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Efficient easy to work with.
Reserved a trailer. Was involved in an accident and was injured leaving me unable to go on planned trip. Cancelled reservation several days ahead of time. Received Zero refund and still paid for a weeks worth of use for a trailer I never even saw. Would not even consider renting from these folks again. Would advise same to others.
A nightmarish experience with a chronically broken down vehicle. When we requested a massive abatement of fees, we were told we would be getting absolutely nothing back. We were never repaid the $250 we shelled out when a tire blew out on the interstate, despite being promised that we would. Then the owners of the company dared to ask for more money from us because they miscalculated the distance of our trip. Do NOT do business with this company.
First time driving an RV. Was given great instructions. Family had a blast! RV was even better than anticipated!
rented an RV from American Dream Vacation for the 2018 GP and it was a great experience. Not being a RV expert everyone was very helpful and easy to work with. Pick up through drop off was easy and they were very helpful and explained/show me how all the appliance etc operated. I would recommend them and will rent from them again.. Tom T
Is there one less than negative one . Sued my disabled family that broke down on a make a wish trip now deceased and the stress and anguish anger. And being left on side of road in middle of nowhere. They only cared about a rv that was not road worthy and knew it had mechanical problems before and during the trip..
Friendly, informed and helpful staff. Newer model RV's that are clean and cared for. We have rented from them several times.
Rented an RV to take to Florida. Generator went out in Louisiana, we called them and were told to drive at night as it’s cooler...No offer to repair or help in any way. We continued to Florida with no rear AC. When we arrived at our destination we had 4 days they could have repaired. They wanted me to drive 1 1/2 hours to a repair shop and wait on the repair with no offer of fuel money, much less spending a day of my vacation away from family. We were reimbursed the $50 fee for unlimited generator use...we have used other companies to rent RV’s never again will I use ADV. Note this was the Houston location.
Excellent service and knowledgeable for entire staff.
The camper we rented was in great condition, almost brand new. They were very easy to work with and got us in and out when ready for delivery. The deposit refund took a little longer than expected but we were very well taken care of. Will definitely be renting from them again in the future.
Have not actually used but have reviewed seems trustworthy
We have rented multiple times from here and have always had great service, nice choice of motorhomes, and rates are very good also.
The renting process went smooth but would like to have had more time to review actual return demonstration on key points of use/hookups. Robin was very nice. The first 24 hours was stressfully handled and is better. We are just embarking on our aventure!!!!! Addendum: we returned the unit with kitchen sink, toilet and bath sink not working for almost entire rental period and no service available in Canada/Alaska and other nightmares. We rented unit from Happy Trails RV in Missouri . We requested cause of plumbing issues be identified upon return ( we gave plenty of notice we wanted that). And were told three weeks later there was no issues( they worked!!!!???). We communicated on more than one occasion while on vacation. The tanks emptied as they should but did not clear the “blockages”. We did have an experienced rv business owner in Alaska (over 25 years experience!). Inform us that we would have to plunge repeatedly the toilet and sinks or use a snake to clear it. He could not work on the unit at the time. He did verify the gray tanks emptied properly but also seen the issues were real. So who to believe??? Multiple disappointments in dealer support and integrity of the unit ( tabletop was broken upon pickup which we fixed and then charged to replace it!, poor control to drive it ( bounced all over the road for the entire trip which we thought about returning it day 1), cabinets doors falling off (we fixed them too), fire extinguisher fell off the wall (fixed it noting been screwed back in before), DUCK TAPE discovered to hold the coach frame together when we investigated a gap in the floor/wall allowing air in, computer area in front rattled so bad you couldn’t hear talking to the driver( padded with blanket to quiet it enough), refrigerator /freezer door would fly open on curves ( we had to tape them shut). NEVER will we trust a company without a full support staff and give respect to it’s renter.
Love this Place!!!
Great people and easy to do business with. Thanks
Perfect service!
