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My dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur in September. I submitted an estimate to my insurance company in the amount of $1,190 for the testing. They said they would pay $892 of that. The tests actually ended up costing only $638, so I submitted the invoice after they ran the tests. ASPCA Insurance said they would pay none of that amount since it turns out he has a congenital valve condition and they had a clause that said they would not pay for that. How convenient and how unreal that they didn't tell me that when I submitted the estimate. But I shouldn't be surprised -- there's always a reason for them not to pay up. This company has paid just $155 since I started the insurance in September 2016.

Meanwhile, I have paid them over $700 and I have paid the vet $1,244. So about $2,000 in a little over a year while they've paid just $155. And the sad fact is that now I cannot possibly enroll my dog with another insurance company, because it's a pre-existing condition. Now I need to save that $54 a month I was giving to them in a savings account to be able to pay for his next $600 testing in September. The operator says, "Well, you can keep the insurance in case something else happens to him." That would be great if I could afford it. I was trying to do the right thing and got unbelievably screwed. Talk about cruelty to animals. This company is a fraud and a scam. Don't make the same mistake I made and go with this fraudulent enterprise. They have an excuse for everything and won't pay a dime. They are just there to take your money.

I have had my dog on the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for 10 years. Recently, he had been diagnosed with discoid lupus which could be a lifelong condition. Upon submitting a claim, for tests and treatment which was over 600.00, the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance refused coverage due it being a "pre-existing condition". Come on, he only had it for the last six months. Their response to my complaint was that I had to upgrade his policy six months ago which I wasn't aware of and would have done had I known. My monthly bill was always paid by automatic deduction. I would suggest another Pet Health Insurance Company, but keep in mind all insurance companies set up loopholes to avoid fulfilling their obligations.

Company was slow to pay. Once they started paying we were very pleased. I had to continue to call weekly to get the process completed. Part of the issue was my Vet being on vacation for 3 weeks. With continued focus and follow up I got paid.

I've used ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for about ten years now. I've found them to be reliable and competent with every single claim I've filed and I believe I was treated fairly. I lost my beloved Roscoe almost a year ago. On more than one occasion, ASPCA Pet Health shared their sincere condolences with me. I appreciated that very much.

I took out insurance with ASPCA on my two cats not sure if it would be worth it. It didn't take me long to realize it was the best move I had ever made and now I wish I had done it long ago. They pay their claims fairly and honestly. The people I have talked to have been so nice and empathetic. Their kindness has been so appreciated. They understand. I can highly recommend this company and the people who work for it. Best thing I ever did!

I am so glad that I have insurance on our dog and I am even more pleased that I choose ASPCA. I have had nothing but best experience with them. Highly recommended!!! Our dog had to have knee surgery and they paid the most of the bill. It would have been very hard for us to come up with the money to do this.

I have been with them since I got my two pups that are now three. They have been great until I tried to change coverage at my yearly renewal. In order to change coverage within the company you have to cancel the current plan. So no pre-existing conditions are covered on the new plan that the older out of date plan did cover. Their plans changed so much that when I went to look at the new plans I would have been saving over $100 but was not eligible if I wanted my pets history to carry over. They do not reward loyalty or offer current members new discounts. Customer service was trash. They just kept repeating themselves and refused to take my concerns to management.

Unfortunately my bc at that time enrolled the pets at a later stage (around 7). We had 3 dogs on the policy. For whatever incidents we have had it's been a NIGHTMARE with these people to get your claim processed... not to mention there's a list of what isn't covered that surpasses the list that it does cover! Beware of the "renewal - new policy dates and what they cover". Apparently at the renewal day every year everything that has happened to your pet will not be covered after renewal bc it's now "pre existing" so if your dog had a heart murmur that was grade 2/3 (nothing major) no meds or treatment - it was just found to have a murmur - well - later on IF the dog develops any heart issue - ANY heart issue that may not even be connected to the murmur - it WILL NOT BE COVERED. Bc there was a "pre existing condition" of the heart... Basically they use this to get out of paying claims with this clause.

I've only recently found out they've come out with a new policy that has "continued coverage will cover conditions found when (after) you purchase this type of policy for a hefty price per month." This is a rip off and I CANNOT BELIEVE THE ASPCA associates themselves with this... It's not about the wellbeing of the pets - it's the $$$. I will Never NEVER recommend these people - pet insurance is a great idea - but write the list of things they don't cover which will give you a good idea how screwed You and your pet will be.

Please don't even bother comparing or thinking about this insurance policy with ASPCA - I've had multiple animals all with a policy around same age and they all had claims denied even after the vet/surgeon made it clear it's not pre existing - but bc there's one mention of a possible symptom of a possible disease 4 years ago - (which the vet clearly told them is not the case). They still denied after the surgeon (after the call with aspca felt confident he made it clear and we should be covered). It's a rip off and someone should start a class action suit against this company - I'm sure there's thousands of stories out there like this - shame on you aspca. You rather a dog with life left be put down vs walk again after 7 years of paying insurance premiums... Never again.

The process took a little longer than expected after the first email stating that you had everything you needed. We were under the impression that at that point the claim would be processed and paid. After about a week we received another email stating that you needed more information from our vet. When I called and inquired, your staff was able to give distinct answers and provide me with the information I needed for my vet. After that, the process was completely as advertised. Thanks so much.

They are saying on their advertisement that you will get covered after deductible. However, this is hell cheating. Once you submit your claims, they will say that they analyzed 100,000 claims and the average price is lower than your bill. They are allowed to pay only based on the average price, e.g. your bill is $1000, after $100 deductible you thought they cover 90% on $900. However, they say in your area, the average claim of that illness is $400, they cover 90% of $400, which is $360 only! This is how they cheat!

ASPCA Pet Insurance provides the customer service and support needed to ensure that your pet, which is loving member of the family, is well protected and loved. After claims are processed they call to follow-up on your pet and even process claims faster than our major medical insurance carriers. If ASPCA provided this type of service in our broken health care system it wouldn't be broken! They do it right the first time. I would recommend ASPCA to anyone who needs to provide coverage and have that peace of mind when providing a home for a pet. Thank you for doing all that you do.

