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When we bought our $50,000 life insurance for $35.00/month in 1991 from American General Life now called AIG, we didn't realize that in 2005 our rates would start to skyrocket. Every year on husband's birthday in Sept. and again in January, the rate increased to the point that in 2013 we would have to spend over $250.00 per month to keep this $50,000 policy. So we canceled the policy. My husband was born in 1948. Talking to others age 60 or so we heard the same complaint. They take our money each month but when you might need the insurance because of age, they stick it to you. The St Louis branch was very condescending to us when we questioned the increase 2 times a year. They don't care. I would NEVER want anyone else to go through what we did.

Never let AIG Insurance take auto bank withdrawals from your bank account. In June of 2013 we had decided to let my husband's 10-yr term policy lapse because rates were much lower and we could get a better rate by shopping a new policy. We didn't realized AIG had not cancelled our policy as requested and we had already purchased a new policy. They claimed our agent had apparently retired and was supposed to contact us personally when a policy is about to lapse or renew. AIG claims to have sent a letter stating this increase would occur though we NEVER received a letter.

For 8 months they withdrew $557.96/mo for a policy that we originally paid about $50/mo. This was an egregious increase and because we signed an agreement allowing them to withdraw automatic payments from our account they claim they were justified in doing so. I had sent a letter and made numerous phone calls without any resolution. They switched compliance analyst on us and I tried to contact him for four months leaving messages every month with no returned calls. He claims he had been calling the wrong number and also had an address for us in another state that we had never heard of. All of this is convenient to AIG because it allows them to steal from their customers without any accountability for having inaccurate information. It's no wonder we never received a notice of the increase if they had our address completely wrong as well as our phone number.

So I just got off the phone with AIG, just getting a quote. I'm shopping around for a whole life policy for my disabled child. Money I can leave behind to take care of him. While answering the health questions the agent was asking me, I was explaining how I have another policy through the military and one through my employer. The agent was getting frustrated because I wasn't answering the health screening questions fast enough I guess, then all of a sudden I hear him say, "I don't care anyway." I couldn't believe it.

Here I am planning out my autistic sons future... and I have some ** from AIG on the phone getting upset because I'm not being screened fast enough for him... He was hella rude. I hope this recorded call gets reviewed. This company is a Joke! Please shop around before you do business with these guys. I already knew they had a bad rep to begin with, don't know why I even answered the phone.

My home was stolen in June 2004. I went to an insurance hearing. Guess what?? AIG is Travelers (my $500,000 carrier), is Nationwide, is State Farm, etc. They were all there. When disaster hit my children and I (disabled widow) became homeless. Wells Fargo ganged up on us too. After MD did nothing to help us I find one the government site Travelers let our abusive stalker sell the home I proved I paid for, and gave him $133,000 for it. The sale was illegal too. Travelers told me to google **, their guy, to find and sue him. I got copy of checks forged with my name and police cannot even get a subpoena for document from the state's atty. office. Stay away from AIG, Travelers, Wells Fargo unless you have the money already. All lawyers that would speak with me said they work with Fargo, Travelers, etc. No go. Conflict of interest.

AIG had me complete an online application, then i had to complete the exact same application when the examiner came out, but this application was handwritten, not digital. Then 3 weeks later, I get a letter telling me that I haven't completed my application and the process would be cancelled. I called the sales rep, and guess what. He sent me a link to, yep, you guessed it, the same application I filled out 2 times already. Fine. I filled it out yet again and poof. Off into the ether.

3 weeks go by again and I receive the following letter: "Dear Mr **. Since we have been unable to finalize your application request, it is necessary for us to close your file at this time without any life insurance coverage in effect. If you feel we shouldn't be closing your file at this time blah blah blah." So I call customer service. They proceed to tell me that I'm missing information on the application submitted by the examiner, to which I reply, "What about the 2 other applications I filled out with the same questions? Can't you get the answers from them?"

She proceeds to explain to me that the applications are not the same and I need to supply responses to the examiner application. By this time, I'm pretty mad and to make things worse, the CSR starts arguing with me on the phone. Imagine if something did happen to me. What would my wife have to go through to process a claim? STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS AS POSSIBLE. THERE ARE DOZENS OF OTHER LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES OUT THERE WITH BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE.

My step mom's husband died in Feb, 2018. We have found policies and have requested policy information. She got a letter from AIG for one of several policies with the policy information on it, yet AIG claims they have no such policy. We have been calling for weeks, only to be transferred around to department after department. Then they say it's a special policy being handled by the Dallas, Texas location! It must be a script because we always end up calling the Dallas location. The kicker is that several amounts are being taken out monthly for these policies. This should be against the law to do. They can't find any policies, yet the money is being automatically taken month after month! But, if there is no policy, how did we get this letter dated April 12, 2018???

I have a simple Daily in Hospital Plan with AIG that pays - wait for it $23 USD a day if I am in Hospital. Have had the policy for 12 years. Have made on claim on it previously and only after having to visit their offices on 4 occasions and plenty phone calls never being phoned back they finally paid me out $150 on the claim after 5 months of hassles. I claimed again 4 months ago total of claim $100 after the same run around more than $100 spent on time fuel and hassle than the claim is worth they exclude it on some lame excuse that a detached retina and the time in hospital is not covered.

The treatment I got from our local office was laughable one excuse after another. Then when it comes to the end they refuse to pay 100 lousy $. All the while putting me off and collecting premiums. Now just to cancel the policy I will have to make another 40 km trip to see them. The worst and most unhelpful company I have ever dealt with. If one company did not deserve to be bailed out, it is AIG. They should have been allowed to fail because in my experience they have failed in every respect.

I like that they offer numerous types of plans such as life insurance, supplement insurance, employee benefits and I can buy policies for my private needs as well as my business needs. They offer all that I need and at a great price. Plus, it was easy to do. On the other hand, I would suggest that they offer policies for children or maybe accidental insurance. Other than that, the customer service was outstanding and they answered all my question. They took the time to explain everything and was very caring.

AIG would not honor my claim. I was traveling to Wilmington NC and Wrightsville Beach. Hurricane Florence hit the week before my travel. Of course the whole area was essentially shut down. Therefore we had no reason to travel there - nowhere to stay, nothing to do, etc. Because flights were still traveling into and out the airport AIG denied our claim.

A so, so company. I found another with better renters insurance coverage and medical coverage. I believe my new more comprehensive coverage is very valued by me.

After reviewing a life insurance policy, we decided not to keep it. Returned the policy and cancelled in writing per AIG cancellation guidelines. When I called 13 days later to confirm receipt of cancellation notice, I was told refund would be processed within 5 days, and I would receive a check in the mail. 35 days later, a supervisor apologized for the excessive delay, said the problem would be resolved quickly, and I would receive the refund back on my credit card. 8 days later, I was told it would be 73 days (from the previous week) to refund the premium via check. I have decided that I must call every week to confirm the status of the refund until I receive it. I am done being polite and patient.

