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Trying to process a death claim on a 20+ year old life insurance policy. I called them and told them I was doing so. About a month ago. It took a while to get all 8 beneficiaries to sign individual forms as the company required. Since contacting the company they have sent confusing letters to all 8 beneficiaries stating they feel the insured may be deceased, but have not been notified as of yet! Then they contacted me and said the policy was an annuity! They even had the policy number correct.

I called them and corrected them to be sure the policy is actually life insurance. They were to call back and verify this within 24 hours, which they did via voicemail. However the voicemail did state it was an insurance policy as if they were telling me something I didn't know and left no status on the actual claim. So I called them and they don't have any record of a claim!!! Now worst of all I worked for them for 35 years and originally they were a good company with outstanding customer service. But since AIG took over they have really gone downhill. Every time I contacted them I not only spoke to different people but also different countries!

Do not do business with this Company. Getting your money will cost you dearly. I trusted that I would be treated fairly and was wrong. If I can help anyone else to keep from losing their hard earned even though I have lost mine then this post will be well worth it. They are the worst in customer service as well... Even when you get someone on the phone they sound like a recording. When I ask the guy to please stop repeating his prepared speech because I heard him the 4th time he said the exact same thing his smart response was "well obviously you didn't." My husband has now been on the phone for hold over 20 minutes trying to speak to someone in Consumer Relations.... Rant over. I worked hard for my money and trusted the wrong Company.

The company offers competitive, reasonable rates. Employees are responsive and do their best to help you with any problems or questions you may have. Most customers would be able to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer mobile apps to access your accounts. This is not a very serious issue, but it would be nice to have it.

On 6/24/16 my husband's life insurance was due. We pd $1,277.84 for a year. He passed on July 13, 2016. Do you think I should get 11 months of the premium back? They don't. They said no way. He had the policy since 1986. He was 76 years old.

Had it for 17 years. It also cover my rental insurance as well. I'm happy with the coverage I have. I'm not looking to get anymore insurance at all. My agent is very understanding and my insurance company is in my community and they also give back to the people that lives here.

I received an AGL cover letter from the Annuity Service Center in Amarillo, Tx. claiming my sister and I beneficiaries of our father's life insurance policy. Complete with a policy number! First of all, they used my first name in the correspondence that I had legally changed 15 years ago. Second, my father, who died last year, never took out a life insurance policy. And lastly, the letter they sent even says that a response is required within one year of death of the deceased. Which means they sent me the letter more than a year late. And they think I am going to just fill out some form sending them all kinds of personal information. Some of which they should already have record of if a life insurance policy taken out by my father actually existed. By the way, American General and The United States Life Insurance Company of the City of New York are not credited by the BBB.

We sent annual premium to American General Life in July 2015. In September, we were notified that payment not received, will need to reinstate. We checked with the bank, and the payment cleared to bank two weeks after payment was sent. We called AGL and they informed us that they moved offices and paperwork was lost in move. (Apparently they do not have digital files.) They would check and get back to us. I asked if wife is still insured, and the answer was yes. In April 2016, we get a check for annual premium back, saying it was insufficient to cover the policy. Impossible. That is our amount due! They say send check back and they will process reinstatement.

After many calls, on holds, and agents we have trouble understanding, we never get satisfactory answers. We then get a form to reinstate the policy. Only it is an application form for a new policy. We call local agent to see if he can help. He is great, does some calling and gets back to us with information that the form we sent will take a month to process. He surmises that we should get reinstated due to AGL error. Today, June 2016, we get letter, and returned check for premium amount, that we are denied new policy. My wife got policy 16 years ago. Funny how all this happened after her 65th birthday. It appears they are reducing their liabilities of people who are older. We cannot recommend this company for any of your needs.

I have been trying to work with this so-called company since Nov 2014. First to cash in policy. Dad was in nursing home and would probably need money. Passed away in Dec. Tried to cash in policy. Always need more info. They never call to tell you. You have to follow up daily. They always lose documents. Still don't have money. I would never recommend this company. Are they really solvent?

My mother Ann **has more than 10 policies with AGLA since 1974, which probably started out about .50 cents or a 1.00 or 2.00 per policy. The premiums are up to nearly 200 monthly. She was at least smart enough not to do auto withdrawals from her account with them. They have her name listed as every name but her real name. They are giving me hell to get the names on her policies corrected. Were scared to cash them in now (low to no cash value) based on her age, but then we may not get anything at all from what I have read above. They know that the elderly do not know how to get online to process/print forms or requests for claims. As her daughter I feel I too have been used and abused as well as she has been abused financially. I know that these policies have been paid for in full a long time ago. Mother has recently been ill now and we have no clue (only God knows) as to how long she will be with us. We want to be a part of any lawsuit formed against AGLA. The ball has not dropped yet with them, but based on the below complaints (we will be next crying).

My employer pays for this. I don't deal with them personally. As far as I know, the company does not have any issues with them. All required paperwork was fairly easy. I love the fact that I have this, but at some point would like to add more coverage to secure life for my children.

My husband ex-wife contacted my husband, who already has life insurance policy on him since they were married for 250 thousand & they have been divorced for 7 years now & 2 days ago, she contacted American General & spoke to him & agent into getting another policy thru American General on him for 100 thousand. Well the agent called him back & spoke to him. Then the agent spoke to me because my husband wanted to make me a beneficiary on another policy thru American General. Well I decided against it & my husband decided that he would not let his ex wife be a beneficiary on the other policy that she took earlier that day thru American General. But what I am mainly upset about is the agent contacted his ex wife & told her that he & I decided that she would not be a beneficiary on that policy & he wanted it cancelled.

The agent had no right to discuss mine & my husband discussion on the policy. I feel that that is the HEPA & a violation of my civil rights because she is not his wife anymore because recently, I asked my husband to get a life insurance policy thru State Farm for her & I but it was denied due to his health & even though we had 2 separate policies & I was his wife. They said they could not answer any of her due that I was his wife. So I know it was wrong & that gentleman should be wrote up & I plan on writing the insurance commissioner about this & the B.B.B. regards this gentleman actions, that he called her & said that I & my husband decided against it. Very upset with this company.

