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Having a pet insurance is extremely valuable like any other insurance. AKC Pet Insurance's pricing was comparable to other insurance providers and it was easy to use their website. I usually send the receipt to them and the person at the vet was trying to be helpful. But they sent the wrong receipt, so I had to call Pet Partners and I got very good customer service on the phone. So far, everything has been as advertised.

Fast and fair claims response.
I can understand that they get alot of claims but at times it takes more than a month to complete the process. The last claims I submitted had lab reports and information from the Vet. We had already spoke with someone about the tests being run and we submitted the reports and notes of the vet. They received three requests for information and submitted the paperwork three times and then a fourth time by fax with a vet tech being on the phone as the paperwork was being faxed. They need to set up some way to let the client know how much they have left on a certain illness.

We purchased our dog from a pet store and we were provided with a free month of insurance from AKC Pet Insurance. Pet insurance was never something we had really considered. But a couple years back my other dog got very sick and it racked up to over $5,000 for a little 14 lb. dog to get better. So, we decided it'd be best to pay a little bit more money in the long run so I stayed with AKC. However, it was a hassle to set up. I called and they said I needed to call somebody else. I would then call somebody else and they would say, "Okay. You need to call them." I would call back and they would say, "No. You needed somebody else." That happened three times. It took me a week and a half to get my insurance set up and I was making a call or two to them every day. Thank God we haven't really needed to use it but, it's been set up and working properly now. Nonetheless, their reps were all super nice.

AKC Pet Insurance has been wonderful--they really have. The dog has had issues and they had always paid. I never had to wait a long time so it's just been great.

Our dog was an AKC bred dog, so we immediately were interested in that AKC pet plan insurance policy. We got the paperwork and we've been a policyholder for 11 years now. They process claims timely and we didn't have any issues. Our dog just recently hurt her foot ankle and she had to have some x-rays. And the process has been streamlined immensely - just scanning the claim forms now, and not having to mail them. We got the check and reimbursement in a record time as well.

Straight forward claims process, fair treatment, expeditious claims handling. Much better experience than I expected.

I've been a member of AKC Pet Insurance for nine years now. My first dog, who's no longer with us, had a very bad health problem and I would not have been able to treat her as I did had it not been for the insurance. It was expensive and I ended up with a ton of out-of-pocket expenses, but AKC paid a lot too. They defrayed enough that it made it doable for me and I am always grateful for that.

In my most recent experience, my girl dog that had some measles issues. She went for three visits to the vet and I got $200 and something back for the visits and the meds from AKC. It was pretty good. I'm sad, though, that they moved the dental to the higher paying policy, which is really expensive. My dogs have their dental every year. Having the dental paid for was one of the big draws for me. That's one of the things I do preventatively for my dogs and I miss having that be paid for. I wish that they would make that more accessible. Other than that, I've recommended AKC to many people.

Kind, caring folks and they pay on time!! Well worth it!

Having pet insurance is very valuable. I've been a policy holder with AKC Pet Insurance for five months and they're very helpful.

Turn around time for paying claims is good. however No coverage for alternative care which is a disappointment

We just got an AKC Corgi puppy and we found out about AKC Pet Insurance with the information that was given to us with our Corgi. We looked it over and decided that we want to give it a try. We've been with them for less than three months. The experience has been all positive. Initially, we had some questions. She was nipping and doing some things. We called the AKC trainer line and they were really helpful in working through the nipping stage of our puppy. A pet insurance is extremely important for us. Aside from the puppy, we also have a five-year-old Chi-Pug that’s insured. Overall, we’ve been pleased with the service.

Once I registered with AKC, there was a free month of trying out. They were great to talk to and very helpful, but they didn't meet our expectations. I had to submit a claim for our dog because she was sick and they didn't have her covered. So having pet insurance is valuable if the appropriate things are covered and if you're getting reimbursed.

I've been with AKC most of my life. It's a good thing to have if you can afford it. But I only have the temporary free insurance for a certain amount of time. It's only for major things though, not for common things that you use all the time.

