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Easy communication and great people to work with.
Love Acuity!
Our agent Trisha Propson has been so helpful! We’re grateful for all that she and Acuity has done.
No accidents no tickets but my insurance keeps going up ready to switch just hard because we have everything insured threw them
very happy with the company but, feel that they are kind of expensive
Great local service.
LOVE Acuity!!
We have used Acuity for Home and auto insurance for a few years now. We have had claims due to storms both against the house an d one of our cars. We were very happy with the attention that was paid to our claims and the settlements thereof. I would definitely recommend Acuity to anyone looking for a company they can trust to trait them fairly. That's not how I feel about most insurance companies.
I recently had to deal with Acuity as a result of my car getting hit and totalled outside of my house. My car was parked, with no one in it. Some one with Acuity drove into my car and had Acuity. I called and explained what happened. The insurance rep, Tamara Bertram, was assigned to my claim. She is very mono-tone and has some what of an attitute. If I questioned anything she said, she got very defensive. When I asked if I should have it towed? She said I would be at to risk paying for it. (Can I remind you I was not in the parked car, outside of my house for this accident?). Tamara told me to get some buddies and push it into my drive way so no one would have to pay towing or storage fees. When I asked about getting a rental car so I can continue my life and work, she said that I may be paying out of pocket. (Why would I pay out of pocket when I had nothing to do with the totalling of my own vehicle?) Very rude and did not explain anything to me properly. She asked what kind of car and said it probably isn't worth much so I would be paying for rental if need be. Why would I pay for ANYTHING? I took pictures from all angles and sent them to Tamara. She called me the next day and said she saw nothing wrong with my vehicle... (my trunk was completely crushed in and my bumper was to the ground.) After back and forth disagreement for a few minutes, Tamara realized she had the wrong claim up. Apologized quickly and hung up. It is now almost a full 2 weeks since the accident and Tamara called me asking for the release paperwork from the loan on the car. I explained that I own the car and have no loan on it. She acted like she did not believe me and said that I needed to fill out the loan information. I explained again and she 'had to look into it.' Finally she approved everything and the check is in the mail... So after 2 weeks, of my vehicle being totalled, when I was not in it or at fault in anyway, I am finally being paid. Way to much stress and time spent on Acuity insurance. I highly suggest against dealing with Acuity at all cost!
*Customer service has been great. Never had an issue except once when I was told I owed nothing and later was double billed. This was about 5 years ago. * Bad experience was when I was in a car accident with my then 2 month old I was considered 80% at fault even though she admitted fault to it and to me and on police report. She was driving distracted. Yet I was blamed. I felt like Joseph, who was the guy who was dealing with my accident didn't care. When we talked he didn't seem to interested dealing with my case or talking to me. He seemed like he just wanted to get it all over. That hurt a lot, especially since I had to pay a higher premium when I was dealing with health issues that made me unable to work and we lost our house due to it shortly after. *Otherwise I've had nothing but great experiences with everyone there. Everyone else has been very pleasant, understanding and kind. Keep up the great work.
Acuity has been a great insurance company. I have been with them for about 15 years.
Excellent local broker (Mt. West Insurance) has assisted us. Coverages are good and although minimal claims processed people have been courteous, prompt and professional.
During a transition period of our lives, where we sold our home, are in a rental apartment for 3-4 months, then on to our new home, our agent has worked with us to make sure our coverage stays in tact. It has been a tension free experience thanks to our agent.
Unfortunately I've had to make home and auto claims. Their responsiveness in both instances was very timely, easy, and very fair. 5 stars !
They have been easy to work with in the 10+ years that I have had them.
Positive experience with claim service. Acuity is on top of the insurance market trends and strives to be #1. Acuity has received recognition from their employees indicating it is the best company to work for. Acuity has insured my home and vehicles for many years.
Superior insurance carrier!
Very informative and felt like Acuity is really interested in helping our company reach its goals.
Great company thank you
Solid company, good service, reasonable prices -- covers everything I have insured
A great company to work with and to service my clients needs.
