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We have a 2015 Mercedes E350 4matic we rarely drive and my wife took it out to go to a company meeting and a guy with AAC hit my wife after running a stop sign in a 2001 Tahoe. I had him call this company and admit fault right there. So he called them and they gave us a claim # and I thought we were good... Nope. The adjuster never called us nor did they return any of our calls to them. So for the past 3 weeks the adjuster voicemail has been full of messages and can no longer accept messages. So now I am forced to use my own insurance to deal with them because they refuse to cooperate. I am unsure how their company is still operating considering everyone who is hit by one of their policy holders never gets their claim settled. Something has to be done.

My husband's car was hit from behind. The policy holder who caused the accident is a customer of American Access Casualty Company. This insurance company did not even bother to take care of the claim. Their excuse was that they could not find or contact the policy holder. It is sad that we work hard for our things so someone else can come and ruin them. Then not be held responsible. It is sad that these type of insurance companies exist.

I obtained insurance from your Crowel Agency, which was American Access Casualty Company, in 2015 under myself as the policyholder; however, following that some errors were made on Crowel's part. The first mistake was that the insured name was listed incorrectly as Jacob ** instead of Jacob **. Another error was the birthdate of Jacob. His date of birth is 6/15/85 but up until a couple weeks back you had his birthday as 11/20/85, which is my (Lauren **) birthday. Then, back in February you they had me to sign an exclusion form prohibiting my husband from driving my car even though he is my husband of five years. The agent I was working with said it was because I was the primary driver and he wouldn’t be driving my car full time and thus didn’t require it. I never understood this but put my trust into Crowel since their business is insurance.

On November 20th, I called to inquire about windshield insurance and to make sure my husband was indeed covered in addition to updating my credit card information. My conversation with that agent lasted approximately 14 minutes, of which I have verified with my call log. On December 2nd, Jacob was involved in an accident that still remains unclear as to whose fault it is. It took over a week and a half for someone to come out and review the damage to my car which was indeed totaled. It was only at this point that I discovered that Jacob was not put back on my insurance despite my November 20th request.

Then, I spoke with Stephanie ** from American Access in the claims department who inquired if my premium had gone up following my request. However, at that time I had yet to receive the bill notice and thus could not answer. She then told me that if it had not gone up, it would just be a matter of a back payment. To rectify the situation. She also said she would investigate that agent’s mistake and look into notes and/or phone call logs. After waiting patiently without any response, I contacted Crowel directly and spoke with Pam, the manager, to discuss all the errors that had taken place and to see if they had proof of updated information I had given them on November 20th. Pam said she had no record of any call or notes since they do not record calls and or take a simple note as to why a client would call.

This then prompted me to check my call log to see if I could prove a call was made, which it was. I then received a letter signed by Stephanie ** stating that an investigation was still taking place and that coverage may or may not be denied, decision pending. Since the letter stated to contact Stephanie directly with any questions, I called her to obtain more information. Disappointingly, I was spoken to extremely rudely and treated unprofessionally. Subsequently, I talked to another representative whose name is Norita from American Access‘s customer service. I told her how unhappy I was with Ms. ** attitude on the phone. She was kind and patient and told me she would get in contact with the underwriter to see if they could resolve this. I have yet to hear from her, but understand that the holidays are a busy time of year.

As of, 12/28/2017, the other insurance company involved in this claim (State Farm Ins) has yet to hear from anyone from my insurance company. Reading reviews on Google and Yelp, I see that other customers have also had issues with representative errors and alarming lack of proper documentation including call logs by Crowel Agency. In two days it will be a month from the accident and I am still waiting on calls and/or some type of letter stating what is the status of this situation. I am appalled on how a paying customer of 2 years is treated and how horrible I have been treated by both companies.

I was rear-ended by a car insured by American Access on August 25, 2016. I was parked at a stoplight when she rear ended me. American Access is denying liability, despite the fact that their insured was driving without a driver's license and despite the fact that there was a police report documenting she was at fault. If there is a class action suit, I want in.

On 11/15/2016 I was hit by someone driving a truck insured with this company. The lady driving the truck was not the owner. I called the police, filed a report and also did so in person. I called the insurance company and left a message and did not receive a call. I called back the next day and received no response. I called on the 16th 8 times and every time someone disconnected the line when I called. When I finally reached someone they said they were having "phone issues". I filed the claim and no callback ever. The adjuster Magdalena and she was of NO help whatsoever. She was extremely rude. I called the manager and he NEVER returned my call. The estimate was processed and I still have not received an update or phone call.

