move, we contacted Aarp/Hartford to discuss the possibility of renting the home we were leaving. They indicated that they would, in fact, insure the home, but we needed to replace the roof. If we simply replaced the roof, then we would have no problem with them insuring it as a rental. We spent almost $10,000 replacing the roof just to have them tell us that we now have to provide them with a one-year lease contract with whoever is leasing our home. It is not our plan to lease the home long-term, and had we known this was the case, we never would have spent the money on the roof.

My wife and I recently retired and went on a long-planned road trip around the country for three months. On month two, our house was burglarized. The thieves stole our appliances and fixtures. We had put most personal and valuables in storage. My neighbor goes through the house and cares for it when we are away. He discovered the crime and called me. I told him to call the police; they came and said it was a burglary. I called Hartford the same day to report it.

The Hartford did not return my first call for two days and then during the call they seemed only interested that we were not at the house but on a long trip. Nicole asked me twenty different ways about where I lived and I always said I only have one house and live there. She was not concerned about what was missing or damaged and she just tried to make me say that my house is vacant and I live somewhere else. She finally assigned me an adjustor that would come out in ten days.

I called her supervisor, Brian ** the next day to complain about the treatment and my concern for water damage from destroyed plumbing and he only said that I have admitted that I do not live there. I could not believe what I was hearing and told him that I never said that, I only have one house, I live, pay taxes, vote and have my mail there, and I am only on vacation.

The next day, I received a notice of cancellation from The Hartford and a letter from an outside adjustor, Reggie **, saying that all correspondence was to be with him. He also went to my house and my neighbor let him in to see the burglary. During his time there, he accused my neighbor of the burglary.

I called Derrick **, the head adjustor for the west coast at Hartford, to complain about their treatment and after listening to me, he said that I have already admitted to them that I don't live there. I told him that is not true. We have cut our trip short and are home now but we can't stay at the house because of the plumbing/electrical damage from the burglary.

Four weeks from the crime, Hartford quit returning my calls. We also have someone who wants to buy our house but on the condition that it is put back to how it was. We would like to sell it to them but need the insurance money to fix it.

AARP does not help retired persons, they are a business making money from retired persons.

We were sent a check very rapidly without able to get our estimates in - it turned out to be significantly lower than our lowest estimate. After sending several estimates in, we received another check - a month and a half later, that was close to our lowest estimate so that was the one we HAD to choose if we didn't want to pay out of our own pocket.

In 23 years with Hartford for our homeowners, we have Never had one claim. I felt like our claim rep, **, was rude and very cold and calculating. We had just had our beautiful perfect house flooded and she lacked empathy and did what she was trained to do - save the company as much money as she could, I even suspected age discrimination because we were seniors. She was quick with smart answers - which I didn't appreciate. I hope nothing more traumatic than that happens to our house and I especially hope we never have to deal with ** again. I was so disappointed in this experience because we have had car claims with Hartford and everyone has always been so nice and caring about our loss..

My 84 year old mother had a leak in her bath room. The Hartford Company sent a company in to tear out floor (they gave us no choice on the company). Servpro located in the Smokey Point office in Washington State did not contain area they exposed the house to mold although they are supposed to be a mold remediation company. The Hartford said they did not hire the company and did not send. We had never heard of them prior to this. But we had to sign their papers in order for them to start the job. After their adjuster came out they sent us what they would pay for repairs they charged my mother depreciation when she has 100% replacement value.

They try taking advantage of seniors. If I would not have caught this she would have been shorted a great deal of money. I refused to cash the check as they hurried as sent the check and if we would have cashed it, it would have meant acceptance. Their bill was extremely low. They made a big deal about going through a company named ITEL for the carpet, pad and vinyl. They sent me their bid without the ITEL bid they put pending. I requested that by writing numerous times and they would not send it. He put in writing he would but did not. I finally called the supervisor and he finally sent it and it was dated 8-7-11 and I got it on 9-15-11, they had it when they sent me the bid. How many senior have they done this to? This is really low. I have full power of attorney so fortunately for my mother I am watching over her. This is still pending as we cannot agree on what the job will cost.

Never had a problem with them. They always answer any questions and the price is good. Also have auto insurance with the same company. Always get a new copy of the policy each year and any updates.

My husband was on the phone for almost 2 hours and I am so angry! The quote they gave us was not the one they provided when we asked for a copy via email before putting down a required $150 down payment. The agent hesitated to provide a copy saying it would be here in 7 days. I do NOT like to pay for things without seeing them so they finally acquiesced and sent an email. It was over $200 more for the homeowner's policy than what we were quoted; the auto insurance was $100+ more. I felt so bad questioning my husband! I had heard the beginning of the conversation and it sounded like he was being harassed and put in a defensive position from the beginning so I kept listening and finally the agent said he'd have to have his manager make the changes which would take about 30 days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY! This is even before we had a policy... They are not fair players!

