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I went on their website to find a provider. Out of the nine I called six had the wrong number, two was not even the doctor that was on the website. One claimed not to accept the insurance. When you try to call Amerihealth they just leave you on hold all day.

I signed up on easily in Dec. and paid Jan. premium. Set up ACH payment from my money market and they took next payment Jan 29. Okay. Now I went online to check some info since I'm having a procedure done this week, and I get a message that "Unfortunately you are no longer a member and your online account has been disabled" WTF??? I check my MM acct. and I don't even see an attempt for payment for March. They screwed up, today is the weekend and like ALL insurance co. no one is ever there to help on weekends. They make billions and cannot provide that??? Now I am anxious and won't be able to sleep till tomorrow when I can call. And because of the snow, my guess is they won't be there to answer the phone!!!

After canceling my insurance plan (as my current employer now provides coverage) I continue to be charged monthly by AmeriHealth. Not only have they continued to bill me, I have spent hours on hold, multiple times, and only to get nowhere.

Stay away!!! Terrible customer service! Insanely rude! They will flat out lie to you and fight with you on the phone. Signed up for a policy via The policy did not match what they displayed on their website. Which means they showed I was covered for services I was not. Each time I called Amerihealth, I would get a completely different story. At one point, the CSR told me I have no coverage (couldn't even visit a hospital) if I was outside of the service area.

Finally, a CSR (confirmed with the supervisor) told me that I could visit a doctor that would be covered under my medical plan. They gave me the address and name of the doctor I could visit. I make and attend the appointment. THE CLAIM GETS REJECTED. They told me the info that is listed on my medical cards AND the policy on the Amerihealth website under my login is not correct. They also said the rep was incorrect for giving me the information and they refuse to pay the claim. To top it off, I was told it's MY fault for not knowing if the doctor would be covered under medical. They said I should have known that the info was incorrect on the website and my medical cards. Please stay away from this company. The CSRs are terribly rude and will yell at you.

We signed up over a month ago and still don't have ID cards. My kid is sick and needs to go to the doctor. I was on hold for over an hour, and transferred back into the hold line twice, before a representative was finally willing to help locate our member and group numbers.

I actually liked this company and had always recommended them to friends. But you really come to learn about a company when you try to close your account. I now getting benefits through another provider and have been trying to close my Amerihealth account. I have been given the runaround for 2 weeks and still no cancellation. Instead they keep charging my account for payment. I would recommend that you stay away from Amerihealth.

Please investigate this company that is so incompetently run. After you pay online, you cannot reach anyone. The telephone is always busy, and no one can verify or send coverage information. It is a crying shame to pay $2,300 for a monthly policy and receive no information or get through to the company. It makes me embarrassed to be an American. Medicine in this country is all about making as much as you can and ripping off as many people as possible, as quickly. The CEO should be sued and investigated by the state. I would imagine she is too busy shopping for a new Mercedes E class 2015 to really care about running a company properly or not.

I enrolled with them via and the website said I'd be contacted within a couple days. 5 days later I called them because I had heard nothing. After a considerable wait, I was told that my info hadn't been processed and to call back today (more than 9 days since original enrollment). I have been on the phone on hold with them for an hour and a half now. I spoke with someone an hour ago, and after I carefully explained my situation I was quickly put on hold again. If you have this much call volume then maybe you should hire some more people. I sincerely doubt you'll have trouble finding qualified people in this market. In the mean time I will be switching to another company.

I absolutely recommend to purchase this plan. First of all, they give you the best plans for the price. Believe me, I did research last year, and this year too. Nothing beats Amerihealth. 0 deductibles, 0 coinsurance? Show me another plan in NJ having that, you won't find any! We use this plan for the second year. Me and my children visited doctors multiple times, labs, tests, I even had microsurgery. Plan covered everything as promised with 0 headache.

But let me mention the Cons too. They have the worst possible customer service. So signing up for Amerihealth can be really painful and time consuming. It took us almost a year to solve all mistakes they made during application for the plan. Once that done, I can say only good things about this company. They cover everything as promised. No need to call and beg for something. 100% Happy!

It took three days before I could reach someone about my invoice. They are ruined and unprofessional. I still have not have my invoice problem resolved. You can never reach them on the phone ever. I will not pay my bill and I am will be dropping this awful company. They have gotten over 1600.00 dollars from me in two months. I think this is what they do. They get you for money and then give you horrible service. I wish I never got involved with this company EVER.

I have an individual exchange plan with Amerihealth. Recently, they sent me a new ID card with a new account number with a letter that advised me to activate the card by phone and dispose of the old card which I did. I pay my premiums by direct debit but for some reason they did not debit my account for September. When I called customer service I was given the runaround. One rep told me that they had no record of my account. Another rep told me that they were changing to a "new system" and that I would have to re-register for premium debits or I might lose my insurance! I tried to re-register but was put on hold and eventually disconnected.

