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I have filed claims with them and had a turn-a-round in about 3 days. My insurance was reduced since I am no longer commuting to and from work. My agent and I have discussed my homeowners and auto policy in detail.

I asked my agent about making a claim for an accident that happened in my driveway. Scraped the side of our car on a low brick wall in my yard. The agent suggested I pay for it myself because there would be a surcharge on my insurance when I renewed. I asked about accident forgiveness, as advertised on TV. He laughed and said, "That does not apply in California." So why do I have insurance?

After a hail storm, an adjuster came out to check on my claim. To start, she asked me to go back in the house as she did not need me to tell her what the damage was. After getting her report, I told Allstate my siding couldn't be matched, they said it could and sent me an envelope to put a piece of my siding in so they could prove it. Of course they couldn't. Next they said that Iowa is not a line of sight state, so they only had to pay for actual damage. I called them and gave them the Iowa code that showed they were wrong. They came back with the fact that I had a little siding which did not match the other, which meant they didn't have to pay. We had made upgrades to our house, go back to fact that our siding can't be matched, and we were forced to put on different siding. Also we had painted all of the siding. Gentleman from Allstate said matching 6 year old paint wasn't their problem.

They are a joke of a company. I will get the last laugh. Luckily my job gives me contact with many people. I will go to my deathbed telling people to not get their insurance from Allstate. I have filed a complaint against them with the state of Iowa. Please stay away from Allstate insurance. The only thing their hands are good for is taking your money.

Allstate is a ripoff. I've been with them for 30 years and they are THE most expensive insurance! I stayed with them all these years because I thought they would take care of me when/if I did have an accident and I didn't want to risk going to another company. I've had three accidents in 5 years, and two of them were only minor fender benders, but before that I only had one accident in 30 years. Then I relocated to Wisconsin from Texas and my insurance almost doubled because of the last accident!

Now that I've been with Allstate for so long and had my renter's insurance along with my auto insurance, and because of this last accident, I won't get a cheaper rate if I go to another company. I hate Allstate! I never should have stayed with them all these years. My suggestion is to go with State Farm or Progressive, because Allstate will charge you the highest rates and then when the time does come that you'll really need them to advocate for you, you can forget it.

I WAS IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE INSURANCE. They handled wind damage last year and did pay for the damages and paid for the repair. I liked that they repaired any damage to my property and did the claim process very fast. I have been with them for over 30 years and I'm very happy and satisfied with them and have no plans to change my policy with them. I liked that they provide good service and handle any and all claims quickly and to my satisfaction.

On 12/24/2015, a terrible storm came thru my area - winds at 40-50 mph for about 45 minutes, hail, and lots of cloud to ground lightning. At 3am lightning lit up my house, the electrical outlets had electricity shoot out of them and the power went out. When the lightning hit, it sounded like a truck fell on my house (I was expecting a tree). My roof began leaking in the front and back of the house badly. At daylight, I discovered the inside of my chimney was missing - and some of the rocks had gone thru my roof - no damage around my chimney just the outer edges of my roof. My upstairs lights were out, and my double oven, stove and fridge were not working properly, my microwave was inop all together. I called a guy to come patch my roof and he sealed the leaks temporarily.

I called Allstate and filed a claim - around March 10, they sent inspectors out and then engineers. The engineer that was to inspect my roof and chimney did not bring a ladder and could only take pictures from afar. He took pictures of the stones that had been sitting out in the wettest 3 months I have ever seen. It flooded 2 times and rained every day for 2 months and then claimed the damage was from deterioration and the discolored ceilings were from long term leakage. The ceilings have been up and intact for 40 years. The electrical inspector said the fuse box had discoloring but nothing else. I even pointed out to him the section that the circuit breaker upstairs was attached to was not only discolored but burnt off the box.

Also I showed him where my power usage was negative the day of the strike (where electricity flowed backwards thru my meter into the lines outside). Ignoring all this and the 2 inspections I had done, Allstate said the damage was not storm related and denied the claim. Then sent me out a non-renewal notice due to un-repaired storm damage citing the roof, chimney and breaker box.

During the course of my homeowner's claim filing, I had 4 different representatives, 3 different adjuster, spoke with 2 managers to report my slow and unprofessional claims processing after 1 month time frame to receive 0 dollars. Guess what Allstate you need to remove your ad about great claims service or money back guarantee on WHAT...

Agent called about possible nonrenewal due to moss on my siding. The agent advised that the condition was noticed in August as part of a random home inspection (of which I was never advised); however, I was not informed until mid-January (less than 60 days before renewal). Was told that siding needed to be powerwashed (in the dead of winter) to clean up the moss. Asked for copies of the inspection report, photos, etc. Asked for second inspection (with notice). No follow up from Allstate as to when this would happen (or if it would happen). I have had this policy for all of my homes for over 25 years. Never late on premiums (which increase every year). Only three claims in that time. Agent tried (in same call) to get me to bundle auto insurance. Seems unfair, predatory, and clearly an unfair business practice with little or no recourse on the part of the long-term customers. So much for companies acknowledging customer loyalty.

We have had Allstate Homeowners Insurance for many years. The customer service is very courteous and helpful with any problems or questions we needed answered. Although we have never had to file a claim, we're sure that it would be handled professionally and honestly. We highly recommend this reliable company.

I have been with Allstate for 14 years and have never put a claim in previously. I have (had) a finished basement. On 8/27/11, during Hurricane Irene, a PVC elbow pipe attached to the far end of our sump pump at the wall burst. It caused water to continuously spurt out of the crack, preventing its evacuation from the house. The water simply redistributed back into the basement over the entire evening causing severe water damage. When my wife called the Middletown, DE office at (302) 449-0200, she was redirected to a response team and spoke to an agent named Lindsey. My wife told her that a pipe had broken on the sump pump causing a lot of water damage and also causing the pump to burn out. Lindsey reviewed our policy and told my wife that we were covered for the damage minus the deductible. She also said not to make any immediate major repairs, but we should fix the pipe and the pump and have the water removed and cleaned up. We just needed to keep all of our receipts.

I called Miller Heating and Cooling Company. They immediately came to the house, replaced the broken pipe, and put in a temporary sump pump to keep the water from overflowing, which it did. I then called a Rainbow International-a restoration crew for the cleanup. They were scheduled to come on Friday, 9/2/11. I again called the Middletown Allstate office on 8/31/11 prior to make sure we were covered for the damage. I stated what happened and my policy was reviewed over the phone. I was told that I was covered for the damage and that I would only be charged the $250 deductible.

On Friday, 9/2, the restoration crew came and cleaned the water and removed the damaged drywall, insulation, electronics, toys, furniture, shelves, etc. On Saturday, September 3rd, I received a call from Allstate by a person named Gregory **. He stated that according to his information, I would not be covered for the damage to the basement because I don’t have a sewer, water backup endorsement. This was shocking as I have never heard of such an endorsement and I was never informed that one existed. I have Deluxe, Deluxe Plus Homeowners Policy and spare no expense to protect my home. If I would had been made aware that such an endorsement existed, I would have paid for it and added it to my policy. I certainly was not offered it and I never signed any waiver stating I do not want such coverage.

On Monday, September 5th, Bob ** (sp?) the adjustor, came to assess the damage. I provided him with pictures of the damage, a picture of the broken pipe, the bill from the plumber (stating that there was a crack in the pipe and had to be replaced), my original basement proposal, and my list of damages. I was told by Bob ** (sp?) that a broken pipe was indeed covered under my policy. And he held out his hands and said not to worry, we were in good hands with Allstate. Three days later, I contacted Mr. ** who then changed his tune and said it's a gray area and we might not be covered. A week later, I was officially told that my claim was denied. The reason given was this gray area. And the broken pipe was attached to my sump pump, which is not covered under my policy and would only fall under that sewer, water backup endorsement. I contacted my local agent Mr. Roland ** and reviewed my case again. He stated that if I was told that I was covered by 2 different people, then I should be covered. But on his end, there is nothing further he could do.

I feel that this is ridiculously unfair and I feel cheated. I also feel that Allstate looked for a reason not to cover my damage. Now, due to this denial, I am stuck with a $4,000 bill from the restoration crew, a crew I would not have hired if I weren't told on two occasions that I was covered for the damages. I also now cannot afford to repair the damage to my basement. My once completely finished basement is now in shambles. Two feet of drywall along with the insulation needed to be cut out. The molding was removed. The furniture was ruined. The rugs and flooring were removed and my children's toys were destroyed. In closing, Allstate says that I am not covered because of a broken pipe (that three different representatives from Allstate said I am covered for). But it was attached to a sump pump that isn’t covered due to some "sewer water backup endorsement", that I was never told about and never signed any declaration denying that coverage.

In order to pursue this further, I put in a claim with the Delaware Department of Insurance on 9/12/11. I was told that Allstate had to respond within 21 calendar days. On October 3, 2011, Allstate had not replied. And when contacted by the Department of Insurance, their excuse was they never received it. On October 11, 2011, Allstate denied the claim a second time for the same reasons given originally. When asked what I could do, I was told to file an error and omissions form with my local Allstate office. When I contacted that office again, they had no such form and directed me to call 1-800-255-7828. I was put in contact with a representative and bounced from one department to another as no one had ever heard of such a form.