The Air conditioner on our unit started tripping the circuit breaker every 20 minutes or so. We called it in but we were told that we just couldn't expect an RV air conditioner to work like our home air conditioner. The circuit breaker kept tripping and eventually we could smell hot plastic. The technician we talked to at ADV finally said we should have a service company look at it. The service technician that came out to fix the circuit breaker found that the main wire had been burned away completely and we were very lucky the whole unit didn't catch fire. I will NEVER rent from ADV again!!!!
Easy and quick check out and return. Clean and operational RV. Will rent again from them.
Great and help full employees.Excellent customer service
We have been renting RV’s from you all for a few years now and the customer service is awesome, the RV’s are great! We love renting for you!
I put my new motorhome with them to rent. ADV (not a renter) wrecked it, did not tell me about it. They took 4 months to repair it in house. The worst repair job ever! You could see the road through the cracks in the drivers compartment. They didn't even pay me for the 4 months of lost rentals. They just said, "It didn't rent." Do not put your RV in their hands.
Awesome! Very helpful staff. Nice campers and RVs. Rental prices where very reasonable. Pick up and drop off was a breeze. We will be renting again in the future.
They were great to deal with. Nice selection. I have told people about them and will in future
Had awonderful time in a clean comfortable unit. Thank you
Fantastic from start to finish. Love the ability to pick up early
Air didn’t work in camper , they left out our kitchen kit that we asked for
From the time we started our reservation, pickup, trip and return of the Motorhome the service and care given to us was outstanding. We really enjoyed our trip and the no hassle ease of the vehicle itself. We can not wait to take our next trip and see the road.
RV was not available on scheduled time, lost 1 day of travel. Had Heat issues that were not resolved on a timely manner. Not able to view RV prior to the rental and were shown a different RV. Rental had windshield crack obstructing view some damage. On the positive they have friendly staff. This was our first RV rental and made the best of it.
We rented an rv for the first time to take our grandkids on a trip. The rig was nice, roomy, and comfortable. We would definitely do it again! We had an amazing experience! Thank you to everyone at America dream vacations!
Great people to rent from, plan to use them again for our next RV vacation!
This was my first time attempting to rent a trailer. The salesman was personable, friendly and helpful. He showed me vehicles for sale and rent. The rental process was easy. I have yet to pick up the rental because my event hasn’t arrived yet. I’m confident everything will be ok. Oh yeah, be sure to check your reservation afterwards because the salesman sold me a different unit from what i asked. I called back and another salesman gave me what i asked for
Sales people are very helpful.
This was a fantastic trip and American Dream Vacations made it easy and affordable! The RV was beautiful, new and spacious. It handled well throughout the trip even in varying weather. We ran into trouble with a flat tire but they’d already given us instructions on what to do if that happened and within an hour, roadside assistance arrived and had us back up and running and headed for home! American Dream Vacations is the only way to go if you’re traveling across the country with several people and/or animals!
Prior to renting the RV, i looked around in person and online. After I looked online, i came across the this website American dream vacation it seem like a good place i could rent an RV. I been looking to buying a new RV and this seem like a good idea to rent and if it was a good idea to buy one for myself. I made an appointment to look at what was offered, it seems these Rv's were owned by other people and they are just renting them out to people like myself wanting the experience. The personal was very kind and knowledgable of units they were renting out. The price seemed high for using the RV for 5 days. Upon returning the RV i was told if nothing was broken i would be receiving my deposit back. After a week of waiting on a refund i called the Company and asked for my refund. The company stated that there was some damages to the unit and the deposit would cover the damages. I thought there was no communication to why i did not receive my deposit. This is why i am giving two stars out five. I don't think I'll ever rent from this place ever again.
You guys suck so hard it's almost funny
We didn’t have any problems renting the RV.
There was an issue with the generator. They tried to guide me through some repair procedures over the phone. I could not fix the problem so we had no generator. They really tried to help and seemed genuinely concerned. They gave me a coupon for a free day. Can't complain.
