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A warning: if you are an Aetna subscriber and receive a letter offering a free home visit from a company called Verisk, do NOT accept. Verisk is not in the healthcare business. They gather data in order to minimize health insurers' coverage. I received a letter offering a "helpful, free" home visit. Aetna makes it sound as if Verisk will help you with making your home and life easier. They even want your significant other present. But be warned: they actually just want to figure out ways to deny your claims and raise your premium. Verisk is not a healthcare provider.

I have had multiple claims now with Aetna and selected the plan I did because it 100% covered childbirth. After having a child born I have had to call the company 5 times to get claims adjusted appropriately and have been given a litany of excuses as to why it was filed wrong ranging from they accidentally used last year's rates or the person doing the previous claim was missing information etc. Perhaps reasonable the first time. The 5th time it simply astounding. They assured me they were fixing the claim and I owed nothing each time. I didn't realize they had utterly failed to properly pay the hospital when I got a call from a debt collector. Fortunately the hospital was agreeable and placed my account on hold until insurance actually pays properly.

Aetna had my wife registered as a male. They had ages wrong. They have reliably filed claims wrong. They are utterly incapable of doing their job and should not be trusted -- it's not my job to hound the insurance company. I already pay them exorbitant fees. I expect professionalism and accountability. I am switching back to Blue Cross Blue Shield after this horror show of a company.

I tried to enroll in a part D two months prior to the end of my employer insurance and all seemed well until I got a letter saying I had lied on the application and was terminated. It had no appeal number. I called to find that who had lied was Aetna, changing my start date to Jan 1 and opening up an uninsured period which made me ineligible. I applied again and got NO notice by the specified date (now < 4 weeks prior to the due date). Navigating to the right office proved impossible as no appropriate using Aetna's phone system. I was eventually shunted from one agent to another until I asked to speak to a supervisor on the evening of 11/8/2018.

This woman provided undoubtedly the worst commercial interaction I have ever experienced in 70 years of dealing with snotty, ineffectual and vicious personalities. Firstly, she refused to answer my question... It was not all that difficult... "Can you not hear me?" After waiting for almost a minute the supervisor admitted she could hear me. However when I started to speak so did she. When I stopped so did she, never providing any information or even acknowledgment of my problem. When I restarted so did she. This went on for several minutes until she announced that since I was not allowing her to help me she was going to hang up. This woman needs to be fired immediately and find a new occupation in Psychological Warfare Division of the Venezuelan Army or as one more lying cheating politician.

Aetna did not process a claim correctly. I tried for 8 months to get them to correct/adjust the amount paid towards the claim. Finally after 8 months and hours upon hours on the phone the claim was adjusted. I went from owing $5,277 to owing nothing. Horrible experience!

Aetna employs "customer advocates" as a facade for service when in fact they sit at a desk and reiterate everything I can see in front of me on my computer and they don't know or do anything else. As customers all we're doing is lining the already bulging pockets of the CEO and his lemmings. Aetna Inc. Chief Executive Mark T. Bertolini's compensation was valued at $17.3 million last year, up from $15.1 million in 2014, reflecting higher stock and option awards. Mr. Bertolini received a base salary of about $1 million and a bonus of $1.84 million. While we pay extortion prices on our monthly premiums for BS care and helpless "customer advocates."

I can get preventive care for my colon, but not for my skin in sunny Arizona. A Dermatology checkup must not pay as much as a colonoscopy or I can be poisoned by a vaccine, but I can't be checked for melanoma because it's not covered in the crap Aetna Plus Plan with a Premium of over $450 / month. Aetna has cornered the license to steal from its customers and does so with no qualms. Karma Baby!

This company exists for the sole purpose of declining/denying claims. I cannot believe anyone would rate this company as even marginally acceptable as an insurance provider. I HATE Aetna.

I paid my premium for December 2014. However Aetna applies the premium to November's bill that was already paid. Their records reflect that I did not pay December's bill and therefore all the bills for December are being declined by Aetna stating that I did not have coverage. I called Aetna and the worst Supervisor who refused to help. Each bill I had to write an appeal, some are being paid. However Appeals Unit is not correcting the effective date of coverage. I believe that there is corruption inside Aetna, and they are in serious need of an audit.

The District Attorney's Office needs to get involved. Because they denied a bill by a doctor in December, the doctor is refusing to give me another appointment. Aetna is denying me medical care by their clerical error-it rises to the level of a criminal review of Aetna. They have the intent, they know of their error and they are refusing to correct it. By denying the payment of the claim, Aetna is saving money but medical care is being denied. My situation is in NY, the NY District Attorney needs to investigate and prosecute.

Wife went in to her doctors for routine blood work. Found out after it was done that Aetna does not cover Pregnancy test! They tell me it is experimental. Even though I was told that all of the other insurance companies cover it, they refuse to. I have been on the phone with them over 5 times now fighting this. They also have an agreement with Quest to reduce the cost by $20 because they refuse to cover it. The Dr office said Aetna started denying this test all of a sudden. Absolutely ridiculous. Stay as far away as you can from Aetna. They are a joke.

December 18th, 2015 my wife was sent to the emergency room with what turned out to be a stroke scare. Thankfully it was a much lesser condition but we still incurred an emergency room visit, ambulance transport, and 2 days of observation in the hospital. At the time, we both were covered under the L-3 Aetna Gold plan. My experience has been misery inducing to say the least.

The biggest issue is with the two day observation. This occurred at Lovelace Downtown and initially Aetna indicated that they would pay on the claim. This lasted three months. We were then informed that Lovelace Downtown is not in Aetna's network nor was pre-certification obtained and we were responsible the entirety of the $20,606.63 bill. In terms of pre-certification this is false. The Lovelace emergency room did obtain pre-certification and I provided it to Aetna multiple times over the past five months, to no effect. Last month Lovelace threatened to send me to collections over this.

On top of that, there was an additional bill for the emergency room visit to the tune of $7,116.50. Initially Aetna paid its portion and we paid our responsibility and I thought the matter closed. I was informed two days ago that Aetna has retroactively denied this claim as also being from a non-covered provider and took its payment back, leaving me additionally burdened with the unpaid balance ($6,500 or so). This is in spite that clear statement on page 22 of the benefits guide that states, clearly, that emergency services are covered. To say that Aetna has provided both myself and my wife with months of stress and heartburn is an understatement. The fact that we are getting this kind of runaround when we were under the most comprehensive plan offered borders on the ludicrous.

Aetna never seems to get any paperwork faxed to them whether it be from myself or my doctor. Then they shorted me a paycheck. When I called the rep continuously talked over me and told me I have to wait a certain time period before they can stop payment on that check and reissue another which may take up to another month. This company is a horror to deal with. Always some excuse with them and their customer service is ridiculous! No wonder they always have such bad reviews.

I have managed software QA teams larger than 40 people, and these people are friendly folks sitting infront of an IT system that would be an upgrade for Home Depot. They call you via robocall, telling you it's urgent to refill your Rx, you press 1, then they ask what you want. No clue they called you. EVERY single cycle of refill, they mess something up. If your auth expires one day after your refill, they wait and say they only can tell when they ask for authorization. BS. They then claim it takes 2 days to process a fax...then either way, you have to call THEM. They say 'it would be too hard to call you'. Aetna the insurance co does themselves disservice to allow this pharmacy to use their name...and then hold US their customers, hostage to use them. Shame on you, Aetna.

I am very disappointed with the way my appeal was handled twice! I called Aetna twice prior to having this procedure done and was advised it will be covered under medical. My dentist advised that they do not bill Aetna and I will have to submit the bill directly to Aetna to be reimbursed. I did everything I was supposed to do, with the paperwork, receipts and the doctor signing off on the bill. Aetna staff totally disregarded the fact that their staff gave me incorrect information, and I was misled and was denied the reimbursement without acknowledging or apologizing on their incompetent, unskilled staff doing this. In situations like this, for this amount, and not being thousands, one would think Aetna would do the right thing ethically and with integrity but they did not and continued to deny the appeal... Organizations like this should not be in the healthcare business because they are doing more harm than good to people...

Since 15 October I, my husband's employer, my doctors and my pharmacies have been trying to deal with them. On 15 October I went to my usual pharmacy to fill a prescription for an antibiotic. Was told I had no coverage. Went home and called Aetna who said I had no coverage because someone at the husband's company had cancelled the policy. Called HR, who called the broker that sold them the Aetna policy. Broker said all employees were covered. Called Aetna back and was told again - no coverage.

Called HR again. HR called broker again. Again was told all employees were covered. Called Aetna again – “I'm covered.” It was the pharmacy's fault for not using the correct group number and Rx number when I went in for the script. (Mind you, it's the same group number it has been for over a year). Called the pharmacy who double checked. Pharmacy called Aetna and was told that I had no coverage. Called HR who called the broker blah, blah, blah. Called pharmacy back. No coverage. Called Aetna. Now, I'm covered for medical but not prescriptions. My husband is covered for prescriptions but due to a "glitch" in their system I had not been added back on. Was promised that they would take care of it.

A week later after more of the above nonsense, went to get a script for my cancer meds refilled. Same, same. Not covered, not approved. Pharmacist's fault again. Pharmacist gets pissed and calls Aetna. Same group number, same Rx number, 11 more months of Dr's authorization on file – “sorry” says Aetna – “We'll do an ‘override’ - glitch in our system again.” Time to refill second cancer med. No, Aetna tells the pharmacy – “Patient has to buy this medication from us. Can't buy it anywhere else.” “Why has it been approved in the past?” “It was a one-time courtesy.”

I wish there were 0 star rating. Aetna is my company's choice, and the monthly premium is $1,600 for my family of 2. I only have one daily medicine for HepB. And that is the ONLY drug we need. We are both, thank God, otherwise healthy. It used to cost $30 co-pay per month. Then in 2017, Aetna adjusted the price to 30% co-insurance or $321 per month. The reason, they claimed, is that a generic version is becoming available. Now 15 months later, there is no generic version of that medicine. I look forward to Amazon/JPM/Berkshire and joint-effort for better medical insurance product. Before that, I am lobbying my company to ditch Aetna. A terrible company!