I first started the insurance at $20,000 which was very cheap a month. My agent suggested to try for a whole life policy of $200,000 that would gain each month paid. I applied and was denied. He reapplied for $1 less, and it was approved! Monthly is $100 regular. I was able to borrow out of the cash value which I pay back by paying $20 extra per month. The only thing I must say that is disheartening was that I was told at first when I got the loan, it would not affect my policy amount if I passed away before it was paid off. It was changed just recently to where if you have a loan out, it nulls the payout until the loan is paid. I feel this in unsatisfactory, since when I first started with the company, I joined under the understanding it would not, which is why I started it in the first place. Be sure to dig around on the company you are looking to use for life insurance and check with people to be sure you have all the fine printing investigated before you do sign on.

I am a financial planner and am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the service area of this company. After processing a fixed annuity investment for a client, the back office/support team completely dropped the ball with timely process of the transaction. In 17 years in this business, I've never encountered a more inept and uncooperative group of people. I will not steer any clients into this company in the future -- they are awful.

We received cancellation from American Life Insurance in 2014. The reason they were canceling our life insurance because the payment we were making each month was now not enough, they tripled the cost. We both just turned 57, and AIG said if we did not make these payments, our life insurance would be canceled and at our age, we probably couldn't get anymore. We took out life insurance in 1979 while my husband was in the military. American General was what was suggested that all young soldiers needed to take out life insurance to be cashed out in 20 years for our future children college tuition. We paid in every month since 1979. AIG told us there was no money to be cashed out. It is hard to believe all this money we paid in was all lost. We feel robbed!

We have had this insurance for about thirty years. Actually husband worked for this company for a while in between working for two different funeral homes. We have even borrowed from it when we were a little short on kids' tuition. It's a great company.

I started paying on a loan an American General Insurance in February 17th last year and the loan was for $1,144 and I've been paying on it and paying the interest $25 a month and I paid the interest up on it that was due last year. And so I have paid a total $300 on the loan and American General say I still owe $900 and 45 dollars on the loan. Now mind you is started out as a thousand now still at $945 for the loan that I pay over 300 some dollars for.

I have had life insurance with this company since 1993. Like other reviewers my premiums continue to wrongly increase and like others for the past two years. I have made $175 payments each month more than my premium starting at $50 then $75 then $90 then $115 then $160 which my policy shows it was to NEVER increase. Now again they've increased it to $185 and have tried to cancel me twice, even though I have never been late with a premium payment. They finally sent me this week 08/14/17 a history of payment for the past two years wrongly showing my payments have continually posted as $115/month when I've sent payments of $160/month for this time period.

CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! A HUGE JOKE, and a GOD AWFUL WASTE OF MY VALUABLE TIME. How can we get a Class Action Lawsuit going against these scammers? I'm in if anyone wants to start one or a petition. 71 is too old to be dealing with this. After being a valued customer for some 24 years and they've used up my cash value the same as stolen it... As of 2005 I had $4,486.00 cash value, now 2017 it's $3. Where it went and used for what??? WHO KNOWS? They are scammers and robbers. HOW CAN WE GET A LAWSUIT GOING?

My husband passed away on April 3, 2018, I filed a claim on his life insurance. They received the death certificate and claim paperwork on May 16, 2018. They told me it would take 10-14 business days to process once they had all the paperwork they needed. I called them after the 14 days and they said they didn't have his records from the hospital so I called the hospital and they gave me a number for them to call. I called the insurance company to give them the number and was told they received the paperwork the previous day.

So I again wait the 14 days and called them and was informed they still hadn't received anything from the hospital (they supposedly requested this information on May 16th but the hospital never had a record of any contact). So I proceeded to get the medical records and I faxed them to them on May 29, 2018. I again was told 10-14 business days, so I again wait the 14 days. When I called I was told that the claim was with the underwriters to be investigated so it will take even longer. When I asked why it took to do this all they would say was that I would have to wait longer. I will never purchase anything from this company again.

My siblings and I found out 3 months ago that my Aunt had a policy that went to my Mother who is now deceased also. This left us to receive the money. My siblings have gotten theirs and I sent my papers back the same day and all I am getting is runaround.

On August 30, 2015 my mother passed. What should have been an easy process (sending in the death certificate and claim form) my father is still waiting for the correct payout amount. This was a very small policy and should have been processed with ease. The records at AIG are very disorganized. The follow-up process is slow which are all factors in why you should not do business with American General Life Insurance Company. I work in the media and will certainly get the word out that AIG should never be a consideration when looking for a life insurance policy.

After year of dealing with this company in my town of Meridian, Ms having two policies one in the 80's and the other in the Feb of 1990 at first everything was fine for years. After they closed the office here in our town it started sending out a worker who stayed in Newton County. I started receiving letters stated my insurance was going to lapse and I continue to send money and they wound even send me some money back, then continue to send more letters about my insurance lapsing. So now after all the stress of it I have just finally decided to cut my loss in cash in my two policies and it really is a loss, because once again they have messed me over.

My mother has been paying premiums for long term care through this company for over 17 years. Paid over $170,000 during these years. Now she is in need of these benefits and we have been given the runaround. Each time we call in we are given different information that they need. This policy has a 100 day waiting. We have been following direction. Released from acute hospital Dec 9, 2017 to skilled nursing. Released to 24/7 home care Dec 16. Got all this information to them. We were told they had all they needed. I called to check when benefits would start thinking 100 days from Dec 9, 2017 about mid March 2018. No. Told no benefits until May 3, 2018. 160 days. We were told then we needed to produce bills for the 24/7 care while living in her apartment. We produced that, now we are told we need all medical notes for the days from Dec16 2017 to present. Now why were we not told this the first time I called Dec 5, 2017?

Today we were also told they do not know when her 100 days would be met. They would decide at a later date. How can they run a company like this??? I can tell you, by not paying the clients benefits, they pass away and they keep all the premiums. My mother I am sure is not the only one going through this. They are keeping the insurance company open on the deaths of our loved ones who trusted this company they would follow through.

Also if you call in and get Vanessa, ask for her supervisor. Such a rude person to handle problems for people dealing with parents money and health problems. Threatened to hang up on me yesterday because I started crying and asking for an explanation as to why their clients can never speak to claims manager and why we are given different information each time we call in. So rude and patronizing. I did not appreciate her tone when I am worried about my Terminal mother and now thinking she will never get any of the benefits Norm Bill ** promised her when my dad passed in 2000.

