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I called AIG because their quote was great for 100.000 policy however after she told me I was covered for murder I'm finding out that claims for just about everything through ConsumerAffairs and other companies, that they're full of aggravation stress just to get a few dollars. This is outrageous and this company and others like it should be shut down or seriously sued. Perhaps then they would change. My heart sinks to hear these stories. I know they're true because I did a claim many years ago and all my doctors said I was very sick could not work and my worker's compensation only paid 2 weeks salary. I had to see their insurance doctor and said I was great, "go back to work". I couldn't believe this. I had to go through their nurse who constantly demand doctor's notes all the time so I know what these claims put a person through. Please a huge law firm kick into action and get them good billion dollar companies...

I insured my new Honda CRV with AIG in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 18 months later a bus lost a tire, the tire hit my front fender. Obviously I was not at fault, police report says I'm not at fault. Now my insurance has been canceled because I made a claim. They didn't even notify me that they had canceled the policy. Crap company... won't use them again.

In 2000 my 1997 Honda CIVIC was involved with a flash flood. I was paid not only the full payoff amount but was able to get a new car plus have extra money for my baby that was due in a month. They were very fast at paying us and I highly recommend them.

My experience with this company has been really good. I have never had any trouble with them and they have always been more than willing to pay up whenever I have had an accident or any other damage to my car. If I take my car to be repaired by one of their listed repair companies, they even waive my $100 deductible. My actual auto insurance is called IDS and it's under the umbrella of AIG. I have had this company for so many years that I can't even remember the year I started with them. They are based out of Wisconsin and I have only done business over the phone with them and they have always been great!

AIG, with little warning, informed their agents that they would no longer provide auto insurance in Italy. As consumers, we have been trying with other companies but their response is that no current information about our policy is held on Italy's Insurance database. We have tried through our agents to get the updates so that we can apply for new insurance. They say there are technical problems! Consequence for us is that any prospective insurer says that there is no proof of no claims and therefore a fully weighted premium will apply. We have never made a claim and thus AIG is going to cost us dearly. I would like to know if we can sue AIG for failure to operate properly in Italy?

I definitely would NOT recommend AIG. I am not a member but was involved in a fender bender 3 months ago with a corporate customer of theirs and I was not at fault. The claim specialist has handled the process horribly. First of all, it took forever to get in contact with him and then he continued to bully me as I am in my low 20s. The shop and him have not come to a decision still and so my car sits in the shop dismantled while I drive around a Ford Fiesta rental with cigarette burns in the seats. AIG keeps threatening to stop paying for the rental whenever they can't reach an agreement on the estimate with the shop as well although they remind me that I can choose any shop, which I did. I am extremely disappointed with the results and they will not help you get back to where you were before the accident.

I would never use their service, the representative was rude and did not have time for my concerns at all. There are many services available that actually are about you as a person. Do not waste your time with this service. Read all the complaints before you waste any of your money. Again money is short and you need someone who actually values you and your family. Do not waste your time. Be sure to read all the complaints first.

To reduce our monthly bills my terminally ill husband and I inquired as to the 75% accelerated benefit payout on his insurance policy because taking it meant our monthly premium would be reduced by 75%. We were assured the processing fee would be no more than $300. Now they are demanding $1750 and have engaged a collection firm that keeps harassing me. We would never have agreed to that because the fee they now want is far in excess of the monthly premium savings. My husband only had months to live and died within 3 months.

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