The motorhome we rented had problems not disclosed at the time of acceptance and the employees tried to put the problem with the awning on us, however I called when the problem occurred and the employee who answered stated there was a problem.
We rented an RV for the first time and American Dream Vacations started out to be very helpful. Unfortunately their customer service went down hill quickly. The RV was to be set up with AC on, tanks empty and everything hooked up. We arrived about noon, in the middle of July, in San Antonio, so it was hot outside. Upon entering the RV it was even hotter. I tried to adjust the AC with no luck, so I called customer service. While I was on hold with them I discovered the thermostat was set on heat not AC. It took all afternoon and night to cool it down which was a little excessive because the RV was very small. Aside from the heater being on, the vent above the toilet was broken out and covered with a torn trash bag, which of course made harder to cool. I paid an extra $45 for the RV to be cleaned because they pride themselves on it being clean and ready to go. My daughters feet were covered in dirt almost immediately from walking on the filthy floors. When we started taking showers that night, water started running out from under the wall into the main living area. I had to use sheets to soak the water up. Both the gray water and black water tanks were full after 1 shower and very little time spent in the RV. They had not been emptied from the previous user. The next morning we had somebody pump out both tanks and had to pay for it ourselves. We tried to use the oven to cook breakfast and there were pieces missing, so the gas was not hooked up which left the oven unusable. We called customer service several times about all of these issues and were told we shouldn't run the air below 75 because it would freeze up, they were going to try to send somebody out to look at the other issues. They never sent anyone out in the 3 days we were there. The last time we called we were told to fill out the customer complaint form so they could take a look at the trailer to assess the problems and refund some of our money. We talked to them multiple time weeks after the rental with no luck. They said their people looked at all the problems and did not find any issues. Per the contract that we signed the only thing they would refund were drive train problems (this is a trailer, there is no drive train!). Not only would I not recommend American Dream Vacations, they should not be in business period!
Billy Mullins provided exceptional service. It was our first RV trip and Billy took time to explain every detail and when we had problems on the road he was readily accessible to troubleshoot and resolve all matters that arose. I am now a fan of RV vacations!
Major Issues with the 2 units that we used in the past.... 1st 1 was infested with fleas but it was after hours and 100 miles away when found. Had to bomb the unit then air it out and vacuum Issues with generator shutting down, found the generator with no oil so it wasn't serviced, that caused the AC units to not work in the cabin areas and couldn't use the microwave and AC at the same time on 120v plugin and not able to contact anyone because of the weekend. Also had roof leak above the rear bed at the AC when ever it would rain 2nd 1 had cab AC problems that just got worse. Then it was found that the septic system had a leak from a broken pipe and things escalated. Roof leak at rear bed at exhaust vent. Company called to have unit serviced that caused me to miss out with the family due to having to be at unit while repairs were being done, over 3 hrs. Then the AC in the cab area kept stopping and going through the desert in California and Arizona was deplorable. The office had appointment set up but the shop closed early due to the heat in the area that left us hanging with no AC. Drove another 4 hours to another location that took all day to try and fix the issue but it was never fixed right because the office told the shop to get it working till it returned back. On both experiences the office refused to acknowledged that their rentals had issues. On both trips I had grandkids and it was just plane bad for them and the family... Each rental was over a week, out of state trips in the summer....
Parking was as promised and we were met at the check in point. The food was mediocre to poor. The tour buses were on time but there is not really much to see in that part of New Mexico.The beer selection was good while the wines were near undrinkable. Felt is was overpriced for value received.
The overall experience was ok and the RV unit was clean and comfortable but after spending almost $10,000.00 on my rental, I was surprised with an additional fee of $1,700 for repairs to the exterior. I was not contacted nor informed prior to the repair authorization and it appears I was caught in the middle of a dispute with a problematic owner and the store owner. I had no choice but to pay the additional fee and I had no prior notification of any other repair options, if any. I don’t think I was treated vert well considering my sizable rental payment and the bickering between the RV owner and the store owner cost me money.