Never trust your agent. My sister and I were told that our father's funeral was taken care of and to go ahead with the funeral. We went ahead with a full funeral, because our agent said that our father was covered. About a month later, we got a bill for $5966.00 from the funeral home. As you can see, our father was not covered! If we had known that he was not covered, we would have had him cremated and would not have had this big payment to worry about! So please do not trust anyone! Everyone must check all your insurance papers involving American General accident and life policies! I think that we all should come together and create a lawsuit against (AGLA), these lying thieves and crooks!

One star is not even good enough for them. Having same issues as other reviewers have written about. Do not do business with these people. I can promise you that you will regret it if you do. They are horrible to deal with. Have been waiting on a check for my mom (took them 2 months to get around to sending it) and after many phone calls, they finally sent, and it is almost half of what it is supposed to be. Now trying to find out why. Of course they are not returning phone calls. Always say they are going to call. You will be waiting for hell to freeze over!!!

I have been with American General since 2010. I got a letter stating my policy will terminate in May because I haven't paid a premium on one policy since 2014 even though I have receipts. I stopped sending payments to the office in Nashville because it was always a problem. Every other month seem like I was getting a termination notice, so I started sending payments to the office here on Walnut Hill. Somewhere they messed up with the payments as well. I ask them to send me another agent to straighten these receipts out but haven't been assigned one, it's as though they don't care. I'm requesting some help before next month so my policy won't terminate, please help me. I need an agent to come to my house to look at my receipts and my premium chart from AGAL.

I have two policies with this company and have been paying on them for 55 years. They originated with another company and were bought out/transferred more than a generation ago. I attempted to contact American General through their e-mail page making two attempts which were ignored. I finally did contact an employee by telephone at their New York office who, after a long and convoluted process, agreed that I did have two policies with a certain surrender value. I requested and received paper forms to request the accumulated money and have followed the progress of this online and at this time. It shows the policies terminated across the board. Before it reached that state, I received daily billings for the policies and many advertisements to purchase still more insurance policies. Company has stipulated nothing in writing so all I have to go on are the original policies, 35 and 55 years old and information delivered via telephone from a person in NYC.

I was told that the policies had a definite surrender value payable to me upon request. I was told of nothing that would reduce the final disbursement or excuse the company from making it at all. The surrender forms provided the option to have taxes withheld or not, and the offer of a next day mailing for $20. Reading the FAX page of the American DES web page, there is some vague language that suggests that the company may not pay the actual value of the policies, no reason given. Time wears on and I receive daily advertisements for low cost /low benefit policies covering modes of death that are actuarially unlikely for my profile. I have not received the money that is rightfully mine nor any written acknowledgement of my request or actions taken or pending. I am wondering if American General DES does routine business of this sort through litigation rather than in a straightforward, honest and workmanlike manner.

Have a claim with these (you name it), they lie (new speak..misstatement) and when you pot them in the face with their "misstatement" they do it again. Their business policy is get the money and delay, deny, it is ok to lie, sorry misstatement.

Have been trying to get this bank draft authorization taken care of and have called since Jun 29, 2016 about this. Nothing taken care of. Every time I have called they never get the fax that was sent. Yet I get an answer thru the fax that it was received. I have never talked to anyone so many times and still do not get it taken care of. I just worry because this amount is taken out from my credit union every month and I do not want my insurance policies that I have with American General to lapse, just because of your end. So dissatisfied with customer service and I will not recommend anyone to call them because of their bad service.

I am still waiting on my mom's annuity check!!! She passed away Jan 22, I filed the claim and I got the packet and I sent in all the paperwork that American General Life Insurance asked for. Now they sent me the same packet saying they never received anything, even though I have sent it certified. So I resend the paperwork in again. Lo and behold they send me another packet saying they need other paperwork. I send it in again certified and they can't find my paperwork. I send it in again same thing, they send the packet back.

I am my mom's executor and the check goes to the estate, which I have an acct set up. Who do I need to contact for this crook of a company? But I am going to retain a lawyer because this is ridiculous!!! I have gotten all of her other policies and annuities from the other insurance companies with no problems!!! I still waiting on the check from this shady insurance company. They are going to give me my mom's money. And if they think I am giving up, think again. I don't care how long it takes me. I am also going to the insurance commissioner!!!

My uncle took out a life insurance claim with American General Life Insurance September 13, 2013. He passed away on August 10, 2015. A month and 3 days prior to the contestable period. I am his niece and the beneficiary for this policy. I have complied with all the requests of the company. They have received medical information from all but 1 facility. They have been contacting the facility since December 2015 but to no avail. As of this date American General refuses to process the claim. Not only that but they have been discourteous and disorganized. You call customer claims and get information one day and next week you get a different response.

I feel my hands are tied and there is no end in sight. I am currently writing the CEO and other representatives of American General Insurance Company to try to get a resolution done. I understand policies and procedures but I have done due diligence in forwarding all required information to this company to get this claim settled. I would not want anyone to go through what my family has gone through since the death of my uncle.

I have a life insurance policy and an accidental insurance policy. Both are paid with one check and billed on the same billing. In October I received a check for $120.00 marked "Suspension" at the top. I called the customer service number, got India. After holding off and on for four hours I was told they would void the check and apply it to the Life policy. Next month I received a late notice and an email telling my that my account was valuable to them, pay or they would cancel. Called again to customer service, got India. There does not seem to be a single person living in the US that works for Customer Service. I have called every 800, 866, 888 number listed anywhere on their website and billing and each time I call I am told my account is up to date, no problem, I have overpaid the account.

Today I received an email telling me my account is important to them, but they will be canceling my insurance because I have not paid. It gets worse. The accidental is now "late", but the life insurance is current! Again, paid with one check on the same billing statement, but the accidental insurance is going to be canceled for not paying the bill. Worst company I have ever had to deal with.

I called to take a loan against my policy for Christmas. They told me NO PROBLEM! We can even do it next day for $20. I did this on Dec 14th. I called on the 18th. Sorry it takes up to 4 days to process the check. Really??? Because they didn't explain that to me. It Dec. 26th and still haven't received the check! I had to give my 3 boys an IOU for Christmas! Never trust them!

