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This company is more than twice what we pay for better coverage now. They will continue to take money from your account even after you cancel your policy. I would never recommend this company for anything.

After trying to cancel the policy for a couple of weeks, without success, I emailed my bank to cancel all future payments. This is the only website that I've seen that has no link to cancel.

My home was robbed on Father’s Day Jun 16, 2013. Today is August 11, 2013 and I'm still in line for review. My adjuster Samantha clearly isn't sympathetic to my situation. I turned in police report, receipts and photos a week after the incident happened. Seeing how I had a lot of expensive items like MacBook Pro, iPad, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Giuseppe. She made the comment, "You have a lot of expensive things, what exactly do you do?" I also advised Samantha that I have receipts for 90% of my items. Due to the fact I am a Salon Owner, I keep all my receipts.

I didn't have receipts for my MacBook or iPad because they were gifts to my 12yr old son. Sam acted like if I had photos or serial number and iTunes acct (which I did) she would try to pay them. After I did all that searching for photos etc, she called and said, "I can't pick and choose what I pay for w/o a receipt so I'm not paying for anything w/o receipts.” At that time my claim was 4 wks old, with frustration I said, “Ok don't pay for no receipt items," hoping that would speed up the finalizing. Nope wishful thinking. She pretty much just forced me to say I didn't want my money for my Mac and iPad.

Samantha would not return any of my calls when I was checking on my Plc in line for review. I called corporate in Georgia. One of the reps was able to call Florida and we finally got her on the phone. To my surprise she answered and said "yea." Very nasty attitude. I guess she was mad because I called corporate on her. It's going on 2 months and still no word and my guess is it may be longer since I called corporate.

I got renters’ insurance through my insurance company, Geico. Reasonable rate, served its purpose, however when I purchased my home and got my homeowner's policy through Geico my renters' insurance was supposed to have been canceled as my homeowner's policy went into effect. Then I reviewed my credit card statement at which point I realized my credit card was still being charged for the renters' policy. I called immediately and was given the runaround. I had Geico forward my homeowner’s policy and its effective date and I also forwarded the same information. They have yet to refund my money and I have just received a new statement from them! No no no! If I could give them zero stars I definitely would have! I'll be sure to keep you posted if I ever see my money again! Horrible experience.

I get to know Assurant through my auto insurance Geico. I opt for them because Geico recommend them and Geico treat me well. I'll always recommend Geico to anyone. I started my renters policy September of 2013. I renew my policy after a year and in October 3 of 2014 I came home, leaving work early. 2 hours 30 min after leaving home and notice that my apartment was burglarized - all my electronics, jewelries up to my piggy bank and my Mom's medication. Approximately items worth over $5,000. I filed my claim, submitted all documents including receipt I could find and photos and police report. I can't believe that this people just paid me $ 1, 3300 for everything claiming devaluation and refuse to pay me for items that I can't provide receipt for. It was a nightmare for me and my family. I'm finding another insurance company at the end of my policy period. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO EVEN MY ENEMIES.

When your apartment building catches on fire causing significant damage to your personal belongings the last thing you need is an insurance company that does not deliver what they promise. I signed-up with Assurant through Geico for renters. I'm grateful I had renters in my situation, so far it's been better than nothing, but not by much.

When I signed-up for my policy I included replacing damage items at today's value. It was never disclosed how I would be able to replace my item since the insurance company only ever gives you a depreciated cash value. It requires additional work to save money to purchase and replace and then submit a receipt for a percentage of the amount you lost when they depreciate your item. You also only have a limited amount of time to replace this item to receive this added benefit that you paid for.

I read my policy and they never disclose any information about dealing with claims. Nor do they tell you specific reasons if your claim is denied or anything about this hoop jumping method of receiving the replacement cost of your items. I called their customer center to ask them these questions several times, but no one could provide me with any answers of what happens once you submit a claim. They play the ignorant card very well and because of that they have lost a customer.