I then proceeded to contact a Mr. John ** (inside adjustor) to pursue an error and omissions form for my case. He expressed that this was an appropriate avenue to pursue. And he also felt that errors were made in being told so many times that we were covered and then having that decision backpedaled. On 10/13/11, after not hearing anything further, I called the 800 number again and par for the course with Allstate. No one knew what we were talking about. They suggested that I speak with a Chad **, a claims adjustor manager. I called and left a message explaining the situation with no return call back from him.

I called the 800 number a third time and spoke with Mr. ** again. He gave me the names and numbers of 3 additional people to contact - a Mr. Gary **, a Ms. Lynn **, and a Mr. Chuck ** - all of who I have left messages with. No one has had the courtesy to return my calls. On 10/15/11, I yet again called the 800 number and this time I spoke with a Mr. Ryan **. He saw the trail of phone calls that have been made and once again I explained my case. He reported that he was going to speak with his supervisor and put in the errors and omissions claim. On 10/16/11, I received a phone call from a Mr. John ** (sp?) as I have also filed a grievance through the Better Business Bureau. I was informed by Mr. ** that this error and omissions form is only for errors in policy writing. When I explained my case, he basically said that while he will investigate it further, I should not expect this claim to be put through. Allstate isn't accountable in any way. While Mr. ** was courteous on the phone, the lack of respect that I feel I have been given as a customer in this entire situation is uncalled for.

While I understand the policy/contract reason the claim was denied (not having the proper endorsement), when do the insurance companies become accountable for not properly informing their customers of all the coverage they may need? In the 14 years I have been an Allstate customer, I have only heard from them in writing when there has been an agent change (3 times) and when my policy is up for renewal. Even then, it is a declarations page and nothing more. When I finished the basement in 2005, I called Allstate to inform them. Still, no mention of a water/sewer back up endorsement was ever made. I also understand that as a homeowner, I am responsible to know my coverage. But when no one ever tells me what might be available to protect my investment, my hands are tied.

On or about July 6, 2013 my home was broke into and items were stolen and my home was vandalized. I called and made a claim. 2 weeks later an adjuster shows up and does his job (very nice person) says my content damage was too extensive for him to report. He was going to have another adjuster come out. Never happened. So my structure part was sort of settled and the content part unsettled. I was living in a home with broke glass, paint all over the place, and the smell of bleach, and huge holes in all walls. No one was worried. So when structure check was issued, it was way under quotes that Allstate told me to get. But they went ahead and issued a check, but before I got it, they stopped payment and denied my case. They said I didn't have insurance.

I've had the same company and policy for 4 years, not to mention a claim 2 years ago that they paid. They gave no Reason just denied. I hired a lawyer and its still been over 6 months. I feel my agent made a horrible mistake and I am paying that mistake. I lost 90% of my contents (the first adjuster gave me that percentage). They told me they would reimburse me for removal of debris in my home and in the process of cleaning and removing items, I fell and hurt myself. They are very unfair and I will never use them again after this is settled.

Allstate take your money for years and years. Then they assign a complete moron to handle your claim. He specialize in working for his end of the year bonus, by depreciating all your losses to nothing, delaying repairs for up to six months and lie about your claim processing to his bosses. They already know their Ace liar, and they back him up because he's doing a great job. The customer loses out, you may want to save some money in the bank just in case you make a claim, because you will be paying for more than half for your own repairs. Allstate satisfaction guarantee!

For no apparent reason, one entire side of my house foundation collapsed. I contacted Allstate. Their emergency response said to do whatever is necessary to secure the frame. The contractors dug out wall, erected temporary support wall and put up plywood to protect from elements. This event happened at 6PM on a Friday. I have the deluxe replacement homeowners policy.

Allstate customer service is very good to us and whenever I call they are very helpful. We have been with them for over a decade and we are getting a good deal.

To begin with, we had a similar experience as one of the other consumers. While I was out in my yard, quite a bit away from the entrance gate, two men waltzed up from the highway, through the bushes, and toward my front door. My wife was startled and somewhat apprehensive as to who these guys were! She called for me and they announced that they were from Allstate and were there for an "inspection". I told them that I didn't appreciate how they came on my property unannounced. They took offense and said, "Do you want us to leave? " I said, "No, just do what you have to do and go."

Later that afternoon, my wife called our agent to complain about this "method" and he assured us he would "handle" it. A couple of months after that, we received a cancellation letter stating that we were being dropped because we had some "moss" on our roof. Of course this is totally ridiculous and we definitely feel that we were cancelled due to the complaint we made about the "inspectors" sneaking up on our property. They obviously got offended, angry, whatever and decided to get the ball rolling to cancel us, which they did!

We filed a claim due to storm damage (wind,hail) to our roof and now, we can't even get a repair even though our policy has not expired yet. To tell all about the experience we just had with the "adjuster" would take a couple more pages. So, I will end this here and hope that you get the gist. I do want to add, however, that the "adjuster" and her cohort damaged my roof even more and now I am left with more problems. We have always paid our premiums and never filed a claim with them.

In 2008, I called the Allstate agent as I had wind damage on my roof. They did not pay anything out, instead I paid for the repair. I am going to change to another company, as Allstate has gotten too expensive and this claim shows up as a claim, without a payout of funds. This action on Allstate's part brings my rate up and they refuse to even write a letter to submit to the other company. I have been a good customer for over 20 years and feel this is an unfair action. It results in about 40.00 more a 6-month policy in my rates. I work only part time, and do about 20 hours of volunteer work a week. I feel this is extremely unfair .

I have been an Allstate customer since 1994. Aside from one automobile claim, hit by an uninsured driver, I have filed no claims. We were hit pretty hard from the storm in 10/2012. Trees down on the roof, gutters off, Soffit damage and siding damage. We have been jumping through hoops since October to have our roof repaired. We have had three claims adjusters out to the house and all keep finding more damage (which makes me question the education of all their adjusters), but refused to fix more than one side of the roof. We had puncture holes to one side and 20 shingles blown off the front (the roof is 20 years old). We now also have animals living in the attic due to the holes. We just had a brittle test done and it's right on the line so the adjuster refused to allow for a whole new roof. We just did a complete renovation of our basement and yard.

We have no additional money and are going into debt to try to keep up with the animal removal and damage that it looks like we will have to pay for. I don't know who else to write to, but please remember we are all human. If it was your house, what would you do? I paid Allstate over $25,000 in the last 20 years. I am now wishing I would have just saved the cash. At least I would have it to repair my house. Shame on you Allstate. You will be losing a customer, two cars, two houses and will now be spoken poorly off when asked, "Do you like your insurance company?"

We have had Allstate for homeowners for over 35 years. We have not ever made any major high dollar claims. In the past two years we have place 2 claims for roof leakage. The last one was when there was severe storms with hail damage to our screens and a tornado just a few miles away. Each time the Allstate adjuster states we have had only 1-2 shingles blow off yet I have water damage in a bedroom and shingles out in my yard. Two of our neighbors one just across the street and one just two doors down the street have their roof replaced because of this storm!

Both homes are newer than ours. Many other neighbors have had their roofs repaired in the last two years with insurance. He stated to have a handyman go up and replace the shingles on the roof and for us to go in the attic when it rained and caulk the holes! We are filing a complaint with the state insurance commissioner and reaching out to one of the local TV stations who broadcast news on issues such as these. Let's see what Allstate says when a TV newsperson contacts them.

Allstate may act like they are the first one on the scene, but don't be fooled. The adjuster didn't finish his final estimate till 2 months post storm, and he came in one week after the storm. My neighbor who had insurance with Hartford got an adjuster 1 month after the storm but got a settlement check before we did. We are not even close to it because they claim that they need to send an engineer to prove that the damage in the crawlspace was done by the storm?! My contractor had already done half of the work, and now we had to stop work because their engineer is missing in action till this Saturday. Then it will probably take another 2 weeks for them to get everything filed and decide if they want to pay. If they don't cover it, we have to pay out of pocket to have the sub-floor pulled up again in order to fix the crawlspace! Their lack of organization is beyond me, and now it will become my problem because of their inability to plan.

Not only that, Allstate kept sending me advance checks that had the wrong information on them, so then we had to wait 2 weeks to for them to stop and reissue checks. We had to get endorsement with all the mortgages while Hartford does not. Allstate told us it's the law, but how come Hartford did not have the same issue? I am still dealing with their incompetence from all levels. We were only able to cash one advance check, after all the endorsements were signed. To top it off, this morning, someone there told me that they went ahead to stop that check too! What kind of system is that, to stop checks from the past because they took one of the names off the system. It does not make sense.

