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APRIL Travel Protection Online Insurance Reviews

Purchasing a policy with April Travel Protection was a matter of looking online. I've got a specific site I go to and it compares a whole bunch of policies. I choose what fits my need at the particular time that I'm looking and then I make a decision. I go ahead and buy. The whole thing is done online unless I have to cancel a trip or have some kind of problem.

I looked for the cheapest relative to what I want and if it has got the coverage I want. I'm also interested in how long they've been in business and the quality rating and that kind of stuff. I want to know they're gonna be there when I need a check, which is a reimbursement for some travel problem. And I have had, over the years, to cancel trips for medical reasons and have needed reimbursement. Fortunately, my only losses that I knew was never reimbursed for were the amount spent on the insurance policies themselves. So I'm happy with the way I've been treated over the years.

All the material that shows up from April Travel Protection was easy to understand. I've been through this for three decades, so I'm sort of used to this kind of stuff. I find the information I got was clear and beyond relating my experience of purchasing a policy. The final measure is what happens when I seek reimbursement. Other than that, the policy form April Travel Protection was simple, straightforward and it covered what I was concerned about.

I have a five-year-old kid and I don't want any unplanned interruptions to affect my schedule so I get travel insurance for my trips. I purchased one from APRIL Travel Protection directly on their site. I read a good review on one of the travel websites I visit frequently so I decided to give it a try. When I called them about filing a claim, their rep took down my information and then processed it quickly. It was awesome and I'm completely satisfied. I would recommend APRIL to my friends and family. It's a great service to get for every trip.

I have always had great experiences with APRIL Travel Protection. I’ve had many, many policies through them and I keep buying travel insurance because of trip cancellation. So far, they have always been very easy to deal with. I always get a person and they settle the claim without hassle.

I have used different travel insurance providers over the years. They all seemed reputable and some a little less difficult to deal with than others, but April was satisfactory. Their availability and cost seemed appropriate. One time, there was a trip I had which had to be canceled because of health reasons. My wife was having an issue and once that we substantiated the problem with letters from the physician, etc. they paid the claim. They were pretty reasonable about it.

I’ve heard horror stories of people that travel and ended up getting sick in a foreign country and the method of payment and all that was expensive. And if we needed to cancel our arrangement because it was out of country, it would’ve been very pricey had we not been able to get reimbursed. It was our very first time to use a travel insurance provider and our travel agent picked APRIL for us. I had a claim when I came back and my interaction with the APRIL reps was all email. They handled my claim fine and it turned out okay. My overall experience using APRIL was above average and I would recommend them.

My fiancée use APRIL Travel Protection because she travels a lot and you never know what's going to happen. I tell everybody who travels that if they're gonna book something over two months, they have to get insurance. It’s worth it. I don’t like to have to cancel a flight and they would say that they're gonna credit you and then about three months later, you forget about the credit. Two months after the credit’s gone, you finally find it and remember but it's already up. Last year, we had some issues with a flight so we called. They gave us a time frame on when things would be resolved and within a week of what the rep had told us, everything was taken care of. They were prompt and the customer service was great.

We use travel insurance every time we travel. We pay a few thousand dollars for a trip and we don’t know what can happen while on a cruise or while driving a car cross-country. And when we’re in foreign countries, our insurance here normally doesn’t cover so we don’t want something to happen and not have some type of coverage.

We purchased APRIL Travel insurance when we paid our final payment in December. Come January, I was having all the pain and the surgery ended up on the day that we were gonna sail. So, we cancelled the trip and the April insurance kept insinuating that the pain was a pre-conditioned. But there was no way I would pay for a trip if I was in much pain. It was very difficult to get an answer. When I called their number, the service reps told us that the information was still being considered but they didn’t have any information. After many calls and getting the runaround, they were telling me that the person doesn’t work in the office and they didn’t have the information. Also, they said that they were just customer service and they don’t get anything until the information is given to them. They also wanted all the doctors that I had seen for six months but my doctors wouldn’t call back people whom they don’t know.

