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Family member became very ill after taking a prescribed medication while covered due to an allergic reaction. Also fell and struck head causing a subdural hematoma during the onset and prior to going to the Dr. which required surgery. Several different employees of Aflac said she would be covered as sickness and fall/injuries occurred before her policy terminated. Kept getting the runaround about filing more and more documents. End result was still being denied even after appeal. Beware process to get answers took 4 months from when injury occurred and final denial... They'll take your money and find every reason to deny a claim!!

Last Claim was for a stroke. This after being a policy holder for about 15 years with multiple policies. I had a stroke and stayed in the hospital for 3 days, unconscious. I suffered memory loss, balance problems, thinking issues and more. This was the second Specified Event I filed for. My doctor wrote letter to Aflac verifying I had a stroke. No payment was made. Yet when trying to get life insurance some time later, it was denied because "I had-had a stroke!!!" When my renewal came up, I didn't renew. Why should I, if AFLAC doesn't honor their policies?

A gentlemen came to my job. Offered a quote. Told him I was unsure so he stated he would put thinking on down for me, now I’m getting paperwork stating I have now have a policy. No one seems to be able to help me get out of something I did not set up.

I have had my Aflac accident policy since September of this year. I had no problem with my claims up until 1 week ago. They were asking me to provide a signature form, and release of authorization form. Wow. That is such a stupid way to get out of paying a claim. I asked the lady that they have never asked me for this information. Now all of a sudden they want this information. She replied, "Aflac have the right to ask for any type of information throughout any time"! Lmfao. Yeah you're right idiot...& I have the right to decline to send it in and I have the right to cancel my policy! After all of this time they have never I mean never asked me to provide this type of information up until a week ago...why? Idk. Because they didn't ask that 4 months ago. But it's cool. I cancelled my Aflac policy. Have a nice life of scamming others who are really hurt!

Aflac's site encourages online payments, however, they do NOT make your payment history or amount owed accessible. This makes it impossible to know where you stand with previous payments without checking your bank transaction history. Or you could always call and wait on hold 20 minutes for a rep who could care less about you, your policy or your future business with Aflac. Out sick 2 weeks and was dropped like a hot sack of potatoes after 2 years as I apparently got behind a month last summer?? I guess accessibility of payment history might eliminate their reinstatement fees. Today, they just lost free money every month for a 'just in case' policy.

I have a policy through my job with Aflac. I injured my wrist at work in February, which is worker comp but Aflac still helped. They offer a amount to physical therapy and such but by the time the company agreed to my surgery in September Aflac representative assured me I’d get certain monies for have surgery and being hospitalized if needed, all I needed was a surgical breakdown and of course after my surgery they send me a letter saying that since it was after 90 days I didn’t qualify. So now my bills are upside down and they go on. It upsetting because I called before my surgery for reassurance and was lied to. Buyer beware. It would also be nice to have a written breakdown of what Aflac pays specifically and when.

I have faithfully paid Aflac for short-term disability for over a year in preparation for maternity leave. As a younger teacher, I do not have a lot of days off accrued. I knew that my husband and I would heavily rely on my short-term disability to see us through maternity leave. Fast-forward a year and I’m pregnant with twins. I am unfortunately suffering from a significant DVT and was forced out of working much earlier than planned, or anticipated. This has undoubtedly placed a financial strain on us. I submitted a claim for my DVT thinking that let Aflac’s advertisements that I would be paid in a reasonable amount of time. That is NOT the case.

I’ve called Aflac several times to tell them that I have only received ONE check in the amount of $150. The other two checks, mind you for much larger amounts, mysteriously have not arrived. I was told I have to wait 15 days before they will put a stop payment on the checks and reissue them. So, I’m being punished because the checks never showed up. It seems funny to me that the two large amounts never made it. I’m not sure if they collect interest on these checks, but it seems as though they’d make out if they were delayed. It’s bad practice in my opinion. I don’t understand how they can justify having me wait 15 days. It’s not fair to us. We really need this money to pay bills. Our babies are arriving December 3rd and we will be broke. This is not something we should be dealing with at this time. I will be canceling Aflac as soon as I can.

I have had a cancer policy with AFLAC since early 2008. It unfortunately became need in April 2016. Though payment was a bit slow, I did always received a payment if I followed up a week after I faxed a claim. Never a “one day pay”, but they say that’s only if you download and do it online which I am unable to do. Anyway, my cancer policy is needed again and I faxed all paperwork on 10/30. Simple items were requested for payment; mileage, blood tests, chemo, anti-nausea - these items were paid consistently before.