I contacted AIG because I had not received a statement for payment. I was told me address had been changed, and I know I have not made any changes. I've been a customer of AIG for a long time and don't deserve the treatment I received when I called this office. The guy I spoke with had an accent so bad I couldn't understand and he refused or said that no one else was there for me to talk to. I was told that my name had been removed from my own account and my son's name was on the account. I have several accounts with this insurance and my Mother does too. Something underhanded is going on with this insurance company and it's time for AIG to be investigated.

Every month, and I do mean every month, we pay our insurance premium on time and every single month we get a lapse notice from them threatening to terminate our insurance if they do not receive payment by a certain date. Mind you, their notice is received 4 days after payment is due and 2 after their check has ALREADY cleared our bank. Another time, they did terminate our insurance, yet we had paid the bill. As it turns out, they formerly had 4 billing centers and consolidated them into one and failed to tell people who pay their bills online of the new mailing address. It took a lot of screaming and talking to their 4 supervisors to get it straightened out. What a mess.

I purchased term life when company under investigation. Got a great rate as I know this is a great company and if the govt. had not made matters worse, it would be a great company again. Mr. Greenberg was a super founder.

Targeting ** people. My mother died a few years ago, AIG refused to honor her policy! They are the most horrific Company out there! STAY AWAY from this company. If you don't take heed and realize, the complaints from people are REAL, you deserve to get scammed!

I've been trying to get the cash value of my policy for the last 10 years+. AIG sent me a letter in October stating they were working on settling my claim. I've have not heard from them since. They also stated they have no idea where my agent was transferred. AIG is eager to take your money, but not so eager to repay it. My wife and I thought we would have money to retire on, but I have to continue to work.

I like the very positive features of the policy like money back after every 5 years and at the end, I will get my full policy money back with some extra bonus. But till then, I have some anxiety about future of my policy. My experience is very satisfied so far and I always remain optimistic about the company and am sure that they will fulfill all the promises made to me. However, I am slightly afraid that I may not get all the benefits that has been mentioned in the policy. This is just my internal feeling only and may not be true at all.

I had American General Life insurance (AIG) for 10 years. Had automatic withdraws set up. Like clockwork every month the payment was taken from my checking account. Then all of a sudden a withdraw of 6 times my normal payment was withdrawn! ($85 to $517). That hurts any normal person on a fixed income. I called and was told that a letter went out stating there would be an increase in my premium. I explained I did not receive any such letter and ask where it was addressed to. It was sent to my previous address of over 7 years ago which is a vacant house with no mail service. I stated that AIG should have received their mail back undeliverable. The person on the phone said she did not have that information and took my current address to update their records. I ask how do I get my money back and instructed her to cancel this policy. She said I would need to do that in writing and gave me AIG's fax number.

I sent my requests by fax and I have called 2 more times, each time the person on the phone can't tell me what is going on just that they have received my fax (3 of them to be exact). The last phone call I was told that a management team would have to make a decision. When I ask, don't know the reply. I have since contacted Better Business Bureau and awaiting a reply.

I had a stroke 3 years ago which caused my income to go from 75K to 20K per year on disability. My husband had to also quit his job. I sold my house because I could not afford it anymore and moved to Puerto Rico. I requested a check from my annuity account through AIG. However I changed my address before the check arrived and was in dire need of the money to pay for my importation costs, my life insurance policy and monthly medications. I called AIG to do a stop payment on the check on 9/4. I received the original check on 9/7 so called back to see if they can cancel the stop payment request. I was advised that the stop payment was already submitted at 8 am and there was no way of stopping the request so I needed to wait for the reissue and was told I should receive it by 9/11.

I called them today 9/16 because I still didn't receive the check only to find out that the stop payment request was never processed. I already destroyed the other check per their direction so now I have to wait another week to get the check stopped and reissued. AIG does not care that I can't afford any food, medication or could potentially lose my life insurance policy due to their incompetency. The customer service is not good and their attitude is like "Oh well you have to wait. That is the process."

I took out a life insurance policy and stated it must be a fixed premium and death benefit. Agents I dealt with were Wendy ** and Dana **. I had doubts when policy was issued about the fixed premium but they kept assuring me that was what I had. I paid policy one year advance upfront $5700. Months later after continual questioning of Dana and Wendy plus company compliance department I found out I was lied to and was a victim of bait and switch. The illustration of the policy was totally different than the policy. Only the policy matters. The illustration doesn't count. Wendy and Dana were quoting from illustration. Jeff ** and his supervisor have done nothing to remedy the matter. I have made dozens of phone calls and none of them returned.

I am now out $5700 and have a policy that's worthless. I will contact the Illinois attorney general's office and the Illinois dept of insurance. This is a clear case of Bait and Switch and just plain theft and fraud. There also was a lady in the consumers dept who also blew me off. Her name was Adriene **. She sent me a letter confirming I did in fact get a bad policy but she just kicked the can down the road back to Jeff ** who has done nothing nor will he answer my phone messages. Take my advice. Do not deal with this company. You will get burned. If they do send you a policy. Read it closely. If you have any questions; cancel it, don't ask the agent or the company anything. They will lie!

AIG Life Insurance is refusing to pay a life insurance policy claim. Proceeds allegedly have been sent to the treasurer's office but no one seems to have the assets.

I called to get a whole life quote. "Chris" told me my only option was an accidental death policy. I said I didn't want that, told him so, and he just kept hammering away and wouldn't let go. "You mean you don't love your wife? If you truly loved her you would buy this policy" - on and on. He got very belligerent. I realized this was a high pressure sales technique and kept telling him I didn't want that policy. Took me 10 minutes to get off the phone. This guy was tenacious. Made me really angry.

I bought a policy in case I ever was in a accident. Well I was and unfortunately for me I lost my left hand. So far it has been 4 months and 2 days and no one knows anything about me. AIG finally placed it with a person 3 months ago so every time I ask for a update all I get is another form that someone has to get filled out. My last form from AIG, they wanted my past 10 years doctors records.

What would 10 years doctors records have to do with my accident? I bought the policy in good faith that if I ever needed it, it would be there and at this point I really do not care anymore about aig or their policy. All that's left for me is to get legal advice. I would hate to know I passed away and my family was forced to deal with Aig. It’s really not a good company at all. Please be aware not to buy a accident policy from AIG. Thanks for reading. (P.S if someone knows a good attorney please let me know.)

It was easy for me to sign up. It's pretty cool. The customer service was/is great. Every time I call and ask questions they are very polite, answer me in every possible way. They seemed they care. Overall it sounds great in what they are saying they offer but we will see in the long run. It does have bad reviews overall when I check it online. I just bought so I have it. I hope it will be helpful.