Thirdly, what's the big mystery when it comes to letting us know how much they will be able to cover in the settlement, just give me a number so I can be sure I can pay for the work that is about to be completed. They told us that it's the law that they cannot tell us? How is this different than any other insurance policy? Adjuster makes an estimate, and should tell us on the spot. But no, it's a big mystery to let us know. I thought I had the right to know as a consumer. I wish I could give them no star. I am figuring out a way to complain to the NYS Dept. of Financial Services. This is unacceptable especially when I have family members who are ill and need to be on special diets. We can't because we still have no stove after 2 months after the storm.

My home had hail and wind damage in June 2016. I filed a claim with Allstate. It took a month for them to even come out. Then another month for another inspector to look at it. My roofer said damage was all over, both sides. Allstate said only 1 side was damaged and only paid for half of a roof. I was mad, never had a claim in over 6 years with them. They really let me down. They are the worst to deal with, keep putting it off and very hard to get answers from. I have left them for good. They lost my home and auto coverage. Agent never called me to talk or question why I left. I guess they just don't care, well neither do I. Common sense will tell you wind and hail damage BOTH SIDES OF A ROOF... They don't care about policy holders, only STOCK HOLDERS... Bolingbrook, IL. office.

I made a homeowner's claim because of the historic flood of 2014 & an adjuster came out & denied my claim due to the water coming from the "ground". Also I did not have a water backup rider which my agent never advised me I should have. Even though I have insured several homes & cars with them for years, I had to pay out of pocket for repairs needed--such as ruined drywall in garage, and items ruined in the addition of this house & paid for a company to remediate any mold & or damage. Many neighbors made claims thru other companies that were approved. Also, the rates continue to go up & the replacement costs is almost two times the value of this home. Lastly, don't know if they truly care about their customers! Insurance costs are higher in Michigan than other places I have lived!! Would like more personal help. Possibly looking for small town insurance company!!!

I had renter insurance with Allstate for over 8 years without any claim. In May 2015 my wife and I were moving out our apartment and the neighbor created a hostile atmosphere which forced us to leave some household and personal belonging behind. I made a claim to Allstate of the loss ($2414) which the adjuster claimed was not in the contract... My understanding has been that a renter insurance is supposed to cover all contents for loss when the event occurs. If my situation was not covered as a legitimate claim what was the policy covering??? I would high urge consumers to boycott Allstate when they fail to cover a legitimate loss.

On Feb 8 2017 my waterline burst on my toilet that I purchased a year ago. Water was flowing everywhere at fast pace. I panicked and so did my husband. The bathroom flooded my hallway two of my bedrooms and my washer and dryer room. I called my plumber and then I called my Allstate agent and explained what happened. She told me to call Servpro or Servicemaster so I choose Servpro. They came out sucked the water up with their machines and put dryers in the rooms and told me that my bathroom floor two of my bedroom floors along with my washer and dryer room floor which was recently put down two yrs ago had to come up and be replaced. They said water had gotten in the drywalls but the carpet in my hallway which is in front of my bathroom that got wet the most they said it only need to be cleaned but they removed half of the padding and pulled up the carpet and put dryers under it to dry.

I called the claims department to start a claim because Servpro said the damages would be over my deductible. Well the dryers were here from Feb 8th until Feb 12th. Well by now I still haven't seen an adjuster only to find out that Servpro was acting adjusters. They were telling Servpro what was and wasn't as though they were the homeowners. They told Allstate that my hallway carpet didn't need to be replaced because it wasn't as old as the bedroom carpet. They also said that I had mold and I didn't. They would never talk to the insurance company in my presence. They always went to their truck to talk. They took up my floors and we had to walk on plywood because of it and I have a bad back. My claims rep sucked as though she pays my premium. Everything Servpro said that's what she believed. I have called corporate and they are no better.

When the adjuster gave me my estimate after submitting my contractor estimate and her talking to him she tried to get him to lower his fee and he wouldn't. I told her that my vanity had water damage and she wouldn't consider it. I had a space saver damaged along with other things but none of it was considered. When she finished I had 422 to buy carpet for two bedrooms and a bathroom floor and a washer and dryer room and padding but the claims rep told me to go to Home Depot or Lowe's and price the materials and I did. And when I faxed her the prices she would not approve it. Then she said they were sending samples of my carpet to the lab but I never have heard back other than my claim was finished and to this day I have never seen an adjuster.

I have enjoyed my insurance so far. We did have a recent issue in which claims person was very absent. It ended up costing us a few thousand dollars, but we are sticking with Allstate for now.

Allstate is terrible and a scam company. 1st off the shingles on my roof was falling off after a storm. They only want to replace part of the roof not the whole roof. Who put a few shingles on a roof and not replace the whole roof? 2nd a tree falls on my house. Once again they say it's no damage to the house with a big tree laying on the house. Last straw my back patio roof falling off and they deny the claim to fix it. We been paying house insurance for over 8 years also have 2 business insurance with Allstate and I'm about to drop them from all my insurance. Not only that I'm going to get all my family and friends who have Allstate to drop them. This the worst insurance company I ever dealt with.

Although we have carried Allstate Homeowners for many years, we've never had a claim, which is a blessing. We also have a good relationship with the local office.

They are the best. There has been a couple of times that I have had to use my insurance and they have been great. Quick to respond and more than generous. I wouldn't be afraid to recommend them to anyone. I use them for my car and truck as well as for my boat and camper. My agents have always been very pleasant and courteous.

I live in a Townhome where the Association is only responsible for the outside walls and ceiling. I must have insurance on everything else. I had a crack on the shower valve and the waste and overflow split. This is clearly not part of the outside walls or roof. Allstate never sent anyone out to my home to view the damage of water coming through my ceiling from the shower area. I opened the claim on 2/9...within 3 days they closed the claim. The association's insurance company stated that they would not cover and that homeowners should be the covering agency. The Association confirmed this should be my homeowner's policy and provided the bylaws. This did not matter. The insurance claim representative was not empathetic and could care a less even though my water had to be turned off for days.

I have never had any problems. We have only had to file one claim and there were no issues getting a settlement. They were very fair and reasonable and keep in touch with me to make sure everything was taken care of.

We have a Viking Ice maker that malfunctioned. After finding and correcting the water that came from the ice maker, we hired a wood floor contractor to repair and refinish the dining room floor. While the total cost was significantly over our deductible, we just paid the bill and moved on. Several months later, we discovered that the ice maker had leaked (no more than 2 days while we were out of town) much more water than we realized. Additional damage was done to the sub-floor, insulation, and minor HVAC items in the crawl space of the house. Mold developed over the affected area in the crawlspace.

Allstate denied our claim based on a continuous leak over a period of weeks or months. The total bill of the repairs was approximately $3,000. We paid twice that each year for homeowners and auto insurance (and had for the last five years). There was no continuous leak. Allstate just did not want to pay a justified claim for an issue that a moral insurance company would cover.

Even more disappointing than the claim denial was the Allstate “attitude”. All we got from the Allstate folks, to include our so called Madison, AL agent is that we are “so sorry this happened and we can understand your frustration”. Needless to say, we moved on from Allstate the following day after our relatively small claim was denied. The three or four folks associated with Allstate did not appear to be at all concerned with losing our business. Go with any other insurance company than Allstate. There is just no way possible to do any worse than them. Hopefully everyone leaves and Allstate goes the way of their former parent company; the soon to be out-of-business Sears.

STAY AWAY from insuring your home with Allstate. IF and WHEN you have a claim they will penny you and not pay the full amount of the claim, IF they don't just DENY it all together. They are happy as long as you pay their absorbent fees and don't need to use them BUT when you do THEY THINK EVERYTHING YOU OWN IS WORTH A PENNY AND NO MORE AND ARE UNREALISTIC OF THE FEE THEY THINK CONTRACTORS WILL INSTALL OR FIX YOUR HOME FOR. Then you are left to pay the rest out of pocket. They said they would go after our home builder to get our $1000 deductible back, even sent us a letter in the mail saying they were getting an attorney. Two weeks later we get another letter stating "Oh well they didn't respond, we are not going after them now. You have to pay the deductible." BEWARE, use another insurance company. IF you read this YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I shopped around for good quotes 4 yrs ago when my daughter turned 16. Allstate had the best rates for a teen driver so I went with them. I then switched my house to them as well, for the bundle discount. 2 yrs ago I rec'd a letter stating they wanted to do an inspection outside my home. I then rec'd a letter that they were dropping me due to moss on my roof! I have a 111 yr old home that is in excellent condition with constant improvements being made. I also asked 2 slate repair men to come over and look at my roof and offer ideas. The roof does not leak and does not have fuzzy green moss but rather black and white lichen.

Almost every house in our town has this-as i live in the slate capital! The roofer said that this was causing no damage and to try and remove it would cause damage. My agent worked on my behalf and told them it was fine. They didn't bother me until last week! I rec'd another letter that they wanted to inspect my home. They once again said they were dropping me for having moss on my roof. I have not filed claims and have not had any accidents. I called my agent and told him I was leaving. He said that this was happening a lot.

I have placed a claim with Allstate for a roof leak and two pipes broke inside the house. They claim the damage was from roof and not covered. The roof had a small leak, the pipes in the heater broke water everywhere and they won't pay for my bed and armoire or a desk. I told them I was going to hire a public adjuster. I cannot take the arguing and bickering back and forth. It is absurd. I want to know who I can file a complaint with so this does not happen again.

