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I had an accident on March 11, 2013 on my way to my arthritis dr. I blacked for 45 seconds or so. When I came to I was about to hit an electric pole. I tried to avoid it but too late. I was wearing my seat belt & have full coverage along with collision & comp or @ least I pay for it. ALFA refused to pay the claim, said my ins. was lapsed although it wasn't. My vehicle was totaled. I was injured & transported to hospital. I was not issued a ticket nor was my license suspended. The state trooper checked my insurance & it was good. I now am hiring a lawyer & found out I'm not the only person here that's having this problem with ALFA. JUST PLEASE BEWARE OF THE ALFA AUTO.

We were rear-ended on December 17th by a minor. My wife was sent to the ER via ambulance. The kid was cited for following too close. We were at a dead stop and he pushed us over 2 feet on dry pavement. I obtained a police report which included his insurance company. I filed a claim with his insurance and waited for a call. I got the call, just not the one I wanted. The other driver did not have insurance at all. Their coverage had lapsed and they did not renew. I have called daily since then to notify Alfa about this. No reply. No emails returned. I have called 8 times today and left voicemails each time. I have sent numerous emails. I am now getting an attorney involved. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Even if they are your insurance, they will not follow up, they will not contact you, etc. God forbid you get hit by one of their customers. I am cancelling this crap as soon as I can. If I could give 1/4 star I would do it. They are **!!

On January 17, 2013 while stopped at a red light, my son and I were rear ended by a driver insured by Alfa. She said, she was sorry, but when she looked up there we were, and she stated she was driving 40 mph. However, it was snowing and the roads were icy. They have not paid any of my medical expenses (I was left with 5 bulging disc), thus the location and the number cannot be fixed. Oh they did repair the damage to my car. They did not pay any depreciation. They aren't there when needed! I have had to pay medical deductibles out of my own pocket and they won't respond to my requests. My injuries are permanent. I have back pain everyday.

My car was hit by a lady that has Alfa insurance. They set me up with a rental. It took a while to find the part since it was longer than they expected and they told the body shop where the part was and it was sold before they could get it a week past before it was found. The damage was more than the betterment covered, they would not pay the body shop the extra and are basing the non payment to Enterprise on the part used was not the one that they found and body shop fees were too high. Now I am looking at a $580.00 car rental fee and in Indiana the people are not protected. I was told they don't have to supply a car even if you need one, it's up to you to find a ride. Then they said if you don't like it take it up with your representative. Either way you will have to pay even though it's not your fault. Not sure but looks like laws in Indiana are made to punish the people and protect the guilty.

Alfa is crap. We bought a used '04 Dodge Ram in excellent condition with a bank loan. Two days later, my boyfriend was in an accident. His left side was t-boned and both doors were damaged. We were told to go get a quote from a body shop. It was $7,100 in damage. I played phone tag with their representative and finally got an appraiser to come out. They ruled that the truck is a total loss and in fair condition. They offered us $8,000 to take the truck and doesn't cover our loan $6,000 to keep the truck. They said our truck only retails at $8,000 which is untrue.

The KBB value is close to $14k. We were going to keep the truck and fix it and continue our normal payments but according to them, we were not allowed. So my boyfriend is without a car and we owe $2,000 for a car we had for two days. Oh and the great thing is we got money for a rental but it will only last 5 days. Are we magically supposed to get a car without any money? Alfa is a horrible insurance company and the people who work there get attitudes very quickly.

I got rear ended around Thanksgiving and the other party relapsed in their insurance so no coverage. I call my insurance Alfa. I happen to be out of state during the incident for school. Mark ** my adjuster is more worried about my address and how long I've been out of state than actually sending someone to look at my car.. It's now January 16th, no adjuster came out to look at my car. My family and I have 5 full coverage cars with Alfa. MONEY WASTED.

This is about the rudeness of the adjuster who was extremely unprofessional regarding the handling of the auto claim. My car suffered rear impact from their insured. They denied some damage. It’s a three-year-old car with 22,000 miles. Insurance is designed to restore you to the same position you were in prior to the claim, especially if their insured was at fault.

My wife’s father was killed in a vehicle accident on May the 5th 2017. On her birthday no less. My wife nor her brother who is a minor child nor her sister have received any benefits. Also they have had several court dates for her minor brother and they keep getting jacked around. This is outrageous and insanely ridiculous. No insurance company should be like this. Oh and he was not at fault during the wreck. He was trying to make a turn and was hit in the rear of his vehicle at 70 miles an hour and died on impact.

We were rear-ended by someone with Alfa insurance. They were the at fault driver. I contacted Alfa insurance and they said that he was insured and they were going to contact us later that day and arrange for us to get a rental until we got the check for our totaled van. They did not call so I called them and was told that his insurance lapsed THAT MORNING AT MIDNIGHT... How fishy is that. I contacted a supervisor and asked him for proof that he was uninsured and he started calling me a liar saying that I made up the entire story of being told he was insured, etc... He refused to give us a name or any help whatsoever... He was so nasty with me and my husband. ALFA INSURANCE... SCAM AND NASTY REPS. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. The guy that hit us may have indeed paid his bill but his insurance company is screwing him over. The cops are looking for him because he did not pay his bill, etc. We just don't know what to do!!

My vehicle was in an accident and Alfa only authorize a rental for 2 days and the work took more 2 days and the rental car company is charging me now. Also, they do not want to pay the body shop for the work after the deductible and I had to pay.

I separated from my wife in April of 2011. When I separated, I emailed Robbie ** who was our insurance agent and wife's cousin, and told him that I needed my policy on the vehicle I had. He told me that he couldn't separate the policies until we were divorced. He also told me that he had talked with my wife and told me to just send $66 for my share of the insurance. I sent it and she cashed them for four months.

On august 7th, my vehicle was damaged. I sent Robbie an email about the damage. I called Robbie and he gave me the claim number. I asked him if I was covered for a rental and he couldn't tell me; he referred me to claims department. When I called them, they told me that my insurance had been dropped on August 6th, one day before my accident. I called Robbie back and he just stepped out the office. I asked for someone's higher-ups number and was referred to Jan **, Robbie's administrator. After explaining this to her, she told me that she would have to get with the underwriters and someone would call me but that was a week ago and I haven't heard anything yet. The insurance agent is the one who made this arrangement, he should have notified me when the insurance was canceled. I have copies of all emails.