I haven't had the insurance long, so I've only used it once for an annual exam expense. They were very quick to reimburse and the correct amount. I just wish they were more automated. Reimbursement is by a snailmail check and there is no way to see your submissions, progress, or returns on your online account.
Excellent investment! AKC pet insurance makes taking our pup to the Vet a much less painful experience and it provides piece of mind that our girl is going to get the care she needs when she needs it. Thank you!

My yellow lab is an AKC registered animal. She has needed a couple of surgeries because she had some cranial cruciate ligament tears. Right now she's got dilated cardiomyopathy. She's almost 12, she's got a heart disease, and AKC's just been so good about covering the things that should be covered and reimbursing me fairly. AKC has just been so worth it. They've been fabulous.


The experience with AKC was really favorable and excellent - I had no problem at all.

They pay promptly. If you have a question the people you talk to are well informed and helpful. The new claim form is a vast improvement. very easy to use and doesn't require another trip to ask busy doctors to fill out another form.
Excellent service and organization!

My dogs got a herniated disc so it gets very expensive with a neurologist office here in Florida so I recently have filed a very large claim. AKC paid very quickly and a fairly big chunk of it so I'm very satisfied. Having AKC is extremely valuable and I tell all of my friends that it's a great thing to have. I'm almost evangelical about it. Excellent coverage. Excellent service.

When my dog broke her leg I figured I better get some insurance. I went online and found AKC Pet Insurance. I've been a policyholder for over a year now and just renewed it. It's a good thing to have so if anything happens to my little Yorkie, I have some coverage. Everything is good. I have no complaints.

my experience has been very good with AKC Pet insurance, their new portal is fantastic to use, easy to upload claims and very happy with the insurance overall!

I bought a dog and they offered AKC Pet Insurance when I registered it. Normally, I've had real good experiences with them. They were good about letting me know where they were at in the claims process. They were also good in paying and keeping me updated. However, I'm not very happy with this last claim because they denied it. It was for a dog fight and I had to do some research. I need to find out exactly why they didn't cover the charges. They just said that the claim was denied per my policy. They didn't give me a good explanation of why they denied the claim. Also, I don't like that they keep raising the policy. My pet is very valuable. I live in the country and my dogs get sick there a lot so it's very valuable to have insurance on them. I only have one of my dogs insured through AKC and he's eight years old now. So, if I try and switched him over, I wouldn't save any money switching him over to another company.

Quick processing.
I’ve been very pleased with my experience as a customer . My puppy has had quite a few incidents already and the AKC pet insurance has been an extremely wise investment and has covered all my expenses with my local vet once I met my deductible. The only draw back is it does take a little while before you receive your reimbursement check once you submit your paperwork along along with the insurance claim form. The only other minor item I would comment on is to make sure your vet writes a diagnosis for anything done as symptoms won’t suffice in the insurance claim form . All in all , I have already recommend AKC insurance to all my family and friends. I don’t know the monthly plan. Costs for an adult dog , but for a brand new puppy , this was the best investment I started! ! This has saved me over a $1,000.00 in vet bills in the first year , vet office visits aren’t cheap .
My only regret is the fact that Holistic vets who are also regular trained DMV’s and prescribe herbs and other holistic treatments do not have their services covered by AKC Pet plan Insurance! My dog benefits greatly using traditional treatments along with holistic treatments , Chinese herbs and treatment with an animal chiropractor! Could AKC Pet Plan consider evaluating the worth of the above mentioned alternatives? Thank you, Jean Lee

I bought my dog in September and that was when I got the policy with AKC this year. It's my first time to have insurance for my dog and so far, I cannot complain about anything. They've been transparent with me. It's 100% value for me to have.

Quick turn around and good coverage.

I decided to get a pet insurance because I had a dog that had to be put to sleep and that was a very expensive experience. So when I got a new pet, I decided that if there was a possibility of getting a reasonably priced insurance, I was going to get one since it’s very valuable to have a pet insurance. I’ve been with AKC Pet Insurance since November and they look like they charge a reasonable amount for their coverage. So far, everything’s been good. I filed a claim for the wellness part of the plan and I’m waiting for my check to come.

