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August 4, 2011

RE: Group Control #: ** Employer: Sunrise Senior Living

Please explain to me how an insurance company like Aetna is allowed to commit fraud and steal people's money and yet suffer no consequences and be allowed to continue their deceptive practices?

Aetna took money from my paycheck for LTD that I chose to purchase. When I went out on injury, they have fought me tooth and nail ever since. And now they have said that they think I can work, even though my doctor says I cannot. Why is Aetna allowed to practice such deception and thievery, yet thousands of people are locked up annually because of insurance fraud?

After two years of receiving $245 a month (it is the difference from my workers comp claim), Aetna has decided to cancel my payments because (as the lady from Aetna put it); If I can answer a telephone, I can work. This also comes one month after Aetna sent my doctor a form asking my capabilities and limitations, and he clearly wrote: "Unable to work at all."

Yet Aetna has decided that I can work.

This is illegal, unethical, fraud, corrupt and bordering on criminal. How can your office sit back and allow an insurance company to operate like this? How can you allow an insurance company to fraudulently deduct payments from a person's paycheck, and then deny that person what he paid for? How is Aetna allowed to give medical opinions when a medical professional states otherwise.

Under criteria for continuation of benefits of the Aetna agreement it states: "You must provide objective medical evidence that you are unable to perform any reasonable occupation for which you are qualified." On the capabilities and limitations form sent to my doctor from Aetna, it clearly states that I am unable to perform any work. Does this not meet the criteria?

Aetna has attempted to deny this claim for different reasons for two years now. I have listed all the cases opened against them below. Thankfully, I have sent every questionnaire and response back to Aetna via certified letters and kept the receipts. They have stated five times that I never sent forms back, or my doctor didn't fill out the proper items. When it was proven we sent them back, they suddenly discovered that we did in fact send them back and fill them out correctly. They have attempted to deny my claim on the basis that I am able to write, so I can work. They have tried to deny it on the basis that I have children at home and must be caring for them. On one conversation, the woman from Aetna even stated that she would deny my claim because of things printed on the Internet.

I have dealt with 17 different people handling my case, I have been called a liar by Tom ** of Aetna on 9/17/09, I have been threatened by Jennifer ** of Aetna 8/27/09. About ceasing my payments, I have been told I was faking by Jamie of Aetna on 8/21/09, I have been told I haven't sent paperwork back by Robin on 7/27/09, and spoke to a man named Todd four times only to be told I never spoke to him.

I have been told by two surgeons, as well as Aetna's own choice of doctor (an IME Aetna sent me too), that my condition is permanent. I have done everything Aetna has asked. I have gone anywhere Aetna has requested.

Aetna is committing nothing other than fraud. They have countless complaints throughout internet boards about this same matter (several listed below) and are allowed to continue their deceiving practice by ripping off the American public. I will not stop posting this letter to every site, every board I can find until the public is aware of the way Aetna conducts business. They are committing fraud and you are allowing this to happen. There is no other way this can even be mistaken when your doctor says you are incapable of working, yet Aetna says you are so they can stop paying you.

Anyone even thinking of going through Aetna for anything should be aware of the deceitful games they play. You are NOT protected if you have Aetna Insurance. Read all the complaints below. Search the internet for thousands of others. It is not just me that Aetna is ripping off. They should not be allowed to practice such illegal activities.



As a member of the clergy, I have carried an Aetna DI plan for over ten years. Now when I needed it due to health troubles, they politely turn me down. They were really nice about it, but I have been waiting for today's phone call for two months. They told me they didn't have enough medical evidence to support my claim. I am 57 years old with Insulin dependent diabetes. I take 180 units of insulin each day plus two metformin. I have diabetic neuropathy of both legs below the knee. I have HBP, high cholesterol, anxiety/depression, and asthma - all documented to go with the IDD. Most days I don't have the energy to do anything. Yet I am not disabled. Aetna sucks!

I have never been more upset. These people don't read or care what the doctor's notes say about the patient. I have had to resubmit everything at least twice as well as my doctor and it still gets denied. Not enough information. If your doctor deems you not fit to work whether it be dizziness, blurred vision or whatever then they need to go with that. They are not doctors. There should not even be an approval or denial. We are paying for that INSURANCE PERIOD!!!

You pay for STD benefits every paycheck, but when you are in need for reimbursement, Aetna (my insurance company from my work) will simply not pay it. Their Motto is to deny it no matter what. Their customer service sucks. My wife was involved in an accident last year in August and suffered lower back injury. She was suffering from acute pain in the back which was radiating to her legs. She had to take strong pain killer and went through months of physical therapy.

After supplying tons of documents from my doctors which clearly indicated that I was unable to work, Aetna denied it based on disability claim not supported ground. My wife had to make numerous visits to doctor office to get the paper work they requested, but every time it was same lame answer that the disability is not supported. They denied it the first time; we again supplied some more documentation from my wife's doctors and filed an appeal which was aging denied. The run around that Aetna gave us on top of the pain and suffering that my wife was already going though is beyond description. I don't understand when a specialty doctor has stated in writing that the patient is disabled along with numerous supporting documents what else one could possibly provide to support the disability.

It took them over five months to review the appeal still with the same explanation that the disability is not supported. They simply don't want to pay you the money. I wish there were laws that would prevent insurance companies like Aetna to harass customers and stop these malpractices. They are just in business of making money at the expense of their customer.

Aetna denied my appeal on April 2, 2012 for long-term disability. I had all the facts - MRIs, doctor's notes, etc.- to show I can't work full time because of my back and neck. I have been forced from making $40k a year as a driver to food stamps and state medical care, because I can only work part time. I have to do this out of a recliner chair. I was not allowed at any hearing. This is my second go-around with Aetna, since they cut me off at the 2-year mark. They are denying cases that are valid, even when your doctor says you are disabled. I had five doctors, 3 who are specialists. Why is the state having to pay for my welfare when I had a disability policy to protect me?

I had several medical problems and had to take short-term disability in May 2018. It's covered by FMLA and last for 12 weeks. I was told I would receive weekly benefits. It took 9 weeks to receive my first check! After the 12 weeks, my doctors said I was not ready to return to work. They recommended long-term disability so I informed Aetna. It was a nightmare! I waited 17 weeks to get my "reservation of rights" check...which is just a so-called courtesy payment by Aetna while they were in the process of reviewing my doctor's chart notes. I couldn't make my bills after 4 months of waiting. They said the reservation of rights meant that they would not take liability for my claim but needed me to see more doctors to get further diagnosed. Their payments under R of R was incorrect... They underpaid me so they had to make that up.

Finally after waiting since August 2018, I get a letter this week with the disability denial letter. Aetna is stating that since I have been in chronic pain and dealing with my medical issues for so long, that I should be able to continue to do so. My doctors have clearly documented that I am getting worse, I'm on more meds, I have a traumatic brain injury and vision problems. My neuro-optometrist recommends a 50-week treatment plan and Aetna is denying my claim. It's completely ridiculous because I can't possibly work right now with diminished capabilities and my condition only getting worse. They wrote a denial letter and cherry picked items from reports that favored THEM and made me appear unqualified for disability.

I broke my leg. Between my doctor and myself, all requested documents were sent. They approved until date was 3 weeks short of what my doctor said. I called repeatedly to figure out why. I kept being told the Dr needed to update the date. No matter how many times I said, the date is not what the doctor said, and they need to check their paperwork. My doctor ended up extending the date, and sent it in. 9 days later my coverage ended. I called again, and asked why it ended when the doctor, sent the extension. I was told they never got the original doctor notes. I asked why no one requested those, and was transferred to my case worker, who never answers the phone, which is why I just call the main number.