I am going to pursue whatever level is necessary to get my vehicle repaired. Robbie ** should not be allowed to sell insurance if this is how he represents ALFA. I will never use them again and I am going to pass the word.

Alfa's client hit my car in December. I wasn't even in the vehicle when it was hit, so it was a clear black and white incident. When I got the estimate from their adjuster, **, it was way below estimated damage. I didn't cash the check, just brought it to the body shop to get repaired and proceeded to rent a vehicle to get to and from work. The body shop contacted me after a few days stating that Alfa now refused to pay for the damage because there was a preexisting nick on the opposite side that they weren't responsible for. It was explained that in order to properly fix the damage on the bumper, the paint had to be blended all around, otherwise, it would be spotty work. However, the car sat in the shop because ** did not communicate that he would take care of the damage owed.

The rental company, Enterprise, also contacted me stated that Alfa refused to pay the duration of my rental, leaving me with a $191.64 charge that I was held accountable for since it was in my name. On top of that, **, refused to communicate properly and literally sent me into an anxiety attack in which I had to call off work and lose funds. I eventually had to get my insurance company to handle the dispute at the risk of possibly raising my premium, and since I'm not signed up for rental insurance, I am still left responsible for the rental charge. I have never in my life experienced such consumer fraud and believed I was targeted for being a single female in which they underestimated would fight back. I am over my anxiety now and am only left with time and anger. I will fight this in every way I can. It's not fair and it's not right that Alfa tries to nickel and dime to avoid a complete repair.

In the past, when I've ever been involved in any type of accident, the law enforcement determines who's at fault and the faulty insurance company takes care of it on EVERY level. Apparently, this has been a major issue with Alfa, and I know for a fact that they will go out of business because of their horrible lack of morals and service. I will prevail with the help of God by my side and this matter will be settled once and for all. With Him, all things are possible.

Their client was speeding and ran into the back of my car. They fixed my car but never paid for my injury, nor the two days of work l missed along with my pain and suffering. I contact the agent many times, even sent my hospital bill; he just won't call me back. This has been going on for almost a year. I really don't know what to.

I did not want to pay for damages to my car that was done by their client. They told me flat out they are not paying for my car. I then got a letter months later. They wanted to take pictures of my car, not to pay me but to use it to help them to see how much they should pay their client. They did not mention that in the letter they sent me. When I called them, they would not return my call. They were just trying to use my car and not pay me. They knew their client was wrong.

I changed all my car insurance to Alfa Auto Insurance in August of 2016 because the low balled State Farm. The first six months they went up. I was told the reason was there were additional days in the next six months. I was never told a price based on daily rate. Anyway - had an accident. They canceled my insurance on all four of our vehicles including our Harley which I do not have a license to drive. Never ever use Alfa. They doubled charged me for one day. I went back with State Farm. Thank goodness and will never leave them again. Wanted to give everyone a heads up on how they will low ball other insurance companies and then go up on you.

Alfa has a family type atmosphere. They always know me by name and always want to know how I am doing. Always ask about my family. I feel like home when I walk into the location. Love it.

My name is Lisa and I have recently been involved in a minor accident with minimum damage. I had recently switch from GEICO to Alfa Insurance because it was a better choice financial. The customer service that GEICO gave to us as policyholders was exceptional. My husband and I are both business owners and we are sticklers when it comes to common courtesy. My accident was on 6-9-16 and I am writing this because of my settlement from the assigned claims adjuster. I have accepted the decision that was enforced to me, but still have several unanswered questions. I have for two weeks trying to contact my adjuster from TN and have been ignored. He requested for me to fax over the police report which I did and this was to help with getting cost covered. I called today 6-28-16 and left messages, but still nothing.

My adjuster called back later in the day (finally after a week) with a very disturbing attitude. I had ask if he received my fax and he said to me that he gets a lot of faxes that I needed to be more specific with day and time. I let him know that I faxed it yesterday 6-27-16 in the am, but he brushed me off with "well... I didn't receive it." As our conversation carried on I then needed to ask several questions that I had not yet ask, and before I could ask he over talked me like robot (no compassion) to let me know again, I am under my deductible and will have to pay for repairs when I was not at fault. I was the one who was hit by another vehicle and had police come out. The girl that hit me was a teenager and didn't mean to cause the accident, but still did nevertheless. The accident occurred on private property which did not help. By the way... this law stinks.

My adjuster from Alfa Insurance located in TN was extremely rude and cut me off without letting find out some of my rights as my insurance co. and what I thought was going to be there for me and advocate. I was trying to find out why in the world we, he or Alfa did not make any attempts to contact the other parties' insurance. I understand the private property laws, but I also know what Subrogation means too. I am so disappointed in the way I have been treated by Alfa and their employees. It makes me wonder if this people even go through a training process and learn the grievances big or small that their policyholders go through before being pushed off to departments and department recordings especially since I have never been in an accident.

I wanted to write this because I needed to vent, but also to let everyone know that once a policyholder with Alfa that's it you are just that a piece of paper holder for them who pays storage fees to store the paper in wallet or glove box. So, the conclusion to this complaint is I tried calling to speak with a supervisor or corporate and left two messages on two different phone numbers that was in charge of TN claims adjusters, but guess what? NOTHING ALL DAY!!! I am swapping insurance companies first thing in the am and will never return. I will also make sure to let everyone I know to not choose this company for their insurance needs either...

This issue was resolved months ago. Our local agency helped us out. They ended up canceling the original policy and doing another one so that we ended up paying the amount we were originally supposed to.

My son was involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist whose car was impounded. The officer said he could not determine who was at fault so neither driver received a ticket for the accident. Alfa said they decided that my son was at fault and refused to allow the accident be covered under an Uninsured Motorist claim even though we paid for it and she was uninsured. They even tried to say that my son gave a recorded statement saying he was at fault, but when they sent me a copy of the transcript after I demanded it, he said she was at fault and gave specific details.