Their website was down and I could not pay my premium online or by phone. At no time was there any written communication to me that I had to re-register. Now I am worried that because I am not able to pay my premium I may not have health insurance and all because they are so poorly managed! Their communications to their customers is the worst of any health insurance carrier that I have ever used.

I have tried to get approved providers to go to and have consistently over many days and many efforts not been successful. This company is terrible and I will not be with them in 2016. I sure hope other insurance companies are better, although it would almost be impossible to be worse.

We signed on with amerihealth through the market place when we were forced out of our old plan. We did receive a subsidy so let me state that we are grateful for that. The policy was sold to us with vision care. My account online states that my family has vision care. The site directs us to Davis Vision in which we have to choose our provider from their list. Upon calling three different providers on the list two said they don't accept Davis Vision and didn't understand why their names are on there. The third did accept and proceeded to take my acct number so she could verify that I actually have vision. Imagine my surprise when she called back and said "you're not covered". She asked that I call to clarify this which I did. Are you ready for this response? Not only do I NOT have vision, I'm forbidden to get it through my subsidized policy. I'd have to buy a separate vision policy if I wanted those benefits.

I took snapshots of my acct where it clearly states I have vision along with my ID card that states I have vision benefits. This policy was sold to us with these benefits. I'm sure I'm not the only one since the woman to whom I spoke with said this has been happening time and time again. This should be investigated big time. The woman at Amerihealth went to double check this for me but when she came back to the phone she said that she already knew the answer to this since she has dealt with this quite a bit throughout the last few months. Last time I checked when you put something into your policy and it's stated on your account, you should be able to depend on receiving "it". Talk about fraud! What to do next...

I signed up with Amerihealth via In the first few months I really had issue with customer support. I couldn't even get down to paying my monthly premium. To some extent I could understand that as they could have been bombarded by subscriber because of the new health care law. The real issue I have is, them not covering prescription drugs they claim they do. I check the drug name on their website whether they cover before I signed up. That is one of the reasons why I signed up. They are giving me a run around in accepting my doctor authorization letter. I have been trying to do this almost every other day for the last two months. My doctor has faxed the letter to 8886715285 multiple times. When I call 8886787012 to check if they have received it, they tell me they have not. They are just too cold about it and say "well, we haven't received, there is nothing we can do." Come on! We live in a techy age. When my fax machine is giving positive sent reports how come they cannot receive it? I think the idea is to have the consumer keep trying and finally the consumer will drop dead!

I was an unlucky owner of Amerihealth insurance for 2 years. I was at the doctor maybe 5 times, and had problem with 3 payments. They didn't want to pay for the PCP visits, all the time they see some problems with the doctors, or they were unable to change my name in the system for 1.5 year! After spending a huge amount of time, they did it. Then I change the insurer.

AmeriHealth Insurance should, I repeat, should not be in business. Every facet of their operations, from customer service, to claims, approvals for imaging, to centers where a patient can go to be scanned or seen by a physician, you are harassed by someone in a letter of disapproval. They are the WORST HEALTH INSURANCE CO. I EVER ENCOUNTERED. I had to report them to the state on two occasions. Please if you have AmeriHealth, run to a different provider even if it costs more.

I've had this insurance for roughly 3 years now and I would give just about anything to switch to another company. I'm covered by them due to the Medicaid expansion under the ACA, which at first seemed like a blessing, but this company is a literal circus. When I went to fill my prescription on Tuesday, I'm told that my prior authorization had run out so they were denying me until it went through (which almost always takes a week or more). They're currently breaking Pennsylvania law regarding prior authorization that the governor just recently implemented for Medicaid recipients. As of the signing of that law, insurance companies who are part of Medicaid cannot deny someone their medication as part of medication assisted recovery due to a prior authorization. AKA prior auths are now illegal for MAT.

When I tried to tell them that, I get the run around and some BS excuse that the call center employee just made up on the spot. My pharmacist even told them the same thing and they lied right to him, claiming my medication wasn't included in that law (and the law was made specifically for that kind of medication). I'm currently crippled with sciatica and 8 months pregnant and cannot go without this medication, this medication is life sustaining by some standards, but that doesn't seem to matter to these people. I was fortunately approved for a 5 day emergency supply of medication thanks to my wonderful pharmacist fighting for it, but the problem is, I can't get the rest of my meds until Sunday, when my pharmacy is closed. So they tried to put it through for Saturday, and of course they won't even approve that.

So now I need to make two extra trips to the pharmacy or go without my medication for a day and a half thanks to their asinine prior authorization policy WHICH IS ILLEGAL. I always thought the prior authorization requirement was stupid to begin with... obviously the doctor already approved it and thinks I need it, otherwise he wouldn't have written the script. Why do they need the doctor to repeat themselves to prove that I require this treatment? It's clearly a ploy to get people to get frustrated and give up so they don't have to pay for my treatment, but I'm not giving up and I am reporting them to anyone I possibly can. I've had other issues in the past with them not wanting to cover my birth control (this was prior to the ACA).