I have called over 30 times and have no update or returned call. They said they were not able to confirm with their insured the accident occurred even though all information was provided and police report was obtained. Here it is 12/6/2016 and I have called NOTHING done and my car has a hole in the side of my car from the truck that is now RUSTING. They will not provide a rental car unless it is on my credit card in which they will reimburse, which I find hard to believe seeing as how I have no phone calls. This company is ** and should not be operating or selling insurance to anyone.

American Access is a horrible company. They are full of excuses and they try to cheat you. My adjuster never answers. She is rude and doesn't explain anything. I advise you not to have this insurance. They try to make money off you instead of helping your situation.

I was rear ended in December, 2017 by one of their clients. It was their fault. They were more worried about their phone than traffic on a red left turn only lane. It's now almost mid March and no progress. The estimate they called for is not enough due to the fact Ed ** said it needs more repairs than what they estimated. The shop tried contacting them and no answer. They also refuse to contact Ed ** Collision Center, Anderson, IN. I call him and he is always away from his desk. I work bank hours so it's difficult to contact him. Been leaving voice messages. The last voice mail he state, "It is how it is". He claims he can't change what the estimate is. He is literally refusing to work with me and it's getting to the point I may have to file a lawsuit. I have my car back and no repairs done due to this company refusing to cooperate. You know a company is bad when you have your regulars at the store you work for cringe just by mentioning the company.

Do not get involved in a hit and run with a customer of this insurance! It doesn't matter if you have a police report. They don't care. Just because their customer claim "he wasn't involved". The company won't pay and take over a month to response or follow with you. The other person who hit me left me on the freeway unable to move and they denied the claim. This company has no customer service whatsoever.

I was hit by a driver who has this insurance on 9/26/16 that same day I called the company to submit a claim. They took my information and what happened. The driver backed into my car at my daughters school and took responsibility. I also had 3 witnesses as I was inside the school when this happened. I gave the insurance the names and contact info of the witnesses. They told me they would submit the info and that within 24 hrs a adjuster would call me to go over with me what I had to do and where to take my car for an estimate. I waited 2 days and did not get a call from anyone. I call the insurance. After waiting on hold for over 30 minutes a representative gave me the info on where to go to get the estimate. I went to get the estimate on 10/01/16. The person at the shop said it usually takes about a week for the insurance to review the estimate and they would call me to let me know what to do next.

Let’s keep in mind this whole time I never got a call from the adjuster. I let a week pass by and I hear nothing so the week of 10/10/16 I call again, wait for another 30 minutes on hold, then the representative tells me I need to fill out some paperwork regarding the claim in order to proceed with the claim. I asked why the adjuster hasn’t been in contact with me to discuss all of this as it is taking so long and I do not have the time to keeps calling and being on hold. They stated they would send a message for the adjuster to call me. I submitted my paperwork that same week and called again, then they tell me they're waiting for the paperwork from the person that hit me. Flash forward to 10/28/16 after calling a millions times, the adjuster never called me so I called to see what the holdup is now since it’s been over a month since the accident. They tell me that they're waiting for the estimate from the body shop.

At this point I lost it because that was done at the beginning of the month. It blows my mind that 1st the adjuster not once called me, didn’t bother to call the shop to see if I had gone to get the estimate. I told them I had went on 10/01/16 and even told them it was at approximately 10am. The representative states he was going to send an email to the shop to get the estimate and then the adjuster would call me to review the estimate (which I knew wasn’t going to happen as the adjuster never bothered to call me before then). Today is 11/3/16 and I had still not heard anything from the adjuster or anyone at this insurance. I called and they told me they mailed a check yesterday for the amount on the estimate. So basically I did not speak to the adjuster at all. A lot of time could of been saved and a lot of calls could of been avoided. This insurance is HORRIBLE. WORST EXPERIENCE when dealing with a claim.

