Auto-Owners homeowners insurance Reviews

Auto-Owners homeowners insurance
Auto-Owners homeowners insurance

Auto-Owners homeowners insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I received a fair price and the staff was friendly and helpful. I have not had any contact since the initial insurance set up, 15 years ago. So, I am satisfied, simply that there has been no problems!

I am satisfied with Auto-Owners. I have only had one claim in 22 years. They were prompt and quick to respond. The rates are steady from year to year.

I have had this insurance for many years. Fortunately I have not had to file a claim. The low cost is why I decided to go with this company. The coverage is stated in the policy is what I needed.

About five years ago I experienced damage to my roof because of winds in excess of 70 mph. I had shingles scattered all over the place (the neighbors did as well). Then came the torrential rains. Without the proper coverage of the roof I also incurred inside damage in a few ceiling areas. I called my insurance company first thing in the morning and I had an adjuster here within a few hours. There are a few roofing companies with excellent reputations in our area. Of course, all were very busy but all staff were on the road checking damages and giving estimates. I chose one and he got here a half hour before the adjuster. This roofer was also a general contractor who was capable of the ceiling repair as well. He looked at all the damages and wrote an estimate as the adjuster arrived.

Long story short, adjuster also checked all damages and scrutinized the estimate and approved it. Since the damage in our area was so extensive, the roofer completely covered the house with new tarps until they could schedule the repairs. Within two weeks the roofers and inside crew were scheduled and all repairs were done to satisfaction.

Payments are fair. We have not had to use so so far so good... but they are easy to reach and get in touch. We have heard of others and nothing but good reports come back to us.

I am very pleased with the attention that I receive from this company. This company reviews my policy yearly and advised where costs can be saved. They have also lower minimum coverage on my home as my mortgage balance decreases.

I just switched agents, not companies and really like the time the agent took to go over my policies to see if everything was in line. I would recommend him highly!

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