Customer Service is the worst. My mother has 2 Life policies with AGL, which I have taken over making the payments. AGL has done everything to misinform me and to coerce me to let these polices go. One of the policies lapsed in August 2011 because the premiums were left in suspense until the policy lapsed. Now, in Feb 2014, I was informed the other policy lapsed because the premiums were used to pay the loan and not applied to premium and the policy lapsed in Nov 2013. We were never informed that the policy was lapsed or that the premiums were being applied to the loan until Feb 2014. I was making payments regularly and getting confirmation numbers for the payments. The first lapsed policy was reinstated and now this one will be reinstated; however, the premiums are much higher. I've asked for a projection of premium costs going forward which they should be able to provide, but still have no answer. I send emails and get no answer, I call and leave messages with no call back. The agent and his manager now claim they have no control of the home office people, that I will have to deal with them. I need answers that are honest and I need to get this policy reinstated.

I had been with AIG for four years. I received a notice and a small check for $140.00. They said that I missed a payment, even though it was being automatically drafted from my account. I called them, they said that the funds were not in account, which I knew was not true. So after speaking with three different people, it turns out they were using an incorrect routing number. So I said, how could that be y'all have been taking payments out of that account for years. Somehow for whatever reason they did not have the correct routing number anymore. Their excuse was that the computer messed up. So now at 55 I have to start all over and try to find coverage. After reading other stories on here, I don't understand why the state insurance board does not step in.

I obtain this policy 11/1990, which is 26 years ago. I have borrowed on this policy around $4000.00. I have been sending my payment in of $38.00 for insurance and $10.00 toward the loan. My insurance policy was cancelled and lapsed in May of 2016. I have not missed any payments. I was told to reinstate my policy that I need $118.00 and that my payment needed to increase to from $38.00 to $59.30. I have paid over $11,856.00 into this policy. I will be 65 this year. I do not believe this is correct. I am to invest into another whole life policy with the death benefit of $50,000. I am a former insurance agent so I have some basic knowledge. Please help me.

I am happy that I was able to get some life insurance for my husband just in case, other than retirement from my former employers pension for the spouse to supplement income. So far don't have a lot of issues or questions, however, communication is available by the phone or email.

My late father took out his policy in 1963 and paid every month since. Now after his death we are having to jump through more hoops than any grieving family should ever have to. Even the funeral home has sent the requested information, twice. Constantly being told there is missing information that needs to be resent, even after it is done. Get Your act together. This stalling technique is unprofessional.

Beyond Poor Service I received from American General Insurance Company/AIG. My Mother Passed July 15, 2016. I was told two of her policies was sent to the Ga Unclaimed funds. She was alive paying policy payments to her agent at the time the money was Sent. No one notified her about her fund. Now the State has been slow and difficult to get my mother's money. Now the State is requesting American General to send them the Beneficiaries on the money that was sent to the State. I asked AGI to please fax the information. They said they would have to call me back??? With computer in their face and with my; claim # ** they would Not resolve my problem.

To this date no one from has tried to call me back. I keep calling AIG with the same excuse someone will call me back. Note they have closed all local offices. I cannot go in to resolve my problem. I do believe they have in my opinion Stole my mother funds. I would not refer them to insure anyone on Earth. Buyer Please Beware!!! Somebody help me Please!!!

My 10-year term life insurance policy was up this year. The premium for the policy was $1300.00 annually. We just received a bill for a $16,000 annual premium with no notification that the policy was terminating. I called for an explanation and was told that the policy increased because of my current age. I asked if a notification of the policy status had ever been sent and they stated that it is operational policy to send that notice two months after the new premium is due.

I find this uniformed radical increase in premium unacceptable. We caught it and cancelled the policy, but only after sending in half of the new premium. This kind of arrogant we-don't-care-we-don't-have-to operation is typical of financial services industries that believe they are unaccountable. They feel they can deceive with complete impunity. We have not received our refund back yet.

I have filed 3 claims and they keep giving me a runaround on them. Been told I have to send something in and that's it. Then a month later I get another letter saying I need something else. Been told this many many time. Been told I'm going to be hung up on and have been hung up on. Not stopping here. Going to file a complaint with insurance commission.

Well my aunt passed away in April of 1995 and my mother was the beneficiary of her policy. Both of the sisters were in the hospital. My aunt passed first then my mother passed a couple of months later. After 19 years I haven’t heard nothing more since last year when they contacted us. My brother got the letter requesting all our names and address of my mother’s living children so we did just that. Then last year in March we had to fill out a form and mail it back to them. No response, no money, nothing. Me and my sister stay in contact with each others. Nothing yet. After all these years had went by, nothing. My brother sent in all the information they asked for. I haven’t heard anything else from the insurance company as of today. This is unbelievable for an insurance company to do their clients and family. Something need to be done to speed up the process and they should be made to pay interests on all these years. So this is my complaint against this company. Thank you. Looking forward to hear from you asap.

Satisfied. I haven't had to use it yet. I purchased the insurance online with ease of use. My paramed test was conducted in a timely manner and the underwriting was smooth. I've had no real issues so far. They're quick to process any changes I need to make like address change or name change.

I put my daughter in American General Life Insurance, they reduced it from 25,000.00 to 3,450.00 because I will not let them take the payment 22.56 a month out of my bank account. Then I was told I would have to pay 28.00 if I do not let them. My bank pay them every month. This is called extortion and that is a crime.

6 years ago I was sold an accidental death policy by this company for $200,000. I used auto-pay, so this company has received their money on time for 72 months straight. I now have found out that at some point the policy was switched to a health policy that covered hospitalization only. This is not what I signed up for. In the beginning I filled out beneficiary forms, stating who would receive benefits in the event of my accidental death. Obviously I have not had a death claim, however, I am upset that the product I purchased and paid for faithfully for 6 years was switched to something else without my knowledge or consent to a product I neither needed or wanted.

My father passed away August 25, 2014. We have been getting the run around with this company. The man at the funeral home said he mailed the death certificate and claimant form together but yet the insurance company claims they only received the death certificate and when he tried to re-fax them to the company he had problems with that. My mom paid on this policy for years and she wants this settled. Ashamed a company has to hire people overseas who can hardly speak a bit of English. They should not be in business after all the reviews I have read. I would never deal with them myself and my mother is thinking of cancelling her policy.

