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Reliable, responsive, reasonable, truthful
Online claim was easy and accepted quickly.
Trip insurance. Unexpected emergency 4000 miles from home. Submitted claim and was paid full balance a week later. Thank you very much Allianz.
I called the agency and he gave me a claim number and instruction. I received emails to formally make a claim later. I submitted it with evidence and right away a check was issued. I was impressed with the speedy operation.

I was very happy with the ease and quick refund when I was unable to travel due to a family emergency. I highly recommend getting the travel insurance! It was a life saver and made a very difficult time easier, with not losing any money when emergencies come up.

My husband and I had to cancel a trip in Sept of 2017 as he was in too much pain to travel and subsequently hospitalized. We had the choice to let the airline charge the change fee to us then so we could make a claim with Allianz, however we waited until we rescheduled the flight in 2018 to make the claim and Allianz promptly reimbursed us for the change fees as well as the additional fare price. Keep your paperwork and emails together so you have all the info you need to fill out the claim form.

The evaluator of a claim categorized my claim as travel delay. This category does not return the full amount for my excursion loss. Though I discussed this extensively with the evaluator as placing my claim in the wrong category, he would not budge. When I told him that others in the same position on the same cruise got full payment and gave him full details, he finally relented. This was unnecessary. Reaching the evaluator was also trying since the number he gave would not reach a living person. Took many iterations.
Transparent process ...and the correct outcome. Easy to deal with. Straightforward.
Efficient service
Easy and fast refund.

I was impressed with how quickly the claim was processed. In addition, impressed that you honored the contract! My only dissatisfaction I had changed address for check to be sent but that did not get processed correctly, therefore took about 1 week longer to receive the check.

Helpful on information not all of what was passed on was accurate.

My wife and had an airline travel delay, which made us miss our ground transportation. Allianz reimbursed our ground transportation costs promptly without questioning our claim. Good customer service and I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.

All representatives were will informed and helped me with all my questions. Requested forms were submitted as per your request. They were promptly review and deemed sufficient for a refund which I did receive!! I would highly recommend your services to anyone that asked me.

Very responsive, and system is easy to use. Would recommend highly for travel and event insurance!
Coverage provided at an excellent price. Claim experience was prompt and agreeable.
Very happy with the service. Easy to use web site to file claim and upload appropriate documents. The response was quick and they refunded our airline expenses fully.

We used Allianz for flights to Hawaii. We had to cancel due to a medical family emergency. We did have to fill out paperwork, and forms had to be signed by doctors, but it was a quick and efficient process.

I have purchased this insurance for several trips, but the only one for which I speak now is not a trip but purchase of concert tickets. Although my wife and I left for a dinner and then concert, shortly after we left our street we turned around and returned home. Our car was sliding on the slippery street. Allianz reimbursed us for the cost of the tickets.
We always buy insurance for trips and unfortunately have had to use it on a couple of occasions when our kids fell ill before or on a trip. Allianz makes it easy to both submit and keep track of claims. I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase travel insurance.
The process was comprehensive, the settlement fair.
Almost instant payout. Very easy process to file a claim and claim was approved as soon as required paperwork was scanned and sent in. Very satisfied.

I caution everyone against purchasing any policy through Allianz Global Assistance. They are liars and fraudsters. I purchased insurance through them and then when I needed that insurance they denied my claim and told me they were "unable to provide benefits".

I submitted my documents to Allianz in support of why I could not make my flights and was reimbursed the majority of what my flights costed after cancellations. They were accurate, fair and very timely with responses.

Allianz was great. The process for filing a claim was simple and easy to do. The claim was processed within a matter of days and I got my insured tickets reimbursed. Could not ask for more. I have made various insurance claims over the years for a wide variety of reasons. This was far and away the quickest response I have ever gotten! This is how filing a claim should be.

Claim paid very quickly on basis my statement and very modest documentation

Filing a claim with Allianz Global was super easy and fast. The agent assisted me in a friendly and efficient way so that the process didn’t take long at all. I definitely recommend this insurance for travel. I won’t travel without insurance; it’s so worth it!

