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I received a letter on December 15, 2011 informing me of a non-renewal policy termination date 4/21/2012. The letter states storm activity over the past several years has caused many insurance companies, including Alfa, to rethink their risk management strategies. As a result, they regret that they will not be offering a renewal of the policy. I called Mr. Steve N. on Dec.19th and he told me that this letter was really sent to me because I did not have my car insured with Alfa and that all I had to do was to switch over to Alfa. I switched over December 19th. That was a month ago and still there’s no letter of renewal. I called and he said I should get a letter in about two weeks. So we shall see! I lost the coverage that I had with Progressive, one feature that Alfa don’t have. It’s a 25% increase on top of the value of the car that I paid for through Progressive. Everything else is the same.

I have had my homeowner's insurance with Alfa for 12 years and have never filed a claim on my house. Though they have never had to pay a claim on my house every year without fail, they raise my rates without fail and I always get the same canned answer - cost of building materials increased. Finally last year, I complained to both the company and my agent about the continued rate increases vs. having never paid any claims. Again, the same old tired excuses from my agent and nothing from Alfa themselves.

Then the other day, I got this nice little form letter from Alfa informing me that at the end of my policy term this year that they will not be renewing my policy. Evidently, some actuary has decided that they have gotten the maximum amount of money from me without having to pay anything and they are going to bail before they have to. I understand that Alabama and the Gulf states have had some severe storm damage over the last several years and most of the insurance companies have taken a beating in claims. If you go back and look at just about every storm and the damage it caused, there is a pattern. I live outside of the areas generally damaged by the local storms. Charge the people that live in the high risk areas higher rates, not the people who live in the stable areas, is very, very bad business. I would caution anyone who is looking for any kind of insurance to look somewhere else before choosing Alfa.

I was a customer of Alfa Insurance for 17 years. I filed one car claim 15 years ago for under $2,000 and have never filed a homeowner’s claim. I rented my home out for eight years and had two different tenants leave substantial damage. I paid for everything out of my pocket. The last tenants claimed that they were getting sick because of mold. The house was tested, and one type of mold was elevated. I did need to fix the moisture problem and got rid of the mold that was in the house. The tenants were going to sue me for medical bills, so I filed a claim.

They sent an adjuster out and did their own tests. They determined that the levels were not high enough to make anyone sick, but they said the house needed repairs. It was unoccupied so it did not meet their standards, and that’s why they were terminating my policy. They sent the termination to my ex-wife, an address that I have never lived in, not to mention the fact that the local insurance representative never called me to discuss fixing the things that needed to be fixed so they could insure the house again. When I called him after my ex-wife called me with the letter, he just read to me what my ex-wife had already told me. I got the feeling they did not want my business.

Well, the house is fixed and mold free; and I am moving back into it. But I can assure you that I will never let Alfa Insurance insure anything of mine again. I called the corporate office, and they did not seem to care. The regional manager was supposed to call me but never did. That is the kind of customer service you can expect from Alfa. You have been warned.

This company is fine until you actually file a claim. Our local office in Grand Bay have some very nice people and believe they truly are trying to help. As mentioned above we have been with ALFA for over 25 years. I have had a few claims. One was Katrina, I had 23k damage, lost shingles, water damage to interior. Our local office was overwhelmed. We did not get much support, we did get an adjuster (contracted by Alfa) some weeks later. His estimates were a joke, I had to replace shingles, tar paper, etc. We had sheet rock damage, insulation damage, etc. I was not home at the time the "ALFA Contractor" did his estimate, but he estimated 7500.00 damages. I could not buy the shingles for that. We were stuck with 17k out of pocket expense.

Fortunately we had money in our saving to cover all damages. ALFA would not send another adjuster out. I asked for copy, I did receive... ALFA adjuster wanted us to just paint over all the buckled ceiling with Kilz paint, no mention of replacing soaked insulation, soaked carpet, no labor cost, no removal cost, nothing. Second claim 10 years later, 5 wheel parked adjacent to the home Open Range. The 5th wheel had an electrical malfunction that ignited a fire. The fire leaped the distance to my house 6-8 ft. Completely destroyed both 5th wheel and home. ALFA insured both units, what a nightmare. Alfa sent a large loss adjuster from Georgia. The adjuster was not experienced, had no knowledge of dwelling construction, only ALFA estimating program. Estimated total loss at 50k.

I have to admit, it was difficult to listen to such an inexperience person. My policy that I was paying for 15 years was for 175k. Alfa had now stretched me out for four months with nothing but investigators and tarps to cover damage. I still am paying a house note, trailer note, finding a place to stay, purchasing new everything, clothes, etc. Alfa meanwhile are still dragging their feet offering their version of "Cash Value". This is a number that only ALFA can determine. I didn't have a copy of my for policy,(Lost in Fire). The adjuster had a copy, he told me he could not give me a copy, but if I asked a question he would try to answer it. I wrote several e-mails and made several phone calls.

Eventually Alfa decided to start moving forward. I recommended getting a quote to rebuild. They agreed. I organized a contracts from Angie's list. His estimate was 205k. The inexperienced Alfa adjuster, said that the estimate was way off, extremely high. I asked them to use one of their contractors, they agreed. He came out and estimate 195k, minus the security system I had, minus the hardwood flooring we installed, minus the metal roof. The security system is what was on when the fire took place. I actually had video of the fire starting and pinpointed the location, which Alfa is currently using to pursue payment from Open Range.

