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Car was hit from behind causing damage to the vehicle and it had to be towed. Used Amica preferred body shop that fixed the bumper but they refused to fix any damage done from accident to the front of the vehicle. The Amica preferred body shop really made it clear that I have to pay for anything done to the front of the vehicle. It wasn't surprising the Amica appraisal people agreed with the body shop completely. I informed the body shop that force from the back on the vehicle can transfer to the front of the vehicle. The Amica preferred body shop gave high estimates for the front lower control arms, front wheel and front bearing arguing that nothing in the front of the vehicle is damage related to the accident.

Long story short had to tow the vehicle back and took the car to another mechanic that replaced only the bearing and one tire and now car is aligned perfectly. Turned out front lower control arms and wheel were just fine. So in conclusion a car hit from behind turning right with brakes on and hit with a certain amount of force can and will damage a front bearing. Sent photo of bearing to Amica showing the bearing being pulled out from tire being dragged.

Bottom line my experience with their customer service has been very poor and it's unfortunate I had to cover some of the damages myself. I'm sure Amica's reply to this is, "It isn't accident related." So if it isn't why would I have to tow the car to and from the body shop? Sure there is wear and tear on a car but the car ran straight before accident and after accident it can't be driven hardly at all. Sad you pay for insurance for years and then when you need it I still have to pay for repairs to get car running to where it was before.

I have been an Amica customer for 30 years but will be switching my insurance. One, they were inching up the replacement value on my home year by year. How am I suppose to know the replacement value. That is not the same as market value. I ended up getting money back for the current year only after they brought the value down by almost $80K. The replacement value is now $170K so they were that much too high.

Two, they upped my auto rate for opening two credit accounts. One for new tires and the other at home depot but never used. I have a perfect credit rating and they do not take that into account when submitting their formula to the state. I discussed it with three levels of management and the third, the director of the office where I live, was like talking to a stone wall. Also, they up the rates and I drive a 12 year old car with no electronics in the bumper. You don't get a break for older cars at Amica.

Third, I think because they don't use agents it is completely up to you to thoroughly scrub your renewal every year. Their person even said to me "it is a shared responsibility between Amica and the customer on policy renewal." That person has now retired. Yes, that is my responsibility, but every time you call you get a different person. They have a local office where I live and I have even gone to that office to get personal contact with someone who will look at my policies. I have my homeowners with them also and an umbrella policy. No more, will be changing companies shortly. Their policies are going up way too much each year.

I was with Amica for a little over 6 months, I usually pay my insurance premiums every 6 months. I was out of the country for about 3 weeks due to my mom who was admitted in the hospital. Came back and was told my policy was cancelled for non payment. I wanted to reinstate my policy, the premiums went up from $1900.00 to over $5000.00/year. Just because I missed the payment due date, of which I was outside the country. I explained my circumstance but the agent does not want to listen. I have never had an accident or claim. Beware of this company. They are only interested in your money, not your welfare. I currently have my homeowner's insurance with them, I will be cancelling it very soon. I do not recommend this company to anyone, customer service very very poor also.

I divorced my husband over a year ago. Two months ago I noticed that his car and his name had been added to my policy. He had apparently called in pretending to be me. Due to direct pay being set up, I was paying for his insurance for those two months before I noticed it. I called Amica to complain that they should not let someone add things to my policy without my permission, especially since I have a very female name and he is obviously male. When I told them to take his name and car off of my policy, they said they could not do this without having him sign a legal document saying it was ok. Frustrated, I complied and gave them his phone and address to contact him (which they did). He never filled out the form and why would he? I am paying his insurance at no cost to him! With no other option, I decided that I had to leave the policy instead.

Once again, I was told I had to sign a form and that they would quote me a new policy. They sent the form but no quote. When I asked them why they didn't quote me and I threaten to leave to another company (I've been with Amica for 5+ years), they were not concerned. I immediately switched to Geico, provided them the signed form, and gave them prove that I had a new policy. It's been 48 hours and they still have not taken me off the old policy. The people I talk with are rude and don't seem to care. This has been the worst experience with an Insurance company that I've ever had! If my ex-husband wanted to, he could put his entire family's cars on my policy and I would not be able to take them off... do not trust this company!

Amica Insurance takes advantage of customers who don’t shop. This is a warning to ANY Amica customer. The agents are taught to blame it on the State however that is most often not the case. I once thought highly of this company but whomever is on their board of decision makers is all about taking advantage now.

Really ripped me off. I called Oct 27 to lower my premium for the month of November. The sales rep said it was too late in the month to change the policy for November, but it would be applied to December. I was charged my higher rate for November, and not my lower rate for my new premium until today. However, I was rear ended two weeks ago and they have charged this new premium is applied to the month of November even though I paid the higher amount. Basically, I get less even though I paid more. Their excuse over the phone was "The bill was already sent out." But they don't bill retroactively! This makes no sense. Don't go with Amica, they are blatantly trying to get your money.

Amica Insurance is misleading (I'm being nice). Amica jerked around a friend who I recommended to them for homeowner's insurance. Amica's website said that they do not require social security number or birth date for homeowner's application. As it turns out, Amica is not to be trusted. I always suspected they used your credit report to determine homeowner's rates because when I had identity theft, my homeowner rates soared. I called them in the past to say don't use my credit report because I am an identity theft victim. Well, they just denied they used my credit rating (which was messed up because of the identity theft). The point is that they do use your credit score and if it's a wrong score, it did not matter to them. Why? Because Amica was looking for a way to jack up the homeowner rates to increase their profits.

Since they jerked my friend around by insisting on getting their social security number and birth date, despite what they say on their website, I am going to just be silly and pull my business. They count on you not being silly. But, who cares? Silly feels good and right. Amica won't be missing me, but I won't be missing them either. Amica believes their own PR. Tread carefully around this company, fellow homeowners (I am going to save a bundle not buying into their hype). Amica lost my trust. I will have no problem getting homeowner's insurance elsewhere since I do have a great credit score and never file claims ever on anything, as is the case for my friend. If a tragedy were ever to happen to me, I do not feel Amica would treat me fairly. So, I'm glad I learned from my friend's bad experience. Amica lost more than one good paying customer by being bad.

Amica mailed me a insurance personal invitation notice. I will be placing it in the trash as a result of all the negative information I have seen here about the company. If they are this bad why are they still in business?

Our daughter has a spotless driving record. We are in the process of giving her our 11 year old car that has never been in an accident and has well under 100,000 miles. She lives 1500 miles from us. We drove the car 2 days ago to her new location. She previously lived 2500 miles away on the East Coast. She did not own or drive any car for the past 14 months. She had been on our Amica policy for 6.5 years. First as a high school student with no car of her own and later to an out-of-state honor college student. When she moved to the East Coast, she did not own or drive a car, nor was she a student any longer. Her work provided her with a Metropass. Amica told us to take her off of our policy when she moved to the East Coast 14 months ago. They increased our rate 14% after we took her off because they said they felt like it.

She just accepted a new job in the Midwest. We drove our 11 year old car there and are in the process of giving it to her (her name on the title, and new license plates. She is also getting a new driver's license.) Amica quoted her car insurance policy at $8000!!! She has a clean driving record as does the 11 year old car which also has air bags, alarm, well under 100,000 miles, stabilizer suspension, anti-lock breaks. Amica says they are charging her that because she didn't have insurance last year. How can you have car insurance when you don't own or drive a car? Why did they tell me to take her off our policy and then raise our rates when we had fewer drivers, fewer miles being driven? She received car insurance easily from a different major car insurance company for $972. Amica screws its customers and there is no service from their customer service. Horrible, unethical company.

Updated on 06/29/2018: I was told that I could only privately respond to your unhelpful response which I feel is ridiculous. So Amica here is my response to your "help" in this matter. Your representative agreed that you are not the cheapest in providing car insurance and that you did recommend my daughter go off our policy. Also, the $8000 quote for her individual insurance is firm. The rep could not justify the increase to our policy after the removal of our daughter. Everything I said was confirmed. Amica hates millennials and anyone over fifty. Customer service acts as gatekeepers to screw us with a smile.

I'm done. I've had Amica for 40 years. I've never filed a claim. I am a very defensive driver. I can't remember the last time I got a speeding ticket. I've never had an accident. I own a Honda CR-V, 2001, in great condition. Last year they finally gave me a good driver discount, but then I mistakenly made a U-turn here in sleepy Alameda. The intersection was completely empty, so there were no consequences for anyone but me. I paid the $150.00 fine and thought the matter was over. I paid for my mistake according to the city of Alameda. Amica however, feels that I should be penalized for a few more years. They've increased my premium by over $300.00 per year!

This is nothing more than legalized extortion. It may be their right to fine me another $300.00 annually for a minor inconsequential mistake, but that does not make it right. No interview, no inquiry. Just "Oh by the way, that ticket is gonna keep costing you for years!" I'm done. This was a decent company, but like so many, greed is taking over.

I not a fan of insurance companies but have had AMICA on 3 claims over the last 30 years and could not be more impressed with their company, their warm and prompt customer service, fair premiums and sterling audit reports. I made the mistake recently of going with another insurance company -- Frontline in Florida (BEWARE. Prior to during and after IRMA and upon further investigation of their audits, learned what a poor insurance company means) and regret it. I'm back with AMICA on all properties. A "night and day" experience from FRONTLINE. AMICA gets business by customer referral, FRONTLINE through brokers paid well for it. Figure it out. I should have done my homework.