While moving out of state from NJ to FL. I left some boxes behind for me to move myself with a trailer. While I was away, my home was burglarized. Their investigator said she found it hard to believe I left clothing etc. behind. I told her with out of state moves, they pick up your items, transfer to a holding facility, then onto a tractor trailer with other orders going to that destination and I was afraid they would be stolen and were of importance so I rented a trailer and provided my receipt for the trailer rental. Now, four months later, their investigator is stating how do I know you left those things behind? WTF!!! I called the police and have a report and police photographs. They do not pay their claims! I am hiring an attorney. I paid four years of renters insurance and they will not pay?

This company sold me an insurance policy for our microwave but they have never been able to provide us with a service provider to fix the problem with the microwave. They recommended we find someone and they would reimburse but I signed up for the policy because I couldn't find anyone. I have called them multiple times over the last months and they have never returned my calls. In today's world of good customer service they rank very poorly...

I purchased a plan and paid in full for the year. I had one claim where I was robbed in my home and it took almost 4 months to get claim paid. On top of the fact that they are never open, no one ever knows Anything. They close your claim for any reason they can and they will never call you back or return an email. Immediately following they cancelled my plan even though I had paid in full and still had time left on my plan. Do not buy anything from these people. They are criminal and Geico shame on you for partnering with such a terrible company.

I opened a renters insurance policy with this company in March of 2016. In October of 2016, I filed a claim due to a theft of some very valuable things from the property. After weeks of sending in document after document, come to find out, Assurant DOESN'T COVER MOBILE HOMES. My claim was denied and they continued to take money out of my checking account after I told them to cancel the policy back to the beginning because I should NOT pay for something they wrote up incorrectly. Now they've told me they can only cancel it back to the date the claim was filed. This company is HORRIBLE.

Assurant Insurance is a rip-off! Suggest you use another agency. When it comes to paying out claims, the company uses excuses and alternative language to seek out not paying. I had water damage in the downstairs drywall that came from a toilet leak. The repair person for the toilet wrote that the toilet was incorrectly pitched and invoiced me $2500 if I wanted to correct the pitch. This was total BS, but it is how Chicago repairman make money. I paid for the repair of the blockage and sent him on his way. When I submitted this claim, Assurant said the leak came from the toilet not being installed correctly and reneged on paying. What a load of...

The fact that we suffered a loss due to burglary was horrible. But the experience of working with the claims department of Assurant was worse. Their adjusters' hours is 8-5. So if you work during the day impossible to handle anything. They denied paying for damage of the door. It's been 2 months since break in & still trying to replace items. I don't recommend anyone to get a policy from them. They are a subsidiary of Geico.

My renters claim has been open for 30 days now & I received a call today from my adjuster telling me that my claim would take an additional 50 days for further investigation, but the claim hasn't even begin being processed!! Temesha ** is the worst adjuster they could've hired. Her attitude stinks, & she's very unprofessional & "**" if you will. She constantly makes excuses for not proceeding with my claim even after I sent her all of my receipts & proof of ownership with our police report weeks ago! My vehicle was broken into & a lot of me & my husband's things were taken, but my biggest let down was believing that Assurant actually cared about our loss.

I spoke to Mr. **, the adjuster's supervisor, but he was no help whatsoever!!! He sound as if he has better things he could be doing whenever he's on the phone addressing a concern. I’m reaching out to his supervisor & everyone above him/her until these people do what they need to do!! Don't waste your time or money with Assurant!!! Even a few of the customer service reps sound ** & unprofessional. It was hell getting the supervisors' extensions. Customer service is disgusting!!! Don't use this company!!! You'd be much better off using Progressive Homesite. My sister uses them. She had a loss last year after a flood, & her claim took only 2 weeks!! Assurant will try to find any reason not to pay you & prolong your claim!!! Don’t do it guys!!

This company appears to be incompetent or a scam. When filing a claim for a stolen bike, both their number 1.888.260.7736 and their website send you on infinite loops of sending you back to the beginning of the phone tree or logging you out of the member's area of the site.

This is the insurance company the banks placed on my mortgage for my Mobile Home during financing. Seems high for the amount of insurance and the deductibles are too, I just reread the amount of replacement and it is only half of the mortgage. Mmm. Something doesn't seem right.