About a year ago I get a letter from them stating that my medication was no longer covered because the doctor was located outside my home county and that I needed to find a doctor within that county. The problem is there are no doctors in that field in my county. When I told them that, they basically called me a liar and said "oh there has to be at least one in your county"... but there isn't.

So they finally approved another doctor... who's over an hour away (as opposed to the doctor 30 minutes away that I was seeing). After I finally leave my old doctor and get in with the new one, I get another letter telling me to disregard the first one, that I could keep my old doctor. Best believe I called these people screaming like a lunatic. They made me fight for weeks, making dozens of phone calls daily, sitting on hold and losing my mind all for nothing. This company is a joke and if you have the option to go elsewhere for insurance, do it. You'll get nothing but a headache from Amerihealth.

Amerihealth administers a mail order prescription through Futurescripts. FS has a computer glitch where it is not accepting my credit card from my HSA account. I had to figure this out by researching with my Visa (HSA) people and they told me why they were denying the card. Futurescripts was not sending over secure data with the established IIAS (whatever that is.) So I had to give the systems folks at Futurescripts the information.

Any attempt to do anything with my scripts (reorder, check status, etc.) is prevented by the pop-up message and so I am out of two cholesterol drugs.

Everyone knows there's a computer problem, but no one seems concerned and will do a workaround and perhaps take an order by paper while their systems engineers fix this. It's been three weeks and I've got complaints filed with NJ Department of Insurance and PA Pharmacy board.

They spent two weeks blaming me for not knowing how to use their website until I went back to them with the explanation of the problem. Even if I were a blithering idiot, is that a reason I should be denied or be delayed in getting my scripts?

Nightmare with this company. I bought it through Obama care. I spent only 5 minutes with my doctor in 2015 but at least 20 hours with AmeriHeath solving my date of birth problem they created and premium payment. Every time they told me the problem would be resolved in 3 to 5 days, but it has been two months and I am out of medication and I had to cancel all my doctor appointments. I wonder if there is any responsible person out there and does not lie.

This is the worse insurance company anyone could chose, including myself. I was hospitalized for 3 days and they are not covering services! In the hospital! All of my medications (I am a type 1 diabetic) are not covered by this insurance AT ALL. Customer service is a JOKE, just horrible.

I am the group plan administrator for this plan. It was effective 1/1/2015. One employee had minor surgery in March and was denied for no pre-authorization. The surgeon, hospital, etc. are all still attempting to get paid as they obtained pre-authorization. Another employee obtained a referral from his primary care physician for 3 months of chiropractic care. The employee has not been able to continue his treatment as his first three visits were denied for no referral! The office manager has repeatedly resubmitted the referral but the claims are still denied. When called, an AmeriHealth customer rep told the employee, "yes we have the referral" but the claims are still denied. I will be taking this up with the NJ State Department of Ins.

I signed up on the government website ( in March of 2014. Was told by site we have coverage and a bill will be sent to us. Our old policy WAS NOT AVAILABLE anymore with new Obama Care. What happened with "YOU STILL CAN KEEP YOUR PRESENT POLICY"? Anyway we went on the site and sign up. For 3 weeks now we have been trying to reach Amerihealth to see when a bill will be sent out and when we can expect coverage. The Confirmation stated coverage starting June 1st. Every time we call we are put into a never-ending hold pattern, hear "ALL REPRESENTATIVES ARE STILL BUSY. PLEASE CONTINUE TO STAY ON THE LINE."

1st time we called waited 45 minutes, no answer; 2nd time 1-1/2 hours, no one picked up; 3 time 45 minutes, no one picked up. Today 4/16/14 30 minutes, so far no one picking up. This is a private business, not a government agency. No excuse, and the plans not cheap either. Maybe a total government takeover is necessary. It appears this is a ploy to get everyone aggravated with the new healthcare system, so the companies can go back to the old programs and rake in the bucks. Or as FOX News would state, Obama is manning the phones at Amerihealth.

Purchased insurance thru the marketplace 2013 for 2014. My experience with Amerihealth NJ has been nothing but stress and aggravation. They switched my plan from the one that I picked thru the marketplace. They have yet to get my bill correct. You sit on hold forever. There is no customer service. This company needs to be investigated and shut down!!! We are into November now and no correction. I paid what I know my premium is minus the subsidy. Called my bank and blocked any attempt by Amerihealth to withdraw any funds. Worst company ever!!!

On June 27th, I discovered on that my son's health insurance was cancelled on March 31, 2014. I continued to receive by mail monthly billing statements and payment due as usual up to and including June 2014. Had I not looked on his account online, I would have never known of this termination. I called insurance company and after staying on hold for over 45 minutes I finally spoke with someone in customer service. Told I had to hold on to be transferred to Member Services. Spoke with Member Services and was told they sent out three letters informing us of the termination because it did not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act minimum coverage and that we should select another insurance plan.

The new law states that Individual Plans have until the Anniversary date in 2014 before they have to switch (I have September and they have April). We never received any such letters and the period of time called the "life event" period only allows you 60 days from date of termination. I spoke with a "manager" and was told the letters were sent and when she checks the file as to the dates they were sent, she would call me to re-confirm the fact that there was nothing they could do to help me. In my defense, I explained I never received any notice. I did received billing statements and continued to make payments up to and including June 2014. We also received a new health insurance card in April 2014 (a month after they terminated the insurance).

