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I would recommend to all of my friends and family. I received the best rate for the best coverage and it was extremely easy to speak with them.
Got me a great deal with new insurance company where I had high payments with previous well as friendly and quick service.
Josh was excellent, he helped me find a policy suited to my needs. Confirmation number 15781331
Michelle was very friendly
Gabe helped me find some good, reasonably priced insurance.
Th experience was very with Lucy. She was very helpful.
I achieved what I intended with ease & satisfaction.
I appreciate good customer service & the best service for my car! Thanks
I discovered Autoinsurance via the newspaper online. I wanted a cheaper rate, and when I called here, I got taken care of immediately. They were very knowledgeable, very quick and very efficient. They gave me the cheapest of about 7 companies, and saved me about $10.00 a month or $120.00 a year. I got a reputable company, and I am a happy camper. I recommend them. Nick, who helped me did a very good job. He was articulate, and made sure I understood what I was to do.
I was looking for cheaper auto insurance and Jason Bailey was more than helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!
Agent was able to save me $35 per month with better coverage and lower deductibles than I previously had. He was very professional and courteous, as well.
Latoya spent a lot of time with us explain everything to us and trying to get us the bust price possible. If I know of anyone looking for any kind of insurance I will definitely refer them to her she was a very sweet young lady that know her job.
Tina did a great job finding me the best auto insurance coverage. She went above and beyond to help me.
Just wish I could see a Face to the person but she was very nice
great help. Made it extremely easy
Fanny was very helpful in explaining the options to me and helping me save a lot of money on both policies. She was patient in answering my questions, even with my noisy two year old in the background! This was a wonderful service I would recommend to friends and family.
Very educated person on the phone was a plus. Jessie knew what he was talking about. Your computer system gave him some problems, its too slow.
If you have everything you need niw.I have no idea...
When I spoke to Mr Runyan about the car Ins. and the house ins. I was very very pleased with the job He did finding us the best ins. for my husband & I. HE was very nice to talk with & made sure I understood everything He talked about. and that I agreed.
I really had no intentions of purchasing new Insurance for my home and auto, but after talking with Mr. Jeanes I was convinced to change my local insurance agency.
The agent, Michelle was very helpful and courteous. She went the extra mile to find me the best coverage for my situation. Thanks for the excellent service. DWM
Think they were friendly, helpful and didn't keep me a long time.
We are very happy with the auto and home insurance policies our sales representative got us! Highest coverages and super reasonable price. She was very knowledgeable and well informed. All of our questions were answered and she had a lot of patience with us since we did have a lot of questions! I will definitely recommend your company to others! Conf# 15369903
The people I spoke with were very nice and friendly. It only took a few minutes and I was done, had my quote and then i had insurance! Very fast and easy.
Conner was very helpful and explained everything.
Had good costumer support..didnt take long at all to get insurance....
I have my husband in a nursing facility so my nerves are somewhat frayed from time to time. Elizabeth went through each and every item on both homeowners' and auto insurance policies with The Hartford and put me completely at ease. I hope your staff consists of more just like her! Nancy Thomas
Ken Runyan was very helpful, efficient, and informative. He thoroughly explained every detail to my understanding. I am saving close to $500 a year total for auto and house, with better coverage than I had with Allstate.
The representative took a long time with me, we talked when we had to wait on the computer to do thing and I could tell she had my best interest at heart. Awesome company!
their sales rep wont listen to a thing you say, put it through how they want it, and then make me call customer service to fix their f up.
My review of this insurance company was very helpful and hopful, realizing their is still insurance out their, that is affordable. 15142863
She did all the work for me. It's a lot easier than having to go through all insurance companies for find the best deal.
14887679 I liked you help me out
I had no sooner sent my request and I received a phone call from Josh. He asked what I had and cut what I was currently paying monthly by about $90 per month. I am THRILLED!! Confirmation #15581473
We covered my old policy completely and compared it with the replacement. Then covered all my questions completely and took the time to understand the new policy. We (my wife and I) appreciate the time and effort Lawrence Martin put in to help us.
I hope it's as cheap as they told me it would be. Guess I'll see...
15233688 - Will definitely recommend!