I have had great experiences with ASPCA. None of my claims have ever been denied and the staff is very friendly. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that it takes about a month to get reimbursed for claims.

It seemed to be taking a long time for our first claim to go through. Once we called they were able to give us an update and within days it was processed and the rest of our claims processed soon after. Customer service was great when we called!

This pet insurance is worth the money. I have the accident only, but I may upgrade to full on my renewal date. They are easy to work with and stand by their contracts. I am grateful that I took a chance with pet insurance. I just wasn't sure!

We have been very pleased with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance during the past two years. All of our claims have been paid promptly and accurately. Customer service is outstanding and the website is easy to use. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

The ASPCA pet health insurance has the most courteous customer service. During a time when your best friend, in my case my cat Beezo, was so seriously ill from eating a poisonous plant. I had to go two emergency rooms, my regular doctor, she had to have ultrasound I was fretting so much about his health and also worrying about the cost of what this is going to cost me. When I sent in my claims they were expeditiously handled and they were kind enough to call me to see how my cat was doing.

I’ve never had such great service with any company but it is so sorely needed when people are so upset and they’re torn between not getting their cat or dog or any animal for that matter treated or not treated because of the financial burden. This is the first time I used it I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of their dealing with me. I hope I don’t have to use it again, but the anxiety is taken away from me about having my cat having a serious illness. I know will be taken care of and so will my kitty.

Thus far, I have been pleased with my insurance. Easy to access and file claims. Customer service is excellent!!! Claim can take anywhere from 7-15 days to process. I would recommended - and have recommended to many friends and they are now signed up.

I'm a former VPI customer. I switched to ASPCA Insurance after several less than satisfactory experiences with VPI. ASPCA has provided great coverage and processed our claims in a reasonable/satisfactory time period. Insurance is something you don't want to use, but it's great peace of mind to know you have a great partner in ASPCA. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sometimes the process takes over 60 days to complete. Most recently I have claims sitting for 5-6 weeks on average until they are updated. I understand that there is a process, but honestly 5-6 weeks is too long. You are more than happy to immediately pull my monthly premium, but to refund the money that I am supposed to be covered by doesn't get to me in a timely manner. If it's a concern of not enough manpower, then higher more people. If it's a concern of the paper trail, make it more efficient.

I have a cat with congenital balance issues. I disclosed the issue including paperwork from neurological vet specialists and requested a medical record review. They couldn't guarantee orally or in writing that all accidents like falls would be covered. If insurance can't protect against unforeseen accidents, what good is it? A human health insurance company would have charged a higher premium for the increased risk of injury but would have probably still provided insurance.

This insurance did not cover any sort of illness for my dog. It was not helpful at all, and I feel that my money was completely wasted. Upon purchasing the insurance they gave me the impression that I would be reimbursed 80% for my vet bills with some exclusions on what type of vet service it was - it made sense that they would not cover vaccinations or preexisting conditions. My dog has been ill twice since I've had the insurance and neither of those bills were reimbursed by the insurance. The policy was not made clear and you have to read the fine print to really know what you're paying for, which isn't much. Basically, what this policy does cover sounds great when they explain it to you, but there are so many things that it doesn't cover.

I am a new client who moved to ASPCA when my former insurance was not giving great service or coverage. I'm absolutely delighted with the way ASPCA managed my very first claim. Chester, my beautiful tuxedo kitty gives a paw up to what will no doubt be a long relationship >..

Overall extremely satisfied. The only thing I would recommend improving on would be claims processing. Claim processing seems to be delayed and takes several weeks for reimbursement once electronically submitting the claim. Navigating the website is easy as well as managing our account. Thank you for your service. We are very grateful for having pet insurance for Diesel.

I like having the peace of mind to protect my dog Phoebe. If something happens you are protected from a large bill mainly why I have the insurance. ASPCA so far very good. I wouldn't drive or own an uninsured house and car so Phoebe has protection from a top rated provider ASPCA.

I would give a zero if I could. They are complete liars, scam artists and will say anything for you to join, then not cover a thing. Please, please I am begging you, do not get them. We had the second to top tier in coverage, and NOTHING has been covered. One example is the vet documented that he may have a long soft palate but were unsure and wanted to revisit if any problems occurred. Well, he did, and even though it was not discovered until nearly a year later, ASPCA refused to cover the surgery because there was mention of a possible issue a year.

What's worse is we even called to verify it would be covered 2 weeks before and were told it would!! Or how about when he had a flare-up within the first 30 days of getting insurance, it went away, but came back 56 days later. Again, denied because he suffered the same problem (even though it was resolved) during the waiting period. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!! They got nearly $1,000 from us for a year of insurance and covered $0 out of $2100 claims submitted.

My 3 year old boxer has had a lot of issues from swallowing foreign objects three times to skin issues, and a mast cell tumor and my bill is always paid no questions asked. I highly recommend them. Excellent customer service. Beyond expectations!

I have had both my Chihuahuas insured with A.S.P.C.A. since 2007. They were 5 years old at the time and neither of them had any medical issues or pre-existing conditions. The very first claim I made was the same year for one of my dogs who became violently ill after eating something she found in my yard. She was going into shock and I rushed her to the ER in the middle of the night. She almost died, and ASPCA denied the claim. It was stated in the denial that it was not covered because my dog had a behavior problem. WHAT?? My dog does not have any behavior problems, it turns out she may have eaten a snail that was poisoned from my neighbor's yard, but I never knew for sure what it was she ate.

Later on that year, my same dog developed an allergy in her paws, probably from grass. ASPCA paid less than 1/4 of the cost for her medications saying that it was a fair and reasonable reimbursement. She continued to have allergy problems on and off, and they never reimbursed me what I paid for the exam or the meds. In 2009, ASPCA sent me a new endorsement that they were enforcing, and called it "Continuing Care." It was sent to me along with my policy renewal. It was explained to me that if I wanted my dog to have continuing care for any long term illness like allergies, that I would now have to pay an additional fee for the coverage, and it would have a separate $100.00 deductible.