Amica lies. I think they buy their JD Power Awards. After having been a happy customer with Amica for about six years (no claims), I went to make a claim from a minor motor vehicle accident only to find out my policy was not renewed because of $51 they claim I still owed them from last year! I thought I took care of that over a year ago with a double payment but they ended up putting $51 of that double payment towards my current policy so I had no coverage for that accident. But here's the real kicker: They claimed they mailed me three letters warning me of the non-renewal. I never got any of their letters. As God and whoever else is my witness, I truly did not receive any of their notices. So, I thought things were fine. Wow, was I wrong.

As soon as I found out I had no coverage, I started it back up and had to give a hefty amount ($166) and yes, $51 of that (again) was to pay off the old debt. Unreal. I am going to look into another insurance company for a lower rate too. They are $30 more than last year and just said their rates went up. To blatantly lie to me that I was mailed these cancellation/non-renewal letters was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I will look around now and probably go with a local brick and mortar insurance company that doesn't play games. So now, I have to eat the cost of my car repairs. I am just grateful no one was seriously injured and the car's repairs shouldn't be that high. Buyers beware!

The woman who hit our car was insured by Amica. At the Scene of the crash this woman accepted liability and confessed she was on her cell phone and was not paying attention to traffic so she failed to give way and hit our car. The Police Officer gave the woman a ticket for careless driving and for failing to yield to traffic. At the crash site she ADMITTED liability to the Police Officer in our presence.

We filed a claim with her Insurance Company (Amica) and we gave them detailed drawings and an accurate explanation of the whole incident but the woman changed her story and told her insurance company (Amica) some other story. Amica Company's "Mr. Professional Claim Manager" called us and very briefly told us that their insured was not at fault and so Amica would not fix our car. Well it went to court and the Judge listened to us and also the 2 other witnesses we had and ALSO the Police Officer's review of the incident at the crash site. The Judge heard the woman's story and threw her out of the Court and Ordered her to pay for the crash.

Well our Insurance Company went after Amica and got the money to fix our car. So much for Amica's highly educated "Mr.Professional Claim Manager" !!! I hope they fired whoever their claim manager was because he was just useless and junk. Amica is a really careless and unfriendly company to deal with and their officers demonstrate lack of common sense and don't realize that there are people MORE EDUCATED than their half-baked claim managers. All the evidence pointed CLEARLY to Amica's insured being completely at fault but the lack of professionalism and lack of common sense at Amica is mind boggling. They have hired "wanna be" claim adjusters and a bunch of jokers... because they make us sick and also make us laugh at their "bull-headed" reasoning capability. They wasted our time.

On July 5th, my 11-year old daughter and I were rear-ended by an Amica policyholder. After submitting a bill for the repair to my vehicle and receiving the reimbursement for the repairs, I also submitted medical expenses for my 11-year-old being injured and as of today, Oct. 9th, they have yet to acknowledge that she was injured or even communicate any type of resolution for her injury.

Yes they have good rates, but on any serious accident, they will fight unfairly with any means to screw you out of paying. I'm not sure there is ANY insurance company out there with a "soul" and who will look to do the "right thing", but Amica definitely is NOT a company with a soul. They will sleep with the devil in order to not do the right thing. BUYER BEWARE... Do not be fooled by this company ads! Do not expect them to pay you fairly on anything other than minor claims. Vicious is a word that comes to mind – sly, snake, liars, and vicious are words that come to mind. I have so much documentation on my experience and I will never throw it away. Any of my friends who wants to know about Amica, I pull out my box of records and volunteer to spend about an hour going over the tragic experience with this company. I prove to them what happened to me. My advice -- do not go with Amica for any serious insurance claims!

I received a notice from Amica claiming that %86 of State Farm policy holders would save money if they switched to Amica, so I went ahead and requested a quote online using the lowest possible coverage and the result was shockingly almost DOUBLE what I am paying now to State Farm.

I was with Amica for 4.5 years. I hadn't been paying enough attention to my rates. When I received my policy in the mail, I realized my rates had gone up more than double in the time I had been insured. I called Amica and the rep politely explained to me that my rate had been raised every renewal period because I wasn't considered a customer in good standing. I asked how they determined that, since I had no tickets, accidents or claims, and had both my car and renter's policies with them. She stated, since I had not been a customer with them for 5 years or more, I wasn't considered a "good" customer yet. I was shocked and argued my position of being claim and ticket free, always paying on time etc. to no avail. She stated she was sorry but that was their policy. Well, their policy immediately lost them a customer and gained them a bad review added to the many others I have read. Bad company, Amica.

My family (husband, teenage son, daughter and myself) have been with Amica for 12 years. We had NO tickets, no accidents, no ANYTHING and we paid our way too high but what we thought was good quality insurance (due to two teenagers on our policy for four years total) premiums on time each and every month by direct withdrawal. Honestly - we never had ANY RISK FACTORS AT ALL!!

Well, about a month ago I was in McDonald's w/ my daughter when I messed up for about 10 seconds and backed into a man in his car that was standing still in the drive-thru line. I backed up 14 inches (measured it) and was going really slow since I knew there was a drive-thru line behind me (just not this particular car, unfortunately). I dented his left rear quarter panel in a newer Ford mid-size car. I called insurance immediately, they made the arrangements and although I was freaking about our rates potentially going up, the husband said "Nah, they wouldn't do that, we've been excellent customers and besides, we are very low risk."

Well... The idiots did and did it good. Our rates have gone up over $1,000 a year. We have paid these morons tens of thousands of dollars over the years in premiums, they never had to use a PENNY of it and ONE accident and we are persona non grata (well, we're welcome if we want to pay through the nose). And to top it all off, we keep getting letters from them saying they have increased the payment to this man from $3000 to $4000 to $5000 and they refuse to tell us why or show us any kind of itemized statement.

Apparently our own insurance company - that we've paid tens of thousands of dollars to - can just about do anything they want without including us in on the decision. $5000 for even a replacement of a rear quarter panel is steep, but it was a small dent and I have pictures. DO NOT CHOOSE AMICA AND IF YOU HAVE THEM, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

I live with other family members and a select few tend to forget to give me my mail daily or they’ll get mail from the box and toss the pile in a different area of the house each day and not remember where they put it. So I enrolled for my bills to be emailed monthly to me. I rarely check my email so typically knowing my bill was due the first week of the month and it was always the same amount $100. I used to just log onto which my dashboard/profile would show me the amount due and the date it was due by and then I was able to pay it then and there in one shot. In March after I paid my typical bill I added on a second car that I only drive once in a while during the summer time. I was told that it was going to cost an extra $89 a month so my bill total would be $175. She said I would begin seeing this new total come the next bill cycle.

03/31/2018 was the last time Amica had posted a bill to my account. On 04/17/18 I logged onto my Amica profile and my dashboard said I owed $100 immediately and showed no other balance or amount due. So I paid $100 on 04/17/18 and where the dashboard said there was no amount due I figured I was fine until the next upcoming month. Well Amica mailed out a cancellation notice 17 days later after I paid the $100 saying if I didn’t pay $99.67 by 05/29/18 then the policy would be cancelled. Well I never ended up seeing this actual letter until 06/10/18 when a family member had cleaned the kitchen and had found it in a pile of junk mail, she told me she assumed it wasn’t important since she knew I signed up for my bills to be emailed and that I knew to pay each month.

Between the day I made the $100 payment and to the cancellation date 04/17/18 to 05/29/18 not one Amica agent had attempted to contact me by making a phone call to me to let me know I actually had $99.76 past due and it had to be paid before 05/29/18 in order to avoid cancellation. My step dad was hit by a drunk driver the week of Memorial Day weekend which same week Amica was to cancel my policy that I had absolutely no knowledge of. So I traveled miles daily after 05/29/18 until 06/10/18 which when I finally discovered this whole issue which left me stranded miles from home and sleeping outside on a sidewalk in front of the hospital my dad was dying in up in ICU. He had to be placed into induced coma which ended up causing me to be side tracked which I admit is my doing, but I figured everything was ok with my policy and didn’t think an insurance company would cancel me for being a few days late.

This point I figured my bill was due 06/2/18 and forgot about it until 06/10/18. While my dad was in a very high risk surgery I recalled I had put off 2/3 bills and decided to pay them while waiting. I logged onto my Amica profile and my dashboard showed I had to make a payment of $99.76 which threw me off a bit because I assumed by now my second vehicle was going to be billed this time. I paid the $100 and planned to call Amica the next day since I had plans to go home since I didn’t have a babysitter. My dashboard said I had then had $0.00 past due and that next amount due was to be $185.00 due 08/2/18 so again so misleading and assumed everything was fine. Well it wasn’t because I finally was given the letter sent to me on 05/4/18 saying my policy was cancelled 05/29/18 due to $99.76 not being paid. Confused I looked into my past bills which last bill Amica posted was 3/15/18 and it was actually for the amount of roughly $250!

Since that was the case I’d love to know why my dashboard had shown me that only a payment of $150 was due 4/17/18 and not actually the full bill amount! And instead of a normal company that would’ve actually called their client to inform them Amica just sends out a cancellation notice 17 days prior to receiving $150 and saying I’ll be cancelled over a petty $100. When all they needed to do was either give me a phone call or just put the past due $100 into the next bill they could’ve posted and stating it must be paid in full by a certain date. None of this would’ve happened if Amica had actually told me on my dashboard the exact amount the bill was due versus like half the bill.