Aetna Insurance promotes itself as Healthcare joined with State of AZ Medicaid Program. Not informed, consulted; nor did I consent to becoming a part of that program; already had full coverage mandated by law through UHC. Found out at an appointment, denied to be seen based on false and derogatory information place in the State of AZ Healthcare System by the State of AZ. Six months AZ Administrative Court process restored by right to choose my own healthcare insurance provider back to UHC.

Stressful ordeal to argue my case against Jill **, attorney, for Aetna against the State of AZ for violation of my rights. UHC filed suit against Aetna on their own matters; had to obtain AZ Court permission to be able to do so outside of the Administrative hearing process I was restricted to. Aetna delayed, denied, did not pay my medical expenses liable for during six month period of time. Aetna did not reimburse me for medical expenses I paid during that time; required. AZ in collusion, complicit in violation of my rights, ongoing failure to provide healthcare coverage detailed, outline in my UHC dual complete healthcare benefits coverage publications.

If I could give Aetna zero stars, I would. Aetna is an absolute disgrace and total waste of me and my employer's money. They have third party boards deliberate whether or not a treatment plan prescribed by your doctor (like a specialist, that you pay more money for) is appropriate or not. They deny simple prescriptions such as high dose ** and require unnecessary x-rays that the doctor knows won't show what they need, exposing you to more radiation, in order for them to approve the tests such as MRIs that the doctor knows will provide proof of a diagnosis.

The "customer service" number is a joke. They clearly do not keep notes on cases and refuse to provide information to the policyholder regarding case status. I have been on the phone for a total of 5 hours today, being bounced around from Aetna to their third-party evaluators and have NO more information than I started with. I was even hung up on when I requested to be transferred to someone who had a better connection (the person I was talking to was incredibly hard to hear either because of the connection or because they were just mumbling). I, nor my doctors staff, have time to deal with this circus. Which I guess is Aetna's tactic, to exhaust and frustrate you to the point you give up and cancel all tests and appointments. Why is an insurance company allowed to prevent care? If they know whats best for me, why am I going to a specialist in the first place?!

My personal physician provide a prescription for a skin rash picked up in Florida, covering large portions of my upper and lower body. The first time they rejected the refill, the rash stopped healing and started growing, requiring another doctor's appointment. The doctor doubled the prescription and had to add another one since it was getting worse. Now Aetna has rejected another refill right before I referee a soccer tournament and then travel back down to Florida for work. The prescription is a 2% solution that is commonly used to battle athlete's foot or ringworm. It's not like it's a gateway drug or is used to manufacture illegal drugs.

Aetna should be embarrassed as they are forcing me to go back to my doctor a third time to get this addressed. Wonder why medical costs are so high? It's because of all the effort it takes to get the products and services ALREADY paid for!

I am a retired teacher that had a great retirement insurance through AlaskaCare. The paper work, phone calls and payments were made smoothly. Then things changed unexpectedly to Aetna Insurance. I did not receive information of the change until January 5th. The card arrived later. The information sent indicated that coverage were going to be similar.

I have a very serious concern with the wait time and the run around I have been getting when trying to receive my medication. Wait times have been 30-50 min each time, then a hang ups or transfers to someone else. I have MS and have been on several other MS prescriptions before starting Tecfidera. The other meds have eventually caused serious issues. Starting Tecfidera in May or June of 2013 has been helpful. This was coming from a specialty pharmacy which has worked very professionally with me and sent the meds on time and arrived when they said it would.

Aetna is very difficult to work with especially the run around between the doctor and Aetna. The doctor's office had to spend up to 50 minutes at a time trying to talk to an Aetna. The precertification was faxed and I was told by one person that it hadn't arrived yet. A few hours later I called again and the next person said it was sent but not enough information was sent. The doctor sent that in. Meanwhile I am almost out of Tecfidera. I ran out of meds during the time Aetna was not providing me with correct information.

During the night with medical issues I decided to call the Bio company on their emergency line letting them know the frustration with the insurance change. I was called back within minutes. The nurse talked me through my MS problems and said she would talk to the supervisor in the a.m. I was called the next morning saying that they called the doctor and insurance company. Sure enough Aetna still not willing to give Tecfidera but I would have to start using Copaxone instead. I was called after 10 days that I was denied meds or start using Copaxone. I live on an island that does not have a neurologist. I have to fly to another state, which would delay starting a new medication without a doctor's supervision. I am now 3 weeks without meds.

It is unconscionable for an insurance company to deny a medicine that is FDA approved and is prescribed by my neurologist to use. Stopping a medication suddenly is not advisable, creating further medical issues. This happened to my husband 5 years ago with meds dropped then new ones added - creating mental anguish, hives, confusion and extreme pain (as a result he committed suicide).

Fortunately, the MS organization sent a month's worth of Tecfidera and will help me appeal this issue. I have contacted my lawyer to help fight the power Aetna has over a long time paying member of insurance. I am contacting the governor's office this week. Sadly, a teacher friend of mine on this same island was approved for the same tecfidera medication. But is going through issues of having to get the next months meds to be approved and sent without having a medication lapse. A very discouraged & disappointed member.

I work in billing in a physician's office and I'm writing of the horrible frustrations we have had with Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans. They tell seniors lies upon lies, that they can go to any doctor that takes Medicare and voila, all is smooth. I'm here to tell you THEY LIE. One example -- Aetna literally sent claim payments to a patients' home address in NJ, and we are in a different state. Those payments were supposed to have been sent to our office, and they sent them to the patient (age 83 and confused on a good day) for unknown reasons. They have the practice, physicians’ address and license numbers correctly, as well as the electronic claims, and it is unclear why they did this. They couldn’t offer an explanation either.

They have done with dozens of claims and we simply cannot get information from their corporate offices -- El Paso TX is their main claims office in the US but no local numbers anymore, you get turned to third world call centers that then STEAL YOUR IDENTITY. It seems to us they did not process to be paid to the physicians’ office because we are not in the network. Whenever we call we get reps in India or Philippines on lines with terrible connections. They don't know what the fee schedules are for Medicare, they don't know how claims work through OWN THEIR PORTAL PAGE on Availity, in short, it's a disaster.

I can tell you all we won't be accepting this plan because it's an absolute nightmare and if we don't get paid we will be bankrupted in no time. I beg seniors to wake up and scream at the corrupt government and your corrupt retirement plan administrators because you're being lied to and your doctors will all stop accepting Medicare within the year. Physicians and patients have to stop being bullied and start SCREAMING NO TO AETNA! Watch out, they're with CVS now too so the monopoly will be complete...smh.

I had coverage back in 2013/2014. Visited overseas on vacation. There where my youngest one fall sick had to hospitalized a week in an ICU with deluxe room. Had to spend about $800. I filed the claim once I got back in the US. I supplied them all the Medical bills x-rays, receipt from hospital stay. Looked like a whole file. They kept on saying inadequate proof, each time as I tried 3 times. Then gave up. AETNA is a biggest Insurance Fraud Company ever. Customer service sucks. Please stay away from this fraud company, if you can unless you want to be ripped off.

I got stuck with a $40 copay, because according to Aetna, STD testing is "diagnostic" not "preventative". This was after months of back and forth with customer service and filing an appeal, before I finally gave up. How is STD testing not preventative?

I signed up for health care coverage with Aetna on 2/26/14 with the Marketplace and was told to wait until I received an invoice from Aetna to pay my first month premium. I waited and waited, and finally received my first invoice on 3/21/14. Because it was late, the invoice was for two months (March and April). I called Aetna the same day I received the invoice to ask if I could just make a payment for one month's premium and then I'd make my next payment in a week or two. I was told that I had a 90-day grace period so that was not a problem.

I mailed a check for the one premium on 3/24/14 and the check cleared my bank account on 4/2/14. I called Aetna on 4/11/14 and made an electronic telephone payment with my debit card to cover the next two months' premiums (April and May). I called Aetna customer service on 4/16/14 because I hadn't received my insurance card yet and needed some information for a doctor's appointment and a prescription. I was then informed my policy had been cancelled for nonpayment and that the enrollment period had ended. I was dumbfounded!

I told the representative (her name may have been Johanna) that there had to be a mistake because I paid my premiums and Aetna had taken my money, but she just continued to repeat the same thing while talking over top of me. I asked to be transferred to someone who could help me and she suggested the billing department. I said that would be a good start because, once again, Aetna took my money. After a few minutes on hold, the same representative came back and said she had arranged a refund. I don't want a refund! I want what I paid for! She finally transferred me to the Marketplace, although I'm not sure why, and they said that Aetna had accepted the government subsidy that helps pay for my insurance, too, and according to their records my policy was active and everything was fine.

The representative suggested I request a 3-way call between the Marketplace, Aetna, and myself if they continued to tell me they can't help me. So I called Aetna back again and was hung up on a couple times. Once I finally reached a new representative (Ralph), he contacted the Marketplace on 3-way and we tried to resolve this issue, but as of right now I'm still waiting for that resolution. Ralph said I should receive a call from Aetna in less than 24 hours. He said the issue is being reviewed and once I hear from Aetna I should call the billing/enrollment department. In the meantime, I've had to cancel a doctor's appointment and can't refill a prescription that I need because of this mess.

I know that this Obamacare/marketplace thing is new and there are some kinks that will have to be worked out, but I felt like Aetna customer service was rude and clueless. I wasted 3 hours on my phone yesterday for something that should have never happened and should have been easily resolved, but it's clear to me that there is a lack of communication within Aetna that has caused this to happen. May I make a couple suggestions that it should be a priority for Aetna's customer service team to LISTEN and resolve problems...not just read generic prompts off a screen while talking over top of customers. It should also be made a priority to mail invoices out in a timely manner and not hold customers hostage if they aren't mailed out on time, because that seems to have played a role in all of this.

So I just started with Aetna, a plan that was supposed to be a Cadillac plan through my employer. As a healthcare professional with years of dealing with health insurers, I cannot imagine how many consumers figure out who to get anywhere when they have questions. They push using the website, but I have found that worthless as it really does NOT tell you where to get the information you need. Their health providers status are not up to date, and there are few providers in my area taking new patients. If you require special medical care or medical equipment, good luck in trying to figure that out.. It took me some 10 calls to figure out where to get my child's special needs products. The prescription quotes they provide are in no way close to what is charged. It is just overall frustrating to work with this company and get what you need. And thus far, each of our claims has been denied, even though we cannot figure out why. Call to ask and we get "well let me check into it" and they put you on hold never to be heard from again.

