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Just terrible customer service by reps who don't do what they say they're going to do. Terrible rates. Glad I never had to make a claim over the past nine years I've been insured with AmFam.

Excellent service. It took one phone call and everything was handled in an efficient and fair manner almost immediately when I filed a claim. Overall I am very pleased with the company though I feel their premiums are very high when compared to several competitors.

American Family Insurance does not have the customer in mind. Agents are basically useless and collect commissions on work that you have to do. They have done nothing to help file a claim or speed up the process. Horrible agent communication, claims service and customer service. I've had to make all of the calls to the adjuster and claims department. It's been over 3 weeks and still no email or written communication from the company. I keep getting the runaround and no returned calls. I would NEVER refer or recommend this company to anyone.

Great prices, I have not had to file any type of claims through them to know exactly how good the company/customer service is. At this point I am satisfied with the amount I pay for coverage.

I was recently at a Motorcycle Race, I had parked my car in the shade with one of the windows cracked. After the race I returned to the car, prepared to leave and realized someone had got into the car and took my motorcycle helmet and my cell phone. When I called my agent I was told my renters Insurance would cover the cell phone but might not cover the helmet. After speaking with a few representatives and answering a series of questions about the theft, I was informed the helmet would probably be covered but the cell phone would not. The catch was the fact I had a car charger in the car at the time, this still does not make any sense to me if the charger which is not even part of the phone purchase an after the sale accessory turns out to be why American Family won't cover the expensive cell phone. I could have left the phone on the seat next to me and it would have been covered but not when it was taken out of my car. Be aware of this clause and if you leave your phone in the car make sure all your charging accessories are not in there with it. Lesson learned, will be looking for a new insurance company soon.

I don't have insurance now but the one mentioned I had before. I have no problems with and I had no accidents and I had a good rate. I started it with a good student rate and my premiums hardly went up.

I was hit by one of their insured drivers. I was hit on a 2 lane road and this idiot was trying to avoid traffic and did a sudden illegal u-turn and slammed into me. The police officer spoke to witnesses that said the other person did the illegal u-turn and hit me. The police report says the other party is at fault. The damage on my car says she was at fault. There's no other way to hit someone like that on a two lane road unless you do something illegal which she did. American Family Mutual has all the evidence they need but are still fighting it because apparently the police officer is useless and doesn't know what he's talking about. But the idiot adjusters do??

Had an agent that took care of all our car and house insurance and was very in-tuned to what we wanted in an insurance policy. He also gave us ideas on how to save by bundling and helped us with possible health insurance.

My 18-year-old daughter was involved in an accident cause by an impaired driver insured by American Family Insurance. A driver who had been drinking and possibly under the influence of other substances. This driver ran from the scene but came back before the police arrived. The police report stated his failure to yield and alcohol were the causes of the accident. American Family Insurance has decided that my daughter was partially to blame for the accident. They ask for the police report then when the police report doesn't agree with them they tell me, “We don't go by the police report.”

I have never had the pleasure of dealing with a more arrogant pompous bunch of people who think their word is law. Everything he has given me I have given him proof he is wrong. Him looking at a picture is all he needs. It is amazing and shocking how they have fought for an impaired driver who could have killed someone. Physically my daughter is banged up but OK. I am not looking for money. I am just looking for them to stop protecting a person who drinks and drives and get this right. Since they want to continue to fight I am sharing this on every avenue I can find. STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE, unless you like to drink and drive then you are safe with them. I wish I could leave a negative number.

They have been great for coverage and their rates are amazing. They have discounts for multi car and multi policy. I have never had any discrepancies with American Family whatsoever.

I was in an accident with one of their insured. Initially when I spoke to them knowing I had a lawyer they immediate questioned me about the accident when they knew they were supposed to refer to my lawyer as they say to me when I call them for information. The lady got on the expressway the wrong way and head on collision with me. Totaled my car. They took over two months to pay the car off because they kept throwing my case from adjuster to adjuster. Saying they went on vacation, finally sent a guy out after denying me rentals until someone came out to look at the car. I gave them specific instructions for paying on and the account number and info and stated if you reference an account number they will go based on that and not the remaining info on the check.

Boom. Two and a half months later when they finally stopped playing they sent the check to the wrong account number and left me doing all the calling around to make sure it was issued to the correct account. Fast forward 8 months later they are jumping the injury case adjuster to adjuster trying to avoid my case until I called my lawyer and complained who had to get their supervisor involved and the first thing they did was low ball the hell out of me with numbers that didn’t even cover my medical bills.

For months I’ve been renting out of pocket and catching public transportation to work almost losing my job because of lack of transportation. I live in the suburbs so the bus from my job is a 45 minute walk away. I couldn’t get a car and still can’t because they never paid it off fully and had the nerve to tell me I need to sign over the title to them when I’m done with the remaining balance payments. This is the most terrible company I have ever had to deal with. Now that I finally signed this release I’m sure I won’t see a check for another one or two.

American Family is a very good company. Honest and stands behind us no matter what life throws our way. I have been with them for over 30 years.

I was exiting a parking lot after a movie and a client of American Family backed into me. I figure it's obvious it's their clients fault. It turns out I'm responsible for 20% of the cost because "I was there". AmFam sends a claims adjuster who lowballs me on cost of repair. They refuse to budge. I turned the claim into my own insurance company who spent some time trying to convince me not to file the claim and how much it could cost me. I filed anyhow and will see what happens. Conclusion is insurance companies will do anything to save a buck no matter at whose peril.

Two weeks went by with no luck in finding a car, and believe me that we looked in Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. Now on Wednesday of August 31, we were contacted by Gloria **. She said that we had until Friday (two days) to make a decision, or else the car will be taken on Tuesday, 6th of September. She repeatedly told me the car was owned by American Family when the claim was made, and we had to settle now. I have never talked to an unprofessional person in my life, who would not work with us on any account.

When I pointed out it was Labor Day weekend, and no paper work could be done, she said it didn't matter. I then went online to your chat room, and talked to an agent last night, who again said there is no time limit on deciding. There was no recourse for us, except to keep the car. Is it your policy to bully your clients into a decision? Second off, Gloria also contacted my bank without my written permission. I have talked to my banker, and he said that was not legal for her to get any information on my loan without my permission! Gloria is possibly the rudest person I have ever encountered!

I wanted to make sure you knew who is responsible for losing my house and car insurance. I know I'm just one little pea in your big can of soup, but if enough of us peas quit, you maybe, it will make a very small difference. I'm also going to make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Again, I know this will not make any difference to you, but it will at least make me feel better. We've been with American Family for 16 years, but no more! The claim number is **. That's all I am to you is, a claim number, but you know what, I'm a person too.

There is no confusion, I was simply never told that it was a requirement of American Family to have a dual policy, as in renter insurance on a home I do not own in order to receive auto insurance from your company *American Family*. When I decided to give your company *American Family* another chance I was told that things were going to be better this time around than the last time I had auto insurance with your company.

The first time I had auto insurance with you @ $104 monthly and nothing has changed but it's now $130 monthly even though I was quoted $80-$100. (I was never told at any time either when I was first with the company and David was my agent at the Sunshine office in Springfield, Missouri nor the months prior in which I had multiple in office meetings, emails, and phone conferences with Jennifer/Jessica before signing another new contract with your company *American Family* again that I had to have a dual policy or that I had to be married).

First time my policy was canceled because I was not married even though I had told him (David) the insurance agent I was not nor have I ever been married. And after 6 months and no late fees with your company and no inkling anything was wrong *American Family* dropped my auto insurance policy the same day I made a payment at the Sunshine office in Springfield, Missouri.

I remember this because I went straight to JD Byrider to pay my car payment after I left American Family and I was told that I had no insurance... Confused as I just paid them but Dustin the manager of the car dealership kindly called on my behalf to find out what was going on (with it on speaker phone). We were told by David the insurance was being dropped because he had marked me as being married and they *American Family* had assumed I would of gotten married within a few months of up tainting insurance... I never said that... But David also said in order to keep my insurance policy that the rate was increased to $170 and since they didn't think I would want to pay the new balance my policy was canceled without even giving me the option to stay...

Still makes no sense honestly as I do not find it anywhere that in order to have auto insurance a person has to be legally married though I wasn't told through your agency nor did I ever receive a letter but I do have a witness as Dustin was as confused as I still am... That's why I started paying just for comp and collision from JD Byrider until I could get full coverage again.

This is the second time now that I have attempted to go through American Family and I was quoted $80-100 a month the day I was in the Primrose office and spoke to Jennifer. So I made arrangements to meet Jessica that night since Jennifer would not be there and explained that we would be there a few minutes late because Brandon my boyfriend of 12 yrs (not my husband) gets off work at 4:15pm then has to come to Nixa from the other side of Springfield near Willard to pick me up to be at the insurance and she agreed. But when we got there at 10 after they were closed and since it was Friday we had to wait 'til the following Monday. So Brandon had to take unpaid time off work to get there in time so that we could then get insurance only to find out to get my car insured the rate was now $130 monthly, not the amount we had originally agreed upon the auto insurance.

It was never brought up that I had to have a dual policy in order to receive car insurance. In fact the only time it was ever mentioned was when I asked Jessica for a quote on *renters (not homeowners) insurance as we rent (not own) our home* and because we had just moved into a trailer and have never lived in one before. I wanted to know what all would be covered so that down the road when we are in a better financial place I wanted to add that to my policy.

