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Exactly 30 days ago we initiated a claim. Three weeks ago we requested the fans be picked up. They needed to run for 72 hours. We have had them moved to the garage so my 83 year old mother won’t trip over them. Can’t get the adjuster to return our calls. But the claim says resolved and Nexxus got their check for nearly a thousand bucks. Where’s our check so we can get our damages repaired?
I am currently in process of a claim. I opened up the claim 5/4/2017. It took almost 2 months just to get an adjustor out. I also got a call saying that all is approved and we should be getting our first draw on the claim. I've called many times since. My claim is currently still open with no check received. We are now approaching Sept 2017. Consumers look for another homeowner's insurance company. We definitely will when it comes to our renewal.
Claim was completed timely, finalized and check sent before I could rebut their decision. I am fighting this decision and now I will not cash check as this would mean acceptance. AI is very hard to deal with and I know this is how some insurance companies operate. Wish it wasn't AI. After my second attempt to settle claim satisfactorily I will try another review.
I have yet to receive a call back in regards to my claim. I've called the adjuster 3 times now in a week and a half and can not get him on the phone or receive a call back. Last time I spoke to the operator she attempted to put me in touch with the manager of the department and they wouldn't even take my call. I've been a customer for 8 years now and can't even recieve information on the status of my claim.
I had significant damage with Hurricane Irma last year in one of the hardest hit counties in Florida. I was expecting to have a nightmare dealing with insurance over this. By the time I had service back to call and make a claim on September 19th, 2017, they had an adjuster out to my house within a week, I think about 4-5 days actually. In the three weeks after that I received a check in the mail for more than I expected to receive. They were truly a pleasure to deal with, and I honestly cannot believe I'm saying that myself. I also fully expected my rates to go up this year at renewal time because my claim was so large last year. Nope, it actually went down by a few hundred dollars. I probably just really lucked out on this one, and my time will come like the rest of the folks on here. But for now I can only give them gleaming reviews. And no, I can assure you 100% I don't work for this company. Fully honest review!
August 4, 2016 - September26,2016 I have lived in Florida 56 years,owned 5 homes .Have been insured by 2 Insurance Companies! Paid my premiums on time every year since owning my first home in 1972! Roof leaked due to bad ( dead valley) roofing terminology, damaged ceiling in bathroom as a result. Called my insurance company. Adjuster called ,sent service master out , dehumidifier and large fan in bathroom and hall to dry out moisture .Two days past , Equipment removed, no tarp installed ,rain storm on August 8,2016 .roof leaks again. Call adjuster ,did they tarp roof??? I said no!! vendor returns tarp roof incorrectly. Finally after a comedy of errors the second vendor tarps the roof correctly. I could get more detailed but it is pointless, other than feeling unimportant and JERKED around. The second Vendor Sky Restoration did a fine job after we hired a roofer to repair the leak in our roof. Enough said. I hope the adjuster at American Integrity Insurance Company has better success when his roof LEAKS, TOM MAINVILLE. PS .This was not a Hurricane.
Before I bought this home I had never heard of American Integrity. I had experience with State Farm and Liberty Mutual and Met Life. I was disappointed that previous insurer would not write a new policy in my state. My Insurance Agent suggested American integrity and I figured I would take anything for the closing and then shop around again. I'm glad I didn't change! When two tress fell on my house they did a lot of damage. Tamra, my adjuster for American Integrity had the trees removed later the same day, the roof covered with a tarp and contractor Howard Construction sitting down with me drawing up plans and setting dates. The service I received was so quick, so easy, and so through I was pleasantly surprised. The other insurers could and would not do what American Integrity did and American Integrity did so with no problems or aggravation. I would say with confidence, it's like it never happened. Thank-you Tamra , thank-you Howard Construction and a big THANK-YOU to American Integrity.
Great customer service and support.
Worst experience dealing with this company. I filed a claim for water damage with the firm. It took them forever to work on the claim. Reaching out to adjuster was even worst experience. Finally, when everything was settled and it was clear that they had to reimburse me for damages, they issued me a notice that I had filed my paper work incorrectly when I submitted my insurance application and therefore they will not only deny my claim, but also cancel my policy.
I'm very happy with the way American Integrity handled our claim for damage, which occurred during Hurricane Irma.
Literally the worst insurance company in FL. They denied my claim by sending out an inspector who would agree with them after the first one they sent out did not. The really sad part is my claim was really small. The CEO of this company Bob Ritchie should be ashamed of how his employees conduct business. I guess he is Ok with it as long as he gets out premiums.
