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I write this review as I believe I have moral responsibility to warn people off this company and its associates and to what I believe is a con. It is my opinion that there is a scandal to be uncovered with this company, should someone be able to mobilise resources to focus on their activities. This is my opinion based on my experience which I outline below. I was convinced to bolt on legal protection to my home insurance at time of purchase, the policy is not directly with Arc but with a reputable high street organisation with a reputation for quality. I have always valued quality over price when purchasing insurance. I value credibility as I need to believe the policy with do what it says on the tin at the time of need. I called on the legal protection for an employment matter.This is where Arc got involved. I sent all of the evidence through to Arc who then sent it to Irwin Mitchell for a merits assessment. I waited two weeks, the merit assessment comes back, less than 51%. Now, in principle I have no problem with this, but... The merits assessment was a sham. The analysis of the situation was shockingly inadequate and wrong. It was clearly rushed, a few lines, clearly motivated towards rejecting the case I put forward and had the legal sophistication of a lay person, if not worse. The analysis was so naïve it was as if a student had done after reading the text of the relevant employment law for the first time. That is it took no account of relevant case law, and was in direct contradiction to the case law, it was plainly wrong. So here is where they get you. Arc say they have their legal opinion, and they wont support you, it doesn't matter if its inadequate, if its wrong, that's not their problem. You can go and get your own professional and competent opinion, at your own expense, circa £2000, if it contradicts their flawed opinion then that's not enough, they will then ask a Barrister to complete an assessment. You can of course go and get a Barristers opinion instead of a solicitor, at your own expense, say £4000 which they will accept, however you wont be refunded for the opinions you get, even if they expose that their first opinion was wrong on facts and law. So, effectively, they can shut down your strong > 51% case just by assessing it as less than 51% with impunity. If they are wrong it will cost you thousands to prove it and you wont get reimbursed, even if it is subsequently proven they are wrong on the facts and wrong on the law. The timescales are very tight on employment matters and they appear to mock you about this, knowing that by the time it takes to prove they have misrepresented your chance you will no longer be able to claim against the employer, they know the chances are you will just take it on the chin and give up. Arc know the time and cost factors are against you as an individual and that you are unlikely to be able to afford or have the time to do anything about them abandoning you. They know you will probably just give up and move on, and thus the money making machine continues. Like I said I am convinced this is a scandal waiting to be exposed. I would support any effort to expose what is going on and will be actively seeking out a campaign or other mobilisation to expose this wrongdoing. The credibility of the entire chain of companies involved in my situation and the product I bought has been severely damaged in my eyes I will never deal with any of the companies again. If you have over two years service and the company have clearly breached the ACAS code then I suspect Arc will help you and to help them get their numbers up, however in these instances it will take no more than a letter or two to arrange a settlement. Anything more sophisticated, forget it.
I called twice for two different problems, this company have a term and condition for everything and then various sub terms and conditions to doubly make sure that there’s no chance of making a claim. Total waste of time and money.
they don't do what they are supposed to do, a waste of time. Avoid.
following the response I have now been waiting nearly 4 weeks for an investigation to be completed despite the company's claims to "respond within 5 working days following the day you contacted us" Who could pay money to such a company?
Dragging time, loosing documents, making false claims. I made things of my case wrong by trusting those guys. All this feels like scam and fraud
I would just say to anybody thinking of engaging with a company that is connected with ARC legal to totally avoid. The whole point of insurance is to feel protected in case the worst happens. Believe me with ARC legal you are not and they will do everything possible and use every twist of a word to get out of paying you what you should be receiving. They back you into a corner and walk away. They do not deserve to be in business. No I do not want to contact your customer services Arc legal. We have been through your complaints procedure which was simply a process of going through the motions of an outcome, you knew from implementing your terms and conditions, was going to happen. You had us backed into an impossible situation that only benefited yourself at a time when your help was greatly needed. You are never going to have our business again.