After moving out of my apartment, I cancelled my renter insurance since I no longer needed it. They auto-renewed so I needed a refund. Since my policy was in my married name, I submitted my divorce decree in order to get the refund. Instead of clarifying the card that they would refund to, they refunded it to my ex-husband and a card I no longer have access to. It takes the company 5 days (in 2019) to respond to an e-mail. I let them know I didn't have access to that card and they wanted me to call the bank.

This could have been very easily resolved if they would have not taken so long to respond. Now that the funds have cleared there is "NOTHING THEY CAN DO." I spoke with 2 different managers which I am not 100% sure were managers. They were very scripted and had no ability to figure out a solution. This company has a bunch of robots who just follow scripts and don't know how to come to any resolution. On top of not being able to have them refund the overpayment to me (even though it is my name on the policy), they just sent me an e-mail for auto-renew.

I bought two renter's insurance policies from Assurant: one, two years ago, for an apartment I moved out from last year, and another, last year, for the apartment I'm currently living in. Two months ago, I asked them to cancel my second policy. Cancellation turned out to be a difficult process. Honestly, even after contacting them several times I am not sure they cancelled my policy. Anyway, a couple of weeks later, my credit card is charged for the renewal of the first policy, which I had no idea was still active, since I had moved from the apartment which that policy covered.

So, not only did I pay insurance for two apartment (and lived only in one of them), but they charged me to renew the unnecessary policy. I asked them to cancel this policy too... Again, extremely difficult... Two days ago I finally received (a) a cancellation confirmation email, followed by (b) an email informing me the policy has been renewed!!! It seems I will have to cancel these policies until the end of times.

I have been with this company for about two years. I have paid my premiums every month as I am supposed to. I have never made a claim on this policy and recently had a bunch of my property stolen. I submitted a claim and have gotten nothing but the run around the entire time. The adjusters and representatives are rude and they will not help me. It kind of makes you wonder what exactly you're paying for with this company. This shouldn't be this difficult. I highly recommend if you are looking for homeowners or renter’s insurance that you go to a different company. This place and their representatives will not help you. I have been trying to get a claim completed for 2 weeks and still going. I have received the worst customer service that I have received in quite some time.

Long story short, we had a vehicle stolen and burned to the ground over 30 days ago. The insurance representative assigned to our case was extremely difficult to get a hold of during the whole time. She never answered her phone when we called, took over 24-48 hours to return calls, sometimes we would have to call Assurant directly to be transferred to her because she was so hard to get in contact with. We uploaded all required documents and provided everything that was requested to get the ball rolling on our part. After the 30 days had rolled around, our car insurance claim was already processed. We had to have an investigation done, interviews done, paperwork submitted, discussions with the local police departments, etc.

I am beyond words to see Progressive car insurance complete all of that and paid out within 30 days and Assurant renter's insurance has taken over 30 days to even review our claim. They don't even have to perform an investigation or anything. We are very frustrated with their service and when we called last week to see what the hold up was, the lady on our case said she was too busy, that she "has over 40 cases assigned to her alone." It sounds like they need to get some more help in that area or something. I don't know if I will renew my renter's insurance policy next year with this company because the service we have received has been very poor.

Assurant Renters Insurance does not cover the furnishing in the house, and do not like to pay claims off. The customer service is horrible, and the cost is high. I had insurance. The mortgagor said he had no record and gave me their insurance, based on the stock exchange.

I have my auto insurance through Geico. We needed renter's insurance for the apartment we are in so we signed up through Geico. Geico sent me to Assurant. The initial sign up for renter's insurance was simple and they were very efficient charging my credit card. I also signed up for an umbrella policy with Geico. After a couple of weeks, Geico informed me that I needed to increase my liability coverage on my renter's insurance to $300K. I contacted Assurant and was sent a form to fill out and email back. I have spent the last 11 days emailing and telephoning Assurant. They are stuck on the fact that I live in Woolwich Township (the address of the apartment complex) but our mailing address is Swedesboro (post office location). They just sent me an email to tell me that I need to go back to square one and resubmit the paper work. They cannot tell what address to use.