Again I was never told by either Jessica or Jennifer that I had to have a dual policy in order to receive auto insurance and that I also have to have renters insurance. Until I made the mistake of asking for a renters quote that day no one ever mentioned it... So today January 31st 2016 when I was reading my emails I was shocked to see one from *American Family* saying that again my auto insurance is being cancelled because I don't have a dual policy...

I have not even got my first bill yet and I'm getting canceled? That in order to keep my auto insurance I must also have renters insurance even though I DO NOT own my home as I can't have one without the other or at least that's what the email said. And also in the email it was clearly stated that if I do not get renters insurance then they will be transferring my policy to THE General and I can expect to pay 100% more than what I'm already paying... I called who I thought was the main company but it was American Family headquarters in Massachusetts I believe and as I explained what was going on the gentleman even seemed to be unsettled but said there was nothing he could do except send them a note explaining my situation as he cannot see my policy.

I was treated extremely well from the moment I walked in the door at my agent's office. My agent took the time to educate me on all of my insurance options. He did not pressure me in any way but did offer recommendations and explained his reasons behind them. I was able to increase my coverage and still save hundreds of dollars compared to my previous insurer.

I was hit head on by American Family Insurance insured. My car I used for delivering mail, was destroyed. ** denied the claim. He was a jerk through the process. I filed a lawsuit and won but took months and months. Dealing with this company was a horrible experience and the adjuster was a total **. I hope he lost his job.

By far the worst insurance company I've EVER dealt with. Insurance agent sold me a dream. He hounded me to come me on board. Once on board, he did not submit proper paperwork for automatic draft billing. As a result, I now have to pay the Georgia Department of Revenue for insurance lapse. Agent Bernard ** (Georgia) now has a memory lapse. Third mishap with this company since 07/2015. Disgusted customer!!!

3 months ago my car was hit on the side by their insured driver who made an illegal left turn because she was not paying attention and hit my passenger side. I took pictures and video of the other driver admitting fault. My car was a brand new Subaru so I wanted to get the car fixed ASAP even though it will never be the same since it's been in an accident now. I got the police report and all her insurance info. I waited about 3 weeks and did not hear anything back from there after submitting pictures, police report, and video and all they could say was because the person who hit me hasn't talked to them they can't do anything.

I had to go through my own insurance (Progressive) and pay my $1,000 deductible to repair the damages and pay $230 for a week rental while my vehicle was in the shop for 10 days. My insurance company is currently in the process of getting my deductible back. If they are unable to do so in the next few weeks I will file complaints against the company and the adjuster Jessica ** based in the St Louis area. The company is only good at holding out on paying for their insured's mistakes as long as possible. I will also sue the other driver in a small claims court as well. I have been patient and I'm glad I went through my insurance in the meantime or else I would still be driving a damaged car which was in brand new condition. I do not recommend this company to any friends or family.

Our agent is friendly and easy to get a hold of! We haven't had any claims so no info on that! Our agent contacts us when we are eligible for any new discounts! Auto pay makes life easier too!!

I was hit by a lady that has American Family auto ins. When the officer was questioning us, the other lady admitted she didn't have a green light like she first told the officer. She lied to her insurance and when her agent called me, he had a chip on his shoulder. I explained she got all the tickets and I didn't get any. The report says she turned on a red. The guy just got more rude - threatening to take 30 days to do his report so I would have to wait on my car. I don't know how this will end but Allstate has never acted even remotely rude on *any* claim. I can't believe people actually pay American Family and that they are actually still in service with agents they have working for them. :-(

I have been with this company for almost 13 yrs and have not had any major claims besides a couple windshield replacements due to rock chips. I have ALWAYS paid my premiums on time and notified them immediately of any changes. But for the first time I had a major claim due to a tree falling on my car. When I called to make the claim, they told me I didn't have insurance on the car that was damaged. They said I had called and told them I sold the vehicle and replaced the policy with another vehicle. They inaccurately noted what I had asked them to do over the phone. I had asked them to ADD a vehicle we purchased on to our policy. They made an obvious mistake, we still possess the vehicle so we obviously didn't sell it. They did not send any notice to me that the vehicle was taken off the policy. They said the damaged vehicle was uninsured the last 14 months!

I was astonished that I could be driving my FAMILY around in this uninsured vehicle for that long! They will not accept any responsibility for their mistake. So much for customer loyalty! My recommendation is to make any changes to your policy in writing. I didn't this last 13 yrs and they really messed me over on this major repair. Since I trusted them to accurately note the changes I have no evidence in writing. My customer loyalty wasn't enough. They weren't there when I needed them most, which is what a consumer wants in a car insurance.

I started this policy in October set up auto pay every month. There was a issue about my payment, something they did or something I did. Per them I'm a person that don't pay with insurance on my automobiles. They even refunded me money in November saying I overpaid. Then December emailed that I owe $648.00. I contacted them to canceled. Now they want to say I owe them $177.00. For what? I immediately got coverage through another insurance on the same day. They even sent this amount to a collection agency. I went in the office showed prove that I was insured through another insurance and canceled on time. I'm so disgusted. What can I do?

I like both insurance companies. I was with American Family for 15 years and loved their service although a bit pricey. When I bought my new car State Farm offered me a lower rate that American Family couldn't match. It was a big enough difference for me to switch companies. I've been with State Farm for 4 years and have no complaints. I love their service and products and customer service.

American Family Insurance has always been very easy to do business with, always have been helpful when we have had any issues. Our agent is very helpful and tries to make sure we have the insurance we need at a price we can afford.

We have about 10 accounts with AF. So far they have paid for our claims, and that would be 2. Our agent is nice but the letters we received are very nasty. We were moving one time and the payment was a day late. So we got a nasty letter telling us that our insurance would be cancelled; and they have done that more than once. They have raise our rates, periodically and have tried to pour more insurance on us. Who needs terrorist insurance if you're not around any more?!! We will check around for other companies when we have time, because it does take time to know all the tricks they play. Any real good suggestions will be welcome.

I have a bunch of rental homes and recently made a claim on 14 of them due to a hail storm in Denver including my primary and they have grossly underestimated and/or and simply ignored damage. Sometime to a multiple of 10x on items! I also made a claim on my car for hail damage and they grossly underestimated the amount to fix to the tune of about $4k.

Ironically I stayed with them even after an agent had been writing up fake policies and charging us. It took months before they finally figured this out and the woman was charged but we spent hours on the phone with corporate and for months they said would push us back to the agent writing the fake policies - yes we were paying for policies but when we called AmFam they could not find them so they told us to talk to our agent - this went on for months. Shame on me for sticking with them.

I changed my auto insurance and ended up having American Family claiming I owed them for one month of auto insurance for a period of time. They sent me threatening letters and phone calls until I paid.

When my house changed title, I had 4 to 5 months of insurance left on the house and they have failed to pay me back on that policy. I sent them three notifications and got no reply. I see it to be approximately $650.00 that they failed to pay me back, including the $50 that they extorted out of me. I lost $650.00.

My overall experience with auto insurance has been very beneficial. One day my car was parked on the street and someone thought it would be funny to break out all the windows or maybe it was a scorned ex. Lol. The damage was well in the thousands and I would have never been able to pay for it without auto insurance. In life you never know what you will be dealt and should always be prepared for the rainy day.

I have used American Family for over 10 years. They are always so wonderful about answering my questions and making sure that I have all the coverage I need and that I get every discount I deserve. I have never had any issues with getting problems solved.

The agent was given our Geico policy to emulate step by step for 2 autos; both full coverage, with all amounts of coverage. At some point I did change the coverage on one of the autos to liability only because it was parked in garage. When she removed the collision coverage, she removed it on the wrong vehicle so when I had an accident I had no coverage on my vehicle that still had a lien on it. It was discovered by the CSR when I called in to report the accident. This woman was awesome and displayed great knowledge and empathy. The good service ends there. After a couple of discussions with the agent, I had enough and called agency owner. My husband was ill and persuaded me that it was wise to have an agent as he was a retired agency owner. He then passed away and I was left with this mess. They saw that the agent made an error so covered the damage but it took 2 months and I had to beg.

I finally demanded an adjuster come and look at it to see that I deserved to have additional repairs reimbursed. But, sadly, although I showed her that we had previously had car rental reimbursement, she did not include. I was to blame for not seeing that. Yes, it wasn't enough that my husband couldn't speak because of a stroke and later died... I was to blame for not babysitting for the agent. Have my rental car today and it will cost me over $400 plus the deductible and it took me two months of phone calls to get redone. Never received an apology or kiss my you know what. I went back to Geico... love them. Icing is that I apparently owe $50 so in less than 2 months they sent it to collections. I always had premiums taken out automatically so did not know that I needed to send a check... They are awful and I am sending complaint to AZ Insurance commissioner, as well.

I was in an accident on July 14th. I had my car towed to a body shop my family has had many good experiences with. The insurance company on the other hand has not been helpful at all. First I tried to contact them about a rental car that should have been on our plan which they claim was dropped without us knowing. That was frustrating but the real problems started on the 17th when I was trying to get information on what is going on with my car. It is now the 26th and I have yet to find out anything on what is going on. I have not been able to get in contact with the lady 'in charge' of my claim for three days and the times before that I got ahold of her she was not helpful whatsoever. She told me the last time I talked to her (the 20th) I would know what was going on (if my car is totaled or not) on the 24th. By the end of business day on the 24th I had not received a call from anyone and could not get ahold of the lady 'in charge' of my claim.