Then on 6/7/18 when I made the payment of the $100 that my dashboard said was due my dashboard had then said I had zero past due and $185 not due until 8/2/18 which if Amica hasn’t posted a bill to my account on that policy since 3/15/18 and that they cancelled it 5/29/18 how the heck can they say I owe them $185 on 8/2/18 on a policy that isn’t even active any longer! When I paid the $100 on 6/7/18 that was the amount that was due before 5/29/18 to avoid cancellation so technically I was to be caught up on that past policy. When I contacted Amica multiple times they all avoid actually answering my questions and admit their poor communication skills they have with customers. And the fact that this whole cancellation absolutely could’ve been avoided all together.

They just change the subject to the fact that they’ll gladly quote me on starting a new policy which will cost me more monthly due to being cancelled for non payment by last insurer (no crap. It is your company!) and then demand I must pay 20% down upfront to begin the policy! I refuse! If Amica had communicated correctly or put correct amounts due on customers dashboards this wouldn’t have happened! And dealing with my dad in coma and hanging to life by a thread I now deal with this and having no car. So if I am called by the hospital telling me I must get there ASAP I can’t and could possibly miss my chance of saying goodbye to him if it comes down to this. Amica needs to admit to their fault. I can admit to mine that I didn’t get this cancellation notice until after 5/29/18 and it wasn’t due to them mailing it, it was due to family I live with not giving me my mail in a proper manner.

But Amica had no good reason on not placing the full bill amount on my dashboard and accepting me making only half the bill amount payment on 4/17/18 or showing I had no amount at all past due after making this payment. Never once attempting to call me to inform me of their poor billing system which goes good along with their poor communication skills. Then demand I begin a new policy that will cost me more and demand I pay a huge chunk upfront. Then totally avoid answering me on why they never communicated with me by a phone call or the fact their billing/dashboard was incorrect and change the subject to just demanding me they can only offer me a new policy and pay 20% upfront. And plus the fact too I will need to pay the RMV title fees due to having my insurance cancelled!

I truly feel Amica sees that I have carried insurance and drove in the last 12 years straight and those 12 years I have a perfect driving history with not one ticket, citation or pulled over etc and had only made five claims in 12 years to my insurance provider which 4 claims was glass and 1 being an auto accident that I wasn’t at fault for so the amount my insurance provider had paid out to me was given back to them from the person who was at faults insurance company. So Amica sees me as a person who can be taken advantage of. I’m a customer who will pay almost $1500 for the year to insure a car and most likely will not have to file a claim and be paid out any money making it more money given to their company and placed into their pockets that they get to walk away with.

So why not set up miscommunication with billing etc resulting in cancellation (legally they must send a cancellation notice and they probably hoped I was not to see it like I didn’t resulting in this outcome) so they could cancel my current policy and then totally ignore explaining any reasons why mistakes happened on their end, but just shove a “We can give you a new policy which will cost an extra $700 for the year due to you was cancelled for nonpayment and you must pay 20% down today to activate this new policy” all knowing they will most likely be able to walk away with everything I pay at the end of the year.

Why make only $1500 off me a year when it can be set up to where I’m forced to be told I have to pay $2600 a year making it much more they can pocket in the end. I feel I deserve from Amica an apology for their behalf having legit no communication, billing issues where their posted bill amounts do not match the amounts on Amica profile dashboard and not making one phone call to inform their customer that they are about to be cancelled over $100 and then continue to bill amounts and say bills are due on a policy that isn’t active. I deserve to also begin a new policy, but paying the same previous policy premium amount for the two cars I was to be paying and not be required to pay 20% down upfront since I will have no choice in paying out RMV title fees over their miscommunication skills.

Amica is a little over priced to begin with and they are almost $200-$300 more for me yearly than other companies I’ve looked into or have had, Arbella being one of them, but all my family members have very high things to say about Amica and I would love to feel the same, but at this moment it is just impossible. Arbella never would’ve done this to me in the ten years I had been insured with them. They always made sure the full bill amount matched the amount posted to be due online and if this had happen with them then they would’ve contacted me to inform me that there actually was still $100 past due and to pay immediately or give the option they roll over into the next months bill and require I pay the full bill amount.

I did receive a call from an Amica agent few days ago on Friday, but I was in the ICU with my dad and phones are required to be off and typically aren’t even allowed into the room even while off with you due to it can malfunction important machines they have being used on the patient. And it was after 6 pm I had gotten the voicemail along with it was the weekend.

Today I had again to be at the hospital/ICU due to we had to speak of potential arrangements if it comes down to that so I did forget to make the call back, but I plan to speak to the Amica agent tomorrow and I truly hope that Amica had her contact me to fix this and hopefully fix it the right way and not just demand I begin a new policy that will cost almost $500 more and I must pay 20% down upfront. Because honestly I have been not working along paying for child care, now the last week I have had to take public transportation which costs me well over $40 a day there and back. And will possibly have a 50/50 chance I will have to help my family pitch in paying these medical bills and if he gets better he’ll need physical therapy, more bills or passing away which paying for funeral costs is not cheap at all.

Called Amica to confirm a previous quote and I found out something very interesting. In fact, so interesting that no other insurance company has told me this policy. I own my Cadillac and no tickets or accidents within past five years. Clean driving record and although I own my car I still carry full coverage but do not need to. My car is registered in FL where there is additional property insurance that is included.

Nevertheless, I have been insured with Geico for the past 4 years with FL's minimum Property coverage. Subsequently, Amica advised that if I was not previously insured with the min. $25/$50k they would not insure me. I was shocked! I do not have to carry that amount if I do not want but my quote was for those limits so I cannot imagine why Amica would not insure me based on my previous coverage. If I just had liability at those levels would it still be the same??? I am glad that I called. I am still switching from Geico but definitely not to Amica ever!

Amica's phone reps lied to me when I first requested a dividend paying mutual policy, saying "We don't offer those in Washington State." I made this request 3 times verbally, and then made the request in writing, and they finally relented. I have zero debt (home owned outright), and 800 plus credit. Someone attempted to steal my identity, so I permanently froze my credit report. (Easy to do in WA State.) Amica routinely surcharged me because they couldn't run the credit report. In 2010 I unfroze the report, Amica ran it, saw it was 800, and removed the surcharge.

But in 2014 Amica reinstated the surcharge, and said in a letter "The renewal premium increase is attributed to the deterioration of the credit factor used to rate your policy." Amica also indicates that they did NOT run my credit report - so how did this factor change? Note that I haven't had any late payments, and still have absolutely no debt. One credit card paid off completely every month for 20 years in a row. I'm in my 50's, with no kids or obligations. My Net Worth improves every year, it doesn't get worse. I would like it if Amica and other insurers could no longer surcharge crime victims, and would consider being a plaintiff.

This company is a scam. Water heater broke in the unit above us and damaged our ceiling. Claims adjuster from Amica had my wife rearrange her schedule for him to come to our unit and inform us to turn over to our own insurance. Could have told us that over the phone instead of wasting our time. Farmers is a much better option with hardworking and ethical claims adjusters. Neither of which you will get from Amica.

I spent a total of about 1.5 hours completing an online quote and comparing rates with my current auto insurance provider. The savings was quite substantial and the online quote system was very easy to navigate. I actually came back to the quote 3 weeks later to make the purchase. In order to purchase the policy as quoted, you must call Amica with your quote id number. HERE IS THE CATCH. The Florida minimum requirements for liability are $10,000/$20,000. I have always chosen the minimum required by law.

Amica requires that new customers have maintained (with your current insurance company) a higher minimum liability of $25,000/$50,000 for a period of 6 months before they can accept you as a customer and write your policy. BOTTOM LINE is that if you usually choose the minimum insurance requirements by law, then you won't be able to obtain the phenomenal rates advertised by Amica in their quotes. Very disappointing and potential customers should be advised immediately upon starting a new quote. Otherwise Amica is wasting your time.

My son was hit by a Amica insurer and they wanted to total out my son's car and give him 1300 dollars and 818 if he kept the car and wanted to make him get a salvaged title!! He has a 2004 Chevy Impala with new tires, new breaks, new rotors, new radio, new fuel pump, 2yr old transmission, new alternator. They claim I needed proof. When I say new I’m talking about less than 3 months old besides the transmission. If it wasn’t for my son's car being steel it would’ve been really bad and that’s exactly why he had a older car. Yes. We decided to keep the car and get it fix and we will be going after Amica for the repair damages!!! Worse company ever!!!

I purchased insurance from Amica for over 10 years, then after my ex-wife and I separated I called to cancel insurance for my ex-wife car and none of the highly incompetent Amica customer service reps could help me, they transferred my calls around, promised to call me back but never did, after 4 or 5 calls and wasted hours dealing with them morons, I ended cancelling my business with Amica and by doing so I saved $400 a year.

Suffered total loss on 3rd driver not on my policy. Never received report/photos. The 1 call reps give me was to see if I would go through their insurance. An accident investigator came to our home and she not only interview us separate but recorded it. Till today haven't seen my car and no written denied letter. Awful people.

