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Allstate Motorcycle Insurance
Allstate Motorcycle Insurance

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

They didn't seem to listen to me. They were always on hold. Never answering. Answered once but they seemed kind of rushed. Overall think they might be better of firing some people and then hiring new people. Didn't take care of what I wanted. Took others over me. Felt like they prioritized customers with price. i.e. certain customers pay more so they get more attention than others which gets me mad. Was looking for more options but did not get it sadly. Really wanted more options but the option I chose wasn't that bad until I got ** customer service and stuff. They did a decent job but that is it. Nothing good offers that popped out. There were a lot of bad ones but some were really good. And I mean REALLY GOOD.

The insurance agent are very helpful and insightful on things. Allstate insurance is cheap, reliable and affordable. I liked Allstate because it was easy to set up a payment plan and also they take good care of you. Very important when you're driving your family around. Safety first. Usually when you make a claim it only takes a day or two to get the results back. And that's super fast. If the policy fits it squirts. You want a strong policy because that's where all the rules and regulations come in. Policy is the backbone of America and the 5th amendment says so. Coverage is important. You want always be safe because there are crazy people everywhere. I love how I can give my family the world. Makes me feel super special.

They were very helpful and the price they gave us for the motorcycle insurance was a very good deal. We were very happy with how it was all handled. I didn't have to use the claim processing service. The whole time we had the insurance we never had an accident. We had several policy options to choose from. Just like with the cars, we could have gotten just liability or full coverage. I think we went with full coverage and then it still turned out to be a very good price. We had to choose from several coverage options. As always they were very helpful and gave a good deal.

I had a great experience because I had a problem and I called and the people were really nice and they went out of their way to help me with what I need. I had a great experience with claims processing. They went out of their way to help me and make sure I was very satisfied with everything I needed help with. Their policy options are very great. They go by detail to make sure you understand everything in their policy so you don't have any problem. The coverage is great. It's also very affordable and they don't go out of their way to take more money out of you. Also the people are also go in detail with the coverage so you understand it.

Allstate have pretty good public service. They are responsive, get back to you in a timely manner when it suits you, and have friendly, knowledgeable staff. Claims processing happened quickly and Allstate made sure I didn't have to worry about anything or owe any out of pocket expenses. I felt they took care of me. Their policy coverage was equal to or better than the other options I looked at, but their price and customer service swayed me in the end. I was happy with my choice once they explained all the options to me. Coverage was comprehensive and thorough, and covered me for a whole range of things I hadn't even thought about. I think they are a really unique and awesome company and I highly recommend!

They were very helpful and I was always able to stay in contact with them. They always answered my questions and looked for ways for me to save money when I asked. Payments always went smoothly as well. I never had to file a claim but I am sure that if I did I would have gotten the necessary help that I needed to process a claim. They have a really great customer service team and support. I was given my options and they explained thoroughly what each policy was and what it covered. They also looked for ways for me to save some money when searching for a policy. Hands down, easy to deal with. My coverage was great and never had an issue with it. I was told my options when picking my coverage and they explained what each part was.

Customer service with Allstate was very good. They explained everything that I was receiving and it was affordable. I do not have complaints. I am happy about the claims process. I never had to use it and did not have an accident. I'm sure they would have treated me fairly. They are conscientious and willing to listen. There were many policy options for me to choose from when it came to my motorcycle. I was pleased about the choices and found one that was affordable and fit my budget. The coverage was good. I got all that options wanted and it was affordable.

Allstate offers many different plans and I was able to find one that met my needs and still stayed within my budget. The claims process was not very difficult but I had to follow up with the insurance company instead of them following up with me which I thought was mediocre service. The customer service was acceptable and helped me compare the plans that they offered and priced it out for my needs.

Really didn't have to contact customer service for any reason during the time I had motorcycle insurance. Was satisfied with the communications received. I never had to file a claim during the time I had the insurance but I am sure it would have been handled efficiently and professionally. Best I can remember there were very attractive options to choose from and I chose the one most appropriate for my needs, very simple and accurate. Everything that I thought I might need at some point was covered by the policy I chose and I never had any problems at all during that time.