I then got the information for another person on my claim who is suppose to be working with the body shop (the guy at the body shop says they have not been contacted once from the insurance company) and was sent straight to voicemail on the 25th. I then got the supervisor's extension but was once again sent to voicemail and said she would be out of the office until the 27th! It is now the 26th and I was told that they would take a look at my claim either today or tomorrow and get back to me (almost two weeks after the accident). My car has been at the body shop for almost two weeks without getting fixed because the insurance company doesn't seem to have their customers first.

Was T boned by a 17 yr. old girl on her cell phone and she ran a red light and admitted it. I have been in intense pain and suffering for 4 months now suffering from severe whiplash, vertigo, and neck and back pain. I can barely work at all and when I do I am miserable. Every time I call they tell me another agent will call me back and I never get any response from anyone. This company should not be allowed to insure anyone. They make you hire an attorney for all claims filed. Everyone I have talked with talks trash on this company for their inability to pay out to suffering people even when their client admits fault, the police report indicates it and all my Dr.S send them bills and they never fess up to anyone. This company can GO ** themselves. Shame on them for doing this.

I worked for American Family as an agent for 10 plus years. I was profitable for them and never had any consumer complaints. I tried to be the best agent I could and my clients were very appreciative. I was available to them 24 hours a day 7 days a week if need be. The company has drastically changed in the last 5 years. They went from a service and value driven company to a bottom line, numbers crunching corporate machine. They push as much responsibility on the agents as possible, dictate who they can hire to work in their agencies and threaten agents constantly, but yet do not provide any employee benefits for their agents.

I used to have confidence that if there was a problem I could pick up the phone and speak to a reasonable person on the phone and get a problem straightened out for the client. That changed too. Just look at their track record with local agents in your area. How often do the names on the building change? With the exception of a few senior agents, most of them change yearly. They no longer value good people as agents or clients. Their rates are insanely high for a policy that is very comparable to other main carriers. Their model for rating credit is unfair as well. Fat cats get bonuses while underpaid agents get "downsized" in order to bring younger inexperienced agents in. Run, don't walk away from this company.

After 25 years, our auto policy was cancelled by American Family Insurance. My son had one accident claim and they cancelled our entire auto policy for 3 cars and a Moped, including myself and my husband and we had had NO auto claims in years. My son lived across the country and didn't even drive our vehicles. I wasn't even contacted by my so-called "agent", I got a form letter in the mail. Agent should have called and discussed the matter. My son's car was totaled. The best part was that they billed me for insurance on the totaled car that THEY now had the title for on the next bill. Totally unprofessional to not have been contacted by the agent.

When I called to ask her why we were cancelled, she said it was on the letter and hung up on me. On the plus side, it forced me to go out and get some new auto quotes. Wow, is American Family Insurance high on their premiums compared to other A+ rated companies? Do yourself a favor and shop around. Doesn't matter how long term a customer you are, they will dump you in a heartbeat.

The agent and office staff I had in New Palestine, IN did not know the business. I was led down the wrong path. I had been with Am Fam for 31 years. 26 years were fine no problem. My agent retired and everything fell apart. They did not know the business. I canceled policies and they are still taking money out of my account. I would not recommend them.

So ** is a young lady, who works at the location in Maryland Heights. She contacted me about setting up insurance, and I obliged. (Of course they had to call plenty of times first with no voice mail.) I was advised of some rates and I decided they sounded great and went ahead and went through with it. Well not but a few days later I was advised my rates just went up due to something found on my Motor Vehicle Record. I said well maybe I will just look around and I canceled. I waited for an email to come through saying I had canceled it never did. I then got 9 calls in a row on a Friday evening while out with my fiance on a anniversary date, and turns out it was ** calling me 9 times without pause and voice mail to tell me my rates are up even higher again. I said "no thank you I want to cancel."

Well a few weeks went by with calls almost daily from ** (I ignored them as I was not interested). Well today I get a call from a California number. (Now remember I'm in St. Louis so completely different area code.) I answered and she asked me if I had found another insurance company. Well I had not. I asked what would my rates be now. She claimed it would be 240!!! This is the 4th price I was quoted! I said "no thanks, I still do not want you then." She says "well hold on... Well you just need to pay us $202 because you have had insurance from us for a month." I said "the hell I am. I never agreed to any sort of Insurance!!! I told you to cancel on multiple occasions!" She replies back "That's fine, you will pay. My boss will be calling you" and hangs up.

Now I know this is not a representation of the company as a whole, but really? How can you treat people like this? This is a straight scam if I have ever seen one. I have already contacted corporate and they are opening a Consumer Affairs review.

American Family Insurance has proven to be a dishonest company with questionable business practices that are not even in alignment with their own stated values. In April, I was hit by a distracted driver insured by AF. I continue to fight for a fair settlement while AF minimizes the impact on my life and well-being. It took me weeks and several manager requests before I even got a call back and was connected to an adjuster. The adjuster proceeded to patronize me and outright lie, stating she did not have my phone number. The rest of the process has been just as disingenuous and infuriating.

I will be fighting for a higher settlement than I might have accepted had American Family behaved with class and fairness. It's unfortunate that in a case where law enforcement, witnesses, drivers and common sense all attest that their driver was 100% at fault, we are headed towards litigation. It's a waste of their customer's money, resources and faith. I think American Family is big enough that they probably get away with bullying the little guy far too often. I won't be among that group, but more importantly I wonder why you would want to give your money to a company that conducts itself in this way.

I had American Family for my home, auto and business policy. I was stopped at a red light and was rear ended by a woman who also had American Family. I thought that the process would be streamlined due to the fact that we were both with the same company, but that definitely wasn't the way it played out. Everything was disputed... They initially refused to provide a rental car, also wanting the body shop to paint over the damage without replacing the damaged areas and offering the auto body shop $30 to paint the back end of my car. All of these disputes resulted in delays in getting the car fixed. Then AmFam disputed the car rental bill and the length of time that it took, blaming the auto body shop for the delays when, in fact, the delays were caused by AmFam's ridiculous disputes.

I also had a single medical bill, which they also disputed, accusing the Dr's office of fabricating the bill and said the Dr's office can "eat the bill" because they weren't going to pay it. I had minimal time off work and they disputed paying the lost wages. They disputed the fact that I own a business... How can that be when I have a $4 million business policy with them? Then they audited my business for 2016 and 2017, of which my CPA/tax attorney provided the information that they wanted.

Finally, after 2 months the car, the rental and the Dr. bill are being paid and I am settling for a reduced amount for lost wages, but only because I am sick of dealing with them. Unfortunately, this accident occurred about 10 days prior to a scheduled and unrelated surgery. These people will attempt to harass you and drag things out unnecessarily, trying to get you to settle when they know that you are at a weak moment. All 3 of my policies are due in a week. I spent yesterday getting insurance quotes from other companies and am securing those policies today. I refuse to give AmFam another dime in premiums when they can't even take care of a simple fender bender without harassing me for 2 months.

I was rear-ended in Sept. by someone insured by American Family Insurance who was talking on her Bluetooth. She didn't notice that traffic was backed up for several miles. Five weeks and a multitude of phone calls later, we received a check for $1,700 for our van - which was in near perfect condition, despite high mileage - which they claimed was totaled. I hit a deer last week, totaling out our nearly identical replacement van, and State Farm authorized reimbursement for $4,200 in less than 24 business hours. Yay!

We like our insurance agent and she has been very helpful and has provided us great options based on our family needs. Unfortunately we wish our agency was a bit more competitively priced. We feel that our house insurance policy is a bit high, but still decided to take it because we received a good discount on our car insurance.

I have been with American Family for over 15 years. They always been a pleasure to work with. I have been involved in 5 auto accidents in the 15 years and they did an outstanding job in take care of me and making sure everything was taken care of. Made sure that my car was fix and followed up with me to make sure that the auto shop did a good job in fixing it.

Been customer for 20 years with American Family Insurance, pay premiums on time auto deductions, and have minimum claim history, good driver's record so really good customer! However, I make a claim on my fully insured vehicle and they tell me I don't have rental car protection! Really! And who fault is that?! Not mine! Was never offered and no annual contacts. Was never made to review what I did have. I'm so disappointed in their messiness and headquarters just go along with the mess local offices do. I want my refund! Times I've had multiple cars insured, life insurance, and home rental insurance. They are being messy!

Have been insured with company 10+ yrs, own 2 homes, 3 cars currently, a boat and a camper all insured thru AM FAM, plus life insurance. 6 yrs ago one homeowners claim, they paid $800 or so out for roof damage then raised my homeowners rates. 3 yrs ago paid $1500 out on a vandalism claim, and in Oct of 2016 a tree limb fell and landed on my camper, causing a water leak, and it took them until January of 2017 to deny claim. Called agent, then 3 weeks went by or so before anyone ever contacted me. Then they changed adjusters.