American Access Insurance Company in IL is the worst insurance company known to man. They should be shut down by the Better Business Bureau. My agent/claims advisor was horrible. Her attitude sucks and I even had to get a lawyer and he stated that her attitude was horrible as well as advised her that she had a attitude problem. The young lady Stephanie was very unprofessional when I took my car in to the car collision place. They said that they have dealt with the company and do not like dealing with this complex at all due to the fact that they have a hassle getting issues appraised. PLEASE IF YOU ARE THINKING TO GO TO THIS INSURANCE COMPANY DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT!!! I had to give them one star and they didn't even deserve that. Horrible just plain old horrible service. Stick to State Farm, Geico, American Family Insurance, companies that stick behind their name.

I was rear-ended April 10, 2018. Called them to start a claim. Took my SUV to their "required" body shop (what a joke of an estimate process from them). It's been more than 2 weeks since the accident and the adjuster won't call me back. I've called daily for the past week. I'm done with them and now getting my insurance to handle it.

I had bad experience with American Access Casualty. They denied my claim even if they got pictures, police report and witness that the other person hit my car. They went with his version of the accident. He was with under the alcohol, run away and they still protecting persecutors that driving and drinking plus were rude that not even contact me cost to fix the damage $6000. Be careful if you insurance don't respond. You will get sued by court later just because want to save money for this company that they only wants your money $$.

I got rear ended and the hit made me hit the car in front. My front end was all damaged. They said that they are only liable for the rear only. I just wanted my car to be fixed how it was originally. Customer service sucks. Very Rude. Tirza ** at ** is not very professional. Next time I rather call a lawyer first before dealing with this company.

I got into an accident with one of their customers on Sept of 2017. They ran a red light and turned in front of me. I turned the wheel to avoid them and got on the median, which ruined the tire and forced me to turned back on the road, hitting my front right of the car on theirs. The damage is not significant and I could barely feel there was even contact, but sure was small indentation. She apologized because she was teaching someone to drive, and gave me her insurance card (I took pictures of it). I filed claim with American access and after a couple hours on the phone, more than once, I finally got someone who initiated the claim and asked me to submit pictures of the damage (which I did).

I received a call about a week later from the adjuster Jorge (george) ** asking to call him back to ask questions. I must have called 25 times, and every time it went straight to his voicemail, but he wouldn't return the call. On Nov 16 he called again during work hours, and of course I missed the call being at work. In his message he stated that the insured left him a message denying feeling guilty and that she said there was no contact between cars, but that he would contact her again to ask her for clarification. It is now March 21st 2018, and I have called the adjuster over 20 times asking for an update and I have not heard anything since the November call. I have contacted AA and they gave me the supervisor's name. I have called her and left messages 3 times with no response.

At this point, I don't know what to do other than keep calling and complaining, but considering the length of time, I would be surprise if they resolve the issue at all. They will likely just say they won't pay because their insured said it wasn't her fault. Even though, why would she give me her insurance card if she did not feel at fault?

I had to deal with this company because one of their insured driver hit to my car which cause my car total loss. It's been more than two week without my car. Try to hold one of their agent (Daniel **) over two week. Give him call. Never answer or return phone call. Finally I am going with my lawyer to lawsuit them. For my advice who facing this kind of garbage insurance company go with your attorney.

This company will give you the complete runaround and change your policy amount each month! I went from paying $203 to $238, to $248 to $289, all because of agents giving me the incorrect information. My policy increased each month due to “equity.” I have been misinformed of due dates by several agents and when calling to make a payment told that I have to pay more because my policy needs to be reinstated. I am not sure if the customer service and underwriting department is simply ignorant or trying to get more money for the company. One representative in particular by the name of Hannah is beyond rude and nasty and over talks you to get her point across regardless of the situation you are trying to explain. Save your time and energy and go with a more reliable company. God forbid an accident occurs. It would be a nightmare to see how that would be handled.

I had an accident caused by the rain when I was making a turn going southbound and I slipped and hit a curve, nothing major, broke my wheel, axle, etc.. They had changed my title to "salvage" without telling me FIRST or else I wouldn't have kept the car. I was carless for about a month or so. When I would call and call to contact the agency and reach my agent, my calls would always go to her voicemails, never answer me, never returned my calls... so unprofessional. Not only that, but I come to find out that they wrote a report about me saying I was driving while intoxicated WHEN I WASN'T EVEN DRIVING THE CAR!!! NO proof whatsoever. RECONSIDER before having them as your insurance.