Very fast and reasonable claim response. We will purchase again. The luggage has been repaired as good as new. You have again met our expectations once again. All this without having to pick up the phone. Just an email and a week later we received the check. Thank you.

I decided to purchase due to traveling during winter weather and that was a great choice. I filed the claim as instructed and a check was received less than two weeks later arriving before my credit card bill. I found the process easy and efficient.

Had a family medical emergency and could not fly out. Filed for the insurance refund and was very satisfied with the process. It was a quick process and the customer service people were very helpful with everything. Very nice and professional.

The process of submitting my claim was seamless. Thank you for your quick response your team was great to work with. I will always recommend that others use your services. Thank you again for going the extra mile for us. You're the best.

So glad we took out insurance!!!! You guys were Awesome in the way you handled my claim. Very much appreciate the timely manner in which it was handled as well.

On June 20, 2014, we are flying out of ORD with Delta. Delta had staff communication issues with the flight from ORD to ATL that caused us to miss our flight from ATL to SAO. Delta did not want to take any responsibilities for the delay we experienced. I called Allianz to check on our coverage for the delays. The Allianz's customer service was superb. All the benefits are explained. And we submitted our claims, I was so impressed how easy it was. My questions were answered promptly. I will always travel with Allianz.

I had purchased this insurance policy for a trip in February of 2016 for a trip that was scheduled for April 10th. I had some health issues and had seen a couple doctors about things, but the doctors never told me anything about my test results until five months later when I found out I had a liver tumor that needed surgery. After I purchase this insurance policy I sent them documentation stating that prior to purchasing the policy I had no idea I needed surgery or had such severe health issues. I thought I had a irritable bowel syndrome and the doctors never contacted me or giving me results. During the 5 months that I didn't hear from doctors I planned this trip. I had no idea there was a tumor on my liver until February 29th.

13 days after purchasing the policy and plane tickets, they refused to give me a refund and not only did I have to have surgery to remove part of the tumor, I had to have my tubes taken out to prevent any future pregnancy which will make the tumor grow larger. This was a horrible situation I was put in and they weren't sympathetic nor care about helping me get my money back to help pay for the medical expenses. Please do not use this company. I don't want to see anybody else have to go through what I went through. They have a track record of denying refunds even when all medical documentation is sent to them.

Had to cancel a trip last minute due to medical. Thankfully I purchased the very reasonable flight insurance. Submitted my required paperwork and the claim was approved w/in 2 weeks. The reimbursement check showed up a few days later. Overall very pleased...

It was so easy to file a claim by just following the instructions on the website. I wrote a brief description of the incident and submitted the supporting documents. The claim was approved after less than a week and the check arrived a week after the approval. Speedy process. Hassle free service.

When I had to cancel my trip at the last minute due to some circumstances out of my control, Allianz was amazing. I was able to file a claim using my iPhone. Their response was prompt and they were helpful. I commend the team on a job well done.
The help I received during the medical emergency was 5 star. Very helpful and concerned employees . Would rate it even higher than 5 star. The payment process was a little different. I made several phone calls and the process took two months. One day they would have the paperwork, then the next time I called they said to resubmit it. One medical bill was sent three different times.
Claim was handled quickly.
Absolutely the easiest refun I've ever received! I will use this protection again every time I travel!!

I had to cancel my travel due to an unscheduled emergency surgery. I was very pleased with the assistance I received at a difficult time and the prompt and courteous service. Thank you all!!! I will always buy an Allianz policy when available for future travel... I will recommend Allianz to friends and family as well.

While we were very disappointed to have to cancel our trip, working with Allianz made the experience less painful financially. They responded to my questions quickly and helped me with the forms. I recommend that all travelers buy this travel insurance.

I highly recommend purchasing Allianz Global Insurance. I put in my claim back fax and received a check in less than 10 days. It was easy to put in the claim. Do not travel without this insurance. Anything can happen while traveling. I was pleased my travel agent suggested I get a policy.