Received original quote in-line with existing insurance premiums. Allstate sent an appraiser who adjusted the replacement cost up by $40k. The replacement cost on my existing policy was already over what it would cost to rebuild my house. Didn't know about the adjustment till I got my bill 3 weeks before the policy is set to take effect. My agent told me there was nothing he could do. Time to find a new company.

Allstate informed me I needed to replace my roof. I paid over $7,000 to replace my roof. After contacting Allstate to inform them that I had replaced my roof, they informed me that they would not renew my homeowner's coverage. This is a scam by Allstate to drop homeowner's coverage. I have had Allstate homeowner's coverage for 17 years. The government needs to step in and protect us from what Allstate is doing. I am 51 years old and also have auto coverage with Allstate for 25 years. I hope Allstate is hit with a class action lawsuit to help all of us wronged by Allstate.

My home was destroyed by arsonists and the guest cabin and equipment shed were also vandalized and robbed. I fought Allstate for over a year and finally had some FHF the payment on the policy. They never paid under the interim living clause, which I had for one year, and never paid for the debris removal or the landscaping and decks that were destroyed. My home was paid for and I was ready to retire to the country property. Allstate was very cavalier about the entire disaster and the agents in Tennessee were the rudest people I have ever dealt with.

The entire ordeal has been awful. An agent there, Wanda, claimed not to receive documents that were sent, and it took intervention from a Mississippi insurance man for me to even get a copy of my policy which had, of course, burned. The agent that sold me the insurance said that it was the best policy Allstate had, the deluxe policy. Ha! Either he was poorly trained or misrepresented the policy coverage. After Allstate excluded all the things that they claimed were not covered, I had little coverage for my life's possessions and home.

When I realized that Nationwide was hosing me on auto insurance, I shopped around, and lined up with a very helpful local Allstate agent who provided me with some great numbers for both auto and homeowner's insurance. He was accommodating, professional and very thorough. I ended up saving nearly 50% on my auto premium, with essentially better coverage. Homeowner's was a bit better, too. So far, so good. But he's the agent, not the corporation.

Within six weeks, I received notice that my homeowner's premium is being increased nearly 85% - replacement value of the home was jacked from $345k to $607k, personal property from $245k to $450k, and (get this) replacement cost of my dilapidated detached garage went from $30k to $60k. They said this was because a drive-by inspector decided that my home had around 3k sq. ft. of living space vs. 2200 sq. ft. So the additional, 800 sq. ft. nearly doubled my premium.

There isn't a house within 6/10 of a mile of mine that would cost $600k to rebuild - guaranteed. And the $450k of personal property? Sure, if I stashed diamonds under the floorboards. But as usual, fighting the corporation is futile, so I went out and got quotes from other insurers - and based them on the erroneous 3,000 square feet. The result? Right in line with where things should be - in the $350k replacement range and $250k personal property (which, trust me, is high also).

So I will leave Allstate (running, shooting behind me as I flee) just 10 weeks after switching over. It is hands-down the worst insurance experience I've ever had. I probably should've done more homework before switching, because I was hoodwinked by this company. I can't even imagine what they would do to those nice auto premiums once renewal time rolled around. Luckily, I won't be around to find out. Later, Allstate.

When you apply for Home Owners you are asked a series of questions. You are to answer them to the best of your ability. But why? The agent will send an inspector to your house and then and only then should you be quoted to insure your quote is accurate. NOT Allstate and the The Gagnon Agency of Dover, NH. They quoted me, gave me a list of repairs needed then after all the work was DONE. They billed my bank for another $557.62, this only three months after the policy was put in effect and after I'd already PAID $905.05. $905.05 was the original quote but wait it gets better! Now they claim we have even more issues and won't take the payment for $557.62. TOTAL SCAM, report these scams to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. (NAIC) This must STOP. Pics attached, does this look like a house that has not been cared for? We have invested $100.000.00 to bring this 1825 house back to life. Michael Gagnon you’re a SCAM ARTIST!

After looking for a good insurance company, I found everything but about a month ago my car were damaged by golf ball size hail. Making an appointment were the only decent thing that happen with this company. By me working late, I were only able to get one estimate which were $1863.00. The adjuster barely gave me half. I'm still looking for some jack leg that I can afford. This gets better. My car is a Nissan 370z with 3,400 miles, and the adjuster wrote it up with 38,000 plus miles to lessen the amount, even after looking at the mileage.

Now part two, and by two weeks ago the weather has been really crazy here on Louisiana. A lightning storm fried three televisions, computer, also Blu-ray/DVD stop working. Stereo will turn on but will play. Well my smart tv not quite two years old, which I still make payments, cost me $1900 alone. Well Allstate (the company that does their claims) found in their hearts to award me $279 dollars, and told me they were sorry for my loss. By the way they estimated my lost at over $3800.00 dollars. Oh! Surge protectors don't help in a really bad storm. My advice is to run as fast as your little feet will go. I'm looking elsewhere and so is a friend of mines.

After paying my premiums for more than 8 years, Allstate is also guilty of this new 5 percent deductible. The person who got $5000 from State Farm is lucky. I got nothing but sorry, it is a Virginia based deductible. We cannot help. It is the policy. I am stuck with paying for over $8000 in repairs. And still, Allstate is getting my premiums. I thought about going to State Farm because they are wonderful with insuring my car. Now I am not so sure after seeing the comments of others.

I have had Allstate homeowners insurance for over 17 years and never submitted a claim. I received a letter in the mail a few months ago saying that they have been trying to get a hold of the property owners to schedule an inspection but have been unable to, therefore the policy will be cancelled December 27, 2018. I contacted them and provided all updated contact details. They confirmed that they sent an inspector out to the property.

I called numerous times and followed up via email with the agent and to date nothing! Each time I called, I was put on hold for five minutes or more and then told that the inspection report is being reviewed by the underwriter. Obviously Allstate knows exactly what they are doing. Based on the reviews so far, it looks like they are trying to get rid of older properties. They are shady and unprofessional. There needs to be some tighter regulations to keep them in check. They should not have the right to cancel your insurance like that. Go with another company that has some integrity! I don’t recommend them—stay away!

I have owned my home for 6 years had aaa my whole life and recently switched to Allstate two years ago. In March 2015 I had a house fire. The damage was insane. The smoke and soot covered everything I owned. Due to the condition we could no longer stay in our home. The fire blew our furnace and half the electric. We filed a claim and begun the process of dealing with many different people. Months later without hearing anything I received a letter from an attorney stating I had to attend a EUO. Also had to supply them with numerous personal paperwork. I obliged and in a timely manner got them all they asked for. I attended the euo and answer all questions.

A month later Chris ** told me my claim was approved! I thought finally I can get this mess cleaned up and get my life back on track. Boy was I wrong. I had gotten estimates for contractor, cleaning thru Serb-pro, electrician, furnace guy, along with my list of inventory of my destroyed items. The claim amount was close to 60,000. They offered me 18,000!!! Seriously I was in shock but willing to negotiate some costs of thing just to settle and be done. No one would respond to my questions and no one would even fix the wrongs on their offer even. Needless to say I am now ten days away from nowhere to live and no closer to getting my house back to the way it was.

Also in the structure offer she did not include any amount for the electrician nor the furnace repair that clearly happened bc of the fire. Also the cleaning estimate thru Serv-pro was 10,000 alone. (They told me to hire this cleaning company.) I am in total disbelief that they have treated me this way. What they are offering would only pay for the cleaning and the repainting and leave me nothing to replace the bathroom where the fire I occurred nor any of my belongings that were destroyed! How can they do this to people? I will be switching companies and I will be posting on all social media sights! I also filed a claim with the BBB!

A summer hailstorm caused roof damage to our rental property, but we didn't become aware of it until water caused interior damage. We called Allstate, thinking it was from Sandy. But the inspection showed it was from the July storm. The adjuster first said the hail only damaged the roof vents. The next adjuster said it had no damage. The last big shot said we had old damage and they won't pay for the roof. What a ripoff company. We are living on a limited retirement income, but have managed to pay for coverage on two homes and two cars in spite of increases with every renewal over the past three years. Now we have our first claim, and they deny coverage.

I've hired an attorney to pursue recourse in the decision of the inspectors after the 2017 storm season. I've had Allstate since 2013 and have never received money for a claim and have always paid my insurance on time to the tune of over $14,000. The claim is still ongoing. If State Farm had not pulled out of Florida after Hurricane Charley, I would still had been a customer. We as citizens are NOT in Good Hands with Allstate, fake insurance.

I am a veteran who returned from Iraq after a year of deployment in June 2011. During my deployment I filed for divorce and the judge ordered my ex-wife to move out of the house. On or about October 26th, 2011, I walked in my home to it vandalized. After filing a police report, I called Allstate Insurance to report the damages.