On Jan 20, 2017 one of American Access Casualty insureds backed in to my 2017 vehicle and was very nice and polite and told me he was so sorry and admitted it was his fault. We exchanged insurance and I immediately called in to notify American Access Casualty and they said that I needed to send pictures which I did the same day. A few days later I received a call from an adjuster that told me that they received my pictures and an estimate was already done but just like in the reviews before me, they said they would need to speak with their insured and that he had 30 days to respond. It is now past the 30 days and I have left numerous messages for the adjuster and her supervisor but no one will call me back. Something needs to be done about this insurance company. This is just not right. I spoke with my insurance and I can file the claim with them but the claim will go against me and cost me my deductible and the wreck was in no way my fault.

I've had this insurance company for years and never actually filed any claim until recently and I'm sure everyone knows what happened. They dropped me and said they won't pay, it was a couple thousand dollar bill for a pole my daughter hit. I wish I would have read the reviews before going to them! I get they are cheap but there's a difference between being cheap and just being a fraud! Hopefully a lawyer will be able to do something and I hope enough people complaining will put this dirt bag company out of business!! Worst insurance.

They don't even deserve one star. They are the WORST. December 29, 2017 I was rear ending by one of their insured. The lady said that she was looking back and that she was sorry. She gave me all of her information and said that she would call them. After a week I call and was given a claim number. To make a long story short Today is March 19, 2018 and my car is being held at Parks because of a lack of payment from this company. And only God knows if they are going to reimburse me for the rental car. This had been one big nightmare. I'm planning on reporting them to the BBB and anywhere else I can. This company should pay up and close their forever.

I was in a flood so I called to make a claim and they came and towed my car to a scrap yard to see if it was repairable (I thought that was odd). I had to keep calling them to get an update, they finally told me it's going to be considered a total loss. I keep calling the insurance company to see what's going to happen now and I'm getting the runaround, no one will answer the phone. I keep leaving voice messages and don't get a call back. I finally got through to someone and they told me everyone has left for the weekend so my option is to be transferred to a voice mailbox and leave a message and someone will call me back within 48 hours. I'm so upset, I would not recommend this company to anyone.

I was rear ended very badly while I was on shoulder lane changing a flat when BAM someone asleep on the wheel rear-ended me. Car is totaled and no transportation as of yet. I have left numerous messages to adjuster with no response. I am still awaiting a rental as my legal representative tells me that they were waiting for their client’s statement. NOW I'm being told their insured didn't pay premiums on time and don't have responsibility. I smell a rat.

Hit a woman in Dallas who ran a red light. Totaled my truck. Had police reports as well as three witnesses stating it was her fault. Should have been cut and dried. Not so much. Can't get anybody to even call me after three months. I have faxed everything to them a few times. Lucky for me I have GEICO and they paid me 100% but still out deductible. These people should have their doors blocked. Just a shame people are fooled into using them because of their advertised "cheap" rates. You get what you pay for and in this case they should be free. Poor excuse for an insurance company.

I am very not impressed with the insurance company and note I understand a lot is going on in Houston because of the flood. But I have been trying to get my car close out and I got the claim letter nothing has been done. I got my credit union involved and they also been calling and calling. One time someone call us back the both of use the rest of the time voicemail. My car has been gone since 08-27-2017 and wanted get my things from my car and the place it was at told me there not sure we’re it's at. I think that this has cause me so much stress and blood pressure is not too good. All I want is this to be done and they say it’s in the process and also ask for more time and today is 10-13-2017. Nothing has been done no contact to my credit union... Very highly upset... I need someone higher than the people to see what is going on... How would you like to not know and be at where I am...

Basically I got hit by a hit & run driver whom I chased down to his apartment complex and called the police. Got his insurance and took a ton of photos of the damage to both of our cars. His paint was still on my car! Luckily, the impact broke his passenger window and police officer was able to retrieve his insurance. Filed a claim with this scam company and they sent an adjuster but then three weeks later sent two letters of denial to my house. One of the letters wasn't even addressed to me! The reason for denial was that the other driver said he never touched my car! Unbelievable, so now I have to sue these guys because they won't ever answer my calls or return my phone calls to prove my case. I'm thinking with enough people we can file a class action lawsuit against these people.

