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My vehicle was not even 30 days old when my daughter totaled it out trying to avoid hitting a car and lost control. Robert with Auto Claims Specialist made it possible to get my purchase price back. Thank you for your help and I highly recommend them to everyone.
This is our 2nd time in a year to use Mr. McDorman and will recommend his services to all our friends and family. He got us over and beyond what we ever expected and did so quickly and with excellent communication. It made a stressful, complicated ordeal very easy. I wish I had this kind of service company for every headache life throws our way!
Great company to work with. They were able to get the insurance company to pay a fair amount instead of the low number that they first offered.
Upon me hiring Mr McDorman, I immediately felt at ease. I was having a terrible experience with my insurer, Geico. I was given many misrepresentations by a claims supervisor. He continually told me that I could only get brand new Mercedes parts if there were no cheaper alternatives available. This was not acceptable to me or the certfied MB dealer-body shop. I would not be able to restore my daughter's car to its pre collision condition and safety! Horrible news, until I found Mr McDorman. He assured me that Geico was not honoring my rights as a consumer. Geico even threatened to total my car, if I kept it at the certified MB body shop. Well, I did have rights, and Mr McDorman made sure to help me understand these. The process was handled very professionally. I am thrilled to recommend Vehicle Value Experts and Robert McDorman. They helped me navigate through the whole process. Thanks to them my daughter's car will be fixed as it should be.... with genuine MB parts and procedures !
I am so thankful that I was referred to Auto Claim Specialists- Mr. Robert McDorman. My brand new, 2018 Jeep Cherokee was deemed a total loss by my insurance company and offered a settlement of $23,744.45. Robert was able to successfully settle the claim for $26,801.56! I'm so appreciative of their services and how smooth the process was. This was my first car accident so I was very unsure of the entire claims procedure, but Robert took the time to make sure I understood my rights and that I felt secure with my decision. I would definitely recommend Auto Claim Specialists! Thank you so much!!
These people are what they say they are .Its had to find honest people in the insurance business but they do what they say .Thanks
Extremely helpful and friendly throughout the tedious process. They called almost weekly for status updates and to inform me of any new details.
We've been working with Robert and his team for approximately 2 years... They provide exceptional service, professionalism, and expertise... As a consumer advocate collision repair facility, we offer our clientele services above and beyond what the average shop provides... Robert and his team have become an integral part of our ability to deliver to our customer the most comprehensive approach to a collision repair available in our market... Simply stated - Robert L. McDorman and his TEAM are game changers!...
Auto Claim Specialists made the process very straightforward and easy to understand. They were very efficient and make my work in this process minimal. Communication was top notch via text and/or email. I would highly recommend you give them try!!
The team did a great job of estimating the amount I would get back on my new car that was wrecked, and getting all the paperwork filed. Within a couple of months, I had the payment in hand.
Wonderful experience, very professional and quick to respond.
After having our Lexus IS 250 totaled by a negligent, unlicensed driver we were referred to Auto Claim Specialists by our attorney. The insurance company offered us an amount over $2000 less than we owed on the loan. James got involved and after negotiating with them we settled for over $500 more than the loan. We will recommend them to anyone in our situation. Great job!!
My experience with Auto Claim Specialists has been outstanding from start to finish, very professional and effective at helping to hold my insurance company to their agreement to settle at a fair value on my loss. I HIGHLY recommend them if/when needed in such a situation. Thank you!!
I am so grateful to have worked with Robert and the ACS team on my total loss claim valuation. Hiring ACS was like a weight lifted from my shoulders! I'm in Washington state and was so glad ACS could help me out. The accident I was in left me feeling out of sorts, anxious and depressed and ACS was just what I needed to help me through the claim process. I recommend Robert and ACS - wonderful people who are caring and ready to help! I am still in disbelief that ACS was able to get an almost 20% settlement increase for my truck! Thank you! - Eric
They were the best and helped get what my truck was really worth. Would highly recommend Auto Claim Specialists to anyone.
After a total loss I received a settlement from my insurance company that significantly undervalued my vehicle. A nearby shop owner recommended I utilize the appraisal clause in my policy and call Mr. McDorman to represent me. He was very prompt, clear, and professional when explaining my options and helped guide me in my decision. His demeanor was friendly and straightforward on the phone. He was available to talk and answer my questions even at unusual hours at night and on the weekends; he worked tirelessly to resolve my claim and get me a fair value for my vehicle. Because of his intervention my settlement was reevaluated at nearly double the original value. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend Mr. McDorman's services to anyone who feels that they are not receiving a fair deal from their insurance company.