They were very helpful and polite my claim was reviewed and got my return in 7 to 10 days I Would recommend everyone to get insurance you never know what will come up!!!!

Resolved ..but customer pathetic customer service by someone named ** led to this review online.

I was lead to believe that I was getting full benefit of $1114.48 by Andy for my trip being delayed for 6 hours. We spoke for 19 mins and she said that both my daughter and myself would be covered in full. I called your company 5 times with the promise that a supervisor would pull the tape to see what was said, no one called me back. On the 6th call, I spoke with Oscar and he said after putting me on hold for 5 mins listened to the tape. How is that possible when it was 19 mins and 25 secs. I want full coverage!

All this time that I have been buying travel insurance and I finally had to use it! It was worth every penny. With minimum hassle I was compensated for a trip cancelled due to illness, including change fees for the companion. Thank you.

From the time I made the phone call to file my claim to the time I received my check, Allianz has been prompt and very customer service friendly. I will definitely be using your company again when purchasing air travel tickets. Thank you for making my claim process painless.

I was offered travel insurance as I purchased my ticket for American Airlines on their site in December. It's been 6 weeks now and still no refund. They say I complied and a check was mailed, but no check has arrived. No one replies to my emails and phone calls to the company just give me the run around. Now I have to cancel that check and start over for another 6 weeks. This comes off as a scam company.
My claim was denied even though the flight change was out of my control
Allianz work with you to reach the the best result, in a timely manner.

Great experience overall. My wife and I had to cancel our flight due to a sick child. The claim process was extremely efficient and we had our refund for the flight change fees in just a few days. The ease of it all far exceeded expectations! It was all done online, uploaded required documents and that was it.

I agree Access America is a scam. They limit payments out based only on what is written in the contract you purchase. Cancellation due to business or existing medical conditions is not covered. I had to cancel 3 flights on American Airlines due to work schedule changes. I am out $917 plus $108 for the insurance. It’s best to purchase private insurance through CSA or Travelex that offers cancellation for any reason. You have up to 24 hours to purchase the insurance from date of deposit or airline purchase.

Filing a claim was easy. Return of funds was fantastic! TY!

We had to cancel a trip due to illness, this company was so easy to work with. The directions for filing a claim were very easy to follow. No hassles and we received our money back in timely fashion. Would do business with them again.

I was very pleased,how my claim was handled in a timely matter and the amount i received on my claim.
Fast and Expedited Service
I typically don't buy travel insurance but on our last vacation I decided to purchase it since we were spending a good amount of money overall for our two week getaway. I'm so glad I did! We were hit with Delta's computer meltdown in August, which cut our trip short by two days. Although that part was no fun, it was reassuring to know that we had travel insurance that would re-imburse us for the trip delay. Allianz was great to work with and made the process very easy. We had no issues with processing our claim. I would recommend their services if you think your travel investment is worth it.

Filed a Claim for Vehicle Damage - The process from the insurance agent to the final claim was professional, prompt, and was completed without issues. Insurance agent was thorough, friendly, understanding and was to the point. Guided me through the claims process on what documents to provide to the insurance company. He even gave me a link to apply to a job within the company. I was impressed. The claim took a couple weeks to process and the cheque was mailed within 10 business days of the claim approval. I am more than happy with the outcome of the claim. The claim amount was $5000 CDN and I only paid $50 CDN for excess insurance. 5 stars. Would use this company again 110% when travelling.

Excellent customer service and quick processing of our claim.

They collect you money and then there is ZERO service. I cannot even print out the card because it crosses over other printing. Every other document I printed out for the vacation printed perfectly fine. On top of that, WE have to print out the 17 pages of the "contract" and even that does not work. I am so angry as it's all on purpose. I took to TWITTER and yelled at them there so maybe they need public humiliation to respond. It is outrageous how terrible these companies are and that there is no recourse or any CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have not even left for the trip and I wish I could just cancel it.

