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Aflac Dental Insurance
Aflac Dental Insurance

Aflac Dental Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Aflac is an insurance company that I could afford with a very small budget compared to other insurance companies because I had called a lot of different dental insurance companies and received really high quotes. They cover most of your out of pocket cost. Plus, they have really cute and catchy commercials that make you remember the name really easy. Also, they have great customer service and the process was simple. I got an advertisement in the mail & signed up afterward. The customer service wasn't long of a wait and the person helping me on the phone was sweet and understanding of what plan I needed to choose. I'm highly satisfied with using Aflac Dental insurance.


A: It was simple I got an advertisement in the mail & signed up afterwards.The customer service wasn't long of a wait and the person helping me on the phone was sweet and understanding of what plan I needed to choose but still be able to afford it.

The insurance policy seems legit and is fair. I chose Aflac because it relates to me in a way. My finances... my lifestyle... everything. I plan on recommending this policy to my friends and family and basically anyone I know of really.

I chose my dental policy through an online website. It was an easy process and it didn't take too long to complete. I was happy that I was approved because it made things easier for me. I also chose the best pros and least amount of cons. Overall, the process was stress free. This company is really flexible with the benefits it has and gives minimum issues to the consumer. You're able to choose from many different types of dentists that are available in your area without having any debates on whether you're approved or not. I personally like everything they have to offer and recommend most people to get this insurance. They are trustworthy and genuine and offer a variety of interesting perks. It's a really great company.

I have been with AFLAC 20 years. I added Dental on and every time I put a claim in for dental it is DENIED! I WORK AND PAY MY HARD EARNED money each month. I am very frustrated and pissed off! I WILL BE CANCELING MY DENTAL, IT'S A RIPOFF!!!

My wife picked up the policy quite some time ago when she received an offer in the mail for low cost dental insurance. For me getting insured was actually quite easy because I was added to my wife's policy with a quick call then about 10 days later we received the identification cards. The insurance is very easy to use and I am able to go to any doctor of my choice. Unless it's a basic service the dentist requires that all payments are paid ahead and the insurance reimburses me the difference. But the cost of procedures is quite high so unless it is just for a basic cleaning and checkup the cost out of my pocket is quite painful. The upfront payment is very low though and usually all I pay upfront or at all.

I sat down with a representative of the company through a consultation with my employer. He went over all the plans and helped pick a plan that is perfect depending on your needs. It was really helpful you have someone to answer all your questions and share with you useful information. I like that you can customize your own dental plan to fit your own dental needs. It's very flexible depending on type of plan you need. There's one out there for everyone.

My policy was offered through my employment. I like that they helped pay to fix my families' teeth. It's also easy to contact someone when there is an issue, question or concern. Obviously, all dental plans fall short of actually covering dental needs of the insured which is something I don't like.

I had heard great things through a coworker is what got me initially interested. Was an easy process to get through the sign up process easily, took you by the hand and walked you through. Had any question I have answered on the spot by very knowledgeable agents with Aflac. Like the fact that their dental coverage was for the most part all encompassing. I would like it if they had one person who individually walked you through the process and after you signed up as well if you had any issues. Dealt with a few people which wasn't a major factor overall.

Filled out your forms to get a comparison of your dental insurance and cost. Could not get a review or match of an insurance plan. Tried 4 times with the same result. You just as well not have this website.

Aflac Dental Insurance is a good option that is not too pricey and is good for basic dental care. I chose my dental policy after completing the process online via the California Affordable Care website and the process was semi simple. I like that it covers a cleaning every 6 months and for a low monthly price. I only have one thing that I would improve which would be having the ability to find a dentist that accepts my insurance and being able to book appointments and access my dental records online. If I wanted to switch providers or if I needed to be referred to a specialist I wish it could all be done easily online.

Aflac meets all of my needs. Any claims have been processed in a timely and efficient manner although I don't have many claims. I use online quotes and call if not enough information is available online. I choose the best value policy, taking into account price as well as the services offered and any deductibles. Premiums could always be lower. Overall, Aflac is a good company.

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