AIG worked with me and worked around getting everyone there. Identified, signed and help on getting paperwork filled out and with what family members to put in it, who had to be there and what paperwork had to be brought to them and what it detailed. Getting it stamped. And getting copies for everyone. Then getting everyone where they needed to be. But, it was hard to get someone to meet with you and be exact with what paperwork you needed and what people you needed and what identification they needed to bring.

A lot of insurance companies have given me quotes on life insurances and so far Amica was the best I wanted to be sure that it will help me in the long run and that I wasn't just pouring my money down the drain. Having a family and child it's very important to me to know they can depend on my insurance later on and this insurance company definitely was there for me. There are so many scammers out there so one has to be very careful when picking up a company to be with them for a long while. It is just as important as family is, my husband and I have chosen this company and been with the company for the past 5-6 years. I can't say more than how much I love and appreciate this company. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, family and anyone out there. Not looking to get scammed.

I have a complaint regarding my cash value in the whole life policy I was putting in going on 10 years ago. How is it I can pay all of this money into this policy for 10 years and my cash value is less than $400. I cancelled my policy with AIG after that. That is ludicrous!

My grandmother is in a rehab facility and she simply cannot move around to handle her finances. Now, I recently got a notarized letter stating that she is allowing me to help her with her finances, so she asked me to get direct deposit for her so her checks could go into her account called AIG. They sent a form for her to fill out and she sent it back but no response. We attempted to call several times and then finally, they transferred us to a supervisor.

To make a long story short, the supervisor took our information and never called us back. She said try to call her back but it's always a voicemail. I called the toll free number often times, got a rep and faxed a copy of the direct deposit form attention to the supervisor's name. The rep said he will make it a first priority to call me or my grandmother back but I never got the call. It's very frustrating; still no help. My grandma is in the hospital stressed out. They don't help at all that. She is trying to recuperate and they know the situation. Please help.

I choose AIG Life Insurance for many reasons. I like their insurance policies that provide the best for people, the flexible payment options that allow you to pay when you are in a bind and the overall attention to how it affects the people under it. I also like the various plans they offer and the quality of service is great. Many times before I failed to find the right insurance for me but this one provides all the coverage I am looking for. I like their wide insurance coverage as it allows for me to know that I have all the precautions for daily life. But I don't like that the support is a bit non-fluid at times.

Seriously this company is the worst. How can they get away with not paying out money that’s owed to you. I made my contract with AIG not the 3rd party provider to who represents them and badly I might add. I was told on more than one occasion what my dividend balance was by AIG employees. Now suddenly I have no dividends. So I canceled a policy I’ve been paying on and would have continued to pay on for another 25 years. I have lost all confidence and feel as though I’ve been ripped off. Do not buy anything from this very very shady company.

American National Insurance/American General Life Insurance is dependable, honest, and down-to-earth. The few times I contacted them about something, I received information I needed. I still carry a "whole life policy" which I was able to borrow against during a tough time; and they have never bugged me about repaying because adjustments will be made in the policy amount if necessary.

My husband and I have canceled everything with AIG due to the headache it has caused us just to get signed up for life insurance. My husband and I were wanting a life insurance plan of $500,000 for both of us. From the beginning we completed everything immediately. I even completed the medical exam part the exact same week upon request and my husband the week after I believe. After that he sent 3 emails to our agent Ryan **, in which we never heard back from nor ever received anything from the company. After a few weeks we got letters in the mail stating that because we have not completed our forms, our insurance request has been cancelled. I was in shock! We never received a thing in the mail, email, or via our agent.

My husband had another party through his employer to try and contact our agent Ryan at that time and his excuse was, "Everything has gone into my junk mail." So clearly he didn't try to follow up with anything and requested our insurance be canceled. After that, Ryan and my husband got together to complete the process and my husband was informed at that time his premium would be 3 times the amount quoted from the beginning. He wanted Ryan to double check on that before proceeding with his so after weeks of waiting yet again, my husband all of a sudden noticed my premium taken out of his account (which was fine as I was all set up now) but AIG also took out 2 previous months of premiums as well!!

Why would 3 months be deducted when this was 100% Ryan's responsibility for not getting us signed up until the past month? Not to mention they increased my premium from the beginning to when it was taken out as I was "older now". My birthday is not until November and it is August right now but because I'm a bit older from when we started, they felt a need to increase. Like I stated from the beginning. AIG has been HORRIBLE to work with and nothing but trouble. We tried going higher up to find out why it's been so difficult with Ryan but he stated that AIG only speaks with their agent directly and not the customer.

I had a travel insurance plan with AIG. Initially I was told "cancel for any reason" policy would give me half of my policy money but now they say, I purchased my insurance with an INTENTION to cancel it so "cancel for any reason" doesn't apply... This is absolute fraud. Thank you AIG I will never ever buy your policy and let any of my 1000 Facebook friends buy this policy.

I do not have any experience with AIG other than a recent medical screening at home this past weekend but after reading all of these horrible, horrible reviews I think I have to pass. My heart is breaking for all of those that have been getting such a run-a-round for months and months. Reading all of these make me feel really sick to my stomach. Sounds like this company needs to be to looked at very carefully.

AIG almost went bankrupt year or two ago. Not instilling confidence in me. But, if I cancel I lose coverage, and have to shop again, higher prices. I fear they won't be around to pay up in the end.

It has great rates for the coverage provided, also it has low deductibles. And whenever I spoke with the reps, they were quick, courteous and professional. I can cover myself without breaking the bank, and that really speaks to me. I never had to use the coverage, but I would have been fully covered if so! However, I dislike that I have to do everything over the phone and CPU, I would love to go in and hammer everything out at once. Being in the mountains I have grown accustom to not having branches or physical locations here though. Overall, great experience.

My wife passed away early in 2017. It is now November and they are still reviewing the claim. It is a paid up policy from 1969! Lie after lie. Checks in the mail... lie. Sent the check to the wrong address... Lie, Check sent to your daughter... Lie, Forms not filled out in the proper way Lie, lie, lie. Now they have outsourced customer to another country. They suck.

I suffer from PTSD as a result of death threats, a terror attack and subsequent work environment during my employment with World Vision in Pakistan. I received 2 years income support from AIG, treatment and did get rapidly better in first year but remain unable to work due to diminished memory and organisational skills as well as a tendency towards emotional upset, till now. At two years under the terms of the policy the income support ceased. I am not better but have no income now. So my treating psychologist suggested the work injury combined with the terms of the insurance and lack of income have created conditions that will activate my PTSD rather than allow further recovery. So I asked the insurance to assess me for MMI and final payment - to remove myself from the conditions preventing any further recovery.