They are very helpful in getting you the coverage needed for your motorcycle & health needs. The representatives are knowledgeable, courteous, professional & helpful. They're knowledgeable in regards to motorcycle insurance and they are there to help with the coverage you are looking for whether it's all year round or for part of the year. They take all the information over the phone and they call the other insurance company so they can process the claim quickly for you so you can get your motorcycle up and on the road again! There is no hassle or problem processing your claim.

They give you an option of full year coverage all year round or partial coverage for seasonal year coverage. Most people as explained to me take partial year coverage because usually motorcycles are not used in the winter months and partial coverage is less costly and saves you money so they were very helpful in getting me to understand this. The representative said I would save close to one hundred dollars if I went with the partial coverage so I did.

They answered every question I had and seemed to be really knowledgeable about what I was asking. My time on the phone with them never lasts a really long time which is nice as well. This is a very surprising pleasant experience. I have not had any problems with my claims process and I feel like I am well-informed of exactly what my claim is. The policy options are pretty solid but you really have to take your time and make sure you know what you want. You need to take everything in consideration. My coverage is really good. I feel like I am well-protected and if anything goes wrong I will be covered. You cannot ask for anything better than that.

I had a policy with Allstate and ended up needing to close the account. I had called 2-3 weeks in advance and never received a cancellation letter. Well, I told them to close the account on the day of the renewal to prevent from being charged for cancellation. 2 weeks later, they took the money from my account which is the usual monthly payment. So then, I called and they filed to have the funds refunded, which only took 3 days for them to put the funds into my account.

3 months later, I received a letter of termination and a bill of $48.51, in which I have supposedly cancelled the account back on February 2, 2012. And now, it is May 5, 2012. Yet, they gave me a full refund. If I truly owed, wouldn't they have taken it out of the $119.75 that was refunded?! I called and spoken with a supervisor, and ended up getting into literally a yelling match over the phone. He told me that I was not allowed to cancel my own policy! I don't have the vehicle anymore; my husband does, and since both of our names are on the title and he is the only one driving, the DMV said that I should have been able to close the account.

I told the supervisor of my rights and was still refused to close the account and cancel the bill, considering they are charging me wrongfully. To add to it, I even told him that I have a different vehicle and have another insurance company. He stated, "Why does that matter?" My response was "Well, that means that I am still an insured driver even without your company which I don't need anymore. My husband has the vehicle, and since the registration is in both our names, I don't need to turn in the plates to the DMV."

I have my own vehicle that only I specifically drive, and he has this vehicle that Allstate won't allow me to cancel the insurance for and a motorcycle. So, even if it was "because you may end up driving it," that is no excuse, because that means I need to be on my husband's policy, since he has the vehicle! So now, tell me, someone, where do I start? I want to sue!

Allstate has the best customer service. They are always there when you need them and there when you have a question, claim, or so on. I love Allstate. Allstate claiming process is easy. All you have to do is call or go online to file a claim and they will get back to you as soon as they can. It is pretty quick. Allstate policy options are easy to read and understand. If anyone had any issues with them, they can just call Allstate and ask them about it. Allstate coverage is really good. Allstate pretty much covers anything and are very cheap too! It is really worth the time, price, and relief knowing someone has your back.

The customer service reps were friendly and professional and extremely helpful. All my questions were answered swiftly. All of my claims have always been handled quickly and efficiently. I wish everyone had reps like these. I am happy with the service received. Also there are many many policy options available to choose from. They will work with you at their best to help you find the option best for you. There are options for every need. No need to feel forced to have too little or too much. I am extremely happy with my coverage.

I recently required their service again. Aug/2017. I was on my '05 HD Sportster XL 1200 C. A Fine motorcycle. This time I called, I was routed to an East Indian or Filipino Customer service! My clutch cable broke & needed a Cycle Tow. I could barely hear 'her', with an irritating phone echo. Then she didn't speak decent English. Then she didn't know what a Harley Davidson Motorcycle WAS. I stopped & I asked for a U.S.A. rep.! Was immediately transferred. I was assured that I could file for a reimbursement & called a reputable Motorcycle Tow Co. I was reimbursed within a week of submitting receipt. Great! But I am shaken & Disappointed in being 'EXPORTED' to Foreign customer service. Who doesn't know what an HD Motorcycle is?! Also, the last 2 times I used this service, I had to call TWICE, Before I got help.