I have been having several issues with Aetna. I needed an MRI, then I needed an MRA, I was constantly denied. Because I have Systematic Lupus, my primary physician said, that I should get the Shingles vaccination, but Aetna says NO! I have to be 60 years of age, but I am 53. The manufacture says that you can be as young as 50 to receive the vaccine, but I am still denied. The vaccine costs over $330.00.

Because I have Lupus, I must have lots of blood work done every 6 to 8 weeks to be monitored so that I can also be put or tried on the right medication. Aetna only allows certain things to be done in a year's time. The Rheumatologist also suggested that I get the Measles vaccination, since there is an outbreak in Arizona. We both know that Aetna will not allow any of this. I have already tried continuously to get them to bend the rules for the Shingles vaccine. The Rheumatologist does not want to see me anymore. I feel that she is denying me proper medical attention because of Aetna. What can I do? Or can anything be done?

I recently was informed by Aetna that a claim needed specific information from me to be resolved. So after several emails and phone calls to both Aetna and my doctor. I found out what they really needed was a diagnostic code - something I would never have. I asked that a Vice President explain this to me. I wanted to see if management would also be dumbfounded by these events. What I was told was even more dumbfounding - a Vice President cannot reply to my email. Whoever heard of a Vice President that cannot use email? I guess Aetna has.

On March, we did our annual Health Screening required by AETNA. The coverage started on June, but they started to withdraw from my payroll $23.10 per pay period. I called several times and always they said it could take 7-10 days. Today, Sept. 2nd, 2015, I spoke with Tracey, but she said that is not their problem. When I asked for a supervisor, she transfer me to a voice mail. That was one hour ago!!! And still waiting... I don't recommend this insurance. It's the worst I ever had. Unfortunately, the insurance is provided by my employer. :(

I changed to Aetna because my doctor retired and the new doctor would not accept the insurance I had. The insurance I never had any problems within over 6 years. I should have had a clue that Aetna was not the right choice when the Teacher's Retirement System of which my mother is a part of moved their account from Aetna. Since being insured with Aetna, I have had to change 3 of my medications because of their Tier system. The medications that I had been taking for at least 3 years were all a Tier 4 medicines with a cost of over $100. Then today 6/12/18, my doctor gave a new medication and refilled my inhaler prescription.

They were sent directly to the pharmacy during my office visit. Before I could get out of the parking lot, the pharmacy called to let me know Aetna would not approve my inhaler or my new medicine. I called Aetna and was told that my inhaler was a Tier 4 and would cost me $100 or I could change to a lower Tier medicine. I got the names of those and went back into the doctor's office to ask to change to one of those. For my new medication, Aetna did not have an alternate. Aetna does pay for any medicine for this condition I have. I am changing as soon as I can. This insurance does not appear to care about their clients.

For some background, if you use 30mg ** solutab the Aetna medical bureaucracy will charge $1000 a month copay that must be allowed by the Obamacare monopoly. Aetna offered to mail order my prescription for $1000 for 90 days. If you lower the dose to 1 or two 15 mg pills per day over the counter ** is available for with a doctor prescription. If you take less than 30mg, you can buy it over the counter for $30 a month via insurance for $7 copay. Aetna insurance went berserk and resent me an offer for $1000 copay via mail with 90 days at a time. I refused it and they cut me off at 1 per day which extended me out until June.

The stupidity of this argument is that I can walk in and buy $60 worth over the counter and not use my insurance else pay the medical conspiracy bureaucracy $1000... I assume people simply pay this copay because they don't know that it is sold over the counter. I will being doing this until I am allowed to opt out of this scam. I would prefer not having any insurance than to stay with Athena.

For anyone considering using Aetna for health insurance, please read this message and avoid Aetna at all costs!! My hope is that this message might help another family avoid all of the suffering we have endured because of Aetna! At the end of November, we received a letter from Aetna, our health insurance provider, that they would no longer cover occupational therapy sessions for our 7 year old son, who has an autism diagnosis. They stated that occupational therapy services for a person with autism should be short-term. (What?? I would hope that a company that provides medical coverage would understand that there is nothing about Autism that is short-term!) My husband, Jay, and I were shocked because our plan allowed for 90 occupational therapy sessions a year, so we couldn’t understand why Aetna would deny this type of service, especially when we were well within our number of allowable visits.

And what was even more shocking, was the fact that they were deeming autism and sensory needs related to autism to be a short-term necessity. We filed an appeal with Aetna to try and overturn their denial of future coverage. At one point, Jay called about our appeal and an Aetna representative told him that a doctor had never actually looked at our file! How can they deem a medical service an unnecessary of a doctor hasn’t reviewed the case???

4 months later, Jay and I have spent hours and hours on the phone with Aetna representatives and managers. Recently, a manager promised Jay that our son’s file would be sent to us so that we could review it while we awaited their decision. Of course the file was never sent to us. We were told we would have to wait 45 days for Aetna to make their determination about our appeal. So when I called today to find out the verdict, I was told that they only looked at one specific Occupational Therapy (OT) service date for our appeal, instead of considering the fact that we were appealing their denial of all OT services, not just ONE!!

It is absolutely disgusting to think that families have to go through all of this... It is challenging enough to help and support a child with a disability, but to have to fight the insurance companies about coverage of services that they claim to cover in your plan is downright appalling. Jay works in this industry, so he knows the way that these cases work and the appropriate measures that should be taken when customers are calling in and requesting information about claims. But not Aetna, they have made so many errors along the way, they are completely unreliable and responsive, and the bottom line is that they simply do not care about the welfare of their customers.

This entire experience has been so distributing and taxing on our family and 4 months later we are no closer to a resolution. We were just told that we need to resubmit a new appeal because of way their appeals work and this is due to their “process.” I encourage every person that is considering switching to Aetna for insurance, to never ever consider using them!!

Coventry which is owned by Aetna is no longer offering healthcare coverage in Iowa so Aetna took over those plans and rates increased dramatically because of this so called company within a company swap. My experience with Coventry was good in 2016. It has been nothing short of a major disappointment since Aetna took over my health coverage. The customer service is awful and the login to access to your plan has been a nightmare to say the least. Tried using Walgreens for a generic 1mg prescription that cost $10 a in 2016 and my bill was $177.00 because Walgreens did not make Aetna's preferred provider list? This is very disturbing how much control Aetna has over filling a simple generic prescription. My advice to you is simple. Find another carrier if you live in Iowa. I am.

I’ve found that using Medicare Part D through Aetna is a total rip off. Every prescription that I’ve had written was TRIPLE the cost using Aetna insurance than using either Walmart Pharmacy or Good RX which is not insurance. I’m paying 170.00 a month for Medicare and Aetna and they sent me a bill for 121.60 for one RX while The Good RX app cost was 33.00!!! They must think medicare recipients are stupid... We are NOT and what Aetna does is downright criminal!!!

This is my first time ever giving a review, and it's because I have never seen anything like this. I have a surgery scheduled for next month. Prior to switching to Aetna, I was covered under my parents' health insurance. Since I recently turned 26, I was required to subscribe to my university's plan. I have scheduled and attended a number of appointments in the past month to diagnose a problem that I had been experiencing. I had spoken to a representative of Aetna prior to switching because I was new to the insurance and knew that some quirks would inevitably come up. I was reassured that everything that I did prior to switching would allow me to proceed with the surgery that I had scheduled for the end of the year just fine.

Today, I was told, by the hospital where I will be having the procedure, to inquire into the "referral" process that Aetna might have to qualify for coverage since they are a university sponsored plan. As a result, I called both my university and unfortunately Aetna. The customer service person told me that I had no choice but to undergo all of the previous appointments that I had already done all over again and have the last doctor at my university refer me to the surgery doctor once again. It was either that or pay for the procedure out of pocket as I was so rudely told.

I'm sorry but I did not have a shabby doctor, or clinic, or health insurance for that matter. I can't really see any other reason for that recommendation other than Aetna wanting me to give them more business. This just does not seem right to me. If I do get have this doctor's appointment to obtain the referral, I have no doubt that the appointment will go something like this: I will pay the co-pay, I will meet the doctor for 5 minutes who will look at the medical files that I will have already faxed over to the university's doctor's office, and I will then leave. No further treatment, just a waste of my time, their time, and my money.

Had Aetna Medicare POO Plan last year. Cost an additional $180.00 per month and I am still getting bills from providers for what Aetna wouldn't pay. I had to pay not only the deductible and the monthly payment plus what they get from Medicare and I still received bills months later, even for standard blood tests. When I would complain to Aetna customer service they would tell you it will be taken care of and a lot of times they would say, “You don't owe the provider any more money” and they would contact the provider and resolve the issue.

Then a few weeks later you get a letter from Aetna saying the time for opening an investigation has expired, of course you already left a review after the customer service person told you it would all be taken care of. So I call them again and they do the same thing over. Imagine doing this on everything from blood tests to regular doctors’ visits and it's overwhelming. I'm still paying medical bills from last year. Never had such a horrible experience from any other insurance company, not even close.

Customer service worst. Customer service people doesn't know what is covered and not. Every time you call for the same concern needs to explain from the beginning and they don't track or maintain and will get different answers. This insurance and customer service is horrible.

Aetna makes health insurance so much harder than it has to be. The website is useless and unclear. Trying to find answers to simple questions such as how much Aetna covers of visit takes hours to answer and they seem to expect you to have time to sift through pages of fine print in order to track down answers. Contacting their customer service representatives through e-mail or on the phone is a horrible experience; they can never give you a simple answer and they make everything more difficult. The bills they send are so unclear and I still can't figure out if I owe physicians that I've seen money or if these claims are pending, or if Aetna will cover it.