I was left hanging and they were trying to get information about something that didn’t even relate to what the problem was. I felt that they were trying to deny me rather than help me. They had to get somebody to finally take a look. So, I called the guy on my letter and he referred me to a person who could help me. I had many follow-ups to finally get to the person who was helpful. I had a traumatic experience with APRIL Travel and they held out until June before they paid us. I will never use them again.

I travel three or four times a year. When I was looking to buy travel insurance, April Travel Protection was recommended by a travel agent so I used them. Last March, I went on a riverboat cruise on the Rhine and I lost a luggage there for a week. April Travel Protection paid me $200 for that. They did what they said they would do and did it promptly. I would recommend them to others.

I purchased April Travel Protection out of Online Vacation because the travel agent put me up with them. Prior to April, I have used Princess, Royal Caribbean and several others. April, however, was a little bit more expensive. Nevertheless, other than that, I would recommend them.

I had a claim over email with APRIL Travel Protection a year or two ago. It was all digital and went through smoothly. I had used them previously and went back to them. I would recommend them.

When I purchased a travel insurance from APRIL Travel Protection through travelinsurance.com, it was more for emergency help and accidents. I'll recommend it to a friend.

The representatives from April Travel Protection were very good. My wife and I came down with the flu so we had to reschedule our Antarctica trip in November. All they asked was a proof of the flu, so we submitted it and everything went well. Their Stress Less Service worked out really well. We have no complaints overall, and only have very positive things to say about them.

A friend of mine told me about APRIL Travel Protection and I had a claim that they serviced. I ripped a calf muscle while I was on a trip and they covered me for the lost part of my journey. When I filed that claim, the reps were reasonably timely and everything was good. Overall, I have a good impression of APRIL and they're a good option to use. I was pleased with their service and I would use them again.

My travel agent made APRIL Travel Protection known to me and I've done several trips with them. But on the last one, APRIL rooked me out of a lot of money. Our airline cancelled our flight 10 minutes before we were to leave Memphis to go to Sydney, Australia. So consequently, we had paid for three nights in a hotel in Sydney, Australia to the tune of $250 a night. Now, APRIL in turn told us that the trip delay insurance was there so we got paid for the trip delay. I submitted to them a bill from the hotel, showing them what the amount of money was but we did not get paid anything for a night in a hotel. They never did anything further about it and I don't think that we were treated fairly. Now, I don't have any faith in them even though I have paid for a trip this year through them.

I'm glad that I purchased from April Travel. I used Travel Safe before and April Travel is very similar but it's a little bit less, cost-wise. Besides the coverage, I like the savings I get from April Travel. Also, whenever I make a claim, they reimburse me within two to three weeks, which is very acceptable. So next time, if I will travel again, I will definitely go with April. I had a good experience with them.

I purchased April insurance for a pair of concert tickets for my wife's birthday on November 11th 2017. We ended up getting the flu and not being able to attend. I called in the following day to make a claim, received the forms, and returned them all within an hour. They requested a doctor's note and I informed the agent that I did not see a doctor since I wasn't able to leave the house with my flu. He just shrugged it off and kept going with his speech. The next day I received an email requesting a doctor's note. I emailed back the same response that I gave the agent that I did not go to the doctor.

Fast forward a month later and I've heard nothing back. So I call in and ask what the status of my claim is. They tell me that it takes 45 business days to process a claim. Weird but I wait the amount of time they requested and gave them a callback. The person I talk to says that my agent Sergio is the only one who can help me with this, but he is out of the office and will give me a callback the following day. I do not get a call and this cycle repeats another three times with the same result. I end up emailing the company from the only other contact I had from them letting them know it has been almost five months now and I can't get anyone to tell me what's going on with my claim. They email me back a week later telling me they will find out.

A month later I get a voicemail from Jessica at a company called Broadspire (I guess it's a company that handles their claim) and after leaving several messages over a series of weeks I get on the phone with her. She basically tells me that since I didn't have a doctor's note that they wouldn't be able to process the claim. I tell her I had the flu and wasn't able to leave my house that day and on top of that the flu isn't necessarily something you need to be seen by a doctor for. She then lets me know that it's in the terms and I could have gone the following day to get the note (this pissed me off because my original agent Sergio didn't tell me that at all or I would have just done that to save this headache). We end up going back and forth until she ends up sending it to upper management for review with some notes of the situation so far.