I've been with Amica for 7 years and I recently purchased a new car and the rates shot through the roof. They seem to lure you in with a low introductory rate, but then when you renew or make changes, they kill you on price. They are about 40-50% more expensive than other competitors I've found. I've never filed a claim in my life, so I am price sensitive and don't need great service because I will rarely if ever use it. Of course, auto insurance companies don't price match, so you are at their mercy. Still researching for a new company, but going to drop these guys fast. Anyway, I feel so ripped off right now. More like "Inimica" than "Amica" if you know what I mean.

We purchased a used vehicle from a private owner on February 26, 2018. We had contacted Amica in advance of the purchase to have insurance in place when I registered the vehicle on 2/26/18. The NC DMV never received the FS1 from Amica so they sent a letter in early April. I contacted Amica to have this resent. I received another letter in early May that the registration was suspended because the FS1 had not been received. I have followed up with Amica two times since then. Amica indicated the issue is with the automated system they use to provide the NC DMV with the FS1. On 5/9/18 I provided Amica with an alternate way of submitting the FS1 which I was told they would submit. The NC DMV has not received this FS1 as of 5/10/18. I find this ridiculous.

I read reviews and did my research online for a great auto insurance company. Everything I saw had Amica rated really well, so I decided to do a quote online and then phoned in to get everything finalized. Susan ** was the rep who helped me and was very pleasant getting everything set up. I made a payment to have the policy start at midnight on 08/07/2018. After downloading the Amica app later that evening, I realized that the closest preferred collision center was about an hour away. Given a wreck is a headache enough, I did not want to have to a commute to also deal with to get a repair done. So, I called in that night and asked to have it canceled for this reason and I was told they would mail me a check out for the refund.

Susan called me on 08/07/2018 midday and stated that she had seen my request and asked that I call and speak with her about my concern. I did that and after talking with her I decided that I still did not feel comfortable taking a wreck car to a non-preferred facility. She did mention that I could see about having any facility added to their list, but that is something that I would expect from The General insurance commercial.

Why should I do the footwork to get you a non-preferred facility approved??? So, I asked to go ahead with the cancellation and her tone changed, not rude, but just no more sincerity and concern for my interests were gone. She stated that she would go ahead and process the cancellation and that I would also get an email confirming that, which I never got. Today I get a email from Carmen ** about following up on my documents that need to be signed. What happen to my cancellation??? I have email Carmen and Susan back regarding this issue and currently am waiting on a reply. I did not expect this runaround with a company that I read so many positives things about.

FED UP. Once an award winning company Amica is a BLOATED SHELL of its former self. They fish out Customer service and the Towing service to other companies now. I've been a paying client for over a decade. After an accident this past fall they REMOVED our towing and labor coverage, and then NEGLECTED to let us know. This after the agent handling the accident assured us our policy would NOT change. Well it sure did. Sure as Murphy's Law I was stranded with a dead battery a couple of months later in the dead of winter. THEY REFUSED my service unless I paid this 3rd party company for the tow!! When I told them I am covered that is when they informed me know that our towing and labor coverage was removed!!!

Long story short we were stranded for hours until someone we knew was able to get us off the side of the road. Now we've used the service several times each year but if you offer the service and do not allow your clients to use the service -- WHY WOULD YOU OFFER IT!?!? That's BAIT AND SWITCH!!! This company has let greed and apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, and concern) become the STANDARD mode of doing business. Several months later, NO RESOLUTION.

As one of their reps conceded on the phone, "It's a numbers game." When I responded "I feel they are treating us like crooks" He responded with "I have Progressive, I recommend you try there if customer service matters to you, And they have better pricing." And that is the only bit of service that I've received from Amica in 2019 that I will take. WE ARE DONE WITH AMICA and their greed! We are looking elsewhere for a company that delivers a better service for a better price.

Russell ** who has insurance with Amica should have to pay for me to have another car for he rammed into mine on 01/04/2019 and now I am without a car permanently. He was careless and driving on the wrong side and my car was parked. He then brought back a broom to cover up any evidence. Never was going to check if anyone was home.

I have been an Amica auto, homeowner and umbrella customer in Colorado for 1 year. I received renewals and was shocked by a 25% ($432) increase in my homeowner premium and a 20% ($229). I've not filed any claims for many years so that can’t be the reasoning for the steep premium increase. No auto claims and no liability claim either. I switched from Nationwide to Amica because of high ratings by customers who've had claims processed and THAT is why I believe my 25% increase is a result of. My inflation adjustment for my dwelling liability increased by >6%. But because Amica customers seem to get their claims paid in full, therefore customers who never file claims have to subsidize those payouts.

I don't know if Amica realizes that this high increase in premium on top of already high premiums will drive away responsible customers, leaving them with a smaller base of customers to spread the cost of payouts. Customers who stay with Amica would bear larger and larger premium increases as fewer and fewer customers purchase their policies. You'd think that with fewer customers, there would be fewer claims, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems that Amica's reliably good claims processing is attracting less desirable risk, while driving away less risky customers. While I could increase my deductible I would not save much on the premium. As a result, it's good practice to shop around for insurance among the Consumer Reports other highly rated insurers.

They are simply the best. They treat people like humans. The claim process was very easy and I had a great experience. No hassles whatsoever. I will never go to another insurance co.

I was relief to see that the lady who crashed my car in a car accident had Amica, because I thought it was one of best insurance base on Clark Howard's recommendations. I was so wrong, they do not call, does not return calls, very aggressive and do not follow up, so disappointed... Amica did not live up to the expectations.

Our vehicles were flooded in hurricane Harvey. We just joined Amica a year ago, so this was our first auto claim. The adjuster was very kind, and got us the maximum amount he could claim for the damage. Very satisfied.

I currently have Amica & have had it for about 20 years! They are great! They have this payment savings, where you get a month off of a payment & get back a dividend check. However I don't like that they mention you need tow insurance for a tow before you need it! We had 2 cars last year & we are paying the same amount for the insurance as we did for 1 car. But overall, we like our insurance more than dislike. They have been good to us & have treated us fairly well. They respond to you very quickly when you have a problem.

Had quote with this company already then they sent me online mail asking me to do online quote again. So that's what I did. Then after filling in all the information they gave me a quote and told me I had so many days to call and accept it. So I called them and after going through the quote again at the end told me that underwriting doesn't insure people with more than 2 at fault accidents. Saying that I told them on the online quote 4 months ago that they had on file of these accidents and also again on second online quote yesterday. Terrible mismanagement of customer service. What a lack of caring. Terrible company.

I would rate my experience, so far as a 1 star. AMICA Auto Insurance is behind the times (Lake Oswego Office – Portland, Oregon). Let me set the stage for you... It’s been over 20 work days since the accident and the claim hasn’t moved forward. A customer of AMICA’S pulled out in front of me on my green light as I was entering the intersection, I supplied 15 photos and an Aerial photo of the accident… This is 100% their fault. My insurance company (FARMERS) took my statement the next day on the phone and have made numerous calls to follow-up on me and with AMICA. AMICA has your mail in the information (more delays)... Really, it’s the digital age. In today’s market it’s all about customer service and taking care of the customer. I’ll do a follow-up review with the second half of my experience. CLAIM # **.

I was an Amica Auto Insurance customer for twelve years and I insured four automobiles without a claim for the entire length of policy.

On April 2011, I was sent an email by Amica stating that my policy was being cancelled for non-payment. I was on their auto payment through my bank. When I called, they stated that I was in fact canceled and that they would reinstate my policy at the same rate. There is no problem and I made arrangements for the automatic payments again directly from my bank account. On August 14th, I get another email which states that they cancelled me again for non-payment. When I called the customer service number, they stated that they never received my payments although I have a bank statement from May 2011 that clearly shows a payment sent to Amica.

I'm a very successful business owner who has provided employment to over a thousand people in my twenty plus years of business. I have never conducted business with a more disorganized and unpleasant company as Amica. They are clearly in the wrong from both an accounting and human relation's perspective. I will make every effort to express my poor experience with Amica.

Amica is extremely responsive and professional. My parents were lifelong customers, I and my husband are lifelong customers, and we’ve had to call them on only a rare few occasions compared to how many years we’ve been paying in. They’ve never given us the runaround, and are always extremely helpful and caring.

Beware if you have auto collision insurance. I have collision insurance. My vehicle was hit from behind on 3/22/18. I waited 6 days (3/28/18) for Amica's appraisal report before scheduling an appointment for an estimate from the auto body shop. I learned from Amica today, (3/26/18) that my car has not been covered by collision insurance since the date of the accident, 6 days ago, and will not be covered for collision insurance until the repairs are completed. Thus, If I was involved in a second accident during those 6 days, I would have had no collision insurance for that 2nd accident!

I asked Amica to tell me where in my policy that denial of coverage is stated. IT'S NOT THERE. The Amica customer service representative told me: "It's our guideline" and "it's our workflow". She would not give me a written statement regarding Amica's "guideline". Thus Amica has essentially changed the terms of my policy without my knowledge, without communication to me, and without written language of that policy change. I think that must be illegal. It certainly would not hold up in court if I were to sue Amica. I've been a customer for about 8+ years. Not anymore!

I called them on a Sunday. They answered with minimum selections. Got a check in the mail as a settlement that day. Picked up the totaled truck the next day at the location it was at and made sure I was OK several times. They have provided excellent service and advised us on the best policy type on 5 cars.

I was able to easily obtain this insurance online. I have been given excellent service any time I have called with a question or was trying to ascertain if I could lower my insurance costs. I have checked for the last 2 years to see if I could reduce my insurance companies by shopping around and so far, I can find no lower insurance. I have not had any claims so I cannot speak to their service when it comes to claims.

