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They are there for you and very helpful and they pay you right away. Pay for wrecker service, they call you and get all details. You can pay by the month or by the year. Can talk to a person.

The price is acceptable and decent for this state. I've always gotten very quick responses from the company about questions and policy changes. I've insured multiple cars with this company. The company offers discounts for multiple policies (home, etc). I even insured my daughter's car when she was a teenager and the premiums were quite reasonable.

Satisfactory but did not provide me with chances for discounts that I had. Didn't ask if I qualified for any of them, just gave me the price that was listed. Gave me a decent price for my history and age but was still not the cheapest that I (much later) found. I was told at the time that what they gave me was the cheapest they had heard of and this obviously wasn't the case.

Beyond pissed. Been going back and forth with these ** for months. Required to provide proof of insurance for car loan thru my credit union. No biggie. I’ve had continuous coverage for duration. Submitted proof. Wasn’t good enough. Had agent call, submit again. Not good enough. Called them again, was told has to be on their approved form. That’s new info, but ok. They said they would email it to my agent, Follow up, they didn’t get it. Asked to have form emailed to me so I could print and take to my agent. Was Told their email doesn’t leave the building. So, how the ** did you email a form to my agent, if email doesn’t leave the building? How stupid and dense do you think I am?

Asked to have form physically mailed to me, so I could have agent fill it out. Well, They couldn’t do that. Why the hell not? Afraid someone might actually get the money back you scammed them of? Stay the hell away from this business. No proof is good enough. They change the rules as you go. Even having your agent send them proof isn’t good enough. Never mind when you send stuff, you can’t send to a representative you talked to. Goes to generic address. I’m sure that gets checked. /Sarcasm. So tired of dealing with this **. Thinking a lawyer is the best recourse, then throw in a emotional distress lawsuit over the hoops and backflips I’ve had to do over the last 4 months. I had to have insurance to get my car loan in the first place, gave that to the bank when I signed the Oakes. This outfit is telling me I didn’t have insurance? W.T.F.

Great customer service and their rates were lower than our last insurance company and we were with them for years. The ease of having a local agent makes answering our questions easy instead of having to call a call center located who knows where. Our rates dropped approximately $35 a month after switching and those savings will help immensely as we are a young couple.

Good experience with agents in my local insurance company. Have not had problems with company or having an wreck. My rates have been ok because of lack of a car wreck. Would say my insurance company is a good company.

I had 2 vehicles on my policy with Allied Insurance (AKA Nationwide) for well over 5 years and had never filed a claim. My payments were on auto pay and I never even had to call the company a single time. By all accounts I was the ideal customer. I sold 1 vehicle one summer, and then sold the other vehicle the next summer. When it came time to cancel my policy I called my agent. At that time I discovered I had forgotten to remove the vehicle I had sold a year prior from my policy. That was my mistake. When I canceled my policy I requested that since I had paid for a vehicle I hadn't owned for an entire year that they waive the prorated $102 on my last statement. My agent said that would be no problem and that he could backdate the policy cancellation to accommodate my request. For the next 2 months I got invoices stating my final payment was past due. I called several times asking if I needed to pay the $102.

My agent said not to worry about that and all would be forgiven and that all he needed was proof of when I sold the vehicle. I sent him documentation and never heard back from him. 5 months later I am getting calls from a collection agency for this past due bill. Now that I talk to my agent he claims that since the policy was canceled so long ago that they can't do anything about it now and that this should have been taken care of months ago. I requested it be taken care of the day I canceled the policy, so I have no idea why they are trying to place the blame on me. It's almost as if all the effort I had made to get this resolved has been ignored. I figured that since they had gotten a year's worth of free money from me paying on a car I no longer owned that they would have no problem waiving the $102. It turns out I was wrong and Allied/Nationwide is immensely greedy and dishonest.

I'm just glad I never had to file a claim, because I'm sure that if they are willing to squabble over $102 that they would have definitely refused to pay any repair bills I might have had if I had been in an accident. The annoying thing is that if they had told me I needed to pay the $102 the first time I called then I would have paid it with no issue. The lies and the misleading statements and false promises for the last several months are what annoys me the most. I am absolutely never getting insurance from Allied or Nationwide again. Nationwide is on no one's side but their own.

It is affordable and I have had no issues. The auto insurance has amazing and professional representatives and have had no problems generating a claim. Despite only having one accident, the cost of the insurance only went up 1.00 over the course of a month!! I would recommend the insurance to friends and family!!

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