Once again, no answer. So, the case manager from my doctor's office called. They told her they did request it. She said it is electronic, and no request was ever sent, and they can't send information, they don't know is needed. The CSR told my Dr "well, we were going to request it today." I ended up calling and speaking to a supervisor. Who read through my file and saw how many times I called and doesn't understand why the request was never made. He said my date was auto calculated to the minimum, due to not having all the information. Only after that, was the request sent to my Dr. But I did not receive a payment on time. And my calculated percentage was not correct, since they did it as the minimum. So, I never received the full amount I was supposed to, and was canceled, early because my case worker, never requested the information, and never explained why, even though I called 2-3 a week about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the way they treat us directly reflects how much they want to help. The saddest part of the whole health insurance industry is their unspoken motto, "Assume the employee is lying". This type of attitude is the thorn in America's back. I'd love to see what happens when one of the paper-pushers on the other end of the phone gets hurt and needs to go on disability. I wonder how many of them even use Aetna as their health insurance provider? There needs to be a government agency above them to control their actions. In my circumstance, I had all the proper documentation of a back injury. X-rays, two separate doctors, chiropractor logs and this woman Angela, with a friendly tone of voice (false, she was rude), had the nerve to tell me she needed more? I just have to laugh it off.

Trying to process a claim with Aetna (whether Std, Ltd) proved to be a very daunting and drawn out ordeal. Each rep had a different version of the status of claim every time I phoned. One day, they had all documentation to move forward; another day, something else was needed. I waited over length of time promised that it would take for Benefits Mgr to contact me. I'm off work 1 mo already, and still no payout. I wish my company would find another, more efficient insurance provider besides Aetna to handle our employees claims. This has been a nightmare!

Stay away from this insurance or anything that has to do with Aetna. They will make your life so miserable when you filed a claim until you literally give up. I was out of work for an abdominal surgery. The doctor suggest that to stay out of work for three months. Aetna physicians said I could return to work after 4 weeks. Ended up demanding them. Worst experience in my life.

I developed [uber-painful] kidney stones last November and was off from work for 1.5 weeks. My company's policy is that if you are out for more than four days, you must apply for short-term disability. I was given a deadline of 11/14 to get what Aetna calls 'medication documentation' for my claim from my PCP... and was never informed that I was supposed to see my PCP before returning to work. They denied my initial claim based on that. Upon appealing Aetna's denial, by providing Emergency Room documentation and the necessary paperwork provide by Aetna to my PCP, I was informed that the appeal was never filed and that it would not have mattered, because they do not consider an E.R. physician's documentation being equal to a PCP. Upon denial of my appeal, I was terminated from my job due to 'excessive absenteeism'.

It seems incredibly unfair/unprofessional to take advantage of hardworking people who happen to fall ill but must depend on their income and benefits (which I also lost now that I'm without employment). All it would have taken is genuine concern enough for their agent's position to make sure I had a clear understanding of policies, procedures and expected timeframe, for this not to have been an issue and ending so badly for me!

Alright. I'm going to try to make this as short as possible which is going to be very difficult considering this is been a long drawn out pain in the you know what. I'm 39 years old, married for close to 20 years, with three children, two are small boys. I have now had four major spine surgeries, 3 fusions, 1 diskectomy laminectomy, over a 10 year period. I've been diagnosed with severely degenerative disc disease moderate to severe spondylosis, with moderate to severe facet arthropathy and mild root compression, at the age of 28.

I was a general contractor, married, very happy, Type A personality and very rarely sitting still. I went back to work about 8 to 10 months after the first lumbar surgery which was pretty difficult to recuperate from. Another 6 years passed and then one day I herniated 3 levels in my neck c5, 6 + 7. Pretty sure they are needed at separate times but dealt with it for a number of months and tried everything from acupuncture, to chiropractic care, two injections. But did that with all of the herniations. Anything to avoid surgery. All three were fused in a very successful surgery and I was back to work in about 8 to 10 weeks.

Unfortunately I did have to deal with Aetna during the last two surgeries. With the 3rd surgery (my cervical) unfortunately I was left with two weeks unexcused days off of work, because it took two weeks longer than I first told them it would to return to work, even though I was going back early, even by my doctors very liberal estimation. This two weeks was unexcused because I didn't satisfy the REPEATED request for DUPLICATE paperwork in the 15 day window allowed.

I work in an aircraft manufacturing facility and my job tends to be very labor intensive with a lot of climbing and scrunching yourself up into very small spaces. Unfortunately about a year and a half ago I blew my L5 -S1, and unfortunately I felt that If I made a workman's comp claim I might put my job in jeopardy so I didn't. The surgery was significantly more difficult and profoundly impacted my life significantly more than either of the three prior surgeries. Shortly after the surgery I explained what my goals were to my surgeon, that I go back to work within 3 months.

Meanwhile using my $5,000 bone growth stimulator I was talked into taking with absolutely no knowledge of how expensive and how much I would be left paying, I began to heal. Unfortunately after three surgeries in nearly the same spot the interbody a-lift surgery helped eliminate a lot of the very intense sharp burning pain in my hips, buttocks and legs, however when I did move or do anything that took any effort, walking around the block ,doing something outside with my boys, washing the dog, I would be completely useless the next day. As it is I have to get in the bathtub just to get so where I can stand up straight in the mornings.

So with that goal in mind when the two and a half months time came around I asked the doctor to write me a return to work pass. Unfortunately I was not being a realist and being honest with myself and what I would be able to do well and they got a hold of that return to work and did everything they could including saying their independent physician said I was fine to return to work.

All this being said Aetna had the call to use a number of different tactics to try to find a way to deny my claim and remove me as a claimant. I had no less than 9 duplicate requests for duplicate information. They would ask for a physician's statement every single time they made a request hoping the surgeon or doctor's assistant who actually filled out the paperwork makes a mistake. Unfortunately in my case the person I had filling out my paperwork and did a horrible job. There was at least 60% of the answers on these forms were incorrect or completely fabricated, which of course now gave Aetna plenty of ammunition.

Nevermind then I was passed off to 4 different claims managers throughout this time. Oh and did I mention the boilerplate release form for all medical information, psychotherapy information, drug addiction information, pharmaceutical information. Just another loophole to try to find a way to disclaim you. What's funny is they actually insisted I go see an independent position. Who at the conclusion of our meeting looks me in the eye, shook his head and said how disgraceful at nothing was behaving and that after the letter he sends them I should not have any issues with them whatsoever in the future.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Move on to the next claims manager. This one seems to be a lawyer. She debates well and has nearly convinced me that my doctor is insisting I go back to work, and that it may very well just be in my head. Don't let me forget about the third claims manager who lied to the doctor's assistant and the physician who did my surgery about a number of different things, mainly communications between her, their physician and me.

Long long long story short Aetna despicable. If I had treated this way working for a company who has over quarter of a million employees worldwide I can only imagine how the lone individual with no deep pockets or leverage would be treated, or should I say mistreated. I can tell you that the constant badgering and stress of losing my benefits or suddenly being denied which I was threatened with repeatedly by two different frames of managers, put my wife and I both and the most fearful and worrisome time of our lives.

We had three children and home to feed clothes and take care of. Thank God I was lucky enough to have married one of the most incredible, most loyal, consistent, amazing woman alive. Without her there's no doubt I either wouldn't be here or I would be in desperate condition. I cannot quantify the amount of stress this company has put on this family on top of the awful feeling of knowing my two sons know that their dad doesn't get up and go to work every morning like you used to. That is incapable of doing the types of things a regular dad does. How do you Teach your sons to not be couch potatoes or sedentary individuals when you are day in and day out. It breaks my heart.

Again unfortunately these huge insurance companies pay a tremendous amount of money in Washington and have a ridiculous amount of lobbyists working on their back which have infiltrated both sides of the Senate and Congress. So I think it's fair to say they have a large part to play in the writing of the laws that regulate insurance companies. Sooner or later we're going to get money out of politics and all of this will change. I'd also like to note the fact that I repeatedly read how Obamacare had eliminated the pre-existing condition issue that so many of us have been faced with. I'm really glad to see that someone in a position to make something happen, did!

I'm sorry to those of you who have been denied and are probably thinking to yourself what is this guy ** about he's receiving his benefits, only after basically being tortured with stress by this company repeatedly continually for a year and a half. I'm sorry for all of you out there that have been denied. Immediately get a long term disability insurance lawyer and appeal appeal appeal appeal appeal. If you have a sound case you should be OK from what I can tell other than the fact that the lawyers will get a significant amount of your back pay period another lobbying issue in the laws ** made.

Starting a class action lawsuit against Aetna - please read. Aetna has consistently tried to deny payment even after they made the first two weeks of my short term disability payments. Essentially I have been given the runaround since day one and now they continue to be dishonest about contacting the doctor’s office (the nurse for the doctor says they have never been contacted) and they never have contacted me even though I specifically asked for them to contact me via phone or email if they needed additional information. This place is completely dishonest and will use any loophole as reason to deny your claim even after it was accepted/approved.