I felt like I had no choice but to purchase the additional endorsement because dog allergies very rarely go away, and I knew my girl was going to need meds, probably the rest of her life. Since I purchased the endorsement they have denied every claim I have submitted for my dog's allergies. Their reason is because my dog had allergies prior to the endorsement. UNBELIEVABLE, HOW CAN THAT BE???

In May of this year, I had to bring her to the vet for an ear infection, it had nothing to do with allergies. They denied that on the basis that it was due to allergies, a pre-existing condition. I argued and told them that it was due to a fungal infection, not allergies and asked to speak to a superior. He refused to let me talk to anyone but him and it was like beating a dead horse. I am going to appeal every claim they have ever denied. This is not legal what they are doing and I am really hoping that someone files a class action suit against them. I'd do it myself, but wouldn't know where to start. They're scam artist and are taking advantage of a lot of people.

Very happy and pleased with this company. Staff is always friendly and helpful claims are handled quickly and reimbursement is in a timely fashion. I was very satisfied with how all of my claims were handled in regards to my pets health.

Great customer service. It help a big lot to have available. I'm glad I took the choice to get it. Now I'm worry free. And for any illness or accident my Chikis is cover with ASPCA. I recommend this 100%.

I am grateful that we have insurance for our chico, considering puppyhood has been somewhat difficult for him so far. The website, however is incredibly outdated. Every month I get a notification that ASPCA didn't receive my payment even though I have it set up to debit my bank account. Processing times also take a long time. Thank you for your help but I wish things moved more efficiently.

I’ve inky had coverage for my three girls for a short time... But in that time I’ve had great experiences with ASPCA insurance coverage. They’ve always been more than helpful whenever I’ve had questions. Their coverage is also easy to understand and quite honestly the best coverage I’ve seen out there. Highly recommended!

I am so happy to have ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. I have had no issues since I joined and the claim process is so easy and simple. I also love that someone always calls to check on how my dog is doing after the claim is processed. Love the direct deposit from any claim going straight to my bank account.

I paid $35 a month for 8 years and had 8 claims. After taking out the $100.00 deductible and only covering 80% I received maybe $1,050 back of the $4,000 I paid over this time. The last year I had the plan my dog had 4 bladder infections, when she got a 5th one they refused to cover it. They now considered this a preexisting condition, which they do not cover. They let me know that any future claims that relate in any way to the bladder (such as a yeast infection) will NOT be covered. Then they refused to use my bills towards the $100.00 deductible. My general feeling is as long as your claim amounts are low and are infrequent they will cover you, if you begin to turn in multiple claims they find a loophole or way to say it's related to a preexisting condition. I cancelled my plan ASAP.

The customer service is amazing. Also I used the app to submit a claim and it was done in seconds. This insurance is easy to use and very convenient! I would recommend this insurance to anyone. In fact I have recommended this insurance to many people already!

ASPCA acting as a cheap spamming emails company. After I got a quote for my dog - the ASPCA company got crazy with their promo emails! After some time I started getting emails from other companies with their promo insurance offers for my dog. Obviously ASPCA company was trading my emailing address to other companies. Just no need such annoying company which as I can see irresponsible and has negative impressions by the ASPCA company clients.

My dog Bo 3 years old needed surgery and it was very expensive. I did not expect to have it all paid but at least part of it. None!! I get phone calls from them that are at all times of the day including at night when I am in bed. A call at 3 P.M. said we will call back in a few hours regarding your claim. That never happens. They operate on a delay and don't pay program. I have a great grandson-in-law in Ohio who is an attorney and today hope to get him to take ASPCA Pet Insurance to court for all of us!!

Junior is a rescue from the Chester County SPCA. He has all types of anxiety when no one is around. His vet is West Chester Veterinary Office. ASPCA insurance has been very helpful and consistent and alleviates the pause between taking my pet to a vet for getting him checked out or not. Some of Junior's medical problems are normal and some are not. Having insurance gives me the peace of mind to have everything checked out.

I have had pet health insurance through the ASPCA since my Boston Terrier was a puppy. She is now almost 9 years old. My Boston has had allergies for years. She has been treated many times most in emergency situations for spontaneous hives that cover her entire body and turn into half dollar size welts in a matter of minutes. Since she is getting older the reactions seem to be getting more severe where her throat now swells and breathing becomes erratic. ASPCA in the past has paid for the claims submitted up until this year. They state that this is a pre-existing condition and will no longer cover this. Since when?

I do not consider my Boston just a pet or property as the ASPCA claims their underwriting insurance company sees it which is despicable because the Aspca is suppose to be for the welfare and good of all animals - in fact they could care less especially about an aging animal who is in need of care. I kept this insurance and paid $70 per month despite the fact that I am currently unemployed due to loss of my mother so my Boston could be treated for illnesses which she had two severe reactions just weeks after my mother's passing and I'm sure the stress response and separation anxiety from the events that unfolded contributed to the reaction response.

My Boston takes ** year round to keep things at bay but sometimes that is not enough and she needs shots of ** and ** to control the severity- ASPCA WILL NO LONGER COVER THIS. Will they cover the side effect she has acquired from treatment of the ** now? Probably not. She also can no longer receive shots since she is allergic to those as well - which she could have died as a result of a rabies vaccine. The ASPCA should be ashamed to act in this manner and to have business dealings with such a disgraceful underwriting company who sees animals as "property". That is what puppy mills call their animals. Property and livestock.

You know the saying "you are who your friends are" well this same saying applies to the ASPCA and their business associates. They are all in bad taste - a wolf in sheep's clothing. NOWHERE in the policy does it state that allergies are not covered. Even though there is a 180 day period for a pre-existing condition to be cured or symptom-free they still disregarded this to the claim because my Boston takes ** year round... That's what keeps her symptom free. They are a bunch of nice customer service reps but I bet the higher ups are nothing more than money hungry who care less for the welfare of animals and only care for the welfare of their own pockets.