My husband's company offers insurance but to add myself and our son on his policy would cost $800 so I did the responsible thing. Went on [email protected], researched policies, found one and made my first premium payment of $251 with an (Advanced Premium Tax Credit) APTC. Then tried to use my plan and found none of my doctors and for some reason my compounded prescriptions were not covered. I'm out of work and my husband is horribly under-employed. We made payments in May, June, and July but then his commissions weren't included in his paycheck and couldn't make the payment in August or September. I called The Marketplace and provided the new income amount and was given an adjusted premium with a lower APTC that was very affordable. I have made my premium payment every month since, however, I am getting notifications from Aetna that says I now owe $634.57 and "If we do not receive full payment by the end of the premium grace period, we will end your coverage. Your last day of coverage will be the last day of the first month of non-payment." This was definitely written by a lawyer.

I have a graduate degree and I can't find where the last day of coverage is in any publications. In December my son had to go to Urgent Care for stitches. That was the first time I heard our policy was inactive. When I call Aetna, I go into an eternal loop of all the different ways to make a payment. Customer service says call The Marketplace and The Marketplace says call Aetna for policy adjustment. I can't seem to get anyone outside of a call center to help me. I've offered to make payments or set up a payment plan and I get the same rhetoric about "if you want to make a payment..." Where is the customer service?

I'm trying to keep my healthcare plan but this is getting very frustrating. This is a policy with a face value of $6,000 and I need help with just 1/10th of that. I'm making payments and it feels like they aren't going anywhere and I can't use the policy with anyone. Time is slipping and I get nowhere with Aetna. Does anyone know how or who to reach at Aetna's corporate office?

Only selected one because I HAD to. So a few years back our school district decided to switch to Aetna Health Insurance. BIG MISTAKE. My husband and I (previously) work for the same district. During the first year of paying for Aetna health my husband experienced a back injury that caused a herniated disc. After going through the necessary 6+ weeks of physical therapy his doctor decided he would benefit from an epidermal steroid to help the progression of healing. They never approved it after we tried and the doctors repeatedly tried. So we finally came to a point that we gave up on ever hearing anything.

Fast forward to this last year... My husband became extremely ill and then from the severe coughing did something horrific to his neck. He had apparently slipped a disk and was in so much pain we went to the ER twice prior to seeing his orthopedic doctor just so he could survive the pain. When seeing his orthopedic doctor they immediately ordered an MRI as he was losing feeling in his arm and was unable to walk hardly. They put him on pain pills after pain pills (** crisis anyone?) and hoped we would hear from the insurance company... Well of course they denied it... and denied it... a total of 3 times. Even at the presence of the doctors request. We tried calling ourselves and speaking with the company representatives only to get no answers and only to be connected to someone else who connected us to someone else and so on. The doctor even called himself to speak about the pre-authorization and why the MRI was so needed.

My husband is an artist and a teacher at that... His hands and ability to use them is our livelihood. We waited weeks, months, did everything they asked... and finally just like before, we gave up. He STILL struggles... If he ever loses function of that side of his body and arm... it will be a terrible day. They are a scam company and I don’t trust them at all. All I’ve ever heard from friend doctors and nurses is that they (Aetna) are the worst insurance company to deal with. Completely agreed... Take your money ELSEWHERE! For your own sake! Shame, they know EXACTLY what they are doing and what they AREN’T doing for their customers that pay GROSSLY for their “benefits”. Pffft.

NO STARS IF I HAD THAT OPTION... Had to reset my password at least 5 times already... Website said I do NOT EXIST! Very aggravating especially since I had my member card in hand. Finally I called and the guy there was nice and he said the site was not working and he will call tomorrow. But before we hung up, he gave me another address to go to... HOWEVER THAT ONE WAS DOWN TOO :-( No stars if I had a choice!!!

I have a history of chronic pain from back surgery. Only thing keeping me going were injections. Aetna decided to deny, after 2 years pain so bad, they'd pay for pain pump which doesn't work and cost thousands of dollars, but if they'd have paid for injections, maybe I would be ok. They lie about providers in network. Customer service is horrendous. Appeals process was handled by a pediatrician instead of pain doctor. Don't trust Aetna. Don't sign up with them!!

I have been on long-term disability for 18 months and have had my disability check shortened multiple times. Harassed by the account managers and lied to and have had to call multiple times which has made my condition worse. Told they were not receiving my paper work from all my doctors and had to pay for extra paperwork to be filled out multiple times because Aetna stated they did not have the documents. No one should have to go through this when they are already ILL.

I am an aetna employee and have the aetna hsa as my insurance coverage, and put my own money in this account to pay for health care related expenses. We were told this included anything health care related including otc meds, but this was a lie. They just denied paying for indigestion meds and drops for dry eye. They also stopped paying for the asthma medication that keeps me alive. 1st thing tomorrow i will be filing an official grievance and next year will buy my insurance from a competitor of my own employer.

I left Thomson Reuters with long term disability for anxiety and depression. They gave me a pension plan and Aetna insurance in 2012. In 2013 I got Social Security disability benefits. October 2014 Medicare and was told by Thomson to refuse part B to keep insurance benefits till 65. I'm 53 years old now. Aetna only covers me like I'm getting part B. AETNA is not a supplement. It is primary and all I have. I need attention by a mental health professional. This problem keeps getting worse. I am insured for no part B. Thomson Reuters and I pay each month and the coverage is almost none and are they committing Medicare fraud if a lawyer wants to go for it help. They are making me worse.

Worst medical insurance carrier I have ever had. On par with V.A. medical. The online provider guide is outdated. I have made four attempts to get a medical card. Still cannot get one. They deny every medication. My physicians tell me that they have a very difficult time getting the referrals processed. Their phone customer service is next to useless. They are never able to give me any direct answers or solutions.

Of my complaints #1 is that they deny the prescribed medications almost every time. A pharmacist at one of the pharmacies that I went to verbally confirmed this. She said "We have a very difficult time with Aetna approving medications. And then only generics." #2 at the top of my list is a complete inability of Aetna to provide their subscribers with an accurate Primary Care Physician list.

Our young daughter was on a trip abroad and had a medical emergency while there. Thank God she was taken care of by professionals at a hospital. The trip was spent in a hospital room though, which ruined a dream vacation for her and her mother. When they returned to the U.S. after having to spend an additional week there to recover, my wife made a claim to Aetna for the charges she had to pay for personally. Lots of out of pocket charges.

The claim was made five months ago and we have yet to receive payments from Aetna, even though we have international medical coverage. My poor wife is going through Hell with this and they seem to ignore her requests. What they are doing is criminal. We are unemployed and the cost of the surgery and medical support has caused us immeasurable grief. If this is something you want to go through, use Aetna. The pain they are causing us is hard to understand. Their unAmerican approach to people should be reviewed by the government.

Before ObamaCare Aetna wouldn't cover my disabled son. They repeatedly lost all the forms I sent them for close to a year. Last year I tried to have a procedure after my deductible was paid but they drug their feet on authorizing it till the year was over and I had to pay for it myself. Now I need a CPAP machine. They wont cover it. They say I have to rent it over a 10 month period which should be just enough time to use up my money to pay for the deductible by the end of the year. And then If I want to use my insurance after the deductible is paid they will drag their feet again until the next year. Well after I finish paying for my CPAP machine I still won't own it. If I change insurance they take it back! I pay thousand of dollars... At least 5,000 for premiums and deductibles and then this is what I get. Can't stand Aetna... Worst Ever.

I've had Aetna prescription coverage for several years and have no problem with the premium. Last fall I noticed irregularities and contacted them wanting clarification. I hesitate to make these kinds of calls as I realize it will take an hour or more for a minute of conversation but I persevered. I got nowhere with the telephone answering person as they were completely unskilled in their job. I asked for someone with a little more insight to give me a call in order to straighten out the matter. I was assured of the call but never received one.

My last letter (10/15/18) from Aetna was a notice to pay a small amount before the end of the year to prevent cancellation. My wife sent a check prior to Christmas in order to preclude the cancellation. Given the holidays and the inept operation within Aetna, my check was not posted until Jan 3. I received a letter of cancellation. I called, spent another one and one-half hours attempting to salvage the situation without success. I talked with six brain donor candidates that knew nothing about the tenants of their company policy or procedures. I talked with my agent who suggested I talk with Medicare about securing a 'Special Election Period' consideration but was denied based on Aetna's one-sided description of events.

I am appalled at the disgustingly poor quality of customer support that is in Aetna's workforce. I have received from Aetna, a number of letters over the last several years that were in error without them ever responding to explain. But their word is final with Medicare? This is beyond wrong. Aetna is incompetent and unskilled. There will be no more Aetna coverage of anything.

I am dealing with nearly 2k worth of bills that were conveyed to me as covered. Aetna communicated with my medical professionals before each procedure and confirmed coverage, but then refused to pay anyway. I went through the appeals process (they only allow a one step appeal, so make sure you write the appeal yourself because the representatives do not give a proper explanation. And make sure you include all evidence in that one appeal).

I had evidence of a phone confirmation from my OBGYN for an IUD procedure. I called before the procedure as well. Both calls confirmed coverage. I presented this evidence after my appeal was rejected (for no justifiable reason) and was told that they could not appeal it with Aetna but that they would file for some sort of state appeal. A year later, and I'm still getting billed.

My last month of service, they ignored my doctors' bills and claimed they never got them... Conveniently, this was AFTER I had already paid my deductible and out of pocket max. Their customer service is unfriendly, incoherent, and useless. Even the supervisors have no power or answers to logic. They discontinued my service because I had cancer and claimed it was because I make too much money. I am an adjunct professor, so that means I get paid below the poverty level....

I'm with Ambetter now, and their customer service is the absolute best. They pay my doctors immediately and so far have not disappointed me. I'm glad I'll be having surgery under their coverage instead of Aetna. Sunshine health has much fewer options for providers, but are much more reliable.

I had obtained Medicare Part D coverage from Coventry First Health, an Aetna company. After a while, I realized that I paid $400 one year and paid the insurance company over $400 yet they paid only $100 for my meds; a tidy 300% return on their investment! I discussed this with a pharmacist who agreed with my conclusion. She said that insurance companies love people like me who are not on a lot of expensive drugs; furthermore, I could pay even less for my medications if I went onto one of their (the drug store's) plans.