Had to leave work and meet the adjuster. He told me there's a clause in policy about having it sealed once a year with documentation and I need to take it to one of their preferred body shops for an estimate. They were all over 60 miles away. It's garaged in the winter, carport stored most of the time during the summer... showed impact damage on roof and water damage directly below it. Camper was parked on my insured property when it happened.

Emails and phone calls for months, with only minimal return contact. Sent pictures of the camper in use and luckily one of the ceiling only couple weeks before damage occurred but no one cared, and they just keep referring to this clause about seams being resealed. I have no issue with my agent, his job is to sell it and collect the money, but from there on up the corporate ladder nothing but thieves! Paid them probably $50,000 dollars over 10 years and are going to lose a good paying customer over a $1000 roof repair that I'm sure after 4 months of weather damage will cost me $5000 to fix on my own. Looking for any suggestions on better insurance companies.

The rates are comparable to all others, and our agent is very prompt and extremely nice. We carry renter's insurance through American Family to get a discounted rate. The office is local and convenient to get to. We get regular statements and notices of any changes to our policies.

So far we have had a good experience with them. We have had no issues and the price is reasonable for both our vehicles and house insurance. My parents have had their insurance for many years also.

My experiences with American Family are too numerous to name. But what I want to mention for this complaint is regarding Homeowner's Insurance. I've been with AmFam for over 10 years now, having both car insurance and homeowner's insurance (on a house I lived in with family, but didn't own). I am now buying my first house and wanted to give them a shot. They gave me a better quote because of my multi-policy discount. After taking my real estate agent through a bunch of wasted time, they do an outside AND inside inspection of my new home (which coincidentally, most other insurance companies don't do). They then call me and tell me that the roof needs replacing (it's 12 years old) and that if I do not get the roof fixed immediately, they refuse to cover me.

I don't even own it yet! Closing is pending for the beginning of next month! So you expect to buy a new roof when 1) it's not my house yet, and 2) there's nothing even wrong with it before you cover me?! I told them where they could put their coverage. They're not even the best homeowner's insurance company. If you look on Consumer Reports, you'll see they're at the bottom of the list for claims, customer service and premiums. Take my advice. If you can, go with USAA, Amica or one of the other better insurance companies that are higher on the CR list. Don't even waste your time AmFam.

Below I've listed the other "issues" I've had with AmFam over the years. I will never do business with them again. 1) Homeowner's claim for basement flooding in 2012: AmFam said they paid all the contractors used to clean my basement, but they didn't and left me paying a $1,000 bill to one of the contractors. 2) Rear-ended by a utility truck in 2014: AmFam wouldn't pay for anything until I paid my deductible. I had to hire an attorney to get the at-fault insurance company to pay my deductible for me. My car was in the shop getting fixed when AmFam calls and says, "We can no longer pay for your rental car. Your 20 days has run out". They basically told me I was ** out of luck. My adjuster was unreachable, useless and unhelpful. The other agents I had to talk to because she was unavailable were nasty, rude and unhelpful. 3) The list is much longer, but I got tired of typing.

My wife's car was rear-ended by a client of American Family. I filed the claim with them, having been told to do so by my own insurer and by the police officer who wrote the report. They said they needed to talk with my wife and left her one message, which she immediately returned. After hearing nothing else for three weeks, I called in order to move the process along in a friendly way. I reached Dave **, the adjuster, who immediately became defensive and blamed her for not returning any of his many phone calls. He then became adversarial and disrespectful of me, wondering why I would think that his client was responsible. I complained to his supervisor, who defended him as a wonderful person. When ** did reach my wife, he was abusive towards her and told her the "claim was out." When behavior like this is supported by the supervisor, it is clear that there is a culture of disrespect.

I had American for about 2 1/2 years. I could not get my agent to come see me and take some photos that corporate required. After a year of battling they finally sent a letter of cancellation. Perfect, I was able to find someone else to cover my home without a problem. Once I wrote a letter of discontent to the corporate office, now I get a proactive agent. A little too late for that. They really don't seem to care about their ratings as long as the checks keep coming in. I felt like I was swindled by a dirty used car salesman.

I was rear ended at a complete stop 2 months ago and am supposed to be covered by Amfam. Since it was the other driver's fault, I should be completely covered, right? Wrong! Both insurance companies refuse to completely fix my car. I'm still fighting this case and also injured. My advice, never do business with Amfam or Allied insurance. You might be screwed like me.

If you're a bottom feeder and only look at the bottom line price. American Family is a great company, they will skimp on coverages and when it comes to paying out on a claim... Good luck. The claims service is horrendous, no communication, will refuse and deny.

First of all, this is the worst insurance company ever. Would not recommend it. My wheels were stolen on 6/2/16 and I called the insurance to see if my wheels were covered by them and they said yes. A day later the adjuster came to my house to look at the damages and I was given an estimate for $1,300 but on that estimate they gave me the price for RECYCLED wheels $232 and the wrong size and model of my wheels, brand new cost $1500 each. Then I wasn't happy of course.

I called them back and ask why I was given this estimate with recycled wheels in it. They did fixed it but AGAIN the prices were off and they gave me tires 18" but wheels 19." Now how in the world am I gonna mount 18' tires on 19' wheels? I called the wheel company where they got the prices from and I was told that the price for my wheels is $520, not $232. I emailed them back and asked why the prices don't match and told them to fix the prices on tires since they don't know about sizes.

They fixed the prices but I was only given $200 more. I was not satisfied with the estimate and I was told to go to Mazda Dealership and get a quote on brand new wheels and tires. The estimate Mazda gave me was for $8000, now the questions is: Are they trying to rob me? Why are they giving me $1,500? There's a huge difference from $1,500 to $8,000. It's been a week now and I'm still not satisfied with the service this company has given me. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS "COMPANY."

I had a water leaks in my bathroom but wasn’t sure where the water came from. According to the adjuster, the shower pan might be the cause, so a claim was submitted to the Claims Department. After 2 weeks went by, I received a letter from them saying that they will not cover for the repair because it was a wear and tear item. I don't know what they meant by wear and tear. This company will scam you, so do not insure with them.

They are a great insurance when it comes to the low prices and are helpful when you have a question too. They are there when you need someone to talk to. They are always a phone call away.

My daughter was involved in an auto accident. The other driver ran a red light. There was a witness and the driver was issued several tickets for causing the accident; however, American Family Insurance stated that my daughter was 40% at fault because she did not look both ways before going through her green light which we all know is BS. Dealing with American Family Insurance is a joke. Their claims personnel are very rude and dealing in bad faith which is common with this co. There are over 50 complaints online. Maybe someone should look into this company since their only concern is to rip people off. AFI has no integrity.

I am treated like a family friend/member. No matter who I talk to in the office, they know who I am and seem happy to hear from me. They don't hesitate to serve my needs timely.

Have been insured with them for last 14 years. Rates did not rise after a DUI in 2010. Been treated fairly but haven't had any accidents. I have bundled insurance for my house and receive very good discounts. Also haven't had claims on my home in over twenty five years.

Ryan ** was chastised by me, the Asian kids adjuster, whose car had a tiny scratch a marker would make good as new. He CRUSHED the front SIDE of my car, I was in alley waiting to go, was directly behind this menace for 5 minutes. When he floors it in reverse and crushes my car, my est. min is $7200 and Ryan left me a voicemail a day before he even received the pics, clearly showing the idiot hit the side of my car, which verifies my version and my witnesses, i.e., the TRUTH! So I filed a complaint with his supervisor, Mike **, who never had the decency to call or email me back!! Worst company I've ever dealt with, hands down!! I have Ryan lying to me in our 1st call saying he'd already spoke with my adjuster, she assured me he's a liar!

They are friendly, reliable, priced fairly and knowledgeable. We are a small town where everyone knows everyone and the insurance company takes care of their customers as if we were family. My agent was very helpful. I went to his office, explained the situation and they told me not to worry, they would take care of it. And they did... Then followed up with a phone call to make sure I was happy.

I like my agent. He find ways to reduce my monthly premium on car. Added life & renters to do so. My fault for not having insurance for a few yrs. I didn't need it; however don't do this as it will cost you when you do need it!! Almost made it one year - which I would have gotten another discount and the magical age of 50 could have reduced it some too. But no... I had a fender bender. At first I get 4 calls a day offering me to go here and there for repairs. Now that I've picked my own place it's taking weeks to get approval. I met with their adjuster 3.5 wks ago and still waiting on car repair.

My experience with American Family was a nightmare! Please do not take this insurance under any circumstances.

They were quick, kind. I didn't feel as though I was being tricked in any way. I was highly recommend American Family Insurance and that's from somebody who was hit by one of their clients. She made sure I had a rental car within 24 hours. I look forward to finishing out this policy with her. I feel as though I'm going to be treated very well and very fair.

Friday, I was on the phone with my trusted agent discussing the details of the complex insurance needs of my new corporation. I already have eight other policies with Am Fam as a direct result of the confidence I had in my agent. Today, two business day later, I received a robo-email from someone introducing themselves as my new agent! What?!?! I am extremely disappointed in American Family Insurance. They seem shady and cheap. I assessed agents and personally selected my agent from many people and companies. He is someone I have grown to know and rely on, and has been my trusted advisor on all things risk and insurance for almost two years now. I don't know about the general public, but I don't do business with businesses. I do business with people. People I trust and respect.