After losing my older boxer last year to cancer after he had just knee surgery, I decided to get insurance for my female boxer. I insured my younger cat as an afterthought. Bentley has been sick since March and just recently had a thymoma tumor removed. The insurance paid on all of my claims and within a timely manner. I was worried about what kind of an increase in premiums we would have since we hit the cap with Bentley. I was pleasantly surprised that our premiums will increase based on age, breed and area, not how much we used it. I was also called to see how we were doing on a couple of occasions since they could see that Bentley was having some serious health issues. That was nice and they also gave me some options for when we renew. I would highly recommend ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to anyone considering insuring their fur kids. It made health decisions a lot easier knowing that they would cover it.

Not happy with the turnaround time on claims. Some claims are not being reimbursed for almost 30 days. If it is a reoccurring medication I don’t understand why it takes so long. I use to be very happy with this insurance when I had my first girl Dakota, but lately I have looked at other companies for two of my pups.

Where do I start. I was excited when my company told me they partnered with the "best of the best" for pet insurance. Boy, they really got that WRONG! I started paying for my pet insurance April of 2014. I am VERY fortunate that until August of 2015, I had no health issues with my boys. Nonetheless, I continued to pay month after month for TWO insurance plans for each of my babies. Now, come August. My baby Scooby needs to go to the vet. I'll spare the details, luckily, he is OK. Had vet fax over paperwork. Again, FIRST CLAIM IN MORE THAN A YEAR. Done. Now, cat and mouse game. For 3 weeks they tell me that they're not getting the "invoice" which shows I paid. I sent it 2 times, emailed it, and had my vet send it 2 more times too! Still, they were not getting it. Fed up, I decided to email the dog's medical records again.

Putting the invoice smack in the middle of it. Guess what? They got page 1-3, 5-7. But what about page 4? You know... the invoice. They "never got it". When I emailed them telling them I did this, miraculously within 5 days my claim was processed. Guess what?!?! THEY ARE COVERING $0.00!!! THAT'S RIGHT! After being told before taking my dog to the ER they would cover "most" (my bad for not getting exact numbers, as my dogs health was more important and still remains as so) THEY ARE NOT COVERING A PENNY. NOT A PENNY! So, more than a year of $200 per month, equates to them giving zero ** and having a nice payment from me monthly for nothing. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE.

I wish my monthly payments were lower. On the other hand the deductible is low so after one teeth cleaning for our little Silky, the deductible is met. Filling a clam is super easy and I get my refund in about two weeks. Overall I like knowing if something happens to my dog, I don't have to see my life to cover it.

ASPCA pet health insurance has been so helpful. The process to submit claims is quick and simple, allowing me to receive refunds in a short amount of time. I have received many calls checking in on my pet's well-being when I was filing multiple claims in a short amount of time, which is appreciated. With such a great experience, I would recommend this insurance to others.

I like that you can choose coverage amounts. I also like that there’s an app which is super convenient - when it’s working. Seems there are a few bugs with it still. Also, when we first signed up, reimbursement for claims typically took less than a week, now it takes several weeks and even a month or longer. I’ve had to contact customer service several times to check on the status of my claim.

I have had pet insurance with other companies before. I do know processing can take time. But I’m sorry to say this experience with this company is too long of a wait period. So far the reimbursements have not been seen within 1-2 weeks and I end up having to call to escalate it and told waits recently are longer than normal. However I have had this insurer almost a year and this seems to be all the time. I’m not seeing reimbursements until 6-8 weeks later. This is extremely an important part of having pet insurance is receiving coverage it’s the whole point. With this wait time it can cause accruing interest if you used a credit card for the Vet bill. Not happy about this at all.

I find them a little slow and was very disappointed that they didn’t cover my pet's allergy issues as they said it was prior to me getting the insurance. I can assure it was not that is why I got the insurance. He was healthy before, just got his vaccinations.

I have accident only insurance on pet (Schipperke age 16 mos). Dog ate sandal. Absolutely no coverage despite intervention of vet and my appeals. The actual co behind the insurance is Hartville Group, Inc. and they are supposed to pay ASPCA $1.95 million in order to use the name. They are simply collecting premiums to meet this commitment and have no incentive to actually help animals. Horrible company and shame on ASPCA for lending them their name.

Helpless, no timely follow ups, delayed claim processing, app is not robust and barely gives details. I tried to increase the insurance coverage in the future and never got a response back. The claims take WAY TOO LONG to process and the notification emails aren’t as prompt as it should be.

The courtesy and consideration of your staff is always so refreshing! Every person I have spoken to always treats me with the utmost courtesy and does their best to resolve any concerns or questions. Each customer service person always begins with inquiring about my Luke and asks if he is feeling better, etc. I appreciate that! My claims are handled promptly and are often expedited when requested. Whenever coverage has been denied, I am provided with a detailed and very comprehensive answer as to why. My impression is that the employees genuinely like what they do!

My cat developed melanoma of the iris. He had to have his eye removed. Thanks to ASPCA insurance it really helped to make this affordable to have done. Wittles is doing great with one eye. I would recommend getting this insurance for your pets.

I submitted bills for my cat end of November, 2018 and received my check, was approved end of December, and received early January. Follow up visit bill was sent o1/08/19 and was approved a few weeks later, I am waiting for the check. Submission of invoices was easy to do online, and anyone I have spoke to has been helpful, polite and professional. Just renewed my policy for the 2019 - 2020 time period.

For five years we have carried this insurance for our dog; quick math, $1,250. When we purchased this insurance they did not have a 'rider' to cover across plan renewal dates, which means if your policy renews January 1 and you bring your pet in for an illness on December 26th and start treatment, anything that runs over the January 1 date will not be covered. It is pre-existing. Your pet will need to be free and clear of all symptoms for 180 days before they cover it again. They now offer this extra coverage but you have to ask for it. Not only ask for it, but also you have to ask for it 45 days prior to your renewal date. If you call any other time they do not have the technology to make a note and add it when your policy renews. If you forget - well, your pet will not be covered. Also be aware if your pet gets too old, they also will not allow you to add this coverage.