Amica was the insurer for the guy who plowed into the back of my car. Based on my experience, I recommend shorting Amica's stock. They gave me the unwelcome choice of either settling with them for well below the value of my car (which was totalled), or taking them to court, which I have neither the time nor the energy to do. Their use of my time was aggravating. They deal with individuals unfairly because they can. I don't believe the Amica agent on my matter (Patty **) was incompetent, but she is either powerless to do anything other than screw over someone like me, or she is extremely dishonest. If she is honest, she would be smart to quit. At least then she might retain some shred of her integrity. Amica has none.

On December 26, 2013, my car was in an accident while coming down this hill that was covered with snow and ice. I had no way around the hill, but to go down. As I was going down the hill the car started to pick up speed. From that point, I lost control of the car due to the snow and ice condition of the road, and hit a house porch. The damaged to my car was to the front bumper, grill, and headlights, little damaged to the porch. I called Amica and file a claim which is a big mistake. I could have been better off if I pay for repairs out of my pocket because the service is horrible.

A week after the accident, I get a letter from Amica raising my car insurance from $237.00 to $338.00. Which I thought was pretty high. I called them up and expressed my feelings about the increase. They explained to me that my insurance will go back to the original rate, if I win my appeal. I did. Well, I'm still paying $338.00. And it's going into June. I asked them why it's taking so long to get my money back, and my rate down. Their answer, "It takes 2 months to get the information back into the computer." I thought that answer was crazy because they took a week to raised my premium and give me a bad rating. At the end, I didn't get my money back, they put it to my bill. Amica sucks. I can't wait for this policy to end. For the people out there reading this letter, stay away from Amica.

I called Amica on a Friday trying to get homeowners insurance, “Anthony Martinez” out of California was really nice and I thought it was a great sign that this would go well. I was wrong. I send him some documents he needs and then he calls me Friday night saying everything will be all set by for Monday, I said great I really need it to be done Monday due to the closing date on my home. I put it all in his hands to take care of me and he failed. Monday I call him and he says my loan officer will have the binder later that day and he would keep me in the loop. My loan officer nor I received emails that day about anything. Now it’s Tuesday. I’m calling Anthony all day, no answer from his phone. No answer from email.

I now call Amica to speak to somebody else and they tell me they cannot give me home insurance, why didn’t Anthony contact me anytime sooner with they info? He knew it was important I got this done on time due to my closing and he himself did not reach out to call me. I finally got in touch with Anthony at 3pm in the afternoon on Tuesday. I needed this done on a Monday to remind you. Now it’s Tuesday afternoon and I have no time to call other agencies to find a different insurance company and needless to say my closing date on my new home has been pushed back all because Anthony failed to communicate with me at a reasonable time.

I was informed by Amica that California has a new law which states if you do not return a form to them, they by law have to match your insuranced motorists coverage to your uninsured motorists coverage without your permission. As they told me on several calls, they can’t do anything because it’s a new law. We didn’t want to change anything about our coverage so we never returned the form because we wanted it to stay the same. For the past 3 months we’ve been getting overcharged by almost a $100 a month, because they matched our high insured coverage to our not as high uninsured motorists coverage. I was told they are not going to return any of the extra money I was charged without my permission due to this new law.

After calling the California Department of Insurance and finding out through them that no such law exists, they told me to go to their website and file a complaint because they are breaking the law. Here is the link to file your complaint: **. They need to reimburse all of us for their ridiculous mistake that the company has been greatly profiting on illegally. I highly suggest anyone else that has been getting overcharged to go on that website and file your complaint because this is wrong. And by the way we’ve been with this company for years and we’ve been very happy and I completely trusted them and I believed what they told me about this “New” California law until I spoke to several friends about it and then I decided to call the Department of California Insurance to find out they are 100% wrong. I wish I knew how to respond to the postings on this page but I can’t figure it out. So I hope you all get a chance to read this. Good luck!

We were with this company for 10 years, 3 cars, plus homeowners, and lately renters. My driving record almost impeccable. They dare to raise our policy in $2,000 in less than a year because my mother had an accident and because I also got involved in an accident, which was absolutely not my fault. I was going to file a claim with the insurance department, but an expert advised us not to bother and just switched to a different company, which we did, for an even better coverage, and half the price. I should have done this a year ago. We would have saved money. No wonder why Amica is not on JD Power's website any longer. They were once, when we enrolled, but they are going down the hill big time.

I want to give credit where credit is due. Last month my daughter bottomed out the Audi and ripped the oil pan and transmission. We had just bought the car and have never filed a claim before. Lori at Amica was quick and efficient and took care of us right away. I read about the horror stories about some peoples struggles with their insurance company. My experience was terrific, folks if Lori is any indication of the business philosophy at Amica you can’t go wrong. Thank you.

Increased rates. I get automatic car insurance rates every year and I have never had an accident. If anyone has experienced this rate increase every year despite having no accidents could you let me know. It would be appreciated.

I was hit by an Amica customer 3 weeks ago. I have been calling daily, but have only spoken to the assigned adjuster once. She will NOT return my calls. They have yet to get a statement from their at fault party and continue to give me the run around about a car rental. I was told that I should pay out of pocket or go through my insurer. Wonder how long that reimbursement will take. No thanks. This company sucks ** and should not be supported.

Hail damage claimed on our roof. First adjuster said no hail damage just wear and tear. Several roofing companies stated otherwise. I am not a roofer, it is quite obvious there is damage. Therefore a second adjuster was request. Second one states there is 'some' hail damage. So they made a small payment, I had a independent adjuster come by and take a look so I can get an unbiased opinion. He stated roof needs to be replaced. So now I had to hire a public adjuster. The moment I did that, Amica notifies me that they will not be able to renew my policy! What shysters!

Apparently, suddenly I am too 'high risk'. However, they forgot to send me an official notice on this, so legally they had to renew my policy. So I went through with the PA, and they hire a law firm for the claim. This is absolutely not appropriate. IF there is no damage I can accept that and move on. But two different adjusters from same company have different opinions, and then when I try to pursue it further, they deny to renew me! People, just stay away.

I have been with AMICA for auto and home insurance for 15+ years. Today I received a letter without any consultation or notice that my auto insurance will not be renewed due to claims history. I have 5 cars insured other than 2 accidents one of which was minor. The other claims were for windshield damage. As a long time customer, this is a pretty bad business decision. I would never recommend them to anyone. The word will be spread and I look forward to a relationship with a new company. They never even mentioned my house in their letter. I'm glad they considered my homeowners when they rendered their decision. Based on my experience do not insure with them.

We submitted an application and was told everything had been approved except the underwriters did not have a copy of my driver's license. I submitted a copy of my drivers license and about a week later an agent called and said the underwriters had additional questions. I still don't understand what changed. My husband and I have an impeccable driving record, and haven't filed a home or car insurance claim in over 10 years. So we are not sure what sparked all of the new policy questions.

I was involved in an accident with the other party having AMICA insurance. She pulled out in front of me from a cross street when I was about 20ft away. It is one of the few times I could say I could have done nothing to avoid the accident (except not drive that day) or was any part of the cause. She got out apologizing and saying that she didn't see me. From that point on, I had AMICA calling to tell me that they will not pay anything until they investigate. They then called and told me I was partially to blame. I asked how they figured that and they said they had a witness who said I was changing lanes. I told them I never left the lane I was in and went down and took pictures of the skid marks parallel to the curb proving that when I hit the brakes, I was in the left hand lane as I had stated.

After a couple more weeks, I was told by my insurance company that AMICA wanted to just pay their own insured party's damages and my insurance could pay for mine. They didn't agree and it went to arbitration. Shortly before the arbitration, 5 months after the accident, AMICA filed a counter claim this time claiming they had a witness saying I was speeding. I guess since my pictures must have ruined their changing lanes accusation, they decided to accuse me of going too fast. I was actually going 5 to 10 below the speed limit because of traffic. I doubt their so-called witness had a radar gun to know my speed. But since this came up later after I disproved their accusation I was changing lanes, I doubt there was any real witness. Since arbitration is not a court, there is no facing your accuser or the need to provide proof of an accusation. So the arbitrator did put 20% of the fault on me, even though I have a very good insurance company in GEICO and did get a fair settlement. Plus they didn't back down from AMICA, so I got most of my deductible back.

It still doesn't sit well with me realizing AMICA can get away with not paying all of the damages their client caused. I don't agree with people who submit fraudulent claims, but how is this much different? Maybe less people would submit fraudulent claims if the insurance companies would actually pay out legitimate claims. AMICA is the typical insurance company that takes your money, but then doesn't provide the service. Maybe if I had AMICA, they wouldn't have fabricated a witness to lie for them. But then maybe not. Either way I wouldn't use the services of a company with no integrity. Fortunately, GEICO went to bat for me and prevented AMICA from totally getting out of paying for their insured party's poor driving judgment.

There is a reason I have been with GEICO for more than 30 years. Even though I received a fair payout for my van, it was 16 years old and I could not find something as reliable since I owned and maintained the van from when it was new. I ended up having to take a loan for an additional $6,000 just to afford something as reliable. Sure it is newer and should last longer than my old one would have, but the old one had low mileage and an additional 4 or 5 good years left in it. I had to take on an additional expense well before I was ready too.

