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I'm sure you have your reasons for excluding components from coverage's. But when the disallowed components are needed to "correctly"repair your customers vehicle, Why should your customer have to pay for them? It's all about staying profitable, I am well aware of that fact, but, your reputation is just as important as is taking care of the customers needs.
We are very please that in time our truck needed repair you came thru for us. Happy would recommend this Company. God bless all of you.
employees very cautious and very helpful .I am happy with the way they handled my suggestion. and it was resolved to my satisfaction
American Auto Shield treated me very well. They came through for me. I will recommend this extended car warranty company to my family as well as my friends. Thank you American Auto Shield! Sincerely, Joan Lemoine
I would recommend company to others
It is already hard enough deciding whether to invest in an extended warranty or not, let alone deal with submitting a claim. Very unsatisfied with AAS customer service, the adjusters, and quality of what is covered. We took our vehicle to a reputable mechanic whom has always been fair priced and ethical. AAS required the shop to cut their labor rates by 45%. AAS argued that replacing the broken part with the exact same part was not "of like quality" and would only pay their inferior part price. Our mechanic shop adjusted the price but AAS would not pay the tax. I still had to pay more than my deductible.
Well, 3 tech from the shop looked at my car. They sent one of there guys out and he said it was only making noise. Well I called and asked if he drove my car to actually know what was wrong, they said he can not do that. Wow I think it is amazing how he can tell what is wrong with it with out inspecting it. Then I sent in a copy of my receipt from the car rental I paid for they said they should cover 3 to 4 days. Well I only needed the rental 2 days. Sent in the receipt subjet review board and I hear nothing and I already paid for that and still waiting for them to reply to me
I was working on behalf of a customer. unfortunately, axle shafts were not covered because the adjuster said it was caused by seals. I have never in my 12 years in the car industry not had seals or shafts not covered on a drivetrain warranty. That is a lot of money spent for nothing on an extended warranty. I would not recommend this company. and I can assure you the customer wont. I will say that working with Drew was a pleasure except for the end result.
This was my first time using American Auto Shield, I was very very please with your service and would recommend your company to others.
Good support with integrity.
Great customer service. Knowledgeable personnel.
I have had my truck sine it was brand new! New that it is older American Auto Shield Has helped my truck get up and running a few times! I say if you have an older vehicle this company stands behind what they say! Buy the plan you may need it someday! I did!
So far my experience is pleasant
not good satisfaction at all had two wait two long befour auto said go ahead with the parts wait time four hours
I called AAS for information about transferring my warranty to the person buying my vehicle.
So far you are the best in the market
I have had one of the worst experiences with American Auto Shield. If I could give them a NEGATIVE 100 Rating I would! I called American Auto Shield 4 times while on vacation!!! On the 4th call I had to call both American Auto Shield and my repair shop on two separate cell phones in order for them to talk to each other and come to some resolution of what American Auto Shield would cover. After over an hour on the 4th phone call American Auto Shield made an offer that was horrific and unacceptable but my coverage was about to end in a couple days and since I was on vacation 700 miles away I accepted it. If anyone were to ask me about American Auto Shield I would tell them to run away as fast as you can and seek other solutions for coverage for your car!
I have to say that I though I was wasting my money on this extended guarantee for my car but it is an investment that I would recommend to anyone
Excellent service!!!!!
The mechanics took my car in quickly when I showed them my policy. I highly recommend this company.
PLEASE DO NOT BUY A POLICY FROM THESE SCAMMERS. I paid $3,558.00 for 60 month DIAMOND policy #ABF201649. When I finally had to make a claim, KIM, in the claims dept, only allowed $576.00, on a legitimate $1,856.32 repair bill. She wanted to put used electronic parts on our car. Mercedes Benz of Seattle, said not possible. I BOUGHT THE PLASTIC POLICY, NOT THE DIAMOND ONE. I had to pay, what my "NO WORRY" policy refused to pay. I FEEL THAT I WAS SCAMMED BY EXPERTS. THEY PRACTICE FALSE ADVERTISING ON TV.
I believe a way better job can be done when it comes to rental reimbursment. And when parts are together such as the window regulator and window motor they should they both should be covered.
very helpful, honest, understanding great customer service with claim area as well as the customer service was signing up!.