This company goes out of their way with excuses, rules, reasons, etc., as to why you will not be covered. Please also be aware they say they record every conversation even you are not aware of it, asked, or approve being recorded. Our pet is now 10. I called in January to ask for the additional rider to be applied to our account when it renews in August. They gave me a quote, made a note, but did not do it because I did not call back within the 45-day window of magic opportunity. Now, I call again, asking for it to be added and now she is too old. She had a urinalysis on August 15; it showed positive for infection, she needed antibiotics. This will be covered, after co-pay, and 'reasonable and customary' charges allowed then minus 20%. Now, the Doc wanted to do follow up two weeks later. After our renewal date, August 18, everything after this date is not covered without this rider.

It also will never be covered until she is 180-day free and clear of the last occurrence, meaning if 90 days later your pet has another infection you need to wait 180 days from these next 90 days. If you buy this insurance be sure to ask for and get a rider. Now that our pet is 10, I cannot get any other insurance and if I could, I would cancel and change in a heartbeat. If you call them, be prepared for excuses, no real service or answers that are not 'scripted' they report the same answer over and over and over until you hang up in frustration. At least they speak English. Any other insurance: house, car, life, property or jewelry is easier and less painful than dealing with this team. Good luck!

I’ve had pet insurance for over 5 years and couldn’t be more pleased with the service. Having ASPCA Pet Insurance has allowed me to get the proper care for my pets without going broke in the process. I have and will continue to recommend ASPCA Per Insurance to my friends!

Stay away from this people, I've had them for some time. All ok while I didn't submit claims. Just paid the monthly fee, since May 2017 every claim I have submitted has been denied citing condition began on prior plan period although it is not true! Mind you claims have been for less than $300. Customer service does nothing, complaining gets you nowhere, they have pre-conceived ideas and applied them to deny claims. All they want is your money...stay away!!! Find a better insurance your pet deserves it.

We're very satisfied with the service. The website is easy to navigate and easy to submit claims. Claims are processed within a reasonable time frame. The only time I talked with a person was when I enrolled and the service was outstanding. The representative was very helpful and you can hear the "smile" in her friendly voice.

Your company makes sure that they collect their monthly premium exactly on the 1st but when claims are submitted (which was taking 2wks for reimbursement) they are taking 5-6 weeks to get reimbursement which is outrageous! If you have a dog like me that has a serious condition you will go broke trying to care for them or have to have them euthanized only because you can’t afford treatment! SAD!!!

I have been very happy with ASPCA pet insurance. I recommend you to all of my friends who ask about pet insurance. ASPCA pet insurance customer service has been very responsive to all of my questions regarding coverage and payments.

My puppy had diarrhea initially before the policy kicked in. He was treated and fully recovered. I submitted 1 more claim for diarrhea 1 month after the 1st time. They refused to reimburse claiming it was a preexisting condition. Guess what? The diarrhea was caused by a different strain of bacteria. How can that possibly be preexisting? I can still understand if it keeps happening with the same strain again and again. But this was a completely different strain. Complete waste of money. I've cancelled my policy and will fight them on the charges.

I am SO pleased with my dog's insurance! She has puppy pica and we end up at the vet at least once every couple months. I am so grateful, as the cost out of pocket would be horrible and the risk to her life due to the pica. I use her insurance with her care credit. I pay the vet with the care credit and then submit the claim to her insurance. By the time I'm reimbursed via the insurance, I can pay the cc off. I wish MY insurance was as good as this!!!

Refused to pay for my Dachshund's back surgery claiming it was congenital. Definition of congenital – born with or before birth. He's 10 years old, never having a back problem. They have their sales people tell you all lies and then they take your money and find ways not to pay. Someone should shut them down. Read all the complaints here and on Yelp! STAY AWAY. BEWARE!!!

From the initial phone conversations when I signed up my 2 dogs, to having to deal with different injuries and surgeries, ASPCA has been so caring and so helpful. Our dogs are like our family and to have people care about them and making sure they are recovering after a surgery and to make sure they have adequate coverage means so much to us. I recommend ASPCA to all of our friends. Why families don’t have this pet insurance is beyond me. Thank you ASPCA for caring for our family!

Insured 2 cats and a dog through ASPCA Pet Health Insurance starting in May of 2015. Since then we have paid them a total of $4329.29 for the coverage. We have claimed a total of $1423.00 worth of services/illness etc in that time frame (May 2015 to Jan 2019). Of the amount claimed, ASPCA managed to nickle and dime down what was possible to reimburse, against any deductible they could locate, and have paid us a total of $92.71.

My Lab needed to have multiple surgeries on her ACL, whenever I called, after a hello I was asked how my Bailey was doing. Then we continued with my request. Your customer service is outstanding. I have already recommended ASPCA insurance to many people. Also at my Vets office. Thank you so much for caring.

My 15-year old cat Ashley was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last May 2015. He has been having blood work every few months. ASPCA insurance paid a portion of both bills. I renewed my policy in December 2015 and now ASPCA says they will not cover any of Ashley's thyroidism bills because he was not cured and not "incident free" for 180 days. A hyperthyroid cat is never "cured" unless they have the radioactive iodine treatment. They need constant monitoring of their blood. Save your money! Put aside money you would pay to pet insurance companies. Then they arbitrarily decide that what your vet charges is too much. I will NEVER recommend this company. The ASPCA should be embarrassed to have their good name associated with this awful company.

Good covers, and good rates. The only thing I do not like is the long time, to receive the refund. Almost a month, to receive my refund. But I don't have other complaints about the insurance. I'll recommend it to others.

They have been wonderful. The process is easy. Unfortunately, we have already, in just a short time that we have had our puppy (6 mo.), put in five claims and they have been processed without any issues. This has been very much appreciated! Thank you.

I rescued 2 little souls and never expected to be in the emergency vet with one of them within 6 months. Claim was handled professionally and fast. Preventive care visit was as well... never expected to be reimbursed for preventive. So worth it for the cost. Would recommend ASPCA Insurance to everyone with pets!