The prognosis for recovery is only incremental for four more years given supportive treatment and enough income to subsist. To get survival income I have had to migrate with my two children to Australia to claim welfare and become separated by distance from my husband who is not Australian and gets homesick when away from Pakistan for more than one month. In the supposed independent medical evaluation the psychologist flown into Australia especially suggests yes injured at work but decides I have depression not PTSD and fraudulently claims my treating psychologist and earlier IME evaluator said I was capable of work. This is not the case and I can access the files and Drs to dispute the evaluators biased report.

Also earlier in the first IME AIG insisted only a psychiatrist could diagnose PTSD while they sent in a psychologist to suggest depression instead of PTSD - when clearly I have PTSD and Depression and the depression largely caused by the hopelessness of the insurance process. I was said to have exaggerated my symptoms when the test probably showed my high level of activation during a 8 hr+ adversarial evaluation process and following six months with no income support and 3 months separation from spouse for the purposes for surviving.

The supposed independent evaluation attempted to blame personality for continued ill health and failed to evaluate the impact of structural abuse of an injured worker by the insurance processes. I have referred all of these issues to the employer and am awaiting any feedback from Insurance and employer on the IME bias and structural abuse inflicted on injured workers who are assumed fraudulent by Insurance for the purpose of avoiding payout despite insurance fraud by claimants being 1-2 % and mostly conducted by insurance agents themselves or employers.

I am in Australia til January 2016 as I agreed with my partner for accessing welfare and will return to Pakistan then - with only hope of income renting out spare room in rented house on airBNB while I remain unfit for work. The irony of this all is I am now paying for psychological sessions for PTSD with my activation and comedown tremoring directly related to the vicious cycle the insurance conditions and behaviour put me in and worries about the well being and survival of me and my children while on limited or no income. This hopelessness is in spite of the employer and myself actually being involved in fighting for social and legal justice for others around the world.

I like everything about this company. It is a great company. It has so many different types of options as well as many different policies. My parents bought the policy for me when I was a child and they have always been good to me. My experience has always been awesome.

I had a Life insurance policy through "AIG Life insurance in the city of New York" on my wife who passed away in May 2017. I've called them 11 times and they failed to provide a reason why I have not received the life insurance pay out. 2 certified letters were sent explaining the issue, which were signed for but not responded to. I've requested the Life policy documents to sign several times but received nothing. Would you have a direction I can go to resolve this issue?

I like the amount I am paying for a high quality life insurance. The fees are very good and reasonable. Their many features I find helpful in knowing more about their policy. I have always found everything I needed to find in the policy and if I can't find it their website helps me answer my questions. I love this company. It is one of the leaders in life insurance and they have always been able to assist me should I have any questions or concerns about my policy. I am pretty much happy with what I have.

I am a 27 year old, hard working person with a full time government job and two parents that tragically passed due to 8- and 13- year battles with cancer. My firefighter husband has worked hard at the CA wildfires which has supplemented our income so that we could afford my parents' residual bills, but his extra income can only go so far. The frustration and mistreatment that we have experienced from AIG is so very sad, and I would never in my life recommend using them for life insurance if you, like my parents, have the intention of financially taking care of your kids upon your passing.

Today is December 3, 2018. I submitted claim paperwork for my father's life insurance policy on October 14, 2018. To ensure efficiency and accuracy, since the death of my parents placed mortgages into my responsibility that I cannot afford, I filled out the claim paperwork with an AIG representative on the phone. They went through the claim paperwork line-by-line with me. "Great customer service," I thought.

It took AIG until October 30th to notify me that the claim paperwork had been filled out incorrectly, even though I completed it with the help of staff. I was able to send in the missing information via email at my urgent request, again, due to looming inherited bills that I simply could not afford. They obliged and on October 30th, I submitted the paperwork to **.

I continued to receive "incomplete claim" letters from AIG, so on November 19 or 20, I called to confirm that the missing information had been received by AIG. Until I provided the date on which the email with the missing information was sent, all AIG staff claimed that it had not been received. Finally a claim examiner confirmed its receipt, and ensured I would receive my check by November 28 - in time for the next round of mortgages.

Since not receiving the check on the 28th, I have spent over three hours on the phone with AIG - most times starting the conversation completely from the beginning because my account notes seem to never get updated by AIG staff. I have been promised return phone calls from claim examiner Caroline **, and an overnighted check from claim examiner Treasure, neither of which delivered on their promises. Staff repeatedly claims that "they cannot transfer me to a supervisor," or "I am the supervisor," or that they cannot give me written proof of our conversations.

My parents did not pay for their life insurance policies so that my sister and I could experience this totally avoidable debt after their passing. My parents did not trust AIG with their policies so that my sister and I could struggle financially for months after their passing. Yet this is the reality we are facing, and AIG has simply given us the runaround.

I have been satisfied with the overall coverage of AIG Life Insurance. I know them as a leader in the industry and they've given me no reason to think otherwise. I went with them because of their net promoter score and I would always provide positive feedback on my experience. I like knowing that my family and loved ones will be taken care of. AIG is very transparent about the coverage and I know what to expect with them. My customer experience has always been a pleasant one as well. But I feel there could be more options. I like using insurance companies that offer a certain level of flexibility. It is also slightly more expensive than some of their competitors.

My sister and I have been trying to settle a claim for a year. Customer service is barely understandable and completely useless. They claim that documents that we sent and were signed for by them were never received. They claim that I contacted them 4 years ago and I didn't even know the policy existed then. It appears they hope we'll just give up so they won't have to pay. Scam company.

This company has so much fine print! They will find an excuse to deny almost ANY claim. They can always find a reason and get out of it. It is absolutely useless to invest in this company. Use your money elsewhere.

AIG Life Insurance, through its technology, made it very easy and convenient for me to acquire the life insurance that I think I want and always needed. It is a great company, able to dispense quick and instructive responses in the application process for new clients like me.

This company has no intention of honoring the agreement it made with you. I have been paying my premium for years, only to be blindsided by it's denial of my claim when it came time to use the policy for an accident I incurred. I am so confident that I have a valid claim against my policy, that I will have to go through the trouble of filing a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas State Attorney General to determine if they can be of help. One star is too generous a rating for AIG, and I would be leary of taking out a reverse mortgage or applying for any other insurance underwritten by AIG.

Parents had about 10 paid up policies. My dad died October. Will be 2 years ago. We still have not resolved nor gotten money from several policies. We have filled out numerous form, send death certificates and nothing. All numbers called in different locations. They refer to another. My advice DO NOT BUY ANY KIND OF INSURANCE FROM AIG. I do realize these policies were with other companies that was acquired by AIG. No excuse.

My experience with AIG isn’t a good one. I have been with AIG for many years, but since the closure of offices in Atlanta, I have had the worse experience ever. Customer service rep are rude and very disrespectful. Not to mention that they have no knowledge of what you are explaining to them. Furthermore, myself and my mother have both been paying on a loan for the longest, but the balance hasn’t decreased at all. When we ask AIG where the payments are going, they say they are being applied, but I’m sure my balance should go down, not remain the same. I don’t recommend them to anyone at all.