My service dog's trainer told me about AKC Pet Insurance and heavily recommended it. Signing up for it was very easy. There was a free trial and we just continued it from there. Since I have a working dog, I need him to be in top health, and sometimes I need financial help. The insurance is very valuable and it makes me feel secure about my dog.

Great insurance and convenient receipts submissions. Thanks.

AKC was recommended to me by the vet and PuppySpot where I bought my German shepherd. AKC provided a month free and I signed up with them in December. I've had no problems with them.

We've had insurance with couple different pet care providers but we consolidated everything with AKC. We've had it for at least two years now and so far customer service has been fantastic. Buying pet insurance is well worth it especially if you have working dogs where the risk of injury is higher.

Responsive company. Follows up on claims and timely and fairly expedites them.

The breeder recommended AKC to us when we got our dog back in 2004. We've had several claims and AKC had been pretty great. I understand it's similar to human insurance in turnaround time for the most part. I takes a while to get the reimbursement but that's fine because when my dog was sick with cancer last year, AKC sent a couple of get well cards which I thought was very sweet. Aside from that, everybody is always friendly - it feels a little personal. I would never have another pet without insurance and I would go with AKC again.

When I got my dog registered, I received all the paperwork and I've been an AKC policy holder for 4 years now. I just had my first claim with them and that was not the best experience I had. We took my dog in because she had itch-like hot spots on her. The vet told me she thought it was allergy-related and put her on allergy medication. I submitted the claim but they didn’t pay for it. They told me that the secondary issue that the vet said was due to anxiety.

However, my dog is not on anxiety medication and I even questioned them, “If she's got anxiety, why is she on an allergy medication? Why isn’t she on an anxiety medication?” I guess that’s something I'm gonna take up with my vet but at the same time it’s ridiculous that the secondary cause of it could be anxiety and AKC is not paying for it. While the customer service has been great and the people I talked to were always very nice, I'm not happy. I paid $200 and some out of pocket. I've been paying out $56 for 4 years but when I actually have a claim, it doesn’t get paid. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I’ve been more than pleased with AKC’s Pet Partners health insurance. They’ve been very helpful and extremely easy to do business with! Not only do they answer the phone immediately to answer any questions, but they’re very efficient in processing claims. I’ve always gotten a response within two weeks, often less time than that. Highly recommend!
I have akc ins for my 2 Great PYRNESE. I can’t say enough about their efficiency in reviewing and processing our claims.
Easy to submit claims
Peter is amazing and goes through everything and clearly defines the policy but also limitations and what if

I have a dog that's 15 years old and I know how expensive it can become as pets age. So I figured I would get insurance on the new dog. AKC reached out to me. When you register with them, they give 30 days free insurance and then you have the option of purchasing insurance. So that's what I decided to do. I called customer service once because I wanted a hard copy of the policy, and they mailed it to me.

Used to be great. But reimbursement rate has plummeted, claims take forever to process. Call Center hopelessly understaffed. But they have no problem charging for renewals right on time! At this point I’m stuck with them because my dog is elderly and I can’t start over. But stay far away.
AKC Pet Insurance is the best insurance I could find. Their rates are excellent and they cover illnesses, well pet care, etc., that other insurers just don't. Every time I have had a claim, they have taken care of it within a weeks time. I highly recommend AKC Pet Insurance for all pets. We have insurance for ourselves...should it be any different for our beloved pets? They are worth it & you'll have a wonderful sense of security knowing your pet is covered.

When I registered my dog in AKC, they gave me a free trial period. It actually worked out really well because when my dog have hurt herself in my backyard and we had to take her to the vet, I incurred some serious pet bills and medications which they reimbursed me for. It was just up to a certain amount but that was because I was just on a trial period. I filed the paperwork and they honored the claim. So, I'm thrilled with what they gave me.