Our dog developed a mass in the neck at less than 2 years old... ASPCA Pet Insurance paid claims promptly. Having pet insurance gave us the ability to make the best Healthcare decisions without letting financial worries affect our decisions. I tell all my friends and family to get ASPCA Pet Insurance the same day they bring that new puppy or kitten home. Five stars and two thumbs up.

I am writing in protest of the denial of benefits for the recent claims during the current plan year (12/1/12 11/30/13). First, as an insured client of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance (ASPCA PHI) in good standing since 2007 (as such I have paid in excess of $3,000 in annual premiums), let me express my complete disbelief over ASPCA PHI's recent actions. Rather than correcting a simple error made by their claims department when processing a 2/2013 claim, which omitted a reimbursement of $3.33 for the second of two bags of lactated ringers in February 2013, ASPCA PHI launched an investigation, expended the time and resources to come up with some fabricated justification to deny benefits for a condition for which treatment was not prescribed prior to 2/15/2013.

They obtained ALL of my pet's records (without my knowledge) and are claiming that the pet has had the kidney condition since 11/2011. That is simply outrageous and untrue. At that time the Veterinarian suggested receiving special food and dietary supplements to help maintain kidney function. As you may know, ASPCA PHI does not consider this treatment and neither suggestion is covered by the policy. Hence, they cannot say that the suggestions received were a diagnosis; they are simply a course of action to maintain quality of life and reduce the possibility of future kidney issues. There was no condition diagnosed for treatment at that time. To have their claims department state otherwise is an interpretation of the facts and Doctors notes that I do not believe the claims department is qualified to make. It is an inaccurate interpretation at best. At worst, it’s a misguided scheme - a scam - to deny policy benefits.

Today, 5/16/2013, ASPCA PHI denied my appeal. I am reporting them to the BBB and will sue for reimbursement of $3000 in premiums.

I was recommending this service to friends, I love the coverage and options but more and more often the reimbursements are taking longer and longer... This is unacceptable and has really gone downhill. Why should this take so long? It should be a seamless process that does not take a month or sometimes longer. Also a lot of vets and hospitals partner with certain insurances, that’s is not the case with ASPCA. This factor and the timeliness of the process is the only downside to this service but the upside is that it can be improved if this feedback is taken seriously.

ASPCA will procrastinate for as long as they can, will wait for you to call to find out what is going on with a claim, then keep asking for more and more information, i.e., Descript Vet Invoice and receipts were not enough, needed the Vet's "notes" which took them another month to get and they still denied the claims. Then, they changed my start date so not to pay for some of the "puppy" claims and another because my puppy had a "pre-existing" condition........ Giardia virus that he must have picked up in the Pet Store. I had the best plan which was suppose to cover everything even preventative stuff 90%. I haven't received a dime for anything I submitted and it took months!

This is our first time ever having pet insurance and are thrilled with how caring they are. Several years ago we lost our beloved cat to illness and an inability to pay for extensive care. We said we would never be in that position again. So when we got our two new kittens, we purchased ASPCA Insurance. Our experience so far has been wonderful. We are so grateful to be able to get our pets care without going into debt. The coverage has been affordable and they have been very responsive whenever we have had to submit claims.

ASPCA is awesome and so easy to use. I recommend them to all my friends and family! Their prices are great and they get you your money back pretty fast for an insurance company! Without the help of ASPCA my cat wouldn't of been able to get this surgery that saved him from a life of pain.

In October of 2010 I started shopping for pet insurance to cover my cat Draven after spending $8,000 trying to save the life of my other cat Gambit. You could say I learned my lesson and never wanted cost to be a deciding factor in the decisions I made about my little guy's health. After a nice conversation with this company's (ASPCA Pet Insurance) phone representative, any concerns I had were resolved and I decided to use their services. The representative directed me to their online application, which I filled out and waited for the approval email that came a short time later.

The following year, Draven developed diabetes, which required treatment. As fortune would have it, he was able to "beat it" and went into remission after six long months of insulin injections and highly volatile blood glucose levels. These claims were paid out as expected and I couldn't have been happier. In short, he was healthy again and I didn't have a big bill to worry about. This was in October of 2011.

On December 1st, 2011, his policy came up for renewal. I honestly didn't really pay attention because everything was fine and the monthly premium was getting paid as needed. They had done what I expected an insurance company do, which was to cover the claims so I had no reason to have concerns. In short, just keep sending them money until I need help with expenses again. Unfortunately, Draven had a relapse with the diabetes and we had to start up treatments again this summer. The good news was he had gone into remission again after a much shorter treatment length in comparison to last year’s. I sent in my claims like previous incidents and waited for underwriting to do their job.

Now this was where things turned bad. The claims were denied. I put down that Draven was a year older than he really was on the initial online application. Draven was in fact ten years and two months old at that time but I did the math wrong and put down eleven years and two months. This one year difference meant he was never eligible for something called "continuing care", which would have helped cover these most recent expenses.

This company's theory, as others have stated, is that the pet must be free and clear of the illness for 180 days (which he was) for them to cover similar expenses the following year. Also, they view diabetes as something that can never be truly cured so that particular disease isn't eligible for coverage past the initial year of the policy anyways.

Why on earth would anyone want a policy like this? They were able to verify the correct age with my vet office. They would not, however, honor the claims even if I offered to pay the appropriate continuing care coverage premiums retroactively. The supervisor on the phone basically stated that I should have known about the continuing care policy and asked for clarification if I didn't understand it. She also on numerous occasions pointed out that I was the one that gave them his incorrect age. At no point was any of this ever brought up and previous policy paperwork only treated this as a minor footnote. Essentially I didn't read the fine print on the back of page x.

I am afraid now that Draven is too old for another insurance company to extend him coverage and any diabetes treatment is surely off the table. Please do not use this company for your "loved ones" as they deserve a company that is willing to help you fix an honest human error and cares about them as much as you do.