Today is February 8th, 2012, it has been 102 days now since my claim has been filed and I have not heard anything from Allstate. I've been in contact with the GA Insurance Commissioner, my congressman, the mortgage company. Now Allstate wants another recorded statement from me of what took place. They said they would call me to get that statement last week but I have not heard from them. I am left now renting a room for the past three months from an Army Sgt. I served with in Iraq. I would like to thank Allstate for doing a superb job in taking their sweet time to work my claim.

Our little 3 unit building had the main fail where it entered the building and the resultant damages exceeded $20,000.00. The denial letter cited the policy which we never got a copy until the denial. Our loss doesn't include the repairs to the main. We decided we didn't need Allstate any more; however with the loss we can't find anyone who will insure the property. We have all our vehicles and home inured thru them which nets over $3700 per year. We have their insurance for the last 17 years.

Homeowners policy will be cancelled in June. My wife and I received a message in the mail from Allstate saying they will cancel our homeowners policy because we do not have auto insurance with them. (Note: I noticed Joel of Jersey City, New Jersey on this website was told the same thing by Allstate). I sent Allstate a message via their site telling them I will not be blackmailed. And if that they do not renew my policy, I shall contact this site. I got a message from a lady that said they have to cancel the policy because we do not have "any other supporting business lines." But this is not what they said in their letter. The IRS knows that I am an author and my wife is a nurse. What would be the problem anyway? If an attorney reading this feels this merits a hearing in court, I shall be happy to hear from her.

For 15 years, we insured with Allstate Homeowner Insurance and our deductible is $1000. This is the first; we have a leak on the ceiling wall and contacted Allstate no: **, name: Sandra **. They promised they would call us back, and they told us to go ahead and call a local plumber which we did and Restoration and they cut my ceiling wall to detect the bathroom leaks. And in 3 days, Allstate never called us back and my husband kept leaving them voice messages. Finally, my husband spoke to them and they mentioned that our claim was denied.

My husband asked Sandra when they denied it and who did they call - not the homeowner's wife or the husband. They promised later on they would send the adjuster but they never did to inspect our place or take a look at it. They stated that they don't have to and what we received were 3 letters denying our claims and for 15 years, we paid them $900 a year and they covered nothing. They took our money for 15 years and covered nothing.

They are money hungry, manipulate customers, take money and now say they listed all they don't cover. What is the use of paying them and doing nothing when emergency comes? We are a military family; my husband is retired for 20 years and a disabled veteran. He had served this country and we are both honest people working in the federal government but being fooled by this insurance is unacceptable. They do not want to take responsibility, or return calls, or give a damn about anything but take our money for 15 years.

We were so upset and disappointed and now our ceiling walls have been cut, damaged and need to be covered, and patched and repainted. We paid the plumber for $477.06 by itself and Restoration. We even have talked with Sandra **, explained and described the situation and the Restoration guy told us that Sandra was not even interested to send anybody at my house and Restoration is now charging us $1450.

Allstate Insurance denied our claim, abandoned us and does not want to pay ** that is supposed to cover for 15 years. We insured with them with 3 letters they sent us signed and addressed by: (1) Hany ** 888-903-1965 ext **, (2) Sandra ** and (3) Claim Team number: 800-255-7828. Allstate Insurance letters are dated 04/30/2013.

I have held a homeowner's policy with Allstate since I bought my house in December 2010. I selected Allstate based on my (very, very positive) experience as an Allstate Automobile Insurance policyholder of 20+ years. The process of applying for my homeowner's insurance was exceedingly easy: I simply used the Allstate website to answer questions and purchase my policy. My homeowner's premiums are part of the escrow in my monthly payments, so everything is streamlined. I receive my new policy declarations more than a month before policy renewal, so I have ample time to review the documents, ask questions and make any changes necessary.

My agent makes a point of reaching out to me several times a year to inquire about the need for policy changes. Fortunately, I have not filed a homeowner's claim. However, based on the OUTSTANDING service I received from both my agent and Allstate's Claims Department when I filed an automobile insurance claim last year, I am confident I would receive nothing less than first-rate service and a speedy settlement of my claim. I highly recommend Allstate for all insurance needs. Suffice to say - there's been a reason I have stayed with them for more than 25 years.

I called for a mobile home quote. I didn't download the app. After being on hold for 30 minutes, the customer service representative tells me Allstate does not offer mobile home insurance. After I told him, I had called the number on their mobile home insurance app, he said, "You can't believe everything you read on the internet." What a joke. Totally rude.

Allstate wants to repair parts of my roof. I have had contractors tell me there is no way you can do a color match of a shingle installed 15 years ago. Not in very good hands.

I appreciated Allstate insurance company. Have help quite a bit. It a good company so that you Allstate insurance company. I hope this help you about insurance companies.

Notice of non-renewal: the insured property is ineligible for this homeowner's policy because it is vacant. I am still here after 23 years. Now, they want to say the home next door is vacant and a high risk, and maybe not having car insurance with them. They are saying my home is vacant, but if you can see or send someone out, you will see that I do live here. I do not have anything to do with the home next door that is vacant. I cannot tear it down. The city has to do that, and also, it is a procedure and law.

Allstate looks like they can cancel you for anything like vacant lots, too many claims file in the area, chimney flashing, and etc. I never filed a claim with Allstate. All they want is to get their money.

I have had Allstate Homeowners for over 30 years. They have always been very easy to work. They have always been prompt about paying any claim I have had and they don't hem haw around doing it either. They are very easy to work with. I would not carry insurance with anyone else. They are very friendly when you call them and know the correct answers to any questions you might have.

After reading all of the reviews I knew Allstate is a rip off. I have similar problems roof damage that they do not want to pay for. My sofa inside my home is water soaked and they want to have that clean. Allstate knows how to take money but when we need help, no one is available. I am waiting still to speak to a supervisor.

Allstate Corporation. If I could rate this company less than zero I would. This is a fraudulent, unethical company. December 11th 2018 I called Allstate Corporation's 800, get a quote number and spoke to an agent named Logan. After Logan gave me such a great rate on my home insurance saving about $500 a year on my Home and $70 on my car insurance rates. Allstate Agent entered a lot of fictitious information in the computer and gave me a lowball rate to get me to change my policies to Allstate.

I gave Logan all the information about my home. I told him it is about 2200 sq ft tri-level with 5 steps from the lower- garage level and 7 Steps from the kitchen, living room area to the bedrooms: the lower two levels are brick veneer with stone in the front, upper level is frame. I told him the basement was a daylight basement with a wall of windows 4 ft from the floor on one side. He insisted it was 1400 square feet, two-level home, a split-level according to the public records. I described everything about my property; the size of the property, the fencing, porch, everything. He gave me so many discounts that allowed me to have such a great rate including automatic pay for my checking account which was an additional $72 discount.

Logan explained If I paid with the credit card or a check that discount would be removed. So I gave him my checking account number with instructions not to take the money out until December 28th since my policy was not due until the 29th. Lo and behold he took over $2,200 out of my checking account on the 12th of December. He also asked me to fax the Defensive Driving certificate to him. I did and requested him to call me when he received it. I never received that call from Logan. I started receiving messages from Joseph ** Allstate company Hoschton GA 30548 (Winder) threatening to remove the discount if I didn't send in the certificate. That was the first time I realized that I was put with a company 66 miles away from my home in College Park Georgia. I called Logan about it. HE never returned my call. I finally got the secretary who said that the certificate was in the file.

After that it was just one message after another threatening to remove a discount for some reason or trying to get me to sign up for something else. I finally wrote headquarters with a complaint and requested to move my policies to an Allstate 4 miles from my home. Feb 25, 2019, I received the letter from Allstate headquarters stating after the home inspection, I owe an additional $730.34 on my homeowner's policy from December 29th, 2018 to December 29th, 2019. They also increase the square footage to my home to over 2,500 square feet by adding the garage as part of the living space and overestimated the replacement value of my home to almost a half a million dollars from the original correct $304,000 replacement value.

Logan put all the wrong information in the system intentionally to get my business from my original insurance companies. Logan wrote that my home was a one-story 1400 sq ft concrete block home on a slab with no crawl space. Plus, a lot of other fictitious information. The home inspection came back with almost the exact information that I had given Logan. Had Logan put that correct information in the system, my quote may have been $1,651.86 for homeowners insurance and I would not have changed to Allstate.

I tried to call Allstate at the number that's on this statement, 1 800Allstate to have them pull up the conversation tape that I had with Logan and to find out all the things he had put in that original quote to get my business. I also wanted to cancel my policy with them. The 1-800Allstate phone number is not a number you could talk to anyone. It's a recording trying to sell HEALTH ALERT SYSTEMS and other things including roadside assistance. Then it disconnects when you do not want those services. No one comes to the phone to talk. I could not cancel my Allstate policies last night. Be aware of Allstate Insurance. Now I have to try to get my money back. I purchased insurance with Geico for auto and home. I had two insurance companies until I could get my Allstate insurance policy cancelled.

My house got robbed 5 months ago and the Claims department STILL isn't done with our claim. They keep saying our form we need to fill out is wrong when we're on the phone filling it out with our claim person. We've had to send the form back 5 times! As of now the "investigation of the loss is continuing, and determining the coverages available on this loss". When they were asking questions about the robbery they made me feel more like a suspect than a victim. I'm at the point where I don't even care if I get anything back, I just want to put the robbery behind me and forget about it.