Alfa dragged its feet on paying for the damages (hiring a small outsourced one-person shop that the body shop said they always use because he charges half of what the others do) for six weeks until the car was finally fixed. So instead of paying a $250 deductible, we had to pay a $1,000 deductible and they refused to pay for all the damages citing various vague reasons. After complaining to both the adjuster, the manager and sending a letter to the president of Alfa, nothing changed. Bottom line, beware of Alfa! Do not buy insurance from this cheap, poorly run, no customer service company.

2 claims on two of our cars on 10/25/17 at 3:30 pm. As I was making a right hand turn I was hit on the right side. After the other person would not pay I turned to Alfa my company. Wrong. They would not cover me because I was delivering newspaper for a friend, now I may lose my license from my State cause Alfa told them I was not insurance when the accident happen. They told the Indiana BMV that I had NO insurance.

December 16, 2017 my Wife's car was rear ended while it was parked. Nobody damaged but it was pushed 10 to 12 inches forward that it broke the left axle and the tranny would not go into drive or reverse and park is out. They do not like to pay and they like to drag their feet on doing anything they did. Call it a totaled lost and only gave her $50.00 for her car. Just in luck we had Gap Coverage to cover the loan. This company needs to be put out of business.

I am not a customer of Alfa Vision insurance, but one of their clients chose to drink and drive on April 28, 2014. He did 1395.00 damage to my deck. My deck is attached to the back of my house. I got an estimate and submitted it like Keri Ann the claims adjuster had instructed me to do. A few days later, I received a phone call that they were deducting $236 from the estimate for depreciation. I told her that I did not agree with this decision because I wanted my deck fixed back the way it was. Her response was "The purpose of insurance is not to make you better off than you were," and hung up on me. Kentucky Department of Insurance says they violated no laws. Because one of their clients chose to drink and drive, I am out $236. This company is a con and should not be in business.

I have ALFA insurance and I was hit by another car and they took off. So when I called my insurance (ALFA) on Sunday the 19th of February, they still have not got back to me about my car being fixed and it is now February 27th. The car is just in a lot and my agent Corey ** has not answer any of my calls. I keep calling and emailing him but nothing. I will never recommend this insurance to anyone. Poor service. I even tried to call the company and all they tell me is that to wait for him to call me really. How am I going to get around to work and my kids and my wife's job to? I asked for a rent a car but can’t get one till Corey calls me to. Wow, they really know how to look bad.

I had an accident on Oct. 27th, 2015. A drunk driver passed me while I was making a left-hand turn. He was running 70 in a 45 zone. My estimated speed was 5 mph. He had no license or insurance. Today is March 17th, 2017. Let's just say all I received from them was a car payoff of 9600 and I owed 13k so I'm stuck with the remaining balance of 4400 hundred bucks and 5000 for medical bills which was on my insurance policy. When I first asked about my medical pay they said, "We don't pay that to you. We pay your bills with that." So then I got a lawyer. It took over a year to receive money for medical pay. That's even with my lawyer.

My lawyer has been calling and calling. He tried contacting Alfa attorney with numerous emails and left countless numbers of voicemails. He only talked to Alfa lawyer twice out of almost 2 years. He sent forms for the lawyer to answer so we can get a trial date since we can't settle because they're trying to lowball me sooooo bad. The lawyer refuse to fill out the forms. We finally got a court order to make him fill out the paperwork and answer questions in front of a judge so we can go forward. DO NOT GET ALFA. THEY TREAT YOU LIKE TRASH. THEY'RE UNPROFESSIONAL AND GIVE ZERO CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PROPERTY. Long as you pay them and don't have any accidents you'll be fine. I give them a negative 6 stars.

My car was hit by someone who had this terrible auto insurance. It took them a week and a half before the adjuster to even call me. Then when she did, she was rude and hung up on me. I then tried to call her back. The number they had given me was a non-working number. So she was only able to call me. Customer service is horrible. It took them a month to send me a check and they didn't even include rental. What kind of insurance company is this? They're the worst. This company should be closed. We spoke with the claims adjuster manager about his rude worker and I told him how terrible this company is. He took up for his worker. Isn't that some bull? I'm reporting them to BBB.

Do not use Trexis. Their rates are higher than anyone and they will do anything to cheat you out of money. I was paid up through June 26 and canceled June 16th for one vehicle and June 18th for the second. I went over all of this on the phone with the agent who assured me I would receive a check but instead I was sent a bill for more, $17.36 because of a multi vehicle discount. The agent I spoke outright lied to me or I would have canceled both vehicles on the same date. I was lied to outright multiple times and their prices are absurd which is why I canceled. DO NOT USE. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT LIARS.

Payments were set to be withdrawn from my checking account automatically. Prior to the expiration of my policy, I received a renewal notice. The notice indicated that I had to mail a payment to ALFA or my policy would lapse. Accordingly, I mailed a check to ALFA. I subsequently called ALFA to confirm they received my check. I was informed that, despite the representations made in the letter, my renewal payment would automatically be withdrawn from my checking account. As a result, I asked them to destroy the check I sent them. ALFA refused to do so thus resulting in me being double charged. I spoke with two managers about it. To justify their refusal to do what I asked, ALFA informed me that it was "too big" and had "thousands of clients." ALFA is obviously too big to care about individual policy holders. Please avoid doing business with this company.

Alfa Insurance will not cover an accident I was in. We suffered damage to our vehicle and the claim adjuster told me several times that the other driver was not returning their calls. Now they say they cannot cover because the driver was not listed as an authorized driver on the policy. They will not provide me with a copy of the policy or language from the policy for review. This agency should not be authorized to issue policies. Find another company. And if another driver, who has Alfa, is at fault in an accident you are in you may want to get some cash upfront from the other party, because it seems there is little guarantee that Alfa will pay claim.

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!! Agents are rude, adjuster took 4 days to respond negatively, not covering damages. Living in moisture and mold 10 days now, with no remediation possible due to agency and adjuster mishandling. I need to consult an attorney before I can elaborate, there is possibly multiple issues that may have legal consequences. Can anyone suggest an attorney that has experience dealing with them. Please help!!