I paid for 11 years always on time. One month, they did not bill me. I noticed a few weeks later and sent in my payment along with my next quarterly payment. They sent it back. They claimed they sent me a lapse notice, which I never got, and they said they had billed me, which they did not. I am going to double check with my bank to see if I was on auto payment or not, but I paid religiously for 11 years and they did not even have the courtesy to see if I was dead or alive. They gave me forms to fill out to get reinstated and after months, they denied me and told me to reapply. My rate was not low, so they just wanted to lose me for some reason. I am pissed and I hope I can sue them. This company should never have been bailed out with my tax money. They truly SUCK and my guess, most insurance companies cannot be trusted, just as the banks. They do wrong things and they get slapped on the wrist. Many belong in jail!

I have had a 10-year term life insurance policy that I paid $652.05 annually. The 10 years is up and they raised the premium to $2573.76. I waited for 25 minutes to speak to a person and then I asked to speak to a supervisor. She said she would put me on hold for a few minutes while she got a supervisor for me. I waited 45 minutes and no one picked up. That is disgraceful! I am now getting quotes from other companies, which have way lower premiums and I do not need a medical exam for any of those companies. I have never had a company treat a 10-year customer, who always paid on time, so disrespectfully. You will not be getting any recommendations from me.

I called them in November 2017, Have them start a policy. They dropped the ball. Emailing back and forth by signed the papers, scanned it and they never received it. Scanned it twice and then a third time. Christmas came. Nothing. No policy. Emailing back and forth, calling occasionally. Meanwhile my policy with another company cancelled at age 57. Now I have no insurance. Contact them again and here we are another three and a half weeks later and they still have not activated a policy. Always emailing back and forth. Phone assistance never available. Agent never available. Speaking with customer service is helpful. However, they can't even see the policy once the other agent has locked it in. They are the absolute worst!

Null, keep your money, invest it in a personal bank account. A pity I didn't search to see early on that this insurance firm has so many dissatisfied customers; I believe all the one stars and am in disbelief at the high stars here based on what I've been going through for the past 2 months. A 0-star fits best. I have been paying for AIG accident and critical illness insurances for a long time -- WASTED MONEY (3000+). My reason for choosing this insurance is that I opt for alternative medicine, not traditional medicine -- as such, I seek homeopathy, home remedy, chiropractic help, diets, etc -- a big expense nonetheless! -- instead of X-rays, doctor visits, medication, etc etc, if it is possible to heal via alternative medicine. AIG promised a lump sum per accident seriousness: as decided by their assessors based on my medical report and independent of any additional insurance I receive.

On Nov. 7, 2016 I actually had a small accident - a sprained ankle. I refused X-rays, medication and have healed with aqua therapy, home rest, sports therapy, unguents, diet (vitamins/minerals), etc. The doctor cost me $180, no more, it would have cost $1000+ if I had pursued the doctor's suggestion... AIG is saying now that they MIGHT compensate me the amount that is not being covered by my primary provider (like $70) because this is "supplemental insurance". THEIR POSITION AFTER THE FACT IS CONTRARY TO THEIR INITIAL PROMISE of taking into account the event's seriousness to compensate by a lump sum from $25000 and irrespective of my medical insurance or any other insurances. SUCH UNPROFESSIONAL LIES!

Their customer service is fully unsatisfactory, too: automatic system rejects me because my date of birth is not matching and nobody has yet fixed that issue; the foreign staff is not trained nor efficient (their servility is simply useless...); time wait and time waste... I have cancelled both AIG insurances, belatedly, am only bitterly-glad that I learned about it via a minor accident not a big one.

I have accident & disability policy through AIG. Had a call from the claims dept. saying my husband's claim was denied. Informed me that my husband's disability happen prior to the start of policy in '07. My husband started receiving SSI in 13'. I asked where they were getting info. Did they check the doctors’ reports? The claims Dept. said they hadn't received yet. But she was still going to deny. Claims said I could call main phone # and see if I could collect on doctor office visits. What a joke. Money paid in and no coverage. Cancelling policy. You need to too!!!

I have requested information regarding two life insurance policies that were owned by myself and my sister (**) I believe. I was told by family members that the policies were cash out on illegally years ago without our knowledge and or authorizations. There was money reported to the state of Texas and that's how I was able to get contact information AIG. I contacted compliance dept. In order to confirm if what I heard was indeed true. I filed a complaint with your so-called compliance dept. where I found certain reps to be rude, condescending, nasty, incompetent, and very unprofessional. Instead of giving me the proper information that I've requested, they've decided to ignore my concerns and are very evasive when questioned about information that I'm assuming I'm entitled to.

Their evasiveness and outright refusal to investigate my concerns thoroughly only leads me to believe that maybe they were negligent concerning the handling of the policies in question. A complaint is being filed with the Dept. of Insurance to further investigate the allegations and the actions taken on behalf of AIG or should I say lack thereof? The rep they assigned to my complaint ** has done absolutely nothing! When I called to follow up, he's never there. Instead I'm forced to speak with ignorant, incompetent, entry level representatives who are more concerned with keeping up office drama than doing their jobs. When I've asked to speak with a supervisor, they've refused to give me information regarding their supervisors, or some manager of the day gets on the phone that seems to be either just as lazy or incompetent as the rep I was complaining about.

Mrs. ** was absolutely no help in resolving the issue. It took her almost 30 minutes to " review " whatever it was she was reviewing only to come back to the phone and tell me something I already knew, nothing!!! She was more concerned with trying to impress her co-workers with her nasty and condescending attitude towards me. She actually found the situation to be amusing. When I asked for a copy of the policy or written documentation I was told that there wasn't any. Then she laughed and stated that the case was so old that I could file a complaint with whoever I'd like and nothing would be accomplished by doing so. She told me that what was reported to the state of Texas was what I was entitled to and nothing more. Apparently this was determined by not investigating my concerns of possible fraud.

I was told that there was no information available to me and that it was up to me to prove that something was done inappropriately by again Mrs. **. Unfortunately I don't work for AIG so that's not my job. My job is to file a complaint, express my concerns, and hope that the matter would be investigated accordingly. AIG was negligent in the handling of the policies and I believe that what I've suspected is true because they are flat out lying about the policies' existence and they know that they are liable. Again if I am the owner of the policy in question I'd like to review copies of the policy, and any actions taken against the policy I'd like those actions to be thoroughly investigated and disclosed.