I had paid Coventry for a year (there is no discount over paying monthly) and tried to cancel my plan. The first thing they said was that Medicare Part D is mandatory. This is an outright lie. I was then told that if I canceled my plan, I would have to pay 1% of $24 to the government. I told her that I would be happy to pay them 24 cents in order to get rid of me. She finally told me that Coventry would send me the paperwork to cancel my policy. After many weeks and another phone call, I have still not received the material. I could already be off of it if I had not paid for an entire year. I suggest that if a customer has any question at all as to whether they need the coverage, pay monthly rather than annually until they are sure they need the coverage. Insurance companies know that it would cost more for an attorney to sue them than what they cheated someone out of.

I've had Aetna as my health care provider for more than 1.5 years now and every experience has been absolutely outrageous. There is absolutely NO sense of care from the health care provider from how they train their supporting staff to review member plan information, what the member is asking, their extremely poor scheduling system via their website. All looks great from their pamphlets but once you are a member, you are absolutely ON YOUR OWN!

Prior to a preventative procedure, I looked at three sources of information - 1) What my company provided re: coverage. 2) The website given to me to review for information. 3) I called and spoke with a representative and gave her all the information she asked for and asked what the coverage would be so I was prepared when the bills came. I was told the procedure would be paid for 100%, with no copayment and the deductible would be waived. When the bills started to come in, they paid 80%. I had to pay copayment toward the deductible. I called Aetna and was told I had been given the wrong information and should have called a second time for information. I called Aetna again to see if I would get the same information. The representative had a copy of my claim(s) and was told to call the MD and get the code changed and I was given a code that would remedy the situation.

She too said the procedure would be paid for 100% and the deductible would be waived. I followed the guidance I was given, with minimal result. I still had to pay a copayment and a significant amount of the bill. Were the answers/information from AETNA deliberately wrong? Why was I told one thing and why did I repeatedly get the opposite? Deliberate misguiding, misleading, just plain bad information with the intent not to pay what I was told they would pay (from a variety of sources) isn't what I expect from an insurance company I am paying to help me manage my health care. I will NOT recommend AETNA to anyone as an insurance company for anything. If I were choosing a company and not my employer, I would never chose AETNA - If an employer thinks they are getting a good deal - they probably are because the company isn't paying anything out, but taking premiums without any dignity or professional integrity.

Prior to my doctor appointment, I called to verify if my visit would to fully covered. They assured me yes, it will be 100% covered. However, they billed me afterward. I called again and they said that how the hospital billed them so I have to call the doctor. Worst experience ever!! Customer service is also very impolite and unprofessional.

On 10/27/16 I sent a check in the amount of $1,405 covering annual premium and $20 processing fee for Aetna Supplemental Health Insurance. The following week I received a letter dated 11/1/16 declining my application and stating I would receive my refund with seven to ten days. It is now 12/2/16 and I have not received my refund. I called and was told the check was cut 12/1/16. I don't know whether or not it was mailed but I consider their business policy disgraceful.

My husband's employer just changed our health insurance to Aetna. We went from a $500 deductible to a "family" deductible of $3500. And after trying to use the insurance, we just realized it's going to take us forever to meet the deductible, not because we don't have medical, but because Aetna denies just about every claim. Acupuncture is "experimental" and not covered. My hospital is "in network" but the iodine, epidural, and drugs they gave me in my last surgery was "out of network." Iodine to sanitize an injection site out of network? Are you kidding me? How can you even sue these liars? This is a lying disreputable company--stay as far away from Aetna as you can!

For over a month I have been dealing with Aetna Specialty Pharmacy to get a prescription refilled which has been nothing but stressful. I was left a message by the pharmacy to call and get my refill which I did, but was told it needed a preauthorization which I didn't understand since they already filled it for (this was the beginning of January 2016). I was told they called the doctor's office for the preauthorization to be filled out and that they also faced the paperwork. Second week of January until today February 16 I called every week to check on my refill, I was told the doctor's office never faxed back the preauthorization, I was told they had the incorrect information for the doctor's office and so on.

Finally today I was told that my claim was denied but they couldn't give me a reason because the letter was mailed to my doctor's office, I asked why if they already filled the script before why all of a sudden it was denied. I believe Aetna doesn't want to fill prescriptions that aren't on their preferred list. I honestly wish there was something else to be done than to write a review. Thank God my prescription isn't for a life threatening illness.

Back in August of 2013 (when I didn't have Aetna), I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My thyroid has since been removed, but I have severe, recurrent hypothyroidism that requires I stay on a high dose of levothyroxine (Synthroid, for instance - it's what the thyroid makes to keep our bodies, brains, and hormones regulated and active. Without it, we feel fatigue, nausea, lose vision, etc). I cannot control my thyroid stimulating hormone (normal is .4-4, and mine is 200+ daily). The problem is that I don't absorb oral Synthroid like most people. I have Celiac disease and Crohn's, so I need an IV or IM (intramuscular) form of Synthroid. And since my TSH is so high, I'm too much of a surgical risk for a port or PICC (not that Aetna wants to approve one, anyhow).

My husband's insurance switched to Aetna in June of 2014. Since then, nothing has been covered. Nothing. They denied my IM Synthroid, and that keeps me in the hospital. After three appeals (after Aetna "lost" my verbal appeal during my 9th cancer hospitalization), I was finally approved for the IM Synthroid. It took Aetna between August and November of 2014 - almost three months - to "approve that it is medically necessary." Once I was on it, I was doing a bit better, and was only hospitalized twice, not 9 or 10 times. However, the medication ran out. When it did, a specialty pharmacy rep told me, "Well, you have invasive cancer and your doctor said it was terminal. You're going to die anyhow."

So my medication wasn't approved because I'm going to die. Obviously, I wouldn't let that stand, so I kept trying. My endocrinologist and GP wrote appeal letters. Three were denied because I should just "take pills" and "this case isn't life-threatening" (funny - I thought cancer kind of was. And uncontrolled TSH certainly is). Finally, after seven weeks, we received an overturned verbal appeal in our favor this morning - I can receive more IM Synthroid. Aetna just needed an hour to get everything into their system, and I could call about expedited shipment for the medication.

But when I called five full hours later, I was told that they aren't giving me IM Synthroid. They don't have it in stock, and it's indefinitely out of stock. They never said this to my doctor, who was livid when I told her. She was told I'd have the medication almost immediately. I have spent all afternoon on the phone with Aetna, and was hung up on when I tried to file my first complaint. During the second one, the rep placed me on a 20-minute hold and never returned. Not only this, but because my TSH is so high, it's causing heart problems and breathing problems. My blood oxygen saturation is 67%. But Aetna won't approve a sleep study for oxygen because "it's not needed." Probably because I'm going to die, so why waste the money - right, Aetna?

There's no reason this horrible company should exist if they are going to treat members like this. We don't pay $13k a year to NOT receive help. So they must be enjoying their profits while I suffer, unable to breathe, walk, drive, or focus. I'm not finished fighting with them.

I'm writing on behalf of a handicapped brother who is very debilitated by several diseases, particularly diabetes. His Medicaid forced him to chose a provider. His Aetna rep referred him to a Dr. ** . When my brother got there he was told that doc hadn't been there for 7 years. In addition, no doc within 30 miles will accept Aetna patients.

Lack of transparency and clarity in their plans. When you purchase Aetna plan you think you will be covered. When you actually file a claim you realize you were duped by them. In my case they refused to cover annual physical performed at walk-in clinic. Paying their premiums is a total waste of money.

I have had an extremely negative experience with Aetna. They do not care about the health of their customers at all. I filed claims with them 17 months ago that I still have not received reimbursement for, despite repeated phone calls. Because of this, I have to keep looking up my claims on two different websites, since they recently switched to a new system, which is extremely inconvenient. I have spent dozens of hours on the phone with them with few results. Every time I submit a claim, they tell me they need more and more information from me to process the claim, and then when I do provide that information, they tell me that they didn't receive it. They process my claims out of order and tell me that I haven't submitted claims that I definitely have.

Many claims I have submitted three or four times, at their request. Sometimes when they give me cheques, they don't tell me what the reimbursement is for, so I have to try to look it up on their website for my records, which is often difficult. They have trouble processing many of the prescriptions my doctor gives me. My pharmacy will call them to ask about the delay in processing the prescription, and Aetna tells them they will call me the next day, but they do not. Several times, I have had to give up on said prescriptions and simply ask my doctor to prescribe me a different medicine.

Their coverage is extremely limited, deductibles are ridiculously high, and their call wait times are very long. I have had to stay late at work multiple times because I had to wait so long on the phone trying to talk to them during my lunch break, and they inconveniently do not offer customer support before 9:00 a.m., after 5 p.m., or on the weekends. I cannot recommend steering clear of this company strongly enough.

Stay away from Aetna. Upgraded plan on Aetna's recommendation. While seeing our regular doctor who is listed on their site, doctor called and confirmed plan covered visits and Aetna verified the policy over the phone with the doctor. Aetna has denied all coverage and benefits. The policy has been verified is in force. According to Aetna the doctor is not in Aetna's network. Called Aetna 3 times with doctor's office on the phone, Aetna said to file an appeal. We had the Aetna agent file it on our behalf while on the phone. The doctor called back and said Aetna denied the appeal. We called back, the Aetna supervisor said and I quote, "I can't help you, you will need to file a lawsuit." Stay away from Aetna...

I had severe neck and upper back pain, and due to the pain I could not focus. I also had diarrhea and body was weak. Doctor's office and urgent care was closed. My family rushed me to Kaiser Permanente emergency. Aetna refused to pay my bill and their explanation is services do not appear to support the prudent layperson definition of emergency. And it was not an imminent threat to life and I could have gone to other facilities. What other facilities are available at midnight? How ridiculous is this??

This is very unprofessional and unethical. If the doctor treated me for an emergency, who is Aetna to determine if my condition is not an emergency???? Aetna is looking at ways not to cover out of network. I also learned that Aetna is being sued currently for not covering out of network. If anyone of you read this was not covered for out of network please do contact me. I am going to write to Washington about this and also take action about this so your input will be valid.