Bottom is he said she said and the ball is in their court (as I was told). They also informed me that a refund check was processed for all of the payments I made. Question??? Isn't the fact that I am getting a refund check proof that I never received notice(s) of termination? Why would anyone continue to pay for something they no longer had... and... why would the company continue to accept my payments and send me statements in the mail that I did receive??? Because the 60-day period has passed, I cannot get Health Care for my son until open enrollment in October 2014.

He had Labs done at Lab Corp on June 26, 2014 and used his insurance card without any problems. Lab Corp is the lab he must use and when they swiped his card as usual, all was fine. This was the day before we discovered he was terminated. I was told we will have to pay for the labs out of pocket. I need the copies of the supposed three letters sent to me. I have asked but have not received. My son will have no healthcare from now until open enrollment in October.

The biggest problem I have had with Amerihealth happened back in July. On July 4th I was released from the hospital with 7 broken ribs and a broken wrist. I was in severe pain for weeks and on July 14th my Doctor wrote me a prescription for a stronger Fentanyl patch. My plan it turned out required prior authorization. The pharmacist faxed my Dr. the phone number to call at Amerihealth which they did and were told the necessary document would be faxed to them. By 4pm they had not received the document. I call customer service and was given a total runaround.

I explained that my Dr. needed the required form for the prior-authorization. I was asked a few questions and put on hold. When the representative came back on the phone she said they have no record of a prior-authorization being submitted so I explained again my Dr. needed the form. I was put on hold again and she came back with the same comment. This happened about three times. I hung up and went online to see if I could find the form, but I was not able to determine the correct one to use so I called again and got the same runaround. On this time it was worse. The representative put me on hold and when she came back she said she called my Dr.s office and asked them if they could go online and get the form themselves. They refused.

I asked the representative if they could fax or email the form to me and she had no idea how to do that or who to ask for help. By this time my Dr's office was closed and I was in too much pain to wait another day, so we paid for the prescription ourselves, it cost us $231.11. The complete incompetence of Amerihealth representatives in this matter is appalling. My first call to Amerihealth lasted 20 minutes and the second lasted 33 minutes.

I had to pay for prescriptions even though I had reached my out of pocket maximum because Future Scripts computer was not talking to Amerihealth's Insurance. Almost a year later Future Scripts will not return my funds. I will be on Social Media and TV. I've been working on this for almost 8 months.

Amerihealth NJ continues to send my husband invoices even though we never enrolled In Amerihealth, no longer live in New Jersey, and we have been enrolled in another plan (Oscar) from Day 1. That doesn't stop Amerihealth NJ from sending us invoices for hundreds of dollars 'past due.' This company is a scam and should be closed by the government. I don't understand how it is allowed to operate. I fear that confused consumers might think this is a legitimate business and be forced to pay these fake invoices.

I had purchased my Amerihealth plan through the marketplace in May of 2014. The approval was quick and I made my first payment with my Visa card all in the same afternoon. A week later, I received a letter from the marketplace stating my approval and the amount of my subsidy. I waited another week before inquiring about my Amerihealth card and booklet. I was told that even though they had withdrawn from my Visa, and gave me a confirmation number 2 weeks earlier, I was not yet in the system, BUT that my coverage (that I paid for) would be retro to the 1st. That is just about as useless as anything.

So I waited another week to ask about my card and was told they would be sent out in 7-10 business days. When I asked about my booklet, I was told the same thing. My cards did come (over a month after I signed on and wasted a month's payment) but I never received a booklet. Another call. Held on the line nearly 45 minutes just to be told that one would be sent in another 7-10 business days. Nothing came. Called again. Asked for supervisor. Was told that she (the supervisor) would contact the company that handles the booklets and have one expedited for me. She did keep her word and did call me back a few hours later to tell me I should be receiving one within the next couple of days via UPS. 6 days later I did get a "booklet" in the mail, NOT UPS. It was copy paper stapled together. Oh well with that, at least I had one.

Now... billing issues. I also had never received a bill. When I contacted them for that, they verified my address and said I should have received one. I explained again that I didn't and asked to make a payment over the phone. I was placed on hold a second time (30 mins) and was transferred to Billing. I gave all of my information again and told her I was going to be paying with my Visa card. NOPE. Apparently they want your banking information. Routing number and account number. That is the ONLY way to make a payment online or over the phone (unless when they are reeling you in with that first payment... eh-um..paid with my Visa). So due to not having a bank account, my ONLY option is to purchase a money order and send it to some shady PO box in Philadelphia. This company is a joke and it is a chore to manage your account. I haven't even needed to use it yet and it is a headache. Come on open enrollment (Nov. 15th)!