On May 24, 2014 a motorist insured by Alfa Insurance left their vehicle unsecured and it rolled down a hill and collided with my house. A state trooper's review gave me pertinent information of the accident. I contacted Alfa and they confirmed they insured the motorist, but have refused to settle the claim. A proposal was offered from a certified contractor and now they're saying that they aren't sure that all of the damage was created by their motorist. Foundation and other damage was created from the vehicle rolling down a hill and hitting my house. Please do not use this company for anything! It is the most irresponsible company I have ever encountered!

I have been with Alfa's Daniel Stickler agency in Macon for only three months. In that time they could not figure out how to get my billing straight. First month I was called because they couldn't draft my account because the agent didn't have my account information and entered it late even though I gave it to her twice. I had to give her my credit card. Second month got a call on the 15th they still couldn't draft from my account because of an unknown and unexplained reason, had to give them my credit card once again. They assured me moving forward I wouldn't have anymore problems.

The next month they sent a statement overcharging me on the next draft because they charged me a late fee for their mistake. I called my agent before the draft and was assured that they would do everything possible to change the payment and if they didn't they would refund it back to my account. They didn't refund it, I was overcharged anyway and they couldn't refund it to my bank. I checked with the bank and that was totally false. When I tried to cancel the owner told me the same thing and "let me get this straight you're canceling over ten dollars", when I confirmed he said he would cancel with an angry tone and hung up on me. Awesome customer service. Beware. Run - don't walk away from this company.

I was involved in an accident August 13, 2015. I filed a claim the next morning. Problem #1: It took me several hours to get them to understand my car was not driveable. Problem #2: I had the rental for 8 days before an adjuster came out to look at my vehicle. Problem #3: My car was a total loss, and they did not pay me what my car was worth. My car was worth $5,200.00, and I only received $2,859.00. Problem #4: Once they made an offer, it took an additional 2 weeks to issue my check. I was on a budget and wanted to save money, but you get what you pay for. Do not choose this insurance company! They are a rip off!

Alpha Insurance is straight garbage. On June 10, 2016, I had a claim to vandalism and needed a tow. I had to search for hours on the internet to find a number for a tow to finally speak to someone and find out that I was lied to about road side service. But I had to pay for my own tow then get reimbursed. That is not what I was told when I got the policy. Therefore my car sit on the side of the highway and was vandalized. I only had a tire blow out and needed just the tow. But since I had to pay for the tow and God knows when I would ever get reimbursed for it I also had to replace a tire. So I had to let the car sit there on side of the road until the next day to get my tire replaced. I also noticed the damage of the vandalism to my vehicle and reported it to the insurance company Alpha. It took them a week of constant phone calls for them to send a man dressed like a woman with a deep voice to address my insurance claim.

Then I had to continue calling Alpha every day for a whole other week to see the status of my claim. No one would ever assist me or call me back. After 10 days I finally talked to someone I contacted and one person said that claim was being paid then another person said that they felt like the damage was not done on side of the road, that it was a prior damage. So of course they don't give a ** and have no intentions of ever paying my claim. If you have Alpha Insurance run now to your local Farm Bureau and get insurance. I will never make this mistake again.

I have had Alfa for 19 1/2 years and in 2014 I filed a theft claim on my house and in 2015 I filed a claim on my roof due to a storm. Well now I have received a letter from them saying they will no longer renew my insurance due to claims.

I rented a car since my wife's was in the shop with a fuel pump problem. I have full coverage on my truck and so when I called alfa to check on the coverage transferring I was told it would since I have full coverage. My wife parked in my turn around and I bumped the rental car when leaving for work. I called my adjuster to make a claim and the next day was called later that day by someone from their head office. In short he said they weren't covering my claim because my wife's car has collision and that would make me liable for the coverage. I told him I rented the car not my wife and my insurance covered it and even if it didn't my truck hit hers and should pay. They are still saying I'm liable since the car is for her even though my name is on the rental agreement. Alfa is crap insurance that will take your money and not pay your claim. Beware!!!!!

My overall experience with Alfa has been positive. For example, I wasn't aware the company had transitioned to an outside provider for towing services. I experienced mechanical failure and paid for 2 tows. Afterwards, when I submitted my receipts for payment the company still honored the receipts and reimbursed me for my expenses. Also, I like the fairness and availability of my agent's office.

On May 3, 2012, I was in a minor accident. It is now November 6, 2013 and not only is the issue not resolved, but I am now being sued. I have always had full coverage. In addition, I have spent 3 days trying to contact the office of the insurance adjuster to have a lawyer appointed for me and I have not had a single call back (as Alfa's letters instructed me to do in this sort of situation). I sit on hold for 20 minutes to have an operator transfer me to another voice mail. It's ridiculous! I have only 20 days to have a lawyer contact the court to file against this claim and I have stated this on the numerous voice mails I have left. Today, I left a voice mail for this person's manager. Still no call back. I wish I had never left Nationwide Insurance.

A client with a Alfa Auto Insurance policy holder hit my car front lights on 04/22/2016, called them. No answer for 2 weeks then received a call. They did not have pictures and police report so I got all the information and emailed it on the same day as well as a estimate of how much it will cost to fix my car. Wow no call for another 2 weeks then call me that my file was transferred to someone else in another department. When I asked was told they will called me.. I am still waiting.

I complained to customer service. No luck. I am still waiting. It has been more than a month my car without light and leaking water and broken parts. Wow what a business practice (Bad Faith Statue). I have provided all documents to them and still no feedback from anyone in that company. I have send them multiple emails and messages and document but I am still waiting to get my case solved. If someone can help me please advise me.

Someone hit my car, a fender bender in a parking lot which lead to the nightmare of dealing with his insurance company. He even claimed full responsibility, I couldn't imagine dealing with this company if it was contested. This is a 50k brand new Lexus and initially they wanted to give just $550 for the repair! Even though multiple body shops estimated it at $1200. I finally got them to agree to more by paying the body shop directly which lead to them HAGGLING with the body shop over pennies, not only that but they were not responsive to the body shop's calls for approvals. The body shop actually ended up calling ME to complain that they were not getting responses from Alfa Insurance DAYS later.

On top of that they didn't pay for a car rental so I'm stuck without a car for over half a month because of this horrible horrible penny pinching insurance company that doesn't call people back. They'll answer the phone right away but getting to talk to an actual adjuster who does the approvals is like an act of congress. Stay far far away from this horrible company or you might be without a car for almost a month so they can try to save a few hundred dollars.