I am disabled and have both part A and B of Medicare and used Silverscript as my prescription plan. Three weeks ago I wanted to switch prescription plans because Silverscript keeps dropping medications I am on off their formulary. A representative with E-Health named Morgan talked me into a combined Aetna HMO/Prescription plan saying it would save me a lot of money but that I would need a Primary Care Physician listed. What he didn't explain is that you have to have a PCP in their network and that PCP has to refer you to specialist in the network for anything outside of normal doctor care. I am a disabled Chronic Pain Patient and don't have a Primary Care Physician as I see a Rheumatologist and a Pain Specialist for care and pain management only. This representative picked out a PCP in my area from the Aetna network and we proceeded to get me onto this plan. He told me to go see this doctor so I would be covered.

Three weeks later I get all the paperwork only to discover this PCP has to refer me to the Specialists I see now or nothing gets covered. I have doctor appoints with my Rheumatologist and Pain doctor in about a month. In a panic I called this PCP he gave me and they haven't been in practice for 3 years! I called at least 4 other PCP's in their network and most are not taking new patients and some won't see me because I am a Chronic Pain Patient (which I don’t understand because they wouldn't be treating me for Chronic Pain, just giving the referral). I spent hours on the phone with Medicare having to switch back to Silverscript. I do not recommend switching to Aetna at all if you are on Medicare A&B. Beware. Especially if you are a Chronic Pain Patient.

I have been dealing with Aetna for a claim I found out was not paid in 2014 and it is 2017. The customer service has been the worst. I have encountered a rude escalation Manager and the supervisors don't know any more than the specialist. They give out contradictory info and lack service training. I have even had managers that say they will call back but don't. I have a long list of service reps name and even requested that the tape from one call be pulled because the rep was so rude. This is the worst and to say that my employer chooses them over other reputable companies saddens me. How do you get anything accomplished with this company. Someone help!

I lost my anxiety medication 10 days before I was able to pick up a new prescription. If anyone has gone through withdrawal of getting off of these medications you know you wouldn't even put your worst enemy through that. If you don't know what it is just google it. There are countless pages of how painful it is. So in order for me to get the medicine I would have to pay out of pocket for $140 compared to the $7 insurance covered meds would cost. I don't have that much money. I have never asked to get a prescription early. Yea losing it is on me. I get that but I'm pretty confident I'm not the only person in the world to make such a mistake. I also get some people may try to abuse any system in place to get refills quicker and sell them or abuse the drug. Like I said I have never done that and my history with the insurance should show that.

My gripe is 2 things... 1 that the representative on the phone showed no remorse or sense of caring in the least. We are humans right... I explained how awful the withdrawal symptoms were to her but it was as if she was talking to a drug addict and was disgusted by my plea for help. It was just a very heartless display. I put more if that on aetna itself because I assume they train people to ignore sob stories. My 2nd gripe is that they have no back up in case this does happen. It is basically you lose it you're screwed. We don't care about you. I have insurance through my company but I do pay a lot per month. It's not like I'm being forced to use them like they act like I am. I am going to switch... unfortunately I think the other options aren't much better... sad.

I went to a doctor who is part of John Muir for a routine check. Before going, I inquired with Aetna about the Insurance coverage and got the response that John Muir and the doctor is part of Aetna In-Network. A John Muir Doctor wanted me and wife to do the routine test, and suggested me to go the lab in the first floor. The tests the doctor ordered were mentioned in the document with letterhead saying "LabCorp." Me & my wife went there, and once again inquired LabCorp whether the Aetna Insurance can cover our tests. After seeing my Aetna Plan 80, the LabCorp person said "Yes, all the routine tests are covered by the insurance.”

Out-Of Pocket Payment for Routine Tests (there are couple of test which are not routine I think): I just mentioned one Claim ID (429.99) here on my Wife. There are two more in the received claim status (429.99 & 432.66). For mine, the amount to pay is 244.77. Why should I pay this exorbitant amount "when the doctor who is part of your network referred me to a lab in John Muir facility". I am really shocked and frustrated... All OUT of MY POCKET. Please let me know if you can process all of these in IN-Network, and help me alleviate the burden.

Who in their right mind approves a medical group in the city that I live in including all the doctors in my area, but does not approve the hospital to which those doctors are contracted with. I was pregnant and told I could have my doctors up until I go into labor, then I would have to deliver at a different hospital with an entirely different staff and doctor!! To top that off, all the approved hospitals were more than 20 miles away. I live in SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley which means that traffic is awful between 5-10 am and 3-7 pm!

I had to travel thirty minutes each way to see a different obgyn at the hospital I wanted to deliver at. Luckily, that all worked out for me aside from wasting a lot of travel time/gas/money. But after my baby was born at the approved hospital, I was told that the pediatricians that saw her in the hospital to release her were not "covered doctors" so I had to pay for them out of pocket on top of the $400 costs out of pocket for having a baby.

It gets better. I had my mother fax in her forms to add her to my insurance plan the week she was born and received confirmation from my work that they had processed it. I go to get her 2 month immunization shots and am told by the in-town approved medical group that she "is not on my medical insurance, and I had two options: 1) pay out of pocket and the insurance will reimburse me, or 2) go forward with the shots and not pay and my medical will correct the fact that she is covered and the bill will be paid upon processing on Aetna's side. I went with the latter.... here it is 5 months later and every single month I get a bill for the shots that Aetna still has not processed off her account and I am being sent to collections.

They are just awful. I have called them as well as my husband at least twenty times between us. My job, as well as ADP total source has contacted them and advised that they need to wash the bill on their side because she was always covered and they still to date have not processed this! Just terrible. MIND YOU, had I been able to switch to Kaiser prior to her birth I would have only had to pay $125 total out of pocket for having a baby! Aetna is a RIP OFF! Oh, and the only birth control that they would approve for me was a $50 co-pay for generic form of YAZ which Kaiser will not give to patients because it causes blood clots & has a higher percentage rate of babies conceived on the pill. Great job Aetna!

The last few months, I have been experiencing some health issues. I have had a severe cough for weeks, and having complications with my right eye. I have seen quite a few doctors with Cedar Sinai Medical Center. Every time I would discuss my symptoms or concerns, they would seemed to be ignored or rather not taken seriously. A few months ago, I have seen my primary care Dr. and an ENT doctor for congestion and sinus/allergy issues, only to be given an inhaler and sent on my way. And about a month ago, I have had an issue with my eye bleeding and having pain. I saw two optometrist and an eye surgeon. All said that I have an eye hemorrhage and should eventually go away. The eye surgeon did recommend I get an MRI, which exam showed normal. When he contacted me to tell me this, he was so in a hurry. I tried to understand what he was saying, but all I can say was, "Oh, ok".

At the end of the call, I was still concerned with the strain and pain I was getting. After this about a week later I had a very bad strain at work and then woke up the next morning with another eye hemorrhage, covering one whole side and the bottom. I went to Urgent care and Dr. on call said yes, it's an eye hemorrhage and it is like a bruise, it will go away. Since then I have experienced another one. My first issue is this. When I went to see my optometrist I had to pay $60. And because she wanted me to see the eye surgeon and he happen to leave home for the day, I had to see him the next business day. Well guess what, I had to pay an additional $60. WOW, so if he was there that day I wouldn't have had to pay. My other issue and MAIN concern is WHY during my examinations, am I asked, DO YOU HAVE HMO OR PPO? Huh? Is this to determine what kind of care I am going to get at this point? This happened again when I went to Urgent Care.

WHAT an unethical question to ask your patient during an exam. I guess since I had an HMO I was sent home with nothing. As of January 1st I have canceled my insurance with Aetna and now I have Kaiser. WHAT a difference of care. I went to see an Ophthalmologist and guess what. He explained to me that the tissue in my eye was inflamed (probably from a past surgery I had when I was a little girl) and he gave me steroid drops to heal the inflammation and for pain. AND for my cough, I had a chest Xray and was diagnosed with early pneumonia. WOW.

So I was given antibiotics with two inhalers. Thank you KAISER for taking real care of me and being very attentive and concerned about my symptoms. Imagine if I would have stayed with Aetna. I probably would be in a hospital bed. My last issue is with the medication cost. I tried to get a refill on the Inhaler that I was prescribed and they told me it was $176. I ran out of that pharmacy so fast. Thank God I did not have asthma and really need it. If you get AETNA insurance make sure you get a PPO or else you will be out of luck on your health. :(

I have had Aetna (different plans) for over 12 years. For the most part I have been happy with them in the past as they always covered my medical costs, tests, surgeries, etc. But in the last 5-6 months it has been nothing but hell! They have denied every prescription even though I go through their stupid Home Delivery and Specialty Pharmacy. They give no reason for the denials. They just refuse to fill them so I am out of medicine that I desperately need because they won't let you refill until 7-10 days before you need it and then they take two weeks to decide if they will fill it! They also have been denying doctor visits, requiring letters of medical necessity for EVERY visit!

These are regular visits I have been going to for years and now they want letters every time? They have denied special tests claiming they are not necessary when the doctor has provided so many medical records and proof it is necessary. They know more about my health than I do! They use third party claims processors (started this several years ago). And when that started, things really went down hill. The frustrating part is, there are not really any other options out there that "cover" what Aetna (supposedly) does that cost a reasonable price. To get similar coverage from another company I would have to pay 2-3 times as much and it would not include full dental and vision like I have now. I would love to dump Aetna, but at this point I don't know that I can and not sure that any other company out there is any better.

I need to have surgery on my neck and Aetna has denied it. I meet all requirements. I'm out of work at this time because of my neck. This surgery would give me back my life and I could return back to work. So angry and disheartening that you put all this money out on insurance and you don't get the treatment you need. It's ridiculous.

My name is Robin, I am 52 yrs old. I am currently suffering from a major depression disorder. Let me tell you I would not wish this on anyone. I was hospitalized inpatient for 7 days at Lindner Center of Hope in Cincinnati. I found myself "lost" when I came home. They did not have a magic pill or potion to make this depression, stress, loneliness, anxiety, darkness and gloom disappear (of course).