When I contacted this supposed new agent of mine, all I got was some useless story about her being in business with her husband and kids - nothing addressing my concerns. Maybe her family is nice, or the doc is. It's or they will soon marry their son to another insurance person - but this is not who I chose to do business with. There was no semblance of professional, business, or human understanding - only her own empty self-promotion. I have real assets and have worked hard to get this far. I will take my business elsewhere.

Here is the kicker, American Family shut my agent down because his numbers were not high enough. Or whatever their excuse was. He was a new agency owner who met his goals and received awards, and he was trustworthy, experienced, and was the person I chose to do business with. I put my own reputation on the line and referred business to them - people who trusted me, but now they discarded a valuable agent and gave my business to a complete stranger? I put my own reputation on the line. Bad form, Am Fam. Bad character. If this is how they treat their agents and customers on a good day, I dread the day I might actually need them to handle a claim. I am moving my business elsewhere and will tell everyone I had referred about this pathetic experience.

I have had any issues and it is reasonably priced. I haven't filed a claim yet so I cannot comment on the claim process. Even though they are not one of the more popular insurance company names, I feel they are just as good.

I was hit by one of their customers before I had them. They paid for the repairs on my car and my rental car. Liked them so much I dumped my other insurance company and got American Family. Also they were $1300 a year less with more service. (Auto, home, umbrella.)

Someone hit my car in the parking lot and we were unable to get their information due to them driving off so I had to claim the incident on my insurance. The car that hit me had scratched three panels paint off of my car, dented one panel, and cracked their bumper on my tire as well. The claim adjuster came out 30 MINUTES LATER THAN THE APPOINTMENT TIME and approved a refurbished tire on my car along with the paint but refused to cover an alignment for $50. I called my car dealer and they said the only way to check if an alignment is off is to actually do an alignment. So I called my agent and he is sending the claim adjuster back out to "drive" my car to check the alignment, even though that is not possible to check it by and if it was, he should have did it the first time he came out. After not returning my phone calls and I had to recall him. I told my agent to MAKE SURE HE IS ON TIME THIS TIME. I don't need hours of my time wasted.

I have a brand new car, there is no reason that I should be getting a refurbished tire to save them a few dollars. I pay my full premiums, not just a percent. And secondly, an alignment should not even be questioned when there is obvious tire damage. It should be an automatic. They are losing a 3 year customer after this claim is finished.

The insurance covered my car completely at a great rate. I had no complaints about. The coverage was excellent. The customer service people were also good. It compared rates of other insurance companies so that I got the lowest rates. No other insurance group compared to them.

I have been with American Family Insurance for about 20 years. They treat me like a person and not just a customer. They remember my name. They treat me respectfully and courteously. When I have questions about anything they are always helpful. When I visit their office, I feel almost like I am visiting a friend instead of a business. I have never had an accident so I've never had to file a claim but I'm sure if I did, they'd treat me same as always. I would and do recommend them to anyone.

American Family sprang into action as soon as I made the phone call about the dishwasher flooding my home. Within one hour, the cleanup crew was there and the next day they came in to find out what was salvageable. My floors and kitchen cabinets were ruined. They and I called in 3 companies for estimates, chose and started the repairs. My agent Michael was great and I'm happy with him and his team.

I was in an accident, the other driver was at fault. So naturally I thought my company would have my back, but that wasn't the case. As it turns out I don't rental car coverage, gap coverage (which I never heard of until now). I pay 136 a month for full coverage. They have not been any help, do NOT put your faith in this company. Claim process is a nightmare and want charge me for keeping my car, which I still have to pay off! Or I can just give it to them so they can turn a profit of my misfortune. I also feel they are low balling for my claim, which I don't understand because they're going to get their money back from the other person's insurance company. Do NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. If you do decide to go through this company, make sure you have rental car and gap insurance because they won't tell you need it until it's too late. Don't assume you have good coverage just because your agent says you do.

We have been with American Family Ins. for 20 plus years. Have had 3 different agents during that time do to agents quitting and also us moving. Never in my life have I had an agent like Stephanie Wendrick treat me so bad as a customer. I was involved in a accident in April 2016 and Stephanie's Assistant told me it was my place to call the police and get all the information. The police told me that they would not give me the information, it is up to the insurance company to do their job. I ended up getting my report on my own and dealt with Allstate Insurance myself. I have to say I would give them 5 Stars. They took care of me like I was one of their own. Now it is June 2016 and I changed insurance companies due to the unprofessionalism of Stephanie Wendrick's Agency. They are that bad!! Not only does she argue with her customers, but she shows her assistants how to argue with the customers. Very unprofessional!!

My son should only have one accident on his record and now he has three because they claimed the one twice and another one which was not his fault, she told me not to claim it because it was on private property and he drives an older car. Well, the other people made a claim and got 1,503.00 without the agency even getting our side of the story and didn't even know this happened until 20 months later when we changed insurance companies. For your sake please check around with other insurance companies and you will get much better Customer Service from other insurance companies!! I would recommend State Farm or Allstate. Their agents are very professional and also the assistants are very professional too. We were ripped off for almost 3 years for 2 claims on our insurance that should not have been claimed, due to American Family not checking with their customers first!!

I haven't had any problems getting answers to my questions, paying my bill or even filing the one claim. I can pay my bill online or go into the local office and pay my bill, get my questions answered. I just prefer to do it online because I have health issues.

04/07/2016 someone pulled out in front of me and I totaled my car. This person has American Family Insurance, it has been one thing after another. It took 3 days to get a rental even though the police report stated the other driver was at fault. It took until 04/14/2016 for an adjuster to come look at the car and state it was totaled. Once this was done I was advised I need to give the rental car back. I was then told that I need to mail my title to a address that was provided then they would mail me my check for the car. I asked how am I suppose to get another car without a check plus I had to give back the rent a car.

I was told "It can take up to 4 weeks for you to get your check. We are sorry for the inconvenience." My reply was shock so it's okay for American Family to take their time in getting my payment for my car to me but has no concerns on what a burden this on me to have to figure out driving or trying to buy a car without a payment. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL THE WAY AROUND.

My wife introduced me to American Family Insurance company and our agent Kim. I can truly say that I have never worked with an insurance agent and company which seemed to have my best interests at heart. In the past I have worked with companies that didn't really attempt to educate me on insurance and my options. I feel that this company tries to make sure that the consumer is making wise choices.

I had a person insured by American family insurance crash into my property maliciously. The police were called and a report was filed as well as a no contact order. My wife spent many hours to get a company to send an estimate and on the phone with customer service. After weeks, they sent out an adjuster to look at it. He found some ** to write up an estimate for $2500 less and basically they refuse to pay a penny more. We tried to contact the person they got estimate from to no avail.

I believe this is a fake business and they will not work with me at all. I meanwhile had damage repaired at my expense, which was thousands more than their offer and now it looks like I will have to go to court. I have never had worse customer care. I spent 4 weeks and countless hours on the phone with over 10 different people, every one of them clueless. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR INSURANCE! All I can say is, I am very glad they are not my provider. ZERO STARS ALL THE WAY.

There is a reason why people tell you never to skimp on insurance. American Family Insurance is the epitome of a sleazy insurance company. My son was rear-ended by a driver insured by AFI, and the driver crunched my son's car up against the car in front of him. My son was not injured one bit because of the car he was in - a Subaru.

The accident was clearly the AFI-insured driver's fault: the driver jumped out of the car and apologized profusely, and when the police wrote up the accident, he openly admitted fault. It took a full ten days for AFI to "gather statements" from the three drivers, and another week for them to send an adjuster out to look at the car. THEN, it was another two weeks until we got their estimate (which we only got because we called and left threatening messages). It took them so long because they were busy figuring out how to cap the claim. They created a bogus 'value' for the car that just so happened to match the 'estimate' they did (by a guy who simply walked around the car parked in the alley). It's all smoke and mirrors. We only got a rental car because we pressed for it.

The $800 difference between the body shop estimate and the amount AFI agreed to pay is now our responsibility because AFI believed the car was totaled: totaled with no engine damage, no transmission damage, and no frame damage. It's a Subaru Outback wagon with only 59k miles on it - a design no longer made and a tank with more thousands and thousands of more miles to go. It was not totaled, at least not at their measly estimated damages. Not to be trusted. These folks are scum.

My vehicle was legally parked when it was hit and badly damaged by an insuree of this horrible company. I've established 2 estimates from long time professional shops, and AFam has decided to send me a check to repair all but $700 in damage. I won't accept the offer, they aren't returning my calls. Pure evil. What's up with American Family ministries????

I was hit traveling from the baseball game last week on Saturday June 10th. The person that hit me had American Family Mutual Insurance. My experience with them so far has been much less than desirable. I filed a claim with American Family Mutual Insurance on Saturday June 10th. I've only received one initial call from the adjuster since the 10th. It is now June 20th and I have not talked to an adjuster! The adjuster ** works out of the claim office on 11789 Borman Drive in St. Louis, Mo. 63146 has called me one time that was the following Monday after the accident occurred. Every attempt to contact her at the numbers listed has resulted in me getting sent straight to voicemail.

Today I called the number listed on the Claim Summary and asked to speak with **, manager **... I left a message as I was sent straight to voicemail again. I'm starting to think the only person that answers the phone is the receptionist at this company! I would not ever recommend anyone purchase insurance from this company given the fact that it is nearly impossible to ever talk to a person and it has taken almost 2 weeks to get a check to pay for the damages to my car from their customer! Buyer beware!!!