AKC Pet Insurance has always provided prompt and excellent service. They have improved the quality of life for both my German Shepherds by helping to make the best care possible affordable.

We got a new puppy in January and my husband thought it was a good idea to get pet insurance so we pursued it and thought before we got her spayed it would help defer some of that cost, as well, and not knowing what to expect with a new puppy. I called them today to check on the status of the claim. Last month our dog was diagnosed with an incurable condition and unfortunately, they've come back and denied all of it because they say that it's a congenital condition.

It's not even the veterinarian that diagnosed our dog. We had our dog taken to Ohio State University based on our conversations with our current veterinarian. So when we get the explanation of benefits, we're going to review it and then were going to forward it to our vet, and she said she would take a look at it as well and see exactly what is causing them to feel that its congenital. We're talking thousands of dollars for an MRI and several things so it hasn't been a good day for us and AKC.

There are things that they cover but to me, it’s very expensive. If all they're going to cover is a broken leg, then it's hard to say whether or not it’s going to be worth your while. If you have a healthy pet, I wouldn't bother getting it. But if you don't have a healthy pet then it’s too late to get it because it will be pre-existing. We had it prior to having any knowledge of our dog having these conditions. I’m hoping that maybe our vet can take a look at it, see what they're looking at and make a better determination and talk to them about it. But in all fairness, everybody that I have spoken to over AKC has been very congenial and nice to work with. They have a very good customer service group.

One of my pets was registered with AKC Pet Insurance for two years. He's a service dog and I take him to dog shows and stuff.

My experience with AKC Pet Insurance was great. I called to check the status of a claim and they not only gave a good status but the person that checked it had very good customer service.

I can always get someone on the phone right away, and when they request information, I email it to them and the response is amazingly fast.

A friend of mine had AKC Pet Insurance, and I went ahead and signed up for it after I bought my dog. It’s a good idea to have, especially in the first year or two when you’re still learning if your pet’s going to have any medical problems or allergies, or anything that would possibly be long-term. As far as their service goes, you go to the vet, you send your forms in and then they reimburse your money for whatever they cover of it, whether it’d be all of it or half of it. It was helpful to me when I needed it and I was happy with what I had when I had it. It all seemed fairly simple and straightforward. I had it for a year and I canceled it after as I didn't feel I needed it at this time. My dog got a clean bill of health, and I just didn’t see the point of paying $70 a month for something I wasn’t using or didn’t have a need for. But it's always something I can go back to and get if I feel it being necessary.

I had AKC Pet Insurance three years ago. During those times, I filed some claims to them - typical vet bills and preventive stuff. The only thing I didn't like was that I had to wait so long to get my money reimbursed. They should have assigned vets that take the insurance and not from out of pocket upfront. After that, I had to wait and see what they were going to give me back. I had to look up the policy all the time.

Great investment

The puppy we bought came with a trial and the breeder referred us to AKC Pet Insurance. So far, it's been good. We haven’t had any problems and our animals have been healthy so far.

We were provided the AKC pet insurance since we got the dog on the 27th. While AKC does not cover the vaccination, the vet did good work.

Claims are processed in a timely fashion. There are no surprises in terms of what's covered and what isn't. Policy terms are clear and easy to understand.
It is easy to submit claims and they are handled quickly. We have never had a problem getting exactly the amount the coverage says we should. Rates are reasonable

Before, one of our dogs ended up with bloat. That was a $3000 emergency vet bill just for the surgery. So after that, my wife and I thought it would be nice to have something in case something like that happens again and you got to rush them in and get them taken care of. We talked to our vet about the different types of insurance plans that were out there and she recommended a couple of them and one of them was AKC. We did a little bit of research on our own and decided to go with AKC. We had dogs for pretty much all of our lives and we know it's a reputable organization so we just used that as part of the deciding factor along with the plan, the rates and some other stuff. We've been with them for around eight years.

