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I booked a cruise and travel insurance before the serious Zika warnings began. The ordeal began when the U.S. Department of State issued the travel warning for pregnant and women trying to conceive and I reached out to American Express travel insurance. The claim was denied, not only when my doctor provided a letter advising against travel, but also after I found out I was pregnant the week before I was supposed go on the cruise. Apparently, Amex Travel policy won't cover anything related to pregnancy, even if a doctor advises against travel. So don't waste your money on American Express Travel Insurance, there are plenty of other travel insurance companies that do.

I purchased American Express Travel Insurance for a trip to Europe, not expecting to require using it. Unfortunately, I did have an accident which required emergency surgery and medical evacuation back to the US. I paid for it all, and the files a claim. They covered the medical that my primary did not cover, but they FAILED to cover any medical evacuation that they arranged for me. They are now telling me that since I was able to receive medical treatment overseas, the medical evacuation and repatriation aspect is not required. DON'T BUY any policy from a company that offers a bait and switch deal like this.

If you are looking for travel insurance, I would look ANYWHERE but here. I purchased interruption/cancellation insurance for a trip to Papua New Guinea. I had an MS attack while on a diving cruise and had to fly home early. Amex would not honor my claim (for less than $1000 on an VERY expensive vacation) because I didn't go to a hospital. IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA WHERE THEY BARELY HAVE MOBILE SERVICE. The woman on the phone told me they apply the same rules to every single person "because they are an insurance company and have to." So basically any situation, no matter what it is, is looked at like it is the same and they will approve your claim based on the letters of their policy. Do yourself a favor and get insurance with any company other than this. I'm considering cancelling my platinum AMEX card. I'm so pissed. It's pure principle that when you need them they won't pay. Plain and simple.

Recently I purchased the travel insurance as I wanted extra assurance in case one of our family members could not travel due any reason. The insurance was purchased on June 3, 2016. The purchaser was diagnosed on June 23 not to travel. He was in fact scheduled for open heart surgery that day and had it done on June 30, 2016. The amount of paperwork was staggering and had to be faxed into their office in Texas. After this was performed, they never responded that they received the fax and continued to ask for more forms. The company is clearly not interested in the policyholders but their investors.

I got one of the best coverages and my plane was late so I missed the connection flight. Representative on the phone is really nice. Then starts hell. I got the letter with PDF and link where to submit proving documents. Link works, it lets me to the page where to submit documents and that is it. Not one of the files I tried is loading. Keeps giving me message, "You may try to scan the document again." I have 20 different files with same document already. It is clear as a day that this is insurance which doesn't cover. I do not recommend this insurance. From now on I will deal only with user-friendly insurance companies. Thanks for nothing, you had easy hundred dollars. Thinking to close my credit card with them.

I travelled to Peru for a World Vets spay/neuter clinic in Cusco. I became ill and contacted Amex assurance. I was instructed to see a physician in Cusco and did. After three days I was still sick and knew my condition was more serious than diagnosed. I chose to fly home early and seek medical attention in the states. Amex denied my claim stating the doctor in Cusco did not state that my condition warranted me to return to the states. Really? I was incorrectly diagnosed and I am going to rely on this person to say what I need. Whoever you are and whatever your needs are I would never use this company ever again. Look elsewhere for travel insurance.

I purchased Amex Travel Insurance which cost more than any of the other plans, since I had a history working with AMEX and trusted their integrity. However, they subtract their travel insurance to other companies, therefore eliminating their liability altogether. I traveled through a few European countries in 2016 and spoke via phone with the travel insurance agent particularly inquiring about pre-existing medical condition, since I am a senior and this was most important for me. Although I knew that pre-existing conditions are not covered less than 90 days before the trip, I got sick overseas with something other than anything I had less than the 90 days.

I spent numerous hours from Europe on the phone with them, and went to a Doctor they recommended. He was nothing less than 90 yrs. old and ended up writing a report which was not completely accurate from what I told him. I had to return a week earlier with a change of departure airport which cost me close to $700.00 plus the Dr. fee and medication for a total of about $900.00.

When I got back, I had to fax them at least 30 pages of reports, receipts, documents, etc.. They dragged the process endlessly... and then claimed that my sickness overseas was treated in the US less than the 90 days, which was a lie, because it had nothing to do with my flu visit to my doctor and not what I had on the trip. They insisted on their version... lie... lie and more lie. Think about it, if I was sick before I left and used their advice to cancel my trip beforehand and "make a prudent decision" (their small print in the policy) to cancel the trip, it would have cost them over $3,000. I only asked for $900.00 to cover my unexpected expenses!!! These insurance companies always find the way to decline a claim, and I am not sure which one to use now that I am planning to travel again.

We enrolled in Premium Car Rental Protection underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company in August 2016 for added protections because we were renting a car in a foreign country. I have no recollection of being told that the protection will remain in force even for domestic rentals. Recently when I rented a car in Florida, a charge of about $20 is added on my credit card and AMEX is denying its removal. The fact is that I was sent a letter by email about the Car Rental Protection which summarizes insurance coverage but nowhere it alerts about the charge of about $20 for each subsequent rental.

Generally insurance contracts are in writing with information disclosed in writing. I have even called to ask if I can forward the email back to AMEX for their review and they can point to me where the issue of insurance continuity is addressed. They don't entertain email communication in this day and age. Why? It seems AMEX cares only about making MONEY and not being transparent and reasonable. I have been with AMEX since 2005 and used the Protection insurance for the first time. AMEX does not even care about our loyalty.

We never used to purchase insurance when we went on vacation. However I did purchase insurance when we booked our flights thru American Express to go to San Juan before the Hurricane. I was glad I did - I went to cancel my flights because we decided that most of the island is without power still in January and not safe we shouldn't go... Amex Assurance Company denied our refund.

I was planning a trip to South Africa with my wife for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was suggested to us to use South African Airways for our direct flight. Since this airline is in bankruptcy, and the reviews were moderate we decided to invest in travel insurance for the first time in our lives. I chose AmEx because I have been an active gold card carrier since 1972. The 2 weeks prior to our scheduled departure, I developed a slight cough and thought it might be due to all the vaccinations we have been receiving. I went to my doctor to get checked out and he prescribed an antibiotic.

After a few days the cough did not get any better so I went back to my Doctor and he had me take an X-ray. He said they saw a small gray spot on my lungs and thought I should see a pulmonologist. The Pulmonologist thought I had Valley Fever and prescribed a anti Fungal medicine. When I informed him that we were scheduled to leave in a few days, he suggested that we postpone our trip. I called the airline and was charged a 25% penalty but hey refunded the remaining balance. I called our travel company and they canceled our trip but had to charge us for the portion that was past the time of cancellation.

I had my Doctor write me a letter, I gathered all the charges and credits and only submitted for the actual amounts we lost. It has been almost 7 months and the AmEx insurance keeps finding reasons to deny our claim. We were being honest and upfront but this insurance company purposefully goes out of their way to not pay on a legitimate claim. They won't even refund the almost $2000 they charged us for the insurance policy. My advice to anyone and everyone is to avoid doing any business with this company. They love to fight you and since it comes to doing the right thing, trust me, they won't. Buyer beware!!! We just got taken twice...

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