For the small price of this insurance, I was able to get the $200 cost it took me to reschedule a flight completely reimbursed! Buy flight insurance because inconviences do come up!
Got hurt in Cayman Island needed medical care. When I got home submitted receipt got check for whole amount in 7 days from submission. Also had flight miss connection but with small airline Allianz told me what was needed just waiting on air line response more on that later. But first claim was handled first class will use them again!
You only know how good a travel coverage program is when you have a situation where they need to be used. That was our case and we couldn't be more pleased with the professionalism, ease of submitting a claim, and quick refund. We would use them again for any major trips planned.
The process of submitting a claim was pretty easy, though their claims website could use some work. Once submitted, claim was paid immediately!

Terry handled our claim. She was extremely caring and thoughtful. She followed up with us a couple of times to ensure all our problems were resolved. We appreciated her caring nature very much. There was a problem in our situation. When the accident occurred, the hospital would not accept my wife until we paid a Deposit. Getting a refund of this deposit from the hospital was proving to be a problem. Terry personally called the hospital and convinced them to refund our deposit. Thanks to Terry and Allianz.

Our insurance from Allianz Global Assistance gives my wife and me peace of mind whenever we travel. To date we've fortunately needed to file just one small claim, for a doctor's office visit while we were traveling in Europe along with one prescription. We found the Allianz online claims-filing process to be fast and convenient. We'll be recommending Allianz to all our friends. Our grandchildren are covered when they travel with us, too, which is a great feature!
I got my money back eventually ( months later) ,but had to jump through far too many hoops to do so .
We have had several great experiences with Allianz Global Assistance - they have always reimbursed us promptly when we have had travel interruptions or loss, including damage to a rental car. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing travel insurance from them!
They kept their promises.
My baggage was misplaced on my return flight. I contacted Allianz who informed me of the process to file a claim. Within, a few days of filing the claim, the funds were deposited into my bank account by Allianz per my request!
When I bought the insurance, it was not clear that I could only get a refund for emergencies. Luckily I did cancel for medical reasons and was able to get a refund. The refund was quick and easy once my medical excuse was sent.

I have had to cancel two trips due to different emergencies and both times I was able to be reimbursed the airfare in a timely manner. One trip I had already flown one way but had to return for an emergency. Not only did they help me find a flight quickly, they then sent me the forms already filled out. I just had to update some information quickly and fax it back. Worth every penny!

It was such a great deal, by paying a small amount we were insurance for many different situation that although unexpected are, indeed, so frequent and find out that we were protected. We thanks that the insurance make the process of reimbursement so straightforward and fair.
Outstanding Service and Products. I would highly recommend this company to all friends and family.
Very friendly and quick to reply to questions
It took 10 business days to deny my refund in an email? And it was sent very late at night. Denied due to a state dept travel advisory warning to avoid travel to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This was not a preceived threat, but a bomb detonated on one ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel and a 2nd bomb was found on another ferry. Provided all docs as requested; but got nothing at all - just a long drawn out waste of time!

We purchased a policy to cover my daughter's trip to Costa Rica. She fell and sprained her ankle while there and had to see a doctor. Allianz's claim submission process was easy and fair, and we received reimbursement for the medical cost in less than a week! I was very pleasantly surprised and happy we purchased the coverage, will do so again for every vacation from now on!

My husband had to have an emergency surgery. His airfare was refunded and my fee for reinstating air points was also reimbursed. I did have a problem before with a pre-existing clause, so I have learned to pay attention to exclusions. I think if you purchase insurance when you book your trip there aren't as many problems.

Will NEVER purchase again- I don’t want a voucher- want my money back

My wife was unable to accompany me on a planned trip due to illness in her family. We submitted the required documents to Allianz, and they settled the claim quickly and efficiently. I've bought Allianz travel insurance many times in the past, but this is the first time I needed to submit a claim. It was very straightforward!