I would have also thought the other driver would have been grateful that I didn't get out of my van all irate about her foolishly pulling out in front of oncoming traffic. Not to mention I was alert and hit the brakes the minute I realized she was trying to cross the intersection. I hit her broad side and almost turned her car over. If I would not have been alert, I am sure she would have sustained injuries. You always want to believe, for the most part, people are good, but sometimes it gets a little hard.

We have been with Amica for a dozen years but will be leaving them based on our bad experience with an underinsured motorist claim. Our son was just 19 when he was rear ended by a drunk driver traveling 55 mph. He had tears to the disks in his neck and now lives with chronic neck pain. Amica’s adjuster never even asked to meet our son or even speak with him or any witnesses who know how this injury has hurt him so much. They offered only a pittance for what will be a lifetime of neck pain. They use to be a caring company but not anymore.

I was a policyholder in one form or another for over 30 years. I dropped my auto insurance about 5 years ago. The rates went up considerably because I had an auto accident and a couple of photo radar tickets, so understandable. I held onto to my homeowner insurance. I've checked auto insurance a few times at Amica but it would cost me triple from what I'm paying now. This week I decided to look at bundling my home with Progressive my current auto insurance. I find out that it will save me over 1000.00 a year on just my homeowners insurance for the same coverage. Really that much!

I never had a claim. I don't mind paying a little extra for good service but wow. I'm feeling foolish to think they were giving me decent rates for being a loyal customer. I'm feeling like I was violated by someone I thought I knew. They really screwed me. I used to really have good comments about this company and even recommended them to handful of friends. Not anymore.

Amica agents send a quote for lower price to sell the policy and send subsequent invoice after 2 to 3 month of selling the policy stating that some discount are not allowed in your case. This is common practice for them, don't waste time and money in this company's policies and please go to better companies like Liberty Mutual or Geico or Allstate.

I have been with Amica Mutual Ins Co for 17 years. I filed 1 small claim for hitting a door on a Lexus because my brakes failed. It was handled excellently & swiftly. Like 24-hr claims availability. In NJ, any claim in excess of $500 will result in a 3-yr insurance surcharge... And it did @ $150/yr. Amica uses a 3rd Party company to provide medical coverage in the event that you are injured in an auto accident. Third Party is PRIZM, Marlton, NJ. TERRIBLE!!!

Amica does not provide for its insureds adequately in this vein. Medical claims adjusters are terrible, and forget about getting your income continuation from your policy-Basic or Extended (what you pay/wk) additionally, because they won't pay it. If you are disabled in an accident, you must file through all other channels for income & be prohibited from work by your MDs & THEIR MDs (based upon IME), before they will pay a mere $100/wk. I hate to say this, but if you died as a result of the car accident, at least they will have to pay the funeral benefit with no dispute.

I had read on several sites that Amica was considered top rated for homeowners or renters insurance. I called to get a quote. The person on the phone, Tracy (she refused to give me her last name for obvious reasons after you read this), was beyond unfriendly and the entire time acted like I was putting her out for asking for a quote. Then to top it off, she started asking the most insane questions that no other renter’s insurance company has ever asked me in my 43 years. Incessant questions about the property and what’s on the property.

#1 I don’t own this property, I’m renting it, so I don’t have answers about the details of its construction and maintenance or even neighborhood features since I just moved here. #2 She then proceeded to tell me that since we had had a homeowner’s claim on our previous home that we owned from a sewage back up, we would most likely be denied. I said, I’ve already called numerous other insurance companies and not a single one said that even after seeing and knowing about the claim. I said, "How can you deny us? We didn’t build the faulty piping, we didn’t hire that awful contractor (the insurance company did) so all the work had to be redone, that was on them, yet you are going to discriminate against us for something that categorically in every way shape or form was not our fault?"

"So if we were in a hurricane flood or a tornado loss or a gas leak fire, all of which would also have nothing to do with us, you would deny us under those circumstances?" Insurance companies may charge higher rates but they don’t deny. They would never be in business if they denied every person with a past claim. She said insurance is a risk business and we’re too high of a risk. Hmmm, Progressive, Geico, Nationwide, and Travelers didn’t seem to think so, She said she would run it by the underwriter and call me tomorrow. Hahahaha. Guess what, no phone call, especially after I asked her name at the end of one of the most disrespectful and insulting conversations I’ve ever had with a salesperson. Good luck getting and keeping customers with yahoos like that on your staff. Thanks Amica, for the glorious education in just how much your company has ZERO integrity in all realms.

AMICA is a great insurance company. My family have used them for home and auto insurance since the '60's. AMICA has an A++ rating. Their service is outstanding. Anytime I had a claim, they were friendly and processed quickly. No balking and dragging of the feet with these folks! For example, one of my earliest claims was on a 1980 Olds Cutlass where the fuel line broke in the middle of nowhere Texas and caused an engine fire which consumed the car as we had nothing available to extinguish it. When AMICA processed the claim, it wasn't to the Kelly Blue book and I questioned them. They told me it was the value of a Cutlass. I said it was a Cutlass Supreme Brougham (highfalutin Cutlass) and described it to them. They send me a check for the difference, no questions asked. THAT'S SERVICE! A fine company who advertises little but has been wonderful to us whenever we needed them.

Don't use Amica. They completely messed up my policy and tried to overcharge me for their mistakes. Their representative had me on the phone for an hour working on my policy, and I found out the next week that nothing he told me was true and my policy had been cancelled. Incompetent reps and inflated prices here! Steer clear!

Towing truck takes an hour to pick up my car. This company is useless and doesn't care about their customer. I called them to speed up because I was blocking traffic but the answer was "national average waiting time is 1 hour." **! Now my car got towed by highway patrol that made me pay $240. Please beware of this company.

Requested price for car insurance - 2009 Chevrolet AVEO. I have no tickets, accidents - 65 years old retired. I was in shock about yearly premium - $3950.00 WOW WOW WOW. AMICA - this is America - not a second world country. You are in business? Rip Off business???

We have extra high coverage in case of an emergency. We have always wanted to be protected. We have perfect driving records and haven't been in any accidents that were our fault. Well my wife was hit on the driver's front side as she was in a thruway which caused two torn discs in her back. Amica who is our insurance company not only is denying medical payments but is also denying copays. I don't understand. You buy insurance to make sure you're covered in case you're injured but when you are, they refuse to stand by you. We will be switching to a new insurance company real soon! Stay away from Amica!!

I signed up with Amica last year. My husband & I have perfect driving records. After paying for several months, to the tune of $224 per month, I started to check into different companies. (What can I say - I'm an idiot!) I immediately cancelled my coverage with Amica and signed up with GEICO. I had the same coverage and the premium was $299 FOR SIX MONTHS!!! There has to be something wrong with this picture and the extraordinary rates that Amica gets away with.

Amica was very fair with the settlement we received. No bickering at all. As a policyholder with underage drivers it's worth having my Homeowners policy with them to not only keep premiums down but compared to other insurance providers they are much more reasonable with rates for our young drivers. My wife and I also take a online driver's exam every three years to help keep our rates down. The exam helps keep us in the know with changing technology in cars and also changing state driving laws that affect our driving habits. I was told by consumer guru "Clark Howard" Amica was one of the top rated insurance providers and they have proved that to me so far. Their policy seems to be one you can trust.

I had an Amica homeowner's policy for a year. Toward the end of the year I was looking for a new auto insurer so I went with Amica. Shortly after signing up a new auto policy I was told that Amica would have to cancel my homeowner's policy because I told the agent that I was going to be travelling a lot over the course of the year for business, and they said that if I wasn't in my home for more than 11 months of the year they couldn't insure me. They immediately stopped returning my calls and began to treat me like I'd somehow attempted to deceive them. They refused to offer me any other policies, and overall kept misquoting me back to myself when I called in to ask why I was being refused a policy. Overall I felt really abused by Amica and it was a really terrible experience. I'll never have another policy with them again, and strongly recommend against them for customer service.

I'm new to Amica. But since my parked car was struck by an hit and run, security and police reports made, I feel Amica claims adjuster has constantly wanted to push this claim to my collision coverage, which I believe will negatively affect my future insurance costs but guarantee they recoup their costs, for shareholder? Maybe all insurance companies do this? I do not know. I feel they investigated me. Am I at fault? The car was parked, I think it's to make their money back.

Very customer service focused! They have a "We'll handle it for you" - no matter what it is. It is always a pleasure if I have to contact them or need help - circumstances the necessitate me having to call them is not usually pleasurable, but I have peace of mind knowing that I'm in good hands with Amica and that everything will be fine.

Horrible. Don't believe the "we're #1 in customer service" hype. After spending hours on the phone, working through false statements by their agents (like a false claim I'd get a 3 year auto policy tenure credit, when another agent later said I won't), I was ready to give them the business. Then, at the very last minute before my house closing, they claimed I had pets (I don't) and wouldn't issue the policy. I almost lost my new home. I tried to offer a sworn affidavit that I don't have pets, or some other way to resolve it, but they wouldn't budge. It probably started off with some innocent lost in translation problem, but their bone-headedness afterwards was inexcusable, particularly for a company that thinks so highly of themselves regarding service. I will encourage everyone I can to avoid Amica.

My wife is driving my car when she got accident in Temecula, CA. I have only liability on my my vehicle because it is 2003 Honda pilot. My wife is not at fault according to the police report. First the other car involved has expired license, not registered vehicle and beat the red light. After exchanged of informations between both parties, the other driver show as proof of insurance with is United Alliance. So right away, informed AMICA and the insurance that other party showed us, so filed a claim to both insurance company. They gave me a claim number and a adjuster to deal with.