My dog had her physical in May and I had pointed out what resembled a white pimple on her side. The vet said they are common in older dogs and are harmless. Four months later, the "pimple" started to change in appearance so I brought her in again and was told it was a cancer. She had surgery a week later. She is fine. ASPCA would not pay on the claim because it was noticed in a different claim year. They didn't even give me my $100 deductible for the year.

All of my claims have been reimbursed in a timely fashion and the EOB is very informative. I have really appreciated the option of upgrading to prime in order to have preventative services partially covered. I have already recommended this insurance to friends and family.

Our Irvine ate something and had to have emergency surgery on a Sat. It was VERY expensive! We sent itemized copy of bill and got reimbursed without any questions. This is the first time we have had insurance with any of our pets. Very glad we had insurance.

I bought this policy (94.00), continuing care included and I took my cat for a check up since he was sneezing and paid 281.00. I took him for another visit, paid 46.00 and a third for 137.00. Long story short the policy does not clarify the addendum that nothing will be covered until you have the policy for two billing cycles. ASPCA is misrepresenting its product, fraudulently collecting premiums from consumers with the full discretion that they won't reimburse the consumer, falsely advertising its insurance policies. Time for a class action lawsuit against this fraudulent company.

I filed a claim for surgery performed on our dog Mambo on 11/2/2018. The surgery was to remove stones in his bladder. The claim was denied as pre-existing. My policy states: "A condition will no longer be considered pre-existing if your pet's condition has been cured and free from treatment and symptoms for a period of 180 days". Our dog has no other medical history for the last 12 months, which his medical records show. Our vet has provided the following letter to the insurance company: "12y MN Havanese, has been under our care here at ** Veterinary Clinic since September 2017. He presented for inappropriate urination signs, and during workup it was found that he had urocystoliths. We performed a cystotomy 9/23/17, with a stone analysis which was consistent with Calcium Oxalate uroliths.

"The Hills C/D diet was prescribed for the first time post-operatively (again, 9/23/17). Ms. ** refilled this food several times from 9/2017 thru 10/2018. During this time, Mambo had no clinical signs of urinary disease at home. He was seen for a routine vaccination visit on 6/8/2018 and no clinical signs of urinary disease were noted. He came in for his annual exam and lab work on 10/30/18 and still reported no clinical signs of urinary disease. However, on his urinalysis we noted hematuria and crystalluria and recommended abdominal x-rays. A second cystotomy followed on 11/2/18. I hope these details help clarify the timeline so that Ms. ** claim can be processed fairly.

"Please call me with any additional questions or if medical records are required." Our vet furthered with: "Regarding our patient **, his Hill's Prescription Diet earlier this year was not prescribed for urocystolith dissolution. Please feel free to contact us for more information if required." Seems irreconcilable to me that the Vet says we meet the condition, and the insurance company knows better???

It's so nice having pet insurance! We have preventative and illness/injury coverage and it has already paid for itself. The claims take a little longer than I'd like to come back and get reimbursed - that is my only complaint.

You get really no insight into slow claim processing. It has been over 4 weeks for an insurance claim. Why does it take so long in a digital world. I e-mailed and got a canned response. Would be nice if we can get some specifics.

I have 2 puppies 15 months old and that old saying When it Rains it Pours was true for me. Boudi had to have eye lid surgery because her lashes were scratching her cornea.W e did not have a choice but to cut the lids. Not more than 2 weeks after the surgery and the E collar was removed she swallowed a soft bone and it was stuck in her Esophagus. Boudi had to have Endoscopic passage of foreign material into the stomach and removed. The surgery was quite expensive and I was so relieved that I had chosen ASPCA the year before. Whoever thinks something like this will happen no matter how careful the owner is. I am thankful that ASPCA did follow through with the payments to me in a timely matter and relieved that part of our stress. Boudi is healing and we are very grateful. I would recommend and have recommended ASPCA to every dog owner I know.

The customer service is exceptional. Claims are easy to submit. Claim status is updated online and emails are sent regarding the status of processing. I received a call to follow-up on my pet's health. I have and will continue to recommend ASPCA pet insurance.

I am so very thankful for ASPCA Pet Insurance. The first year we only needed it for routine care, we didn’t even reach our $250 deductible amount for it to reimburse. The second year though, I was VERY THANKFUL we had it. We don’t have children, our dog is our family. She came down with a nasty UTI costing about $3500 over 4 months time. Our total cost after meeting the $250 annual deductible was only 10%, so about $575 total. That $3000 difference was the DIFFERENCE between having to make a hard decision—go into debt, or surrender our dog so she could get proper treatment. Without ASPCA, those would have been our options and neither was one I’d be able to forgive myself for.

I tell everyone I know to ADOPT, SPAY/NEUTER, and GET ASPCA PET INSURANCE! It’s called being a responsible pet lover. Our total annual cost is $660 in monthly payments plus $250 deductible before being compensated for 90% of covered costs. If there’s any chance you may spend $910 in a year or $1820 in two years (and so forth) consider pet insurance! The app is easy to use—snap a picture of your invoice and upload. Have your bank info on the app and receive reimbursement between 30-45 days from submittal. Thank you for keeping our furry family member safe, healthy, and with a family who loves her more than words.

I will never use or advise anyone to use their services. They promise coverage for certain things and then when it's time to pay, they claim that is not covered. My vet prescribed a medicine for my Poly for renal disease and even though my vet wrote a letter explaining that she needed to take this for the rest of her life (for her kidneys) ASPCA coded the medicine as a food supplement and would not honor the claim. Also when she had some dental work done that's a whole another story they didn't pay for that either although they advertise that they do dental. Everything is with a hook and a loophole so they don't have to pay the claim. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY if you love your pet.

Updated on 02/22/2016: Please, anyone considering using this insurance for your pet, DON'T. I have insurance with them and two claims are being appealed. So they are holding up the other claims for payment that have nothing to do with the other claims. That's bogus. I work in A/R and when you have one problem with an invoice or claim we don't hold everything else up. I pay my premiums promptly and I expect the same service in return. This is not the first time either.