Vehicle rear ended by non licensed driver. They wont pay. They will give you the runaround. I am filing with texas insurance board and want everyone else to file in your state to shut these con artist down. Dont get mad, get even. Shut them down. Flood your state with complaints. My car was 2 months ago and not a dime have I seen. But the checks on the mail. Lets hit them where it hurts. Take the time to file with your board of regulators. I had my bmw 3 weeks before it was hit.

It should be illegal for a company like this to operate. I was struck by a driver with this insurance on September 25th, 2016. He almost hit me head on, but I was able to swerve at the last second, and he badly side swiped me. Causing major damage to the driver side of the vehicle I was driving. The driver who hit me, didn't have a driver's license. The police came out, and made a crash report detailing what had happened, and noting that the American Access driver came into my lane and struck me.

I contacted American Access, told them what happened. They told me to submit any medical bills and lost wages because of the accident. Then a couple of days later, I get a call from American Access. They then told me that they did not have an insurance policy with the person who struck me, nor the person who the insurance was under. They also said that the Vin number of the vehicle that had struck me was not a vehicle insured by them. So at that point, I'm thinking that the person had fake insurance. I then called the Dallas police Department telling them about the fake insurance on my accident report. The police department then ran the vehicle information through their system, and it did in fact have insurance and all of the information on the accident report was correct with all the vehicle information registered into the system.

So American Access lied to me. They have nothing but "horror story" reviews, so my situation is nothing unusual when dealing with this company. I called back to American Access to confront them on lying, and waited on hold for over 30 minutes before someone picked up just to say nothing and hang up in my face after repeatedly saying "Hello? Hello? Hello?". I'm currently still seeking to speak with someone from American Access. As I have been on hold for another 30 minutes as of writing this. Good luck if you ever get hit by someone with this awful, disgraceful, illegitimate, deceitful insurance company.

It has been a week now and AACC has done nothing to repair the damages their client did to my car. Not only have they tried to nickel and dime me for the damages - they had the nerve to ask me to pay out of pocket for a rental car. I have been calling AACC all week to get everything resolved and NOTHING! The person who has been giving me the runaround is Genevieve ** and her supervisor is Chris **.

It has taken over three months and 12 hours of time on hold to finally get an estimate to repair my vehicle. Their insured hit my parked car. They ridiculously expected me to take photos of their insured to prove they were in the car and photos of her driver's license. I had a photo of her liability card and she admitted fault to me and later to them. As of this date I am still driving a wrecked car. I have never been able to talk to a representative without a minimum hour long wait. They pay half the going rate for body labor in Texas and refused to even respond to my 26 calls until I filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance. This is by far the worst insurance company with the worst customer service I have ever seen. And I AM A Property Casualty Agent with over 18 years in the field. My company would never be so incompetent.

If you're in the same position I was a month ago--researching this horrible insurance company because someone who has it hit you and they're at fault--and you're wondering whether or not you should subrogate through your own insurance company, let me save you a lot of hassle and headaches. Call your insurance company NOW and tell them you want to subrogate the claim through them.

I was hit by a woman who has AAC over a month ago, and called to create a claim within an hour of the accident. I had some initial concerns because when I looked at the picture I took of the woman's driver's license and realized that it had expired three years ago, and after having read reviews on this very website, I had begun creating a claim through my own insurance company (Allstate). I was also told by AAC that they would not be able to approve my claim until they had heard from the woman who hit me. They had tried calling her several times, but had not heard back, and they told me the only thing they could do was to threaten to cancel her insurance.

But after two business days, I got a call back from the claim adjuster informing me that they finally heard back from her and they had created an estimate of record. I took my car into a nationwide body shop the very next day (January 3rd). After a few days, they tell me they had found additional damage and would need to file a supplemental claim and that's when the problems began. First, the body shop is telling me that AAC is refusing to pay their negotiated hourly rate of $48/hour and that they had only approved half of the additional damage. During this time the claim adjuster at AAC apparently went on a one week vacation and the body shop said they weren't able to speak with anyone else at AAC regarding the claim. The claim adjuster finally gets back and tells me they want to send out someone local to examine my vehicle and that this could take one-to-five days.

