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Glad to see prompt response by Auto Service Agency to attend claim. Promises to inspect within 24 hrs Auto service establishment, subject to inspect vehicle
I really have no experience, I just signed up
The sales person was really helpful and he assist me in every which way.
Glad I got this and wonder if I am ever going to need to use it due to a problem with my 2004 Dodge (diesel) Truck
Thank you for your help.
My experience with customer service rep Desiree Meyer was very pleasant and informative. I called to cancel my policy because I’m trading in my car in a few days and I felt there was no need to maintain this policy. Before complying my request, Desiree explain a few important details of keeping the policy. To make a long story short, Desiree convinced me to keep the policy and if I had any questions not to hesitate to call back. This is what I called great Customer Service…..Thanks Desiree!!!!!
Had a wonderful experience with the [email protected] auto services agency
Great company I have been with this company for some years and I would recommend this company to anyone.
Excellent customer service!!
Customer service was excellent. I just put my car in the shop dont know what's wrong with it. Tow truck came and got me in like 30 min which was fast. Thank God i just made it back in town. 1200 miles was out visiting friends and family. But i do have warranty on it. So i will let everyone know what happens. I've put a lot of miles on her 120***something miles now.
Miss Meyer's assistance was great. However, i was supposed to receive an email explaining our conversation we had yesterday. However, I've yet to receive. Thank you, Carolyn Cavnar
dealership contacted company they inspected car and approved repair
Great! Very helpful, knowledgable, very friendly.
I read reviews about high pressure and disrespectful employees at car shield. This was not my experience. I found the team was polite and respectful and worked hard to earn my business. I hope my experience if and when I need to use them for repairs is as positive an experience. Fingers crossed.
After my car was deemed totaled I called to cancel. After talking with carshield on my new vehicle, I wanted to cancel. Then the associate got to the point of arguing with me. So much for ever returning back to this company. Then they tell me I have to send them a letter to cancel my account. All information which can be given over the phone. My sympathies to anyone who retains with this company.
People were friendly and responsive to my needs and were more than wiling to answer any questions I had.
Friendly, helpful service.
Customer service explain to me in detail every question that I needed answered and went over my policy with me detail by detail. He took a lot of time with me because I had so many questions. He addressed all of my concerns and was very friendly and made me understand exactly what I was getting you for the amount that I was paying every month. They had a great affordable plan for me, thank you United Auto Service I feel much safer having you by my side.
Thanks for answering all my questions, To my satisfaction I will now proceed to my vehicle's dealership to have my car issue looked at. Hope all goes well !! Thank you !! Fom DDV.
I was very pleased with the service of Auto Service Agency
I called them, Very good experience answered my questions and mailed the info I requested. Already received it in the mail.
If you are canceling your service ask for Jessica she's the best. If you get a man hang up. Don't how many reps they have but the first was a guy and he didn't want to hear anything but "I want to extend my service" or "I want to transfer my service". He's polite but don't let that fool you. He's a shark.
Thanks, for your courtesy and patience.
This was a win for both parties. It will be an even bigger win if I never have to use the plan. Crystal did a great job.
Very helpful !!
Had an issue with payment, service agent was incredible nice, knowledgeable, and fixed the issue expediently. Great people.
Customer service was outstanding!!
Custom service answer all my question professionally
Nice people, easy to work with.
My mother Mattie Woodson is very satisfied with the agency
I thank You much
When cancellation was necessary because of an accident, the staff was cordial and efficient
This was my first experience working with a extended warranty. I had to leave my car late Thursday afternoon b/c my call had to be there Friday. The dealership notified company that my car was there in the shop. The company sent a person to my dealership but couldnt give a time on when that person was going to be there to do estimate whether the DVD needed to be replaced on not. They informed dealership that it needed to be replaced then dealership was able to order DVD player and install two weeks later. The extended warranty company paid the dealership and all is good.
Signed up August 6th havn't received the mailing from you yet. Made my second phone call yesterday. As of 9/23/16 every thing is fine
I'm now known this company take care to their all clients
When you expect a robot to talk to I actually got a very pleasant and helpful human on the line! Imagine that! Thank you Chrissy.
She was caring, very smart and made me feel very comfortable! I would recommend ASA. Thank you, Herschel Lapidow
My vehicle broke. I had a trip planned for Florida so time of repair was of essence to me. I had it towed to the dealer who identified the problem. He contacted the company. The repair was so costly they had to send out an adjuster. The adjuster arrived on Wednesday, the next day. He took his recommendation back to the home office for approval and that was done on Thursday. On Friday, the repairs were completed on the vehicle and I was able to start my trip in a timely fashion. It would be impossible to have better or quicker service. Everything I expected was done. I paid my $100.00 deductible and was good to go. This company delivers on the peace of mind it promises.
When I first got the policy I took my truck in for two problems 1. front wheel bearing going out and 2. Leak in the cooling system. Was told that there was a grace period after purchase of the service agreement so nothing would be covered. Second months the computer to the heater went out while I was out of town - tried to call for service however no one answers over the weekend. Turns out the AC would be covered but, not the heater. Third - in the middle of a snow storm in the mountains of New Mexico my wife got stranded when it appeared the battery died. After the purchase of a new battery, it was discovered the alternator had failed. Miles away from home and in a blinding snow storm we managed to find a mechanic that could indeed fix the problem. We had to get a room for the night however, we did not have the number to get permission to have the alternator repaired. After getting it repaired we called to find out the alternator is in fact covered however, because we had not called to get permission our claim was denied. My policy is totally paid in full but, to date not one claim has been accepted by Auto Service Agency. In fact the staff is rather rude and curt as they state over and over that it is my fault and, they do not make exceptions. I am out $2,500 and they find it very easy to say no.
Yes I can say it was great the young that did the haggling with me allowed me to receive a low down payment and low monthly payment to make and he was excited and also threw in a personal story about his father in-law to were the man had so many miles on the vehicle and blew the engine and didn't have coverage and now has to pay a high cost to repair it. Needless to say the man will probably junk the car. Thank you that's all
good job helping me and lots of info
They were very help with my concerns...
The person who helped me was very patient and professional.
They are as good as they promise when you actually need them for the warranty you purchased!
Auto Service Agency are very professional. And know how to treat their customers. People are not happy when they're car breaks down and they have to pay hundreds of dollars in expenses. It's important that they have support from the insurance company. And that they do all they can to help the customer's vehicle get fixed and back on the road as soon as possible. I think that's the main reason for the Insurance.However, Ominisure's claim department are not customer friendly. And can't sympathize/empathize with the customer. I have never had anybody anywhere. Treat me so poorly. The claims department need a face lift. And I'm certain that the Better Business Bureau would be interested in this information. This is how a Company gets it's rating. Customer satisfaction is paramount in determining a business rating. I told Darryl the claims manager that I will be notifying. The BBB. Ted was the first person I spoke to. He told me to rent a car at my own expense And if the company covers the work. They will cover the rental expense. I don 't never wish to speak to either Ted or Darryl. Both should be working somewhere else and not speaking to customers. Bad Business!