If you would like to join a class action lawsuit against Aetna disability then please contact me via email - I already have my lawyer looking into to it and he says there is plenty to sue them for. This is not a joke, only serious inquiries please. I will not rest until this group of dishonest people gets exactly what they deserve. They have no problem taking our money upfront but then when we have medical procedures done (in my case back surgery) then they find any and every reason to try to get out of paying the claim. The people that work for them should be ashamed of themselves. How many people do they screw over every day? If you're one of them and would like to take a stand then please contact me because I have the resources to ensure they will no longer get away with these fraudulent practices.

My wife became pregnant and was told by Aetna that she would not be able to get short term disability because for the year 2011 signed a waiver to not accept it, however she will take it for 2012. They claim it's too late to be covered by STD when she delivers the baby in mid January of 2012 because she got pregnant in 2011.

As a past member of that organization Kemper which became Broad Spire which became Aetna. Their training programs include here "read this" and shadow person x for 2 weeks and you are trained. I can tell you that they very much follow the exact letter of the law, but when a claim is reported some individuals will throw everything but the kitchen sink approach to why they are unable to work. THIS TENDS TO HURT NOT HELP, in most cases.

Disability insurance is to pay you for when you are physically unable to perform your primary duties of your job. Before you shoot the messenger read the prior sentence again. What a disability rep will do is ask for medical information from your doctor. The doctor should be telling the employee not to go to work due to condition x, rather than the employee telling the doctor they can't work. Why? If the doctor is directing you not to work it will be part of your medical record and the doctor will put the details of why he made that direction as part of your record.

If you request not to work then that is what the doctor will document as well. Aetna will ask for copies of the medical records to verify what is preventing you from working (not a diagnosis). IE: If someone states they are unable to stand due to say nerve damage in their feet but their job has no requirement that they stand it may not approve the claim. Even with the nerve damage they may only approve it for a limited period of time while medications are regulated to minimize the effects. One last note, unless you are being treated by a behavioral health specialist and meeting at least bi-weekly, you may not want to mention a mental diagnosis as it tends to delay the processing while they look for physical causes of being unable to do the job functions.

Most of the denial letters that are sent in a round about way explain what was missing and if you look at what the doctor submitted (with a clear head of what they are trying to find) you will normally see it's not present or what is present doesn't prevent (or doesn't clearly explain why) the primary functions from being executed. It's all about the numbers and the claim examiner will many times not answer their calls. Expect that you will need to leave a clear, detailed message about what you want to know so that when they call you (and get your voice-mail) they can give you the response.

Also their system for submitting documents is bordering on archaic. If you have a computer I recommend you scan the pages and upload them to the disability website. The faxing process is the easy way for them to claim "we didn't get it". If you do fax, keep the fax confirmation sheets along with a copy of what was faxed to rebuff any denials for late documents. The CSR's generally want to help but are ill equipped to do so. Be kind to them and some may share the info you need.

Worst company I have ever had the displeasure to work with. Expect to be kicked off every 2 years no matter what your doctors say. They have no concern when it comes to kicking disabled people when they are done. They act in bad faith and should be shut down. They are not your friends and more money hungry than a corrupt politician. Don't be surprised when you hit the 2 or 4 or even 6 year make of disability that they will literally laugh at you over the phone while they are telling you they once again cut off your only means of support. Despicable people and company.

My physician, therapist and counselors submitted all the necessary documentation for me to be off work due to stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Aetna denied the claim and asked for more documentation on several occasions. The therapist and counselors gave more and more information and both of them even called them to tell them, "She can't work with this condition". They still denied the claim even after my doctors, counselors and therapist gave them ALL the information needed. Why do I even need the doc and counselors to state anything if Aetna is going to play God and make the judgments themselves stating that, "Ohhhhh you can still work with those conditions" even after my PCP of years say NO and he knows me. Frustrated and Angry

I applied for my long term disability January 2014. They send short term disability papers work. They say I didn't have long term disability. I call them, told I have it then send me the right papers and still haven't receive any payment as of today.

I had a pinched nerve in my back that pretty much paralyzed my left leg. I had spine surgery within 3 weeks and needed 7 weeks from work to recover from the surgery. I battled with Aetna the entire 10 weeks I missed work. They would not process my claim because there was always some missing form of paperwork. When I went above and beyond to get they information to them, they would say I never sent it out, they lost it. I have never dealt with STD before...but reading people's reviews I see a lot of similarities with my case. I eventually got Aetna to pay for the time post surgery. But they would not cover my time before the surgery. I was told by the Aetna case manager that the doctor saying I could not work wasn't good enough. So I asked what was good enough. She said "I can't tell you." So I am supposed to guess??? I paid for this service and they are not holding up their end of the deal - that is theft. Too bad there is no consumer protection. I highly advise avoiding this company - they are crooks. But then again all insurance companies are crooks.

Where do I start... I was out on LOA in 2018 but was returned to work. I went back out in August of 2018. I was denied twice to get my long term disability reopened. I had to submit a request an appeal. It took longer than 45 days so I was thinking I would be getting back pay, but received a call the day after Christmas telling me it was still denied. I haven’t received any form of income since August. Can someone please refer me to an excellent attorney in Georgia. Thanks.

I have a nightmare on my hands and in desperate need of a competent attorney. Out of the blue they are terminating my benefits. Nothing has changed, in fact they have worsened. I now see a therapist and a psychiatrist because of severe depression from having Lymes disease, fibromyalgia and a list of other things. They gave me a 30 day notice when my benefits will end after 4 years. Please let me know who your attorney is so that I may request his assistance.

I HAVE ONLY FELT MORE DEPRESSED WHEN MY MOM DIED. My employer offers STD as a benefit. Aetna is the TPA. In December 2015, I began having right shoulder pain (dominant arm). I waited to see if it would get better but it only got worse. Finally, I saw an orthopedic physician because I knew from prior experience (had right rotator cuff repair in 2012) that something was very wrong. Conservative PT and medication failed; in fact, PT increased the pain. A MRI was ordered in mid-May and the results were terrible. The Doctor told me that my shoulder was "so badly damaged that no amount of PT would ever help, injections would only destroy what little tendon I had left and my only option was a tendon/muscle transfer". Another doctor said my rotator cuff was "shredded". He referred me to another doctor in his group who specialized in difficult shoulder surgeries.

I met with the surgeon on June 2, 2016 and surgery would be scheduled asap, later that month. Immediately I reported the claim to Aetna as required and then Hell on Earth began for me. Aetna wanted me to sign a very broad information release to "help me" gather pertinent records. No problem. Nothing to hide. I signed the release but asked the Aetna representative to provide me a copy of whatever she obtained because I also was required to pay for fees associated with Aetna's requests. Nothing was ever said that Aetna's policy was to not provide the customer a copy of his own records that the customer is required to pay for.

My surgery took place on June 24. It did not go as expected. The MRI did not show all of the damage. Once the operation began, the surgeon found additional, more severe damage. What was to be only arthroscopic turned into a 3 inch incision along my deltoid along with two small keyholes on the front/back of my shoulder. My operative report lists 8 diagnoses and 8 separate procedures including tears of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, massive tear of subscapularis, biceps rupture, SLAP tear, etc... The massive tear could not be repaired so part of my pectoral muscle was transferred to the subscapularis. Part of my distal clavicle was removed. Part of my AC joint was removed and the list continues. The surgeon warned me that recovery would be long and painful. He was right. Trips to the ER for uncontrollable pain. Trips to my PCP because the pain increased my blood pressure to very high readings. Never ending.

Probably around Week 6 (I'm still in a sling and not allowed to move my shoulder at all) Aetna became "concerned" as to why I was still in pain... why had I not started PT yet. Why? Why? Why? I guess no one at Aetna read the operative report. This was not just a simple rotator cuff repair. Around Week 8, I started PT. Going 3x per week. Ah, the pressure of when can you go back to work? Again, why are you still in pain? Could it be that probably every major part of my dominant upper extremity was cut on! Aetna, ever heard of Google? Most of their questions could have literally been answered by Google or better yet what about the Doctor/hospital records? Have you read those?