That was a month ago. I have not been able to get her to contact me back until a few minutes ago. She said it's still under review and she will email me when they reach a decision. I don't even care about the money at this point or if it gets denied. I just want some resolution! It's been about eight months of pulling teeth just to get someone to contact me! This is the single worst company I have ever dealt with and strongly advise anyone considering using them to consider another option. If I could go back in time I simply wouldn't have purchased the coverage when it popped up after my ticket purchase. I would be $10 richer in money, a few days of my life back, and a lot less raised blood pressure. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake!

We bought our April travel protection from Online Vacation. We always have travel insurance because we’re elderly and if something happens, we want coverage. We put in a claim when my husband got sick and we couldn’t go on one trip. We gave them our documentation and we got our money back for our trip. Everything went smoothly and we didn't have any problems working with them at all. I would buy their insurance again and I would tell other people to buy it as well. It's well worth it.

We were going to New Zealand and Australia. They don’t charge as much as hospitals in the US, but they charge if you are a foreigner. I bought April Travel Protection online for safeguard that we could be treated and we could get home. Their policy matched my needs better than other travel insurance providers. I had several contacts with them and all the reps were good. They were also very straightforward and everything I asked to be done was done, and whatever confirmation I needed was sent on time. I was in the hands of people who knew what they were doing. There was a bit of a mess up in the beginning, but it was sorted out. They had a good customer service rep who put it right. April Travel Protection was very good and I would use them again if their policy met my needs.

I found April Travel Protection on the internet. I looked at the review and April had a good one and so I chose to use travel insurance for the first time through them. At the time we booked the ticket, it was several months before the actual travel so I thought of problems. We never knew what happened. If my friends are looking for travel insurance, I recommend April Travel Protection.

We bought our April Travel Protection plan through an online cruise company. Our travel agent whom we've talked to online recommended that we get it. We did it over the phone and it was a good experience talking to their rep. The rate was also competitive and the plan filled our needs for what we wanted. Since I had to have neurosurgery, I was not physically able to travel. The doctor filled out the form and it was approved, and we were pleased that we could get some of our money back. We were glad we had the plan and we would use their travel insurance again.

My husband's mother is 96 and mine is 95. On the day before we were supposed to go out on a very big trip to South America, his mother had a massive stroke and lost almost all her vision that night when I was getting ready to check in so we had to cancel everything. Our overall experience with April Travel Protection was excellent. They were wonderful, efficient, fast and they paid a claim for us.

We used another travel protection provider when we went to Africa several years ago. We had looked at new benefits and the current company we went with, APRIL Travel Protection, seemed to do what we needed the best. Our experience with APRIL was easy and everything went great -- from talking to people, getting information sent over to getting the paperwork, and faxing it in. There was a lot of stuff to fill out, but it was thorough, which we completely expected.

However, there was a lag time of hearing whether people were actually looking through it, but once we contacted people, they did a good job of letting us know where we were in the application process. Trip cancellation and sickness are our motivation when getting travel protection, but luggage loss is a big one for us. We'll use APRIL again, for sure, and we plan on trying to go back to Vietnam again next year. I would also tell my friends to go for APRIL as it's better to be safe than sorry.

I want peace of mind so I buy travel insurance since I fly overseas, go on a cruise, and do lots of moving, wherein many things could go wrong. I used April Travel Protection as recommended by Online Vacation Center. I've had other travel insurance providers since Online Vacation Center keeps changing their recommendations and I go with whoever they suggest at the time. Compared to the others, April Travel Protection did well. I had a claim for damaged luggage and they reimbursed me. Their service reps gave me good instructions, I followed them, and everything went according to plan. April Travel Protection provided me with excellent service and I would use them again if I was on my own making my own arrangements. I would also tell other people to give them a try.

APRIL Travel Protection was recommended to us. I bought the travel insurance online and the service rep was good. However, when we had to make a medical claim, it took way longer and way too many follow-ups on my part to get it handled.