Thank you so much Mrs. ** for laughing and encouraging me to put my concerns in writing, hopefully it'll be effective. I look forward to not hearing from AIG regarding my concerns of fraud, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, as they have shown me up until this point that they have no intention of following the laws put into place to protect consumers in my situation. It benefits them to ignore my concerns rather than accept responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. Basically they paid out the wrong person illegally and this is a desperate attempt to cover it up. If what I have stated is not true then where's the policy? There has to be records of loans, checks, payments, etc.

Please feel free to contact me should any be found. Your "compliance" with the law would be well appreciated. Failure to respond will leave me no other choice but to take civil action against your company as I have been so kindly advised by Mrs. ** to do so. She should be fired for representing your company in such an ignorant and unprofessional manner. She comes across as heartless and controversial, uneducated trash. I'm embarrassed to say she's African American. I had two simple request. Was I the owner of the policy and can I see it? Now I'm forced to file numerous complaints with several agencies and a possible lawsuit, GO **!!! I can be reached at ** should AIG'S COMPLIANCE DEPT. DECIDE TO COMPLY WITH THE LAW.

When there was a death in the family I only had to contact them once. The phone was answered promptly and courteously. They sent me the form with the information they needed and once they received it everything was resolved within 2 weeks. I had no problems or issues with them. When I needed to take out a small loan against my policy again, there were no issues. They are a wonderful company to do business with.

AIG Direct through the agent who sold me the policy failed to process the paperwork despite providing a notice the policy was in effect. Purchased a life insurance policy in March and was not notified of the error and lapse in coverage until the end of June. Was told all the information was on file, but not processed. There was no explanation for why notification was not given sooner or why the paperwork was not processed. Simply gross negligence and incompetent.

I am a policy-holder with AIG, for Accident & Injury. Nearly 3 yrs ago I lost my right eye in the care of the NHS. A artery was cut by an awful accident and I bleed inside without knowledge for quite a time, & was permanently blind in right eye. But before I was told, I had to have 2nd operation to relieve a lot of pressure that was around my face & head. It was so painful, it still haunts me every day. I got a claim form & sent it back to AIG. They told me a few weeks later that my claim was no good. AIG sent me £150.00, as the adjuster who told me acted rude & upset me.

Nearly 3 yrs later & after the NHS sent AIG a letter saying they are responsible (NHS), my claim seems to be getting looked at. AIG told me to get the NHS to send them the letter of liability & they did. AIG are now questioning the letter. Even though they've had the FACTS all this time. I don't get it. AIG have gave me so much hurt, grief, no self-esteem & sleep loss, and I have 2 disabilities now and AIG know this. It's just excuse after excuse when I get IN TOUCH with AIG Insurance. I don't feel any insurance or their kindness, as they indicate in the ads.

They came highly recommended to us from co-workers as well as our financial planner. We have been very well taken care of by them over the whole time with them as our carrier for insurance. Our life insurance with AIG is a term life plan that meets our needs for this time in our life when we need protection. They have great plans and customer care Dept is very responsive to our inquiries when this need arises. The term life plan has all the best features to best meet our needs for now and until it expires at age 72 for us. They have an excellent reputation for all of their products and are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. I am highly satisfied with them so far with our policies.

Customer service is good, website is helpful, plans are easy to understand, cost is affordable and coverage is fair for value. I have had poor customer service experience and rising rates with other companies in the past as a homeowner and AIG is really a good value and takes time to explain a policy and when a claim is submitted it is responded so fast and settled quickly as well.

I feel this company is good. I got a good rate from a good price. I feel everybody has to make money. No love lost but I feel they should be cheaper. In the old days people used to save money for those type of things. Nowadays nobody can save money so the insurance companies win win win.

My husband and I had life insurance with American General Life Insurance for 24 years. In June we received a letter telling us that they were going to triple my husband's premium. The agent that we took out the insurance with has been dead for years so I called an agent in Winston-Salem to see what was going on. I ask how much cash value that we had and they told me how much I had and said that my husband didn't have any because they had been taking it along with what we paid each month. They had increased his premium and not notified us. When we bought the policy we told our agent we wanted whole life and he said that that was what this was. Now I have been told that it is a universal policy. So after 24 years of paying them we have no life insurance because we couldn't pay that high of premium. They are a bunch of crook.

I purchased a AIG policy for 300,000. My premium payment has been deducted from my bank every month since 10/2012. The policy included a cancer policy rider. I called the company to get some information on the policy. I was told the policy was cancelled Oct 2013. I was never notified and AIG continued to take the payment from my bank account up to this 8/25/2018. AIG customer service rep told me they would call me back they never did. I received a form letter today that clearly is a indication of deception. The letter states the policy was 100,000. It is in fact 300,000 and that the policy had increased payments that were not met. I was never notified of any increased payments. The letter also indicates the policy was cancelled 2013. I was never notified. I am 55 now and out thousands dollars/. I will contact Dept Insurance and my lawyer.

I too was paying like a good customer for 10 yrs and all of a sudden 15 times higher withdrawal in Jan. I called and was told the same thing - I had spoken to a representative in a November, but she directed me to another agent and despite me telling her I am not interested she did not cancel the policy. I have sent in my fax as well so please let me know what you find out Patty.

I am willing to join in the better business bureau complaint. I think these guys are running a scam. If they change the terms (15 times higher premium) how can they expect automatic renewal or no cancellation - should customers have a say on renewal and silence or denial on phone or misdirected letter should not mean they automatically withdraw! I am going to remove all companies from auto withdrawal - I was being a good citizen but looks like they have all the power in such cases. I am willing to file a lawsuit if this does not get resolved. Please let me know your progress Patty.

I think it was unfair my mom paid into AIG and stopped paying her policy for a mos then it had to be rewritten as she paid into over almost a year. Upon her death I was told she was 2 mos short of having her funeral expenses paid. Even though they were aware of her medical condition, AIG seems to be stating something a medical condition that the policy didn't cover contributed to her death. In her medical records. They did not pay funeral expenses.

They claimed my credit was not good and that it was too new. My credit was actually excellent and went back to 1970. They charged me for living in a house that was much larger than it actually was.

AIG provides insurance for airline flights, supposedly to assist if you require a flight change, among other coverage. My sister had to change her flight due to a personal matter involving my 90 year old mother. They have been completely uncooperative. AIG needed "proof" mom was ill. We sent her proof that she required constant care and has dementia. As one might guess, she has a host of other medical issues as well. If ever there were a claim AIG needs to cover it is this one, but unfortunately they are more interested in making us jump through 1000 hoops and will not provide any assurance that after we have completed all this work, that we will be refunded. Why by airline insurance, the airline washes their hands of the whole and says call the insurance company. The insurance company says, "we see you always buy our insurance when you fly, but we don't believe we need to cover it"

In order to get coverage you have to prove that someone is ill. The company is aware of my mom's dementia, diagnosed 10 years ago, and it really hasn't gotten better. Mostly because no one recovers from dementia. I am livid that in the midst of this family crisis we are having, our insurance, which we gladly paid for, is giving us the runaround, and seems disinterested in helping. The lack of compassion, the lack of cooperation, the lack of doing your JOB - you are an insurance company and you don't want to reimburse claims.