We have rented several times from American Dream Vacations in Boerne, and have had a great experience every time. I love that we can pick our rental based on our needs. Just my wife and I for a weekend? Small travel trailer. Taking the grandsons for a week? A bigger trailer with a bunkhouse. And the rental is always fully explained so we get the best use out of it.
They lied to us about a pickup date, didn't have toy hauler ready when we did arrive. FAILED TO MENTION there were two separate tanks on board and sent us on our way with a FULL TANK of stagnant water from the kitchen sink. Temps dropped into the 40's the first night and just guess....the heater didn't work! When we returned with all complaints in hand they offered nothing in return. Come to find out NO ONE KNEW HOW TO WORK THE CONTROLER (from americas dream vacation)! You are better off renting a tent ...assuming it doesn't leak!
Could not have been easier to work with this company. Staff friendly and extremely helpful. Would use them in a heartbeat.
The RV we rented was in poor interior shape for the amount charged. Black electrical tape was holding some corners in place. The customer service was not up to standards either. The instructions on the RV was inadequate for first time users and the RV was not ready for use when we left with it. The water pump would not work due to a valve no one opened or explained to us. The refrigerator did not cool as instructed on gas, so we lost a bill of groceries. We had no cell phone service during our trip due to mountainous terrain and was not able to call in for help, however, there should not have been a reason to call while paying $210 per day. The RV should have had ALL systems tested and working.
We had a wonderful vacation thanks to Hometown RV! Tony and Sue were extremely helpful and informative throughout the process, and they were a pleasure to work with. We could not be happier.
I have rented from you guy several times and its allways been a pleasure. also the service has been very good and rental units are clean. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to have a great time camping or just to check out a few units befor purchasing a camper,
Our rental was a Motor coach, the biggest they had. After we left on our trip, about 2 days in on a long 2 week rental, we started having trouble with the slide out, it would not retract. ADV sent us out of our route to shops that could not help, we wasted more time going from shop to shop with promises the next one would see us as soon as we got there, not true. We went on to our destination and found a mechanic on our own to come to our destination to make the repairs, only having to spend two nights with the slide out in, very crowded. Upon our return we asked for some compensation for all of our trouble, and the owner sent us a letter later saying he was sorry but could not refund any of our rental. We will never use ADV for any rental again, even if they were the last place on earth.
On-site experts walked us thru the entire process.
Excellent customer service,worry free RVing!
I enjoyed working with the gals and guys at American Dream Vacations. Being new to trailer/camper tripping, they covered all bases to make sure I had a safe and joyful experience. I wish I had had a stabilizer as the camper had some sway in it. I kept my speed down, which I intended to do anyway, but there was still some sway happening. I looked into purchasing a different tow package in Colorado but the cost was very pricey ($400!). I made do with what I had and had a marvelous experience!
Rental was OK but be sure to make an extremely thorough inspection of the RV and write down absolutely every flaw you see. We were charged because of a loose ceiling panel in the RV when we returned it. I hadn't paid any attention to it when I saw it soon after leaving the American Dream Vacations lot.
We got a beat up RV with holes on the side n all rusted bumpers n inside lots of rattling - when we returned they blamed us for several things that we had been told not to worry n they had pictures of it - our car insurance was sent a bill for $5500.00 - will never rent from American Dream Vacations
Fantastic RV rental!! This was our first RV renting experience and it was fantastic. The RV was clean and everything was as advertised. Tony and Sue answered all of our questions with speed and excellence. We plan to repeat this family trip every year!
