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My husband and I had an automobile wreck. We were hit by an individual that was uninsured and my car was totaled. I had my vehicle paid for so this was definitely a loss for us. However, to make matters worst the lack of communication with our adjuster was below standard. My husband and I would call and it would go straight to voicemail and we would leave a message. The voicemail stated to only leave one message and we followed the "rule"! Although we never received a callback!

My husband finally had to press another prompt and have someone make her pick up because we didn't even know at the time if our car was repairable or not. In the end we were given below retail value of the vehicle and aren't satisfied! We live in a hurricane prone area and have our homeowner’s insurance with Auto Owners as well! Our home is paid for I pray we don't have a claim! Keep in mind we have been loyal customers for years and never had a claim. Guess it's time to do some insurance shopping!

I was trying to grow my business, needed workman's comp. got this Auto Owners, I paid on time for every bill I got. Never had a claim. I had some bad employees and switched back to no employees. I got a letter from Auto Owners stating I was behind payments and it was canceled. I never got any notices or emails about this. I called them. I had a 15 dollar fee to close out the account. I got the account closed. 3 month later I get a bill for 4000.00 I called and asked what it was about. They tell me they are charging me 200% interest on my previous account due to not getting payroll report. Again no letters or notices about it. I asked if I could access my account online. Was told sure. I put in the account number is not accessible. Then they tell me they are sending the bill to collections. even though it states I have 30 days for payment. I'm done with them. They are a bunch of scammers.

I was injured at work and 4 years into treatment they decided to quit paying for anything and was turned over to a lawyer. Now that it has affected my whole family in many ways, they still won’t honor my doctors opinion and instead hired an expensive doctor near Chicago to make a false report and send me back to work unhealed. 2 doctors had me off work at that time. They don’t care about the insured but how much they can save money.

Auto Owners Insurance have great prices, even better when you bundle. Also, with any additions, changes or reference to information; they have been outstanding in customer service.

We are a small dealership with two separate lots, both had hail damage back in June. We have done everything Auto Owners has asked us to do including some things twice. After several months of double talk and unanswered phone calls we were told by Mark **, our claims adjuster, that our check was in processing. After waiting 2-3 weeks for our check we called Mark ** for 2 weeks before he would answer! When he finally did answer he told us that he didn't have all the information that he needed to process the claim!

How is that possible... because it was a straight up lie! It is now October and we still have not received our claim check on over 80 cars and trucks. Mark ** is a liar and still avoids us like the plague! His supervisors have done nothing to expedite the situation. If you are looking for business insurance I would never recommend Auto Owners. This is a substantial amount of money for our small business to be held ransom for.

My wife had to pay Medicare back for hospital costs that Medicare paid for from the accident because Auto Owners refused to pay them. They treated her very badly and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. They're only interested in our money and in the customer.

I was on my way to visit my son in Florida, and as I stopped at a rest stop in Palm Beach county, in a matter of three minutes someone broke out my back car glass and stole my purse. I have been stuck here for 6 days with no purse, credit cards, bank cards, or ONE SOLITARY cent!!! I have a broken out glass in all this rain and my new car is ruined. Auto Owners was contacted that very evening and so far, they have not done one thing to help me!!!

They finally sent an adjuster today, 6 full days later. Of course, they regretted to inform me that they could not help me. I have given this bunch of jokers my money for car and homeowner's insurance for years, and got NOTHING in return. As soon as I can get back to Tennessee, I am dropping this company as soon as I can get the money to get home!!!! Whatever you do, DON'T deal with this shoddy company. Their customer service reps were also rude, uncaring and very unprofessional!

An Auto Owners policyholder hit my vehicle, 100% their fault. My agent and myself have tried numerous times to contact the adjuster after filing the claim. We are 20 days later and have not received a call from the adjuster. My advice, THINK TWICE!

Auto Owners Insurance was very thorough in resolving issues. They were very quick to respond and made sure the job was done very well and to our satisfaction. They were polite and listen well so any concerns can be met or explained within the first conversation. They take time for you and do not rush your conversation. Additionally, their claims process is exceptional and quick. The prices on their products are somewhat cheaper than the average insurance company.