My wife and I both filed a claim and APRIL was wonderful in covering them. It took them several weeks to process it so I had to follow up with them to make sure that they got the information that was in process but we were pleased with the service that we got. We paid our medical bills and they reimbursed us when we got home. They held up their end of the deal and we didn't have to fight with them. I would use them again.

It's taken me 9 months for them to file my claim. I still have not received my payment. They are extremely unorganized and I would AVOID this insurance company. You're going to waste your time and money with them. They had a deeply frustrating process. They will extend your claim process so that you give up and they keep the money. It's absolutely ridiculous. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.

APRIL Travel Protection was very easy to work with when we ended up having to cancel a trip due to illness. My spouse has health problems. But even though there was no indication initially that there might be a problem, we also have aging parents and we were spending a lot of money on the trip. So, I wanted to make sure that we were insured in case anything happens. I found APRIL Travel Protection on My Trip Insurance, and then I purchased the insurance plan directly from APRIL.

When I filed the claim, APRIL dealt with it very straightforwardly. All I did was call them and they sent me the information. It did take me some time to compile the entire claim together. But once I did it, there was certainly no difficulty in receiving the reimbursement from the insurance. Mine was also a complicated case because it was a number of different components and some had been partially reimbursed because I’d gotten refunds, and APRIL didn’t have any problem with it.

On a cruise that we had about 18 months ago, we had to use our APRIL travel insurance as my wife got an earache. The rep that I dealt with at the time was very nice and told us the name of the two hospitals in London which were APRIL-known approved providers. That was proactive on their part to be able to provide that type of information. We then paid for our expense with a credit card and then APRIL reimbursed it. About six years ago, however, we had to cancel a trip prior to going. I booked my own tickets on Delta from Cincinnati to London and we were gonna get on the ship at Southampton. And then my wife had to get a knee surgery and we couldn't go. I also had APRIL insurance then but nobody wanted to reimburse me the $3,000 worth of airline fees, thus the finger-pointing between APRIL and Delta. It was a little bit disappointing but they were just probably following the normal rules in what was reimbursable or not.

We've had friends who were in a foreign country and they were in an automobile accident. And so even if it was on a bus and one has to be air-evaced from Barbados back to Miami or worse, to be in Botswana, laying in a hut for two days with a broken leg with a bone sticking out and trying to get air-evaced from Botswana back to Cincinnati could be 25 grand. So, we get travel protection for instances like trip cancellation and medical needs. We usually try and get to 50,000 plus on medical and return to appropriate medical care in the US type thing.

On our trip after 9/11, we went to China and a woman fell the first day and broke her upper arm and shoulder. She had to be air-evaced. They put a Chinese doctor on board and flew with a nurse to the Philippines and then Philippines all the way back to LAX. That was impressive because she had the insurance too. Being by herself and not speaking the language, the insurance people just jumped right on in and took care of everything for her. That was an advantage for everyone. And from the minimal experience that we've had with APRIL, the $80 thing when they picked up the tab for an office visit for an additional work in my wife's ear and some eardrop, we could tell the people interested in APRIL that they did not drop it like a "Nope, we're not doing anything" type of situation.

I purchased my travel insurance plan from Online Vacation Center and APRIL was the only option I was given. I filed a claim 18 months ago and had positive interactions with some of their reps. The claim was for my wife who got pancreatic cancer and was gonna live for about 10 weeks. The cruise was gonna depart January 3rd, and we got a doctor's certificate that said she was dying and couldn't go on the cruise. So, I sent the doctor's certificate and they filled out the paperwork. And within 30 days or so, I got the full amount of the refund.

So, take the travel insurance if you think you’re gonna be at risk of not being able to go. APRIL's coverage seems to be rather comprehensive in terms of people who would die or get into trouble, or if it’s an extended family kind of situation. Reading the document that I did at the time, I was pleased since I was gonna file a claim. Also, if there was a catastrophe with one of those individuals who are near and dear to you, and your cruise conflicts with that so you want to call it off, APRIL seems to be agreeable to refunding the cruise fare which is what you want.

April's reps answered my questions. I was not able to make my trip because I had a surgery, so I had to get the insurance and they were pretty helpful with that. I got the check, so it was all good.