Allstate Homeowners Insurance - You are in bad hands with Allstate. Don't take for granted that you have been a client with "Allstate" for (30) thirty years and that you will get the service you expect during your claim event. Think of this example, an 86 year old recently widowed lady, who has had two strokes, experienced a weather event requested claim assistance from Allstate. A time in her life she desperately needed Allstate help.

Allstate is giving her the run around and is refusing to replace her roof shingles nor would not even look at the interior water damage. Didn't even go inside. Packed his ladder up, gave me his card and left. They just don't care. Most roofing contractors I have talked to don't even want to deal with Allstate, its just a waste of time for the homeowner and the roofing contractors. So, if you have Allstate Homeowners insurance I would strongly suggest you review your coverage and start looking before its too late and you are left holding the repairs bills yourself.

I purchased a loss assessment rider from Allstate Insurance as part of my condo policy. My agent said this coverage had no exclusions and covered all legitimate loss assessment claims. Our condo community was hit with a huge hail storm and it damaged all the roofs. Our association levied a $5000 assessment against all 100 owners. Allstate denied my claim, and the only other homeowner that also had Allstate that filed a claim. They denied the my claim because as part of replacing the roofs, gutters and flashing had to be updated to current code in our city. The code improvements are required and less than 5% of the total repair cost, but Allstate still denied the claim. My agent told me that Allstate has been denying all loss assessment claims that she has seen in recent months.

Before the year was up they sent me another bill for another $200. Then they raised my next year's bill $617. I have not been able to get this straightened out. Now they say my policy will be canceled! I called an agent and no answer. I e-mailed them, no response except for form letters. How can an ins. co. raise your bill when you have a valid policy?

On behalf of my dear 95 year old mother, I am her daughter and live with her. This no good evil so called insurance company has turned down each and every claim filed for my mother, they keep coming up with one thing after the next to say "We are so sorry, but you're not covered for that," a junkie was high and broke out all of our front windows. When we called the insurance guy said "We are so sorry but we can only give you a check for $8.00." I threw that guy right off of our front steps. Now the big main drain pipe broke all of her inner walls, are falling out and again they are just saying how very sorry they are, but they cannot help us. I pray this company and its staff goes to hell. They are no good but they do keep taking my mother's money each year.

I signed onto Allstate with an agent, as I needed renter's insurance, and I needed it quick. After dealing with the death of a loved one, my family was handling a million different tasks. One of which was getting me moved into a new place. The Allstate agent told me what I would be paying per month, and I repeated the amount they gave me just to make absolutely sure I was right. I logged on tonight to pay my bill, and I find out that there is a monthly installment fee!!!! I checked the fine print many times and could not even find an amount!! I had to Google a complaint from another customer to find out!!! SHADY! I immediately emailed the agent and demanded a refund of my initial down payment. I am taking my business elsewhere. When I confirm information, I expect a company to be correct, and on the up and up. I don't do business this way!!!!

I have a good experience. It settle my claim quick without any problem and they stay in touch with me until the claim finish and they made sure that I was complete satisfied with my claim and they told me if anything I miss in the beginning of the claim to let them know and they will take care of it.

I had a flood in my basement somewhere around June 30th of this year. I contacted Allstate because I added ten thousand dollars of flood insurance in 2010 after my basement flooded at that time. It was a nightmare dealing with Allstate @ that time. Currently it's a nightmare dealing with them now. I have been told Allstate would not pay for mold removal because I can't prove that I had the work completed in 2010. I find this confusing because the work in 2010 was completed in phases. During each phase of the project, a Allstate adjuster came out to take pictures to give approval for the contractor to move to the next phase. There were three phases that were completed.

Allstate is able to tell me three checks were issued; however, when I state what about the documentation that accompanied these approval, I am told it is my responsibility to provide proof. I have no proof. All of my proof is underwater. I also lost a lot of personal items, clothing, furniture, etc. I have a brand new washer/dryer. Allstate is telling me I need to have a tech to come out before they can honor this claim. I have also been told that all of the clothing I lost should be taken to the laundry or cleaners.

When I ask where is all of this money coming from, Allstate suggest I pay out of pocket up front and they will see if they can reimburse me. Well, I am not in a financial situation to honor this request. I am not looking to make money. I want what is cover in my policy. I already have moved forward in having the mold removed because I don't think it's healthy for my family to live in mold. To this date, I have received one check for 4,000 dollars. I am already 3,000 dollars in the red. What I am asking is for Allstate to provide 2010 documentation and pay me for my lost items. This is why I pay insurance. I have had a policy with them for over 14 years. What is the problem? Two incidents in 14 years? I think they are ahead of the game.

Great service and fun to deal with. And does a great job answering all your questions and is easy to talk to. Has a great reputation for helping people and keeping people safe.

I had backup in main drain line. The septic tank was pumped and the blockage in line was repaired. When the adjuster arrived on site, we were flat out denied any coverage. No written report of the damage was provided to us. Not even a minimum mitigation service was offered at a reduced rate for clean up or anything like it. So here we are, mess on floor, paying dearly for years on homeowners insurance to get an "I don't give a **' attitude.

I had Allstate for 6 months or more. I have fixed and done all they asked. But I guess it wasn’t enough. So now they think there is no one that will insure me. What do they think, they are God? I don’t think so. Well, I think I will sue their company, get some of my money back. This is a bad, bad company.

Very professional, knowledgeable, and service oriented. Happy to do business with my local hometown Allstate. They always have an answer when I have a question about anything insurance related. They are very easy to work with when the need arises. I would recommend Allstate to anyone looking to buy homeowners or any other type of insurance. You'll be glad you did.

I was with American Family for 15 years. The rates were a little high so I I decided to shop around. I choose Allstate. HUGE mistake. I see a lot of reviews regarding claims, I haven't even submitted a claim. I have only had them as my insurance company for three months. I have wasted so much time with them "straightening" things out.

First off my homeowners insurance was a little higher with them but I was getting a significant savings on my car insurance. The first issue was they told me they would take care of cancelling my current insurance policy but they did not then they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. Luckily American family refunded me for the extra six weeks I paid them. Second, they kept sending me a partial bill for my homeowners insurance. I called numerous times to straighten this out. This bill was to go to my mortgage company. I had to provide them with the contact information numerous times. They are A big company. They should know how this works.

Third, they sent an inspector who decided we needed a new roof. Our roof was not horrible but did need to be replaced in the near future. They decided this a month after the policy started. They gave us little time to do this and who puts on a roof in March in the Midwest? They said they were cancelling the policy but would reinstate it when the roof was complete without a lapse. We got a new roof in their timeframe but because they took too long to send out an inspector the insurance lapsed. They reinstated the insurance about three weeks later. In the meantime my mortgage company tacked on some insanely high priced insurance because we didn't have any. So that was all done with and I was like "ok everything's good now."

Haha I was so wrong. Today I'm balancing my checkbook and see Allstate took out $544. I was signed up for monthly automatic payments for my auto insurance, which should only be $100 or so. Naturally I'm fuming. I call my local agent thinking it has something to do with my homeowners insurance again but she tells me it's my auto insurance and she doesn't know what the deal is but will call back later.

She calls back and tells me they made changes to my auto policy. Changes I have no idea about or authorized. She goes on to tell me that because I don't have proof of continuous auto coverage I lost that discount. So my insurance went up $1200 for a six month period. Mind you my insurance was $600 for six months. I was like "that's not true. I've had American Family for the last 15 years." My policy with Allstate started 2-19 and my coverage with American Family ended 2-23. There was no lapse. I've had Allstate for three months and they're just coming up with this now. No one contacted me about this.

The lady at my local agency tells me they will charge me $544 next month too. I argue with her for a while that I did not authorize this charge and would never pay $1800 for six months of auto insurance. I didn't get anywhere. She tells me to call American Family and have them fax her the information stating when my insurance ended with them. They do so quickly. I get a call back from Allstate saying they received the information but it's not good enough for them. They need a special form that comes from corporate headquarters but she talked to American Family herself and they were going to get that for her. Once they get the form she will have the underwriters review it but that could take 7 days.

Next American Family calls me and says Allstate is being difficult. He says this form will take 7 days or so to process but he will get it to Allstate ASAP. So now I'm looking at two weeks at least to possibly see my money again. Another interesting thing is that there seems to be this magical database for all insurance companies that has all this information from all insurance companies. Both Allstate and American family mentioned it but somehow American family could see that I had insurance through 2-23 but when Allstate looked at it my insurance ended in December. Weird? Why did it take Allstate three months to come up with this. Obviously when they gave me the quote three months ago they knew I had insurance when they gave me this discount for having insurance. Three months later there's an issue? They never called and said there's an issue. If they had I would have taken care of it.