I called a week after the fax and again a few days after that. On the second call they said since it was faxed they would even look at it till the 15th. Today is the 20th and the website doesn’t even show progress. I called again this morning. They had a 1+ hour hold time or they would call back. I am awaiting my callback. UPDATE: I just received my callback as I type this. The representative was very pleasant but she told me that they are moving the earliest my claim will be looked is the 26th as they are very backed up. The only way to get review more quickly is to scan and download and send online. Not everyone has this equipment or capability.

AFLAC has gotten ridiculously slow. I have no recourse as I can’t cancel my policy since going anywhere else it would be a pre-existing condition. The hold times and review times are really not acceptable. They need to hire more people if they are this backed up. We policyholders get this insurance because we want the insurance/service in the event of cancer or accidents, NOT the horrendous delays.

I have been paying for an Aflac cancer policy for over a year. I gave 100% complete and factual information to the agent, who completed the paperwork. Fast-forward a year. I have a surgery followed by a diagnosis of cancer. I submit a claim. Submit ALL my medical records (myself) for the past three years. Aflac says due to having cancer less than two years previously they are denying my claim. They suggest I was not honest with the agent. The person in the meeting discussed my previous diagnosis in detail with the agent submitting paperwork.

Did the agent falsify the documents? Did Aflac knowingly cover me with the knowledge of my previous diagnosis? All I know is Aflac says they will not cover this and are trying to return my premium payments. Nice try Aflac... You should have actually looked at my medical records before covering me if this is such an issue. Or are you hiring dishonest agents? Or was I covered to boost revenue? Sure feels like it! Regardless, I have NO respect for an insurance company who takes my money and then does not cover claims when appropriate. Have no doubt I will be sharing my experience with EVERY one in my life.

An Aflac rep came to my job regarding short term benefits. I signed up for the service and filled out all of the paperwork. I started getting payroll deductions right away. I was never sent a policy number. I contacted the rep regarding this matter on going. I received a host of refund checks regarding my policy which was never started. I was asked by the rep to fill out another form to stop deductions which I did and sent back to him. The deductions continued.

A year later I reapplied and never heard anything back regarding my policy status. Deductions from my payroll checks continue to come out every two weeks, but the refund checks stopped so I assumed I was all set. I've been calling the rep (Jesse **) and also sending him e-mail but he hasn't responded to me again like in the past. My whole experience has been unprofessional as far as how I've been treated throughout this process. I am looking at contacting an attorney to help me with all of this. I'm still getting deductions and no policy has been put in place for me as of yet. I am expected to be out of work on medical leave in the next few months and I don't know what to do.

I previously left a review but I don’t see it now. However Aflac doesn’t pay me because I had a work related injury that took longer than 90 days to get my surgery approved but told me I would be compensated after. I then had a successful surgery and Aflac sent me a letter stating the opposite. Buyer beware. The commercials are lies to get you to buy.

Enrolled in Aflac's Group Critical Illness Plan through my employer. Have been diagnosed with a RARE 1-in-100,000 non-malignant brain tumor which requires a craniotomy and at least 3-months off work. Currently have hearing loss, diminishing vision and will have at least (hopefully not permanent) left sided facial paralysis. Claim was denied. Was told brain tumors are not a covered critical illness. While hearing loss/vision loss/paralysis are "included" in the plan, I would need to have hearing loss in both ears, vision loss in both eyes and/or paralysis of at least (2) limbs.

The denial letter says “We value you as one of our certificate holders and look forward to continuing to serve your insurance needs.” REALLY? When I received my Certificate Schedule from Aflac, the accompanying letter states “we take your trust very seriously and promise to be there when you need us”. NOT TRUE! Additionally, Aflac vows “we help take care of your expenses while you take care of yourself”. ANOTHER FALLACY. It appears to me that Aflac’s marketing is patronizing, misleading and deceptive.

I have had this coverage since my employment began over 5 years ago. I was diagnosed with cancer last year and had surgery to remove the tumor - which was then followed by chemo and radiation. Twice I had to stay a week in the hospital due to how sick I became after chemo treatments. I have been working on these 3 claims since October of 2018 and they're still not resolved!!!

First, I was told I only needed proof of my hospital stay...that wasn't good enough. Then I was told no, I actually need a detailed billing statement...that wasn't good enough. Then I was told, actually, you need to provide us the UB-04 forms. Why wasn't I told that in the first place!!?! Each time I have submitted new documentation, it's been 2 weeks or longer before I am provided with an "update" (even though my case has been "expedited" multiple times).

A couple of weeks ago I was told I had not provided the UB-04 forms for each stay and when I argued with the representative that I did in fact, provide them - she "looked into it" and "found" them. She said she would expedite this and she would email me back in 2-3 business days with an update. I was never emailed so I called in last week and found out she did NOT expedite it. The gentleman I spoke with would not let me speak to a supervisor and instead, said his manager was personally contacting the claims dept and expediting my claims.