When we travel, there's always the unexpected or sort of things which we’re not able to control. Sometimes, people miss their connecting flight. I want to be prepared if something happens like that. When I traveled in 2011, I used an insurance provider but it was only for medical and there’s no interrupting thing. I Googled the best travel insurance and one to 10 names popped up.

I checked every one of it and APRIL Travel Protection was the thing as far as the price and the coverage. My ex-wife had my daughter when they traveled to the Philippines and I purchased the insurance. It suits their travel and I will get April Travel Protection again when they travel. Everything was done online when I did the purchase and the process went smoothly. I was surprised. I was so happy with the service. And I will recommend APRIL again. They should just keep emailing me on my email. My brother and his family are leaving on May and I will highly recommend APRIL to them.

We had a good experience with April Travel Protection. We filed a claim and everything went well. We couldn't go because of medical problems so we went to the doctor, who sent April a written note. We were pleased to get our money back.

When we travel, I typically use Alliance and then I have used a couple from the cruise lines. I got APRIL from Vacations to Go and used it on a cruise. I had a claim from Alliance and I also had a claim from APRIL for a life and falling in St. Croix and they were both fine. But it was easier when we had a claim from Alliance because I could do it online. I downloaded everything and I could upload the documents on their website and there also an app. With APRIL, I downloaded the form, filled it up and put the documents with it, and send it to them through snail mail. But the service reps at APRIL were very accommodating. They responded promptly and I had all the correct documentations, so there was no going back and forth. They didn’t ask for more or anything else because I had the documentation from the ship and everything where my wife was treated.

Age-wise, we’re in the 60-ish so you wanna make sure that you’re covered. And if you're going out of the country like on a cruise even to the Caribbean or anywhere, you wanna make sure you're covered in all of that. So, I don’t have any problems with travel insurance. A lot of people don't use it and in 17 cruises, we’ve had two incidents and the claims I have made have been relatively small. It's actually less than what the insurance had cost but that's why we get it. We were on a cruise in the past with a celebrity seven years ago and they had a bad incident in Dominica where two people got killed and 15 injured. They had to leave them there and they had to be transported and all of that. So, that was an awakening experience. I'm cleared about that since I got travel insurance.

Overall, it was an excellent experience and it was at par with Alliance which we’ve used for years and years. When I first saw APRIL, I went online like everybody does and I Googled it and started looking for reviews or how to use it. I found it was more of a European thing and was used more at overseas so we went with it instead of declining it and going with Alliance. And I was very pleased with the service. When somebody was talking about travel insurances, I mentioned that there is APRIL which might be more competitive for Europe. I said that I was very pleased with them and it was fairly simple.

I had a claim and I was issued checks for myself and my husband. The checks arrived on a Thursday or Friday and we waited until the following week to deposit them. And when we did, there was insufficient funds on the account and the checks could not be processed. We searched online and saw that the Better Business Bureau had given Broadspire, the company that issued those checks, an F. And then I had gotten an email from someone asking if we could hold off depositing those checks until this date which didn't make any sense because the checks were dated earlier than the week I tried to deposit them. The checks clearly bounced.

I contacted the travel provider and told them to investigate what took place and they issued new checks to both myself and my husband which at that time cleared. And then when Broadspire in Atlanta issued another check, which came out of a different Broadspire location. It's unnerving as a client to find out that whoever this insurance broker was dealing with, was dealing with customers or contractors that were rated so poorly. I'm the one that had to pursue anything and I stayed on top of it. But I got my travel agent involved because they're the ones that sold the policy to me.

As far as ease of processing, as soon as I had to cancel the trip when I broke my leg and required surgery, April got the documentations to me immediately as well as the proper forms to fill out. And I got my doctor to submit what he needed to submit. I don't know if Broadspire is part of April Travel or not but that experience with the checks made me extremely leery to ever use a broker in the future, and I wouldn't. I wouldn't recommend April either based on the whole picture. I have a lot of friends who travel and I talk to them regarding it and said, "Buyer beware. Buy insurance through a provider that is a broker and better find out who is covering their policy because if you don't know, you're at risk."