Instead I went to Esurance and bought a policy with the correct coverage. It starts tomorrow. I will cancel the Assurant coverage tomorrow. Trying to communicate with Assurant is impossible. Response time is usually at least 24 hours and they never answer a direct question. This should have been a simple change. I have had homeowners insurance for 25 years and never had a claim.

My apartment was vandalized over a month ago. I've submitted all the documents they asked for. After calling Samantha 10 times, she finally called back. She said they are swamped with claims and that it may take 30 days before my claim is reviewed. Here’s my problem with that. When it’s time to take my payment out every month I don’t tell them to wait 30 days because I have other bills!!!! I am not very hopeful that Assurant will handle my claim in a timely manner after reading other complaints. I suggest we all get together and sue their behinds asap...

The apartment complex recommended Assurant renter's insurance, and stupidly I called Assurant and enrolled over the phone, never seeing the actual printed application. Along with the usual chitchat the enrolling agent supposedly asked if I had any previous claims, and if she did, I did not remember that I had had a claim in college three years previous, so when I filed a claim with Assurant in Feb 2019, when 2 large dryer loads of laundry was stolen, I was denied for "misrepresentation" on the application. It turns out that the previous claim was a few days short of being 3 years old, which I guess is a magic time frame, when I made out the application over the phone, altho several months after the "3 years" when I filed the claim. Guess Assurant has not heard of the words "fiduciary responsibilty!" At this point I do not know if I can get other insurance as Assurant has now besmirched my name in the Insurance world. BEWARE of ASSURANT!

I changed my billing info on my account before they billed me. They used my old account to bill me anyway. I called to change it. They would not refund to my original account which left me without money to put food on my table.

Canceled my insurance per their website and they will not stop taking money out of my account. Not able to get assistance nor refund for the money and extra fees from not expecting the unauthorized withdraw.

My agent did not cover my loss He did not accept my proof of loss [PDFs of receipts, replacement costs, and pictures]. He didn't reimburse me for a Hotel bill, loss of personal property, loss of use, and other entitlements. HE sent me less than half of my claim and then Closed it. On the liability side of this claim, I spoke with the property manager and they told me they are having a difficult time with the Liability claim as well. I sent in the pictures, receipts and replacement costs for both the personal property loss and the liability side of the claim. At least the liability side is still open. And there is still hope for full payment. I will not recommend this company and will encourage anyone thinking about using them or who are currently using them to cancel their policy and find a better insurer.

Assurant Inc./American Bankers Insurance has the most unethical claims settlement practices I've seen in years. I recently experienced a fire loss in May and the company, through "Bad Faith Claim Handling," has caused direct increase to my loss over ten times the original estimates. In that, Assurant Inc./American Bankers Insurance, deliberately attempted to underpay my claim, offering only one thousand dollars to at the time, to cover a twenty two thousand dollar loss. Having still not settled this claim, my electronics, having been inspected, have now suffered irreparable damage from the continued smoke/soot exposure in which they have been exposed.

I had personally obtain the services of an Industrial Hygienist to get them to even budge. Furthermore, her report indicated that the HVAC System should have ceased use immediately following the fire and that my residence was unsafe to live in. With all of this at their disposal, Assurant continued to expose both my health and property to unsafe conditions for over 60 days. They refused to implement my Loss of Use Coverage allowing me to get a hotel. They have refused to pay within my policy limits to clean and/or replace my contents. They have forced me to now hire an attorney, Industrial Hygienist and an Electronics Remediation Company, all at my expense and close to eight thousand additional dollars out of pocket, just to seek a fair settlement. But enough is enough. We are in process of seeking a Class Action Suit against this insurer for their "Bad Faith Practices," and the gross negligence they demonstrate.

When we were hit by hurricane Florence, Assurant worked quick and fast to help us replace our damaged items. We had damages to a lot of our outdoor items and to some of our indoor rugs and they had our claim closed and paid within 2 weeks of filing it. So very thankful for them. The process was super easy too.

Do not trust Assurant, I left my apartment two years ago!!! But they are charging me yet... They took money out of my account two times in last two years and when I asked them to refund my money they asked me different kinds of proofs for cancellation. They are going to charge you after you moved and they will also charge all new tenants.

