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I shopped around to find the best and I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision. It was no problem to find a policy that met my needs. The policies are simple and easy to understand. They are very flexible to suit the needs of the customer. My long term care coverage is great and very affordable. There are so many great benefits. Plus, very informative and helpful customer service. Always polite and pleasant to speak with. They have always responded to my questions quickly. I'm really happy with my decision to enroll with this company and have a plan that benefits me. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for coverage.

My parents have always told me to have any long-term care insurance. Therefore, as soon as I became the age of 21, I started to look for a beneficial long-term care insurance. Eventually, I found that this insurance has lots of coverage and that's why I got this insurance. The overall service reflects how good their policies are. However, I personally think that their policies are a bit strict. Nevertheless, their customer service is really good such that even if I ask some obvious questions they answer very politely. Few months ago, since I had a question about monthly payment, I called them multiple times. If I were them, I would have been so irritated, but they answered my question as much as they could.

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