As a result of being thrown off of my current plan (Aetna), I signed up for the Amerihealth Plan Silver Pos+ some three weeks ago. I have tried to contact AmeriHealth to ascertain when my account would be established. In the three instances that I called, I was placed on hold for over thirty minutes. When the representative came on I asked if there were enough staff members to handle the volume of calls. I was treated poorly after that - no apology or explanation. If this behavior is representative of what Amerihealth has to offer, I am not sure I will continue with them when my policy renews. In the end I found out that my registration had been accepted and will become effective at the first of the month.

Joined Amerihealth NJ after my Cobra Ended in July 2013. Since then I paid them a $1450 monthly fee. As of today they have not paid for any of our services. If I am in PR they don't pay, if we go to the doctor office they don't want to pay, Medications, they don't want to pay. The last one on medications is went to Walgreen's to get my Blood Pressure Medication as I did for 5 years to find out Amerihealth NJ said they won't pay for the medication, they wanted the pharmacist to call the doctor and change my medication for something generic. This was during Thanksgiving weekend so no doctor available.

Had to pay $175 for medication and still waiting for resolution. Latest one is we received letter from them Dec 11 saying that my policy is going to be up over $200 a month due to OBAMA CARE!!! My Question is: How is possible that companies like AmeriHealth NJ abuse and exploits New Jersey Families in such a way and nobody do anything about it? Is there any Government Office here to protect us?

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. It is next to impossible to get them on the phone. Just got a bill from our Dr. Husband went for office visit to the P/C and they PAID NOTHING, $0. Have been on hold for 30 minutes now waiting to find out what the problem is. Also asked for a member guide 3 or so times, when I was on hold for over 30 minutes. Was told it would be in the mail. NEVER CAME. Emailed Customer Service several times, NO REPLY. I am very worried that if I need serious medical care I will not receive it.

Unfortunately, I chose AmeriHealth for 2018 because the monthly premium was $100 less per month than Horizon BC/BS. What a mistake. I have never had such a bad experience with any company in my life and as this is regarding my healthcare, it is important. A few examples: On hold yesterday for 45 minutes and never got anyone to pick up, had a question on coverage, they outsource Customer Service, despite having autopay from my bank, I've received letters that I'm not covered for non-payment.

Not all the routine blood tests done with my annual preventative exam were covered. I was surprised when I got a bill for lab work, as was my Primary Care Physician. Other preventative tests normally done (and paid by Horizon BC/BS) were not done because my MD knew Amerihealth would not pay. Their negotiated contract rates with providers are terrible. I paid $74 for an ultrasound last year with Horizon; with Amerihealth I have to pay $219 for the SAME test. What a mistake to select this provider. They should NOT be permitted to operate in NJ (or anywhere). Another 5 months, 3 weeks. Can't wait for open enrollment. Warning: DO NOT SELECT AMERIHEALTH.

Where to begin is really all I can say without writing a book. From day 1 choosing to have coverage with this company was the worst decision I ever made. Besides the worst customer service I have ever experienced, they have an outside billing company called Accolade; this company has no clue what is going on. Every month my payment was submitted prior to due dates, I would then get an invoice/bill that stated I owed (1) month payment... A few days later I would receive an invoice stating negative balance; no payment due... Another few days, get another stating that I owed (1) month.

Every month... literally every month that I received an invoice I would be on the phone waiting for an hour to straighten out Accolade... Ridiculous and they should all be locked up - they ended up canceling my policy due to non-payment; but they sent my payment back to me... How no payment when you sent me money back? FOOL ME ONCE, KARMA IS A ** AND YOU WILL GET YOURS... CORPORATE GREEDY **!

I am writing this review on their recent billing and my last 6 mos. with Amerihealth. When we started with Amerihealth in July of 2014, they couldn't get our start date correct so we were double billed until Dec. 2014. This despite me calling repeatedly to straighten it out wasting hours on end. I literally was in tears some days with them being bounced to department, etc. Never mind the fact that while doing so, they cancelled my insurance on me twice. TWICE! Once I found out while checking in to the doctors office. Then whenever a claim went through, it wouldn't be processed correctly. Once again back to waiting forever to straighten that out. They would tell me they were in the wrong and would reprocess it. Great! However, they would get it straightened out only to several months. Later, for some reason, they would take their money back from the doctor's office saying it was a mistake. Back to square one again!

Now on to the billing. When I didn't receive an invoice for Jan. by the end of Dec. I called. They told me bills wouldn't be out until around the 7th of Jan. I didn't receive mine until the 20th of Jan and I promptly paid it. They cashed my check on the 23rd and then on the 27th sent me a threatening past due notice. How funny that the letter states it was due on Jan. 1st and is now overdue and my policy may be terminated. Not only did they say I was overdue for Jan. but also for Feb. which is due Feb. 1st. Who in this world makes these letters up? Please don't blame a computer as somebody is generating these. Every month I have to call and waste my time trying to straighten out THEIR mess. For this aggravation, we pay over $1,400 a month.