I probably would have given you a 5 star rating but I didn’t like how long the process take to give you an answer on the covered part on the warranty. I shouldn’t have to call the company to dispute the process. I drop my car off at 8:30am and the service guy said y’all wasn’t going to get him an answer until 3:00pm, then if y’all call him that late he wouldn’t be able to order the part till tomorrow because they didn’t have it in stock and they had a cut off time for ordering putting me in an awkward situation. When I call the guy took the call personal and process it thru professionally and I greatly appreciate it, but I shouldn’t have to call for that to take place.
They were very nice and very helpful.
enjoyed talking to the representative
I have yet to receive my refund. I am satisfied with the coverage. Please send my refund per the agreement.
CarShield is a JOKE!!!!!!i never received my contract Nor did I receive book or paperwork on what they. Will pay. I took my car in to the dealer like they said on TV And they will pay the dealer. Guess what ‘ They did not pay for the repairs’ My car repairs total was $3431.00this is what I had to pay, then they want to let the dealer buy refurbished parts (used) and the parts were not GM parts and if I would have gotten Them. The dealer would not have warranty them. I could not believe it!!!!!!!! So I asked them why am I Paying for a warranty that can not help me So I cancelled the policy and will never get one from them be careful when you buy an extended warranty. Because you might end up like Me. So CarSheild get a double -0.
I'm new to this field and was nervous about messing up. Thanks for being patient and helping me through the process.
Have been very helpful to me. Thanks
Karleen was very helpful with information concerning my current repair under warranty. She also went the extra mile to have me fax over a previous bill for review where this repair should have been performed by the Ford dealership. Overall, American Auto Shield has lived up to its reputation. An outstanding company.
This is the worst company ever. I purchased this extended warranty from carchex which i regret and didn't know that i was going to deal with american auto shied. To place a claim is almost impossible. My BMW service adviser had to stay on hold for 2 hours and then he got disconnected. so i had to call and wait for almost 4 hours to reach to an adjuster so i can conference him to my Service adviser. and i presented all the service records documents by fax for more than 3 times and they keep saying they haven't received it. After 2 weeks they denied the claim because of pre-existing condition. so im going to challenge this in arbitration. this is unacceptable and i wont let this go. They will have to prove evidence that this was a pre-existing and i will prove that it was not. I have all the time in my hand to take this to arbitration and if it doesn't get resolved then my brother who is an attorney will file this in court. Im sure with all the bad reviews here will help my case very much. I refuse to let this go. I will make sure i have all proper documents to prove this was not a pre-existing condition because apparently that's their best answer when they want to find a way not to cover. Now i want you (AAS) to prove in arbitration and in court that my vehicle was a pre-existing condition. So anyone who is reading this and live in ny or nj please feel free to contact me so we can join together to file a lawsuit if necessary. I promise i will do all the work because i just had it with this unprofessional company. I'm providing my contract ABC021019 Titanium Plus which is the highest coverage. I wanted to show this so people here don't think im posting a fake review. I will see you guys in arbitration court. I was able to convince the one of AAS adjuster to send me the actual inspection opinion report that was done on my vehicle. At first they said they are not allowed to send the actual report but when i called again and talked to another adjuster i was able to have him email me the inspector opinion report. And guess what, the Inspector opinion report mentions this " Long term rear fluid leak and very low fluid level most likely caused a failure to the rear differential but I CAN NOT VERIFY FAILURES with out seeing the rear differential disassembled." then they denied the claim. How can you deny a claim if the inspector opinion report said he cannot verify failures without seeing differential disassembled? and the adjuster never asked me or told me that they wanted to disassemble the differentials to verify and confirm the problem. I would have said yes to disassemble the parts so that we can see and verify the problem but they never asked me to disassemble the rear differential as the inspector recommended and they just denied the case right away. So im very lucky that one of the adjuster emailed me the ACTUAL INSPECTOR OPINION REPORT and i will make sure that i will use this evidence in court/arbitration to prove they didnt finish the diagnosis as recommended by the inspector. My claim number is 878448 and Contract ABC021019
Great customer support experience American Auto Shield are thorough during their discovery process and very responsive on each call. I would be more then delighted to recommend them to friends and family and the general public.