Since Aug. of 2005 $21.90 has been coming auto out of my checking acct. I thought it was part of my Safeco Ins. until I went to close my Wells Fargo acct & transfer auto payments, this one stayed behind. Three months ago I started to try to find out how/what/why this had been instigated. I'm getting the 'run-around' from AIG; they've even faked an audio (they say) of me accepting this National Fire Insurance policy; which I know that I did NOT! I already have full coverage & would not have added anything else to it. Total is over $3,100.00. I'm not going to let them get away with this fraud; BBB, local TV media, lawyer; I will call them all.

I'm giving anyone fair warning. Do not let this company be your company to take care of your final stuff or send money to your surviving family members because they will do anything they can not to pay them let online your final expenses. They won't get paid. My family are still waiting on the money that is owed to us as well what is owed to others. Please stay away don't waste your time or money on this fake company. They are not out for anyone but themselves. IF I KNEW IF IT WOULD WORK I WOULD GET A LAWYER AND SUE THEIR ASS.

AIG Life was able to give us the best product at the best price and their customer service was outstanding. I love the quality of customer service that they provide. They are always there to answer any questions you may have and never make you feel like a burden for asking them. The representative made sure that all of our questions were answered and we were comfortable with the product we had chosen.

I like everything about AIG. They're excellent because they offer a good payment system and flexible in case you need to adjust your savings' future. Their payment plan and the customer service are awesome. They try to solve issues as quickly as possible. Plus, they are very polite and enthusiastic. But nothing too special.

I signed up for a 30 year lock on my life insurance in 2003. I set up auto bill pay from same account for 13 years with no issue. This year they say they never received payment even though my bank said it was mailed and proved it. They sent an e-mail 2 months later and never called. They cancelled my insurance, forced me to fill out all sorts of forms, made it painful and lengthy but I did it. Then they just sent me back my money back saying they denied my application. This was a ply all along to get out of a long term contract. I called 5 times and the shortest I waited was 24 minutes and hung up. Typical big company screwing the little guy any chance they can.

Updated on 03/04/2019: After writing my initial review here I decided to file a complaint with the BBB. Within five days of the BBB notifying me that they had contacted AIG, I received notice from AIG that a refund had been made to my credit card. Then today I actually received an apology letter for their "inadvertent" (yeah right) delay in processing my refund and being sorry that I had to contact the BBB. Maybe a complaint to the BBB might help others here.

Original Review: I took out a policy because it was required with the health insurance I was buying. I cancelled both within the five day grace period. This was three months ago. I was told the refund would come in a check. When that didn't arrive in four weeks, I called and was told it would go back to my credit card within ten days. That was six weeks ago. When I called again, I was told they would "expedite" the refund and it would be done in 1-2 days, That was a week ago. The number I was given for the agent to handle the cancellation at the start was not the right number, when they gave me another number for the agent, it went to voicemail with no mailbox set up. I have decided I will never get the refund and hope I never have to deal with this company again.

This company has been the worst company to deal with customer service at there is for policies on an account and my mother passed away and trying to get these accounts separated to the proper people that she was paying for. Has been a horrible horrible horrible experience with your customer service. I'm not trying to get any information. I'm trying to give information so that we can continue with these policies and they are just, "Duh nothing I can do for you. I can't help you out early." Ridiculous. I would never recommend this company for anything if my mother had already had these policies in effect. I would cancel them right now so that this company would never get another cent of my money. I can't believe she continued on paying you guys. You are the worst people I have ever dealt with.

My brother passed away April 28, 2017. I am the administrator of his estate. I have been trying to process two claims since early May and it is now the end of August. Every time I send paperwork in I get a letter back two weeks later saying something is wrong with it. If I call for assistance and have a representative help me over the phone, tell me it is now correct, I still will get a letter saying something is wrong with it. I've written 7 letters, had 5 phone conversations, and submitted 6 official documents and still they have not settled the claim. Every time I call I get a different customer representative who will tell me something different from the last one. AIG has sent me 8 identical form letters requesting a claimant form even though I've already submitted it 3 times and their representative acknowledges they have it over the phone. A terrible, terrible company.

We have had AM Gen, now AIG, insurance since 1987 and have a policy we have paid since then. AIG has since said we have to cancel our policy and now they just sent us a cancellation. This is not right. We have not missed a payment or anything. We took this policy in good faith as a young couple and now nearly 30 years later they say "oh we can't afford to cover you at the rate this policy was written for!" That's illegal isn't it! I am sitting here for over 30 minutes waiting to get hold of a real person on the phone from AIG!

My husband and I went in without knowing a lot about life insurance, what we needed, how to go about it, and they helped us with each step of the way. Our purchase and study of life insurance was simple because of the employees. This is a amazing company. We had never heard anything really about MoO, but we still took the leap and went into to office and met with them. It was a great experience from the beginning all the way to the end.

My father passed away March 30, 2016. I got all of the paperwork together and mailed the claim form in mid-April. It was the middle of July before they paid and every time I called, it was a 20-25 minute wait to speak with someone, and they each gave me a different excuse. I think the only reason they paid when they did is because I threatened to contact the insurance commissioner's office. I am now waiting for them to mail my mother her cash surrender value of her policy because AIG's customer service is the absolute worst I have ever experienced, I never want to deal with them again. When I called to verify they had all of the documents needed to cash out the policy, I was told that they did not receive the documents to process the payout, just the termination notice. THEY LIE. It was all sent together and when I told him that, he said my mother would receive her check in 10 days. This company is pure SCUM, at its finest.

Ok so I have been looking to get life insurance and this comes to my email...Thru the VFW great term life prices. I fill out the application and they call, the guy asks me I have a few questions... Ok shoot. "Do you smoke?" No, ok. "Do you drink?" No. Even better... "Ok are you a disabled vet", Yes...ok. What for I explain and gets down to anxiety and depression and PTSD, he says, "Oh so sorry you are not eligible... any veteran with PTSD, Depression, it unable to be accepted for our insurance." WTF.

Who represents the VFW and has that kind of denial clause. I am so mad I could explode right now. Then don't be a part of a Veterans group offering life insurance... or put healthy vets only. I called National VFW and they said there is nothing they can do until Senate passes a bill that PTSD or depression cannot be used to deny veterans of life insurance. Sorry about the rant, but please share as many times as you can to make legislators notice this type of stuff.

I like that the company's been around for a long time and that I don't have to wait a long time for my policy to activate. And everyone I have talked to about really liked it. They had better reviews for their company than a lot of the other companies I looked at and I feel as though I can trust them with my future. It's very important to have this with recently losing my father. But the customer service is not reviewed well. I have had trouble getting in contact with them from time to time. IT is very important to be able to get a hold of them.