Policy purchased in 1976. AIG states policy was changed from term life to deferred annuity in 1988. Policy was signed in Ohio and it's not my signature. In 2005 we requested a change from term to whole life with the balance as a surrender cash. In 2007 and 2008 we were in contact with our agent Kathleen **. We never heard from her again. I've been trying to get satisfaction from AIG from over 10 years. They just keep finding ways not to surrender my policy. I would not recommend them to anyone.

I contacted AIG after my mother passed in April to submit a death claim... They held on to her claim until July and told me a check was mailed on July 19th... Of course I never received the check and when contacting them, they told me they would have to put in a request for another check and that would include a 12-15 day review period and as of August 30, I have not received a check or a response regarding the review period! I contacted the Attorney General's Office on August 23! This is outrageous and when you call them you are placed on hold only to speak with someone from the Philippines! I am so sick and tired of this and we need to create a "Class Action Lawsuit" against this company and I would love to start a petition! I have $127,000 and have not received a dime! AIG is holding my inheritance HOSTAGE!

My father passed away last year and my youngest brother had taking all the that father insurance policy that was on his remaining children and trying to cash in on. Also Anthony ** address is **. And brother also came to my address and stole my SS# out of my mailbox and then put it back in my mailbox and glued it back up. I also called American General Life Insurance company and they said that the policy was surrender on February 2, 2018. I Darlene ** didn't submit my policy and my phone number and address is still the same at ** and # **.

The sales person was knowledgeable, he gave us information to help us save money and get the policy we required. The sales person came all the way out to our home in the rural area of the city of Battle Ground and didn't seem to us to be in any hurry to get through the appointment or to sell us a lucrative insurance policy. He gave us a number of days to think about the contract we had signed.

I have been trying to contact American General Life Insurance {AIG} for weeks and have stayed on the telephone line for hours and never got a response. I finally reached the agent and she told me not to call the company but to call her. My policy is for $15,000 but when I finally got a recording and put in the policy number it didn't exist. The recording said the policy was $977.32. Please help me.

What the Heck is going on at American General? I called several times yesterday, to each and every phone number that I could find for AIG. Recording said you were receiving a high volume of calls. One of the times I held for 97 minutes before my call was dropped. Now today, I have started the process over again, and still can't get through. Is AIG out of Business, or are all Employees on Vacation?

Just yesterday, I signed up for a policy for $250,000 with American General and today after reading all the reports on this site, even though it is Saturday, I called to cancel. I left a message to call me back first thing Monday am. We will see! All I can say is they better not have taken the money out of my account yet. The agent said it wouldn't come out for a few days. I'll post again if I have any trouble with these people. I'm 70 yrs old, and nobody will want to mess with me or my money!!

DO NOT BUY A POLICY FROM THIS COMPANY. I have been getting the runaround on a claim for 6 weeks. No agent or claims team to talk to, only a call center. A different rep each call whose info will contradict letters they send out. There is one reason after another as to why they will not process claim. For example, I have a letter stating they acknowledge receipt of an assignment for a specific policy, but tell me by phone they don't have the document. A insurance claim specialist at the funeral home is equally frustrated in lack of communication and confusion.

My brother in law passed away leaving a living trust executed by lawyers four years prior to his death. He made me first successor trustee in as much as he and my sister never had children. My sister preceded him in death three years prior. I submitted a copy of the trust, his and her death certificate and numerous other forms they gave requested in the lady eight months. They are now saying the trust wasn't named as a beneficiary therefore they don't recognize it. I don't understand. I feel they just don't want to pay this policy out and they are not being honest. Such a shame so many people trust this company. I will go on social media to expose them for what they are.

I made a phone call on Oct. 1, 2012 to cancel my policies through my agent (Daniel **) and had to leave a voicemail. He called once and left me a voicemail to return his call - I did ... voicemail again anyway. I assumed the policies were cancelled and the monies would not be automatically deducted from my account (Wrong). It has taken three phone calls and one to the agent. The agent said he had given me a number to call to cancel which he did not. He should have cancelled and dealt with it, not me. I was told by someone in Houston, TX that I had to write the company to be reimbursed. It took 15 minutes by phone to set up these policies and over three weeks to stop them. I will not recommend this company or Matrix Direct Insurance Services to anybody.

I've been trying for weeks to get through to them to make a payment. Average wait times are 50 minutes and up. I WOULD NEVER SIGN A LIFE INSURANCE WITH A DYSFUNCTIONAL HAD I KNOWN THIS BEFORE. Buyers beware!

My mom had this policy for over 30 years, and when she just recently passed away, her change of beneficiary filing was never processed. When I asked why they told me they aren't sure. I got a call the week prior and told to that everything was right and fax in all the necessary certificates, my stepfather's and my mom's. Now checking on it today, oh it's a whole another story. These people they have working for them that answer phones do not know what they are doing. They should take better notes In their system but yet they still took my mom's money even with a new name up til the month she died.

My dad passed away Feb. 4th 2015. I was contacted Feb 8th that my dad has a Life Insurance policy through American General and that it was to pay funeral home and the remaining was to go to myself and 2 of my brothers. I had the worst customer service with them and kept getting the runaround. I had to contact funeral home 2 different times for them to try to get AG to pay them and us siblings. Finally after getting a lawyer AG paid funeral home on April 15th and us siblings got some of the money on April 21st. I will never recommend or ever use American General again... I went through more mental distress with them than I did with my dad, and that alone should have never happened, they needed to be supported and there in my most time of need.

I have had a policy whole life with American General for 50 years. In 2012 they told me because I had taken some money out that it would expire and I needed to take out a new policy. Well my husband just died and they did not take my premium out so when I inquired why I was told it was my husband's policy I was just a rider, I didn't even have insurance, but then he said I would need to do a new policy. At a much higher rate I am sure. How low down can you get? You know this is lower than low considering I have been insured here for over 50 years. And you can't even find an agent. Just have to make a call to some other far away place. Bad business all around. Sorry service completely. But geez. I sure bet the CEO has a lot of insurance, if he wants it or she. Considering their salary doubt if they need it. This company will not get a good word from me.