I planned and saved for a year for a roadtrip with my grandchildren and daughter- Upon arrival to pickup unit wasn't ready, yet they claim it was inspected. My first impression was the rv was a rundown, but was surprised when the dinette bed broke and then the AC completely went out on our 3rd day in the middle of summer in San Antonio TX. 100 degree ++ I immediately contracted them and spent an entire day running all over San Antonio at their instruction (2 separate places) to get it repaired all over town before I ended up calling a RV repair guy that came to our RV Spot at the KOA. The service guy came and said unit was fried- not fixable, he offered to replace it but American Dream Vacations did not want to spend $$ to replace the AC. I had already prepurchased tickets for Sea World so rather than losing my $, I went to Home Depot & purchased a ventless a/c unit on my credit card - $350 to use for remainder of the trip. It wasn't perfect but it certainly was better than nothing. All of this absolutely ruined our vacation..I spent $1800 to be miserable. We cut our trip short to return unit early, & upon our arrival of its return we encountered the MOST RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL staff that I have ever dealt with, JUST RUTHLESS. Instead of trying to salvage our unfortunate (costly) experience, they had the audacity to claim I had damaged a vent cover over the bathroom on the roof, & lost a hubcap somewhere along the way and they charged me for these items, they even attempted to charge me for additional mileage and keep my entire deposit even after all that had happened. Ridiculous!!! If my credit card company hadn't battled with them, they would have kept it all. I still ended up paying $1700+ for a completely wasted trip.. It was the most miserable experience I've ever had with a RV Company, and I rent one every year this was my first and only time with AmericanDream. I wouldn't use this unprofessional company even if they gave me their best unit for free ever again!!!!! Beware....
Great people to deal with. Very nice and the RV was great.
Great value of the price
I have been dealing with this company for 6 year in the rental dept and dealing with the office mgr BRENDA ROMEO and she is remarkable professional ETC .... and goes out of her way to please the customer in their needs
Friendly staff, walk thru is great. Our reserved unit came back with a mechanical issue that couldn’t be fixed in time for our pick up date so they called and offered a few options, along with a free upgrade without me having to ask. This will become a regular trip for our family!
Smelled of sewage, was unable to stay in trailer for 2 nights. The service mgr came to remove trailer after rental time was up. Complained to him and he told us this smell complaint had been reported before. He stated the woodwork had sewage smell in it and owners were aware of problem.
American Dream Vacation is a company I will never do business with again. They were late with the RV doing last minute repairs, and many other repairs were needed we found out on our trip. They take no responsibility for anything, and if something breaks its on you. No wonder there were so many things needing repair. Who would want to report them, they would be stuck with the bill, and so the damaged RV gets passed along to the next person. Not an enjoyable vacation due to American Dream Vacation should change their name to American Nightmare.
I rented a 26 Ft. travel trailer. It was a very nice unit. Very clean and well maintained. I feel the price was in line on every item (Hitch, Kitchen wear, and linens) I rented. Just want to say that Derik Atkins was very friendly and ever so helpful. If you need a RV rental this is the place to get it.
Horrible experience!!! Paid for linens and dishes for 4, only to find out on the first night out, they forgot to put them in the motorhome. We thought we were reserving a top tier motor coach, but we got an over 10 year old vehicle, with all kinds of wear and tear on it. The exhaust from the generator almost killed my daughter on the first night. Since there were no linens, my wife and I got a hotel room, and my daughter stayed in the motorhome with her dog. She was awakened in the middle of the night by the co2 alarm, and had to sleep in the summer Texas heat, with the windows open, to keep from being asphyxiated. Driving the motor coach was also a nightmare. There was more than 6 inches of play in each direction on the steering column, making it a constant struggle just to keep it between the lines. Lastly, upon checking in the vehicle, they tried to charge for several previously damaged areas. We insisted on looking at the video, as proof, and were treated unprofessionally as each item proved to falsely attributed to my family. Instead of being American Dream Vacation, it was American Nightmare Vacation! Check the BBB reviews to see, this is not an isolated case!
Don't rent from this place. It is the worst we have ever rented RVs from. The RVs are old and when things break and they will, they will over charge for parts. Oh, they require you to clean the outside of vehicle and charge an outrageous fee if they clean it.