After speaking with Jane **, the supervisor, that was just a waste of time. Every time it's time to pay a claim, they come with "oh we don't pay this or that", it's like the bait and switch with them. I am in the process of finding another insurance carrier. I don't care if I have to pay more for it. I just don't want the hassle of doing business with the ASPCA insurance. Don't believe the hype. They may be good at saving animals however, their insurance policy and practices are disgusting.

My dog Penny has been found to have kidney issues. This was the first time I used insurance for my pet. I am very satisfied with the results. My money came back quickly and I was given an explanation of each refund. Thank you I will encourage my friends to look into ASPCA insurance!

I am so impressed with ASPCA's customer service. They acknowledge receipt of my claims, follow up with an email stating that the claim is being processed. I receive reimbursement in a very timely manner. Thank God for ASPCA Pet Insurance. Thank you for your excellent service.

Every time I have needed to submit a claim it has been easy and very streamlined. The website is easy to navigate and when I have called staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend ASPCA pet insurance to all animal lovers.

My dog had a stomach virus causing him to vomit and poop constantly to the point he was so dehydrated he could barely move. He had a fever of 103 and had to be put on special food and medication. They linked this to puppy poops from puppy food he had from his puppy exam when I first got him several months prior. These people will do everything in their power not to help you. DO NOT pick them for insurance. They will ** you when you need them most.

Unfortunately, we have had to use this insurance MANY times for ALL kinds of crazy reasons, circumstances and health scares. I am glad when I was looking at pet insurance that I first of all decided to definitely purchase it and that we did so through the ASPCA. They are caring and quick and NEVER has argued a claim, paying everytime. They care about your pet and always follow up to see if they are feeling better. Best decision besides picking this particular dog to fall in love with, was picking this insurance to care for him.

We had not had a dog for years and decided to get a Westie... She is so cute. We looked into insurance and decided on ASPCA. They have been wonderful in solving any sort of question or advise. They seem very organized which I appreciate.

Getting pet insurance was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having this insurance has saved me so much stress. My kitty got very sick shortly after signing him up for insurance and it was a very stressful time. It was nice not having to stress about his vet bills and be able to focus my attention on him getting better instead of focusing on the financial aspect. ASPCA is great about processing claims right away and I am usually reimbursed in less than two weeks. Their customer service is also really great. They are very helpful and respond quickly. Thank you for the great service!

I been with this company for a long time, when my dog was younger and rarely get sick. Now my Pomeranian 11 year old everything change... she had broke her hip. Took her to the vet. My bill was over $400, ASPCA did reimbursed me after deductible. I got $46. However my dog has to go back to the vet because the medication make her sick, second bill they don't cover because pre existing. The third bill my vet cannot treat her unless she had to have sonogram. The bill was $650.

ASPCA denied same thing pre existing. When I sign up with ASPCA state that any new condition will be cover. Sadly my dog get getting old and my renewal coming up ASPCA will change her policy. They will not cover and waiting period from six month to a year. The people rate ASPCA rate 5 star because your dog is young, I was one of them. If you look all the review old dog being toss without coverage. ANIMAL CRUELTY. After being loyal customer for years. Government need to step in to protect dogs no matter how old they are. They are the one take money but will not give good coverage to older dog. That why nobody want to adopt older dog. Who is the one being animal cruelty.

Overall seems like good company but the delays for claims processing are much longer than other companies I've worked with including Trupanion, Figo, Petplan and Best Paws. if you can get a handle on claims processing the company would be great.

My 4-year-old bichon suffered a back injury and required extensive surgery and hospital stay in March of this year. That was just the beginning however. She recovered from the back surgery but remained paralyzed in her back legs. After months of water therapy laser treatments and treatment for multiple UTIs our dear dear Lily is walking on a retractable leash with no supportive devices, she is going down steps, up curbs, and taking hour-long walks daily with her dog sister. We of course had to pay in advance for this care but we have been timely and properly reimbursed. Thank you sooo much ASPCA. You saved our family!!!

Nothing but the highest regard for ASPCA Pet Insurance. Recently my son Gator underwent TPLO knee reconstruction. Everything regarding ASPCA went flawlessly. They also provided followup calls to inquire about the condition of Gator and how his post-op care was progressing. They also took the time to inquire about his sister Alli, our mini pit/pinscher making sure she was doing well also. Thank you for your great care ASPCA.

I am so thankful my friends urged me to go with ASPCA health insurance for my two big dogs. When an accident struck my Vizsla mix, and he couldn’t walk, I was overwhelmed with the potential cost of surgery. Because of ASPCA I was able to get him the healing surgery he needed and was not left in immense debt for years to come. Instead of working extra to pay off vet bills, I can spend extra time caring for the healing of my big man! PLUS, the app made it super easy to submit and track the processes of my claim, when I had questions, the folks on the other end of the phone were SO kind, communicative and understanding. Thanks ASPCA.

I look at it as you just never know, buy the insurance, and hope you have a healthy pet! If you don’t buy the insurance and run into health issues, you will regret it! Nothing about caring for an animal is cheap, and too many pets end up in shelters with health problems because the owner don’t have the money.

I called up ASPCA pet insurance because my dog needed to have surgery for a ear hematoma. I asked the lady before I signed up if this would be covered so that I can submit a claim after the surgery. Of course she said yes and even convinced me to sign up my 2 other dogs. So now I had all 3 dogs signed up and paid 2 monthly payments. I signed up around Nov 17, 2014 and my dog's surgery was on Nov 24, 2014. So I went ahead and sent out the claim form for my bill of $740.00. After 3 weeks, I was informed that my claim was denied because I had to wait 30 days in order to be eligible to receive reimbursement. I was so upset because I was never told that information before I signed up. If I was informed of this, then I would have never bothered to sign up. This is a total scam to me and I would not recommend any of my friends or family to ASPCA pet insurance. I since then cancelled my membership and looking for another reputable insurance company for my dogs.

Getting pet insurance through ASPCA is the best thing you can do for your pet. Their process for submitting claims is quick and easy and turnaround time is under 10 business days. I recommend this to everyone I see with dogs.