I received an inheritance in 2001 which had to be put into an annuity. I chose this company for its longevity. It was a 20 year guaranteed payments with lifetime payments. I sold 10 years of payments which ended in 2011. I contacted American General to get my payments reinstated. I was told that they had sent letters to the company (Pacific Settlements) which were returned, and there was nothing they could do and I had to locate these people myself. I asked for all the paperwork they had in regards to my annuity. When I received it, I found that they had not sent requests to the wrong person. American General does not update their system with current information (after 39 months they haven't updated my current address or phone number).

Finally gave up thinking what can I do, this company is bulling me out of just shy of 32,000 dollars. After 3 years I finally decided to sell my remaining 10 years of guaranteed payments to at least get something out of this annuity. I sold them to Woodbridge structured settlements (nice company to deal with) and we have been trying to get my money out of American General. They had changed ownership (which they say they don't do, but they did) to the company I 1st sold payments to.

I now have my annuity back in my name and keep getting excuses of needing more information or approvals. They now say they have all the paperwork needed but I still have not received my 39 back payments or approval for the remainder of the guaranteed payments which I have agreed to sell. It has been an unbelievable nightmare dealing with American General and advise any potential customers to take they're money elsewhere and avoid this company like the plague.

I got a letter from American General telling me that my dad had a policy that a claim had not been filed on... Did all the documents... My dad died in 2001... My mom was beneficiary... She passed in 1956. So I filed the claim. I am the daughter... Don't know how much the face value is on this policy, but only $27.00 showing in their computer... Bunch of crooks...

My husband and I have a cancer policy. Extreme dissatisfaction with customer service. If we were to come down with cancer, filing a claim with this company would kill us before the cancer. Am reporting to anyone I can in the State of Florida Attorney General's office. Have a suspicion something fraudulent is going on. No company could have this bad customer service and survive. You can sit for a hour and finally give up talking to a person, or in most cases get disconnected.

I have had my life insurance with them for more than 10 years. I have had to make changes due to divorce, children growing up, moving and bank changes and I am always happy with the level of customer service. I am always able to speak with someone and they always take care of what I need and I never have any issues and never had problems with my automatic payments or any lapses. I also like the fact that I feel like they will be around for a long time to come. I plan on staying with this company and I would recommend them to anyone looking for insurance.

My dad has purchased long term care insurance from this company years and years ago to make sure the burden of payment for care providers would not be on his children. Now we are fighting with this insurance company to pay out one cent. This has been going on for at least 1/2 year. We have faxed them reams and reams of information. Every time they keep requesting more. It is a ploy to not pay a cent. We have had to pay the providers ourselves, still fighting with AIG. The frustration level of dealing with this company is over the edge. Do NOT buy insurance from them.

Parents had this as life insurance. I, as trustee had no problem collecting. I had options. I choose to keep over 100,000 with them earning 1% interest and can write a check on it anytime. Totally happy with them.

I have been a customer since 1995. My account is paid up to date. On or about November 15, 2016 I requested a loan from the accumulated cash value. I was informed after waiting over two weeks for the loan check that the name of the account holder is incorrect and that a name change was requested but could not be processed because they have yet to locate my file. With this account I used both maiden and married names. Note, the insured (me) has my name in the right order yet the account name does not. How is it they cannot locate my file yet will and has accepted a monthly payment on this account with an incorrect name? As told by customer service no one has responded to a request for an update from the department who handles where the files are located and the name change.

The request for an update was sent electronically and no one in customer service is able to verbally contact anyone in the handling department via telephone. How is it that customer service cannot communicate verbally within the company? Because of the poor customer service I received, I have cancelled the other policy in which I was the account holder and intend to do the same with this account once the loan request is processed. A company that values it customers/clients would provide thorough handling of services that it offers. This company has exhibited poor customer service with the handling of my request that remains unresolved.

My experience is exactly the same with this company. I will spare you the long read and move directly to my solution. I contacted my State Insurance Commissioner, who in turn, demanded action from AG. To date, I have received a response from AG. They have not yet responded to the Insurance Commissioner. That deadline has not expired. However, my response was one of attempted placation. They again had the gall to try to pacify me. This complaint is still in process though. When I received my response, I contacted the Commissioner's Office to express my disagreement and disappointment with the response I received. The agent was very reassuring and told me once their office receives the required response, it will be reviewed and a determination will be made as to whether or not AG acted in good faith and appropriately, or NOT.

I am optimistic as it is evident AG is trying to screw me out of the actual settlement amount due me. So, PLEASE, do not hesitate to contact your State Insurance Commissioner's Office. If enough of us complain against the disgustingly, unfair and unethical practices performed by this company, something WILL be done. If you are in Oklahoma, contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Consumer Assistance/Claims Division, (405) 521-2991 or (800) 522-0071. They have been EXTREMELY helpful to me. PLEASE, do not hesitate to take action against this company's practices and, hopefully, make right the wrong this company is attempting to distribute!!!

My father passed in Sept 2012 with a $10K policy bought in the 1960s. About a 45+ year old policy. The base policy itself has been pay off for 20+ years. After almost a year of back and forth, my brother and I received a split check for the face value of the policy. No interest or payout of the other monies paid. I am still waiting on an explanation. The last one received was a joke, stating something about Texas law and IRS reporting. Things would not be that bad, if my father did have 2 other $10K policies not near that age that paid promptly with interest and invest payout totaling of over $100K. From what I can see, this company is a take the money run company. Sad, very sad.

I took out a $250,000 accidental death or dismemberment policy 20 years and four months ago. I auto-paid every month for 270 months. Now I get a termination of policy letter saying "American General has decided to exit the group insurance marketplace." They've accepted well over $10,000 from me and yet now they are terminating my policy. I think I'll contact the Attorney General! They should offer a refund of premiums!

After the initial sign up through my husband's job, I really have not had much contact. We receive an occasional mailing but other than that no contact. According to employees who have been with the company for a longer period of time, the company has a good reputation, which would suggest to me someone in employment or employee's family has experienced a death, sorry to say. This is all the experience we have had with AGLI. Thank you.