Let me tell you, I heard this excuse multiple times and EVERY TIME it was at least five days until anything happened. The local adjuster makes it out and I'm told that they have up to 72 hours to submit their revised estimate. Four days later, the body shop still hasn't heard anything, so again I'm calling the claim adjuster to find out what is going on and yelling at the body shop as to why they apparently are content to just sit around and WAIT for everything without showing any initiative to actually call themselves for an update. One day later, the body shop calls me (today) around 4:00 pm saying they finally received the revised estimate, that AAC is still refusing to pay the negotiated hourly labor rate and now instead of repairing my tailgate, they want it replaced which would add time since they have to order it, plus additional painting to get everything to match.

They want me to speak with their general manager to discuss me paying OUT OF POCKET for the difference in the labor rate charge and I tell them that's BS. I'm not at fault. Why should I have to pay for it? They've had my car now going on a month and NOTHING has been done yet. Long story short, I call Allstate back and beg them to proceed with the claim I had initiated a month ago. There was some going back and forth on whether or not repairs had actually begun and whether or not they could be able to file a claim, but in the end they said they could and are sending out their own adjuster on Monday to see my vehicle. Thank God they're able to respond quickly and no more "one-to-five business days" BS that AAC gives you.

My policy was due to Expire on the end of 7/2017 so I went into my agency and paid the reinstatement fee to continue with my auto insurance policy. I had no problem. Come the 29th of August I tried to call to make payment. Spoke to a Rep who put my on hold but winded up hanging up on me. Tried calling of which all the rep just disconnected calls or ask to put me on hold and hang up, so finally I tried to pay online of which told me to contact customer service of which I did.

Today 8/30/2017 spoke to a very rude and ** person who asked for my policy number and just straight out front told me, "we No longer do business with your agency so for that reason your insurance has been cancelled you need to go else where and purchase a new policy thru someone else???" I asked her, "what about my Reinstatement Fee I paid?" She said, "what about it? You were covered for 30 days," I said, "so if your employees knew off hand your company was no longer gonna do business with my agency then why wasn't I told before they took my money?" She said," I don't know I'm not them. I am me and I'm telling you that you No longer are covered thru American Access Casualty. Have a nice day." and hung up so now I'm gonna have to come out of pocket for another down payment to insure all 4 of my vehicles.

My husband and I were struck in a restaurant parking lot by a driver insured with this company. I called to submit a claim and initially got a real person on the phone who took my information and said I would be assigned an adjuster and be contacted in 24-48 hours. I would also be sent information in the mail. Neither of these has happened two weeks later. When I try to call ANY of the phone numbers for the company, it goes to the same recording and claims that "all representatives are assisting others, please stay on the line." They always have "longer than normal wait time due to the high volume of calls" regardless of what time of day you call. I've left messages time after time and no one calls me back. I have a job and cannot sit around trying to call these people all day long. This place is a scam.

My car got badly rear-ended by a person with this insurance. They still have not sent the estimator and won't pay up front for a rental car. Very rude employees with a bad attitude. They don't answer any question completely and leave the customer hanging. I have called them several times with no final answer and they act like they are trying to help you.

I was involved in a car accident, I was struck in the back by one of their insured driver. I cannot get through to the adjuster assigned to my case, I have left several messages on her machine and her supervisor no response since October. This is the worst insurance I have ever dealt with.

I got in an accident on May 4th, it's June 22nd and I still can't get them to call me back to set up the rental car. I had to email and call over and over again, just to get an appointment to know which body shop to take it to. The agent Sandra **, was on vacation, so no one else can do her job while she is gone? She gets back and was not very nice on the phone, gave me the runaround. After reading all the paperwork I send, she finally tells, "Yes. You do have everything we need." But I still can't get my car in to get fixed, because she won't call or email the information about the rental car... Why do you work if you don't want to do your job? Wait, it's all about the money.

On June 24th 2017 at 9:40am, my wife was stopped at a red light in Houston, Texas on N. Antoine. While waiting for a red light she was heavily rear ended by a car. My wife called me directly after the accident and informing me that the driver of the second vehicle did not appear to have a drivers license or real auto insurance because when she called the number of the insurance provided the call would just disconnect or no one would answer the phone.

I informed my wife that she should contact the Houston Police Department and have an officer come to the scene of the accident. When I arrived, which was approx 10 mins, the driver of the second car and a second person representing herself as the driver's mother who came to the scene by another separate vehicle wanted to pay for the damages to my wife's car at least three different times. They spoke in Spanish and to the best of our ability we informed them that we had no idea of how much the damages would be and that we had to called the police.