Supplies all my home and auto coverage. Anytime I have a claim that needs to be filed they are more than willing to help find the best solution. They also understand my financial situation and work to get me the most benefits for my money. The agents are always available and accessible

If in a car wreck and you have to deal with them, my advice is to get legal help. They only pay half of what it costs to fix your vehicle. My son got hit in the rear of his truck at a red light and he got an estimate on how much it would cost to fix it and ALFA only offers half of what the estimate he got. Get legal help before you accept their offer. Just my advice. Take it or leave it. Just don't trust no one.

My parked vehicle was slammed into at a high rate of speed by a driver who was intoxicated and who was insured by Alfa. I tried to report the accident the next morning but had to wait until Monday morning When the adjuster, Jason **, called, he was very rude and tried to say it was my fault. I was spoken down to and was told I had to get my totaled car out of the tow lot. After a full day of borrowing money for fees, I had the car towed to my home. Just 4 hours later, they came to pick it up (really, couldn't they have picked up themselves from the tow lot?). Five days later, I was called with a settlement quote of $4500 less than the NADA, KBB and FMV.

This agent is very rude. I left a message for his supervisor and I am still waiting 3 weeks later for call back. This agent insisted on deducting prior damage. There was no prior damage; it is present damage. So we went round and round until I chased the police report down. Now he cites no squiggly line on the report. What am I dealing with, 2-year-olds? I am in the military and I cannot get another vehicle until this one is paid off and I am having to pay out of pocket for rides each day to my unit and college. I am at my last nerve. This company is the worst I have ever dealt with.

I previously was in an accident on December of 2013 where I was coming home from work and it was raining when my vehicle hydroplaned and spun off the road and hit a ditch - no other vehicles were involved! I then contacted my Alfa agency to file a claim, had one of their adjusters come out and take pictures of the car, which had serious front end damage! Took to a body shop of our choice which we were allowed to do, but we never could get a hold of the guy with Alfa. Took several weeks for the guy to come to get estimates of the car, and then when they came out never fully looked the car over and told sent me a check for only $1900 worth of damage. So while the guy tried to fix the car, I got it back 2 months later and it still wasn't fixed properly!

We had enough. We finally sent it to another body shop b/c the other guy wasn't doing his job! It wasn't until we got it to the highly recommended body shop that we realized we had been scammed b/c we then found out that the car had over $11,000 worth of damage and should have been totaled, but Alfa didn't do that b/c they didn't want to fork out that money. So then they decide that my car had previous damage done to prior to my accident and they weren't gonna pay all the money for that certain part.

Well now they are only gonna pay $6800 and that's all and I have to come up with the other $4200! We are going to sue this company, and our attorney says we have a case, but the legal fees will still cost us 4000 dollars and we just don't have the money for that, so hopefully we can figure out what to do here! This company is a scam and should be shut down. They are rude, inconsiderate scam artists who should not be in business!!! Their website has all good reviews, but people don't be fooled. They are frauds who are going against the laws of this country!!! They need to be stopped and put in to prison to rot!!!

I had two bad episode with Alfa, the first episode my car broke down on me twice within a two week period and I got it towed both times. The first time I paid $50, the second I paid $150 because I was out of town. This company sent me a check for $63 for both, I should have switched then. My son had accident in my car and they wouldn't pay a dime because he was in my household. I was paying over $218 a month for insurance on two vehicles with them. These people are rip offs. If you are in Arkansas or anywhere get away from Alfa, find someone else. The adjuster, Blanca was unprofessional and smart mouth. Don't use Alfa, they is a scam!!!

My son was killed on April 1st, 2007 by a hit and run driver. According to witness, he was trying in vain to get someone to help him after the accident (which no one did) and because he was a young black male of 17, covered in blood, I guess onlookers took him to be a thug playing an April fool joke. No one came to his aid. To make matters worse, after we had buried him, I placed a claim with Alfa and they said their investigation revealed that my son must have run into traffic and committed suicide! How low down can you get? May God forgive them, because I never can.

We have had Alfa since 1975. They have always been fair, tried to meet our needs for our cars, never treated us bad and have paid us every time on a claim. When we bought the insurance we went in and told the agent what we wanted and what we expected. The agent was always friendly and wanting to work with us. He told us what was available and suggested things that we should include that we did not think of.

My daughter in law suffered damage to her home in Missouri in December of 2015. The Alfa insurance company was the insurer for the young man that ran in on the property and took out yard fence and yard swing. She still has no check or even an adjuster. I took pictures many months after damage and got a quote from Home Depot on fence repair but cannot hear from the company. Local agent said the claim had been closed. No adjuster or their supervisor will return our calls.

This is the second time, and the service has not improved! I called in a deer collision, left a voice mail. Had to take the day off. Called again, talked to an agent, described the incident, I even gave a police report. I was promised to get a call around noon at the latest. Well, I had to wait until 4.32pm to get a call. Just a bad experience all around.

I was driving to work on December 7th, when I was rear-ended by a "client" for Alfa insurance company. The kid who hit me got out and said he was at fault, told the police he was at fault, and the police report says he is at fault. I contacted the company, which is a total joke, and they tell me they can't do anything until their policy holder calls and reports the claim first. After 4 days, I called again, and they tell me the same thing. I was told I was stupid, and had no idea what I was talking about, while trying to get some help.

Joan Palaez, who is about as helpful as a pile of bricks, was assigned to my case. He is awful. I could barley understand half of what he said. He was unprofessional, and had no idea how to do his job. He told me he was going to deny my claim, because I wasn't able to provide enough information to prove his client was at fault. I guess the Arkansas State Police report backing up my story wasn't "worth" to be considered a statement. What a moron.

This has been the biggest mess of all. After having an attorney type a statement, threatening to file suit if they did not provide repairs to my car, I was quickly sent to "upper powers", and my claim was processed. Their service is awful. They fixed my car at a shop of "their choosing", which did terrible work. They installed a new white back bumper on my silver car. It was not painted. I went to get my car from the shop, and the employee there said that the Alfa company did not provide enough money to paint the bumper.