I had these guys for renters insurance. Their claims service was horrible. Yeah, they are cheap, but they deny claims right off the bat. And the ones they finally do approve, you have to fight for months to get said approval. I switched over to one of Allstate's local branches in Hampton and they were amazing! You can speak with actual people about your claim and they are available to call anytime and more than happy to help explain things. With Assurant, I thought I was covered for all my personal property. I had my car broken into and my phone and gps got stolen.

They denied my claim. They said they needed a receipt. I tried submitting a bank statement from the time I purchased said items but they said "tough luck". When I switched to Allstate, they said they've never had that problem. They actually have the fastest claims payment in the industry and my monthly payments are only $1.23 more every month with an extra $5,000.00 in coverage. If you're in Virginia, Allstate is way better than Assurant. I use the office in Hampton off of Big Bethel Road.

I bought renters insurance through Geico. I asked them specifically about my moped. They told me that if it was under 49c.c. then it was considered a bicycle and was covered. My moped was stolen from my house in the middle of nowhere. I filed a police report and the officer asked me if I had renters insurance and I said yes. He said that I should be fine and they should cover it. I wasn't worried about it at all.

I filed the claim through Assurant and didn't hear back from them for a few weeks. Then they told me that they wouldn't cover it. I tried to find my policy and what they would cover. I still can't find it, it wasn't sent to me and I can't find it on their website. I accepted this and asked if they would cover the items in the seat (helmet, glasses, gloves). They said they would but my deductible was 500 dollars. They did tell me that I would have a 500 dollar deductible over the phone originally but they said it was only for if I broke someone else's things kind of like auto insurance. The items in the seat might have been worth 200 dollars total. So not only would they refuse to pay for the moped but they wanted 300 dollars on top of the 1,000 dollars that was actually stolen from me.

My recommendation is to totally understand and see your policy in writing. Don't accept verbal assurances. A 500 dollar deductible for theft isn't normal. Deductibles are normal in other insurances but if it isn't your fault then you shouldn't pay. The price of the insurance was very reasonable. I only paid 20 dollars a month to have a false sense of security.

My husband and I set up renters insurance with Geico in October of 2017. Before I could even make my first payment, my house was burglarized, on my son's seventh birthday nonetheless, so we contacted the claims center, which turned out to be Assurant. Our original claims adjuster was Pierce **. He lied to us from the get go about the terms of our contract, was impossible to get hold of, and never EVER answered the phone or called us back. It was two months before we received any payment whatsoever for our claim, only to discover that they had strongly undervalued all of our missing items.

When I called to complain, I was told that someone else who wasn't even my adjuster (Oscar something-or-other was the name I was given) had "messed around with my file when he had no business doing so" and that's why the amount I received was significantly lower than it should have been. So this company apparently doesn't watch their employees and keep them from touching things they shouldn't be touching. My claims adjuster was supposedly fired for robbing people and pocketing the excess money, and my claim was turned over to the "supervisor" Patricia **. It has now been FIVE MONTHS since we first opened our claim and still have yet to receive the rest of the payment they owe us for stealing from us in the first place.

Two weeks ago I called to see what was going on since I never heard anything from this company regarding the rest of my claim, and naturally I was unable to reach Patricia, but the person I did speak to assured me that my file was "done and ready to go" on her desk and all they were waiting for was for Patricia to send my file over to the man who processes them for the bank. This same person also told me that repeated calls "make Patricia angry" and cause her to "purposely delay the processing of your file". I have not called once since, but I STILL have not received the rest of my payment I am owed. If I cannot call and she refuses to call me back, exactly how long am I supposed to wait for a mistake to be rectified that was their fault in the first place? I am very much on the verge of calling my lawyer. This company is unethical, rude, and should have been closed down a long time ago.

Unprofessional Agents and TERRIBLE Coverage. I've never dealt with such poor customer service, hung up on me and would not return my calls. Tried cheating me out of my coverage and kept telling me to read my policy. It's all in black and white. Try looking for better quality companies who will be more helpful when you're in need of help.