The town of Norcatur, KS suffered a large hail storm in July. We live in a small town of 150 people. Every home that was insured received hail damage claims. Everyone but **. After an adjuster with American Family said we had no roof damage, we contacted 3 other roofing companies and received quotes, which we sent to Kurt **, agent for American Family. They all 3 said we had damage. After we contacted Stan ** and also Kurt **, American Family agents, twice, we were told they would send another American Family adjuster to our home. To this date, we have not seen one. It is now too late to roof a house with freezing weather in the forecast.

We have had home insurance with American Family for 22 years. Just recently, my husband was disabled so we have been treated very unfairly by Kurt **. I think it is because my husband is disabled.

We have yet been contacted with another quote from Kurt ** and his American Family Insurance in Norton, KS.

We have been treated with complete disrespect!

My husband and I purchased life insurance on the same day 15 years ago. Mine was fine but we just found out that his is different than mine. And in 4 years he will no longer be covered. When we filed a complaint they told him that he signed everything. He did but the agent never told us this and just added the paperwork in the stack. Lesson to be told, read everything before you sign as they will take your $40k over 20 years and you will be left with no insurance and too old to get any decent insurance. My trust in American Family is zero and will definitely go elsewhere for my insurance needs.

Our new agent really helped us get an old claim by our old agent back in force. It was to replace my windshield. We are finally getting things done.

I was driving to work and a woman insured by American Family did not stop at a stop sign, and entered into the busy major street I was driving on. The speed limit for the major street was 40mph. I attempted to stop, but hit her. Although she was at fault she attempted to blame fault on me for my colliding with her. She was cited by the police officer for failure to stop. I contacted American Family Insurance as well as my own. Initially I went to work, following reporting the accident. While at work I developed some symptoms I thought I'd better have checked out, so upon departing work I went to the ER. I advised the ER staff I was involved in a car accident and they accepted my car insurance information and my health information.

I received a call the next day from an adjuster, who offered me an extremely low amount for my vehicle, stating it was totaled. He told me that if my counter offer was not within $100 of his offer not to bother calling him. Whenever I attempted to call him, the call went straight to voicemail. He also asked me if there was any other way I could have avoided the accident other than applying my brakes, leaving skid marks, and attempting to swerve. He asked couldn't I have honked my horn. I contacted the State Insurance Commissioner. I wasn't offered a rental car, initially, even after expressing that my job was quite a distance away. I paid a co-worker to take me to work, and walked 2 miles to the nearest bus stop to ride the transit home in the evenings.

When I was finally offered the rental car, for one day, I would have been required to pay for the insurance on the rental car, which was more than American Family was to pay to rent the car. I refused the rental car and walked home. I paid from my own pocket to have my vehicle made drivable, so not to lose my job. Because American Family was not cooperating at all. I contacted an attorney. Unknown to me the attorney had previously worked for insurance companies. The attorney's office lost many of my medical records, and stated that the medical deductibles I had paid were not to be reimbursed. He did however calculate the sum of PIP that was to be repaid to my insurance company and the amount that was to be repaid to my personal insurance.

The attorney began negotiations with the American Family Adjuster. He didn't seem at all concerned that I wouldn't receive enough to repay my personal medical insurance company or be reimbursed for my expenses. When I confronted him about losing my medical record totals; my not being reimbursed for my deductibles and his false statement about there not being a raise in the property claim, he dropped my case and put an attorney's lien on any judgment. I learned that the losing of medical records and the dropping of clients case before completion was "a less than honorable tactic" performed by that attorney's office, on a regular basis, and that office had been disciplined for such tactics. No other attorney would consider taking the case following that.

American Family switched the injury adjuster. She pretended not to have received any figures of what American Family needed to pay, and offered me an amount of which I would not be able to repay my personal insurance if I retained the amount I spent for medical deductions, etc. This went on for almost 2 years. On the last date prior to the Statute of Limitation expiration, the adjuster and her supervisor went on vacation, and left no other adjuster with authorization to settle my claim. By this time I had moved from the city of the accident. I drove to the city of the accident and filed a civil suit, paying court fees, summon fees, etc. The case was was not treated seriously and was immediately dismissed.

I filed an appeal document but did not pay the appeals court fees. The case was dismissed. A year after the case was dismissed I learned that my insurance company had filed a subrogation lien against American Family and had been reimbursed for the PIP they paid. My insurance company stated the reimbursement was done on my behalf, and American Family reported that the reimbursement was paid to me. My personal medical insurance contacted me and stated they wanted the amount they had paid reimbursed from the amount I had received from American Family. I informed them I had not received any judgment or award.

My personal medical insurance stated that American Family Insurance had reported that I received a settlement, and they would legal recourse to regain their funds. I have requested a waiver and appeal of that decision. The American Family adjuster sent me a letter stating that I should get the funds to repay my personal medical insurance from my auto insurance. My auto insurance says they are not repaying my personal medical insurance. I may end up reimbursing my personal medical insurance for an accident which was not my fault.

I am writing today with concern on how my claim is being handled. I feel like I have been discriminated against from the beginning since I was treated as a liar as well has given the run around. I have never been sent any documentation about the accident and I am now requesting all supporting documents to be mailed to me as soon as possible. With the preponderance of evidence I have provided my vehicle should have been repaired by the at fault party by now. I was not even offered a rental.

The accident occurred on April 16th, 2014 around 6 pm. It was a rainy day the entire day. I phoned in my claim from the scene of the accident on Orcas and 52nd Avenue in Seattle, providing all my information. While Steve ** was on the clock, delivering pizzas for Dominos, he ran a red STOP sign at high speed ramming into my Lincoln, hitting myself and my passenger Jermaine **. I was coming up Orcas on the hill and he was crossing on 52nd Avenue. I hit on my right and was slammed to my left, where I almost ran into a parked jeep.

Steve pulled his car over on Orcas and came to my car where he apologized and gave me a hug. He asked me not to call the police because he could not stay and assured me I had nothing to worry about because my vehicle would be taken care of. Because we live in the same neighborhood and he has delivered pizza to my home, I went on and trusted him. I took a picture of his insurance and the insurance card even has rain drops, like my Lincoln is wet from the rain. Steve was in a hurry to get back to his car. There were vehicles backing up and apologized one more time, gave me a hug and told me not to worry. He asked me why I was crying and I pointed to my car and he told me to look at his. I began to go to his car to take a picture but when he got in his car, he left and did not return.

I am an ** woman, mother of two and I work two jobs. Since this accident, I have cried randomly, have consistent pain in my neck, back and hip that stays at 8 to 10 and have to take pain and spasm medication. I was sent to Chiropractor recommended by my attorney and a physical therapy as well as massage referred by my primary doctor. My doctor does not feel I am ready for Chiropractor because my hip is having so such trouble.

It is my understanding all conversations are recorded and I would like the recordings reviewed and provided to myself and lawyer. When I made first contact with Family Insurance I let them know I seen damages on Steve front end. As I was in my neighborhood I seen Steve and it appeared his vehicle had been fixed. This drew great concern because I had been told for weeks he was unresponsive. I contacted his job at Domino's on Rainier Avenue in Seattle and was told he had been out for over a week claiming he was ill.

American Family Insurance Physical Damage Adjuster Scott ** came out on 4/21/2014 and printed my estimate at 2:14pm. Christine ** denied my claim because she claimed Steve stated nothing happened. I have had no follow up from him nor Christine ** after leaving several messages regarding my repairs. I recorded Steve face to face vocal and visual with his wife Kathy at their home admitting to the accident and stated American Family Insurance told him he did not have enough information about me. When in fact American Family Insurance had all the information they requested from me including asking me if I seen damages on Steve's vehicle.

I took pictures of Steve's vehicle after the fact at his home that proves he tampered with the evidence. His car is green and the front end is black. There are green marks on my white Lincoln. I took photos at the scene where the pieces of his vehicle was on the ground, even collecting a few pieces. Later, I was informed my current lawyer that they will not be helping me with making sure my vehicle is repaired and they will only work on my injury claim. Leaving me in the gray area to be mistreated by American Family because they are under the impression my lawyer is doing the correspondence for both car and injury. This opens a loophole that American Insurance have ran with making sure they do not follow through with the repairs.

I am a teacher and a caregiver. I have limited range of motion and cannot lift my clients or my preschool children. Simple housekeeping is now a challenge and my pain depends on how long I stand, sit and move. I have to pay friends to take me to and from work because I work a long distance from my home and working two jobs my schedule is set from one job to the next on some days. I phoned in today and spoke with a customer service rep who said she is surprised it has taken so long to fix my car. Christine ** answering machine states, "Do not leave a message. She will not be returning calls," and left no return date. Is this because she no longer works there?

Prior to this message, I took the recorded video to Steve agent Lam ** and spoke with Cynthia ** in Tukwila, WA at 206-439-6822 who viewed my recording. She also let me know it makes it hard when someone is lying. After she reviewed the video, she called Christine herself to let her know she seen the video and let her know I would be sending it to her as well. She was even willing to do it for me but we had troubles transferring it form my phone. She also responded to my email and gave me Christine's email for support and send video. I left the vocal recording on Christine answering machine so she could hear I was in fact telling the truth since April 16th, 2014 and to let her know I would be sending to her. She received the facts in more than one way and still did not contact me about the damages to my car to be repaired.