Also, the Broadspire people would never take my phone calls so I had to keep badgering them with emails. And I never tried to call April because I had this person I was working back and forth with on the claim who was part of Broadspire. My husband and I were travelling together so we paid the same fares that looked like duplication. One check was issued and another wasn't issued right away. And both of these checks were bad but I've only been issued one new check. And then the broker from the cruise agency got involved again and I got another check instead of having to wait for it to be put through their whole system again. They issued another check more swiftly but it was an ugly thing to have the checks come, I deposit them and my bank is contacting me. One check was stopped from the get go and the other one, it was a day before I knew it wasn't going through. But bottom line for me was I got two checks cleared.

It's really unfortunate but in this chain link of how insurance is sold, it was not a good experience for me. And I've always dealt with other companies in the past like AIG and Travelers. There was only one other time that I had to make a claim and it was for a trip interruption because of a death in my family. And that was a much easier thing to go through when it came to dealing with my claim than this certainly was, but not on April's end. April gave me what I needed to get the ball rolling but after, that they dropped the ball.

I bought a plan from April Travel Protection at the tour company. They were the ones they recommended. Overall, I had a good experience with them.

We booked most of our cruises with Online Vacation Center. They were using APRIL Travel Protection and I purchased the plan from them. Then my husband passed away right before we were scheduled to leave on a cruise. I called my travel agent and then she put it all in motion. I got my forms from APRIL, completed those and returned them. They paid promptly. The time between the time that they received the claim papers and I got the check was timely. APRIL provided excellent service. I had to call a couple of times about various things, too. The telephone was answered promptly and I was referred to the proper person. I'm happy with my experience with them.

My wife and I are in our 80s and my daughter has a very fragile medical condition. We never know for sure until we board the boat as to whether or not we're gonna make the trip. I purchased my APRIL Travel Insurance plan from Online Vacations. I have had no issues with APRIL. They've been exactly as represented. When I have called, I have been met satisfactorily and very pleasantly. I'd like their rates to be cheaper, but I've had no problems with them. I would tell my friends to go for APRIL.

Since all my trips were non-refundable, I thought about buying travel insurance so I would be reimbursed of my expenses in case something happens. Also, I was going to be in a foreign country so I specifically looked for an insurance company that provided services like if you couldn't be treated where you were, they would take care of getting you back to the States. APRIL Travel Protection had that and that was a pretty good deal.

I got their insurance when I booked a trip to Cuba. I had an accident and I couldn’t go, so they reimbursed me for my expenses for the trip, the airlines, and the whole bit. I thought I was going to be hassled when I used the travel insurance and that it was going to take forever. But they didn’t hassle me at all. I got a statement from my doctor that said I could not travel then they had their own form which sent to me by email. I took it to my doctor, got it back, and sent that document to them along with the proof of what I paid. The process went very quickly and they were very easy to deal with. They were also very knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. The second time I used APRIL was for the replacement Cuba trip, and fortunately, I didn’t have any need to use their services for that. I used them again for my trip to Mexico and that worked out really well, too.

The tour group that I was going to travel with strongly suggested that I get a travel insurance. I looked up online to see what were the best companies and settled in on APRIL Travel. They had the best reviews. I had a terrific experience signing up with them and then they handled my situation very well. They were efficient and excellent when I had to collect on the policy. I was happy. I would definitely recommend APRIL without hesitation and would tell people that I was well satisfied and they would be too.

This is my first and last time to use April Travel Protection. It was bad, and I had a poor experience. I paid for something and felt I didn't get my money's worth. They didn't protect me when I was robbed of my cell phone abroad. They said they would cover the case but not the phone since in their fine print they don't cover cell phones, which then, I realized that was my responsibility to go through the fine print. Still, I feel it's unreasonable and I'm very unsatisfied.

InsureMyTrip listed companies to choose from and I purchased my April Travel Protection plan there online. My husband is 80 and I'm 78, so our age has been our motivation for getting a travel insurance. We booked quite ahead of time because you would never know what was going to happen. The first time we used April Travel Protection, we had to cancel our trip and they were very good about refunding our money. This time, it was fine, except I broke a tooth and we were in Central America and they had a hard time trying to find anyone to help me and we had a hard time corresponding because I didn't have a phone so I had to email.