Eventually I talked to one of their managers (I use that term loosely) and I can sum it up in one word - RUDE. She said I had no objective findings... that pain was subjective... that Aetna's nurse was going to review my records and Aetna was going to call my surgeon. So what! Anyone with half a brain or any medical training has told me "you've had very extensive surgery" and it's not unusual to still have pain after what you went through. Everything I said was perceived as untrue. My doctor's skills were called into question. By Aetna's standards, I am a liar.

After receiving no response to my letters to Aetna which had specifically requested a written response, being told different things by different Aetna representatives, feeling so depressed due to my surgery, the pain and the subtle yet so obvious questioning of my honesty & integrity... I have decided to obtain an attorney. Not because there is any money to be gained. I'm only due my regular wages lost due to disability from the surgery. I am getting an attorney because I detest Aetna and their questionable ethics. I will actually "go in the hole" financially by hiring an attorney. I just hate dealing with Aetna that much. There's a special place in hell for Aetna and its claim managers.

I had my son on the 25th of November. All my disability paperwork was completed and filed in the beginning of December including my direct deposit information that I signed up for. Aetna mailed my check on the 23rd of December to an incorrect address. First, why give me the option for direct deposit and take all my bank information if you're not going to use it?

Second, my address is all over numerous paperwork that was filled out. How can someone mess up check someone is supposed to live off of and not verify the correct address?! I contacted Aetna 2 weeks after it was sent out, and their response was "it's the holidays so it may take longer." I just had a child where family from all over the US sent a card or gift. None took more than 2 weeks. When I found out it was the wrong address they said they had to stop payment and reissue another check. The minimum waiting period for this is 10 days. So another check won't even be reissued till at least the 16th of January.

The reason why people pay for short term disability is for financial support while they are unable to work. I will be unpaid and out of work with my son for almost 2 months (when it's supposed to be 1 week) before a check comes and Aetna could care less. My bills are now falling behind which hasn't happened to me since college 10 years ago. This is all because the carelessness of people's information and payment being delivered to them. I've never used disability for anything, and this is pretty traumatizing for a first time experience!

This company receives medical advice but drags their feet and denies claims for inaccurate reasons, my disability was confirmed twice by them and then by outside doctors but they still did not pay my benefits. Thirdly, I my disability was confirmed by Social Security and they still want to deny paying my claims. Do not deal with this company.

I became disabled in Sept 2014 following a failed neck fusion that left me with MRSA in the bone of the neck 4 days after surgery. With this horrible infection came a PICC line for 13 weeks followed by numerous home health visits at the good ole age of 37... Who at this age wants to be completely disabled?? I can think of nobody. However, I went on STD with Aetna, filed the paperwork, had an amazing team of dr's trying to keep my infections down etc.. Following the removal of the PICC line, I tried returning to work, only to learn that the superior plate in the neck fusion had failed and is permanently broke in half, and because of the infection I am unable to have it redone, due to the risk of infections. I have been a aircraft mechanic my entire career, 17 years, and I know no other profession.

My second visit to a new pain management dr, he did spinal injections to try and reduce the swelling in the neck, this only lead to him hitting my spinal chord in 3 places leaving me with permanent paralysis on the left side with limited feeling on the torso/hand/arm. I still to date have no feelings on the left side, but yet Aetna says I am able to return to work no problem. I still have MRSA and in the past 3 years have been hospitalized for it, 6 times requiring long stays with IV medication.

How is it that just because one person at Aetna says you are able to work, they tell you to return to work?? When MY physician has stated time and time again that I am 100% disabled?? I take a chance daily by getting in the car to become paralyzed from the waist down should I wreck and the broken plate severs the spinal chord. I am darn sure not going to build airplanes when I do not even have full range of motion nor can I move my neck up and down. I have a child to support and even though the case worker agreed that I could not go back to work, they tried sending me back anyway... AETNA NEEDS NEW PEOPLE, WITH COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING... I have worked my entire life, been a single mother since my kids were small, and didn't ask for handouts. But when I am unable to work and no way to get money but on disability they cancel it. NO ONE will return phone calls or nothing. They are ridiculous.

Just want to say that for the 3rd time in a couple of years I have helped someone close to me file disability claims with both Colonial and Aetna Short Term Disability. While he has kept up his premiums through payroll deduction and while he has been paid in all 3 instances for his claims, it has become clear to me that these companies will try and do all that. They think that they can get away with possible to NOT PAY YOUR CLAIM in the end. Why do I think this even though my companion was paid? Because they put him through the ringer in hopes that we would just give up. All of the phone calls, checking, double checking, etc. is stressful and they KNOW THIS.

AETNA is by far the most unethical organization on this planet. Due to the fact that they automatically deny all supposedly covered claims, I was forced to write and submit letters of appeal and more than enough supporting documentation from my physicians. AETNA would take up to 3 months to make a decision regarding a claim or appeal. In one incident, this caused me to exhaust my FMLA leave. Because of this, I was forced to take a leave of absence while waiting for AETNA to make a decision. In addition, they gave me and my physicians faulty advice - claiming that if I submitted a new claim using different ICD codes, my claim would be approved.

In October 2013, I was employed and to my knowledge insured. Until AETNA retroactively cancelled my benefits in December 2013, and did not offer me COBRA until March 2013, after many requests. For years, I paid for top dollar for either their PPO or POS plans. In hindsight, I don't know what I was paying for because they rarely covered anything! In fact, they just delayed my required medical care and tests, worsening my condition and health. After reviewing the medical record on three separate occasions, I felt that perhaps AETNA was denying my claims due to the high amount of inaccuracies. For example, claiming I was male and not female on some pages, incorrect recording of my age, and procedures I had done.

On approximately 81 out of 89 pages there were substantial inaccuracies, the most outrageous - stating I had 3 stomach tumors removed, even documenting their size in cm - I have never had any sort of stomach procedure, tumor or surgery done! When I brought this to their attention and asked that the inaccuracies be corrected, they resent me the exact same report Verbatim - with the exact same inaccuracies. I attempted filing a report with the state board insurance, but AETNA kindly reminded them that they were exempt from such review for they were an ERISA plan, and also hinted that I was violating their "policy" stating that my medical report with my name and employee number on the top of each page in the header received from AETNA no less than 3 separate occasions was potentially someone else's medical report.

After numerous attempts and supporting documentation from my physicians to have my medical records corrected, I yet again received the aforementioned report along with a letter stating that after review AETNA found no inaccuracies. Needless to say, this was highly offensive, stressful, and ultimately led me to my resignation from my company. Fast forward to December 2014, I am receiving bills from my medical providers for procedures and tests dating back to October and November of last year. Apparently, AETNA is rescinding payments they made to these medical providers, claiming I was uninsured during that time. How on earth can this be possible?

I am a USAF Veteran who has been employed with Engility Corporation since November 2015 and have been paying for Short and Long Term Disability through AETNA. As of October 18, 2017, I have been medically diagnosed with severe depression triggered by an incident at work, and have been unable to work as a result. My psychiatrist recommended that I seek short term disability, and an immediate claim was filed. My psychiatrist stated that I would be unable to return to work for an unspecified amount of time given the severity of my condition and required courses of treatment.

On November 06, 2017, I received treatment at the Partial Psychiatric Hospitalization Program at the Baltimore Washington Medical Facility from November 06 – November 22, 2017. After waiting for approximately a month for a response to my claim with Aetna, I received an updated notification from my H/R representative that my claim for Short Term Disability had been approved for the period October 19, 2017 – December 04, 2017. To request an extension beyond December 04, 2017 required that I contact both Aetna and my doctor to ensure that the necessary medical documentation was provided in support of an extension. I immediately contacted Aetna to inquire as to why I wasn’t notified directly as to the status update of my claim, and why was the expiration date of December 04, 2017 selected despite my doctor’s insistence that I was unable to return to work for an indefinite period of time.

Aetna responded by stating that “just because the doctor recommends a date doesn’t mean that Aetna agrees.” I inquired as to the medical qualifications of Aetna staff to apparently re-diagnose my condition without having any first-hand knowledge as to the severity of my medical condition. I was instructed to obtain additional medical documentation from my doctor in support of an extension, however was informed that there would not be a guarantee of an approval for an extension. The arduous process of processing my claim with Aetna has only exasperated my condition, coupled with the fact that I have no money coming in and am a single mother of four children. I have demonstrated to Aetna with due diligence, the validity and severity of my medical condition, yet my repeated attempts for support from Aetna are being denied.