The Acuity claims adjustor was at our property within hours following a severe storm. Acuity promptly arranged for an experienced contractor to make emergency repairs and provide immediate funds that prevented additional loss. Acuity quickly agreed an a insurance settlement and paid the claim with no red tape. Acuity is a class act!
There is always "a little friction" with insurance. $100k premiums over three years. A hernia for an employee - $17k cost - 30% increase in premiums. That's ridiculous.
They were very fast and helpful.
I am satisfied with every aspect
Years ago they helped me lower my insurance costs. The yearly audits are usually accurate and can be done by faxing in information - no in shop meetings.
Great agent, great company in terms of cost, coverage and service.
Got a bill and paid it... Have no other experience with Acuity... Haven't had a claim with them...No contact with them to rate...
Prompt service and support when we needed it; our local agent, Mr. Chumas, is superb!
They jacked up my car insurance after one year for no reason but my homeowners insurance was stable. I'll probably look around before I renew next year.
I have never had a negative experience with Acuity. Its people have always been fair, thorough, and professional.
Every interaction I have had with this company has been extremely positive. I have been with Acuity for over 20 years.
Acuity has always serviced our account in a expeditious and professional manner.
I've had Acuity for 4 years, never had a single claim but every year my premium goes up. I'm paying almost double than when I got it. I called Allstate and it's a third of the price so I'll be switching. I do not recommend Acuity, they overcharge!
OUTSTANDING!!! Just wish you're auto rate were a bit more competitive.
Typically have had good experience. Have had a couple cases where it seems to take a while to get payment straightened out but eventually it was.
Amber is terrific - attentive and so helpful!
All my dealings with Acuity have been A+ , never had a problem in the 20 or so years I've been with them.
We have been with Acuity for many years and have always had excellent service and they have promptly dealt with any claims or issues we have had quickly and efficiently even and taken care of us when another party was at fault.
no review-can't write a review if I have yet to deal with them due to any accident or home problem-------THANK GOD
Very easy to work with. Premiums are very competitive.
It was seamless from onset to resolution to completion!!
Received a cancellation even though my check had already cleared the bank, as per my bank on-line statement. A bit quick on the trigger.
Quality service provided in a timely manner. Thank you!
A company of the highest integrity, good service, great knowledge of the needs if their clients and terrific claims handling.
Our Association has been using Acuity for eight years and have only submitted two claims. The first one was submitted five years ago and was very poorly handled; the recent one was handled quickly and with very positive results. We are glad to see that Acuity has greatly improved their claim handling.
Acuity was recommended by a local insurance agent. It's the company that he uses - best recommendation ! ! !
Acuity treats its customers better than most insurance companies
I had my house broken into... they did a great job and communicated well throughout the whole process. I was very pleased with ease of the process.
Everything is handled promptly and efficiently, so we have no worries.
They've always been very helpful when I've needed assistance and easy to work with.
I had roof damage from something falling on my roof. The adjuster came out and told me it was from water in my soffit. He brought out a expert and the adjuster wanted to tear out my kitchen ceiling to get a look at the roof. Well that was not going to happen. I called a contractor and had them tear the roof off. We found that in fact something had fallen on the roof and broke 3 rafters. I put in a claim and Acuity paid but then almost doubled my insurance. I am now shopping for a new company. Worst appraiser ever. Worst insurance company ever.
Everyone is good to work with, understanding and work efficient to speed up the process.
Fortunately, I haven't had to use my insurance services except for the repair of a cracked windshield. That experience was virtually painless!
I have never in 20 years of business had a company that is so money hungry and unwilling to help a small business out. We shopped around and are now saving over $7,000 a year. We can't deal with a company that demands you do a audit when it's good for them. No consideration for the small business owners.
Excellent service and easy navigation on website.
Acuity is affordable and makes filing claims a breese.
Acuity coverages are superior and response to issues has been excellent. Local agent is always a Voicemail away. However, staff support has always responded quickly and professionally to all issues.
They get back to me quickly with any questions that I have.
Great follow-up and service!
I have never had an insurance company be so helpful. I appreciate the kindness, the friendly staff, helpful tools, and much more! I highly recommend Acuity Insurance!
Quick, friendly, knowledgeable.
We had a tree fall on our house, and they took care of everything without a problem.