If you're considering purchasing insurance though Auto-Owner's, please reconsider. My family filed a claim after Hurricane Michael hit our area and we had some window damage. I understand they are busy but they put us off for months. When Jim was finally able to get out, he said he couldn't say for sure about the damage and then hired an engineer to come out weeks later to take a look. They denied our claim but Ben from their Claims department could give no answers other than "it's all in the report." Ben in Claims contradicted Jim's story and notes and since he couldn't give any more answers, my family and I just feel duped by them. They inspected and insured our house as is just five years ago but after damages related to the most recent storm, they're refusing to help and being horribly impolite about it.

I called to file a claim after my roof was leaking due to hurricane damage. Well they scheduled for someone to come out but they didn’t call or show after I had taken off work. Heard from them a week later and the adjuster finally came out to look at all the water damage on my ceiling and wall. She assured me that it would get taken care of. Well 2 weeks passed and I finally got a letter in the mail denying my claim and a threat to cancel my policy if I didn’t get it repaired right away. Needless to say I am no longer with them. Don’t waste your time or money with these guys.

My insurance company is very easy to deal with. When I had an issue they were quick to come out and review the damage, set me up with a rental car and gave me a list of shops near me that they would freelance the work out to. So easy.

My teenage children was in an auto accident on September 2, 2017, when another driver turned in front of them. My daughter's car was totaled and both had to be taken to medical care. I have Auto Owners insurance and have submitted the medical bills to be paid. To date, the bills have not been paid and I have placed more time and effort into getting these bills resolved than my insurance company has. They have lied to me and continue to give me lame excuses. I have had to hire an attorney to represent my daughter, who suffered to most injuries. I would never recommend Auto Owners insurance company to anyone. I will be dropping them if/when I ever get this resolved.

In July of 2018 I was involved in an accident with one of their insured. I was traveling eastbound when I came up on an intersection they isn’t complicated to work. Their client was traveling westbound preparing to turn left (would then be heading south). I had a solid green arrow and the insured had a flashing yellow arrow, which means yield to the right of way. The insured wasn’t paying attention and began to turn left as I was entering the intersection, I went to slam on my brakes I was unable to stop in time, and collided with the car.

After immediately filing a claim with them that night it has been a horrible and draining experience with this company. First I got a call from the adjuster and he told me he was going to be in town from 11am-4pm the day he called to schedule to meet me. As I had to work I told him that wouldn’t work. He said he was going to be driving back through town around 6 and I said that could work but I wouldn’t be at home and asked if he could meet me at a different location. He agreed and still ended up being 25 minutes late. The adjusted estimated $2100 worth of damage which we immediately knew was incorrect. I continued to drive my car because I had not been told I shouldn’t be. My hood was buckled and we knew that, but in the state of Kansas it’s illegal to drive with a buckled hood as it could be dangerous, which you’d think the adjuster would have informed me of that stipulation.

After finally getting the repair approved I took it to a repair shop. (Luckily we got to choose the repair shop so we took it to a local business who’s been in business for decades and is very helpful.) The repair shop immediately told us the estimate was low, how low he had no idea. After a week of trying to get the adjuster back in they explained that his adjustment was only half of what it would actually take to repair it. After almost another week of nothing we were informed that the agent decided the car was a total loss, which according to KBB, NADAguides, and Edmunds should’ve been a total of $5200 and Auto Owners claimed the vehicle was only worth $3400, which is completely unacceptable.

Some issues not mentioned include trouble with a rental car, trouble with the agent not being available for days at a time with no urgency to get back to us, among basic disrespect and nonprofessional handlings. Auto Owners has been a nightmare to work with and I don’t recommend insuring anything through them. They employ inconsiderate, bottom feeding, power hungry people. I am so sorry for anyone who has or will ever have to deal with this joke of a company.

We have never had an accident or driving violation. The cost is somewhat high. We have been with the same agent and same insurer off and on for years. When we complain they change to one other company for a while and lower the insurance only to raise it again the next year. I feel the insurance company could give us a much better rate than we are getting. I feel one of the reasons insurance is somewhat high is because we use an agent. The agent does not look out for our interest. Their main concern is with the company. Also, this agency does not represent many other companies. People I know and ask all have the same two companies. Some competition would be good for them. I keep them because they are included with my homeowner's and it’s a hassle to change.

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