The electrical system in the RV we rented quit working correctly after we started on our trip causing us some unnecessary headaches. American Dream Vacations was unable or unwilling to help resolve the issue or even offer any discount for our trouble. The details: We had to buy a battery charger to keep the interior lights and accessories working while plugged in at a campsite. When not plugged in, the generator would not work to keep the rear AC running making for a very long and hot drive back from Colorado to Missouri. We were simply told to check the owner's manual to make sure we weren't doing something wrong. After we got back it was confirmed that the system was faulty, but no retribution was offered. They were simply in a hurry to clean the unit to have it ready for the next unlucky customer.
This family operated business was truly great. They worked with us to find the right RV for our long, family road trip. We have recommended them to several of our friends who are looking at renting an RV. You will not be disappointed in their customer service.
Rented 2 trailers to accommodate overflow company for a family event. Drove them 25 Miles one way. They weren’t properly cleaned—had to clean them when we got home. Used them 1 night for guests. As an owner of RVs for 20 years we know how to take care of a trailer. After returning them they sent a picture of damage done underneath to the holding tank pipe which would have shown leakage when we had it. Don’t count on having any success disputing any claims with this company.
We have used ADV twice now for RV rentals and they have always been so professional and easy to work with. No issues at all. It has been great and some of the best vacations ever!
Poor instructions Clueless staff. refrigerator had an awful odor from previous renters Horrible experience
I rented an RV that was roach infested, had a bathroom based water leak, had a freezer that did not work, had cloudy headlight lenses that limited the headlight’s effectiveness, had a water pump (under the master bedroom bed) leak and had the oil pressure light on as we pulled out of the lot (oil change was started but they forgot to replace the removed oil). I complained during the trip and after. I asked for a refund.....was denied!! They offered me a free day off a future rental. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ORGANIZATION!!!!!!
I've missed the last two years due to illness but I will be back soon. Ready for my next adventure.
Had an awesome experience so far
My kids and I rented a 32ft class c and vacationed across the country. We had a blast and it was a great experience. The rv worked flawlessly and the crew at the store was wonderful to work with. Overall a great experience!
I rented a motor home and it was an old one. One day the generator quit working. After calling ADV, they instructed me to take it to be repaired and they would refund me when I returned it. I did so. A few days later the brakes seized and made a horrible grinding noise. Again I called ADV and they told me to take it to a specific location for repair and again I was forced to pay for the repair with my own funds again but with the promise they would refund me when I returned. Not only did I lose 2 days of my vacation while driving out of my own way burning expensive gasoline and ADV did not refund me for the extra gasoline or cell phone charges, they ignored my form I sent in (as instructed) to get refunded for the expensive repairs (well over $1,000) I paid for their motor home. Not only that, but the deposit I had to pay? They never refunded it either. I would never ever recommend American Dream Vacations to everyone. I have had to edit this negative review for them twice because they have complained that I have used negative words to describe my negative experience. If they actually want a GOOD REVIEW, they can pay the charges they promised!!!
When we considered renting an RV American Dream was the only company contacted. The entry visitation and conversation went smoothly and easily with basically all questions answered. The follow up, reservation, online booking, confirmation, orientation visit and pick up were all organized and professionally conducted.. The unit we rented was the precise vehicle we had arranged for and it was clean, stocked and delivered on time. We had no major problems during our vacation trip and the couple of minor glitches that did occur were quickly resolved with two phone calls back to rental headquarters. No head aches or mechanical issues on the road. The return of the unit and the check in procedure were also timely and professional. Finally, and most importantly, we would again rent from American Dream Vacations and would recommend the same to our friends.. We were intrigued by experiencing the RV travel experience and it turned out to be very enjoyable.
We've rented travel trailers from American Dream Vacations in San Antonio at least a half dozen times. We have never had one issue with them at all. Great customer service! They're also very accommodating if you've run into a snag and need to pick up or drop outside of the agreed to times. Highly recommend them every chance I get!
Always been a great place to rent the RV. Great people and customers service
Will not rent from them again, and will discourage others from giving them their business.
i've rented from American dream vacations for 20 years... I liked them so much, i joined their rental management program.