Great company very friendly!!!!
Excellent service very helpful also with all my questions I have.
I have multiple policies with various companies over the years; Some have not delivered, A.A.S. has delivered exactly as promised. Initial first claims had an inspector sent since vehicle had no ipre-nspection b4 purchasing warranty... later claims were handled quickly and even the technicians were happy as claims were processed quickly. Thank u.
Not as happy as I thought I would be. The time to process a claim, send and coordinate a person to come review what the dealership has found as a problem is to long. I dropped off my car at a local Ford Dealership, AFTER calling AAS and starting a claim on a few items. The Dealership found 3 issues right away and called AAS. It took 2 days for the claims inspector to show up at the dealership, and another day for us to get a response from AAS adjuster. By now it is a Friday and I had to wait until Monday for the dealership to complete the work because it was after 2pm on a Friday when they called the dealership back and gave approval to move forward with the repairs. This took 3 calls from me and 1 from my dealership to press them for a response. Not to mention that these calls to AAS took 30 minutes plus each time because I kept getting passed around. So far I have been disappointed. Lesson learned, call AAS prior to taking your car to the repair shop and have an inspector come look at your car prior and provide approvals. Would have saved me $197 in rental car fees..
They have been awesome with the repairs I have needed! I have had to pay out of pocket for part pricing difference!(they state that in the contract) Please make sure you read the contract and know the facts about what they cover and how! They are awesome and I recommend them to everyone I know.
Representative was very courteous, No problem with understanding my transaction. Kudos to American Auto Sceild!
Very Detailed, they work with Repair Shops like us AAMCO, Lancaster PA nicely, and they settle repair orders quickly.
All the reviews I have looked at are for how the sign up experience. I will have to see how things go when I need to use this service.
Took my car to have transmission fixed. My claim got denied because the clutch messed up the inside of the transmission and clutch isn't covered. How do you drive a manual transmission vehicle without using the clutch! So if the cars transmission breaks because of driving AAS wont cover it the repairs! What a load of crap. BS loop hole they throw into their contract, won't even cover what is supposedly covered. Way to teach me a lesson
No one reached out to me.
Every thing with the serving very good has no problem thank you.
I was overwhelmed with the help they gave me. I did not expect what they did. I would certainly refer them to people.
This service and company serves as a regulator between the Automotive industry and the normal consumer
Nothing at this time
Well I just had to use my insurance for the first time and I am so disappointed. It covers NOTHING!!!!! And the sales pitch was oh it covers everything haha NOT. Will be cancelling ASAP
Very nice service thus far
Takes way too long for this company to make a decision. It's been 2 weeks and I have asked for an email saying the work is being authorized, but never get the email. This is my 2nd claim and the 1st one took forever, too!
You did a good job, but paid the dealership too quick as their a/c part did not work. I got back on the road to Florida and a/c failed again. I called you but too late as it was paid. I had to go to another dealer in Zelinople, Pa. to have it fixed right.( You paid nothing this time.) Then on th Florida. My whole cost at the two places was 472.44. You paid them in Franklin, Pa. Less my deductible & tax... Trip from hell as far as I am concerned.
I wasn't aware that they don't use parts from the car dealers and rather use parts that are not guaranteed by the dealership. As a consumer I would rather have parts made specific to my automobile.