Ridiculous. These people are a joke. I have since filed a suit against the company, and I am waiting to hear their next bunch of excuses, as to why they are the worst insurance company I have ever heard about.

My daughter and I were hit by a drunk driver that was insured by Alfa. The driver was arrested and charged with DUI and hit and run, as he left the scene of the accident. He was found just a few minutes later after the accident at his residence and arrested. I was given his insurance information by the arresting officer. I have been in contact with Alfa, they came to my house to do an estimate and I haven't heard from them since. I have left multiple messages for Sean, my claims guy, who doesn't return calls. Then after a week of calling and no response from Sean, he then goes on vacation. He left names and contact information of other claims people while he is out, but they don't return calls either.

The last time I talked to someone at Alfa, they said I was more than welcome to file a claim with my own insurance company instead. I was appalled... Why would I want my insurance to cover it when their driver did nothing wrong? Furthermore, I don't have another car to drive while mine is in the shop so I need Alfa to do the right thing and cover my car repairs and cover a rental car like they said they would. I am not leaving any more messages for them, as I have done all I can, I am at a point that I have to simply contact an attorney.

April 10, 2013, I had a no fault accident. I have a police report, proof and a witness at the time of the no-fault accident. I was in the process of losing my home with a income of only $5000 per year with my policy premium paid up to date. I stopped at a friend store who recently lost his wife & since I know a little bit about the Bible non license I was discussing how the gentleman would see his wife again by God's word when a car hit my parked car sending it through the front of Mr. Abe's Shoe store. The defendant had no insurance and no money. I had uninsured motorist. I fit firmly in the criteria of Alfa Insurance coverage rules but Alfa denied my claim saying I was doing business.

What am I - a Pakistani businessman with only $5000 a year income. I was doing no business and have ample evidence to prove that Alfa knew I had no money and no place to stay so they figured it's like taking candy from a baby. Well, this baby got teeth. Next I could not find a attorney to take the case. When I found 2 attorneys who looked the evidence over from pro bono a great place for the poor, the attorneys said, "This is amazing. This case you have put together is 99% winnable and we would be honored to defend this 99% winnable case."

The next day, the attorney called me back and said they could not take the case. It would conflict with their company corporate based decision. Remember a 99% winnable case. Finals court date is Thursday, June 12, 2014. Even with all my evidence and no attorney by default, this company must make me whole April 10, 2013 in a reasonable amount of time and they did not yet even as far as June 2014.

I am afraid there may be no justice even with 100% evidence now. The other day Mike at Alfa Insurance said they were ready to settle for nowhere close to what it should have been and I said, "Great." I need this stress out my hair & God blessed with another car that I was paying for monthly but over the year I have watched this crafty conduct of this insurance company so I said to Mike at Alfa no trickery in the paper and when I got to his office, they stuck a check in my face and said sign the release where it was very obvious they added a clause that plaintiff Mr. ** releases Alfa Insurance of everything but Alfa Insurance can come back at anytime and have Mr. ** do whatever Alfa Insurance demands. This does not mean that any party plaintiff Mr. ** is guilty. Sign here and take your check.

This is a travesty of justice and I still expect no justice. Consumer Affairs, BBB, Insurance Commissioners, the United State Government, when will you start protecting the American public from such predatory companies? To the American Public, I say purchase this insurance at your own risk and if you have a claim they will force you to sue and wait/stress you out to give you nothing. I will go to court and I pray Jehovah God will go with me and defend his loyal one. Whatever God expects me to respect the Judge ruling and I always obey. Be peaceful everybody and trust God. I do!

I was driving on I-75.There was routine merging traffic. I was clearly hit from behind by a van. A tractor trailer bumped his van after he hit my car. It was a total loss. Alfa's client never reported the accident. He seemed to have trouble speaking English. They used this to delay my claim. They said an unknown driver struck his Van and it went into my vehicle and they took off. They wanted my insurance to pay an uninsured motorist claim and denied my obvious claim with a solid police report. I am out $5500 that I spent for a similar used car. If my insurer will not pay, I will have to go to small claims court. Our laws encourage insurance adjusters to commit fraud. I went to their boss and they said, "Sue me." What a scammer. This is so unfair!!!!!

This company is horrible. One of Trexis customers rear ended me. The adjuster I had was Bethany **! She was extremely rude and unprofessional. It was so hard getting In contact with her. Bethany never returned any phone calls. I had to get in contact with customer service and they were HORRIBLE! I spoke with their supervisor and guess what he was rude his self. This company needs to get shut down immediately. I was sent a check and couldn't cash it, because they didn't put their address on it. What a bunch of idiots!! I am filing a case with the insurance commissioner regarding Trexis!

My daughter was involved in a car accident 3 weeks ago. I am the insurer. I know what it is like to deal with insurances but my car has not been seen. The adjusters don't call you back. You call their managers...they don't respond. It is torture. My car is wrecked. I have nothing else to drive and my own insurance company will not respond. If you have a choice between this company and another please chose the other.

Sadly I currently have Alfa and was in an accident that was my fault. Every single staff member was extremely slow to respond. My accident was almost about 1 month ago and I am finally getting my car to the repair shop in three days. To add fuel to the fire, Alfa claims that paint chips from "road rash" (as they call it) makes them only responsible for paying 80% of the bumper. Which means if you have ever driven your car on a road then you will be liable to pay for some of the accident above and beyond your deductible. This was also the case for my fender, but there was a dent in that so if I have to pay for previous damage for something that they will already replace then I have no argument here. Be warned that you will pay a lot more than just your deductible with Alfa Insurance.

My car was hit by someone that has Alfa Insurance. It has been two weeks and they are still delaying repairs. We cannot get a call back. This company should be shut down for claiming to be in the insurance business. They are really in the I will rip you off business.

Their customer crashed into my parked car, and destroyed it. I got a police report, and I had to deal with them to get an estimator out to estimate my damages so they can fix my car. It has been a week, and they have not sent anyone to estimate my car damage, I keep trying to call them but they keep ignoring me, my car is destroyed, I need to go to work, and get things done. But Alfa Insurance does not care! I don't know what I'm going to do now!! How is a fraud company like this operating legally in America? Are there any attorneys suing them for everything they are doing?