The police arrived within 10 mins and gave the driver of the second car two tickets. 1. No drivers license and; 2. Failure to control speed. The driver only appears to have a passport from a Central America country of which I do not remember and it is also not important. My wife subsequently received a subpoena to appear in court as a witness against the second driver. The second driver did not appear in court and a warrant was issued for her arrest on 8-22-2017.

Why did I state all of the above? 1. My wife was hit from behind while waiting at a legal City of Houston stop light. 2. The driver of the second car did not have a license to drive a car in the State of Texas or anywhere else in the United States. 3. The Houston Police Department issued the second driver two tickets as mentioned above. 4. As of 8-21-2017 the driver of the second car has a warrant for her arrest.

And yet the Auto Insurance of the car that hit my wife, American Access Insurance Company refuses to return my wife's multiple calls to have her car fixed. After no less than 25 calls to this firm, I went out on the internet and with little effort found multiple sites that depict horrible customer reviews of American Access Insurance Company, many with similar cases of being hit from behind by another driver which is nearly in all cases anywhere within the boundaries of the United States and other western countries, places the blame on the driver who hit a car in front of them.

How is it that we live in the United States of America and insurance companies like American Access are even allowed to sell insurance, take in the premiums and never pay out a claim? If in the future a driver with this insurance hits another car and really hurts someone; that persons family or loved one would bear the complete burden of all the medical bills and loss of wages because in my opinion American Access Insurance Company follows a business model of selling various types of insurance and never actually intending to pay out a claim; even claims like my wife’s case which is clear cut.

It has been two months since my wife was hit from behind and no one from American Access will return her call. It is now left to us to file a claim with our insurance company which has a $400 deductible and some level of burden on us for a rental car while my wife’s car is in the shop. This really is not the issue although it does make me mad.

I have lots of time on my hands so I have filed with the Texas Insurance Board to have American Access dropped from being able to sell insurance in the State of Texas. I have also filed with the United States Insurance Board to have them investigate American Access. I have also sent our story to ABC's 20/20; CBS's 60 Mins and other media news magazines in hopes that they will do a story on American Access and help get their license to sell insurance of any kind revoked everywhere in the United States. I also plan to sue the insurance company in Houston Texas in hopes that it will cost them much more in terms of legal fees and my claim than they would have paid if they had just settled the claim. American Access; you have just messed with the WRONG PERSON!!! I have lots and lots of free time and very much enjoy taking on scum bag outfits like your firm.

I was in an accident (their fault not mine) with someone who is insured with this company on December 19, 2017. Someone from this company called me on December 21, 2017. After missing their call I called the guy back. His name was George, he never answered, called again later that day and still no answer so I left a voicemail with my claim number, name and phone number, next day I get no call back, so I call again... Long story short today is January 5, 2018 and “George” has not called me back or answer his phone when I call. This “insurance company” is a fraud. They basically help Hispanics that do not have licenses. Says so on the company website. I refuse to let this company get away with not fixing my car!! THIS IS THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY I’VE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH!!!

I just got this insurance company a month ago and already I hate it. On the 12 they had to deduct the payment from my bank account. Since they didn't all day, I called and they said my policy was going to be cancelled because I was missing the driver exclusion form, which I signed and sent when I opened my policy. So they checked their un-updated system and said they did have the form and that they will take my payment.

So now today I open a letter from them and it was a letter stating the cancellation of my policy because I did not provide a driver exclusion form. So I call them and of course they take forever to check their system and tell me to disregard this letter. So my point is if this "company" is giving me so much grief in just one month, I will cancel my policy and go with another more reliable company. I should have done research on this low-budget, horrible, no good company. After reading the other reviews I think I am better off without this company insuring me and mine. Beware of this problematic company and stay away!!!

My son was hit by one of American Access insured, she was texting and rear ended him from the back. It totaled his car but by the grace of God my son was not hurt bad. It took 2 months for them to settle and get my son a check. I had to pay for the rental car which cost me 2000.00. It has been 4 months now and nobody has called me about the receipts sent in 2 months ago. Nobody has called me. I have called and left messages for the supervisor and the supervisor's supervisor. Worst company ever. We were not at fault and it takes an act of God to make anything happen with this company!!