When I called in the next day, I was informed my claims had been approved and my bank would receive a deposit that day. I did not receive one that day or the next or the next. I called back yesterday and demanded to speak to a supervisor (but for some reason one is never available). The rep I was speaking with requested to give it at least one more business day so I did - and guess what - it's now Wed morning and still no deposit. I am so livid right now! Not only am I struggling with my radiation treatments but now I gotta deal with this problem that Aflac is putting me through. I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone!!!

I was injured on December 31st with an accident to my hand. Went to the emergency room, had emergency surgery that night and have refused to follow through with their policies. I was told that hospitalization and surgery can't be paid on the same day as an emergency room visit. They still haven't paid for x-rays and when I submitted my short-term disability paperwork along with 23 pages of proof here it is a month later and still have not received payment and being told that they are behind and when I told them that they said 7 to 10 business days after I mail the paperwork and they received the paperwork on January 11th of 2019 and still haven't reviewed any of the paperwork. Do not purchase plans from this company. I believe the Attorney General words to step in on this company because they are fraudulent.

I have been waiting since Dec 3, 2018 for my short term disability continuing claim form to be processed. My doctor and I have given all information requested yet my claim is still pending. The Director of Patient Relations sat on hold for 45 minutes to speak with the CSR and auditor as requested. She was put to auditor Nakita's voice mail. This was last week. There has been no call back or claim processing. I have given the CSR and auditor the direct numbers as requested but they have received no call back. The number AFLAC is calling is a dead number that was for a person in Patient Relations. She is no longer in that department and the number just rings as it is a dead number according to the Director of the department but I have given AFLAC the correct number yet nothing. I have called AFLAC countless times in the past 1-1/2 months and always given a different reason the claim remained unpaid.

As I said, this is a continuing disability claim. It was paid the first 20 days beginning 9/28/18 but the continuing has been unpaid. All medical records were faxed directly from my doctor as well as uploaded by me on as requested. I followed up and was told they were not received when in fact they had been but the CSR could not locate them until I persisted. Each time I call AFLAC there is an hour wait on hold. The same is for my provider that has called. They cannot sit on hold for an hour only to be put to voice mail and no phone call returned. This is unacceptable.

As well, most of the CSR are uninformed and rude. I have asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused. This was not the case with AFLAC previously. I have given the CSR the provider's direct number, the provider has called AFLAC multiple times and no still no response. The stress of this is too much and this is not how a business should run. AFLAC makes plenty of money to hire more CSR and other personnel to avoid these issues. I attempted to complete the online customer service contact form and completed all of the information but it would not allow me to enter my birth date so I could not complete the form. Besides calling a CSR at AFLAC's main number, there is no other way to contact or get help.

This is the worst insurance fraud that I have ever seen or had. Had a $2000 hospital policy. Filed a claim for being in the hospital for 9 days that only approved 1 day. Paid $100 and won't pay anymore. The people that sell these policies should go to jail. Don't buy this junk!

I had some questions on how I should go about getting my claims paid. I have an accident policy A36000 OPTION 2 class C. I'm in Kansas. Anyway, I was having a normal pregnancy as I did with my first 2 children seen my doctor 2 days before I went to the emergency room because I slipped in the tub at home while I was pregnant trying to stand up and started having full blown contractions and severe pain thinking I would be okay I waited until I could hardly stand up to go to the ER.

The on call doctor happen to be my doctor and they weren't sure about whether to deliver or wait for the NICU TEAM to get to the hospital which was an hour away because I was fully dilated but my water hadn't broke yet. The doctor didn't ask me much since I was in so much pain and the hospital I delivered at didn't deliver babies before 36 weeks or have the care and I was around 32.5 weeks along. After they finally decided to deliver because the NICU ambulance hadn't left their hospital yet. They showed up shortly after and transported my 32.5 week old baby by NICU INCUBATOR IN THE AMBULANCE. I was discharged the next day and headed up to the NICU where she stayed for 25 days because guidelines state they weren't allowed to release her until after 36 weeks as well as she was having breathing problems and maintaining temperature issues.

I submitted my claims for my ER visit as well as Hospital stay as well as her Ambulance ride and NICU stay and hers was denied saying that it was a preexisting condition that she was having bradycardia and apnea episodes. I even stated as to what happened and why she was sent there in the 200 word section the best I could. I filed my claim and they are saying they need more information from the doctor that my discharge paper from the hospital wasn't enough, I checked my patient portal and the clinical summary that the doctor wrote just says findings: labor pains /active, nothing else. I was told that the stay at the NICU was medical necessary and no other option... So I'm at a loss for words right now on what to do, I emailed my previous AFLAC Rep and she replied weeks later but all she said was she was sorry. I am aware of what my policy covers and feel I am being robbed as I have been a loyal customer!