My policy was canceled because my quarterly payment was due on 10/15/13. My personal check cleared my bank on 10/17/13. They did not update my account till 10/24/13. I am a banker and know that a paper check takes at least 2 days to clear. American General had my $$ on 10/15/123. They requested medical records which I gladly sent.and then received notification that the policy could not be reinstated because of health reasons. Both my personal insurance agent and my attorneys tell me that after a policy is in effect 2 years, the company cannot cancel due to health reasons. American General may have been able to conduct business like this in the past because other elderly customers probably did not persist. I have contacted the state insurance commission with this complaint and am posting this on every consumer watchdog blog that I can find. I will not stop until I have a reinstated policy. I will see American General in a court of law. It will cost American General more than my policy amount.

My parents have an annuity account thru American General set up by Huntington Bank. In March, we requested a withdrawal form because they moved to assisted living and needed the funds. The account was to mature the first of April and we figured we would try to get all the paperwork ready ahead of time. Two requests and no withdrawal form was mailed. Finally in May, I went to the local branch of Huntington Bank and ask for them to get a faxed withdrawal form. They were very helpful and I finally got the form. On May 12th, we faxed the completed form along with the Power of Attorney papers. Two weeks later we received a letter saying we had to complete their internal POA papers before they could complete the withdrawal. On May 26th, the completed form and change of address was faxed back to American General. I was told once this was done the check would be in the mail in 5 to 7 days.

Now June 11th I received a letter that was sent to the old address dated June 1st saying they received the POA and would need written notification to discontinue the POA. Still no check. We have jumped thru all the hoops and they still have not released my parents' funds. My parents are 91 and 90 my father just suffered a stroke and they need their money. Do NOT ever put investment funds in American General. They will take your money but not release it. They are TERRIBLE to work with.

Someone forged my name on an accidental death policy of $50,000 and made themselves the beneficiary. I called and reported the incident and was told that there was nothing that they could do as long as the payments were being made. Policy number: **, Pamela **, beneficiary is Mary **. Also, this same person had two policies on my grandson (without my daughter's permission) who died in an horrible car accident at the age of four months. She collected on the policy and did not pay a dime towards the burial. I later found out that she has several insurance policies on other people and I am not sure that they are aware of it.

My mother made my brother and myself beneficiaries on an annuity she opened in 1995. I tried to liquidate it last year in April, but by the time I filled out all the paper work they needed, she died (August 2014). I had more paperwork now since I was now executor and not power-of-attorney (it changes when the policy holder dies). After more paperwork, getting said paperwork notarized, and more paperwork, I am still sick-to-my-stomach with more paperwork that they insist they need. My mother has been dead 6 months, and they are still STALLING!!!!! Unbelievable, and the supervisor, Carol ** promised she would take care of this herself during my last conversation with her (I broke down sobbing to her about my frustration with all this), then today she told me they needed even more information (a small estate affidavit) and that it had to got through the court system!

They would like me to give up on this, but they are fraudulent and I will take them to court if I have to. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER! I have a 3/4" stack of paperwork I have sent them over and over, and still no check! This is a very simple case and should have been resolved and paid last year. I cannot explain how much emotional and physical turmoil they've caused me!

I would not advise anybody to sign up for this company. I have been in this insurance company for almost 45 years. Every time you call customer service they give you the run around. I had a insurance policy changed over to my name with an agent, and now she claims she doesn't work for the company anymore. I was trying to cash in my policies and they are saying my name is not on the policy. I would not use this company. It’s a complete rip-off. Somebody really need to do something about this company.

I recently became the beneficiary of an Annuity. I have found it difficult to communicate with American General. They sent an initial packet of information. When I called to clarify how to fill out the form it was like catch 22. They would not talk to me until the form was submitted. I could not submit the form until I talked to someone. I ended up getting help from a third party. I was able to finally submit the claim form & they will talk to me about the open claim.

One thing I find annoying when there was an issue with a request, they just stop the process & never notified me. I only found out when I called because so much time had passed. My advice: don't assume things are progressing, call and verify. I feel I should add that I've been satisfied with the annuity itself, the interest actually pretty good. It's just the communication I've had with American General that I'm a bit dissatisfied with. I've not had an experience like this with any other entity.

I was calling for someone who wants to buy a policy, but wants to speak to a PERSON in a LOCAL office in certain cities in Texas. I called several numbers from the websites, and was on hold so long on each line, I would go try another. All these numbers actually seem to direct to the New York number. Someone finally answered one of them and wanted a policy number etc, after I told them I simply wanted to be able to contact a local agent. She did not have that info, but would redirect me to AIG's general number. NOOO, don't, I don't want to hold again. She punched something, and that line was... BUSY. And then disconnected. I think she hung up on me. I have read the reviews on this page, and I think if their service is worse than speaking to someone, FINDING someone, perhaps we should search elsewhere.

I have had this insurance for 5 yrs and they make it so difficult to file a claim that it's almost not worth it. In 5 yrs I've filled 3 claims and they only paid on one all the others were either lost or they just gave me the runaround to the point it wasn't worth fight with for a couple hundred bucks (yeah that's how bad they suck). By the way the one they did pay on the claim was handled by the agent who sold me the policy.

On March 3rd I sent an online payment of $500.00 to American General in error. On March 17th all proof of payment from the bank was sent & confirmed it was received. I was told it was being processed & I should have a check by April 23. After several more calls & on hold for 22/36 and 30 minutes with no answer, finally after a 42 minute hold I got a hold of someone in the Philippines, that of course put me on hold again. After another wait he told me it was being investigated. My policies are paid in full, no more premiums due. Since they know they have my money what is there to investigate?

I strongly object to the fact you cannot reach any customer service in this country & it take an unreasonable wait & that's if you're lucky enough to have someone answer. From many other reviews it looks like AGI keeps a lot of money they have no right to hold. I have not had one response of any kind in regards to my calls. IT IS MAY 11 and STILL NO MONEY. It is totally unacceptable. I WONDER IF THE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER KNOWS OF THEIR PRACTICES???

7 months ago we were changing ownership of policies. We were told by our local rep to fill out certain forms. Actually, he filled it out and sent it in. I come to find out the forms were filled out wrong and rejected, so he filled out the forms again and had us submit other forms needed to change ownership of policies. They were rejected again because the wrong person was named owner on the policy, so we had to do it a third time. The first time, one policy was supposed to be frozen as a paid up account. Because paperwork was not done correctly and it took three months to get it done correctly, the account was never frozen as paid, so money was taken out of the policy to pay premiums that were not even supposed to be due because it was supposed to be frozen.