I regret setting up automatic payments but I did this with American Family for 15 years and never had an issue. I was always notified when there was a change in the amount they were taking out of my account even if it was a few cents. It's complete fraud. It's stealing in my opinion. I work hard for my money and feel ripped off. I filed a complaint with the Allstate corporate office but have not heard anything back yet. This is a major insurance company. They know what they're doing but they sure play stupid when you question them. They pass the blame or make up ridiculous excuses. Not professional at all.

I'd love to get a lawyer because surely this has to be illegal but that would cost more than I lost. I am hopeful that I'll get this "straightened" out and get my money back. I'm sure there will be something else that comes up. I plan on looking for another insurance company after I get my money back. My advice is to stay as far away from Allstate as possible. Do not give them your business unless you like spending all your time dealing with them and having your money stolen.

I have had Allstate for over 15 years on cars, home and an extra umbrella policy. I have a rental property in Big Bear and received a letter from Allstate telling me they will not re-issue the umbrella policy unless the home policy is carried by Allstate... Big Bear is in California... Allstate will NOT write any home insurance policies in California!! This is the most asinine letter I have ever received. This company defines greed while the ceo collected over 13 million dollars last year alone. What is America coming to?? DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

I have severe wind damage on my roof. I tried to process a claim. Allstate wanted to do a repair job to my roof which was not proper. I reported them to the IL Dept of Insurance. Surfing the web, I discovered many consumers have been treated the same way. I am a homeowner for over 17 years. Paying for the top homeowners insurance. Never filing a claim in all these years until now. Unbelievable! The contractors who I received estimates from warned me that "Allstate will not want to pay your claim". They are the worst!

My home has been insured through Allstate since 1969 without a claim. I understand I'm paying a premium rate because I have an agent. However, because of a recent glitz at my bank, a payment wasn't sent. Never a letter, email or phone call. What I did get was a registered letter saying my policy would be cancelled. When I call my agent, I got attitude. So why the agent. Bye bye Allstate.

I have been with Allstate since I purchased my home back in 1994 and I have always had a good rate with them. I have compared what I pay with other family members and I pay a considerable lower amount than them. I had to use my homeowners insurance only once in this time and they came out to assess the damage in my house in a short amount of time. The agent that came out was very considerate and professional. He assessed the damage in a short amount of time and gave me an estimate of the covered amounts before he left my home. I received my check in a very timely manner without any complications.

We have had Allstate covering our home for close to 40 years. We received a call from them earlier this year stating they would have someone come out and take pictures of our home. No problem. We just received a notice that our insurance would not be renewed as of 9/23/12 due to our house needing painting, some shingles loose and items too close to our house. We were not given previous warning. We did receive calls but not about this as far as we know. We have our vehicle insurance with another company and I know they have wanted us to bring that back to them.

We had an F1 tornado in our area March 1st of this year. We filed a claim with Allstate for roof damage as did our neighbors with various other insurance companies. All other companies except Allstate are paying for new roofs for the damage. We had two companies inspect our damages and determined that the entire roof needed replaced. Allstate only wants to replace part of it which conveniently is up to the amount of our deductible. We cannot replace only part of the roof because the shingles have been discontinued by the manufacturer and cannot be matched.

We live in a HOA which does not allow us to have mismatched shingles and Allstate knew this before they insured us. It has been an ongoing battle since this happened. The adjuster that they sent out bragged about how he is not giving any of their customers roofs. A couple of our neighbors were able to get another adjuster to look at the damage and are now getting their roofs but for some reason, we cannot get them to send another adjuster to look at our damage or to reevaluate our claim. For those that have AllState, please get rid of them and for any others, don't get this company. "You're In Good Hands With AllState" until you need to file a claim.

Honest, Loyal, Informative, Skilled, Various, Professional... These are all qualities that the Allstate staff have. I fully recommend this great company.

Home inspection done on property with no notice (trespassing) - After 33 years with this company and zero claims, I get a call from my agent stating that an inspector visited my vacation home... Going thru two gates and traversing approximately 600 feet of private driveway. They tell me there is a bit of peeling paint and some siding or shingles that have exposed some wood. Of course I have no pictures of what they are talking about... Just the threat of cancellation. My agent makes a consumer complaint on my behalf and the company calls me and and is apologetic that someone got onto my property unannounced... "OH MY. I KNOW HOW YOU MUST FEEL." But the bottom line is that they will probably do nothing and the curse of BIG BROTHER is on me... By the way I have another full time home and no one has ever visited this residence for the last 33 years that I have owned it!

On 6/23/13, my husband and I returned home to find that our lawn mower and trailer had been stolen from our front yard. We contacted the local authorities and filed a claim with our homeowners insurance. The value of the property taken was $3,200. It took over a week to finally get in touch with the Allstate Claim adjuster assigned to our case. We conducted our interview and was advised they would contact us back that day with the settlement. When we heard back from them, we were told that we would be receiving $328.11 (after our $1,000 deductible) for the trailer, and that the lawn mower would not be covered because I used it to mow my vacant lot and my 67-year old widowed/disabled mother's yard (land I will inherit upon her death).

I contacted my insurance agent, and he advised that the lawn mower should be covered, and contacted the adjuster himself. His response back to me was that he had gone "round and round" with the adjuster only to get the same response I was already given. I appealed and was told by the Allstate Claims management department that due to the fact that my policy states that "motorized land vehicles will only be covered if they are used solely for the premises." I told him that upon signing my policy with my agent, when ask if I owned any other premises, I advised I owned a piece of land in a residential neighborhood, and the agent advised me that didn't matter as you cannot insure land with no dwelling on it, the premises in question was referring to any other dwelling. I advised I did not own any other homes. He chose the policy and wrote the coverage.

I am just NOW learning that there are apparently different types of homeowners policies. The Allstate Claims management team very rudely advised they would do nothing further to help me with this situation, and that I could contact the Department of Insurance or anyone I chose to, but the case was closed on their end. I did take their advice and contacted the Department of Insurance, as well as Better Business Bureau advising that Allstate's advertisement of "being in good hands" is false. I am in no better hands than the thief that came and took our property. The only difference is that I paid Allstate to rob me, making me feel even more violated. I would NOT recommend this company as they do not stand behind their advertisement claims, and they have been very unwilling to help me rectify this situation. Let me also say that I have never received a copy of my homeowners policy, yet I'm the one being punished for someone else's mistake!!

Allstate is compassionate and very much ON POINT with the way they handle their customers!!! I would highly recommend them!!! They treat you like you are their ONLY customer and that is a trait that is sadly lacking in today's society.

We have had our homeowners insurance with Allstate since 1997, always paid our bills and never had a claim. Today we received notice our policy will not be renewed (no reason given). I called and am told that it is because we do not have our auto policy with them and that other people in the area have filed a lot of claims (Not us!) So, basically, we have given them 1000s of dollars for nothing!

I have had no problems with my insurance. But have not ever made a claim either, so therefore I can't really say how effectively the insurance policy would cover or pay.

Over the years we've had several claims on our home and Allstate has been excellent on their assistance and payments for damages, offering assistance when needed, often without our asking.

I had filed a claim on my homeowners policy because we had a bad storm and water got into the basement and damaged the freezer causing me to lose the freezer and all contents. They said it would have been covered if a pipe had burst and caused the water damage but not because it came from rain. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is the second bad situation I have had with Allstate and I guarantee that I will be changing my homeowners insurance.

After refinancing our home, our bank agent said she has never seen anyone pay as much in insurance as us and recommended we find a new policy at the end of the year (renewal time). I called my agent yesterday to tell her the news and ask for a new policy. I got a phone call back today saying that one policy took over another and somehow we have been paying for two wind policies.

How long has this been going on? I don't know yet. I hope to hear back Monday. Will we get a refund? Probably for only one year of overpayment. They are going to write Citizen/Security First and ask for a refund. How much have we been throwing away? I probably don't want to know. I hope they will do the right thing and refund our overpayment even if Citizens/Security First won't.

I recently received a call to bundle our Allstate home and Auto insurance. The home is with Allstate, while the auto is with Geico. We turned them down. In less than two weeks, we received a letter from Allstate informing us that an agent will be visiting our property to look for hazards. They also stated that we do not need to be home for this inspection because it is outside. We feel that this is not a coincidence--all of a sudden, receiving this letter. We have been with Allstate over 40 years and never heard of such socialistic practices.

Great service from both my agent and the insurance company. I have a superior policy as well. That is all I have to say.

Ten years ago, my wife and I were shopping around for a fair insurance company for home-car-flood coverage. We were surprised that Allstate, the 3rd largest insurance company in America, offered such reasonable quotes. We were impressed with the agency that we chose, as we had never met so many friendly, smiling and concerned people in our life. We are currently in our late 50s, and have never made any type of insurance claim, and have never even had so much as a parking ticket. Basically, we live a safe and modest blue-collar life on a very modest budget. We set up our insurance payments electronically, which of course means Allstate gets their money on time year after year.