I work in a small business where there is no insurance or workers comp. We bought the Aflac in case of getting hurt at work to have something to help in an emergency. I had emergency hernia repair surgery 11/19/18 a month later after being promised on 3 occasions my money was 24 hours from release, now they are asking for UB-04. My hospital says they cannot give me a UB-04 that’s for insurance. I’m a self pay. Now after promising my money was 24 hours from payment they are asking for every scrap of paper from the second I walked into the er even though they already have my surgery notes and hospital receipt showing everything including surgery and hospital stay as well as surgeon’s notes etc.

I have called them about a dozen times over the past month. Every time is hours literally close to 2 hours on hold. Every time a new excuse about why I don’t have my money and every time promises to pay. I bought this policy because their website stated 24 hour claim payments. I can say without a doubt this is false advertising. I don’t know about you but most hard working honest people I know can’t go a month without a paycheck. Many of us can barely go 1 week much less 1 month. I feel I have no choice at this point but to contact an attorney. I would not recommend Aflac. Lmo they are the insurance version of payday loans. Very predatory and dishonesty seems to be company policy.

I am not happy with Aflac. I have the hospital plan. I had an emergency appendectomy on November 13th. Went into the ER at 1 pm, was in surgery by 4 pm, was in recovery by 6 pm, and moved to a room at 8 pm. I submitted all of the paperwork to Aflac, and they are denying my hospital claim. They said because my UB04 form does not have a charge for the room, they will not pay. They said I was only in a recovery/observation room!!!

I was in the hospital for 36 hours - but according to them, this does not matter. Because I was never charged for a private/semi private room - I am not eligible to get paid. That is crap. I have the hospital plan, and was admitted to the hospital and had surgery at the hospital! My one small claim with them for a 2 day stay at the hospital is getting rejected. I am done with Aflac. Nowhere does it say you have to get admitted to a private/semi private room to receive payment. How would I know what kind of room. How or how it needed to be coded?

I began with AFLAC as a health 50 year old several years ago. I included 4 different policies, as each only pays for specific things. This year, unfortunately I experienced a health issue that had me hospitalized for a few days. I submitted my claim via mail in Aug. After 4 turn down notices for pending documents and 3 calls for more info, I just got the payment right before Thanksgiving, meanwhile the hospital bills came pouring in. I also had a procedure, that I was assured was covered via customer service call. I followed their instructions to the letter and online submitted the report needed. It was again turned down due to needing more documents. I resent what they asked for, and still haven't gotten the money a month later.

The worst part is that the site says they already sent the payment out on 11/12/18. Of course, when I saw this, the office was closed and there was no one to explain it except a deficient computer response program not capable of handling complaints. Next day payment, not on your life. Keep your money in the bank, don't give it to these people, unless you have a lot of time, money and patience to spend on their very slow to frustrating tactics.

I've been an Aflac customer for 5+ yrs and all of a sudden my claims are being denied. A table fell on my foot and I had to have a X-ray. Severely swollen that I can't wear a shoe and Aflac said it was just foot pain and it wasn't an accident. How is a table falling on my foot not an accident? Secondly I was on hold for 1 hour twice last week and today 12/10/18 I've been on hold for 3 hours. This is beyond unacceptable. I bet if I called saying I was interested in purchasing a policy my wait wouldn't be this long. I'm seriously considering canceling all 3 of my policies.

I have tried to no avail canceling my critical care policy and this has gone on now for over 6 weeks. I have emailed, sent a letter, called. Emailed again to several depts. and nobody seems to find anything on it. Pretty scary! I think if I needed to put in a claim. I will never deal with this company again. Totally disappointed to say the least.

This Aflac policy totally sucks. Pay every week and they will NOT cover a colonoscopy... WOW. That is a cancer preventive invasive procedure. WTF DO YOU COVER... Oh yeah we must have to be half dead, then we can't contact you because we are too sick, I THINK I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY FAMILY TELLING ME IT WAS A RIP OFF COMPANY. Ok people, drop all policies now, you get paid nothing. I Think I have made 2 maybe 3 claims in the past 2-3 yrs... WOW. I think I got paid for one thing. I think this company needs to stop taking people's monies, and stop writing deceiving policies. Karma has a way to making things better, May the force be with you. Pissed Off in WISCONSIN.

After filing a claim, was paid quickly and claim closed. One problem, they didn’t pay for hardly anything the policy said was covered. After sending 22 pages of documentation. I call claims department and was on hold for 2 hours 49 minutes only to have the person answering pick up and act like she couldn’t hear me and end the call. Seriously! There is no way to contact them except the email on the site which gives no email address. I sent a message with no response. I’m reading the reviews here and it seems AFLAC is not the company it advertises.