I inherited a house late 2017 in which I reside. Logically I received a cancellation notice in the prior owner's name in May 2018. I called the Hartford and set up a new policy and promptly paid for the year. A person was sent out to photograph and browse the house. I received multiple followup questionnaires about the house including roof, fireplace, etc. Now this mid-October, I received a policy cancellation.

Here is the direct wording: "The reason for cancellation is you do not qualify for coverage with our program due to the existing unrepaired damage to your property. A recent inspection of the property indicates that damages include: the tree limbs that overhang and touch the roof and siding on the home, and this renders you ineligible for coverage with our program." I was even required to join AARP to apply for The Hartford Insurance. I was never questioned or notified about the vegetation around the house. There are shrubs and trees that touch the house on the north and west sides but nothing over the roof. Definitely avoid this company.

This company is great and affordable. I even have flood ins. for pennies a day. I would recommend this company to everyone that is not sure which one to choose. Everything in my house and backyard is full covered.

We had a Tornado to hit our home and it messed up our roof. The roof was less than 20 yrs old and we produced the receipt. Hartford wouldn't replace the roof. They claimed it was old and the tornado hadn't damaged it. I can now lift a 40 ft section w/ 1 hand. Hartford sent an Engineer who said the roof was rotted. I brought in my Engineer from DC w/ twice the education and experience of Hartfords' and Hartford still denied the claim. My Engineer/Contractor/Architect proved with film and pics the damage was from the Tornado and destroyed every theory their engineer gave as to why Hartford shouldn't pay. Hartford still denied the claim.

This is not the first time HARTFORD HAS DENIED A CLAIM. During that tornado our storm drains backed up into our basement. Hartford hired SERVE PRO to clean our basement and they stole us blind. Computers, laptops, Liquor, tools, Glass ware, monitors, programs, DVDs, X-box and games, etc. None of which was in the water. But Hartford wouldn't pay the theft claim. We didn't hire Serve Pro, Hartford did. We were included in a Class Action lawsuit brought by the state of Oregon against Hartford for failure to pay claims. Hartford settled and squashed the Class Action Suit. My son will be graduating in May from Law school. It's time for another Class Action Law Suit.

I reported hardwood floor discoloration in Jan 2012, unknown reason. After 3 1/2 months of having water leak tests (moisture found in flooring), engaging with a contractor (who didn't show up on 3 occasions and never presented a report to my knowledge), having a flooring company review the floor 2 or 3 times with no resolution and primarily not getting responses or timely follow-up from the adjuster, I contacted his supervisor. With the contact I did with the adjuster, I understood all along that repairing the reason for the moisture was not covered, but as soon as that was resolved (by me), they would replace the floor. Now after 6 months, the last report provided to Hartford assumes not sufficient drainage in patio area and moisture seeping under the foundation so Hartford concluded it has to do with groundwater (not in report) and will not repair the floor. I have asked for the escalation process to have this reviewed, but have not received a response

A Hartford underwriter's mistake cost us thousands. We have a vacation condo in Missouri. The condo unit above had leaky plumbing that flooded our unit and caused over $6,000 worth of damage. Four months before this incident, we changed from Allstate to Hartford insurance. We told Hartford that we needed HO6 insurance for condominiums. The underwriter decided that we only needed HO4 insurance (renters) and issued that policy. Now the owners insurance with leaky pipes is declining the claim stating our insurance should pay. Due to the fact that we do not have HO6 insurance, the damage to the walls, carpet, cabinets, countertops and tile floor is not covered. We must now pay out of pocket for all repairs. We very much regret leaving Allstate, under them we had the proper HO6 insurance. I would not recommend AARP Hartford for any insurance!

My husband and I was charge 3 times the rate of the average home and auto insurance we purchased through Hartford AARP. I feel like they are taking advantage of seniors. I request a cancellation prior to insurance starting date. Let's see what will happen. I will keep you posted.

Both my parents died within 9 months of each other. I was handling all their affairs. When I received the bill for homeowners insurance I called to pay them, their response was that it was too late to pay and I should look for another insurance because they don't cover that area any longer... in English they suck. No compassion. If I could give them a 0 I would. Just a shame that AARP name is connected to them.

My mother-in-law's sister was visiting for the winter from Indiana. The Hartford had sent her a cancellation notice based on an inspector determining that the house was abandon. There was snow on the porch and inspector said no electricity. Well the inspector probably didn't actually check the meter or he would have determined that there was electricity to home. If he did, he needs to back to school to identify a house with and without electricity! Absolutely harassment on The Hartford Insurance Companies' part.

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