The only reason there is one star is because I have to. I never received my W-2, called and asked for a replacement, never received it. I was contacted another Aetna customer who received my reissued W-2. I have tried repeatedly to get ahold of Aetna and continually get the runaround. I am either unable to get ahold of a real person or if I do they pass me on to someone elsewhere I have to leave a message that no one returns. This is a serious breach of consumer trust.

I was forced to take short term disability for an accident that left me with 9 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken collarbone. Despite my completing all required paperwork within a week, and my doctors submitting clinical assessments in the second week, Aetna has still not paid a dime on this claim 7 weeks after the injury. Aetna finally did approve the short term disability claim after 5 weeks, and has now taken over 2 weeks to process the payment, that was "approved" today. I am now told it will be a week more to process the direct deposit. So that will be 8 weeks from injury to payment... Two full months without pay. Perhaps they should pay for all of my late fees on my bills, or pay me interest for using my money for 2 months.

To top it all off, Aetna agents have been dismissive, disrespectful, condescending, and rude... And that's when I've been able to get them on the phone. Generally, they ignore my calls, promise to call back, fail to do so. And their online information portal is completely inaccurate and ever changing, showing that my claim is canceled, on hold, suspended, paid, and this cycle continues to change daily. The response I get from the manager of the case working is literally, "Eh, it's our process". Never once did anyone try to help or even apologize or recognize there is a problem.

Aetna short-term disability - I was in a horrific car accident. One man died in this accident and the other woman was in critical condition. I was left with multiple neck and back injuries, multiple herniated discs, a tear in a disc and have been in severe pain since. The accident was not my fault also. Aetna has denied my claim. I have no money as I cannot work and I am on an approved leave of absence from my job of 5 years as a supervisor.

From March 3rd 2012 to July 2012, I had been approved and was receiving short term disability. One month before it was scheduled to go into a long term status, I was denied the short term. Mind you, nothing with my disability status had changed from the months prior that they had approved! With the help of my Oncologist, Oncology Social Worker, friends, and advocates, I fought with this so called insurance company to continue my disability. We appealed twice and were denied.

I was on a post cancer treatment called Arimidex. Side effect of this medication has caused me difficulty cognitively and physically. Short term memory loss is a major issue for me. I had to be on this medication to complete my cancer treatment or ultimately die. My Job requires me to be very sharp mentally and if I am not up to par, I would be removed of my duties. As a direct effect from this issue, I had to file for bankruptcy and I have lost my home (I am homeless). Let's get together!!!!!!

I had short term and long term from my employer through Aetna. No Federal or State taxes have been taken out even with multiple W4. I emailed multiple times, resubmitted multiple W4 and argued with the claims manager about needing to take State taxes out. They read a script, they do not know the laws, and the laws are not programmed into the computer script. If you question or complain, then they ignore request for callback, or help.

I have been on Long Term Disability for the past 3 years with Aetna. I suffer from severe depression and have seen numerous doctors regarding my illness. All of them have stated that I am not ready to go back to work. I am currently seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist regarding my illness. Both have stated that I am not ready to go back to work. They have even sent paperwork to Aetna stating this. Recently, I was contacted by letter that Aetna has determined that an Independent Medical Examination (IME) will be necessary for further disability evaluation. This is a test that if I pass, I would no longer be receiving disability.

Prior to taking the test, I went to see both of my doctors. I told my psychiatrist what Aetna was doing and she said that if I were well and the meds were working, and I was ready to go back to work, then yes, going back to work would be fine with her. But, she did not agree with being forced to go back to work. At the end of our session, she told me to tell them everything that I tell her when I visit her and let her know how things go.

I took the test yesterday. It lasted 4 hours. The test had nothing to do with my depression. This test was to determine whether I had the mental capacity to work. In other words, whether I could do math and how well my memory was. I had to answer a bunch of questions and do puzzles to see how well my memory was. I was also asked some questions regarding money. I told the doctor who gave the test that this test had nothing to do with my illness and that my doctor had stated that I was not well enough to go back. In fact, I've seen 4 different doctors all stating the same thing, but it appears that Aetna was bent on getting me off long term disability. I am suicidal and have thoughts of killing other people and Aetna knows this. In the paperwork they send me, I tell them this, but they don't seem to care.

Why would Aetna choose to send someone like myself, who is not only dangerous to herself but also dangerous to others back into a working environment? They are putting others in harm's way. This is why my doctor has stated that I am not ready to return to work. I am currently waiting on the results of the test, but if it is determined that I passed the test, my disability ends and I will be forced to return to work. What are my options? Does anyone know?

It's weird because when I talked to my case worker, one of the first things she said is, "You've been on long term disability since 2010." So, I guess this is their reason for putting me through all this. I am so stressed out that I cannot even function. I am currently making some drastic changes just in case they deny my insurance; such as, looking for another, cheaper place to live. I'd thought I'd go online and see whether there are others who have bad experiences with Aetna like me and apparently there are. Aren't there any government agencies that oversee the practices of insurance companies like Aetna? If not, there should be. I was told that insurance companies don't like to pay. They prefer to make money and that they are beholden to their shareholders and chairpersons, not their customers. Sad because without the customers, they have no business.

I signed up for the Aetna Long Term Disability Insurance in 2000 while working for Continental Airlines. In Oct. 2010, my back and neck problems were so severe that I had fusion surgery. I filed a claim with Aetna as I would not be able to work for several months following that surgery. The claim was accepted and in 2011 began receiving monthly checks equal to 60% of my salary. After physical therapy and medication, I was still unable to work. Aetna contracted with Allsup to get me awarded Social Security Disability benefits (and reduce their payments to me by two thirds). Allsup was successful. I was accepted by Social Security Disability and began receiving payments from them.

By the terms of their contract, Aetna guaranteed me 60% of my salary at Continental so they had to make up the difference between what SSD paid me. That wasn't good enough for them. They sent me for an independent evaluation because, and I quote the Aetna agent, "Our standards for disability are higher than the governments." Seriously? The government classifies me as disabled but Aetna doesn't accept that? Since 2010, my doctors and I have filled out endless forms, giving Aetna the same information over and over and over. Nothing has changed with my condition regardless of the treatments, medications and surgeries. Yet Aetna is now insisting that I can do "sedentary" work (some days I can't even get out of bed and I can't walk more than a minute or two without having to sit down) and wants to send me for re-training and interviews.

My life has completely changed. I am depressed. I wish I could go to work. I have nothing to do now but deal with the pain. The medication has me confused and disoriented at times but without the meds, I can't get out of bed. I worked as an airline mechanic and have no other skills. I can't even drive my car because of the meds and the pain. How am I supposed to go to work when I can barely manage to sit in a recliner? Aetna is trying everything they know to get out of paying me what they are obligated to do. They need to be investigated for fraud! They promise a service, you pay for it, and then when you need it, they do everything they can not to give you the service you paid for.

I have Aetna Medical and Disability Insurance through the company I work for. I had a breakdown, which started back anxiety and panic attacks. I also have severe depression. I applied for STD through Aetna and was denied. So many reasons were given, "Not enough information from psychiatrist", "still functional", "Not being able to drive doesn't constitute being not able to work", etc... I have started the appeal process and my psychiatrist says I'm not able to work still. I have experienced more anxiety and depression dealing with this company than I did originally. I'm at the end of my rope as to what to do.

I have birth defects. While I have worked 42 years, I have largely been denied any insurance coverage (prior to ObamaCare) because of these birth defects. Over the years of working for a variety of employers, AETNA has been the most abusive when it comes to denial of benefits. As part of treating my COPD/asthma, my doctor has recommended a lung transplant, which I don't want. I am within 3-5 years of end of life, at the current forecast for my breathing difficulties, and have been put out on disability due to multiple car accidents within the last year, along with a host of side effects from the powerful medicines I was taking.

However, AETNA, in its wisdom, has determined I'm not sick enough and has denied me disability on behalf of my employer, SAP. When I appeal to SAP to intercede, they sent me back to AETNA vs. getting involved to resolve the dispute. With ERISA supposedly protecting the workers' rights, and both my employer and AETNA indifferent to the fact that I earned these benefits which are being withheld, where do I turn next?