If you have this company, be prepared to get the Department of Insurance involved. I work for an insurance company so I know some of the ins and outs of how the process should work. Of course there are exceptions from company to company, but the policies are underwritten by the company but have to fall in line with the rules and regulations set forth by the department of Insurance.

Let's start with the basics. The policy states no timeframe with which they have to handle a claim but also does not state a minimum processing time either. It does state that they have to handle your claim quickly and efficiently and with fair consideration. I will start by saying I submitted my claim on a Friday. I waited until Monday and called them to do a follow up. They started by saying that this claim was going to take 30 days to process. I stated this was unacceptable and asked how I could make it faster and they stated to send them all the required documents. I sent them everything they asked for minus receipts for all of my items as I did not have them anymore. I called back the next day to make sure they received my documents and they informed me it takes 48 hours to get the documents and upload them and then the adjuster calls the next day. So 3 days there.

I spoke with a manager and they got the documents uploaded faster and moved my claim along that day. Then they told me most of my items were going to be denied because I did not have receipts. I advised them at that time if they did that it's not only illegal but in direct violation of the rules and regulations set forth by the department of insurance. If I am listing high end items that don't match up with the income level or policy coverages, then they can ask for proof of ownership like receipts and deny items they feel reasonably are not accurate. However, they cannot simply deny items because they don't have receipts. After advising of this, their whole tune changed and they approved all of my items. They ended up processing my claim within 5 days, but I had to threaten to get the Department Of Insurance involved in their illegal activities.

Then a week later, I informed them that I had found more items missing and needed to supplement these items. They immediately told me my claim was now going to go under review and be sent to the fraud department. I canceled my supplement until I could speak with corporate about this. They treated me the same way. I feel like a criminal and was treated like a criminal for using the insurance I paid for. I have never had a claim in 12 years and have always paid my renter's insurance anywhere I was living. It's ridiculous that I get treated like a criminal, have my items denied, have to threaten to bring the department of insurance into the claim and then deal with a company that demands payment of insurance each month on time, but then takes their sweet time in processing your claim.

My tools were stolen and I needed them for a few projects I was working on. My truck was sitting not running and my boat is a major project and they were expecting me to be without my truck for 30 days... If you have this company for insurance, leave. If you don't have them and are considering them, run away as fast as you can. They go through Geico for Renters and homeowners. So if you quote through Geico for renter's, this is the company they use. I also sent my claim to the Department of Insurance for review and they are currently reviewing it. I also sent this complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

I had a rental policy with Assurant Insurance Company for almost 5 years. It started back in 2013. I told an Assurant rep that I was moving out of my current residence and all items that were covered under my rental agreement, in my home, was going into storage. I asked this rep if they cover all your items once they go into storage, I was told absolutely. They continued to send me the renewal agreement each year stating full coverage. I found out back in 2015 they were not covering anything that was in my storage for three years. They have given me the runaround on reimbursement for over a year; each time I am told different things by the reps. of this company. They have taken advantage of me who happens to be a senior citizen. I am going to court with this company. I have already reported their business practices to the Better Business Bureau!

I live in an apartment, have had Assurant Renters Insurance for about a year through my Geico Auto Insurance. The apartment community put out a notice a few days ago stating multiple mandatory changes residents had to make in our policies effective no later than a week from the date of the notice. I am disabled, (relative to the review) one of my diseases happens to be lung-related and causes my voice to no longer be a voice. Meaning, it is extremely difficult to communicate with me, understand what I am saying because my voice is incredibly hoarse most times and goes completely out at times mid word or mid sentence. It is very frustrating, for me and for the person I am attempting to relay information to. Company personnel tend to let me know, in a lot of words and suggestions, how frustrating I am to them.

I first attempted to update the information online, but there was not enough space for the amount of characters. I hesitantly called and thankfully my call was answered by Christie. She was amazing! Not one complaint or even acknowledgment of my crazy, scratchy 'sound'. She not only took care of everything from my end, but had me merge in the property management office with a couple of questions she had. While on the line with the leasing agent, Christie made sure to get all of their contact information so I wouldn't have to be responsible in getting anything to management at all. It would all be done from Assurant directly to management. I was completely shocked to say the least. Christie was the 100% professional, friendly, knew her product, was extremely efficient. I wish she could be cloned for ALL companies...