It's no secret that insurance companies often get a reputation for being shady, cheap, and sometimes downright corrupt. I have been lucky to find that this is the exception more than the rule. I have had great success with my auto insurance, and my brother works for an extremely reputable company that serves its customers well. In recent days I have come to believe that American Integrity Insurance is responsible for every single negative insurance stereotype in existence. I have been insured by this company since 1999, and never had to file a claim till January 2015 for roof damage we estimated to have occurred in a mid-2013 hurricane. At that time, the adjuster came out and assessed the damage, which he wrote up as "a leak, and a few missing shingles". In their effort to pay out as little as humanly possible, American "Integrity" deemed the cause of the leak structural (on a brand new, early 2000s construction home) and offered to payout a whole $850 for the shingles, which would not have covered the materials, let alone labor, for just one of those issues. Fast-forward to this year. My roof sustained damage from Hurricane Irma: literally ALL our neighbors were having insurance-covered replacements/repairs done, regardless of whether they had recent roof work previously. Despite my previous disappointment with their service, I had the adjuster come out to file another claim. We believed the damage to be so bad that a roof replacement (at least a $7,000 expense) would be necessary. Sure enough, adjuster Taber Bansoyke told us "there was a lot of wind damage, particularly on the left side (side opposite the leak). Don't worry. The insurance should cover it, so all you have to pay is the deductible". I can only assume Taber's optimism was the result of having worked for different insurance companies which were NOT run by a bunch of crooks. We got a reality check in terms of this company's "integrity" a couple days later when we had the pleasure of talking with model employee, and expert of all-things-under-the-sun, Shenetta Burrows. After initially leaving a message that the company had a check ready for us, we called back the next day only to have her tell us they could not cover anything because we had filed a previous (2013) claim. Leaving aside the pathetic amount they paid in 2013, there seemed to be a real lack of understanding that the same roof can be damaged multiple times. Perhaps a google search of the word "hurricane" could've provided clarification, but apparently even this was above Shenetta's skill level. After we forced the issue, Shenetta said she would speak with her superiors, which, near as I can figure, meant she would have a Darth Vader-clone tell her exactly what to say to avoid paying a cent. After two days of no answer, we FINALLY got a hold of Shenetta. AI stuck with their claim denial, stating that the new damage was the result of our negligence for not getting the existing leak fixed. To be clear, we were told that not fixing a leak on the right side of the roof was responsible for all of the fresh wind-induced shingle damage, which according to their adjuster (and anyone with eyes) was mostly on the left side. The only thing I could compare this to would be having my appendix burst, and my doctor then claim this happened because I did not have a cavity filled. I guess maybe they were suggesting that us digging deep into our pockets to fix the leak would have created an alternate future where Hurricane Irma doesn't hit? That was the most logical argument I could come up with. On top of this, Shenetta could not have been more condescending throughout the conversation. She consistently accused us of being poor homeowners (understandable not to recognize the financial limitations of those NOT scamming people out of millions), and used her vast knowledge of engineering to try to support the laughable explanation for the company's decision. The best part, though, is that during the conversation, she revealed that her superiors had settled on the amount of $300 as the payout we would have gotten, had it not been for that previous claim. That's right. $300 for a hurricane-damaged roof that will cost a minimum of $7,000 to replace. I am not sure if they have anyone that can actually do arithmetic at American "Integrity", but that is a pretty big gap. Simply put, this company is awful personally and professionally. We will be switching for sure, as well as exploring possible legal options. My only hope now is that the roughly $40,000 we have contributed to these people over the past ~20 years can be written off as a charitable donation, since clearly there is zero chance that even under the most extreme circumstances (say, a natural disaster-induced state of emergency) they will pay out a claim.
American Integrity values its customers and honors the policy that is underwritten.
My honest xperience is this company is the worst. I read the reviews but didnt want to believe until i had it proven with my own eyes. company and claim adjuster Justin are the worst. I have no words to describe their lack of professionalism, i feel agravated but i wont stop, i will make sure every online portal hears about me and of course I am not going to renew my policy with this rippers.
Update....I was contacted and received a settlement payment. My only complaint is the depreciation amount deducted from the payment to repair my home. Very disappointed with American Integrity Insurance Group. Hurricane Irma damaged my roof and my home over one month ago. The day after Irma hit I filed a claim. Over one month later, I am still waiting to get help for coverage that I paid for. Numerous calls and emails go without response. Neighbors with other homeowners insurance already having their claims settled and roofs repaired. Totally unacceptable!
They take so long to process your claim that the damage becomes greater than you reported. I wish I could get another insurance but since I had a claim 2 years ago, no one give me insurance. It’s like pre existing condition for health insurance! It sucks!!!
I had a leak in the pipe of my Pool pump. Because of that all my flooring in house came up and needed completely to replaced. After delaying the situation for 3,5 month they said NO, its not sure that that was the reason, wo won't pay! And on top they canceled my contract! All I can say is Lucky me, so I don't need to do it by myself. Stay away from that cheating company. I wished I would have read all the reviews before I went to them!