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I have had this insurance for just about a year and a half. Suddenly, yesterday I get a notice that they are discontinuing selling individual insurance in OH. But, on their web site, I could still get a quote for individual insurance in OH.

I'm a bit frantic trying to find another policy before year end and am wondering what is going on with this company. I received some paperwork with the notice to get insurance immediately with Celtic, and if I don't sign the paper switching insurance, I am subject to underwriting. I have no idea what that means. With American Republic, I have a $3,000 deductible, with a rider that takes that to $0. But with the new company, I will have a $5,000 deductible. This is a huge difference in deductible and monthly premium. It doesn't make sense.

Beware of the latest notification from American Republic about them not being able to keep providing your PPO plans, and recommending Celtic Ins. The letter states that your policy will be canceled on 12/31/11. We signed up for a new insurance and were already billed for the month of January. When I checked my bank statement today, American Republic had taken another automated payment out of my account after notifying me that my type of insurance was canceled as of 1/1/2012. Luckily, I can prove we have new insurance but want to warn others to make sure to check that American Republic hasn't taken another premium payment when in fact, the insurance is supposedly "canceled." I pray that this is not a scam to enable them to collect an additional premium payment by some "fine print."

I love some of the nonsense on here. American Republic is about to go bankrupt? It was the most financially stable company during the recession. They're a C or D rating? Try a A-, the 4th highest in the country. People just hear things and feel the need to spew their same old nonsense. You need to educate your self, people.

It's really sad when people make mistakes and are saddled with large insurance bills, but much of what has been said on here is just a flat-out lie. Be honest about your history.

Oh, and nobody's insurance was "dropped." American Republic teamed up with Celtic in order to provide a lower rate on its Major Medical, something it's done. My premiums went down. Now for the big boys and girls who can read what's written, they'd have seen that they're not just being dropped, they're being offered the opportunity to be transferred with guaranteed renewal to Celtic while still using their American Republic. Simple as that.

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