Assurant is a horrible company that I can't stress enough to not do business with. I've been/was a client for over 5 years with the company owning a renters insurance policy until recently. An error in my annual billing occurred and the company was unable to process my annual renewal, so what did they do, supposedly send a letter. No human touch, like a call letting you know you're going to lapse in coverage but a computer that sends out a letter. My wife and I's apartment was recently burglarized and I went to file a claim. What I found out instead was because the policy had lapsed I was SOL. Yes my fault as well big time, but just something, a heads up saying that you need to clarify your payment would have been nice, not a robot computer letter. These people are crooks and I'm surprised GEICO does business with such horrible people.

Worst rental insurance company! Don’t use them! Katherine ** is super unprofessional. This company don’t care about their customer. Don’t waste your time! Worst experience I’ve never experienced. Took 4 month for my claim and it’s still open. They never schedule anything just pop up at my property.

Purchased Assurant Renters Insurance as I trust Geico. MISTAKE! They had no problem insuring my contents for 40K and collecting the payments. My apartment was burgled and that's when the problems begin. Julio, My adjuster, never available and never returned calls. They are asking for receipts on belongings that I have had in excess of 5yrs... They don't ask you to prove the value of your things to get a policy but will make you jump through hoops to prove the value when they go missing.

Every time I was 'missing documentation' he would communicate via USPS though he had my phone number and email (which they used when it was convenient to them) thus drawing out the process. Long story short they took over 12K of stuff from my apartment. Assurant told me my settlement check was ready but not what the figure if the settlement was. They eventually deposited just short of $2600.00 into my account. I have found an attorney who is just chomping at the bit to go to court and have the matter arbitrated.

I signed up With GEICO for identity fraud and called about a month to cancel my policy. The rep on the phone could not find my policy and said I had no policy. Few weeks later I saw a charge on my bank account for it so I called GEICO back and they transferred me over to Assurant. Long story short, Assurant would not refund me the charge they said simply bc I called GEICO to cancel and not them. It was GEICO rep who sold the insurance to me and that is the reason why I called. I finally got a GEICO rep on the phone bc I wanted to see if they would stand behind. They totally transferred me a machine saying that the office is not open.

Had 2 Work Station MacBook Pros stolen from Apt as I was getting ready to ship. Ran up to the post office to grab the materials, nice summer day, windows all open and door unlocked. Small town in IL. Came back, not even 15 mins later. The boxes, the computers all gone from my bed where I had placed them. Neighbor thought they saw someone go in, but thought it was me. Cops weren't able to help, happened in broad daylight. Passed over the information about the computers, 15 inch retina display maxed specs for rendering stations, still technically new in box. They were back ups, if my primary failed. Never been turned on for more than 2 hours. Gave receipts and costs ranges and old repair costs receipts from Apple with Serial numbers and everything. Apple locked the systems so the person who stole them, got nice paperweights.

Assurant tried to claim that since they were older, they depreciated over 90%. They offered me ~$470 for BOTH as the stolen payoff. I explained to her that Apple computer systems are not PC's, they don't depreciated/ While I spent $3,500 A PIECE brand new, even refurbished during that time, I could get the same systems for 2,800. The Rep tried to bully me into saying yes and agreeing to the payment. I even said that I needed to talk to my wife about what she was offering and to technically see what I had in savings to see if I could replace them out of pocket, since the insurance I have been paying for (6 years with no claims) was refusing to pay. The REP would NOT let me hang up the phone and literally kept saying that they will deny it if I was to hang up and not agree to the terms. I refused.

Called my lawyer, then contacted the Insurance Bureau for the state. After giving them all the serial numbers and information with Apple invoices of the same products as "refurbished" and getting a professional contact input about "computer depreciation" I got the money to replace the systems. Don't fall for Bully tactics. If they say you have to do something, you laugh and say, no. Be sure to file any complaints to the State Insurance Controller Body. Assurant or (insurance company of Florida) has well over 13,000 complaints in the State of IL alone.