After 40 years as an independent agent working with many insurance companies, I have no reservations recommending ACUITY to my clients. In addition to having excellent coverage options, they understand customer service. Their claims handling is timely and fair, with adjusters willing to listen to their insureds concerns. I couldn't be prouder to represent them.
always takes care of us
Great service! Excellent local agent also!
Have never had a problem with this company. Good customer service etc.
Great company, great service!
No real experience except with the broker. Premium notices come on time. So far so good.
Happy with the policy I have with you guys
They are very thorough, but have worked well with us to resolve issues that turned up in audits.
Great value and service.
Acuity treats clients with respect and they way we all want to be treated.
Knowing that someone will answer the phone! That's service!
Claims are always handled quickly and thoroughly.
Agents are excellent to work with - friendly, compassionate and professional. We had a lightening strike claim that went on for months and months. Company was easy to work with, settled our claims quickly - gave us peace of mind, knowing we were in good hands and they were there as new issues were discovered. No complaints here. We're sticking with Acuity.
Last year had a sump pump fail and was told no coverage,got some seepage and now mold and told no coverage!!!! Sorry ,what kind of basement coverage is this!!! Plan on cancelling and getting insurance that actually covers water damage!! Told the adjuster what I thought ,a scam !!!!! And they send mold company to mark walls for demo but won't cover the cost!!!! So what's the point!!!
Great company. Good rates.
Acuity is immediately there for us whenever we have a claim. Polite, caring representatives. Our claims are usually settled fast
Acuity has handled my insurance needs for almost a decade. I am a lifer. They are the best!
Hello I will Recommend Acuity to anyone they Respond fast is a great company thank you
Premiums are higher than some others offering similar coverage/benefits
Great Company Thanks
I think the definition of "Poor" says it all - "an inadequate experience with a lot of friction."
Stay away from Acuity. Their customer service practices are appalling (make you feel like they are doing you a favor when you have a request) and they make no attempt to keep you happy as a customer. I have submitted a claim once (hit and run), they did very little to pursue the other party leaving me to pay. Many parts (except the main landing page) of their website are old (circa 2006) and out of date and does not give me much comfort around their data security practices. I have happily ended my policy with Acuity, I recommend you move on to another insurance company.
The company has been patience with us when making payments.
Acuity has been a big part of my safety department and has helped me manage and maintain a proactive safety program. Both hearing and air quality have been addressed through Acuity testing programs and have had a positive impact on employee morale in my production facility by showing we care about maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. They have always taken care of all of my workers compensation claims in a timely manner and answered any questions I had.
I'm very happy with this service.
I went on-line to see about making adjustments to my homeowners policy. WHEN I clicked the link I received an error messagr. I had to call my agent for something I thought was simple. They tried and got the same error. I've yet to hear back from them
competitive value and the service is excellent.
everything went great. Prompt professional service.
They have been flawless to work with, come with a very high recommendation
We have not had occasion to submit any claims so do not have any opinion as to how claims are handled, etc.
We have had some issues getting our car fixed but Acuity has been great
Only one claim. No problem.
My wife's car was rear-ended by a very large pickup truck. Her car was stopped at a traffic light at the time of the accident. The force of the accident drove both vehicles about 40 feet across what is normally a very busy intersection. Thankfully, there was no cross traffic at the time of the accident. Our car was totaled. It was clearly the fault of the other driver. His insurance did not do anything to help our situation. We needed transportation, immediately. We needed to find and secure a replacement vehicle. It was a case of Acuity to the rescue! They arranged for a rental vehicle. They estimated the value of our totaled car and sent us a check for the amount. I'm certain that, once we wee on the road to recovery, they recovered their costs from the other insurance company. I am fairly certain that I could find insurance that costs less than our Acuity coverage, but I honestly believe that I could never ever find better claims processing any where for any amount of money! Thank you Acuity, for your outstanding care and concern for our welfare!
I've not had a claim yet.
We had a flood in our home from a malfunctioning toilet. Acuity helped us put our house back to its original condition. They were great to work with. Thanks Acuity
Always great service
Superior coverages at a great price, backed by a great agency at R&R Insurance.