The process dealing with this company was more infuriating than anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. I am certain there will never be a resolution to my claim, especially based on everyone else's in depth stories. I was t-boned by a Mexican fellow (unlicensed in US) who was drunk with a toddler in the back. He came out of thin air ramming right into the driver side. On a daily basis for the last month, I have sent a detailed report of the accident as well as photos with clear evidence of what happened.

They continue to claim they are not able to see my attachments via email, so I send every day via a file transfer program. I also sent physical copies via USPS. After submitting the bill for my rental car while my actual car was in the shop, started taking note of the negative reviews across the internet... Not one positive review in fact. Feels like a full time job, the amount of energy and commitment trying to get a mere response from these people! It is APPALLING and bewildering how a bunch of obvious scam artists such as this company still manage to stay in business serving unlicensed drivers.

I run a body shop and have had the worst experience ever in 35 years with this insurance company. They do not return phone calls, they want to lie and say it's the adjuster's fault, and could care less about the truth. I have a customer's car that has been ready for delivery for 11 days and can not get them to pay a supplement that is documented with photos and invoices. If I was in the market for affordable insurance you can bet, it would not be this group of incompetent bumbling fools.

I hit a deer on 11/2/18 and just now got my vehicle back 12/11/18. They had my car towed to 3 different places and 2 states. I called relentlessly and finally was able to get my car back after driving an hour and a half away. I want sure that the vehicle I picked up was even mine. It was not fixed properly and had damage to the vehicle that was not there before the accident. The work that was done to my vehicle is so shotty and cheap. I took photos and sent them to American Access only for them to say they weren't going to make it right. I have had insurance through this company for 7 years and carried full coverage, first claim ever, and this is what I get? According to other’s experiences, I am not the only person this has happened to. Their Google reviews are just as bad. I am also making a claim with BBB.

My husband and I have been with them for two years, paying for full coverage insurance for two vehicles. Unfortunately we didn’t do our research and learned how horrible these people really are when I was in a car accident. I had to call them everyday for about a month trying to reach them before they finally told me my car was a loss and there was nothing they were going to do to compensate. To make a long story short, if you’re looking for car insurance, stay far away from these people. I wish I could give them 0 stars.

I was T-boned by a driver with this insurance. American Access Casualty customer service is horrible. The adjuster never contacted me, and the person that I was involved in a wreck actually tried to file a claim on my insurance after running a stop sign and hitting me with my 20 month old in the car. My car was totalled and she drove away in her car. She might have been 16 years old. I have been told that they aren't responsible for any towing/storage fees, so I had to pay $300 for towing. My car has been sitting undriveable for almost two weeks. I have called a million times, and even left messages with my adjuster's supervisor, and no call back.

Finally got a hold of my adjuster and he tells me that the person involved in the accident was not a driver on the policy, and they were doing an "investigation" at this time. They also told me that they would have to "decide" whether or not to reimburse me for a rental car, and only up to $20 per day! I have two jobs and take/pick up my kids from school/childcare. I have had to borrow a family member's car!

Also, they informed me that they are unable to get in touch with their own client!!! So now after reading these reviews, I do not believe that she wasn't covered or that they aren't able to get them on the phone. The most ridiculous thing about this company is that if you go to their website, it specifically states that they give insurance to: MEXICANS, INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS, AND THOSE WITH NO LICENSES!!! WTF??? Are we in a third world country??? So this explains a whole lot! I asked them how a person that isn't supposed to be driving, is able to obtain auto insurance, needless to say silence!!!

I have reported this company to the Texas Department of Insurance, and I beg each of you to do the same and shut this company DOWN!!! They are criminals and promote illegal driving at the expense of those that follow the law. So now, I have to file my a claim on my insurance, and will not be able to get another car until after my house is closed on, since I am in the process of building a house. My car was all of 11 months old. I will be taking the person that hit me to court. This company should be closed immediately.

Hello fellow customer of American Access scam company. I have never did business like this and I never will again. I was out of town when my car was stolen. When I found out about it first my girlfriend file a police report then I found out where my car was at. I went to recover it. I couldn't because the thief totaled it so I filed my claim. Then they say they was going to open a 30 day investigation. Why I don't know. The police not even filing a investigation. It's at least 3 months. I call they never response. They are very unprofessional hanging in my face. They are just not in the business of paying when it's time to pay. They will be in court with my lawyer. They have 108 bad reviews.

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