I have been pay Aflac for 4 years now every month. I sent in a claim about month and half ago. The doctor had put incorrect date on it so Aflac explained he needed to send letter explaining the correct date with new forms filled out. Which is what we did. They still denied it saying it hasn't been 180 days but it's been 182 days. The person I spoke with didn't understand why they didn't approve it either and sent over an email to whoever. It's really frustrating cause I pay them every month so I can use it when I need to.

I sit here writing this review as I am on hold for 53+ minutes and counting. I will start off by saying that I was an active agent representing Aflac from 2001 through 2014 very proudly and qualified for many conventions. In JUNE, I began the process of separating my policies from my ex-husband and after COUNTLESS phone calls and promises to "escalate" the call and wait 5-7 business days, I am still waiting... I have spoken with Mikaela, Antonio, Gladys, Courtney, Wendy, Monique, Mark, Tyler, Sierra, Valerie... Would you like reference numbers???

I have sent money, Premium Authorization Form and everything else they have asked for and still nothing. One hour and four minutes (still waiting) and no resolution. I am deeply saddened and disappointed that a company that I so proudly represented for years has turned into such a nightmare to deal with on a simple matter. I will continue to hold and try to get this resolved as I believe in the company and the product, however, the customer satisfaction for me, is ZERO.

Updated on 03/09/2019: This is my second review. After the first was posted, I received a reply to contact AFLAC Phylis at the customer service center. There is no easy way to do that, but I persisted until I found the e-mail address and sent my information. I had two complaints against AFLAC. First, I had paid for an On-The-Job Injury rider to my Disability policy for nine years. Although I have had back problems, I managed to work and planned to work until age 70. Then I had a fall at work. That injury exacerbated my pain, and I was forced to retire because I could not work. AFLAC refused to pay me for the OTJ rider, and opted to pay just the sickness portion of the policy. The agent who sold me the policy had explained to me that if I were injured, I would receive the amount for both the original policy and the Rider.

He also told me that premiums would be waived if I became disabled. Aflac refused to honor that promise. In addition, AFLAC originally refused to pay the last two months of my 24 months of coverage. I must say that after my first review I did receive the 2 months benefits. They still refuse to pay what they owe me for the OTJ rider, even though I have sent documentation from my doctor that it was the fall that caused me to be unable to work. One problem with AFLAC is that each time a claim is filed, it goes to a different adjuster, and there is no way to talk to a person who is handling your claim. I still say, AVOID AFLAC.

Updated on 02/04/2019: Below is the previous review. It is tagged with a notice stating "RESOLUTION IN PROGRESS" That is FALSE! There IS NO WAY to contact AFLAC Phyllis! It's a deliberate deception to make it appear that AFLAC is attempting to resolve the problem. There is NO AFLAC Contact Center. After a call today, I was given another phone number to call to find out how to contact AFLAC Phyllis. The number I was given, (706)320-4636 rings to an answering machine. I left 2 messages, but have not received a reply. Do Not Be deceived!!!

Original Review: I was injured on the job and had to retire. AFLAC refused to honor the On-The-Job Rider I had paid on for 12 years. They shorted me on payment of the benefits outlined in the disability policy. My appeal has been denied after AFLAC. I guess my next step is to contact a lawyer. I definitely DO NOT recommend AFLAC!

You'll eventually get your insurance money, but be prepared to jump through hoop after hoop and get the runaround for months. You can expect to wait till all your bills are late and your credit is scarred before payment comes through.

Been having a problem with a sales agent since August /September, 2018. He has given be contradicting information on more than one occasion. At the end of August he informed me that a check was mailed to me. Have yet to receive it. Pretty certain he was lying about it. At this point I have absolutely no belief in anything he says. On several occasions he has suggested that I am asking him to bend or break the laws. This couldn't be further from the truth. I have asked for the rules and regulations as to why there would be a problem with my claim repeatedly.

The only thing he provided was an e-mail with an analogy comparing Aflac to car insurance. Pretty certain that wouldn't hold up in court. Also don't think a court would accept "the rep said so" answer. When I ask who his supervisor is, he informs me that he is an independent agent. Have told him that unless he is the president of Aflac there must be someone above him. Still no answer. To be clear some of the information he is giving me might be 100% correct but as I said I don't trust him and he hasn't exactly been forthcoming with information Also need to discuss my premiums with someone.