I moved to Durham in August and called up Assurant to set up the renters insurance. They signed me up over the phone and said I could log in and check the details. They told me I could do monthly payments but every payment would have a charge or I could do 4 payments once every 3 months. This way the charge per transaction would be less. I opted for the 4 options but to receive the policy, I tried but it wouldn't let me log in. I filled a complaint form but never got a call back.

In October I got a bill saying "you need to make your payment" so I tried logging in but it wouldn't recognize my policy number which had me worried. They were charging me but I didn't exist on the system. I called them to be told I can make the payment online. I told them more than the payment I was concerned that god forbid if I wanted to file a claim or something I wouldn't exist on the system. Anyway they got resolved in October but let me tell you they were more concerned about the billing than the online login.

So having paid the second payment in October, I get another email saying to make the third payment in December. And I'm like "wait I just made the payment in Nov!" Anyway I call them to tell me I signed up for it so I can't change it because you can only change 30 days into the policy (mind you I didn't have access and I have email proof of me reaching out to them!). The guy says, "You've made two payments so you knew this was the policy." I said, "No, I didn't know because I couldn't sign into the policy details on the website!" He tells me, "There's nothing I can do," and that if I don't make the payment I will get a grace period (which btw is 20 days) but then the policy will expire.

I've already paid for the service till January end (as of right now!) but if I don't pay the 3rd installment, my policy will stand cancelled! How this is legally allowed is beyond me but legal or not I would advise NOT to take this insurance! They're only money minting company with rude and horrible customer services and they treat you as if you've committed a crime!

The refunded the money in a reasonably brief amount of time.. Updating to 3 stars.

When I joined T-Mobile, I made sure to get "the best" insurance. Today my phone was stolen from me at a cafe and for a moment, actually felt re-assured that I had insurance to fall back on. Unfortunately, my experience with Assurant has been an utter nightmare and the complete opposite of what I would call best in service.

At the store, I was advised to call in and start the claim process. The Assurant agent on the phone told me that I was ineligible to pay the deductible to get a new phone in store because the phone was not 50% paid off (I was not aware of that policy from the start). After reviewing with the T-Mobile agent, my phone WAS more than 50% paid off. After discussing with the agent in store for more than an hour, Assurant realized their error. Sadly, I had to call multiple times asking if they would honor my in-store jump, to get a rep that would help.

The store advised me this was their standard procedure and they did it all the time, so in order to get any help, I spent 3 hours calling the Assurant number, requesting the “jump” and being told they couldn’t help me over and over. I’m not exaggerating, I did this at least 15 times. The poor T-Mobile people had no idea what else to do and were completely blocked from helping me. Every time we got different answers and absolutely no help that was productive in any capacity from the Assurant team. The T-Mobile team assured me they process these jumps in store every day and that I was being treated out of process for absolutely no reason.

I don’t write reviews but I feel compelled to write this because I would love to save anyone the trouble of dealing with this insurance company, who has been absolutely a mess to work with and did absolutely nothing to rectify the issue. I have spent hundreds of dollars paying for the “premium” insurance, with the “jump” protection so that if something happens to my phone I can get a new one immediately. Here I am 4 hours into calling and reporting the same issue over and over again, still without a phone, and being advised I need to wait for them to ship me one in 8 business days. I’m traveling at the moment and without a phone, I’m unable to get around. Not to mention I won’t even physically be here in 8 business days. What a joke. For someone who travels, I would absolutely not recommend this service.

Now 4 hours later, I’m being asked to put in ANOTHER claim, receiving a loaner phone, and not being shipped my actual phone for 8 business days. This requires another trip to this store, putting down a down payment on the phone, and having to come back to exchange it. So much for quality insurance. Instead of being a relief to an already upsetting situation, this company has done nothing but add to the headache.

I used Google Trends to identify the top & rising search keywords related to cell phone insurance to weave into this negative review for Assurant Mobile Insurance in hopes that this review gets a high SEO ranking. The customer service I received is completely deplorable and I would never recommend insurance through Assurant. This cell phone insurance (Assurant) is not worth it. Assurant is the worst cell phone insurance provider, definitely go with something else if you are looking for the best cell phone insurance for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, or another cell phone insurance plan.

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