I was home on late on Nov 15th and my 1St therapy was scheduled for Dec 18. I was beyond OVERWHELMED. BUT, Susan **, an Aetna RN nurse was actually the support I leaned on, A true Godsend. She is kind, sympathetic, caring, empathetic, resourceful, loving, reliable, trustworthy, patient, understanding AND TRULY DEVOTED. She was and is my ROCK. The most compassionate person I have ever met. Without her I may ended up back at inpatient psych hospital or dead without her. I am so deeply grateful and forever genuinely thankful for Susan **, my Aetna case EMmy "Rock". (Hugs) I will never forget how she gives me hope and light when I cannot see any. She is my cheerleader and support. My "Life saver".

This is the absolute worst health insurance company and customer service. They have ripped me off of $187.00 hard earned dollars. You would think a company of this size would have enough brains to realize that they spent more than $187.00 of their time arguing with me about something that they were 100% wrong about.

I enrolled with their outrageous rates and they were unable to provide me with ANY form of information 15 days into the month as far as member number or member card. I was forced to go to Urgent Care and pay out of pocket because they couldn't get their ** together 15 days after enrollment. I was lied to numerous times by customer service (telling me my check had mailed) and 6 months later, I'm still waiting for it. The real kicker is that they had the audacity to try to tell me that I could have gotten my member id number before going to the doctor... which is 100000% FALSE. Why would I want to lay out MY money if I didn't have to??? This is the intelligence level you will be dealing with when you put your life in the hands of Aetna. They should be out of business before they really hurt someone.

After being on hold for 45 minutes I'm finally connected to a woman who barely speaks English. She couldn't even verify my plan or my coverage. Each time I call or email them I get a different explanation. They are worthless and incompetent.

Pre-authorized for cervical disc replacement in March 2017. I also had my scheduled outpatient lumbar spinal surgery 2 months later. When I was a few days home from the lumbar spine surgery I started getting retroactive denials for the cervical disc replacement surgery that Aetna pre-approved. When I had outpatient knee surgery in September, it was immediately denied. All of these procedures were covered procedures in my plan. My employer provided healthcare is self-insured, Aetna only administers the plan. I lived on the phone from May to December, when both the cervical disc replacement and the knee surgery were finally paid. I filed appeal after appeal with Aetna, complaints with the BBB and the Board of Labor. I am convinced it was the stress from dealing with Aetna's denials caused me to have a relapse of my MS and develop multiple new brain lesions.

I am a licensed psychologist who is appalled at what can only be described as Aetna's relentless effort to find obscure reasons to kick me off the panel, in effect ending treatment for my patients who need it. For some, it is literally a matter of life and death. On two occasions now I have receive an EOB in the mail letting me know that I am no longer in network and that all of the recent claims I submitted were denied. This leaves the patient who is already in extreme distress in the difficult position of having to fight with Aetna to have the claims reimbursed. Almost always Aetna is unwilling to reimburse and the client ends up not only needing to pay but also hesitant to continue treatment.

The reasons I have been kicked off out of the blue include minor non-compliance issue and nonsensical red tape. For example, the last time I was kicked off because I didn't reply in time to the constant prompts they send to providers to update their practice info. I get that you want my updated info but it seems unreasonable to gamble with a person's life to get it. The worst part? I don't think Aetna cares one bit.

Managing my family's healthcare has been much more financially challenging with current Aetna plan. The coverage isn't what it used to and between premiums, deductibles and the 20% copay I have for everything, my out-of-pocket is a large percentage of my income. More than mortgage payment.

Aetna really has my wife and me in a bind and we cannot wait to start with a new insurance company when I start a new job soon. I sent a prescription which Aetna makes me pay $270 for 1 month at the retail pharmacy or $80 for 90 day mail in. The prescription envelope was tracked and arrived 11/18/14. I asked to have it expedited so that I would get the prescription gill prior to leaving the country for Thanksgiving.

I called 11/20/14 when it still did not show up on the website. The customer service person had me on hold for an hour, told me that I did not pay for expedited shipping (I made sure to elect it), but was able to delay the shipping of the prescription until 11/26/14, so that it would arrive 11/29/14 when I was back in the country. I called today 12/01/14 and the representative said that the medication would be shipped out 12/04/14, but I can pay the extra $23 to get it to me by 12/04/14. I did because I feel like I have no choice at this point. The customer service representative refused to waive the fee despite my explanation of the situation. In sum, I am getting insurance coverage with a different company as soon as I can.

Run as far away from this company as you can! I spoke with an insurance agent Aetna Medicare PPO. I only wanted information. I had double knee replacement surgery scheduled for two weeks from now and found out today that they railroaded me and enrolled me without my permission out of Medicare into their program. I’ve had to cancel my surgery. They enrolled me without my permission! It’s only five days after the beginning of the month when They said I became enrolled by them. I never gave them permission.

They refuse to unenrolled me although allegedly I was enrolled by them February 1 and I contacted them February 5. It has really ruined my life because I have bone on bone knees. I can’t walk and I won’t be able to reschedule the surgery for months from now. I spoke with Medicare and there is nothing they could do. This company they are scam artists and I also blame the agent. This has been a nightmare! They are criminals.

My wife had three days in intensive care. On the second day, a hospital staff person came in and told my wife her insurance had maxed out. In intensive care. We had a county aid come to help pay the bill because our Aetna was inadequate. We ended up paying off a $10,000 bill to the hospital when it all settled. I sent doctor bills that Aetna refused to pay. They should be put out of business.

I finally cut back on living expenses enough to buy medical insurance in April 2013 because of the "mandate." What I've got in return for my money is a joke. Aetna and all insurance companies in the US are nothing more than legalized organized crime! I pay almost $400 in monthly premiums and have $2500 deductible, yet I'm still having to pay the lion's share of every doctor's visit. Also, every prescription I've had has been rejected for coverage, demanding "prior authorization." The latest "rejection" was for a drug that has no generic alternative. I have already tried and had side effects for the alternative medicine "recommended" by the insurance company - someone who has no medical knowledge, just looks at the cost. Because prior authorization is an obvious ruse by Aetna to avoid paying for prescriptions, this process takes hours, weeks and sometimes months.

Because of this planned bureaucracy, one of my doctors now no longer handles "prior authorization" demands and my choice is to get sicker without the drug or cut food expenses so I can pay $217 for month prescription coverage for one medication. I know my out-of-pocket medical expense is small compared to those poor people with very serious illnesses. My heart breaks for them. But with an insurance racket required and sanctioned by the US government, I can't afford the healthcare and medications that will prevent me from becoming seriously ill. When will someone step in and make health insurance companies actually provide coverage rather than be a legalized - and now mandatory - shake-down bunch of greedy thugs. There has to be grounds for a class action suit.

I retired from ArcelorMittal Steel in Georgetown, SC in 2006, disability. Since that time my medical insurance has gone through several companies. I have Medicare, several companies and now a Medicare/Aetna advantage policy. I have had a Medicare advantage policy for several years now. I have never had so many problems getting claims paid. I am also covered under my wife's medical policy and that company does not receive the proper paperwork from my insurance to pay claims so they are getting denied and I am being held responsible for payment. Now I am being told it is MY responsibility to get the claims information to the insurance company.

I was not given a choice to opt out of the Medicare Advantage program. I would rather have Medicare and an insurance company, not an advantage program. I have even had to pay doctors visits out of pocket because they do NOT accept Medicare advantage insurance. Also ArcelorMittal in Georgetown, SC has closed down and been sold to another company. I am extremely upset with this situation and honestly cannot afford to pay all of these premiums AND doctor/hospital bills that are not getting paid. I guess my fifth back surgery will not happen because I cannot afford to pay what the insurances do not/will not pay.

I understand Deny Deny Deny is the mantra of any insurance company but come on! My wife and I both had wellness exams last year and they denied the cost of the bloodwork which is supposed to be covered at 100%. The reason - it was not coded properly. I worked with Aetna reps and my doctor's office people with countless hours on the phone spanning 5 months and ultimately Aetna said, "Oops, our mistake, we processed it incorrectly". Finally the bills got paid properly. 1 year later my wife and I got for our wellness exams and guess what - the have denied the bloodwork again. This company is unbelievable! I will be so happy when I live in a country that does away with private insurance like this!

The appeal process was a total farce in which Aetna's representatives blew off my surgeon during the "peer to peer review," lied about the date on their final appeal decision to make it look like they complied with their 30 day deadline, and forwarded "an independent physician's opinion" to the Independent Medical Review which was never disclosed to me. Bottom line: review EVERYTHING involved in your appeal, because they will try to pull a fast one every step of the way. I'm switching to BCBS first chance I get!

I've had many insurance companies over the years. Aetna is the worse. My doctor who is with Aetna recommended a test I needed to have. First thing they do is deny the claim. Not only did my PCP doctor order it but my cardiologist also wanted it. Why is this company not investigated by the Local, State, or Federal Government? Now I have to appeal this claim. I bet they do this with most of their customers if not all. Is this what I have to look forward to with Aetna? I guess so.

I will be talking to my companies insurance administrator as well as filing a complaint with the New York Consumer Department. Their excuse was clinical studies have not proven that this service is effective for treatment of the member's condition. Why studies? Name them! If you can do not use Aetna. If you have no other choice like me you will have a fight ahead at every turn. Start writing to everyone you can. Also let's try to make this a nationwide issue again as I know people have done this before. Don't give up.

I tried to sign in for the over the counter program. It keeps telling me the ID and zip code doesn't exist. I have tried calling different numbers to find out what is wrong and they just keep passing the buck, I have been passed around so many times I just gave up. I will never recommend Aetna to anyone!! I am now looking into finding a different insurer. Aetna is lousy and it sucks!!

My husband was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma of the left ear and required surgery to remove the cancerous site. A graft was put in place. It was apparent within a couple of days that the graft wasn't taking well, and the physician asked us to get a hyperbaric oxygen treatment consult. We did - on 20 January. The hyperbaric facility quickly sent information to Aetna for approval, and as of this morning, 2 Feb 2017, the case is still pending.

