Aetna Vision Insurance Reviews

Aetna Vision Insurance
Aetna Vision Insurance

Aetna Vision Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

It was nothing spectacular, offering somewhat the same perks as other insurance companies. I mean, I wouldve kept it, but I had to renew my plan!!! Aetna was decent! It was in comparison with other companies. And it's always better than having no plan, at all! People do their job! They're not rude, they help answer your questions, & try to fix your concerns. They don't act as you owe them something, as some do. It's just as the other insurance companies, offering the same perks, that's for the people!!! It has many helpful hints, on having your plan.

I was able to easily access providers and local optometrists. Tests were done and my vision proved well. No further procedures were ordered. I was sent a list of available doctors. Coverage took care of most of my appointment fees. Over the phone service regarding questions was taken care of quickly. Over the phone customer service specialists were friendly and knowledgeable. They were able to help me select a doctor from the provided list of locally available ones. I was able to get routine checkups rather quickly and at a cost that was within a range I could afford. Previous providers proved less available and helpful, so it was a relief to be able to have this as an immediate resource.

The policy of what is covered, when it's covered, and who provides what is extremely confusing. Routine checkups (2 per year) are covered for each family member but not an and all vision care specialists are included so it make it difficult to travel a great distance just to take advantage of the program. The customer service phone reps seem very well versed in the policy but it take a lot of jumping through hoops to finally get to that person and you can tell the difference between an experienced rep and one who is actually being trained with you as the training guinea pig. I think that as many providers should be explored as possible before making an insurance selection; the policies - though seemingly similar - differ so dramatically in the fine print that you may be spending a lot of your money on something you'll never have the occasion or availability to take advantage of.

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