For us, it is very valuable to have a pet insurance. We have three dogs big German Shepherds. That can add up fast when one or two of them gets sick. Last time we used it was for Heidi. She gets the lumps, the cysts, and we usually get them checked out. So they aspirate them and we turn that in for a couple hundred bucks. It's pretty easy - go online, print out the form, fill it out, take it to the vet, have them fill it out, then you get reimbursed. I've been happy with them.

We've had the AKC pet insurance for years. A couple of years ago we had a pet that had brain cancer and they did all kinds of tests. I was wishing we had more than the 3,000 because it cost us roughly 8,000 by the time we got through. Now we've just taken one insurance off and added one. We had a dog died on the 1st of September and then we got a puppy two weeks ago. There was just too much paper going back and forth. We had the dog put down on the 1st of September and it was a dual policy with two dogs on. So I had to take the dog that died off and then they sent me an updated policy. Now we put the new dog, so they sent me a new policy on that - with a single dog on.

The only complaint I've got is it seemed that there could be an easier way we can put them on and take them off than to keep sending this week some type of insurance change, and the next week you had another, and then they send you another thing, and then another. It just seemed to be too much paperwork not on my part but on their part. Then you have to look at it every time it came in the mail to see what it was and what to keep and what not to. But still, I'd recommend AKC Insurance.

I registered our 4-month-old puppy with AKC. AKC is a large company and they are reputable, so I went and took out their trial insurance and I've had their insurance since then--almost 10 years now. I took the pet insurance so that in case my dachshund hurts her back, I would have coverage for it. I would recommend them and would continue with the insurance. I'm happy with the excellent customer service, especially from Chris. Our little dog is 10 years and it was a pleasant experience with AKC. The insurance wasn't something that I had to keep harassing them for. We even got a card from AKC to see how our dog was, and that’s a very personal thing. I even got an email from somebody there to see how she was so I like the personal touch, too. The whole experience was great.

Great insurance they always answer my questions and they are very polite and professional thank you akc!!

My dog is AKC-registered so I just went ahead and went with AKC Pet Insurance. I've been with them for half a year and thankfully, I haven't had any experience yet but I'd recommend it.

Love the service, always fair, easy to read Explanation of Benefits. Super-fast turnaround on claims. Reasonably-priced premiums. Love doing business with AKC Pet Partners Insurance!

It is very valuable to have pet insurance because when my first Yorkie, Coco, got ill, I didn’t have insurance on her and then I went through some time of unemployment and I vowed to myself that I would never let money become an object again about getting my dog medical care. That’s the time when I got Ginger (another Yorkie). I got AKC Pet Insurance for Ginger, that died when she was 15 years old, so I’ve had it for a long time. Since AKC is pricier than the other ones, I only had her covered for injury and illness, but you get what you pay for. I was really impressed with one of the AKC operators when Ginger died and I had to call and cancel her policy. The male operator that I talked to let me sob and cry on the phone about Ginger. He told me to call back anytime, ask to speak to him and he’d speak to me directly. Also, I got a sympathy card from AKC which really meant a lot. It touched my heart.

So when I got it for Buttercup, I got her covered for everything. She’s a Morkie, one quarter Maltese, and three-quarters Yorkie. I originally had her covered under another company, which was significantly cheaper than AKC. But then my vet said that this other firm had a slow turnaround. I haven’t utilized them so I cancelled my policy and asked for a refund on my payment. And then I called AKC up and got Buttercup covered.

My experience with AKC Pet Insurance was good. I own a 146-pound Rottweiler, and having a pet insurance is very valuable to me because he's my baby. I want to protect him as he gets older, and make sure that everything is covered. With it, I don't have to worry. I've already recommended AKC Pet Insurance to a few people.