I was on a cruise ship and they emailed me back and said that there was a place, 50 miles from where we were going to dock next. But if you're there from 10:00 to 5:00, you don't travel 100 miles. So, I asked them to find another place and they emailed me back and asked where I would be, which I told them and I never got a response. A few days later, they wanted to know if they could close the claim and I told them that I still needed help, but I never got it. When I finally heard from them, it was time for me to go home.

Their email replies were not very good and it was hard to get help through email. But I ended up not getting my tooth fixed at that time and got it fixed at home instead, so it didn't become an issue. Though they could be easier to contact by email and responded better by emails. The broken tooth was not painful but if it had been painful, I would have been furious with them. Other than that, I would probably go back with them because they were good on the first time I used them and I would tell other people that April Travel Protection is good.

I was going on a trip a year ago. My husband was then having gastric reflux so I said, “I’m not leaving you home with your acid stomach unless I know you’re okay. I’m getting insurance.” I was going with a friend and she was getting insurance. I then went to InsureMyTrip.com and I put in the details of the trip, where I was going, the cost and all that. I went down and looked at all the ones who had A+ ratings and saw April Travel Protection. Then I looked at the cost and they were the least expensive.

My husband ended up needing to have a surgery so I wasn't able to go on the trip. As soon as the diagnosis came, I submitted a claim. I had the doctor fill up whatever form was required and sent it in. There was some delay but there was no hassle. I’ve always been told to watch out for travel insurance hassle and how they try to find a way to stop you. But nobody did that. I've had a wonderful experience with April Travel and told friends to get them. They are also better than TripMate, whom we had dealt with on another trip, which was terrible.

Many months ago, we booked a February trip to go to Arizona as we've always done to get out of our Midwest winters. As we have with most of our trips in the last few years, we bought an insurance because you never know what's gonna happen. You put a lot of money out there to go on a trip and then in a second, it can fall through. This time, we bought it from APRIL Travel Protection through the people that we made the reservation with for the condo. But, just right before we were gonna go, my husband had four blocked arteries and had to have open heart surgery.

I stopped the payment because we were not going. However, that only complicated things because I had to go on and pay everything to make the insurance pay. I messed it up with the homeowner because he was not getting any of his money when I stopped the process of charging the balance on our credit card. But the guy from APRIL whom I worked with was more than helpful and understanding about the mess I made. So, I went ahead and let them charge everything. We got full coverage back from the reservations in a timely manner and I was very impressed with the whole situation. I was so blessed that we bought the insurance because that was about a $4,000 investment that we could have just lost and we were only out of $268 for the insurance premium. I couldn't have been more pleased with working with APRIL. I have the highest regard for them and I would highly recommend them to anybody.

My travel agent recommended APRIL Travel. The only claim I have filed so far with APRIL went very well. They were able to compensate me for most of the issue. It was $200 I had to eat, but that was okay. I'll use them again if they're available. My experience with APRIL Travel was very good.

When I bought a ticket on the American Airlines website, they gave the option to add the APRIL Travel Protection. Overall, it was a very good experience purchasing the insurance and I’d recommend them.

I'll continue to use APRIL Travel Protection. They were much better, night and day, compared to Travel Guard, in terms of coverage and the ability to work with them and work through some tough spots. Their customer service was quite a bit more personal and better. The representative asked if he could call me Jim and he announced himself by his first name. April Travel was able to keep in touch with me, facilitate the claim and make sure that pre-existing wasn’t an issue with my wife. We bought the insurance within the required 14 days after booking our trip, and there was no question about anything. They said they would work through a couple of things, for us to send some documents and they would get us a check. And it happened relatively quick, within a couple of months.

I have elderly parents and so anytime we do a major trip, that's a lot of money. We'd like to get insurance in case they get sick. In addition, when we fly, it's helpful to have a flight scheduled and we know we can have a hotel room. While April Travel Protection is about equal with other travel insurance providers we availed in the past, submitting a claim is straightforward. When I lost a pair of earrings, I gave them the information and then I got an answer in time. Everything was quick. It wasn't stretched out. April Travel Protection is very worth it. They make it easy for us if we have any problems. It's a great peace of mind.