Chris was able to help me so quickly with just my telephone number ;)) Made our time quicker to find out our monthly payment and date new warranty payment was due , within minutes ;) Very professional and kind
So my chevy tahoe was drop in for service at a dealership where we BROUGHT it. Problem was transmission and want it to know if AAS. Was going to cover. It. Well after 2 weeks AAS finally said that AAS where going to sent someone to check it out and see if AAS will cover. Or not. Well after a couple of days AAS told us that they only will paid for part of the parts and labor. Or the other option was AAS will get me a used transmission but that i have to paid also for part of the shipment. Eather one i was going to paid out off my pucket. Bill will be close to 5,000 dlls. And if i chose the dealership to fix my Tahoe AAS will only paid 2800 dlls .and the rest i will have to cover it. Well now its been 6 weeks. And after talking to the shop. Got told why i didnt used the extended warranty that i got when i buy my tahoe. Instead of AAS.. i told them go for it. And they will fix it rigth away. Talk to AAS. Someone from AAS. Talk to my wife Told her that we dint have an extended warranty or that it was about to EXPIRE. Thats why my wife buy this AAS warranty. Almost a year ago.They told her that it was the best and that we could make payments . only that we have to pay the deductible. ITS BEEN ALMOST YEAR AND WELL WE THOUGH THAT IT WAS GOING TO BE AN EASY FIX. GOT TOLD TODAY BY ONE OF THE SPANISH SPEAKING GUY. THAT THATS WHY WE SHOULD HAVE READ THE CONTRACT OR HAVE SOME ONE TO READ IT TO US IF WE DINT UNDERSTAND IT. WHAT WAS COVER AND WHATS NOT. HA BUT THEY DIDNT NEED ANYBODY ALSE TO UNDERSTAND US ON HOW TO GET THE AUTO PAID. DONE. I JUST WANT TO SAID AND REPEAT WHAT I GOT TOLD THIS MORNING. WHY DO AAS HAVE PERSON TO TALK TO COSTUMERS IF THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND THEM. OR WHY THEY DON'T HAVE A PERSON TO EXPLAIN OR TRANSLATE FOR THEM. ON WHAT IS EXACTLY THAT AAS IS SELLING. AT THE END AM GOING TO GET MY TAHOE FIX. AND NO I DIDNT GET A RENTALL. BECAUSE AAS WANT IT ME TO PAID OUT MY PUCKET. GOOD THING I DIDNT BECAUSE I BE PAYING THAT OUT MY POCKET TOO.
My Buick Enclave’s Air Condition broke and I took it to the Buick dealer for repairs. The Dealership contacted American Auto Shield and after insisting on providing a used part to repair my Air Condition, they were told by the dealership that they would not install used parts on a Buick at the dealership. I had to pay for the part out of pocket and American Auto Shield paid for the installation and service. Providing used or refurbished parts instead of new parts is a bad practice and not accepted by Car Dealerships.
very helpful and courteous
The representative was very helpful and courteous
I contacted American Auto Shield with a question and i was treated very well by the phone assistant. My question was not answered completely because i did not have all the information but I was satisfied with the response.
Great people to work with very helpful and professional
I was lied to about what is covered
I am very hurt and beyond frustrated with American Auto Shield (Carsure). I wish that I could give this review a -5 stars. I paid for services just to have my claim denied over technical reasons which doesn't make sense because the part that went out is covered under the policy that I purchased. I have the Powertrain Plus (Gold) Coverage With Roadside Assistance. SECTION B.6. Clearly states that it covers the AIR CONDITIONING COMPRESSOR! That's the part that went out and American Auto Shield are stating that it's not covered. How?? It says it's covered as clear as day. No one has tried to help or really assist me. It's like they do not care about their customers. The people working there are just going through the motions of having a 9-5 and are not putting themselves in the shoes of the customer. How would you feel if you have 2 kids under the age of 5 and have to struggle commuting across town to go to work and take them to the daycare without transportation? I have a bill at the dealership and for the car rental as well. Also my car is still unfixed and at the dealership in the shop. Now I'm out of money, without a car, accumulating debt for a rental car, and highly frustrated because there isn't anything anyone can do to help me. I will be turning my story over to channel 5 NBC5 Responds (Consumer Complaints) and relate my experience and story over every social media outlet because this is truly unfair and poor business practice. People save your time and money and DO NOT PURCHASE SERVICES FROM THIS COMPANY. Even management was rude and unwilling to help me by justifying how the part is not covered under warranty.
The personnel was very informant and handled my issue promptly and professionally.
this is the worst company anyone should ever get i have had it ever since i bought my car in 2010 never had to file a claim and the one time i had to right before it was going to expire and they fought me on wanting to pay it i had to go through 4 managers before they would do it and then they did not want to pay it all i ended up paying most of the bill and i was told by my dealer who i took the car to for repair said they are the worst company to deal with not recommed tham to anyone at all if i ever buy another car i would not get an extended warranty for the money i paid them and they wanted to grip about paying for one little widow motor do not recommed them or the company that sold them witch is royal plus that is a lie they are not im glad i did not have another claim but dont get them your waisting your money save that money and spend it on repairs other waise you will be spending money twice
I just started the process. Customer service was warm and friendly.