At this point my car was towed to the towing yard because I knew that their insurance gonna take care of it. So after two days of waiting for their callback, they said they are waiting for the report.and so I talk to AMICA if they can help me facilitate my claim because it showed that the other party involved have a non existed policy. So I can't claim any damage cost my car. So I ask AMICA that I have uninsured motorist on my policy but they insisted that I am not covered for uninsured motorist. I was frustrated knowingly that I have to pay the towing company $850.00 for 6 days storage and towing services in my car. I WON'T RECOMMEND TO INSURED YOUR PROPERTY HERE. Waste of time and money. Poor customer satisfaction. Hard to deal with.

Ugh. Terrible follow-up. Still trying to figure out what’s going on with a claim from 4 months ago. Premiums are astronomical. I don’t get it. I’m dumb for sticking it out as long as I have. I wish they were as good as they wish they were.

Someone who was insured by Amica hit my vehicle on the highway and took off. I had pics of the other vehicle immediately after hitting my vehicle. He has matching damage to his vehicle that I have same measurements height wise and paint color transfer. After ducking me around for literally over a year 13 months to be exact they sent me a 2 sentence letter saying, "Sorry we do not believe our driver hit you and we are not going to pay for the damages." If I could give them a zero star rating I would. I will be sure to let everyone I know about my experience with them and judging by their customer review ratings I can see that I am not the first one to get shafted.

I work out of town. I come home for a few days and I am ready get my car repaired. Call my adjuster. He advised me where to go. I called the repair shop and they advise me to bring the car in until Monday because Amica will not pay for rental over the weekend. Sounds like some type of DOI complaint to me or maybe even bad faith but who knows. I will just pay out of pocket and cancel. Too many reviews about Amica not being copacetic.

The accident happened in SC, I was issued a ticket since 2 witnesses said I was liable for the accident by crossing over lanes to get to the other side of a 4 lane, no traffic on it road. I pleaded not guilty and followed through on my own from the official pictures taken of the cars and I paid professionally for the black box to be taken out of my 2014 Prius. The insurance company refused to help and would not reveal what happened to the other car. From the pictures and the black box it shows that I was hit on the side of my car, not the way the ticket shows from the 2 witnesses.

The other driver and her 2 kids went to the hospital and had a check up and went to a law firm. "DO NOT PAY UNLESS WIN" and I believe this is why I have been told I am liable, and the other driver besides having 9 speeding tickets since 2007, was driving her mother's car and has very rich uncle who owns at least 2 businesses in Aiken, SC. I believe the ticket was issued since I was a NYer and would probably just pay the ticket and let that other driver who hit me with such force, even though just barely on the side, totaled my car. This is a racial issue meaning the North versus the South. I have proven my innocence and they will not listen, this is causing extreme stress and loss of a livelihood on my part because AMICA is DISHONEST and it was my company for years and my parents'. Such a sad story but true, I have proven it!

One of their customers backed into me. I even have a voicemail from him saying he was the one who dented my car. Claim was submitted, THEIR RULING was 50/50 responsibility. Liars! Guess we are going to court, NC HATES NYers... ha ha ha. AND, he's a fricking attorney... Fun to be had!

Amica has been my insurance company for home and auto about 10 years. The service I have received has always been excellent. This week I had a flat tire on a back-country road. Amica called within a few minutes of my call with the name and phone number of the company that would be arriving with help. The company's driver kept me informed of when he would arrive and it was all taken care of with ease. The insurance company I was with before dropped my coverage after a small claim (ca. $200). Amica, on the other hand, despite my having had a few claims, has always been helpful, quick to respond and paid out promptly and fairly. Would I recommend Amica to a friend? You betcha! I often have!

We have been with Amica for over 40 years. We have our property and auto insurance with Amica. This week we received a bill with over $1,000 raise in premium in property insurance with no claims for years. Always been happy with Amica's customer service but we are seniors on a fixed income. This raise in our premium brings our property insurance to more than our taxes. We will probably have to find a new insurance co.

My vehicle was totaled by this company after their insured struck the rear of my vehicle while we were stopped in traffic. After a month of emails and lots of time dealing with the loss, Amica offered us dealer trade in value, not replacement value for our car, which is almost $3,000 less! I have tried to negotiate with them, but they are not responding. They only send emails telling me that they are cancelling our rental car. I recommend if you have a claim with Amica, you will cut your loss by hiring an attorney immediately and not deal with them directly.

I was rear-ended by another motorist. I submitted claim by phone, including photos, etc. Amica contacted their (guilty party) insurance co. and authorized repairs to my car right away. Amica proceeded to handle all claims against guilty party in very expeditious way. I received answers every time I called. Their settlement process is efficient and their follow up is great in every way. Top notch, personal response to all contacts.

Got ad in mail from Amica that I was preselected because of my good driving and just one of 25 people could get that nice offer. Quoted price was more than three times higher than I'm paying now! Are you kidding me? Don't waste your time! More than $300 for two cars per months while my current rate is $130. No, thank you! And yes, I checked several times if I entered something wrong or got much better coverage!

Customer driven in developing individual insurance coverage. Very helpful in reviewing my personal needs while balancing my desires with available insurance options. Staff, either online or over the phone, are good listeners and will present options to consider based on my expressed needs. Competitive pricing with end of year dividends to policyholders. Good to do business with.

Got hit by a hit and run driver. Minor injury to my back. My claim less than $10,000. After dragging their feet for months they turned me over to some fraud attorney for a statement under oath taken by a court reporter. Needless to say, I cancelled all my insurance with them. I may give them their statement, but I think they are trying to make me look bad somehow. My take: Delay, intimidate, deny. I have nothing to hide. Just irritates the hell out of me. They want tax returns, months of credit card bills, checking accounts, cell phone records. A real nightmare. Consumer friendly? Policyholder friendly? HELL NO!

Two years ago, we filed a claim for hail damage. Although there was fairly minor damage, Amica declared the car totaled, wrote us a check and took the car. (No doubt they sold the car and recouped what they paid us.) The check was used in purchasing another car, but this resulted in a significant new car payment. Well, OK. It's a lot better car. A year later, this newer car suffered minor hail damage as well. Amica paid, no problem. Recently, I was late with a payment. My fault, but normally this wouldn't be a problem with an insurance carrier. This time, though, Amica cancelled my policy.

I called about reinstatement and was told that to reinstate, my new rate would be tremendously higher with no explanation! I decided not to renew and went with a different carrier at a totally reasonable rate. Since then, Amica has been billing me. It seems that, through their incompetence, they failed to actually show my policy as cancelled in their records until I questioned their billing and repeated that I had earlier cancelled with them. They appear to be charging me for a period of time between the two attempts at cancellation. I used to think they were a fine company. Not now! If I had known of all these complaints with the company, I never would have signed with them in the first place! Steer clear!

I've been a huge fan and customer of AMICA for 35+ years. No longer. When I recently moved from a major city to a rural area [more pines than people], they told me my premium would increase 30%! I was shocked. I asked what the rationale was behind raising rates for someone who moves to a smaller community vs. living in a major city where there are more cars and more of a chance for accidents. They simply said, "because." If that's how you're treated after 35+ years, I can only imagine what happens when you're a new customer. AMICA has gone downhill in the last several years. Sad.

Amica agents have a deceptive practice of quoting policies and, at first saying: "before dividend check". And then as I started speaking with them of additional policies and bundling, they start quoting their pricing "after dividend check", but do not state that outright. When I caught this particular supervisor doing this, she said she would quote the out-of-pocket since it was "too confusing for me". Deceptive is closer to the word I'd use. But the reason I'm angry is that I got a quote for ~$1400/yr for home insurance on Friday 7/17/15 (which is good!); I got a binder to send to my mortgage officer on 7/20, and on 7/21 I get a call from the agent's supervisor saying that the price is actually ~$900 higher than I was quoted.

Amica lost my business today; we needed home insurance for our new house. And we're switching our auto over and purchasing an umbrella policy - because it was such a great deal and supposedly backed by such a reputable company. But with these type of business practices and if this is their idea of customer service... I should thank my lucky stars that I didn't actually buy their insurance as sales is supposed to be their best foot forward. If this is their best, I can only imagine what the actual service and claim processing must be like. Run. Don't walk.... Seriously.

Amica is the worst insurance company. I have never had such substandard service from my own company. Accident 7/19, all documents forwarded to Amica & car released from tow yard by me on 7/24. Accident was 100% the other person's fault. I wish I had gone after their insurance on my own. But I figured Amica is my company they would fight for me. NOT! They estimated my mileage, they didn't have all the options listed, they undervalued my car... now I have to pay for my own rental.

I have had to call my rep every week & now on week 4 she tells me my rental coverage is over. They have still not issued a check. I have never seen worse customer service. They are real good at sucking you into their company, but retention of customers is more important. For those of you thinking of or still using Amica... I hope you never ever have to file a claim.

I was flatly turned down for auto insurance because of my accident history. 2 at-fault accidents which were very minor, 2 non-at-fault accidents one of which as a drunk driver totaling my parked car while I was inside a restaurant. Amica states that you are not allowed any accidents within 36 months regardless of whether

they are your fault or not. This seems to be the case with all insurance companies. They like your business if you don't make any claims. I have a totally clean driving record but because of 2 no-fault accidents and 2 minor at-fault accidents, my insurance has tripled. Amica along with many insurance companies are totally unethical and something should be done about this.