Auto Claim Specialists handled a diminished value claim on my 2016 Toyota Avalon. Their staff was very helpful, informative and always kept me up to date on their progress. They worked very diligently to resolve my claim and I would highly recommend their services.
Mr Robert answer any questions at any time of day I had one even on weekends great customer service we earn more for our lost give them shot knowledge and experience is priceless thanks again Mr Robert Dios te bendiga
Robert is the best ever!
Excellent service & extremely professional. Would highly recommend Auto Claim Specialists.
Auto claim specialist is very prompt, responsible and professional. They did what they promised. Definitely I will recommend to all my relatives and friends.
Great experience! ACS made the entire process painless and got a very fair settlement. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.
As a auto body shop, we see our customers get taken advantage of everyday, as are we, by the insurance companies. Auto Claims Specialists works with our customers to help them get what they rightfully deserve. In this case, our customer's truck was deemed a total loss by the insurance company and ACS helped him negotiate the value of his truck. He received over $5K more than the insurance company originally offered him. Thank you Mr. McDorman for all you do to help our customers.
My fathers truck was totaled in an accident on Nov 11, 2017 his insurance company gave a quote to our family that we thought was not quiet right. I called Robert and that's all it took he handled everything from that moment on, we not only received what we thought was acceptable it was the fact of someone helping that was on our side. The insurance company wanted to give us 6289.00 we ended up with almost 9000.00 Thank you Robert for going above and beyond for our family. Auto claim specialists is a fantastic "Care about the person" company.
Great job. The entire process was very easy. I would definitely recommend Auto Claims.
Outstanding service! I would recommend Auto Claims Specialists to anyone in need of auto collision claims.
Using auto claim specialist was the best thing we could of done. Robert Mcdorman was our adjuster and he did a great job keeping us informed and dealing with our insurance company! He got us from having to pay off the rest of our loan to getting money back! I will never settle with insurance again!
When I was referred to Robert Mc Dorman to review the evaluation of my vehicle, after it that was declared a loss, I had no idea if it would be worth my time or his. I had never experienced the work of a vehicle valuation expert! After all, I had not had many automobile accidents during my driving years. Having my insurance company declare my vehicle a total loss, put me into a tailspin. I needed to purchase another automobile after having surrendered my car that I had driven for 12 plus years and having just purchased a replacement vehicle, only to have it victim to an accident where I was hit. The driver who hit me, had no insurance and my insurance had to cover the cost of my loss and all that was associated with it. Over the time that Robert and I worked together, I developed a great appreciation for the work he does. He is professional in every respect. It is without question that his research skills, knowledge of vehicles and the insurance laws are current and solid. With him guiding me through this process, I felt confident that the result would be fair, and it was! I am deeply grateful to Robert for his unyielding patience with me and the process. I learned, when I wanted to give up on this process, he would not. This spoke volumes to me that he knew, that by staying the course, the result would be favorable. It was! I will recommend Robert to anyone in need of a vehicle to be valued. It is without question he is tops in this field. Diane R. Miles
Auto Claims Specialists has been an integral tool in getting insurance companies to compensate auto claims correctly. We at Martin Motors and Chrisdan Capital are a high end second chance auto dealer and finance company, and have nothing but great things to say about this company. It’s a shame that insurance has gotten away with taking advantage of their customers for so long and unfairly forcing settlements down the throats of unsuspecting clients and finance companies. Auto Claims Specialists is here for our protection from these industry giants. We have used Auto Claims Specialists on multiple occasions and have been compensated an average increase of 30% per claim and most recently settled a claim for us with an increase of 127%. If this is not a stellar example of the importance of someone looking out for the proverbial little guy, I don’t know what is. Thank you for everything you have done and thank you for being there for Martin Motors and Chrisdan Capital. You guys will have our continued support and business indefinitely.
Robert did a fantastic job of working through a very difficult and messy assignment with the disputed value of my '06 Carrera. Robert said he could help me to get a settlement that accurately represented the value of my car prior to the accident. And Robert delivered exactly as he promised - a fair settlement based on actual comps and data. He was patient, almost instantly responsive and sincerely cared about getting this right. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Robert. He is definitely the one you want on your side when you know you are being short-changed by the insurance company.