As per my experience in dealing with AmeriHealth, I found the company to be uncommunicative, penny pinching beyond belief and unwilling to live up to their policy commitments. The company appears to be unable to offer anything qualifying as decent customer service; getting a valid and reliable answer from this entity has been an impossibility. I have never dealt with a more anti-consumer company than this and am so pleased to be able to move on to a decent company. BUYERS BEWARE!

I have amerihealth insurance. I have a serious condition called cholesteatoma I need surgery for. I need a radical mastoidectomy done. It's an advanced infection and neither my ear drum or bones can be saved. I will also need to get an implant in the future so I can hear. I have to wait till Aug 31 just to talk to the Dr about my ct scan results and I already have them. If you don't get this surgery done fast enough you can get a brain abscess or meningitis which can be fatal. Why would a Dr who swore under oath wait on this? I have headaches every day and now I'm getting bloody noses when I wake up. I really feel this is an insurance issue because they wouldn't even help me find a ENT surgeon to begin with.

I called Amerihealth yesterday regarding a letter I received dated 12/6/16 from them informing my subsidy credit was reevaluated for more $ for my plan I chose for the year 2017. My invoice that went up considerably from my 2016 plan did not reflect the reevaluation amount (credit). I was told it was not from them (Amerihealth) and they do not reevaluate and a third party call was patched in with the market place that also denied sending it. It was from Amerihealth signed by the CEO. Does the right and left hand know what it is doing at Amerihealth?? I didn't send the letter to myself! I am taking my complaint to my local Senator's office!

Amerihealth Insurance is the worst medical insurance I have ever had. I have been with Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ for many years and never had a claim processing issue. With Amerihealth, it is a nightmare!!! Examples: 1. I am told to go to Lab Corp for routine blood work. I did, over a month ago, and they processed it as a Tier 2 facility and I am told to pay the bill ($497.00+). I called Amerihealth and they stated they will reprocess. Sure they will, I received an EOB stating Denied. Now I have to deal with Lab Corp with a credit card and Amerihealth who still has not paid the claim.

2. I had a medical emergency, but instead of going to a hospital 6 miles away, (of course Amerihealth doesn't cover this facility), my wife drives me 40 miles to a Tier One hospital. I end up with the bill because Amerihealth states I had a Tier Two doctor look at me. First of all, I am in the ER and have very little to no choice of picking who the doctor is or was going to be. So, I am stuck with the bill even though my wife drove 40 miles to a Tier One facility. As of this review, Amerihealth has not taken care of the issue or paid this bill.

3. My local doctors are no longer Tier One doctors according to Amerihealth. So, I find a Tier One doctor, specialist, 40 miles away. My wife drives me to the doctor, very good doctor, but I receive a bill because Amerihealth codes him as Tier Two even though their website states Tier One. As of this review, that has not be taken care of or paid by Amerihealth. I worked in the insurance industry for over 22 years and as an officer of the company, this would never have been tolerated. Amerihealth on the other hand, doesn't seem to care.

I purchased Amerihealth insurance through the Marketplace. It was the worst decision I have made through my 62 years of life. My insurance went into effect 5/1/14, though it took an additional two months for my pharmacy to accept it because Amerihealth typed in the wrong birthdate. It was a "simple" matter of Jan 16 typed in as Jan 15. I was told by a customer representative that it would take two weeks for the correction to be made. It never was.

In early summer, I developed a benign tumor on my left cheek. My ENT doctor does not accept Amerihealth but because I trust him I paid out-of-pocket for his office visits. When it came time for tests, I used AmeriHealth with its rather large deductible so in effect I was still paying out-of-pocket. The tumor grew to the point of it affecting my hearing and became painful. Once again I went to my ENT doctor who informed me that surgery would be necessary. He then referred me to a colleague who did accept AmeriHealth.

In all fairness, during this time, I became delinquent with a few payments because of the out-of-pocket expenses. AmeriHealth sent me a letter stating that I was behind in my payments and that the sum of $900+ dollars was needed. In that letter they stated their "concern" and guaranteed me that I would not be dropped if payment were made prior to Dec 20, 2014. I paid them immediately on Nov. 24 and the check was cashed on Nov. 27.

Meanwhile, I followed my ENT doctors advice and ent to a doctor who DOES accept AmeriHealth. I was scheduled for surgery on Dec. 5. Everything went well until... billing time! The hospital informed me that my insurance was not valid and that AmeriHealth had dropped me for non-payment! Every other bill I get says the same thing. I received the letter that I was being dropped, post marked DEC. 13.

Now I am looking at a $59,000 hospital bill and about another $30,000 dollars of tests, participating physicians, etc. Once one gets sick, watch out! This company will use every tool at its disposal to screw you over. They Do NOT want to pay anything. I could go on and on about the deception used but I am going to have to save that for my attorneys to deal with. And as a final "kicker" I just got a letter yesterday from them requesting payment to continue my coverage in 2015!!! I will go to the MarketPlace and be sure NOT to select these thieves!