Have been very easy to work with so far!
I do not like having to pay my vet bill then AKC pet insurance decides if they will pay. I can just as easily put away 2500 dollars for by dog and not pay monthly bills as coming up with a large amount of money for treatment is very hard on working family’s. I will soon cancel my AKC pet insurance and so should you! They should have standard treatments listed that the vet can bill for and not make us pay first. People buy this coverage out of emotion and should read the fine print first. I will also add money each month to the 2500 for my pet or it can be used for the next one. Very dissatisfied AKC pet insurance subscriber!
AKC Pet Insurance is the only way to ensure your pets are receiving the best care and to receive a Co-Pay for all services. II always recommend my family and friends to enroll their pets in AKC Pet Insurance. Awesome!!!!!

I have used AKC for a couple of claims and the only thing is that they're slow at it. Once you file a claim and sent it there, it takes about 30 days before you get any response. I think that's kind of long. Then, I had to file stuff out for my other vet, and I had to give AKC information to get stuff for the vet. That was the first time but the second time wasn't so bad.

I have AKC Pet Insurance for about 10 years now and their service is good. Anytime I talk to people, they were very good. The insurance covers some medications, visits, and every shot for dogs but it doesn't cover some stuff like dental. I pay for my dog $1,500 - $2000 for it. It's still good because I used to spend $200 to the vet and still come back. Somebody told me they have a better insurance but my dog is already old and I don’t wanna change right now.

Getting better at Claim Processing Timeliness! I'm shocked at the massive improvement you've made to process claims. What used to take weeks or months to process and reimburse claims is now taking about a week. I'm so surprised - but so grateful. You've made tough times (let's face it the insurance covers the "hard times") more bearable so we can focus on caring for our loved family member.

I dropped by the clinic because my German Shepherd, Cena, was coughing too much. I got an insurance but the problem was the $1,000 per incident. I heard AKC Pet Insurance with the AKC people. I said, “Let me try them.” Their rep told me that it’s $250 out of pocket and that’s what I started with. They told me I'd get the papers as soon as I do the first payment, which I did. However, I haven't received the papers yet. AKC gave me the number of that insurance. I called them and then I called today and they told me that I should call at 10:00 Eastern time. I did but nobody answered the phone. So far, that’s what I’m waiting for, but I haven't used it yet.

There were AKC Pet Insurance pamphlets sent to me because I had registered my dog through AKC and so I figured I’ll give it a shot. She’s a puppy so I want to see what happens. Also, I figured AKC is a well-known organization everywhere so it’s got to be somewhat reputable and they’re not gonna play me around like some other insurance. Hence, I've been a policyholder with them since November. Having pet insurance is worth it for all of my babies.

Then sadly enough my dog had damaged her ulna plate. The bone stopped growing and so she had to go and have a major surgery. Granted they may only cover up to $2,000 per surgery per leg, at least that’s that and they didn’t give me a hard time at all. I brought all the information to the vet, they filled it out, and they sent the medical records. AKC emailed me a check within three weeks and they were really good. It was convenient and there was no hassle, no BS, and so I enjoyed. I definitely would recommend them and I have already recommended them to other people. My experience with AKC is great and I haven’t had any issues.

When I registered my dog with AKC to get the AKC papers, they had an insurance that I could purchase for my dog and I took the opportunity of doing that. Having the insurance is very valuable if my dogs are sick. I've been a policyholder with AKC for two months now and I've already filed a claim with them to use the insurance for the vet. The process of filing a claim was very painless. I called their 1-800 number and talked to their rep, and they emailed me the forms. I filled these out and brought all these to the vet, then I sent these in to AKC. I breed dogs and sell puppies, and I would recommend AKC Pet Insurance to everybody.

My experience with AKC Pet Insurance has been good. My dog is 10 months old and I’ve been with AKC for 10 months too. I had a Schnauzer before him that was 15 years old and Schnauzers are prone to have a lot of issues and I didn’t have insurance with him and I wished I had. So, I just went ahead and got a pet insurance for my new dog since the get-go. I had him neutered and I’ve had a flea and tick and heart medicine with him, and every time I’ve had him to the vet they’ve always reimbursed me quickly.