Robert provided terrific service. He was professional, on top of things, responded fast, and realistic in the evaluation of how much money he can negotiate with the insurance company. I was offered 3 thousands by AllState for a total loss Accord 07 even though the market showed a much higher value. I fought with the insurance for 3 months dealing with their lies and deceiving techniques. Robert was able to get me 3 thousands more in less than 15 days!! Amazing company, I would recommend them without thinking. You will truly be in Safe Hands, unlike AllState, lol.
Robert and James did a great job and got us a very generous settlement. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to my family and friends. Thanks so much guys!
Had a accident, insurance company instantly low balled me and then I sought the help of ACS from a referral. Went from 26,000 to 34,000 without lifting a finger. Amazing work. And overall it was painless and quick which will make me refer them to friends and family.
Mr. Robert McDorman with Auto Claim Specialists has helped us with our total loss vehicle claims with our insurance company. He has helped us getting the fair and correct values of our lost vehicles three different times. I would recommend Auto Claim Specialists to all my friends and family if needs arise in the future. Thank you, Kantilal Patel
Robert and his team are truly amazing. They managed to increase the amount of the settlement the insurance was offering. They made the process so easy. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication
Auto Claims Specialist has gone above and beyond any and all expectations we have had in resolving insurance claims for us at ChrisDan Capital, LP. It is a shame that a company like this has to exist, however we are very pleased to use this company as a tool to get a more fair settlement for our customers. It has been disheartening to say the least that big insurance uses unfair tactics and less than fair valuations that they tend to grab out of air while figuring their "FAIR MARKET VALUE". Robert McDorman with Auto Claim Specialist has been an instrumental tool in recovering a fair value and has averaged an increase of 25-30% additional compensation on top of original settlement offers. I absolutely can not be happier with my dealings with Auto Claims Specialist and will continue to do so. Thanks for your expertise.
Even the playing field with the insurance company. To often after an accident the customer is stuck with a low ball settlement offer that will not cover the payoff on what seems to be a repairable vehicle. If this has happened to you then your not alone. Insurance company's have time on there side and are willing to wait you out. I have been in the automotive industry for over 33 years and even I have had my back up against the wall with insurance company's with no way of fighting back until I came across Robert McDorman with vehicle value experts. Mr McDorman is the real deal and has negotiated an average of 40% more in the value between the insurance company's initial offer and the final settlement offer. I highly recommend Mr McDorman to anyone that is looking to even the playing field between themselves and the insurance company.
Auto Claim Specialists helped me get what my truck was worth.
I would definitely recommend Auto Claims Specialist without any hesitation. Mr. Robert McDorman was very professional and put our mind at ease during this evaluation process. He was knowledgeable and answered every question we had. He was also very approachable and returned our phone calls in a timely manner. All I can say to this company is a heartfelt thank you.
James is amazing he works diligently with the insurance company as well as the customer. The communication is excellent they keep you informed in the entire claim process with is a huge plus. I will strongly recommend their services. I was able to get a diminished value claim in which I was not aware I was entitled to receive. Since my insurance company indicated I couldn’t sued my own insurance company which was incorrect. James help me understand the process and they make the process easier. He also listen to my concerns and how I feel after the accident. Thanks you guys are awesome
Where do I begin? There aren’t enough words or adjectives to describe my amazing experience with Robert McDorman and Auto Claim Specialists. Through an unfortunate situation, my insurance company was attempting to bully me into accepting a settlement for my car that was ridiculously less than what my car was worth. Insurance policies allow for a third-party claim specialist to represent you on your behalf to negotiate a more appropriate settlement. I hired ACS and Robert, and I am beyond grateful that I did. He handled this claim with dignity, respect and excellent due diligence, and I received a much better settlement than if I had attempted to navigate this on my own! If you need a service of this kind OR even THINK you MIGHT, contact them immediately. I highly recommend them!