My husband is in the military, so things change a lot at the last second and so being able to make decisions at the last second is very important to us. Based on how long into my travel I could use the insurance, I decided that the April Travel Protection's insurance was more useful. They had a better offer than other companies and they didn’t charge extra for it. I made my purchase online, but I was worried that their service reps would turn me around in circles for forever, but they didn’t. They were very open and they answered all of my questions. I was really comfortable dealing with them. The travel insurance from April Travel Protection was a very good purchase and I felt very protected with it.

I was going out of the country and we booked the trip way far in advance. I had to get travel insurance and April Travel Protection was what was provided when I booked the trip. I had to make a claim and everything went good. There were a lot of paperwork to fill out but other than that, April Travel Protection took care of everything. I was happy with the end result. I was pleased with the service and the reps were very helpful.

Prior to APRIL Travel Protection, I have used other travel insurance providers. There's one through USAA. Generally, what I do is I'll either go with the cruise line or someone that the travel agent recommends. And I found out about APRIL through a travel agent. My experience in filing a claim with them was perfect. They were very customer/claimant oriented. They responded quickly and I was very pleased. I would use them without hesitation.

We've been with the same travel agent for 23 years and only in the last 12 years or so, because of our age, that they recommended APRIL Travel Protection. Whenever we go on a cruise, April Insurance is the one we sign up for and we feel very comfortable with it. We're going on three cruises this year, in September, October, November, and again in March and April 2019, and we have April Insurance for all three of those cruises.

April offers a great deal of protection, especially if we have to be transported off the ship. The policy is very comprehensive and it seems that it will serve anything that happens to us while we're outside the United States. It's a typical lawyer thing, but I downloaded the policy a couple of times just to read it and I know what it says. And whether I understand it or not, if something were to happen to us, I have the funds to take care of it myself, but it's just to know the travel agent is to back me up and I can put a claim in to recover the funds.

I've had a good experience with the APRIL reps. I've had a couple of claims and after about a month, I got hold of a representative who said I submitted the wrong forms. So she sent me the right forms and I filled them out, and it was about 30 days later when the claim was settled. So, I've had very positive feedback with the people when I called them. And although it's only been twice in many, many years, it's been very nice to talk to these people. I have talked very positively about the insurance to people who I'm cruising with, and I felt pretty good on that. We're very happy and I'm quite satisfied so, I'm staying with APRIL Travel Protection and I would recommend them.

I purchased my April Travel Protection insurance from our travel agent, Online Vacation. They recommended it. When my wife got sick and had to have surgery we got a doctor's order that she couldn’t go, we filed the claim with April Travel Protection which took two weeks to go through, and they approved it. Everybody was happy. We were going to the Caribbean in March or April and we couldn't go, so we rescheduled it for November. We got April Travel again and, luckily, nothing happened. But instead of us just going, we had four other couples going and they purchased from them also. It was a great experience. We use them all the time now.

I wanted to have an insurance in case something came up and I had to cancel. I chose APRIL because of the price and the coverage over the internet. And using APRIL as my travel insurance provider was a very good choice

APRIL Travel Protection was the one that was presented to me so, I took it when I was purchasing the actual ticket for the event. I first contacted them through email and then they got back to me by the end of the day. The rep told me how to start the claim online which was really helpful. Also, they had a very quick turnaround time, which was surprising. But they could have told me that my claim was approved instead of sending me the check in the mail. Other than that, APRIL was a lot faster than I expected because I have a claim with someone else right now with the same documentation and it has been taking forever.

We purchased APRIL Travel Protection online as we wanted to make sure we had insurance in case we would be in a foreign country. My daughter is allergic to fish and she was at a buffet. One time at a resort, she thought she was grabbing chicken fingers and it was fish sticks. She had a minor reaction where she was nauseous for three days, so we brought her to the medical clinic there, where she was seen by a doctor and given an anti-nausea medication. We submitted a claim and APRIL's representative was very thorough with what she needed in order to expedite it. She said she would email us and told us what documents we needed to send for reimbursement. Travel insurance is nice to have in case something happens.

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