I am aware that customer can be wrong and they are not always right, however as a customer today with over 20 years of experience in the field I was appalled at the type of customer service AIG allowed a customer to respond to an angry client (me). Today a customer service rep. (what I now know was from the Europe call center company) would take the time out to leave a message telling me that I was rude. I do not believe it was right for this person to return a call to a client for anything other than to speak about their account/policy. This person used personal information for their own needs.

If I could find an insurance company with the same benefits that you supply or better yet when I do find another company I will be leaving your company. I do not know if this customer service rep. used your telephone line or their personal phone due to the number came into my phone as restricted. Should you find this person I hope that he/she is reprimanded accordingly.

I am very disappointed and if a rude client gets the best of your CSR to prompt them to call back a customer to tell them they were rude, then they do not have the thick skin of a customer service rep and is in the wrong profession. For the record I was rude - it annoys me to speak to a person that do not understand me and blames it on a bad connection. If a person did not hear you they would not reply with an answer (wrong answer that is). I am disgusted at this customer service. I cant wait to leave your company.

My husband passed on Feb 7th, his father had a small $1K insurance policy on him, but has passed away himself. The funeral home contacted the company who said the policy was not enforce. My BIL contacted the company and they said yes it was enforce and would send me the paperwork. 1st they wanted a death certificate for my husband and a notarized statement they had sent for me to complete, BUT I couldn’t send it until 30 days after he passed, so I waited and sent it out on March 12th, then I contacted them when I received a request for proof of death AGAIN.

They said that they had received the paperwork and that that letter and what I had sent in passed in the mail, but I needed to send a death certificate or the official obituary notice on my father in law before they could process the claim. So, I sent them that, then on 3/24/2018 I got another letter saying that I needed to complete a proof of death to be filled out by the funeral home director, coroner or attending physician, (so I guess a original copy of his death certificate wasn’t adequate even though it had the state seal on it, the attending physician's signature and cause of death) they now need that done again on THEIR form and now they need a HIPAA form filled out.

This should have been contained in the first batch of paperwork that I received 2 months ago!! I called and asked each step of the way what was required and they have either deliberately withheld the info and are attempting to delay as long as they can to not pay or they are totally incompetent!! Either way it doesn’t speak highly of their level of integrity. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CLOWNS!!!

I've never had to think about buying travel insurance because usually I am pretty sure about being able to take a flight. I booked a Virgin America flight this past week for a last minute flight up to Seattle and was fighting allergies but decided in case it turned into a cold, to opt into the Insurance. You get travel insurance so you can cancel a flight if you have to right?? A safety net or a peace of mind, they say. I called yesterday as I officially transitioned from having allergies to being sick, and they said in order for me to get my refund I would have to go to urgent care and get a signed physician's note and submit it.

How do you expect someone to be able to do this all the day before a flight? I purchased insurance so I could get refunded for a flight if need be and it even said when I selected to opt into the insurance "in case of ..", and even Virgin America customer service said the policy visibly says "travel insurance" but it is really baggage insurance, which it does not state it exclusively baggage. I WILL BE FIGHTING THIS.

They are well known and they are someone to trust. They are experts in the life insurance and I really appreciate the company. I feel adequately covered and I have all the confidence in the world for them.

I have been spending about 2 years trying to get my name and beneficiaries changed on my policy. They want like every proof of information possible for the name change (WAY more than social security did) and refuse to change the beneficiary, so it still all goes to my ex... Called them today to try to fix it because I am unable to create an account on-line and change that way, they said they created an account for me and emailed the password, but of course, it hasn't appeared. Customer service people don't speak English and they pretty much refuse to help with what they are asked to do...

My dad died and had a small life insurance policy of 1000.00. We went in everything required and they acknowledged they had it. When nothing came of it as called. We talked to 4 different people through the months and received four different answers. The last one said they didn't have anything on my father. Yet each letter we have received have the same claim number. Shame on AIG! I am reporting this company.

My husband passed away this past March. Prior to his passing he had become disabled and had applied for the disability rider on his life insurance policy. He had submitted the required paperwork but they requested additional information. He continued to be unsuccessful in obtaining the benefit and became frustrated with the process and so had given up. Since his passing I have been trying to gain information on behalf of my children and reopen the case as had been stated in a letter to him. I also at the time of his death had been advised that the information needed could be resubmitted.

I have called several times asking for assistance in what information is still needed and been told that the matter is being escalated and referred to senior management and that I should expect a callback. This has not happened and the last rep I called gave me conflicting information and would not let me speak to a manager. He was unsympathetic and completely unhelpful. This is who they let represent their company? I will be filing a complaint with DFS and canceling my own policy with this company as I am not confident that at the time of my passing my children can depend on a benefit to be paid to them. I'll take my chance elsewhere.

I pay money and they tell me I am covered for XX amount of dollars. I really cannot say much else about my experience because I am still alive and I am relying on a company which I do not know anything about or anyone within which makes me question the validity of the policy and if they will follow through with what they are supposed to.

I open a universal whole life policy in 1990 and was told my rate would never change, well it did.

I paid my $86.13 for my policy on April 20, 2015, not knowing that my policy has jumped up to $604.20 until I receive a check back almost 3 months later saying my husband policy has been cancel. Why in the hell did you cancel a policy after it was your mistake in the first place. I paid them good for 10 years and I guess some kind of way that you found out my husband is at the end of his life you are doing this dirty **. I am losing my husband and now I have been slapped in the face with how will I lay my husband without any policy to fall back on.

This is so sad that people can take your money for 10 years and now act like you did not matter. I ask "Could I get some of my money back that I paid into it" and they said "no". Lord, help these dirty people. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? Why could you have written me before 3 month and said this is what you need to do. But you did this cause you did not want to pay us off. DIRTY!

Not the best outcome with the insurance representatives. My coverage is great but, dealt with a couple different agents as I tried to insure my whole family. First one put in the wrong information which was not caught till a month later when I finally received my first policy, so they fixed it and I received it back. Now there with three of us somehow no longer on the policy which I was paying for the whole time which I later got a refund for after two months but not before I had to write a letter and send in proof of who I was due to they put the wrong last name in for me, and other incorrect info as well which caused other issues... by the end they would not cover my autistic son or daughter with Pots (Post Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome) so I insured them through another company.

After being removed from my own policy several times due to the agent's screw ups I ended up with a new agent that had to put me on my own policy, my middle two children on a policy, and my youngest and oldest are through a different company. Although it seems to be straightened out I'm waiting for the shoe to drop and I'm not ok with that. I'm not sure if this is what everyone goes through due to it was my first time getting life insurance but it's been a nightmare for me!

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