Now 7 months later, they will not reverse money being taken out and this policy has now lost money because reps are not professional and did not know what they were doing. We have done everything they asked and the policies are still not right. Customer service has been of no help. Our local Cookeville, TN office has been of no help. In fact, they have been downright rude and at this point, are encouraging me to take the cash value of my policy and lose money. Their reps are the reason the policy and correct paperwork was not done, not mine.

I feel as if they are cheating me out of my money. The other two policies still do not have the correct owner on them as of today and every time we try to meet with the reps, they are late. If you call the 800 number, you are on hold half the day. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Please do your research before you take a policy out.

My 94 year old mother is in an assisted living facility, with fees of $4900.00 a month. I am her POA. These funds are needed to pay for her care in that facility. I called them about the process to obtain these funds on June 14, 2017. American General then faxed me a form called "Affadavit to Affirm POA." I was told their "legal department" would decide, upon receiving the required information, in 7-15 business days about receiving these funds. This form was notarized, and the form and POA papers were faxed June 19, and June 20, 2017 (one sheet was omitted and had to be sent on June 20).

I called them again 6-28-17 and was told the information was not yet "acknowledged" by their legal department. Called again 6-30-17 and was then told not yet acknowledged, and when (if) it was, it would be mailed to my mother's address, even though I have had all her mail formally changed at USPS to come to my home address, as I handle all of her correspondence, bills, etc. The woman I spoke to on 6-30 was difficult to understand, and only stated "I' sorry," numerous times.

Called again 7-12-17 to check status and was told that I would now need a "withdrawal" form to be signed and notarized. This form was notarized and faxed to American General 7-13-17. I have been in communication with this organization for one month, and do not appear to be any nearer in obtaining these funds. The individual I spoke to on 7-12 asked me to call back the end of the month to check the status. I am amazed at the poor customer support from this group. Can you help? These funds are needed NOW. Thank you for your time.

Worst company ever. Automatically renews a term policy (that came to the end of the term) without permission or notification, quadrupling my rate. Now, despite repeated phone calls and repeated assurances that they have cancelled the policy, they continue to charge me every month. I can't get them to stop!!! If there's a hell, I hope there's a nice toasty spot reserved for the employees of AIG.

My father went to change the beneficiary on his policy. The company wrote back and told him how much the cash surrender value was. My father decided to cash it in instead. That is when we started to get the runaround. They called me back and told me that the policy had been terminated and my father was not due anything. Long story short, it took every bit of three (3) months and many forms in order to cash in a policy that was well under $500.00 value. I would not recommend this company for any policy or product they might have. I still have every copy, plus all names and agent numbers for reference to prove what we went through. I would like to give them a minus 5 star rating.

I have had this insurance for 34 yrs and I did not have a problem with preconditions. My plan is very affordable. The customer service is quick, reliable and their staff is very very helpful. I would recommend them to all who need insurance and I have. So have folks check them out. I'm glad I did.

We are simply trying to receive the small life insurance benefit after the death of my mother-in-law on a policy owned by my father-in-law, with which he is the policy owner and beneficiary. After sending in the claims paperwork and death certificate, and after they confirmed they received everything, someone in the Phillipines... YES, IN THE PHILIPPINES... is now saying my father-in-law now needs to send them proof that he is the beneficiary. He doesn't even know where his policy is, but wouldn't they have the policy he has been paying on for years??! Very unsettling and extremely unprofessional, bordering on FRAUD.

I would not recommend anybody purchasing an AIG life policy, as it seems they just sell them off to a 3rd party that looks to rip off the insured. Now it is getting to the point where we will be filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner. I would never do business with AIG. Another small policy with a reputable company was paid out in about 2 weeks! Taking advantage of the seniors, especially after the death of a spouse, is criminal.

I have had a 30 year term life insurance policy with American General Life for 7+years. I paid my annual premium on time using the pay by phone service. I received a letter confirming my payment and it showed the correct policy number from American General Life and the funds were withdrawn from my account. Sixty days later I received two letters from American General Life (on the same day!!!): A "refund of unapplied payment" check and a "lapse of policy" notice. I called the American General Life the next day and explained this. Their records confirmed everything I said but they said they were unable to reinstate my policy without lengthy reinstatement forms being filled out and processed in spite of the fact that the problem was caused by their own error. They had my money in an "unapplied credit" account not applied to the insurance policy I TOLD them to apply it to.

The reinstatement forms are currently still in process but I have been unhappy that when I call with questions they give me the same response every time "an account specialist will contact you within 24-72 hrs", but I have never received a call from anyone from American General Life. WHY DID MY POLICY LAPSE WHEN THEY HAD MY FUNDS THE ENTIRE TIME? Why can't this company understand that my policy should NOT have lapsed? Very frustrated with the formal reinstatement that is apparently necessary. Customer service is not helpful. All correspondence lists a computer code for a signature, not a person that I could contact for help.

I have had a policy for over 10 years. This year when I mailed my premium on 11/28 I was told it was never received. I then mailed another premium on 1/5/18 and told on 1/12 and then again on 1/17 that neither payment had been received and my term life insurance policy was going to be cancelled. My ONLY choice at that time was to give them payment over the phone. Reluctantly I did so. Then on 1/23/18 they CASHED the check dated 1/5/18!! When I called, the first customer service representative hung up on me after stating it was MY fault the check was lost. The second representative was very professional, apologized and requested refund. NO WAY it is a coincidence that TWO checks went missing. There is an issue!!

This company is a scammer. I cashed in two policies and they continue to deduct money out of my account. I called them and they would not help me giving me the excuse because I no longer had insurance with them and no policy number. They could not help me. BUYER BEWARE!!! TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN!!! I now have to go to the bank and go through an extended process to get this stopped.

I'm trying to cancel my policy. Sent customer service a request via the message center in my online account. No response in three days. I'm currently calling in and I've been on hold for 40 minutes. Apparently there are 'higher than expected call volumes' 365 days a year.

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