Who has the power to force AETNA to treat me fairly when they won't pay for the most basic of medical expenses without a fight, and have unilaterally denied me my disability benefits as outlined in my SAP employee handbook? I am spending down my 401k while hanging on and trying to get through the State and Federal disability process, however, my understanding is that my employee benefits, earned while working for SuccessFactors, a division of SAP, should already be paid to me during this very difficult time. There is apparently no recourse through either AETNA or SAP, so I'd appreciate any suggestions about where to try next.

I injured myself on 8/8/15... Emergency room on 8/9. Doctor visit and filed claim on 8/13. Doctor's office didn't file paperwork, so I did on day of decision, 8/26, which put me into suspension - pending receipt of medical records. I confirmed the receipt of said records with Aetna. It is now 9/11, and I'm getting the same response that I received on 9/1. Keep in mind, my claim is due to be closed on the 15th for failure to produce documents that they have admitted receiving. This is absolutely unreal.

On 17 Aug 2016 I left my job on short term disability. Aetna was supposed to cover it. My doctor (who is with Kaiser Permanente) provided all the requisite documentation. Aetna sent me forms for income tax and never said a thing about problems. When my checks did not arrive on time, I contacted Aetna. Every day they had a different story about the Attending Physician's Statement. Once Aetna said my case was closed. Many times they said the Attending Physician's Statement was filled out incorrectly. Most of the time we argued over Aetna's allegation that NO Attending Physician's Statement was ever sent.

Every day for a month I called them; then called Kaiser and they sent Physician's Attending Statement one after another. Finally, on 30 Sept. 30, 2016 Kaiser called Aetna and had me talk to both parties via three-way call. Aetna DENIED that the Physician's Attending Statement was an issue. Then they asked questions only I could ask - questions they could have asked me in the twenty or so times I called them before. Well, I think we get it all worked out and an hour later, an Aetna representative calls my cell and the first words out of her mouth was that they could not process my claim without an Attending Physician's Statement.

I called my employer, informed them that the problem persisted and that Kaiser had it recorded that Aetna did, in fact, have the Physician's Attending Statement. My employer called Aetna who now says they will pay up, but I haven't seen a dime. Today my employer sent me a note saying Aetna would pay 65 percent. Customer representatives were supposed to call me back about this complaint on four occasions... None of them have. I would never do business with Aetna. They are dishonest, conniving and incompetent.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's three years ago. Aetna fought me for two and a half years for Long Term Disability. Finally after several lawyers they settled on an annuity until 2028. Now that that was settled I found that Aetna will not allow me to touch my Pension until I am 65 or after 2028 or they will stop all benefits. They are banking on my death prior to 2028 and in doing so destroying the 20 years I worked to build my pension. They refuse to settle for 40% of the value of the annuity knowing that my doctors have given me five years before I cannot take care of myself. This is not only unethical but it is cruel. As if my life and the ability to take care of my children does not matter in the slightest. If anybody is aware of any class action suits concerning their unethical practices please post it so I can join in. It is also a major reason that one of the largest multi-billion dollar Aerospace companies I worked for does not contract with Aetna anymore.

My experience has been a real nightmare. Been off work since 9\16. Everyday I have had a real problem with Aetna short term disability. 1st the doctor paperwork wasn't right. Ok!! Aetna just kept lying about my doctor not faxing them back. They did fax Aetna the attending provider statement 4 different times. Aetna still said they not get. Lied again. I have been round and round with Aetna short term disability. Have been off since September 05 16. Still no check. You can add me to the Class action lawsuit. I read all the reviews on Aetna. The way they treat people is really, really Sad. So again add me to the Lawsuit. Please do. You need to call me. You can. **.

I must say that working for the DOD, AAFES was a very gruesome experience over 8.5 years. I was a salaried employee and the hours fluctuate between 10-12 per day, but given the salary you kind of get used to it. On October I reviewed 3 different MRI results and was placed of STD. First of all AAFES tried to trick me by not sending the proper form for me to fill out the COBRA Extension by saying they had e-mailed me the form but never did. Meanwhile after being terminated for some of the most stupid fabricated details by my manager on 12-31-15, in February the claims manager informed me they could not re-certified my short term extension due to not having medical information from my pain management doctor who very conveniently stopped seeing me without proper insurance, so I thank GOD that the VA hospital doctors helped me and provided much needed services and letter to support my claim.

So I was extended until April 18 and was told my case will be transferred to Long Term Disability. Well just received a call stating that I could not transfer the case because I was no longer employed by AAFES and that they would be closing the case. I questioned the fact that I became disabled prior of being terminated and that I was still under doctor's care and therapy for a very chronic back condition that only got worst with the high physical demands of that job and I can no longer work the same job EVER! Will be getting a lawyer involved as they only provided one phone call to notify me of the case being close.

This is just a small example as to no one is exempt from this type of treatment and I can only imagine what they would do to people who are not quite as skilled with typing and filling out paperwork. One last thing. When I started the whole process the customer service representatives told me on 2 occasions that if I lose my job and continue to submit supporting evidence they will keep my claim active. To later being told that they had made a mistake in telling me so...

Dealing with Aetna disability insurance has been the worst experience ever. My doctor has gone out of his way to keep faxing paperwork but they ignore what he tells them. He has told them he will not release me to work until the 13th of January 2017 but do you think they listen to him. NO. They again send him a return to work request so they can continue to not pay me. They have made the month of December a nightmare for me and very stressful. I am trying to heal from major back surgery where my doctor put rods in my back but they totally ignore what he tells them and make decision of their own without listening to my doctor. I start therapy tomorrow and they have that I should have gone back to work today. How is it legal for them to ignore what the surgeon tells them and make decisions based on what a nurse thinks that has not even meet with me.

I have to say after truly reading some of the other postings I feel nothing but sorrow and anger for all of you. After a long term battle against the insurance company which resulted in being reinstated and receiving my back benefits. Out of the back benefits I will receive 0% of the settlement, all going to the legal cost. They knew they were wrong and could get away from it because the ERISA laws put you behind the 8 ball with no rights to claim damages.They purposely scuttle your ship. They even get another free shot at trying to hurt your family again by refusing to buyout and betting against your health, mortality, and them being busted for their tactics.

These people even make you sign a gag order and exonerate them in the settlement. Guess what insurance company? You will have to permanently silence me. I am putting you on notice. I am whistleblowing. Any moves by you will be considered retaliation. The even bigger joke is that the Supreme Court altered ERISA for same sex couples but hung the rest of the majority out to dry. I guess not all men are created equal under the Constitution of the US. People need to band together and take the fight to battle back and protect our rights. Any good activist groups out there?

I elected to enroll (Aetna,) moment like this, I was hoping, Aetna would be able to help me financially. Been out from work stressed related issues, and my ongoing experience with Aetna is adding more stress to my daily living. Funny, how they are so quick collecting my payment every payday. But when I am requesting for my claim now, Aetna's paperwork is so ridiculous. A never-ending notification and alerts. Am I being tested, and being played around. "Who would give up first"??? All paperwork were submitted, but they kept asking for more! I think, I rather stand outside the street with a pushcart with oranges and start selling.

What is due me, is being delayed by Aetna. I bet, down the road, my claim would be denied. Yeah. A double wambam stress. Wondering how their high ranking officials sleep at night? Knowing consumer like me is struggling each day, I am a woman of God. I pray, something GOOD will happen. I will keep on PUSHING. PUSH. PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPEN. What a tangled web we weave.

My physician put me off work due to major back problems! Aetna has continued to state that my doctor's documentation does not prove my claim! I have seen an orthopedic surgeon who agrees with my primary care physician, and I have been advised to seek permanent disability because of my back problems! I have provided doctor's documentation/reports, X-ray reports, and MRI reports, but Aetna has continued to state that I am just seen as papers, not as a patient! I have not received any payments for over four months! The state I live in accepted my disability claim. Now I'm going to have to hire an attorney to deal with Aetna!