The best company I've ever dealt with. They will do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. I've had other extended warranty companies but none as pleasant to work with than this. Very satisfied.
American Auto Shield has been very responsive in a good way.
Make sure that you have the right mileage on the initial setup. I didn't and it is a problem getting them to except my claim.
Thought I was going to get the runaround, but everything turned out just fine.
Got a card in the postal mail stating my Factory Warranty has expired or was about to expire. This was for my 2017 car purchased new in March 2017 and now has 500 miles. The language was high pressure that I must act now and call 1-888-395-8636 and this is their "Final attempt to contact you...offer will expire". At the bottom it said "All contracts are administered by American Auto Shield". With no return address information I have no way of knowing who actually sent it but warning me about an expired/expiring warranty on a 5 month old car makes no sense for a legitimate business.
Powertrain Gold – Contract Number ABF547167 Clam Number - 862137 Triple Zero Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My vehicle has been at the dealer service center for now going on 3 weeks due to Auto Shaft and will remain there until I come up with nearly $10K to fix it. I paid over $5K for the "Powertrain Gold" policy a year and a half ago and have never filed the first claim. My vehicle has been serviced regularly and the "low oil pressure" light came on and I immediately stopped the vehicle and checked the oil level which was indicating full. I left the vehicle parked as I was at a hospital parking garage when the light came on. I left it parked for a week while dealing with my wives' emergency surgery and called a local dealer regarding repairs (I thought a bad oil pressure sensor)?? I explained that I had received the low oil pressure alarm and I pulled in a parking spot and stopped the vehicle. I did notice that the low oil pressure alarm cleared when the engine RPM's were above idle when pulling into the parking spot. I shared this with the dealer service advisor and he told me to drive it in and stop immediately if the low oil pressure alarm came on. The dealer was less than 5 miles from the hospital and I did as instructed (as this was the dealer who will perform the work - the experts!) and arrived without any low oil pressure alarm or abnormality of any kind. I shared with the service advisor my Auto-Shaft warranty card and asked him to contact them of any repairs over the $100 deductible, as they would have to be approved for me to use this (so called) warranty. 2 days later, I was informed by the dealer that the engine would have to be replaced. He explained that the oil pump was supplying adequate pressure, but was not supplying adequate volume to keep the engine lubricated. He explained that during their testing, the oil pump obviously was failing over time and had been supplying enough pressure to keep the low oil pressure sensor satisfied, but not supplying enough volume to keep the engine properly lubricated. He also explained that the pump was now losing pressure at idle RPM's, as indicated by the low oil pressure that was realized during idle, but would still clear the alarm above idle RPM's. He said that the engine could not be rebuilt and would have to be replaced because of the cam bearing wear and aluminum engine block wear that has occurred over time and undetected by the oil pressure sensor. The service advisor called Auto-Shaft and of course, another 2 days for their inspector to come and evaluate. The service advisor at the dealer said the inspector agreed with his analysis and that he felt confident that the warranty would cover the repairs. WRONG!!! After the dealer service advisor spent over 5 hours on the phone with these crooks, and me spending another 5 hours, the only thing Auto-Shaft would agree to was to replace the failed oil pump. All other damage was my responsibility because I drove the vehicle after receiving the "low oil pressure" light. It didn't matter that I was instructed to do this by the dealer experts performing the repairs. It didn't matter that the low oil pressure light didn't come on while I was driving less than 5 miles to the dealer. It didn't matter what the experts at the dealer had to say about this damage occurring over an extended period of time due to a failing oil pump supplying adequate pressure and undetectable inadequate flow. I spent hours on the phone on hold to speak to the next available agent, who then transferred me to another agent and staying on hold again, then another adjuster who promised to call me back but never did! And then start all over again because I didn't receive the promised phone call and when I asked to speak with the same adjuster whom I had spoken to and promised to call me back - that was impossible so I started all over again with a new adjuster and another promised return call that never happened! And while spending hours on hold and listening to their apologies for being on hold, they recommend that you go to their website and utilize their support page for quicker service. Well that's useless and a complete lie, as you can't even access your claim! And they claim for quicker service use their American Auto Shield Support Center complete with a Knowledge Base, Live