I had an auto accident with someone who has Alfa Insurance. I called the company and spoke with a Mr. Mark **. He assigned me a claim number and let me know that he would call me back to let me know who my adjuster would be. I spoke with Mr. ** several times and still I have yet to be assigned an appraiser to look at my car. I spoke with the appraiser that was assigned, he stated that he did not cover my area. I let him know that I work in Franklin, TN, can someone come to my job? He stated he would check and because the corporate office is in Brentwood, TN just 20 minutes away. This was all before Thanksgiving. I have called Mr. ** several times from work and my partner has called Mr. ** from our, left a plethora of messages. He has yet to assign another appraiser to our claim. We have yet to get a rental car. I am livid and disappointed. I pray you never have to deal with this company.

1st Incident: I had filed a claim for someone hitting my car and leaving the scene of the accident. It took Alfa 3 whole days to get me put into a rental car after my car was put in the collision shop. The adjuster (Tate **) tried everything possible to not have to pay to have my car repaired. He was so rude and his secretary would say he wasn't in the office when he actually was. The reason I know this is because I called the office before I walked into his building and the secretary said he was out of the office today. I knocked on the door while he was sitting in his office on the computer. I told the secretary that it was me that just called and she acted so dumbfounded then.

Incident 2: Then the repair shop that worked on the vehicle had to file a claim due to them leaving the vehicle outside after completion of damages and then a hail storm came through and put dings in the car everywhere. So I had to pay another deductible out of my pocket. Incident 3: Got a bill in the mail where my policy had went up drastically and I went into the office to see why and the secretary there lied to me also. She said that it was due to a state increase but the policy started out at $635 per 6 months and went to $810 per 6 months for no apparent reason. I had made no changes to my policy at all and had no accidents at all.

The agency has changed the annual mileage from 1000-7500 miles to 7500-12000 miles which caused the policy to go up drastically. For the record, I had not even driven over 4000 miles since I had been with the company. Then I called the corporate office and complained and still got no results. When they saw I keep up with the increases they started to get agitated and eventually told me they was not going to renew my policy. I have never seen anything like this before but want to warn other to watch for hidden fees and unknown monthly increases for no reason at all. This was the (Jake **) Alfa agency on Dawson Road in Albany, Ga. I am sure if they did it to me they have done it to several others who have not caught the problem yet.

Alfa requires you to join their club with dues. No more. Premiums increased too much. I found better coverage and savings of 200.00 per year.

I was rear ended on 09/7/16 by an Alfa Specialty Insurance insured. I had to set up my own rental car which I had from 10/6/16-11/2/16. I paid $781.74 out of pocket. Alfa Specialty Insurance is refusing to pay the entire amount stating they only pay 11 days. The adjuster Jason wouldn't return numerous calls or emails made to him. How would I know they only pay 11 days? At no time during the time I had the car rental did Jason contact me. I feel they owe me the entire amount. What was I to drive while my car was being repaired. This was a horrible experience with this company. The adjuster Jason was unprofessional to work with the entire time. He wouldn't return calls or emails.

I was hit by a driver that was insured by Alfa Vision Insurance Corp. on Nov. 14, 2015. Five days after the fender bender an adjuster came out to evaluate the damage on my car. After many phone calls to the Alfa Ins. claims person I was told that on Nov. 30, 2015 a check was cut and sent out to pay for the damages incurred and that I would receive said check in a couple days.

Today is December 11, 2015 (10 business days after the check was supposedly sent out) and I still don't have the check to pay for the repairs. Someone could have walked up from Tennessee and hand delivered the check to me by now. I am still driving around with a busted head light and if I get a ticket from the police I will forward it to Alfa. I am now on the phone with their customer service department who just informed me that neither my claims person nor her supervisor is available. GO FIGURE. Hope nobody gets into any serious accident with a driver insured by ALFA. Horrendous experience. I have to go begging for my money for repairs for my car!!!

Had an accident two months into my insurance, Alfa decided to dig and see how they can kick me out - one ticket from 2014 (I told them about it before signing up). So I got a letter telling me because my claims under 90 days and my ticket that I told them about prior to signing is the reason this company dropped me. I didn't even go through with the claim, my damage was less than my deductible. However that changed nothing! I feel robbed, cheated and fooled.. never again!

My auto insurance on a scale of 1-10 is about a 6. I have not been in any type of situation where I have needed them but they do continue to raise the monthly price with no explanation. I do not see why I have to pay more when I have had no accidents and I am a very safe driver. I also have never been late with a payment. I feel as if I am being punished for being a great customer and because of this, I am currently looking to take my business elsewhere.

My son's friend jumped in my car last Saturday night and never came back. A deputy sheriff got in touch with me on Sunday morning. Said my vehicle had been found stuck in the mud and the boy that took off in my car the boy was out of the car had been driving on suspended license but he didn't charge him because he was out of the car. So ok it had been wrecked, the belt was off of it and tow truck driver said when he got there the car was hot from where the boy had been trying to get the car out all night of the mud with the belt thrown off.

Long story short the adjuster more or less called me a liar today. Said he called the boy's mother and the mother said "no he was out of town that night" after a sheriff got in touch with me and told me he had this boy and his mother was coming after him. I hate this company. I would not recommend to anyone. I'm changing as soon as this is settled. I do not like being called a liar!!! The theft adjuster Brad was very unprofessional.

I had an accident in June, 2016. I was cited for running a light, but I feel like the other party ran the light, as I was t-boned. I didn't have insurance on my car, and subsequently, my license was suspended. I was forced to maintain FR (financial responsibility bond) for 3 years, and very few insurance companies in Ohio will work with you on this without charging very large premiums.

I found Alfa on the internet, and their prices, while somewhat high, were lower than most, and I was able to secure my Sr22 bond with the state of Ohio. But since, I have had very negative experiences with Alfa. Their customer service is terrible, very rude, and you cannot get the information you require without haggling with them for a while. Very unprofessional. I hate this company, and after reading other reviews, I gather I'm not the only one.