I was so pleased with the speed and final resolution of our medical claim. I would definitely use Allianz for future travel and recommend them to my friends and family. We also had a claim for a few tours that were not taken that were reimbursed for their full amount.

I was pleased with the ease of filing a claim and, of course, the fact that it was approved with no hesitation. I wish every transaction went so smoothly. We will be using Allianz for all our trip insurance from now on.
it don't get better. 5 stars says it all. Impressive customer service.
Hertz at Cointrin Airport at Geneva made a big case out of some unavoidable scrapes on the tire rims, but Allianz resolved it in an expeditious manner and I am grateful.
We had to cancel a planned cruise, together with airfare reservation last minute due to health reasons. Allianz Global Assistance was johnny on the spot. The claim process was simple and they credited us very quickly. On the other hand, the cruise line, which uses another insurance just sent us checks last week, three months later! Thank you Allianz Global Assistance.
I had never purchased travel insurance for a flight, but when I booked our flights and thought about our crazy schedule at the time, and I saw that the insurance helped with the cost of flight changes and damage or loss of luggage, I decided to purchase. I'm glad I did because our brand new piece of luggage was damaged beyond repair. Allianz handled our claim quickly and satisfactorily, and it was a very simple process. Will purchase again.

Disgusting company. Disgusting practice. Intrepid Travel recommends them, and I'm thinking maybe I'll never use Intrepid Travel again, because they set their clients up to be scammed. I went through the long version of a plan search, reading through all the plan documents, comparing websites, checking prices and coverage. I settled on a plan with this crooked company that cost $140. I'd already entered all my basic information. Then I had to fill in all the details - specific credit numbers, zip codes, whatever. My trip details were exactly the same. At the end of it, I hit submit on my $140 payment, and the page reloaded: "YOUR PRICE HAS CHANGED. PLEASE HIT SUBMIT TO PAY THE NEW PRICE." Or some message to that effect.

$452. They lied to me to get me to waste 45 minutes reading through plan documents and making sure I had all the coverages I needed. After I committed, they more than tripled the price. Someone needs to bring a class action lawsuit against a company like this. Hopefully by sharing experiences like these we can help deny business to companies with dishonorable and unethical practices.

Reserved vacation, several weeks before arrival, I fell, and MRI found a FRACTURE in my knee, This was a nightmare as it canceled our plans. Sent paperwork in and was approved speedly. Rescheduled another vaciation after surgery Early July. Very PROMPT and Courteous service.

My husband developed a serious back problem requiring surgery. He would be unable to fly on our scheduled date. I sent in the required information and documents and received a check for our flights. This was done in a timely fashion. The people we spoke to were very helpful!

My husband and I take our anniversary in Las Vegas every year. This year I am unable to travel because of my doctor’s orders. I am still unable to travel but luckily we purchased Allianz Global Insurance. All we had to do was file a claim and in a short time we were compensated for our airfare with no hassle. Thank you Allianz.

Great investment when our plane was cancelled for weather and we had to stay overnight at ORD. Policy paid for accommodations and meals as promised. Claim processing was speedy and reimbursement quick. Highly recommend.

My husband and I were sick on our cruise and went to see the ship's doctor. He had one visit to the doctor and I had two. We submitted the bills and paperwork to Allianz and were reimbursed for the total amount.

Prompt turn around of my claim.

We are exceptionally satisfied with the response and service Allianz provided for our recently canceled trip. Allianz has covered all of our trips, but this is the first claim we've had to submit. The online claim submission was easy and fast. Our claim was paid out in full within a week.

Good experience, no issues...would suggest other travelers avail themselves of their services
Very prompt response.
I had a claim for missed excursions due to medical reasons on a cruise ship. The claim was easily made on line and was promptly processed. In my opinion this trip insurance is a must for any traveler.
My claim went very smoothly.

This was a terrible experience! We purchased this insurance in case something happened! My mother got sick, I sent a doctor's note and for some reason Allianz will not pay. I think this insurance is nothing but a ripoff!!