Life insurance claim; can't get a response from anyone. My mother passed away January 25th, 2018. August 15, 2018 I received a letter/form from the claims department signed by Sandra **. I have attempted to call her at the number directed to her and I have also called the toll free number in hopes of reaching someone for help. I reached someone once and they were very nonchalant saying they didn't receive anything. After letting her know my claim form was already submitted, when and the exact time, she said it would be reviewed and someone would be in contact with me. I haven't heard anything ever since and it's been months. I have called multiple times that just resulted in waiting on hold for over an hour. The paperwork for the claim has been filled out and faxed in.

I work with patients on a daily basis. Most of our patients don’t get paid FMLA just like myself. I always suggested to sign up for Aflac prior to having surgery and to see their guidelines in order for them to pay out claims. In my case I signed up for Aflac and again asked the sales associate that came to our office the guidelines and waiting periods. She reassured me they are known to pay claims as soon a 1 day worse case scenario 7 days. I submitted my first 02/05/2019, called to confirm forms were received. I didn’t call until a week later to see what’s going on as I wanted to give them time. I called they said give them 7-14 days. I call them 02/21/2019 and they state it hasn’t being reviewed but that it will be escalated to a supervisor and I will receive a call within 24-48 hours. I call 02/25/2019 and again they apologize they don’t know why they haven’t reviewed it.

I asked to speak to someone that can explain the delay. No one is able to take class not the auditors not the supervisor. What kind of business does not have anyone to take a complaint from a customer. Called almost every other day same thing. Today 03/13/2019 I called again and same thing. They are very sorry but can’t do anything. It has to be sent to a supervisor. It has been 5 weeks and not once have I received a call from an Aflac representative to apologize or explain the delay.

I will never again recommend them to our patients nor family or friends. They are inconsiderate to their consumers. We purchase the policy to have peace of mind. If would have known I would have never purchased. Thank god I able to afford my expenses while being off because I planned for it. I can’t imagine people who depend on their Aflac to pay them in order to be able to pay their bills. I will look into a new short term disability and suggest it to our employer as he can’t believe I haven’t been paid either.

I have had my policy since 2017. In October of this year my wife was injured while at Universal Studios Fl. 3 days later she went to the emergency room with severe pain and numbness in her right arm. Of course they treated her for a possible heart attack even though she told them it was her neck. After they ruled out the heart problems they did several tests including an MRI. She was admitted and saw a Doctor the next morning. The Dr noted that she had 2 herniated discs in her neck and also noted the accident. She stayed in 3 more days and got an epidural before release. On 11/29 she had a cervical fusion done on the 2 discs.

Here starts the problem. Every time I filed an accident claim Aflac's system bumped it to a Hospital claim which I wasn't eligible for cause the policy was under 30 days. I finally called my rep who was finally able to get it changed to an accident claim. I uploaded everything 31 pages from the hospital. They claim was denied saying nothing said it was an accident. After several phone calls one of Aflac's phone Reps let me email her the Dr notes from the hospital and I had to read to her where the Dr said it was due to an accident. She argued saying the ER didn't note it well that might be due to the fact they were making sure it wasn't a heart attack. Life over Limb.

The file was reopened. After calling every day for 3 weeks I was told that the person reviewing the file (Jolin) had called the hospital several times but her call was not returned. I called myself and the lady said they only called once and she did return the call. I called Aflac back and spoke to a Chelsea who said she emailed the auditor to have her call. The following day I called the hospital again and the lady said she did finally speak to her. Today I called again. Got no answers. So I called the hospital and they are waiting for Aflac to pay them for the records. The records I uploaded are the same the hospital is sending. This is a ridiculous on the part of Aflac. They must think I will give up like others do. Not gonna happen. I have dates and times of everything. I will take my compliments to both the state an federal levels. Again if anyone has the problem do not give up. Do not let them win.

AFLAC is a ripoff when it comes to paying a claim. Sure, they will pay $60 for some preventive care, but file a claim for an accident, probably be denied. We had a term for their process, "when you can't say NO right away, Red Tape them to death, then say NO". I injured myself last year working in the backyard which resulted in a hernia and surgery. After requiring a UB40 (itemized statement from the hospital), they wanted the physician's notes, not only my PCP, but the surgeons as well. After providing the information to them, they denied the claim, stating that there was no "proof" that it was an accident. It was the first and only claim that I submitted after paying premiums for over 10 years.

The AFLAC salespeople will offer all kinds of anecdotal situations when trying to get you to sign up, and it may be a great insurance company as long as you do not file a claim. I have cancer, hospitalization, and accident coverage. They don't pay diddly. I dropped the short term disability coverage because of the stipulations in restricting coverage. My experience, accident and hospitalization coverage is a farce. My suggestion is that you read carefully the policy restrictions. Your money would be best spent somewhere else.