I had to have recurrent open inguinal hernia surgery. My job is classified as "heavy" by the US Dept of Labor. Aetna's own InteliHealth website recommends 6-8 weeks off or as long as your doctor recommends until resuming heavy lifting. My doctor recommended 7 weeks. Aetna disability paid for less than 4 weeks past my surgery. My claim was not extended. Aetna claimed they needed more info to support my claim. I have faxed more information and am trying to get my case reopened. If not, I will file an appeal with assistance from an attorney. The last thing anyone on disability needs is added stress caused by an incompetent insurance company that forces you to make a decision to go without any pay or to go back to work too early against doctor's orders.

If anyone needs to file for disability, I recommend getting your medical records ASAP. Send everything to Aetna, have your doctors be very thorough (to a ridiculous extent) in filling out their forms. If the doctor charges a fee for filing out forms, send a copy of your receipt to Aetna for reimbursement. Flood Aetna with info. Also ask Aetna if they have mileage reimbursement for trips to and from follow-up visits or rehab visits.

I was advised by my primary care clinician to go on short-term disability when appeared in her office - brought by my husband as I almost could not walk, talk or even think clearly anymore. In the past year, I had been under enormous amount of stress which was harder and harder to withstand due to my own medical conditions to include Generalized Anxiety Disorder with daily/nightly anxiety symptoms, frequent anxiety and panic attacks, severe spinal stenosis and disk herniation causing unbearably painful sciatica, Restless Legs Syndrome (manifesting itself in every evening/night attacks and resulting in several decades of practically sleepless nights), severe headaches not relieved by any medication I can tolerate - lasting often x weeks - day and night, hypertension, several types of arrhythmia (for one of which - supraventricular arrhythmia - I had to have catheter radiofrequency ablation last July).

While the other types are still present and bother me daily - heart can skip a beat, beat "strangely", making me becoming scared and constantly aware of the heart - making it hard to function. Also, I had stress fractures of my right foot. The pain started last September - for many months. I had to wear post-op shoe and Air-Cast. On the background of my elderly mother having multiple hospitalizations for small bowel obstructions and ending up having surgery in February (while me being her only caregiver). It was impossible to withstand all pains, stress reactions, anxiety - that's why my doctor recommended me 6 wks of STD. I applied to AETNA as was advised by my company.

After a month of numerous phone calls, emails, letters, authorizations, mailings, faxes, filling up forms by my multiple doctors, I was told my claim was denied due to insufficient information and them not thinking I could be considered disabled for performing my "light duty job." My job is not light - as I am not doing what my job description says - rather much, much more - and extremely stressful! With my generalized anxiety, it is often unbearable! I needed a break... My initial reaction was anger, I felt distraught, did not want to even think about appealing. My Claim Manager from Aetna did not even speak to me until after denial. She recommended to appeal. My Benefits Department also recommended that. I don't have any illusions that I can win this case. But it is so cruel, unfair.

More than that, it definitely made my health situation even worse than it was while the intention was to use these 6 weeks to somewhat recover and prepare myself for being able to continue working! I now have to use all of my accrued vacation time... And it may seem that I just took a long vacation! It was not vacation at all! Rather even more stressful time - while the stress was caused solely by AETNA! I find their staff - ?reviewers? - formalistic, inhumane, INCOMPETENT! They are asking for proof (imaging studies, blood tests, etc. of such conditions like ANXIETY, RESTLESS LEGS, HEADACHES... There cannot be any imaging, blood or any other proof for this conditions!!!!). This has been and still is A NIGHTMARE - I saw this work in the other reviews many times. Can sign under each letter of each word of every other reviewer! Shame on AETNA!

I became disabled on June 18th 2014 due to 2 herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my back and hips. After 6 months with Teamcare for STD, with whom I had no issues or problems btw, I applied for LTD through Aetna. After almost 3 months of going back and forth, being told that I was missing a form or had a form filled out incorrectly etc., I was denied. I have been going to the same pain management doctor once every three months since 2009. I actually have the form in which my doctor actually says "patient has NO ability to work in any capacity, incapable of minimal activity." Form also said that "the patient has regressed during the time I have been seeing the doctor". After having exhausted all funds I am having to return back to work on March 16th, 2015 to a job that I know I cannot physically do. BTW I have worked at UPS as a package handler for 27 years now.

After 8 years of taking a medication for my multiple sclerosis, Aetna suddenly decided to not make this available to me, even after my doctors pleaded that I need this medication to help function as a mother of my 4 children. They will not give reasons or explanations to either my doctors or my self.

I too have been on LTD with Aetna. I have been diagnosed as Bipolar/PTSD/Anxiety/And severe aggression. It was determined by the doctors (who Aetna sent me to) that it was unsafe for me to return to any work environment. Last year, they closed my claim... no warning, no heads up. There was a lack of the Behavioral Health statement from the Doctor. Okay, so I appealed it and won. Then 6 weeks later, they overturned the appeal stating that they did not have enough info. I appealed it again, and won again. It took my doctor to call them, and basically tell them off. That was in July 2013.

Ever since then, they continuously close my claim and not pay me, saying that they do not have enough medical info to support my claim. This is such total and utter **. Every single month, they request a BHS from my Doctor, and all of the office visits notes. They receive them, and still say its not enough. Have been on LTD for a few years with them, and last year was the first time I ever had an issue. It is the case manager Jayson ** from Aetna that is doing this to me. I have requested a new case manager over and over again, and no one will help me.

I've seen an attorney, and there is nothing they can do. They stop my payments, and close my claim without telling me. I go through this every single month. I actually have to call them to ask if everything is going okay. I don't receive a letter, or phone call telling me they are screwing me over, I research it myself. This has got to stop. I don't know what else to do. I have filed for Social Security Disability, and that takes forever.

My benefits were terminated because of a misunderstanding that resulted when I could not get a hold of my claim manager and another customer care person told me something that turned out not to be true. My appeal was denied despite my doctor stating I was unable to work. I have four disabling conditions, yet Aetna refuses to reopen my claim, one that should have never been closed in the first place. My husband is a small business owner, and the business (barely a year old) is not yet profitable. He might lose it because of my medical bills. We can't afford the care I need or the medications that make life tolerable. I'm always on painkillers and usually in bed. I paid for the disability insurance that is now being denied to me. I deserve better treatment from Aetna.

I was back paid and benefits continued as normal until my two years where switches to any occupation I was again denied before Dr could send in reports bam my doctors and I were denied extensions that we asked for

I never received my recertification paperwork. They then stopped my payments for 3 months. Once I submitted them they took 8 years to reimburse me and threatened to do it again! I had to wait for my case worker to retire before my claim was acknowledged! Once they did acknowledge it I was told to get over it!

I was denied on my original claim for disability by Aetna for cancer!!! How the ** do you deny a person a claim for cancer??? I am employed by claim was denied based on a technical error by FedEx, they said!! FedEx had nothing to do with filing paperwork. My surgeon and I had all paperwork in within 2 days after 1st of 2 major surgeries!! I had tonsil/lymph node cancer, and after the surgeries I was unable to speak on the phone!!!

It took me 5 weeks to get the claim overturned, and then they only paid 4% of the 70%...they left the other 66% on the state!!! ** American people need to start a class action lawsuit against these dirtballs. I see these comments go back 5 or more years...I think we can bankrupt these losers when we win!! They owe disabled citizens of past and present billions of dollars!!! How are they even still in business??

I found this list of reviews while searching for guidance on how to write an appeal to Aetna. I 100% agree with everything that has been recorded by others. My experience with Aetna has been similar. After 4 years of receiving LTD benefits and my physicians submitting hundreds of pages of documentation to support my claim, Aetna abruptly, without any forewarning, terminated my LTD benefits.

My physicians and I have been compliant from the beginning - doing everything they required in order to receive and continue with LTD benefits. They have provided pages and pages of reports, have spent hours on phone calls with Aetna's unqualified and rude review physicians, and I have been subjected to several "Independent Medical Examinations," appointed by Aetna. However, for no substantiated reason, I recently received a letter stating, "We have reviewed your claim for Disability Benefits....It is our opinion that you no longer meet the definition of Disability...." As of the day they mailed the letter, all benefits were terminated - which included my health insurance, my prescription drug coverage, as well as medical insurance for my family.