My policy covered motorcycle & PD accordingly. My motorcycle wreck & I didn’t think I would be covered and I found I was and process was simple. Their people are great and I will say policies are expensive.

Customer service is like all other insurance companies I've ever used. There are times when it's a bit slow or bad, but generally speaking it's nothing you can complain about. This insurance company's claims processing is relatively quick in the beginning but it is a very long and drawn out process. This isn't a poor reflection on the company per se, all other companies are just as long and drawn out. In short, it's on par with other companies. Quite a large range of policy options. In comparison to other insurance companies, this insurance company has a wider range than most. I spent quite a lot of time reviewing other policy options from competitors and chose this insurance company for its wider range of options. There isn't anything necessarily special or unique about this insurance company's coverage. It may fair slightly better than its competitors but the difference is negligible.

I went with Allstate for home and auto and they wanted to inspect the house so I said fine, set up dates and they never showed up. Turns out the inspector claims they couldn't find my huge obvious house on a historic block, so they canceled the policy and NEVER TOLD US it was canceled. We were months with no coverage until I discovered the cancellation. To add insult to injury, they refused to restart the coverage! They are the worst, this borders on criminal negligence.

They were very nice over the phone. Explained everything very well. As a first time buyer they were very understanding and answered dumb first time owner questions. I got hit by a car and they were extremely helpful and took care of dealing with the other insurance and repair shop while I healed. They arranged everything and were easy to work with the whole way. The policy was explained well and all optional coverage was covered in a way that was informative without pressure to get all optional coverage. The coverage was complete tire to tire and everything between. Coverage was not overly expensive. My bike was a less expensive bare-bones bike and the coverage options didn't make the insurance feel over inflated for a lower end model.

Their customer service is outstanding. I have been with Allstate for many years and have never had an issue with them. I would recommend them to my family as well as my friends. Their claims processing is pretty good. I am one happy customer who will remain with this motorcycle insurance company for many years to come. The policy options are pretty good. The employees are very helpful. The coverage is pretty awesome.

There were few employees that weren't very good or couldn't help me like I wanted but maybe they were new or just wasn't as good but the others were amazing. They always helped me the best way they knew and they always got straight to the point. Never had to repeat. They were that good. They were very helpful to me. Their policy options were always known to me. I never had an issue with them and I can agree with all of them. It's only to make us feel safe. They were always right on schedule. They knew what they were doing. They were always very nice to me and helped me out when I needed it.

There are plenty of options and coverage to choose from in Allstate. Everyone is guaranteed to get a policy and customize it to fit their needs and make them happy. The customer service is the best. They always have someone there to answer the phones and real people to help. The claims are very fast and easy to deal with. I can do it over my phone.

I feel that this company was there when I always needed them. I feel that I was treated very well and I would recommend this company to anyone. I'm very satisfied. When I and if I filed a claim my agent was always there to help me and answer any question that I would have and made sure I was happy. I would recommend this company to my friends, my family, my coworkers. I've had this company for over 5 years and I always was taken care of very, very, very professionally. When I would file a claim it was processed very, very, very fast and professionally. I'm very happy with the response that I receive always when I need to ask a question about my policy.

This company has many, many, many options to choose from for anyone or anybody's income. This company will work with you in every way possible to make sure you're satisfied. When you make your payments you're being very, very, very responsible and when you need this company they are there for you until you are very, very, very satisfied with all of your needs.

They do not make me feel like they are trying to cover themselves. I'm the number one priority whenever I call them to file a claim. I have used Farmers in the past and felt like they were trying to get away with helping me as little as possible. Claims go through very quickly and require little work on my part. I usually get a response within the day and have my bike back asap. The policy is very cheap compared to other insurance agencies. It is affordable while still giving me coverage I need. I have used it for many years and highly recommend. Coverage options are plentiful and affordable. It has everything that you need for a bike without the bloated options that aren't necessary.