Chat Service and Support Ticket System for fast response to your important questions and concerns. Well I've yet to find a Live Chat Service on their website so there's another lie!!! And Auto-Shaft could care less about your time or your customer satisfaction! I spent 5 days pleading my case to get Auto-Shaft to pay for my engine repair and finally talked to "King Auto-Shaft" who I understand was the customer service supervisor's supervisor (the King Shafter). He would not listen, only explain how I drove and caused all of this engine damage after receiving the low oil pressure alarm. King Auto-Shaft tried to speak over me, treated me with absolutely no respect, and could care less about their promise of "Professional and responsive customer service that is vital in ensuring our customers are satisfied." I should have not listened to the dealer (experts) who instructed me to drive cautiously to their dealership. According to King Auto-Shaft, I caused all of this engine damage by driving it less than 5 miles as I was instructed to do by the experts. King Auto-Shaft explained that they would only pay for the failed oil pump and all other damage was my responsibility. So guess what? My only choice is a replacement engine, which comes with a new oil pump and Auto-Shaft doesn't pay anything! Because all they will pay for is a new oil pump, which comes with the engine I'm forced to now pay for! A new oil pump will not help me without an engine to go with it! So King Auto-Shaft knew this and he is out nothing! (Probably gets paid on commission for how much claim money he can refuse to pay the so called "valued customers"!!!) I have to pay for the engine tear down to find the failed component that caused this damage as required by Auto-Shaft and now pay for a complete new engine. What a scam! I've now been without a vehicle now for over 3 weeks and Auto-Shaft knows that by making it so frustrating, so drawn out, so difficult to speak to, that you will finally just give up and they keep your money! They could care less that my engine damage was NOT done in the less than 5 miles I drove as instructed by the experts who Auto-Shaft trust the repairs to? They could care less about keeping a satisfied customer! They "Auto-Shafted" me to the tune of $10K! Stay away from Auto-Shaft!!! And I can't wait for their reply as to their numerous paid claims! Probably pay for a spark plug here, a wiper motor there, or a shock absorber somewhere else. Something that the deductible would pay for anyway, or almost!! This is a scam company! Stay away! Please! And for Auto-Shaft, please explain to me in your reply how you are more expert than the dealer trained certified mechanics and can surmise that all of this engine damage was done during the less than 5 miles I drove as instructed by the real experts to do? You care more about keeping your customer's $$$ than to honor the warranty that I trusted would provide me the "valuable breakdown protection" that you claim in my contract and that I paid dearly for. If you truly cared for your customers, then you would listen to the real experts, listen to your so called valuable customers, and value your customer's time and circumstances. I can't cancel this policy fast enough and hope that everyone who is even considering an extended warranty reads this review, and the many others that have had the same experience I have! I only wish I had read these reviews before throwing away my hard earned money that I wish I had now to help pay for my repairs and go Christmas shopping for my grandkids!! Thanks Auto-Shaft! Thanks a lot! And a special thank you to the King Auto-Shaft!!
Very helpful thank you
Great experience overall, slightly disappointed in response time to approve repair work as well as approval for fixes (some items that had been suggested for repair were not approved by the inspector but will most likely need to be repaired in the future and are covered under my warranty)
An auto-repair shop has been unable to reach the claims of the American Auto Shield for many days, each time giving up after being on hold for over an hour. It took me multiple attempts and several hours to finally reach the claims. Claim was denied on technicality with no effort made by American Auto Shield to explore my options. I cancelled this so-called "warranty" after a snide, fast-talker at the "customer service" rushed to hanging up on my call. *** Update after the response *** The fact is, you have not addressed my concerns. First, a multi-day wait for someone from the American Auto Shield to pick up a phone for a service that costs $1,440 per year is unacceptable. Even less acceptable was your company’s choice not to return phone calls, as promised by your staff and your automated recordings. Second, you could’ve spent a few minutes with my mechanic or me to find ways to understand the complexity of the repair, that could’ve been worded and interpreted in a number of ways. However, you chose to connect your paying customer with your snide representative that seemed to have been trained exclusively in making quick, outright denials instead of finding solutions, also known by the words of “customer service” in other businesses. If you would’ve been interested in finding solutions for your customers, you would have found them. But you were not. Your lawyerly non-apology “apology” did not improve your standing.