Having a pet insurance is very valuable, especially with Schnauzers. They have so many issues. People on Facebook had asked me about insurance and I told them who I have insurance with. I told my friends that I’ve had no issues with AKC at all and that they’ve been very quick to answer questions and advise me. Any time I’ve asked for anything, they’ve always been really quick to answer or send me anything in the mail. They’ve been really good with me.

i have a Border Terrier, Gus, who has been insured with AKC since he was 3 months old. I have no experience with any other Pet Insurance carrier so my comments are based solely on my 12 year experience with AKC. Since some changes were made (ownership?), I have to spend more time, than I think is necessary, monitoring my claims/reimbursements. Serious monetary errors have occurred . Corrections were made, but only because of an audit or a very dedicated claims representative. (Either way, most appreciated.) I think increases in pet insurance should be based on the number of MAJOR claims, not the usual health problems due to age. My rating is 3+, but not quite 4. Rosemary M Lord(Gus's forever Mom)
The best manager Adam Blodgett who always stays connected and personal and helps to accelerate the claims.

I chose AKC Pet Insurance because they offered free for 30 days. I'm glad I took advantage of the offer because unfortunately, my puppy got into something. I was very appreciative that I had that coverage when that happened, and that they paid up very quickly.

I would recommend this company to anyone, they are quick to respond to claims, very easy to work with.

Since I had a Doberman before who had $1800 worth of surgery, I decided getting an insurance was a good idea. I heard some people saying that they weren't satisfied with the service that they got. I figured with AKC, if I had any complaints, I can get in touch with them and that should take care of things. I send everything in and they send me a check. I've been with them for at least 10 years and so far, every time I've had to use the insurance, they paid very well. They have paid twice to one of my dogs quite a bit. Being retired, that's important. Paying a little bit each month is an improvement to having suddenly a whopping bill of maybe over a thousand dollars. Once I ended up taking one of my dogs, Lexi, to emergency on a Sunday and it's $500 in the door. By the time we were through, it was a whopping bill all the way around and AKC paid at least $900 of it.

Recently, they got in touch with me because they were trying to get the monthly payment. Someone had gotten my credit card number and we had to cancel the card so I couldn't deal with the things that are automatic every month. I couldn't call anybody until I had the new number. Whoever I talked to was very helpful and understanding, and got it all straightened out.

AKC Pet insurance is awesome and I would recommend them to anyone.
Every time I have to submit a claim, I have to print, fill out, and then scan/photo and submit a form that has 99% of the duplicate information on it. I understand having to submit a photo of the invoice, but why do I have to fill out that paper form every time? The invoice has all of the new info on it, and everything else should be in your records. It also makes no sense that you don't have an online claim submission form that I can just attach a photo of the invoice to. It would be less work for you and for me. Also, nearly every time I have filed a claim, there have been exceptions, loopholes, or disclaimers that have prevented me from being reimbursed any amount that would make it worthwhile to maintain this insurance policy. I'm particularly upset by the last claim, because I deliberately bought the extended policy that covered dental cleanings, and they used a loophole to only pay $40 rather than the $350 that the cleaning actually cost. Am actively looking into other insurance plans now. The pro I can give it is that it's reasonably priced and when I've called customer service they've always been good. However when weighed against the lack of coverage, makes the service not worth it.
We have had this insurance for nearly 14 years and they have always taken care of us
awesome thank you guys so much

I signed up with AKC Pet Insurance when I adopted my pup. I've had the policy for two months, and I recently filed a claim and I'm waiting for them to answer because they asked for additional documentation from the vet. But so far, I've had a satisfactory experience.

Have paid good on most of the claims for Shelby, my little English Bulldog. Glad I have insurance on her for peace of mind.
The best investment in insurance I have ever made.

We have had a Bichon and we've heard that they're known for having certain kind of issues and so we didn’t wanna take any chances. We wanted to make sure we had insurance for the dog in case something happened. I saw AKC Pet Insurance online and it was reasonably priced for what I could get and what it covered. And so, I signed up for it. We've had it for a few years now and had opportunities to make some claims and there had been no issues with the claims. Filing was very easy, all we had to do is fax it in. They’ve paid promptly and fairly. So, I am satisfied with it.