My insurance agent, Aaron ** at Allstate is incredibly kind, helpful and honest. He worked with me to get a great rate for my motorcycle policy. He was very honest and did a price comparison for me. He also answered any and all questions I had. I absolutely would recommend going to Allstate because I use them not only for motorcycle insurance but also renter's insurance and car insurance. I feel confident using their services because they have always treated me fairly and kindly. Allstate was able to work with me on my claim. They made sure I had all the details correct and all the information I needed to properly file a claim. They made it easy! They practically did everything for me which was such a relief so that it was one less hassle I had to go through.

I love that Allstate has so many different policies to choose from. I was able to find something that was within my price range but yet gave me enough coverage that I felt confident and comfortable. I absolutely recommend Allstate because I not only use them for motorcycle but also renter's insurance and car insurance. The reason I do this is because the policies available are wonderful because you can pick something that fits your budget. The coverage on my policy is excellent! I feel confident with the amount of coverage I got and it also fit within my budget and price range. You can never be too careful and it is always a good idea to have the appropriate amount of coverage. What I like about Allstate is the options. You can choose what type of coverage you want and the agents are very helpful that they are able to give you advice to pick the one that is best for you.

I like Allstate Motorcycle Insurance. It's pretty cool to have that insurance wouldn't trade it for any other insurance pretty nice and cheap. I would recommend my family and friends to get it. It's pretty cool. I got to love it. Pretty cool insurance - which I don't have. I would recommend it to everybody. I love the Cobra to cover everything.

They provided me with all the tools that needed to make everything better for me as a consumer and I like the way they handled business with me and I am very happy with this service. Even I have not filed a claim I know that I am a valued customer with this company and know that they would the right thing for me as a consumer of their company. It work for me and I will recommend this company to my family and friends and would hope that they would be happy to get this company and that I have not had any problems. I am very happy with this company and hope that other use this service and they value the consumer with the coverage they need at this company.

Great follow up, easy to work with. Fits all my need and more. It's someone I would recommend to anyone at any time. I like calling or emailing or anything that is communicating with them. They are simple, nice and caring to work with. The paper work is easy to use and simple to set up and work with. I am happy with how it turns out and it's easy to work with. I like how you can find info online or on paper they mail you. I would keep using them. Nothing too over the top. I like how easy it is to read the policy and simple to follow even for me. I have had friends who like them too. They are here on time, leave at a good time or you can make a time to set up in the office and meet with them in person at the office. I like how they are covered with all I need.

All of the people whom I have spoken with have been very helpful and knowledgeable. Every situation that has arisen has been handled promptly and easily. I also love the chat service. I have only had a few claims with my insurance, but all of them were handled very efficiently no matter who was at fault. Every situation was explained to me thoroughly and clearly. I didn't feel as if I was getting taken advantage of either. All of the options I have made with my company have been easy to change or alter back with ease. There have also been life changes that have caused switches. I feel like there is a plan for everyone's needs. I would recommend because overall I feel satisfied and protected with my company. I love the service and the policy supported. There are very few things I would change.

The customer service through Allstate is fantastic. You can tell that the agents are very caring and open to your needs and wants. Any questions or concerns I had they talked me through the answers or if they didn't have the answer they found the answer for me. They are very detailed when they talk about your insurance. They are very professional and I would recommend them to anyone. The claims processing through Allstate is great. They talk you through everything there is that you need to know and make sure that you are aware and understand everything and they try their hardest to make sure that you are satisfied with everything and I really love this insurance company and I would recommend them to anyone.

Allstate has great policy options for your motorcycle. They have a wide variety of different priced policies to fit your budget and they have a thing called accident forgiveness which means that they will pay for your first accident and your rates never go up and they also have a thing called no accident rewards which means they will pay you back a percentage of your monthly cost for every month you don't have any accidents and it is just great and I would recommend them to anyone. The coverage options are great as I just explained in the last description. They have a wide variety to choose from as well as the no accident rewards and the accident forgiveness policy as well. I have the maximum coverage on my motorcycle and I feel safe and secure knowing Allstate has my back twenty-four seven.