I should note, I am a clergy person and have served as a minister for 22 years. My employers and I have paid into Aetna's LTD insurance thousands of dollars over a 22 year career. However, when I have needed it, in a life or death scenario, Aetna has only been antagonistic and downright mean. Probably more disturbing, is that their flippant decision to terminate my LTD benefits results in the termination of any medical or prescription coverage. As of today I am no longer receiving any medical care or any necessary medications. I wonder, was that Aetna's goal? To terminate not only the coverage, but also the recipient?

I have been sick for the past 8 months. Due to several illnesses in which don't care to offer. I applied for long term at the end of December 2014. I obtained my denial letter January 2015. I was encouraged by my adjuster suggested I appeal. Well once I had seen all the bad reviews on Aetna. I just went ahead and layered up. Thanks to frigging Aetna I can not continue make payment on vehicle, nor my health insurance and brink of homelessness. Sooner or later Aetna is gonna get theirs. Honestly, I wish more people would sue the ** out of Aetna for the undue duress.

I was forced by my supervisor at West Tennessee Surgery Center (West Tennessee Healthcare) to go down a long hall to a waiting room to bring back another surgery patient. She did this after a coworker informed her that I was having chest pain and shortness of breath. Then I came to her and told her the same thing + I was drenched in sweat, nauseated and pale. But she shoved another chart in my hand after I told her I could not. She said, "I need you to go get this patient now." Fearing retaliation, I started out to get the patient back. I remember calling the patient's first name then felt myself flying through the air. I broke my right upper arm into 3 pieces and dislocated my shoulder. I also broke multiple ribs on my right side and further injured my back and neck.

Only the humeral fractures and dislocation were considered. It took just over a year to heal enough to get the hardware out. I was for over a year not able to raise my right arm up so pretty much no use of my right arm. I thought that the rod was too long from the beginning, making it very painful to try to raise my arm up more than waist high. I was forced to go through multiple sessions of physical therapy in which my arm was jacked up by various therapists trying to force bone against metal and bone against bone to get my arm up. They of course were unsuccessful and I left frequently nauseated and vomiting and faint due to the severe pain caused by this. I finally got the hardware out and was able to raise my arm voluntarily up to shoulder height with discomfort. I did PT at home and still do with no improvement since then.

3 weeks after the hardware removal surgery, I had an upper endoscopy and before the procedure I asked the doctor not to dilate my esophagus or don't biopsy anything unless it looked like cancer and they should be able to recognize the difference between cancer and an ulcer. She, against my wishes, dilated my esophagus and biopsied an ulcer which looked exactly like an ulcer, perforating my small bowel. If I had not asked for a abdominal scan after the upper scope I would have died.

I was transported by ambulance from Jackson Madison County General (West Tennessee Healthcare) to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville for a 73,000 dollar emergency surgery in which nerves that allow your stomach to empty correctly were damaged. So my stomach does not empty in the usual 20-30 minutes but takes 12-24 hours. I have frequent severe abdominal pain, frequent forceful vomiting. It's like having bad stomach virus every time I eat. Yes, I did try to find an attorney to help me get justice for all I have been through and lost but for anyone who is employed by West Tenn. Healthcare or any agency owned by Madison County Tennessee, you are screwed if you are injured by your employer, or any physician practicing for West Tenn. Healthcare because you will not find a lawyer with the decency to help you.

When you file for your short term and long term disability you have paid them for x many years, you will be denied no matter how many doctors give documentation to say you cannot work, no matter how many disease processes you have that are flaring, no matter if you cannot walk, use your upper extremities, no matter how much uncontrolled pain you are in on a continuous basis daily, no matter if you have great difficulty proving your own activities of daily living, no matter if you have difficulty providing and caring for yourself, no matter if you have frequent and profuse urinary and fecal incontinence, no matter if you are suffering from Lupus, Addison's disease, degenerative disc disease, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, essential tremors, etc. Your claims will be denied. You will be denied even though you need medical treatment for these problems and medications or your health and life will be compromised - Aetna will deny your disability insurance claims and no matter what you were initially told you will not have a job after 12 weeks.

So you paid for coverage so you could pay your bills and have the needed healthcare and medications you need when you can't work but you unwittingly made this deal with the devil, the big machine that you knew was evil and tried to run from and when you thought you were safe, they bought your employer out with their massive amount of money (even though they are supposedly a nonprofit agency). Run as fast as you can and as far as you can from West Tennessee Healthcare and Aetna who was obtained to provide you with false reassurance and deny your insurance claims particularly short term and long term disability. Be aware they will mess you over on all claims - watch your EOBs closely. If you stay, you will end up like me injured by WTHC and their doctors and you will be without insurance, medications needed, and your job, your health and your life taken away. Even if Social Security deems you disabled, Aetna will not. They don't care about you. They just want your money and you are paying for nothing.

I am employed as a field technician. I drive from site to site to repair computers. Something has gone wrong my inner ear affecting my balance and leaving me prone to falls. I have Aetna for short term disability as well as my health insurance. I was receiving physical therapy which was significantly improving my ability to walk straight. Aetna has discontinued the physical therapy and demands I return to work. I still have trouble walking correctly, often using a walking stick as a cane to keep my balance. I am not sure how they expect me to return to my job that includes carrying large boxes of computer parts up flights of stairs (some sites don't even have decent stairs or adequate lighting. People without a balance disorder risk falling on them) when I often can't even go to my car and back empty handed without stumbling.

I am actually considering moving from my 2 floor condo to a single floor apartment because I have trouble carrying things up the stairs, but they think I can go back to my job right now. Maybe I could have if Aetna didn't also discontinue my physical therapy. I'll never know. They claim the reason my claim is denied is they have not heard back from my doctors. My doctor has sent them the paperwork they are looking over and over, yet Aetna claims they have heard nothing. They also did not contact me to tell me they didn't receive anything from the doctor. They had told me my original claim was up by calling me a week after my original return to work date, and that they needed my doctor to return the forms. I spoke to my doctor, who sent the forms, and I didn't hear from Aetna. I assumed the extension went through. It wasn't till my boss called looking for me that I learned Aetna supposedly didn't receive the paperwork.

I'm not sure what I pay Aetna for. All they have done is been a miserable letdown. I have no idea where I can get help dealing with any of this. There is no way I can run 8 or more service calls a day. If I try to move that fast, and carry the boxes up the stairs.... it will be a race to see if I'm let go for performance issues as I crawl through my work day, or filing a worker's comp claim for having a nasty fall - not to mention my company paying for whatever gets broken in the fall. I hate Aetna with every fiber of my being. They treat me like I choose this.

To start I have had STD with Aetna for a year or so from now. I had a baby 6 months ago and it slipped my mind that I had extra coverage on my plan. I go and research how much time I have to file a claim. To my luck it says a year. I proceed to open a claim for the date range that I was on maternity leave, all paperwork is submitted in a timely manner and it is within the year. I get a call from the case manager that is handling my claim and she states there is no payout due to me because the state of NJ provides maternal disability and it is the same amount that they would have given me.

At this point I am a little confused, because to my knowledge I am PAYING a separate insurance for them to help me in my time of need and not determine whether they can help me based on somebody else providing income to me. So I ask them "if you know the state of NJ provides payments for maternity leave then why would you offer maternity disability to your customers in NJ." (they couldn't answer that question) Then I proceed to ask them what do they offer std for if they are determining their decision on whether one get assistance from somewhere else. (they couldn't answer that) I asked them if they are affiliated with the state or government that they can not provide payments if we get assistance from them. (they said no) So my final question was then what am I paying Aetna for? (and they couldn't answer)

This is an insurance SCAM. It doesn't make any sense. When you pay for a specific insurance and you file a legitimate claim they should pay out because that is what you are paying them for. Regardless if you are receiving assistance form anywhere else. It is frustrating and disappointing and would like the amount of money I paid them since they aren't ever gonna be able to help in this matter, because most disability issues are covered by state or workers comp etc. I have separate insurance with Aflac and they pay out as long as you have all the required paperwork to submit. No questions or restriction on whether you received money from somewhere else. You get what you pay for and that is what insurance should work like.

Screw your credit score... They don't have knowledge if you legally be paid for short-term disability and send you a huge check. Afterwards they compromise your situation then say, "Nope, return the money." If you ever take a little time to arrange to make a payment or so, then it is sent to collection already. Be careful handling situation with them like cashing their check until it is approved by them. Really you have to be confident enough. The coworkers are rude on the phone.

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