We ended up getting a new puppy and the one-month free trial with AKC was part of the whole enrollment. There was one time I may have actually needed it. I called to figure out what was going on but the woman said I needed to call a week prior to activate everything before I had a problem with my dog. So I couldn't even take advantage of it. But the woman was nice. She at least got me enrolled and explained how everything works.

I am pretty sure that I have reviewed AKC PET insurance before but I have no reservations about reviewing them again. A lot of people I know have gone with cheaper insurances and basically you get what you pay for. At least I know that my two dogs are safe here. One was just nine...the other will be turning eight years old in another couple of weeks and with age, comes lots of issues. AKC is a very good insurance and they process claims very quickly. AKC processes claims very quickly. I shell out a lot of money because of the age of my two dogs, as in people, the dogs tend to develop issues. I trust this company because I have been using them for many years and I would not have it any other way. While other insurance companies seem to go under after a couple of years, AKC stands strong amongst the rest. I am very happy with them and I would never ever change. The customer service team is outstanding and personable. That means a lot to me.
So glad we got this for our puppy..has paid for everything! Fast sending in of money once claim for is sent!
We have a dog with major stomach issues that we didn’t know about and had a $1400 bill and the insurance sent us $900 back of that. Since we are retirees and that was an unexpected bill this was fantastic

My dog is a four-and-a-half-year-old Bichon who hasn't been in good health. My husband who's a physician brushes her teeth at least three times a week. However, she had to have 16 teeth extracted because of overcrowding in her mouth and they had to be extracted under anesthesia at the vet's office. The procedure would cost $800 and when I called AKC Pet Insurance, I was told it was not covered. The policy stated that the only time that anything involving teeth was included was when it was due to an accident, which I didn't think that was fair and I felt it should be considered because hers was not due to any type of dental disease. There was no form of gum disease or dental decay. If someone would ask me about AKD, I'd tell them to read the contract very carefully before they go on board.

I bought my supplies at Petland and got AKC Pet Insurance. I've been a policyholder with AKC for close to a year now. My pet Muriel was two at that time and was getting older, and I'm sure that I'll be able to provide care for him if anything goes wrong. It’s a Bichon Frise mixed with Shih Tzu and he’ll be turning three. He’s a family member. When I see him hurting, I want the best care possible and that’s definitely very expensive so it’s good to have a little bit of shock absorbent. I got my money pretty fast when he has his checkup. Everything’s been pretty positive with AKC. Their guys answer real prompt. Since nothing major has happened, I hope they will be as great as everything now.

Very compassionate on the passing of my pet.

I have been with AKC since 2006 when I got my first dog and I'm still with them now with my third puppy. They are registered show dogs. Once you register the dog with AKC, they offer you the insurance, which is very valuable for pets to have. I mainly needed AKC on one of three dogs and it has helped a lot.

I've been a customer of AKC Pet Insurance for about seven or eight years through the registration of a dog. At the time, I decided to look into acquiring pet insurance because I had a dachshund and they're notorious for back problems so I thought it would be a good benefit to have. My most recent experience has been with my corgi, Buffy, but I don't have a complete outcome. I have submitted several claims because she got sick and then got better and I've received the claim in a timely manner for that. But I've submitted two or three claims. She swallowed a rubber plug and she had to have surgery.

It's extremely valuable to have a pet insurance, especially with what happened with Buffy. I did have a problem when they switched services and it was a mess. I was also very unhappy that I wasn't offered the same type of policies for one dog that I got for the other. But they contacted me and had it resolved within a few days, which I thought was fantastic.

I registered my puppy and found out about AKC. I have been a policyholder since December. The reps were informative and so far, my experience with AKC has been very good. AKC is good for a puppy and others should try it.

AKC was given free for a month when I got my puppy and my experience with them has been great. When my puppy broke his leg, we extended the policy. I never had pet insurance in the past, but with the experience that we have right now, it is valuable. In fact, I have recommended them to a friend.