The customer service for Allstate is one of a kind. They are polite and make you feel as if you are a part of their family. They take the time to appreciate your business. I'm very pleased with the claims process at Allstate. They weren't a hassle and handled the claim in a good manner and it didn't take a long time. I would definitely recommend Allstate's policy options. They aren't expensive and they give great value for the price they are charging you. Allstate's coverage is also very good. It covers full body coverage and at a very affordable price. They don't overcharge not one bit. I would definitely recommend them.

They act like they don't want to do their job!!!! When you call your agent never gets back to you and they always pay you little as possible. One time I got in a really bad wreck and they took forever to get back in touch with me and when they did they were very rude, ask for information that already gave and tried to pay me as much as possible knowing that it wasn't my fault. They even have to poop and it also tried to charge the other person as much as possible so they were basically soon and getting more and give him a glass as possible proof.

I got into a motorcycle accident. I hit a pothole around 930pm. Lost control and hit the curb. So when I notified Allstate, and tell them my situation, they tell me I'm not covered. Why have insurance if you guys don't cover it. Now I don't have a bike and I owe money for the tow. I will never recommend Allstate to anybody and will make sure that if anybody does have it I will advise them to go to a different company.

The customer service for Allstate was wonderful and very helpful when answering questions. I think they have excellent customer service. The claims processing process was great. They take into effect all aspects of the situation. I really like their claims processing. They are excellent. The policy options at Allstate were very satisfying. The policy options they offered were useful and fit any customers needs or what they are looking for. The overall coverage at Allstate for motorcycles is great.

They are very communicative and open and honest. Love their attitudes. They have great personalities. Wouldn't change from them for anything. Never went through the claims processing. Had no reports or accidents. But I have heard they are very fast on their claims processing. Love them. They have a wide range of products for every occasion and family. They are well-covered policy options at a great price. Very cheap rates and quality coverage. They have the most reliable coverage available than any other company. They have low deductibles with great collision and accidental coverage.

They are always there when you need them. Friendly staff and customer service. Easy to read information. Very trustworthy company and safe. Easy processing claims. Easy to file and friendly staff to help you out with. Policy are very easy to understand. Friendly staff always there to help. Very interesting and helpful. Trustworthy, safe, secured, honesty, helpful relief, relaxing, easy.

I have no problems with Allstate. They are very helpful. My coverage is great and I recommended it to family and friends and they also got the great service too. No claims but I can ask questions and Allstate told me I can use the Allstate app to get claims done fast and no paperwork is involved. My reccommended the app to family and friends whenever they need with Allstate. Anything that I don't understand there is a phone number I can call to ask questions about their policy, issues. I am covered fully so if there is an accident I have all my information in the app and on file so the coverage doesn't come into question so no extra time is wasted.

They are a bit slow but their service is amazing and to be honest I'm pretty hard to please. The phone calls are a bit repetitive but overall worth the wait because once you get a hold of a good agent everything is fast. I haven't filed a claim recently but last time I did it it was a bit slow but overall it was okay for an insurance company. It's really nice you get a clear description of the options you have with no roundabouts. Overall, very nice. Amazing coverage, everything is covered very well and there are never any complications besides time limitations.

I love the customer service experience because it was very nice and caring.

I was very satisfied with their customer service. I was recommended to them by a family member and they prove me right with them. I would recommend this to anyone that need some motorcycle insurance. It has great value and a good quantity. The claim processing is very quick and honest. It didn't take me no time to make a claim and to get my money or my insurance paid me. I was very hurt at the moment but they prove me and made the best of it. The policies and terms was very honest. It was very important to read it especially if you don't agree with some one of the stuff. My lawyer look over it and it was very positive to go along with them. I am fully coverage it is best to be so. I recommend of you to get Allstate. I would good the full coverage on the cycle. It is better and a little cheaper than the regular liability.

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