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I am very very unhappy with Aflac. I am under my mom's insurance with this crappy company. We got into an accident on July 9th 2016 so we contacted Aflac a little bit later, told us we will get some money for the accident. So on Monday September 24, 2016 they told us if we do a smart claim it will be in our account in 24 hours. Well it's already Oct 1st 2016, I am very displeased because we have been getting nothing but a run around and they have been screwing up my claim and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing!!! Now it shows in the system the account is paid but still nothing in my mom's account. It's **. I need the Monday for tomorrow for California and that are very ** unorganized... very very unhappy.

I have been a customer on Aflac since 2002, holding 3 policies, Cancer, Hospitalization and ST Disability. I never had to use these policies until last April when I became very ill and unable to support myself and my daughter. I should mention, that, on numerous occasions, although I have not missed a payment have received letters telling me that I was 3 months past due! When I would call to question these letters, I could never get a straight answer, just as now. I have been collecting disability (ST with much difficulty), for the last 9 months, and I have now received a letter stating my policies are all canceled due to lack of payment for too long. Again, I sent bank documents in (Twice) proving my payments, yet 5 Aflac agents refuse to acknowledge their existence? I have a surgery claim to send in, that I am certain, will be more waste of time/money on my part. Can anyone help me with this scamming company? Thank you.

I am currently waiting for Aflac, to pay my husband’s life insurance policy here in the state of California. My husband passed away of a heart attack in May of 2017. He had, during open enrollment, just started a new life insurance policy through Aflac at the beginning of last year (2017). My first issue was the fact that Aflac chose not to contact me within the first 30 days to let me know that they would be disputing/investigating his claim. I had been in contact with a local Aflac representative, but he did not know they were contesting the claim. Their claims department waited until I sent them a request almost 3 months after his death to let me know the investigative status of the claim. At this point they informed me via a telephone conversation that they could simply choose to “not pay the claim at all and just close the claim”. After this conversation, I received two letters in the same envelope, each dated with a different previous month.

I was told at that point that I had been given proper notification of their intent to investigate the claim. In other words, it seems to me that they covered their tracks. I’d be willing to bet that if anyone looked into it, they would try to say they had sent me those same two letters at the proper times and not late or in the same envelope. I have since signed numerous HIPPA release forms for the hospital, his regular doctor, Aflac, and my lawyer. My husband’s regular doctor has given Aflac his past medical records, which do not indicate any pre-existing condition. He has also stated, both to Aflac representatives and to my lawyer’s representative, that he is willing to sign an affidavit stating there was no pre-existing medical condition. Meaning, they should pay the claim. This was roughly more than a month ago.

This morning, I had been to the hospital yet again to request my husband’s COMPLETE medical records from his last time there (the week he died). This is in response to Aflac’s latest request for information regarding what doctor prescribed my husband a long list of medications (many of them allergy-related medications). The letter that Aflac sent to me stated they “were made aware of” this list of medications my husband had been prescribed. Their assertation was that someone from the hospital had given them this information, however the letter says they need the names and addresses of the prescribing doctor(s). Apparently, the medications had not been notated in his regular doctor’s medical records that Aflac has already received.

My question is: Why do they need the names and addresses if they already got the list of medications from the hospital already? Wouldn’t the same source have that information as well? This seems like another stalling tactic on Aflac's part. My issue now is that the medications list they're asking about are not meds he would have ever received during his stay in the hospital, so the question is: how did Aflac get a list of medications that weren't part of the medical release form I signed for his stay in the ICU this last year? How does Aflac get medical information obviously from years ago without a medical release form for that time frame? And finally, when are they going to pay my husband's claim? Ever? If you're looking into purchasing life insurance, I'd go with another company.

Well amazingly I have received the checks in the mail and I'm astound that Aflac stood behind their word and even though it took so long to research it paid off.

It was a very easy and smooth transaction. The agent was very knowledgeable about the product and when/how it could be used and paid for. The forms were all electronic and did not require an advanced degree in business/legalese to understand.

Our daughter passed away on 6/11/2015. After receiving the autopsy report, we filed her claim to Aflac. We were treated so nicely at first, then Aflac wanted medical records which had nothing to do with her passing. We provided all requested. I called after 1 month to get an update, I was told, because my daughter passed within the 2 year contestable period, Aflac is investigating the death. Another month past and I keep on calling for an update on the case, they tell me it's in upper management, then they said it was with their legal department and no one could ever tell me an update. So far I had called 6-7 times and it's the same story Aflac is prolonging the claim and as of today 12/9/2015 had not heard nor got any answers from them... Please don't buy any Aflac Policy. You will suffer like me in grieve over my daughter death and having to fight a giant like Aflac.

This is the definition of Insurance... "A practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium." This is not Aflac. I have been faithfully paying Aflac for the past 9 years and unfortunately, became ill this year, believe me, just like everyone else, this is not what I wanted. I went to 2 additional doctors under the advisement of the my pcp and All 3 of them, told me that I needed to stay home. First, I was diagnosed with a high blood platelet count, (cancer) Thank God I don’t I have that, but now, I have a heart condition that I'm currently in stage 3 in, and if it goes to stage 4 I will be in need of heart surgery.

I have had to call Aflac's customer service department at least 8 times, and I have to say their customer service reps have been very kind and efficient, but as far as their system in retrieving paperwork and not giving my Dr. specific instructions as to what he would need from the beginning in order to actually process paperwork for payment. No bueno. They asked my Dr for notes from the initial visit, which was chest pains. They did not ask what was the outcome or followup testing that was done which would've given my final diagnosis. Also, the office faxed the notes 3 times to someone named Shirley, and customer service wasn't able to see it because they don't have contact with the auditors.

I found myself being a liaison between my Dr.'s office and their customer service dept just to get the paperwork to them, even though, I filled out an authorization form that allowed Aflac to call and speak to my Dr. directly. I finally had to insist that they call and actually speak to them since I did what was required. I just got off the phone with them and my Aflac agent and I will have the Dr's office send it directly to her as well as Aflac. In the meantime, bills are piling up and this has put me and my family in a horrible position, and I am trying to stay in a place of calm because I certainly don't need any more stress at this point. Now I know and you do as well, Beware. I will definitely keep posting.

Updated on 12/07/2017: Just wanted to correct an error in last message. The Aflac company I wrote a review on is in Columbus, GA, not Alaska. Also, I spoke with my agent last night and she is supposed to get back to me today.

I signed up for Aflac at the end of 2017. I had a specific reason for purchasing the insurance. I have been dealing with some issues for about 15 years. I have no idea what those issues are. Just that I have them. After signing up for the insurance, I was told it would become effective on 2/1/2018 and that any diagnosis I received before this date would not qualify me for a claim.

I went to the doctor on 10/26/2017 and told the doctor I think I have a problem. No tests, medicines, or consultation was given. He simply said to make an appointment to be diagnosed. Of course I waited until 3/6/2018 to be diagnosed. To my surprise my issues were so bad I had to have surgery for a full hysterectomy on 3/28/2018. When I filed my claim I was denied because apparently to Aflac if you say, "I have a problem" to your doctor before the insurance is effective that means it is a pre-existing condition even though I have never been tested, consulted or given medicine before my insurance effective. They are nothing like the commercial says.

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