I will be seeking a new company ASAP. Paying a higher premium for a FR bond with legal financial limits will be well worth it to have a reputable company behind me. Alfa should not be in business, and I don't see how they have not been closed down yet. My advice to everyone: Do NOT pay these people for insurance coverage; it seems like a total scam to me, and it seems as though they do not want to pay anything for their customers, even with the proper documentation. Very disappointing, to say the least.

Called them on Friday 1/22/ 2016 got a quote for a car that my son was buying. The next day we obtained the finances to purchase the car. Everything was approved and we put the down payment. Then when we called ALFA. They said they could not issue new insurance because there was a weather alert in our area. The weather alert was for 15 mph winds. My son could not drive his almost new car home. Because the wind was blowing. Changing insurance as I speak.

Had accident 3/9/14. Young Kid made blind turn in front of me, *** me. Because of his age, didn't call police (didn't want a reckless driving or failure to yield on his Record, was young once). Mistake on my part as his Vehicle had multiple impacts already. Exchanged info like you're supposed to do, took photos, got witnesses etc. Made a Claim with Alfa next day. Contacted by their incompetent Claims rep Hector ** on the 11th. Told him what happened, said he would be in touch. A week goes by, nada. I check in on the 17th, "Oh I forgot to give your info to our Adjuster." WHAT??? Alfa's Slimy Adjuster came out to look at my truck on the 20th, had the nerve to make a ridiculously low estimate of $400+, and that I have the dents on my front Bumper painted over, instead of repaired!! I had my Truck a whopping 13 days when I got hit, was not happy, but what the ***, I could have lived with it. 2 days later, got a letter from Slimy Hector, my claim was declined!! "Our client was not 100% responsible." BEYOND FURIOUS, taking Alfa and Young Speedy to Court. Getting my Front Bumper totally replaced. What a Sleazy Co. Avoid like the PLAGUE!!!!

The employees at this company will act nice to your face, & run you dry of money & take $$$ from your account months after you cancel with them. They do not have it together at all. Do not be fooled. As I said, they will act nice to your face, but who wouldn't? That is scamming you out of hundreds per month just for insurance. I had ALL insurances through them. When anything happens to you that is not remotely beneficial to them $ wise, they will do anything to save a dime rather than help.

Please do not be fooled & go with someone much more legitimate. Many, many years ago, back when my granddad was young, they were a decent legit company, now they are too caught up in themselves & the dollar & don't care who they hurt along the way. I am beyond disappointed in this company as a whole. Again, they are far from the company they were when they first began business. Just please take your business elsewhere.

One of their insured hit my family from behind while they were stopped at a red light. The adjusters refuse to return calls or emails, we've had to fight to hear anything from them. Meanwhile, we are stuck with no transportation and I have serious health issues and we have a 7 year old. I see from reviews it's a common issue so might I suggest we all pull together and file a class action lawsuit??

I had an accident with someone covered by Alfa Vision. They were found at fault and cited. I had a hard time getting ahold of them initially. Then when I finally got ahold of them and talked to adjuster, she took my statement, and scheduled an on site estimator to come see damage to my car. After the primary estimate was done... which I never even heard results of... I've called multiple times, and sent emails, but have not heard back from anyone. My car is not drivable and is sitting in my driveway, and I do not have another vehicle. I have been in this situation before and had my car in shop and a rental car within a day or two. This company, Alfa Vision Insurance is absolutely horrible and unprofessional. I've got a lawyer now and will be taking as much legal action as possible. Giving them one star is even too much!!!

My brand new car was hit by someone claiming to have Alfa insurance. I didn't have the guy's insurance information until the next day when I got the police report. So I call and make my claim. After calling several times, finally I speak with someone and I am assigned an adjuster get a claim number. He's very nice. Says it was late and we couldn't do anything until the next day. Says to call the tow in lot and have the car released to them, which I did and we were to talk the next day at 9:00 am. Let the games begin.

Well Mr. ** never returned any of my calls that day or the next. Then after 2 weeks I get a letter saying that I needed to mitigate my loses so that it wasn't too high. My brand new car is not drivable. Then I get a registered letter from the tow lot. Needless to say we ate coming up on a month and nothing from Alfa. I even faxed in my copy of the police report cause he said he was having trouble getting it. Never mind that I told him all my statements came from the police report. So here I am 28 days later and I sent the claim through my insurances and less than 3 days and my car is being worked on my 2014 Mazda 2 that had 10 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. Shame on Alfa insurance company

When I had to file a claim, they paid the claim quickly. They were very helpful and answered any questions that I had. The staff is friendly and know what they are doing. When you walk in to pay your bill they greet you by your name. This lets me know they care about their customers. They work with me to see if I am getting the best rates that they offer and make sure I have the right insurance for my family. I would recommend this company to someone who is looking for insurance. They offer many different kinds of insurance. This is a great company.

I got into an accident in 2010. I was covered or supposedly covered with Alfa. I called the claim in the same day. I had to leave a message because no one answers the phones there. I got a call back 3 days later and gave them all the information. They said it would be taken care of. The accident was my fault. I didn’t hear back for a long time. I was no longer covered with them 3 months later because my car broke down and I was walking everywhere. They denied the claim and did not contact me in anyway. Now, my license is suspended for damages on the other person’s car. The other party involved did not file a claim until 1.5 years later. They had all info to cover that claim. They are a piece of ** company. Still, I have been trying to contact them up to this day!

First of all, I had Alfa for approx 2 years. My home, Harley Davidson and Ford Truck were insured. I paid 6 months in advance to save a little. The good, I had a Harley accident and they were great, helped me quite a bit (no fault accident). The bad? They raised my home ins. through a third party company almost 200 bucks this last time and did not notify me, It was lousy coverage. I went through USAA and got about the same price with triple the coverage for 200 less. My vehicle policy was cheaper as well with better coverage. I was going to keep the Harley ins. with them but told me basically all or nothing, greedy much? Then there is the yearly membership, what a joke. Why would I pay these people for a membership? Better prices? Not, better coverage, not. Your membership income really adds up when you take into account all the people paying. All the others have no membership fee.

Been dealing with this company over a wreck for 30 days and because their person cannot speak English so the police could not get his side at the wreck for the police report. They have denied the claim. This company is nowhere near professional by the way they act and talk to people. They never even called the ones in my vehicle to get their statement or check on their condition. This is a horrible company to deal with.

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