Three times I have had to call and ask why my claim has been denied only to be told they didn’t understand the documents submitted and they would have to resubmit for review. It appears to be a game of, "If we deny it maybe the customer won’t understand the coverage and accept not being paid." Surgery documents submitted but had to call to say surgery was performed. Prescriptions submitted but not paid for prescriptions. Every item had to be followed up in twice.

I had a stroke and I submitted health records showing that I had multiple lacunar infarcts which is the definition of a stroke. They said it wasn’t. Having to get an attorney to fight them. If I ever saw that AFLAC duck, I would stomp it to death!

I was injured in June of 2018. Aflac paid me an injury claim. That injury turned into an illness in November I was hospitalized. Aflac denied that claim at first saying it was an Illness not injury. When I sent in proof that it was from the injury they stated I was covered in June even though they paid me a claim. Then came time to file my disability. I received initial check no problem but as soon as I submitted second claim my policy was terminated.

My worker said to call to have it reactivated. I’m then told you only have 3 days to to reactivate it and she said it was terminated on 1/16 but my worker said it was on 2/20 and when I submitted my claim on 2/20 policy was still active. Waiting to see if I have to fight for last disability check as policy was in good standing when claim was started. I won’t hold my breath. And please don’t give me your automated response you give everyone else. Don’t waste anymore of my time. I have always praised Aflac but you can bet I will be doing just the opposite now.

Have had Aflac for years for a short term disability policy. Was signed out of work for surgery on 10/12. All paperwork was filled out well before then and my HR company told me they submitted the claim documents via email on 10/15. I called on 10/25 as my 2 week elimination period ended on 10/26 - Aflac claims not to have received any documents. I called my HR company again who once again emailed the documents over. I called Aflac on 10/31 - they said they never received anything. I called my HR once again and had them fax the paperwork over. Finally on 11/1 Aflac said they had the paperwork. It is now 11/8. I am still waiting for an “adjuster to review” my claim. They cannot give me any indication of when that will be. They cannot tell me when they will start paying my claim. By the time I get any money I will be back at work (returning 11/14). This is not what I have paid for all these years.

Updated on 1/08/2019: Spoke with rep ** and he stated the documents I had emailed to rep ** was not able to be reviewed because of an issue with the document. Further stating it would not open. So he proceeded to provide me with his email address so I can once again email the documents to yet another rep to "forward to the escalation dept for review with 48 business hours." How many times have we sang this song and did this dance. Well, he confirmed he received, and was able to view the document emailed. He confirmed he could read the diagnosis codes from the cardiologist. Hopefully this is the last time we have to do this stuff. I'm not happy.

I also informed him that everyone clearly gets a bill for a 4 day ICU stay for 88 THOUSAND DOLLARS and required to see a cardiologist every 2-4 weeks for a minimum of 6 months when they "don't suffer a heart attack." Riggghhhttt. I guess I'm no different that the other 700 plus people who have reported the same unfortunate events following their claim with Aflac.

Original review: On Dec 5th my husband had a heart attack. Upon his release from ICU 4 days later, we reviewed his Aflac policy. The policy states heart attack is covered. So we submit a smart claim. Denied. So speak with a rep. Resubmit. Denied. Speak with another rep and resubmit still got denied!!! So, call again (because everyone loves a 1-3 HOUR HOLD TIME!!) and email over 60 pages of medical records from the hospital!! Claim is denied once again. Now I'm pissed but "cardiac urgency and chest pain" isn't covered. Haha. They got jokes. So we get the exact diagnosis codes from the cardiologist that clearly states the obvious. I call in and speak with agent tbanks and tell her "I have the diagnosis codes from the cardiologist. If I give them to you can you tell me if they are COVERED UNDER SPECIFIED HEALTH EVENT FOR OUR POLICY. The reason for this, I don't want to waste our time or yours." She states she can so I give them to her.

After a brief hold she comes back on the line and says the 1st code is def enough to get the claim approved and paid. FINALLY!!! Ok so I email with her on the line still. She confirms she can view the document and submits for "escalated review." She says 24 hours. Call back after that and told could be up to 48 hours. This is on a Friday. I call back Friday around 3, I believe. No update but the rep states there will DEFINITELY be an update online by midnight THAT NIGHT. SO, we wait. Nothing. They are closed on the weekend. Ha! That figures.

Call today Monday. At first I'm told we need to file an appeal. After I state I've already sent in additional documents from the cardiologist she places me on hold again. Comes back and states it hasn't been reviewed yet. Are you kidding me??? I tell her we plan to cancel if it is not paid and seek legal advice. This is asinine. She "reached out to the escalation department" and a supervisor SHOULD be calling me back today. Ugh. Never again! All the documentation is there and clearly you should've paid long ago!!