Fast forward six years. My wife and I are still the safe and cautious people we have always been, still claim free and living a modest life. Our homeowner's policy had increased well over a 100% by this time. My agent explained that was because so many other people are filing claims. Still in the 6th year with Allstate, we had a very bad storm come through our town, and it appeared to damage our roof, as some of the shingles were standing straight up. My wife and I were clueless about insurance claims, so we called our agent to point us in the right direction. Remember, this agent has been smiling and offering birthday wishes and holiday cheers for six years. She immediately started persuading us not to file any claim, that our deductible would be more than what any "roof damage" may cost to repair.

OK, she's the well-trained agent, we should follow her advice. Coincidentally, about a month later, this very grungy young man was pounding on my door, sent from Allstate to do a physical exam of my home and property. About 3 weeks later, our homeowner's policy was canceled because this very scruffy, unprofessional boy reported to Allstate that we were a liability because we needed a roof and a new pool liner. So, we had paid for six years and when the time came that we may actually need them, their well-rehearsed operations go into full effect. This was a six-year profit for them. You have to wonder just how many decent, hardworking clients they do this to, and after reading a few complaints on this page, apparently far too many.

In reality, YOU are the insurance provider and Allstate the customer will find many ways to collect more money from you every year. They are the criminal liars that make the claims and are constantly finding ways to collect money from you, and this is an endless process from them. Anyway, being naive fools, we immediately found another homeowner insurance company to cover us, but we kept our auto and flood insurance with Allstate, mainly because we didn't want the hassle of changing to a new provider. (I work a 12 hour, nightshift job and my wife was going through chemo.)

Needless to say, that was a HUGE mistake. Please refer to the Auto insurance complaints page to read about the horrors Allstate has inflicted upon us...and we are still absolutely blemish-free with our driving record. I pray to God that one day the right person will read these complaints and do something about Allstate. These people are absolutely committing criminal acts and are getting away with it.

My parents’ house was insured by Allstate for 8 years. After The Sandy Storm, we had minor home damages - nothing crazy, thank God. When my mom called to place a claim, she was told our insurance was cancelled on 10/25/12, 3 days before the storm. Their explanation was since our car is not insured with them, they would no longer insure our home. When my mom asked why she wasn’t informed, the representative said a letter was sent to us in August, a letter we never received. The representative told my mom that wasn’t their problem because they sent it to us. They told my mom that if she didn’t like what she was hearing, she could get a lawyer. Getting a lawyer would be more expensive than making the repairs ourselves. They are a huge rip-off. Stay away from Allstate!

This is a scam of a company. They undercut other insurance companies via “independent contractors “ or local office car salesmen/scam artists by giving you discounts that you may not qualify for then after you sign they come after you for those discounts if the adjuster corporate sends disagrees. Then when you fight it they claim they have no power over their independent contractors and can’t stand by what you were told by an independent contractor. Stay away from Allstate, they get one of the lowest ratings on Consumer Reports for a reason. They literally use gangster techniques to scam their customers and don’t care about customer satisfaction. 15 years of dealing with properties and homeowners insurance I’ve never been treated so unfairly. They’ve lost my business for life over $419.

I have been with Allstate for almost three years now... I have never needed or called them until two months ago when my apartment was broke into... Allstate basically told me that there is no way that I could afford what I have... I even explain to Allstate how things were purchased. Now mind I that my husband and I both have good jobs. It has been over two months and no one has contacted me. I told the company that I was going to switch to a new company and the supervisor told me to go ahead and that he doesn’t care. The person doing the investigation stated that I was lying as well. I am so disappointed in Allstate and I would not recommend them to anyone.

I trust my insurance company. I have not had to ever file a claim yet but I trust that if I do they will come through with their promises. I have had citizens insurance years ago. We had a hurricane at the time we were covered by them. We had a tree fall on our home and had some damage to our home and also some other damage to our home from the storm and citizens paid our claim with no issues. The claim was paid fast and they were very fair with the amount of money that was given to us. I haven't had any problems with my new insurance which is now All State but I haven't had to file a claim with them yet.

Allstate fought me entire claim process. Only $3,800 to fix. Denied claim initially cause they ask if windy: had to go to regional wind stats to prove wind blew down a live 100' oak. C'mon, how 100' oak fall. Took 5 hours for agent to tell me whose insurance, neighbor or me. Then, while I on phone w/ Allstate agent who tell me my insurance, I get call from same agency, voicemail say it's my neighbor insurance. Think about it - took Allstate 5 hours to respond and they give me different answers. I file claim, Allstate tell me do nothing (I have 3 dogs, fence so they safe). I do nothing for 3 days until Allstate call me and tell me they no visit site and don't know why I told do nothing. I was told by Allstate agent I should not file claim: why I even have insurance??? Think about it: Allstate no want to pay and put me thru hell watching my 3 dogs at all times. I have dog door and fence for a reason.

I have had Allstate for over 40 years. They paid all my claims for earthquake and flood incidents promptly and efficiently. I also have them for auto insurance and have given me the same service. As they use to say "you're in good hands with Allstate."

Roof was 15 years old and had damage from Sandy. I called and they stated they would be out in 72 hours. I scheduled a contractor and he showed up on day 5. Claims personnel called and said that the cat team would come out. Cat rep called and said he could not get out for 10 days. Roof was replaced before anyone from Allstate would come. Now they are stating that they are not covering the roof because they did not see it. I'm moving to another company. This was our first claim.

My agent, Peter **, in Yonkers, NY gives his customer personalized service so you don't feel like you are on your own either buying insurance or having to file a claim.

Have storm damage on my roof as well as inside the house has inspectors that don't know what they are doing as well as them laughing in your face saying there's no damage. Part of my roof is flown up with the storm and the inside has leaking water damage. The roof is all hailed up and they want to give me a check for 127.00 dollars. How rude is that they don't care about customer will be getting legal assistance since I know they are not doing the honest thing. They are always giving me the run around. Don't even deserve a star on rating. They are zero!!

Someone from Allstate went to my house. They said that if I didn't replace my roof, they are going to drop me. I just had to replace my basement walls. My roof is probably 11 years old. It does not leak and it doesn't look that bad. I plan on getting a new roof in the future. But I am not able at this time. I was laid off from my job for 2 months. I am back to work now. I have been with Allstate for 25 years. I have filed one claim. I went through hell with that.

You are not in good hands with Allstate! I also have my car insured with them. They wanted me to go to their body shop when I had an issue with one of my vehicles. Wow, how do they get away with this? One time I was in the office, the lady that was my agent at the time made the comment they don't have a pot to piss in. She was referring to a family that had a drunk driver run through their house and kill their little girl. What? They were going to fight this claim? WTH!

I think Allstate is a good company. We have not had many claims. Has been a long time ago since we had a claim. Our agents are helpful and knowledgeable. If we have any questions about our policy they can answer quickly. Have a good relationship with the company. Have been with them many years and different agents over the years. Would recommend them to others. Checked around and found we have an older policy with house and car that we could not find better anywhere we checked!

Our house in Richmond, VA 23231 - We have had our homeowners with Allstate for 25 years. It was cancelled. They said that the steps were chipped. After contacting the office, it appears there were leaves on the steps and one other minor thing was listed. We have filed one claim in 25 years.

I received a notice from Allstate that they were going to come to my home to inspect my property. The man doing the inspection rang the bell and I went outside with him. I asked him to make a note that I had a contract to replace the siding and it would be done within a week or so. He asked if I had dogs (he could hear them barking) and then had to know what breed of dog they are.

I just now received a phone call from Allstate (although the Caller ID did not say it was Allstate, it said "unavailable" and a phone #). When I heard the message that it was Allstate calling about my home inspection, I picked up. After asking me for much information, including my birth date, I was told that there were some things I had to have fixed before my policy renewal date in December. One of the items was the siding had to be replaced. Nothing was noted that the siding was already contracted for and showed him the sign in front of my home with the siding company's name & other info. I was told I have to take a picture of my home and send it to them. They do not come out again. I have to prove it was re-sided and they have a picture of my home when they were here to compare it to to be sure the picture is of my house.

Then I was told I had to replace the Driveway because it is crumbling. When I asked for clarification, it turns out the Driveway is a little worn at the very end. Not bad, rather minor, but I have to put in a new Driveway. I am 73 years old, have had Allstate Ins for Auto since I was 17 years old and Homeowners since 1966. I had my first Homeowners claim this winter when I had heating pipes in the floor burst and cause a minor flood in the Living Room. Total claim ended up being less than $5000.00.

I asked the man to have my Agent call me. After a few times of requesting this, he said, "Yes, I can have your Agent call you." So far, no one has called. I do believe Allstate is trying to drop me now that I am 73 next month and a Senior Citizen. It seems by telling me I have to have the Driveway replaced for minor wear and tear at the ends of it (It is a u curved Driveway), they are just looking to make me drop them so they do not have to insure an older/elderly person, especially after I just paid over $15,000.00 to side the house and put in new windows. The Driveway needing to be replaced before my policy renewal date in December is just a way to get rid of me since I am now older and to them a higher insurance risk.

I will wait to see if my Agent does return the call as requested, but I really don't expect much help. I have had Allstate homeowners for well over 50 years (since 1966) with one claim, but because I am getting older, they now come up with a reason that they know I probably can't afford right now as a way to not review my policy in December.

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