We had a really bad experience with these people. We rented one of their large RVs for a vacation with our grandchildren. When we inspected the RV, we questioned the state of the tires because they looked bald. They told us that they would have them replaced before we left. When we picked up the RV before leaving, we noticed that the tires had not been replaced. The manager told us that they are called “slicks”, i.e. that was just the type of tire. On the way back home (New Mexico to California and back) the brakes started squealing and by the time we got to Williams AZ they were barely working. We pulled into an auto mechanics shop to have them examined. The mechanic told us that the brakes were so bad that the had scored the rotors and that the tires were bald and should have been replaced a long time ago. We took pictures of the scored rotors and tires and emailed American Dream Vacations, who then called the mechanic. American Dream Vacations told the mechanic to fix the breaks and rotors and replace all four tires. When we returned home with the RV, American Dream Vacations was completely unapologetic even though they had put us and our grandchildren in danger. I would definitely not recommend this company and would have given them zero stars if I could.
Rv was not ready, rv drove terriable. Generator would not run for more than 45 minutes then it would turn off.
There is no number to call after hours for any issues. My husband spent the weekend dealing with plumbing issues. Once we were able to contact someone, it took 2 days to have a service guy come out. They were not good at communicating. They picked up the trailer late (we paid for delivery & pick up) and they never contacted us to confirm pick up. Will not use this company again!!
We have rented from ADV for the last 4 years. The staff is very helpful and always nice. I recommend them to anyone that asks where a place to rent RV's in OKC is. Will continue to rent from them until we can buy our own! The Blaskowskys
Rented a camper over a month ago. Received my check-in email confirming the unit had been turned in with no defaults. Still haven't received my deposit back. Called and spoke to manager, he said unit was damaged, but couldn't tell me how, plus it had been rerented before they were able to inspect it.?.? I'll never rent from Happy Trails RV in Lebanon, Mo again!
The worst experience I have had when renting an rv. Waited 6 hours for the people to return the one they wanted us to take and after inspection it would never make the 2 week vacation to Wyoming and Montana. Wheels rusted smelled of stale cigarette smoke and generator rusted and leaking oil. They had newer motor homes but said they were for sale. We went back home which was 3 hours from their San Antonio location and wound up renting from a couple in Austin 2 days later. Also they didn’t want to return my deposit. Miserable experience all around.
fair and honest
Very professional and honest family business I am a repeat customer . Rented a monster class A motorhome first year and a class C years later. It was a pleasure doing business with them I wouldn’t rent from anyone else now.
This was our first time to rent a rv “c” class, It will certainly be our last. This rv was a 2018, but going down the road everything rattled and we mean everything! The microwave, vent hood, the pullouts, the stovetop, the door it was awlful. We went from Corpus Christi to NJ then to Vermont. When it rained on the way up water came in thru the bottom of the pullouts onto the floor, three different places. Tv on the outside didn’t work, turned on then picture turned blue then red the nothing. Two inside worked fine. The more the roads were bumpy the louder the noise ,it was just unbearable. If we would have known it created so much noise we would have never rented it. Do they really sell them like that? The two of us that sat up front had to talk really loud to hear each other. I hope others got and had a better trip than we. We were really excited to go on this road trip but it changed rapidly. Very disappointed.
Thy are amazing - Would recommend this company to everyone.
Excellent fleet and excellent service
I have loved working with the team at American Dream Vacations. They attend to everything for my rental rv. I have told several people I've met about them.
Great place! They helped me out with everything! I never took a camper/mobile home by myself before and they showed me how to do everything. Very patient and friendly! (The Fort Smith, AR location off of I-40)
The experience was great! Thanks
Everything is always great and I love all of you, especially my Randy !!
I am usually pleased with th RV’s I have rented. This year they did not flush the water tanks and funked up the RV with sewer smell. On another RV they rented it without informing me that the conopy was inoperable until I was there to pick it up.
Thank you for your service.