I've had Aflac accident insurance policy along with several others including the cancer for over 20 years. I filed an accidental claim in November of 2016. I got notice. They needed additional paperwork. I got all the paperwork needed and sent it in. Now I've been denied after my back surgery as they said that I didn't go to the doctors within 24 hours. I was on vacation in Florida when I fell but didn't feel any pain until after the next day. Since I was flying back to New York I decided to go to my doctor in New York who had me go right over for Xrays along with scheduling MRI. During that time was advised to try alternate treatments as wanted to do this before having major surgery.

Anyway after having to get the back surgery I filed a claim with Aflac but again they denied me just because I didn't go to the doctors immediately within 24 hours. I'm really disgusted with this and in the past I've been very pro Aflac with others at my company where now I will start just advising them that they are nothing but ripoff artists and a scam. The Aflac duck says they pay but guess that is another joke. What good is this insurance. I guess that I need to consider canceling this and the rest of my policies. Sincerely Disappointed Customer.

I have had a group accident policy with AFLAC for years. Filed a claim that AFLAC is now denying saying my policy says I had to go to dr within 72 hrs. I had a torn rotator, labrum and bicep tendon tear that I tore working out at some point at the gym. I can’t say exactly what day it happened but it happened and I had surgery for it and now due to fine print in my policy, I am being denied? This is completely ridiculous. I sent over 20 pages to back this claim up and I get denied. If this is going to be the case, I will cancel as this policy is not right. I have paid for this for years.

6 weeks of complete incompetence and lost paperwork, they said my surgery (carpal tunnel) part isn’t covered and I received a measly $250 total for both hands! What a waste of time and $. We will be canceling and not renewing in 2019.

I submitted a claim on 11/01/2018 (group policy). Needless to say the claim was denied three time. The latest denial was 11/27/2018, after my doctor typed a letter stating that my recent diagnosis is not due pre-existing. I just spoke with someone by name of Deborah who stated my denial was based upon see a physician in May 2018 for preexisting by Dr. B. **. This is NOT true. Dr. ** referred me to the treating physician Dr. ** to be treated for a total separate injury (Haglund's Surgery). This surgery was performed in July by the Dr. **.

Going forward I was diagnosed with a separate and completely total different injury in November 2018. It is SAD that my physician typed a letter for me to send to AFLAC stating that I am being treating for a different injury and the claim is still being denied. It is obvious that AFLAC have a problem with paying out legitimate claims. I have called and asked to speak with a supervisor to no avail. The front line customer service and review teams are not helpful. No wonder there are so many complaints. Can someone please pick up the phone to obtain a proper understanding of my medical records that was forwarded to Aflac? At this point it clear that AFLAC does not want to assist customer. Long wait calls, etc.

It’s funny I see all these commercials on TV about how great AFLAC is... Don’t anyone believe it. I injured my knee while running... very simple! I had an X-ray, MRI, then surgery on the same right knee. I was diagnosed with a torn Meniscus. I submitted my claim and all paperwork. Oh yes, I was out of work for 8 weeks. My claim was denied, AFLAC states it appeared not to be an accident??? Hmmm... yes my meniscus spontaneously tore on its own?? What a waste of my money!!! Don’t pay for it, don’t sign up... Biggest scam going!!!

AFLAC did not honor the CCAEFB First Occurrence Building Benefit Rider: 5 Units - $500 policy I purchased on January 28, 2002 ($5000 x 5 units = $25,000). AFLAC paid me the First-Occurrence Benefit. The First Occurrence Building Benefit states "This benefit can be purchased in units of $100 each, up to a maximum of five units or $500. All amounts cited in this rider are for one unit of coverage. If more than one unit has been purchased, then the amounts listed must be multiplied by the number of units in force. The number of units you purchased is shown on both the Policy Schedule and the attached application." AFLAC denied me my First-Occurrence Building Benefit when it chose to pay me the First-Occurrence Benefit, as defined in Part 6B of the policy.

AFLAC also did not honor my CCAEC1 Cancer Policy Surgical/Anesthesia Benefit for a Bilateral Lymphadenectomy ($900), Radical Vulvectomy ($1050) and Lymphatic Axillary node dissection ($700). AFLAC only paid me for the lymph node dissection the lesser of the 3 amounts. This incorrect payment caused a miscalculation of the Anesthesia Benefit of 25% of the amount shown in the Schedule of Operations for the administration of anesthesia during a covered surgical operation. AFLAC never acknowledged my second surgical opinion benefit on my policy.

Denied. I had coverage - took 65 every other week for 2.5 years. Out of my check - nobody at this company answers email or phone. I have a lawyer for the accident. Guess he will be taking care of this 5k ripoff.

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