Auto Claim Specialists Rock!!! I had never even heard about Diminished Value until a coworker encouraged me to look into it after being involved in a four-car accident, which wasn't even my fault. I talked with my contact representing the at-fault insurance company, and she kept telling me that if I filed a DV claim, her boss would never approve anything over $200 given my Lexus was 10 years old. I was bummed. Another friend directed me to Auto Claim Specialists and they gave me hope. James, the nice guy with the deep radio voice, walked me through the process step-by-step. Then we waited for a week or so and voila l! I received a Diminished Value Claim settlement check in the amount of $1,000! The cool thing ... you only have to pay Auto Claim Specialists IF you get compensation. Sooo... I paid them a small fee and walked away a happy camper. I had absolutely nothing to lose. Thanks James for putting money back into my pocket. I would work with them again in a heartbeat! Lisa
We were _very_ fortunate to be referred to Robert McDorman at Auto Claims Specialists after our car was deemed a total loss by the at fault driver's ins company MetLife. They offered a remarkably low, very bad faith, value as the pay out. Robert walked us thru -and educated us- on how to refile the claim w/ my ins company Allstate and then we could use the "appraisal clause" if they also came back low. The claim was still "at fault accept liability" w/ MetLife so not a hit on my insurance and my insurance would settle up w/ MetLife. We filed, they came back low (they use same horrible appraisal company "CCC One" as Met Life did). Robert quickly worked the appraisal clause and net result was nearly $7000 more. I would have never known any of this and even if I did the knowledge and credentials required, as well as time/effort involved (we were assigned a rookie total loss guy and Robert had to help him understand things). Bottom line well worth the fee, these folks know what they are doing! 5 thousand stars!
Robert and James of Auto Claim Specialists were diligent, professional, responsive and persuasive in their successful advocacy to yield a total loss market value that was approximately 17% over the original offer from my insurance company. I was impressed with the rigor and professionalism of their analysis that supported their independent appraisal. I also appreciate the way they actively represented me in negotiations with the insurance company...this was a huge time and frustration-saver!. I also appreciate how they kept me apprised of the status of settlement, advising me along the way. Their fee was well worth it. I strongly recommend Auto Claim Specialists!
I am so fortunate that I found Robert from Auto Claim Specialists. The insurance company offered me significantly less than what my vehicle was worth and ACS got it increased. Their service was easy to use and Robert answered all of my questions promptly.
Robert did a great job and was very efficient and very little time
Unbelievable how professional and there knowledge of the process with insurance companies. Thank you for settling my claim with Farmers 52.2% more than the original offer!
Robert and his team was awesome to work with and really know the insurance business
This was the best experience. Robert was amazing. He made each step easy for me. The best part is he was able to get me a significant amount more than my insurance company was going to pay me for my totaled car. Highly recommend this company!
Robert is positively amazing. He responded to our appeal immediately. All his communications were thorough, honest and unfailingly polite. He got back to us so quickly with the information we were able to present to our insurance company to increase our payout from our total loss, and while he could not help us professionally, he gave us great pointers in helping resolve our claim. I would recommend him to anyone and would use him again without a second thought.
I had the pleasure of working with Robert McDorman (Vehicle Value Experts) and could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and care I was given in a situation that was completely out of my realm of expertise. As a 31 year veteran of the Dallas PD, I know what it is like to deal with the public and people in stressful situations. Robert made that experience painless and uneventful for me. He was able to get me more money than I thought possible, something my insurance company would not do for me. Its truly comforting to deal with professionals on Roberts level and I would recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks you so much Robert!
I am happy to share my opinion, and grateful that I was given Mr. McDorman business card. I had some reservation about involving someone else in my auto claim. But after dealing with the at fault party insurance carrier and then getting absolutely no where. I decided to file with my insurance carrier and let them fight with the at fault party insurance carrier to recover their money and my deductible . Then my insurance carrier gave me what I felt was an unfair value for my extremely low mileage 2014 Toyota Camry (37,261 miles), excellent condition, etc. I decided I had nothing to lose, so I made the call. Mr. McDorman was able to get me $4,138.44 over what my insurance carrier initially quoted me. He was very professional, timely with every aspect of handling my claim. Excellent communication through the process of handling my claim. I am truly grateful I was given his business card. I highly recommend his services. Thank You, Mr. McDorman, and Vehicle Value Experts . My insurance carrier deemed my 2014 Toyota Camry with 37, 261 miles a total loss offering a settlement of $14,614.69. My claim was successfully settled for $18,753.13. Knowledge is power, put the professionals at Vehicle Value Experts on your side.