Over ten days ago, the video I have attached was downloaded to a disk and mailed to American Family for review. I have not heard from anyone, letting me know my repairs would begin immediately, since I have been given the run around for almost two months now. If you are supposed to provide excellent service, that is a lie and false advertising. I have been mistreated during this whole ordeal and no one has taken responsibility nor apologized for treating the way they have.

In conclusion, I am the victim of a dishonest customer and company. I provided photos, addition contacts as well as a visual and vocal recording of your insurer who ran into me and has committed fraud. I am disappointed with American Family for not be accountable for their mistake and making things right. I feel discriminated against and I will continue to fight for my rights and make sure the eyes and ears know what companies are doing to people that are trying to take care of their families, home and other responsibilities. Christine ** should be fired if she has not been already. It is not my lawyer's responsibility for my car repairs. My injuries are their responsibilities. So once again, I am reaching out for help and I would like American Family Insurance to take responsibility and repair my vehicle very soon.

I have been with American Family for almost 10 years. With an accident where a State Farm client was at fault they paid the doctors with no problem through my Med Pay. I thought State Farm was bad, but American Family Claims is REALLY bad when it involves their client being at fault. I was rear ended at a roundabout last November while just sitting there waiting for a vehicle to pass. Secilia in claims was super nice the first time, but then after I left two further messages that she supposedly never got, she said it probably went to voice spam, although it was her voice on the message. Funny how the system immediately recognizes your phone number when you call, and then verifies you through your birthday and zip code...but then went to spam? Then I sent an email with the medical authorization attached, which she also never got.

So I finally waited for another extension and talked to Holly, who said that Secilia usually gets right to her voicemails and emails. She got the next email and confirmed the information, but after they transferred me weeks later to Shawn, he needed the same medical authorization, but this time faxed. Why didn't anyone tell me the first time it was not good enough? Now he says he playing phone tag with my Chiropractor (who has not been paid at all with my med pay since November), but my Chiropractor has not received any messages from him.

They paid my other back doctor right away because it amounted to less than a couple of hundred dollars, but they are giving me the runaround with my chiropractor and massage therapist. It doesn't matter that I've been in a lot more pain and had to go more frequently to the chiropractor now. So they want all of last year's medical records from my chiropractor before they will pay him at this point. Somehow when he sends the bills and records though they don't get them, but then say they received duplicates later when he sends them again. This is the worst service I have ever had in my life. My lawyers told me that out of all of the insurance companies that American Family is the worst to get return calls from. I am seeing this for myself now. I am SO disgusted.

On June 16, 2014, my 2012 Chevy Captiva LTZ was damaged by hail. It was parked in Edgerton MN (which is now included in the Federally declared disaster area for storm damage). I reported it to my agent right after it happened (within 30 minutes). It took 3 days for the adjuster to come and look at my car. I had 2 different body shops tell me it was totaled out before the adjuster looked at it. The adjuster spoke with the body shop on June 18th and agreed with the body shop it was probably totaled based on the description he received from the body shop. The adjuster came and looked at the car on June 19th and decided it can be fixed. His estimate to fix the car (Blue Book Value of the car is $20,000) was $7508.53 which did not include damage to the right rear door. His estimate had paintless dent removal for all of the damage.

Here is the problem - 2 of the areas he has paintless dent removal should have been replaced as they had 38 and 83 dents in the sections of the car - which included dents in the body lines of the car (areas where it is supposed to have bends). When a car has damage to the body lines - the part should be replaced as most body shops cannot fix damage to the body lines. If these parts were replaced, the damage exceeds 75% of the value of the car (quoted by the body shop with damage over $15,000) - in effect totaling the car out.

I spoke with my agent on June 27 and on July 3 and was not pleased. I did not agree with the estimate nor with the way the adjuster said to fix my car. I spoke with an additional body shop and agreed to have the paintless dent guy look at the car on July 7. When the adjuster redid his estimate on July 11 (he spoke with the paintless dent guy on July 7 and redid his quote when the paintless dent guy said that the panels in question should be replaced), He then told me that traditional means of fixing the car were going to be used - meaning filling in the dents with putty and covering up the putty with paint. This was unacceptable to me as my car is fairly new and it greatly reduced the value of the car to fill it full of putty and cover it up.

I tried expressing my opinion but nothing I said made a difference. It was like paying for prime rib and getting hamburger in return. We were willing to work to have the car repaired - but fixing it the right way. By July 14th, my husband and I decided it was no longer worth the hassle of fighting the insurance company - they were not listening to what we had to say so we took the insurance check and took out a loan on our other truck and we paid off the Captiva - we then sold it and bought a different car. As soon as we are able to find a different insurance company, we are planning on leaving this company - after being with the same company for over 25 years of our insurance needs. We feel we have been treated poorly. I will NEVER recommend this company again and will not tolerate being treated this poorly.

American Family offers premiums at fair prices. Our local agent and his agency is easy to work with. They answer my questions quickly. I have priced out other companies and cannot find a lower price that what I am currently paying.

An American family Ins. customer Backed into the Ryder rental truck I had rented doing $2400.00 damage. I had purchased rental Ins. from Ryder. The deductible was $1000.00. American Family Ins. offers to pay me $800.00 NOT the $1000.00 I'm charged by Ryder. Due to their customer at fault, I'm out $200.00 plus the time involved to do the police report and all other paperwork. Accident happened Dec. 8th no conclusion from Am Fam until REPEATED phone calls to them asking for claim update status. (Jan 12th) Very poor experience with American Family Ins. I'm Contacting IL Dept of Insurance next.

I have had this insurance for 2 years and in these two years, I have had my policy cancelled twice, without being told. I drove without insurance for months without knowing. Their excuse was, "We sent you letters" and the reason for canceling was non-payment, even though they were supposed to take the money out of my bank account, as originally setup. When I checked with my bank, no attempt had been made to get money out of my account. My account was untouched. This insurance is not only very expensive, but also has people who don't care about their customers. If I had gotten into an accident while I was driving without insurance, I would have had to pay a lot of money out of pocket. If I had been stopped by the police, my car would have been towed. There were no apologies to rectify this and no remorse whatsoever. If you don't want trouble stay away from this insurance company.

I have had American Family insurance for approximately 23 years. About 5 years ago I switched agents (per my sister and brother-in-law's recommendation) to Victoria **. SHE is ever so helpful, patient, professional, and EASY to talk to. She wants to ensure that her clients are 100% happy and goes above and beyond!!! Thank you Victoria!!! :-)

I was hit by a driver who has American Family. The driver made a claim on my behalf admitting they were at fault. I called to see how they would handle my vehicle. The people were rude and told me they are not assume the driver was at fault and they will get back with me when they can find an adjuster. 4 days later no one has gotten back with from American Family. I called - no respect for my situation. The man was rude and condescending. He mocked me and told me to go through my insurance to get the car fixed. This company is the worst.

I hope this reaches someone before making a bad decision and going with this dishonest company. I am a disabled veteran and combat amputee that has been with AmFam for years. I was in an accident 9/26/16 that was caused by an underinsured high school graduate that was cited for speeding, running a red light, wreck-less driving, failing to control his vehicle and the list goes on. Amfam was amazing at first, keyword AT FIRST, they told advice to go to preferred shop in Scottsdale AZ, told me to go to Enterprise and get a rental and told me not to worry about anything. They assured me they had all police reports and other driver admitted fault, they also told me they stood behind their military members. Well it took the shop over 3 months to fix with a repair bill of over $25k.

I didn't mind the wait. I always stood behind them and said not to rush and do it right. My family’s safety is my main concern, but I also asked why they didn't total the truck out. That's when all communication stopped. That question was the turning point. I got a call from Enterprise that the rental had not been paid in over 90 days and had been reported stolen, the preferred shop ended charging me betterment on tires they ruined due to test driving truck and taking to dealership. The air suspension failed and blew out all 4 tires. So now Enterprise charged my credit card $2,500 and shop charged me over $600 on betterment. Well I need to get to VA appts, physical therapy, school, work, my children sports, and family needs so of course I'm going to pay. I had no choice.

Then tires started blowing out and getting extreme wear and tear on the inside camber and a loud popping sound that is audible and you can feel starts happening when you turn steering wheel too sharp. Took it back, the guy has me turn the wheel and hears it and says it’s just breaking in no problem and tires are due to oversize wheels, I explained I never had an issue before he said, “Well our alignment specs say you are good (I never seen these specs).” Later down the road the Chinese parts on a British vehicle failed and I was stranded on side of the road. I brought it in, they dropped me off at Enterprise and wanted me to pay for it, I told them this was their issue. They put a faulty part and I wasn't paying for anything. They left me. I had to walk on one leg and crutches back to the shop which is a few miles away to get back my truck because Enterprise wouldn't rent a car to me due to past history from first 90+ day rental.