I have been a customer of Amica for a few years and I was set up on auto pay so there should have not been a problem. Amica changed my information which resulted in them not being able to withdraw. They canceled my insurance. I was so frustrated and to reinstate my policy would cost my 900.00 dollars. Yes that's right 900.00 dollars because they say my insurance has a lapse... I will never use this company again.

We were with Amica Insurance for 24 years both Home & Auto. Never made a Home Owners claim and only had 3 minor fender bender auto claims over the course of 22 years. 4 years ago we had the misfortune of having our home broken into while we were not home. 50% of what had been stolen turned out to not be covered by our insurance policy. You don't give your policy details a second thought until something happens and you need your insurance protection. Thinking back, we always paid our premiums on time, we were loyal Amica customers, we had good credit, excellent driving records, etc but never once did we receive a courtesy call from an Amica agent explaining the additional coverage options we could have chosen to include in our policy, never once did they explain clearly what was "not covered" by our policy.

We lost a great deal of valuables that we can never replace because they were inherited family items and because about $75,000 of items taken were "not eligible to be covered" as they needed to be on a separate rider - would have been nice to have this information explained to us when the policy was initially set-up and yearly when it was reviewed and renewed each year for 24 years. To make matters even worse Amica increased both our Home & Auto policy premiums by almost 100%. Our auto (and we have had perfect driving records for over 10 years) insurance escalated from $230 a month (24 months earlier) to $447 a month! When we asked Amica why, they handed out some ridiculous excuse that the State of Michigan was causing the increases (funny none of our family or friends experienced these increases in their Michigan auto policies).

I was not about to pay more than double for our auto insurance so I began calling around for insurance quotes. Of all 7 insurance companies that I called, Amica was by far the most expensive. I ended up finding an excellent auto insurance policy with much lower deductibles and more coverage for less than half of what Amica was charging us ($207 a month for 5 months - 6th month free). Good Riddance Amica - I'm switching our Home Owners to the other company as well - so much for being a loyal customer with virtually zero claims for the first 22 years - Amica is fine if you never need to file a claim!!!

Amica is a wonderful company, they offer the latest products and services and they are very reasonably priced. They offer discount as well. They have great customer service and when I signed up with them they did not push me or try to sell me anything other than what I needed. They have a great website that is very helpful and easy to use and a great claims service. What I love most about Amica is the customer service and they explain everything in a very clear manner to make sure that you get the exact coverage you need and nothing more.

The premium went up and we decided to look for cheaper insurance. We found it and contacted Amica 2 and 1/2 weeks ahead of cancellation date. They agreed to cancel and did but on the same day they cancelled they took their huge premium and have not given it back and told us they plan on keeping $70 dollars of it. I don't understand their double talk and I don't think there is any way they are due money for ins. that was cancelled well ahead of time. I am not sure you can figure these people out so my advice is to stay away from them. I need all my money back.

We've been insured under Amica for a decade. Throughout the first seven years, we were happy to pay more than average because they were great. Over the last two-three years, everything has completely deteriorated. Some examples: Last spring, I received information about owing money due to an accident. Fair. I called their accounting department and was repeatedly told they could not find the bill, could not find the person I was supposed to talk to in order to pay, etc. It took four separate calls (and several hours!) to finally track down someone who had any idea what was going on and how to, you know, pay them the money they'd billed me for.

The rep who dealt with our homeowners insurance had a list of things that needed to get fixed or changed for our policy. Some made total sense: proof that the oil tank was removed, trimming a tree near a power line. Others, not so much: re-painting the entire (recently painted) house. I asked about that one, and not only could she not explain why that needed to happen, she also told me she couldn't find out why, and that I just had to do it. I assume there IS a reason, but if I'm going to pay for an entire house re-paint, it would awesome if someone could actually give me the reason behind it, you know?

Despite paying our auto insurance monthly for a year, last year they randomly billed the entire sum for the coming year to our credit card. I called, they refunded me, and assured me it was completely set back to monthly for the future. Last month, they did the exact same thing. I called, the person I spoke to assured me it would be refunded and fixed. A month later, no refund, no monthly charge.

I called to check in and was told they couldn't issue it because they needed to confirm that we hadn't filed a dispute with our bank. (We hadn't. I hadn't mentioned anything about it during the first call. While on the phone with me, she checked and said "Hmmmm, there's no mention of why they would think there was.") I asked why no one had called to ask us about this. She explained they'd called at least eight times. I checked our phone records. One call from Amica, no voicemails. I asked which phone number they'd called, and she told me they didn't store this information.

During this call, she also told me that an umbrella policy I'd been under the impression I'd canceled (because... I spoke to someone, requested it was canceled, and was told it was) last summer had actually NOT been canceled, and canceled itself due to my non-payment. (They have my credit card information on file. Every other policy I have is set up on auto-bill. Why would this one also not be on auto-bill, if it was still active?) No one I've spoken to in the previous year (and there have been a lot, see all of the above points!) has mentioned owing money on this policy. Since I've been under the impression it was successfully canceled, and it's been a year, my notes on the cancellation (e.g., who I spoke to, when I spoke to them, any sort of confirmation information I received over the phone) are long gone.

When I asked why no one had mentioned it up until now, or contacted us about it, and mentioned that I was fairly frustrated with all of my experiences with Amica over the past few years, she replied "Well, this situation hasn't been awful... We refunded your money!" And it's true, they did. After they overcharged me nearly two thousand dollars for something they said was fixed last year, after three phone calls and several hours on the phone, and after I had to follow up with them because they apparently have a phantom phone number for me that they only use when trying to issue me a refund, they did refund my money.

I paid for the stupid three months of the umbrella policy just to end the agony. I'm delighted to report I'm searching for a new insurance provider for my auto, homeowners, and landlord insurance policies, and I hope to soon say I'll never need to speak to Amica again. If you'd like to pay extra for a Kafka-esque bureaucratic frustration, definitely go with Amica. Otherwise, shop around.

Amica is supposed to be the number one in customer service. Well let me tell you they are not. I have had the worse experience with them. I have been recently divorced and Amica refuses to recognize it. In my divorce it says we are responsible for our own insurance. I called Amica and explained the divorce stating that I wanted to separate my insurance. It has been a NIGHTMARE. My ex-husband refused to answer the phone so Amica refused to take me out of the policy. What if he had been in an accident and killed someone? I would be liable for that. I am no longer married and yet they required me to pay for my ex-husband's insurance. They were rude, disrespectful, and downright cruel on the phone with me. I will never recommend Amica to anyone.

Service is great but pricey. Homeowners claim one time was handled great. Hail damage... Everything replaced. Other companies didn't help neighbors at all. Associates are knowledgeable and helpful. Support is friendly, timely and the staff advocates for the best possible outcome.

I would have chosen zero or negative star if I had the option. Amica auto failed to file FR19 form to MVA stating that my vehicle purchased half a year ago was insured since the date it was purchased. Ironically, Amica never stops charges me the auto insurance monthly. I did not know until one day I received a warning letter from MVA saying that my new vehicle was never insured and I was facing a huge fine!!! Then I immediately called Amica to ask them to resolve this as soon as possible as apparently they failed to do their job at the first place!! They admitted that it was their mistake and that local branch will contact me. However, no one ever called/emailed me regarding this.

As the due date was approaching, I had to call Amica again and they told me that they needed some info from me. WTF? They were just waiting for me to be proactive to provide them the required info? Unbelievable how they run the business. After I gave them the info, I felt they were not trustworthy anymore and I would have to make sure that they do their job!!! I had to call them for the consecutive three days to "push" them to do their job - fax the MVA the FR19 to get me out of huge fine. They still kept delaying it until I got mad at them eventually and requested to talk to their manager to resolve the issue asap or I won't hang up and keep calling them. At this point, I still don't know if they actually send the form to MVA as they claimed. I am done with them!

I will start by saying this... I believe each insurance company premiums are based on the allowance of insured customers. With this said I am so very pleased that I shopped around and found Amica to be the best insurance quote for my Auto in Colorado. Geico renewal was $400 more than last renewal after being with them 10+ years. No claims... no violations... nothing and I am almost 50 and divorced with a 2017 Cadillac Escalade full coverage and high liability coverages. The yearly cost $4210.00 Geico... Amica $1821.00 a year. How could this be true. Well I believe Amica chooses who is at risk and who is not which keeps their premiums so low... Geico will insure anyone no matter how bad and we all pay for it. Well not anymore. I now think of all the years I paid outlandish money for nothing... Amica is who I will stick with as long as I get the service I deserve!!!

AMICA is always most highly recommended. J. D. Powers has ranked them # 1 in customer satisfaction for 13 years. I've used them for homes/autos for decades and would never consider switching. I challenge you to price Amica insurance as they saved us thousands. They do not insure high risk people so it keeps my rates low. Also, we have had a couple of claims and they were always fair and responsive.

My parents had this company and I have also enjoyed them for most of my life. While I have tried others to "Save Money" I have gone back to them because of the way they do business. We have their umbrella policy which actually saves us money but what has sold me is the quality of their staff and promptness of service no matter the claim. They listen to you and always seem like they are on your side. They are the best insurance company in the country, no questions asked and they just pay the claim.

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