My husband's graft is now dead and getting ready to fall off, and his ear is somewhat disfigured. On top of that, he developed a massive MRSA systemic infections and has boils everywhere, all of which would have healed perfectly well with the hyperbaric oxygen treatment. When I was finally able to get in touch with the case manager, Mia, she tells me she can't speak to me as I am not the patient (the patient is my spouse, under my health plan) - which I get, due to HIPAA. She was not sympathetic at all and couldn't tell me anything. Magically, within 10 minutes of my call with this Mia character, my husband's claim was approved - about 2 weeks too late. The graft didn't take, his infection is insane. WE will do the hyperbaric treatment with the intent of him healing before his NEXT oncology surgery. I am absolutely disgusted and disappointed. Shameful, truly.

I was told I had shingles. I called Aetna and was told I didn't need a primary care doctor. I was given the name of primary care doctors who could not give me the shot. One was a breast care doctor, one wrong number. Start-up Monday. One suggested the health clinic. I call again and told to go to CVS and get the shot. The first CVS says it won't happen and then the computer won't work. The next CVS says I have to be sixty years old. Another call to Aetna and I go to Walgreens. They say no I need a prescription. Another call to Aetna I break down and go to a primary care doctor. He says I have shingles but can't give me the shot - the shot that was my only reason for the visit.

The doctor was given to me by Aetna so I give myself a break from this headache and start back Monday. I go to CVS and get told I have to be sixty even while I'm holding the prescription. After a few minutes I'm told I can have the shot and Aetna will reimburse me. A new headache. I call Aetna and get double talk and misinformation. I carry the phone to the pharmacy and after the girl talks to him nothing had changed. He told me they would be reimbursed and then told her I would be reimbursed 200+ dollars. Thanks Aetna. You suck.

When I enrolled in a Coventry policy via the Marketplace, there was a glitch in the Marketplace's system that cancelled out our enrollment and enrolled us in a plan that would void out our $572/mo premium tax credit. The Marketplace accepted responsibility for this mistake and has attempted to straighten it out with Coventry. While they were able to convince them that from February onward, I will receive the tax credit, they have repeatedly refused to backdate it to January. I have been dealing with this for two and a half months now and Coventry has repeatedly been rude and refused to understand that I legitimately should have those tax credits. Their most recent refusal letter cited some Marketplace guidelines, in spite of the fact that the Marketplace is the one telling them to backdate it in the first place.

In addition, they have added a $20 fee to my account. When I asked about this, three different employees have given me three different reasons for it, none of which are valid. While the highest-ranking of the three was eventually able to see it from my viewpoint and claimed he requested the fee be removed, that has been two weeks ago and it doesn't seem like it's been removed yet. Now there appears to be another mystery $20 fee added and I am suddenly unable to call in and ask about it. On top of this, they attempted to deny claims of mine in the process of this because it has taken so long to sort out. Please avoid this insurance carrier. Not worth the extra time and headaches they have caused.

My company switched insurance providers to Aetna and did not notify us... neither did Aetna. I get a bill a year later stating I owe my doctor money. I call United, they call my company HR. They call Aetna. I get this Indian guy I'm having trouble understanding, but I can hear his attitude. It took me 5 times to explain that of course my doctor's office didn't file it correctly because I wasn't notified of any change. I asked why he didn't get some basic info from my HR rep when she WAS JUST ON THE PHONE WITH HIM! I don't know the service date, I don't know anything because I switched companies 8 months ago. This company can't do any investigating on their own. I've been given the runaround. They can't notify their subscribers. Don't get involved with them. I remember my oral surgeon having to call for over 1.5 hours to get help and get me covered.

As a provider, it has been a nightmare trying to get reimbursed for services from Aetna. Each follow up phone call is routed to a different department and each inquiry has gotten different answers. Aetna is delinquent with payments, stalling, then denying previously paid services for no reason. We are a small solo medical massage business now forced into taking legal action to collect over $5000 for unpaid services rendered as an in network provider. No explanation has been provided as to why mid-year coverage for these patients was suddenly was stopped. They are processing my claims as "provider reimbursement" "$0.00" WHY? We now are no longer willing to accept Aetna covered patients into our health care practice.

Horrible dental insurance. 99% of the preferred providers in my area are places like "You chip 'em we fix 'em" or "Mister Happy Tooth." Not much of a choice - either a quick fix auto body for junker cars or "Mister Happy Tooth." Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather go out of network & pay the extra to see a real dentist.

My son lives in San Diego. I live in Michigan. My son has Aetna Health Insurance through his employer Scripps. He fell on 1/17/16 and injured his right elbow. Went to ER, got x-rays and splint and was told to get a referral to an orthopedic, sooner rather than later. Saw his primary on 1/18/16, got the referral, called and was told they are closed until next Monday! That would be 1/25/16, more than one week after the injury! This is unbelievable to me. I have HAP in Michigan and consider it to be less than adequate but they have it 100% over Aetna. On another note, a couple of years ago my mother-in-law's health coverage was arbitrarily cancelled by Aetna at age 90! This company should be closed down!!!

My doctor took me off of work. I provided Aetna with my doctor's information, location, fax, e-mail and phone number along with a medical authorization. After 30 days they denied my claim because they said they were not getting the medical records and told me to get them. I talked to my medical provider who said they sent everything Aetna asked for. When setting up an appointment to see my doctor it is done through the internet only allowing for a few letters so I was brief and stated my arm was sore and decided to talk in person about what was really bothering me. Aetna just saw, arm sore and denied my claim based on that, they never looked through the entire record and notes from my doctor. I have asked for copies of my file including all e-mails and still after 4 requests they do not even acknowledge receiving my request.

I'm a health care professional and I've been suffering from back problems for over a year plus. I've been through PT, MRI's, injections, and now all I have left is surgery. I have seen a surgeon and they wanted to do a procedure that would help relieve my back pain. Aetna has denied my procedure twice. I have appealed and lost. My doctors have said that surgery is my only option at this point. However it's clear that my doctor's assessments mean nothing when it comes to Aetna. I don't want to be on painkillers for the rest of my life but this is what Aetna is condemning me too. If you have a choice when it comes to choosing your insurance company, NEVER choose Aetna.

Very high deductible is almost impossible to reach meaning we pay aetna almost $4000 a year for almost nothing. Any visit to the dr, whether routine or emergency, is completely uncovered by aetna. Also we were told no prescription would ever cost us more than $10 but have found that there are very often "exceptions" to this, esp. with expensive meds. It feels like our pockets are being picked and we have no choice, as this is the only plan provided by employer. This should not be called insurance and should not be legal.

Aetna took a payment out of my checking account after I told them not to because I wanted to change insurance companies. I called them and they were very nasty with me and demanded I write them a letter stating the name of my new insurance company, my policy number, and reason for changing insurance companies. I did as they demanded and when I called my new insurance company to let them know what Aetna demanded from me, they said it is a federal law that Aetna reimburse me for the insurance payment and I have a right to change insurance companies.

I feel my civil rights were violated and my privacy was invaded when Aetna demanded to know my new insurance policy number. Aetna also made a fraudulent withdraw from my checking account. I have contacted the BBB, my bank, and I wrote a letter to the Insurance Commissioner. So far nobody has helped me get my money back. I am on Social Security and Aetna took away my money for medication and food for the month of September. Can anyone help me? Please? People beware of Aetna Insurance Co.

My daughter was in a car accident in Feb, 2018. After going back and forth between the car insurance and Aetna (our health insurance), we were able to settle the 'policy covered' amount with the car insurance. We gave the 'exhaustion letter' to Aetna in the beginning of May. It's been almost 3 months and Aetna has yet to send all the EOB's (explanation of benefit) to the medical providers. The bills are piling up with the additional threat of being sent to collections. Spoke with Aetna multiple times, but keep on giving the runaround.

The agents are rude and not helpful; their answers are inconsistent with one exception. They always have 2 weeks to send the EOBs to the service providers. And this is the case when we received the EOBs around July 1. The trauma of child in a car accident and the surgery after that is something I would not wish on anyone. Even more than that, I would not wish anyone experience this super efficient, well-oiled machine. Not sure if it is just Aetna or is this a common response amongst the payer community in health care. But I get a sense that they think the way for them to avoid paying is to stall and outlast the average patient.

Aetna insurance was a bad experience for my needs. I could not afford to pay the deductible amount of $1,500.00 necessary, so I refused all medical care while under Aetna coverage.

My rates and what they actually cover for the exorbitant cost should be outlawed - $1122.00 a month for my husband and me. We still have to pay for any blood work, tests and all prescription costs and a trip to the ER left us with a $2000.00 bill. As soon as I find other insurance, I am dropping Aetna without looking back.

We pay 14,000 in premiums, best plan we could get was with a 6,000 deductible. that's 20,000 out the door before one thing is covered. AND they don't approve tests that are needed - never once have we had tests approved. Our doctor is always fighting with them for tests he orders. Twice for broken elbows, once for chest issue that needed an MRI, once for a dislocated shoulder etc. etc. All tests that we had to pay for out of pocket EVEN if they had approved them - still hadn't met our deductible!! Will NOT renew - We've had enough of this company.

Aetna is dropping my OBGYN along with 300 other doctors in Florida. They did this after open enrollment. They refuse to negotiate with high quality doctors and are leaving many people in despair. I have so many problems with this greedy company. I used to have United and I loved them and never had a problem. Unfortunately my husband switched jobs. Have had nothing but trouble from Aetna. They always make you jump through hoops. As soon as we get the chance we will be dropping them and finding our own insurance.

I just used my so called Aetna Dental Card for my so called discount. I went into my dentist and told her I had the Aetna dental plan. Her face dropped, through conversation I learned that their experience was that it doesn't cover much. So after I saw the dentist my bill was $119.00. Aetna covered all of $11.00. Their website shows a savings on average of 50%. So then for information I asked what a root canal on a bicuspid would be. My dentist's fee is $804.00, Aetna would cover all of $22.00!!! Thanks for the deceit Aetna! Not what they sold me on. I doubt they will care when I call to complain but I will be. I am also calling the Oregon Insurance board. I know Aetna will say "oh it's the area you live in etc". They will have all the excuses in the world. Very, very upset and disappointed. Aetna stinks. Don't use them!

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