They took care of some of the expenses but would have nice to been a little bit more.
I was very disappointed in the processing of this claim. Took two weeks to review and then get approval to repair car. During the process a car rental was denied because no work was being done on the car. The delay was caused by the warranty company. American Auto Shield needs to take some lessons from USAA on how to process a claim. They would have handled this in less than a week.
Oh I sure did not appreciate the rude tactics by which your competition used to try to obtain my business! You know who you are and I have reported you to the BBB. I very much appreciate my company ( American Auto-Shield ) and the services they offer us!
Excellent Excellent service and friendly staff!!
The people were all very helpful. I got my car towed, fixed & returned to me. What more can a guy ask in a day... THANKS
When I signed up for the warranty I was told that if I ever had a claim I would only have to pay $100 deductible but that's not true because I had a claim which I was told I had to pay an extra $79 over the deductible plus when I took my care in for Diagnose I had to pay that bill before I could retrieve my car back so I'm told my out of pocket cost is $317 for a $500 job wow I would have been better off paying out of pocket the extra $183 what's the purpose of a warranty then
All terms of coverage on my Auto warranty Policy were not thoroughly identified which still cost me the full amount of Expense on AC Repair at the Dodge Chrysler Dealership!! I was extremely disappointed .
Always friendly and very helpful.
The representative I spoke to today was very helpful
This was a complete waste of money. American Auto Shield managed to weasel out of my claim and leave me holding the bag on a torn down truck engine. The service representatives were patronizing and condescending. Do not purchase coverage. Apparently a component that is inside the engine and has oil flowing through it as it controls flow to the lifters is not considered internally lubricated. Third party warranties are worthless.
Unacceptable! The company will not pay for the repair based on the contract coverages. Don’t waste your money! For American Auto Shield- Contract number-ABF996242 See what happened! No reply at all as of 7/16! Save your money! Do not sign up! What kind of excuse is this? I Saw the lubrication leaked out when I requested the facility open up the unit. Might not be standard level but it does have fluid inside. Do you have photos to prove that it wasn’t so?
Have not had to use them yet, that would be a better rate I g time. Everyone I spoke with was very nice and knowledable.
Company took care of my check engine light being on in a timely manner! I appreciate the great customer service
I have not had my vehicle for 4 weeks. The company did not use the contact information on my account to reach me. How many people can go without their vehicle for 4 weeks? They need to communicate with the contract holder throughout the repair process...
I enjoyed professional, courteous, and personable agent.
The technician was wonderful to work with. She fixed the flat tire quickly & completely. I had some difficulty getting the service scheduled. I had several promises not kept & several dropped calls.
Great service.. Had transmission issues and they took care of that NIGHTMARE.
Reps were not very friendly and did not want to listen and was not very happy with them telling me to go get a diagnostic and then someone else come to give a diagnostic but its a waiting period of 2days which is crap
Excellent nice service
American Auto Shield does what they say. They are right on it when you call. You get to speak with a live person too lol .
easy friendly knowledgeable staff.
I am totally satisfied with AAA
I loved the experience
My truck was in the shop tore down with a burnt up rear end for a solid week waiting on a Rep. To come look at it while I'm having to spend 540 dollars a week for a rental. After two weeks American Auto Shield does not want to pay the shop but 60% leaving me owing 1400 dollars while still having to drive the rental that they won't cover. I'm going to lose my entire truck due to American Auto shield!!!!
I was given the false information to buy this insurance in a rush. I was told by the salesman that the 100,000 mile warranty I had with my current provider was expired, which was false. I was told everything was covered in the warranty. I took my vehicle in for inspection and there was something wrong and the insurance didn't cover it. Something wrong with the spark plugs in the motor. The gentleman that sold it to me said everything was covered. Also that my insurance I had obtained with my current warranty was expired. I was swindled for my money and given false information. Now I have to write a letter and waste my personal time to send it to you noterised to be able to plea getting my money back. I'm filling a claim with my bank to get my money back and not have to waste my time. I was basically extorted for my money and given false information. Shame on your company for making people make quick decisions in minutes and then having to ding out it was all lies.