My insurance company declared my vehicle a total loss, and I was unsure of how to proceed to make sure I didn't wind up with a bad situation. Robert responded immediately and spent a significant amount of time reviewing my situation, advising me and answering my questions. His patient expertise gave me complete peace of mind in securing a favorable settlement with my insurance company for my hit and run claim. I can't recommend his services highly enough and will refer everyone I can to him going forward.
My brand new Audi A6 was involved in side collision with another vehicle. I had only bought it 1 month earlier and already been in an an accident that was not my fault. The damage to my car totaled $7,600. I spoke with Auto Claim Specialists and forwarded all the information they asked me to provide and within minutes the process started. Auto Claim Specialists were able to provide a settlement for the Inherent Diminished Value!! The process was easy and they do all the work for you. All you do is provide the information and they take care of the process. They worked very hard to get the monies owed to me. I would of never been able to get this process covered with the insurance carrier without Auto Claim Specialists!! VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!
Robert McDorland was extremely helpful and encouraging. He is a good man and I am thankful for all he was able to do get a better settlement on my car.
Robert Mcdorman really helped me out, he was on top of it fighting for me and I appreciate that alot. Because of his help I will be able to fix my truck.
Thank you for helping us increase our actual cash value by approximately $4000. My wife and I paid for our car insurance for many years and when we needed Safeco Insurance the most, they short changed us by totaling our car and refusing to pay for the repairs (and we paid them extra for OEM parts as part of our policy); and offering us a very low cash value for our car. They would rather sell our car to a salvage yard (at a high valuation) and give us a low claim valuation so that they end up the paying less; trick of the trade. Auto Claims Specialists expertise resulted in a very fair valuation. They gave us support every step of the way, from start to finish.
They did a great job in assisting me with my claim. Prompt service.
They have been very pro active during the whole procedure keeping me abreast of what was going on. I would recommend this service to all people who have been involved in an accident.Great people.
I am so thankful for the results that were achieved through Auto Claim Specialists on my auto total loss claim. The original Market valuation report/settlement offer we received for our car was a very low 13809.00. The end result after involving Auto Claiim Specialists was 16984.00. I was not only pleased with the great results achieved through Auto Claim Specialists, but also for their kindness and professionalism. I would recommend them to any claimant who is not sure if they are being offered a fair settlement in an automobile insurance claim. Thank you Auto Claim Specialists!!
From the beginning Robert put me at ease. Not having ever had an accident, the process was scary to say the least, and Robert took care of me, informed me along the way and put me at ease. Oh, and he got me more money which is always nice. From beginning to end, it was a great experience working with him.
I am the Dealer Principal of Gabriel/Jordan Buick GMC in Kilgore, Texas. I have used and referred Robert McDorman of Auto Claim Specialists several times over the last two years. Each case has proven to be valuable to my business and customers. In every case, Robert McDorman has represented our interests as if he owned our company. His pride and passion are unsurpassed among any of the Public Adjusters I have worked with. His results are incredible. And his knowledge of the industry is second to none. I highly encourage you to use Robert McCorman with Auto Claim Specialists! He is the best!
Robert and James were fantastic advocates for me. My Maserati was declared a total loss and the insurance company initially gave me a low-ball offer. I contacted Robert and James who took the case forward and provided a valuation report that was significantly higher than the insurance company's offer. The insurance company then contacted me, and after reviewing the updated valuation, settled for an amount GREATER than even Robert and James had valued the car at! Showing the utmost in integrity, Robert only charged me fees based upon the difference between the original offer and the valuation that he had provided, leaving me with a significant amount of settlement money above that amount. If you're looking for advocates who will tirelessly work for you with the highest levels of integrity, THIS is the company to call. Thanks Robert and James!!
Robert's Diminished Value report was invaluable as I negotiated with the responsible parties and their insurance company. Robert was always available, through out the process, to answer questions and offer guidance based on his many years of experience. In the end, I received the full value of $11,700 that Robert's research indicated. My experience was so good I've asked him to assist my Mom with her Diminished Value claim.
Our diminished value claim was received by Lawrence. He quickly responded to our call, thoroughly explained the process, was truly compassionate and understanding of our accident. There was an immediate response to any calls or emails. As for all staff that handled our loss, THUMBS UP!! Everyone did a great job and treated us with dignity and respect. Truly a company with integrity!
Great Communication and follow-through