Eventually ALFA paid the policy house value. However after depreciation on content, we could not replace a lot of the items. Te term replacement does not mean the item will be replaced, it will be adjusted and paid at a discounted rate. I believe we received roughly 40% of the value of our content. We are still going to depositions, and arbitration almost three years later. I would not wish a fire on anyone, but if it does happen, ALFA insurance company is definitely not going to be a shoulder to lean on. If anything, they will be the ones trying to knock the chair out from under you while you figure out how to house, cloth,and feed your family. I have learned a lot.

The local agents are nice, but when it comes to a claim, they send in outsiders to delay for a settlement. Do not count on ALFA insurance company for help. The outsiders they send have no sympathy for someone in this game. These people are out to reduce claims, however they can. Delay, not return calls, underestimate cost, non-cooperative, hold back information. I can't speak for all insurance companies, but I can sure speak about the one that tripped me up a couple of times. I will be changing insurance companies, but have to wait three years as I have a fire claim, even though no fault of my own. I am the one that sees higher premiums and inability to switch companies with this claim hanging over me.

Last thing, our neighbor who called 911 when she saw the fire, was badgered by the ALFA investigator. She said she wouldn't call 911 again if she saw another house on fire. Wow! Alfa not only treated us like a criminal, they were rude to the neighbors. My daughter was in the house at the time of the fire, my wife was notified and called my son to get my daughter out. I was working out of town and was called about 15 minutes after the fire being discovered. You just can't make this stuff up.

My mother and father's farm was destroyed after the April 27th tornado. They have Alfa insurance, with everything on the policy. They wanted to switch companies because they felt Alfa did not do what they should have after the tornado. They went to change companies from Alfa to Farmer's. The agent at Farmer's showed my father where there were 2 claims filed from Alfa after the tornado. You can't change companies after 2 claims have been filed. Alfa can't do this, it is all one policy. They did this where they can't change and went up on their premiums. I am sure they are doing this to all their clients. Please help! This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen and should! They are elderly and I am sure they are not the only people going through this.

I've had my home insured with Alfa for 22 years; car insurance with them 27 years. The last 6 years, my homeowners insurance has gone from $400 a year to $1,377. Last year, I had to go to a $2k deductible to lower it from $1,600 they were going to charge me to $1,300 a year. I looked and they have my home valued at $117,400. I have a 1,150 square foot home. I looked online at 3 local builders in Mobile that build on your lot. God forbid anything happen to make my home a total loss, but I could build a brand new LARGER home on this lot for $65,900 with the first one I looked up. Second one I looked up was a larger house for $68,400. The 3rd builder I looked up had $87,300 for a much larger home with a double garage! Now for the $117,400 Alfa is charging me for, I could have a 4-bedroom, 3 bath home with a double garage, according to one builder's website!

They have my personal property at almost $60K. There is NO way I have 60k worth of stuff, including clothing in this house! I never made a lot of money before I retired, so it's not like I shopped high dollar stores. I did go in to discuss all of this with my agent, and they offered to raise my deductible to $5K, to lower it about $100 a year. She told me if I didn't have to have the "wind coverage" on my policy due to mortgage, my total would be less than $400 a year (what it was 6 years ago). I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing that! I see why so many elderly drop their insurance now. I just want to know how in the world they get their values from on their computers. Are they going by rebuilding in CA or NY? How are all of these insurance companies getting away with this? I've called, many are not even writing policies in this area anymore. Can't someone put a freeze on homeowners insurance rates? I'm quite sure after writing this, I'll get canceled next year.

I am in the same boat as most of the other people in here. Alfa sent a letter stating they were not going to renew our homeowner's insurance due to the weather in the area (my area had very little damage from the tornado this past year but some major damage over 15 miles away). I’ve never made a claim on the house, I have great credit, and my home is less than 7 years old. But unlike the other folks here, my husband was the addressee on the letter and he never opened it. He's a fireman and not home much and certainly not home on a regular schedule like most people. So, I take care of the household billing and payments and whatnot but I don't open mail addressed to him. You can call me old fashioned. And for those accounts, I set up auto payments.

Well, this got me. I would have thought something as important as your homeowner's insurance policy being cancelled would have warranted a personal telephone call. But boy, was I wrong! It's the beginning of December and apparently I have been without insurance since the beginning of October! Of course, I could have killed my husband for not reading his mail but I'm definitely madder at Alfa for their shoddy practices.

They kept my payment while canceling my insurance. They cashed my check for $98.39 on 09/15 and sent me a letter on 09/18 asking for another $63.56. Then, they sent the second check back with a letter that they couldn't renew my insurance but they kept my $98.39 check. How sorry is that? I had to come up with more money to get insurance with someone else. I hate Alfa, they had already done me wrong on my house insurance. It's the whole reason that my payment was late in the first place.

I have had homeowners insurance with this firm since the acquisition of my home, eight months ago. They have accepted my timely premium payments, but I have had no other contact or communication with them. Too short a time has passed, and no issues have arisen. Therefore I am unable to provide a responsible statement of experience.

We bought our house almost 20 years ago and have had this company for the whole time. Luckily, we have never had a major claim. We did lose power for 10 days one year and lost all of the food in our refrigerator/freezer. We submitted a claim for this, as we did not need to pay a deductible, and it was handled very quickly without any problems at all. A very pleasant company to do business with and would recommend them.

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