Updated on 5/21/2015 - I will make this as short as possible: When "Obamacare" or the "Affordable Health Care Law" went into effect I signed up... went through the initial glitches, etc., thinking "this is great!" because my former medical insurance payments got ridiculously high. Because the initial site was ill-prepared to handle the influx, I decided call the 800 number and sign up by phone. The representative I spoke to was ILL-ADVISED!!! She entered the wrong numbers regarding my income (entered GROSS not NET) and so I was FORCED to purchase my insurance from providers and I chose Amerihealth at $192 a month in NJ.

In May of 2014 I developed a tumor suddenly... A hospital visit to Hackettstown Hospital in the emergency room led to an ER-doctor saying to "not worry... go home and eat lemons" ... (I assumed a calcium build was on his mind, because my Dad had this problem as well). But for that 15 minutes of "sage advice" I was billed about 2 months of wages. ENTER AMERIHEALTH. I slowly slipped and got behind a few months in my payments for premiums I was taking care of the bills stacking up for their Co-payments, I received a letter from Amerihealth stating that I was behind my premiums and that they would not cancel my coverage if I paid by Dec.10, 2014.... I sent them a check and thought all was OK. The check was cashed (proof available) on Nov. 28.

On Dec. 5 I went into surgery at Hackettstown Hospital. No one thought there was a problem... I spent 2 days in the ICU unit and 1 one day in Recovery before I was dismissed. The VERY NEXT DAY Hackettstown Hospital called me up and told me that AMERIHEALTH dropped my policy on 9/30/2014. They would pay NOTHING. AMERIHEALTH continued however by even revoking bills they paid to LabCorp, etc., even to the point of using the excuse of "unnecessary" for my family doctor to request blood transfusions!

And... if this isn't bad enough... what did Amerihealth do with my payments to secure my insurance... The GREEDY ** that run this Insurance Agency took my payments and applied them to a NEW INSURANCE POLICY for 2015 that I DID NOT WANT! Including a letter that stated that (paraphrased) states that since there was a "lapse" in my insurance, that they would consider any and all requests for payments for this issue to be void. THANK YOU AMERIHEALTH! You have placed me into a $95,000 debt! I am in the process of hiring a legal team to look into this matter... but I have little hope.... Debt collectors call everyday... incessantly... and I know that I cannot tell them to contact my lawyers until a case is actually filed. (And I am sure it WILL BE!!!) I advise EVERYONE that is shopping for health company at all cost.

Amerihealth took 7,000 of our $$ bank receipts shows our payment. Husband was informed at the hospital he was ineligible. Hours trying to figure out what the issue was. Tons of call to ins co. Not one supervisor ever returned my call. Finally reach supervisor bank statements show month payments over 2,000 a month paid and we were dropped as of 11.1.15 with any knowledge! I recently had 2 surgeries done one in December 15 and last week. Advised they will send info to reinstate could take up to 72 hours! Meanwhile 5 family members with medical issues no coverage yet. Amerihealth has my payments! Very upset!! Still no answers to where our $$ is!!!

I have been a customer with Amerihealth for over 10 years and will never be a customer of theirs again. My coverage was canceled due to late payment, however, I received no notification of termination and continued to receive invoices from them and they continued to deposit my checks for months following. They claimed they "issued a refund" when in reality they held on to over $4,000 worth of checks before I had to finally request that they send me my money back. When I asked why I never received a clear notification of termination, they claim that they are not required to notify their customers of termination or of termination dates. NOT REQUIRED TO NOTIFY THEIR CUSTOMERS OF TERMINATION??? Let that one sink in a minute.

However, upon further investigation it clearly states in their member's rights section that members "have the right to prompt notification of termination or changes in benefits". Amerihealth clearly violates their own stated policies. What kind of company can just cancel someone's coverage without being required to clearly notify them of when and why and leave them without health coverage or any way to reinstate said health coverage!? These are people's lives they're dealing with not just some small insignificant thing. This company should be more than ashamed of themselves and their backward ideas on how to treat their consumers. I will never use or recommend this company to anyone ever again. Disgraceful.

Stay away! Far away from this company!! The customer service is the worst of any company I've ever dealt with!! Trying to call their support team at ACCOLADE, is a LITERAL "WASTE OF TIME". You will sit on the phone for hours, then when someone answers and takes ALL your info, will transfer you to a voicemail that will NEVER call you back!! Or, will simply transfer you back into the queue where you will wait for another 30-45 minutes!!! Ridiculous!!!! I've called them several times over the last year and the result is the same!! I am moving my insurance to Horizon or Blue Shield ASAP!!!

I am an individual policy holder w/ AmeriHealth NJ and have been having trouble PAYING them for the past year on and off. For the past 5 months, I have been on the phone BEGGING them to send me a bill so that I may pay it and they never do. Finally, I get a bill for three months and I pay it and 15 days later, I get a call that I am overdue and they will cancel my account. What they did not tell me is that they rec'd my check and sent it back. So I now believe that since they can no longer kick individuals off when they get sick (new law), they will refuse payment, claim the policy is unpaid and cancel the policy. I am at the end of my rope!!!! Is there anyone else out there w/ this experience?