I stayed without a car and couldn't make go to my appts or anything else. I WAS ALMOST FIRED while they fixed it. Well guess what happens again a month or so later? Yep the exact same thing. But this time they wouldn't allow me to choose my own shop when it states that if you aren't happy to take wherever you chose to and they will honor it, yea BS!! The adjuster stood me up more than 3x at different shops and I had to cover the bill for using their lift. Finally I was able to get to dealer but again I have to pay betterment on items I didn't damage they did, they even changed left rotor and not right on this SUV. Dealership protocol tells you to change both. I met with adjuster and her supervisor at dealership. Everyone was shocked to hear the way they were talking to me. He even pointed at his American Flag pin and said, “You see I support my military!!”

I looked at him in disgust, anyone can see that what he was doing was not right. He was blaming me for inconveniencing him for being there. They were almost yelling at me. I myself kept my cool and did blow up on them. Afterward my PTSD kicked in and I was just defending myself letting them know I didn't want money or attention. I just want my ** car back! He stated they still had to review again and took months to get back. I had to put 2 new sets of tires. That's 8 tires at 1000 each time, I had to pay for rental, I lost work, appt, kids’ football games, I paid the rental, I paid betterment, I paid shop fees and still I am not after making a profit. They have really screwed a disabled veteran and almost pushed me to the brink of an emotional, physical, and physiological breakdown.

They still haven't put me in a rental and to this date 09/29/17 my truck IS STILL IN THE SHOP NOT FIXED! May god bless the adjuster. I know they get paid very well to be the bad people or at least I hope that is the case. I honestly think they are defending the preferred shop because someone is making money from them from referring and looking other way when people get screwed. My assumption. I hope my car is done soon, whoever from Amfam Admin is looking at this.

So I have been with American Family Insurance for over 5 years. I have paid my insurance every month on time. They insure my home and also two Classic Cars, 3 regular vehicles and a motorcycle. When I started my insurance with American Family Insurance they usually just have you sign paperwork and give them money to start their insurance policy, never feeling the need to go over everything with you when you ask questions. Of course they divert your questions by distracting you with other questions but never really answering your questions. Well about a month ago my fiance, who doesn't drive, doesn't own a car and doesn't see the need to have car insurance of her own, borrowed my car under an emergency situation and a woman ran a dog in the middle of the road and she rear-ended a truck.

The insurance company had no issues. They asked what happened during the accident and said that she needed to be added to my insurance policy. I stated that she doesn't usually drive, it was a one-time thing and they asked if she had car insurance. I said no because she doesn't own a car. They said “ok we will get back to you.” Everything went quiet seemed fine. Well as my luck would have it I got in a motorcycle accident three weeks ago. I have full coverage on my Harley and I'm still making payments on it. This is where the insurance policy gets fun. They waited until my Harley accident to threatened me that if I don't add my fiance to my insurance policy they're going to cancel my insurance. Now mind you she doesn't drive and it was an emergency situation which I have explained to them. They waited until my Harley was in a tow yard to tell me “If you don't add her we're going to cancel your policy.”

When I asked them what gives them a right to do that and why I needed to add her, they informed me that anybody that lives in the household with me needs to be added to my insurance policy just in case an incident like this happens. I asked them why until now did they wait to tell me that when I started my policy and that I also live with four roommates. I did tell them I was not comfortable with the fact that they were trying to force me to do something that they never informed me I had to do five years ago. When she said cancel my policy I sent her a message asking her what the grounds were, why she was doing it and what she needed. Of course she did not answer my question. She just send back the same question "Does your fiance have her own car insurance?" Of course I stated "no she doesn't own a car, why would she have car insurance."

The agent simply states “Here's the underwriters number. You can contact them.” When I asked about my motorcycle she told me the claims guy would be contacting me on Monday. That was two weeks ago. I have not heard anything since. My motorcycle is sitting in a tow yard and the car that my fiance got in an accident, she covered her own medical bills and she paid to get fixed. The only thing that American Family Insurance had to pay for was the other guys truck. What they're telling me now is that he's claiming to be injured. During the accident the guy didn't bother calling the police. He got out of his truck and started calling his insurance company walking around denied any kind of medical help from the fire department and told the police department he was perfectly fine and had no issues. We informed our insurance of this and instead of listening to us they just keep on repeating “You need to add her to your insurance.”

When I asked how much my policy it would go up if I added my fiance to my insurance policy, because of my classic cars, motorcycle and other vehicles l will be paying over $800 a month in insurance which is why I'm pretty sure they want her to be added. American Family Insurance is denying and saying that they did explain this to me that it is common knowledge, everyone knows that all occupants in a home need to be added. Also stating that I also neglected to tell them about my 5 roommates and other occupants of my home. Which is weird that they say that considering the fact that I insured my home through them and had to give them the names and number of occupants in my home in order for them to cover the home insurance.

So knowing the agent did not do his job properly, did not inform me of needing to add anyone to my insurance policy and also to the fact I asked them “If my brother wanted to test drive my vehicle and took it out for a spin and got in an accident with it would you also be making me add him to my insurance policy?” She literally said “Well does he live with you.” So car insurance companies now hold the right to force you to release all information of your life to them before they cover an accident. But they will wait until they have you in a ruff spot so they can deny it. What is the point of insurance companies if they are going to freak out if you have an accident. So when you add people, if they are non driver of your vehicle, you need to have them send in their own car insurance information, their license and all their personal information SSI number etc... to your insurance company to prove that they are not driving your vehicle.

I don't know how many people would be happy to release so much personal information to another person or company they are not affiliated with. American Family Insurance waited until my motorcycle needed to be fixed, which, is an $8,000 claim, that they will cancel not just the one vehicle on my insurance policy but all of my insurance if I do not put my fiance to my insurance policy and pay over $800 a month. I would have no problem adding just one person who drives on a policy that I know would be driving my car at a decent price but adding her will make it go up to $800 a month not including my roommates.

Worst part is they keep treating my fiance like crap over this accident when it's an accident they happen. She shouldn't have to deal with such harassment and hostility or even being threatened to be sued by them over a small accident that everyone has. Why are they going to sue her for the money when they know it's my money anyway. When we get married I will be just as responsible for the cost as she is so why not just cover it now.

I feel that they are a good insurance company because they are attentive to each person and make you feel that they really care. The rates for us are very good and they keep in touch. I also have house insurance through them and they are wonderful. Our home was heavily damaged by storms and the insurance completely redid the roof and siding and windows. No additional cost to me.

I had to pay for towing and they reimbursed me for that. They have always been there for me. I have been with them for 10+ years and I've never had a problem with them. Our agent is very dependable, and always returns your call with a prompt manner. He is willing to work with you in finding the right amount of coverage you want and can afford. I would recommend American family insurance to anyone who is young and starting out or just looking for a change.

After 40 years with a different insurer, I changed to American Family. What a mistake! Once in their system, getting the agency to communicate and follow-up was impossible. The staff and agency owner were incompetent and liars. I caution anyone who is contemplating business with American Family.

They have always done us right. We are both older driver. We get a discount. We pay monthly which help us. We have never filed a claim but we didn't need to. They are very friendly people.

My wife had been a customer of AFI for 7 years before we met. When we got married, we switched my insurance to AFI and we have been good customers. There has never been a late payment in a total of 15 years. We insured two cars and our home through them during that time. During that 15 years, we cost them within a few hundred dollars of $6000.00 to provide us with insurance. We used the tow service, got hit by a deer, and I ran into a parked car one morning hurrying to a meeting. In that time, they received approximately, $27000.00 from my wife and I.

They listed my recent accident as the reason to discontinue my insurance. For some reason, they discontinued my wife's insurance as well. I read positive reviews that stated that AFI had stayed with other customers through worse for longer. The other reason that they canceled me and my wife is that they claim that they can't get my driving record. I gave them my id number on the phone twice and all information they asked for. It's also a matter of public record. That leads me to believe that they filed their request for my driving record with an error. They are using my middle name on the attached document instead of the one that is on my driver's license. They did not contact me to clear up the issue of the driver's record being unavailable. Possibly, they made the decision because they failed getting my name right. An error they could have cleared up with a phone call.

Next, my wife and I had full coverage. We did not opt on this claim to have AFI pay for my cars repairs. The value of my cars repairs would be less than the repairs would cost. It would have cost the company needlessly as the damage was minor but expensive. Had we opted to have the repairs to my vehicle done, AFI would have been charged a few thousand for the auto body work to replace the bumper, we would have been out half of that, and we would have a few scratches removed. Didn't seem right to charge the company that for my mistake and my car is worth a few hundred dollars more.

In my opinion they are untrustworthy to keep their end of the deal. They are probably a good company except for in the business of insurance. If you want to have a higher chance for an insurance company that is trustworthy you have lots of options. American Family Insurance is currently 15th of customer satisfaction on a list that includes 20 other companies according to as of April 21st, 2016. We are canceling our home insurance through them.

Purchased a new vehicle, changed it on website, never got changed. Agent never called. Tried calling agent multiple times and kept getting routed back to AMFAM customer service who are completely useless. Took weeks to get car on policy correctly as customer service could only start insurance from current date, not when car was purchased. I can't even imagine how difficult getting a claim handled would be. Hope I don't find out. Will be moving all my insurance to another company.

It's just insurance, it's nothing special. It nice that I don't have to think about it. That's what you want from insurance. The agent is a family friend, so that is good too. I don't care much about insurance but you have to have it.

Our agent is thorough, pays attention to detail & keeps our rates as low as possible. I have always had great service and quick response to any questions I have asked. He is available each time I call.

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