So many things to list. But most recent my husband needs an MRI for back issues. Goes to GP and she sends to Specialist. He is given a referral for the MRI. He calls to make apt at radiology facility. They say they don't take Amerihealth NJ, and for us to tell that to Amerihealth (why would that be our job). Anyway we do call and the customer rep tells us "yes you can go to that facility". I have him email me a list of all facilities in our area, and yes they are on there. We then get a written approval from Amerihealth with that specific facility on there, so my husband now goes to facility in person to show them this letter with approved referral for their facility.

They tell him that this local value network is a new division of this Amerihealth and that they have seen nothing but problems with this plan, everything from referrals to payments. And that again we should tell Amerihealth this! Mind you, we pay over $1200 a month for this insurance we can't even use and it's our job to make Amerihealth aware. Also I got this insurance through the government website and that is a whole other nightmare!! Please, if looking into insurance do yourself a favor and look elsewhere!! There should be a way we can sue this company for misrepresenting what they say they are going and can do for you, and they do nothing but take your $$$$.

I've been attempting to call this company on the daily to terminate my membership with them. CONSTANTLY having to wait for someone to call back, also they called back saying there's no representatives available!! Then when we finally get someone he says too bad since we never talked to a rep??? What! It's been days!! Another issue is they kept messing up our billing created us two accounts and said we owed 1800 OVERDUE!!! WE PAY EVERY MONTH! And called about this issue 5 times. If you're looking for a health insurance company DO NOT CHOOSE THIS ONE! I request my membership terminated 4/1/18 SINCE I'VE BEEN CALLING SINCE THEN TO CANCEL IT!

The absolute worst customer service. I had claims from December 2015 they denied saying my policy had been cancelled. Initially when I called they verified my policy was never cancelled. I was told the claims would be sent back to the claims department. I have been calling them for 5 months now. Every time I called and was told the situation would be taken care of, the person made a mistake and I had to start all over. Spoke today to yet another supervisor who said she would contact the claims department and follow up with them. I also filed a complaint with her. If this is not resolved I will file a claim with the NJ Dept. of insurance. Stay away from Amerihealth!!!

My claims have been unpaid for over a year. I want to tell everyone to write a letter to the Commissioner of Insurance in your state. They will take action. I was reimbursed 2 months after I provided proof of my claims.

I have been diagnosed with a nodule and need a biopsy. Have called several listed doctors in my network and they are all telling me they have been in negotiation with Amerihealth for over a year of nonpayment to them and are not taking Amerihealth insurance. I have called Amerihealth and have been promised a call back from a Manager and never receive a callback. I keep trying everyday to contact them and after 30 to 40 min keep getting the runaround with no answers. I am extremely upset and need a biopsy and can't get a Dr. so my primary care doctor can write a referral. This is insane. Day 5 of this nonsense and still don't have any answers, nevertheless a return call. Please help. My health is in jeopardy!!!

I went on the Gov. healthcare website… added all my information and was surprised to find coverage that seemed best (Amerihealth) but was unable to talk to anyone from their website number. Finally found a number and called. Was put on hold for 1 hr 15 mins... just to end up with an operator that apologized and took my number to call back (this was Monday 03/24/14). She said the sales and enrollment person would call back anytime from the day of my call to 03/26/14.

Today is 3/28/14, and still no call. So I called them back and again was on the phone for almost 2 hrs!!!!! Finally they got on and I was told a sales person would be right with me. I waited an addition 25 mins and got disconnected! We only have until 3/31/14 to get coverage. I believe this Insurance Co and its plans do not exist and are false advertising to us the public! They advertise on the gov. website and seem to be very reasonable in premiums but I cannot even get a person to answer a question to see if my doctors are on the plan.

Their website does not show this. I have wasted precious time, got nowhere and I would never recommend this insurance nor enrol before speaking to a service member employee. They should cover their enrollees as they advertise and for the premium shown! The way they handle their calls for enrollment is a perfect indicator of how well their insurance company cares about their members. Customer service gets 0%. Someone needs to address this Insurance Company and see if they are following rules set in compliance of the Healthcare Reform Time frame for enrollment.

All I want to do is change my address, and of course, you can't do it online. The first phone call I was on hold for 35 minutes before someone picked up, gave her my info, and then she said she was transferring me to Amerihealth. (Which I don't understand because that's who I called in the first place) I waited another 30 minutes before hanging up. I called back, put my info in the automated system, and got a busy signal 3 times. I am currently on hold so far for 45 minutes. I can only imagine how bad it would be if I actually had a real problem.

I have been trying for ONE WEEK to terminate my health coverage with this company which I got through the marketplace. THANK GOD I am now getting coverage through my company. Absolutely NO ONE answers the phone. You will get caught in the "loop from hell" and never be able to reach anyone. I have even tried e-mail to no avail. I hope Amerihealth reads this message because now it's the only one they're getting from me. Please terminate my policy as of 4/1/18. You will receive no further payments from me. When I receive the notice that I've been terminated due to non-payment I will laugh and throw it away YOU MORONS!

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