It was a great experience and I chose to deal with Home Insurance. com. The name of the agent I spoke with is Nick Siraguesa. He took his time with me an shopped for the best Insurance I needed for both home and auto. He was very patient with me and secured that he would take the time need due to me having medical conditions. He went above and beyond his time allowed to make sure I understood everything. He also emailed me my auto insurance cards and I will also get all other information in the mail. At this time I am happy hopefully I will not regret leaving my prior insurance company. Sincerely E. Magobet-Rodrigez
Courtney Dixon provided excellent knowledge & quality doing this transition. Thanks for finding me the best coverage for my money..
Wonderful lady I talked to. Was able to answer all of my questions and give me a great quote.
My agent was well informed and helped me to understand my current policy and helped me understand the policy I am getting with your company. She was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable about her job as an Agent.
Nalander was upbeat & a joy to talk to. I would recommend to anyone needing insurance in the Arizona area to speak to him. He should receive a raise. He helped me save money on my existing Progressive auto insurance policy, & even got me better coverage. Thank you Nalander for your patience, I can get to rambling on sometimes. God Bless you in all you put your hand to.
My agent was very knowledgeable, he explained the coverage and the deductibles, he also explained different options. I was very pleased with my agent!
After having my last provider for many years I was researching ads for car ins. and filled out an online quote. I received a prompt "call back" and found out I was pretty much getting "ripped off" by "the general". I am getting double the coverage and several "bennies" I wasn't before for pretty much the same cost as before!
They're good
Everything went smoothly---fast and easy.
Dominique was great to do business with. She was friendly and courteous, excellent customer skills.
I called about changing insurance and was pleasantly surprised at the hassle free conversation I had with Hal..He explained everything to me in a way I could understand.. I got great rates on both auto and home insurance...thanks Hal!!! confirmation # 15253883
It was quick easy to the point and he worked for me to get us the best insurance at a great price!!!
A real easy process. Agent very knowledgeable. Saved money, too.
I got policy started easy but having problems figuring out what info is needed at Website.
To the point No hassle over the phone insurance
I'm glad to have finally found a company and agent that respects me and my family. That works hard to find me the lowest rate possible look forward to a long great relationship together thanks for caring
The lady I spoke with was very courteous and explained all my questions to me!
Hadassah was excellent. She was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Everything was double checked and verified. She answered every question in full. Very friendly and cordial. Confirmation # is: 15787688
Comfirmation# 15004717
It is affordable. so good
Easy, painless and saved a ton of money!!!
Maria was very helpful with finding me the best possible quotes for my area. Everyone was kind and considerate to my needs. Thank you to all.
Very nice people
The lady I talked to was so helpful and so nice.I enjoyed my talk with her
Deborah was very polite, helpful and friendly. She answered questions quickly and completely. EXCELLENT SERVICE. #14932601
Autoinsurance gave me a call after I filled out an online form, made shopping for auto insurance so easy. One call and they found the best priced car insurance out of multiple agencies. I then chose the company I wanted, customized my coverage and saved money. Great experience. I would definitely recommend using this service again!
She took her time with me and answered all of my questions and was very thorough to find me the best coverage and the best price. I felt very stupid when it comes to insurance,but she put me at ease and made sure everything was at least what I had before(if not better....which it was!) I would give her a raise,as she is very good at what she does! I wish that all agents were as good as her! What a pleasure!
I really liked that Candace searched for the best deal for me and ended up saving me about $600 on the cost of auto insurance for the year. The process was so easy, but do reserve about 30 minutes for the entire process. I will definitely call Candace for a quote on my homeowners when it comes up for renewal.
I have been with Geico for over 35 years. Unfortunately we had a totalled car late last year where neither driver were ticketed and although we pushed Geico to push the other parties insurance company since she was stopped at the entrance of the freeway, which you can not see until you turn the corner, we hit her and totalled our car, Our insurance went up over $400 every 6 months. We appreciate your great insurance, but the cost is now too high. I was able to obtain Travelers insurance for $800.00 annually (same savings as the amount the insurance went up. We will however monitor this insurance as with 1 previous occasion we left Geico for approx a year and the policy amount kept creeping up and we came back to Geico. Thank you for your service for over 35 years. Steven L. Belvel
Really great
MY experience was positive.Sarah Baker spent over an hour explaining and researching policies for me. She was very cordial and friendly. She was able to answer my questions and was fair and honest regarding the quotes she provided.
The representative was very helpful. I felt comfortable with her. She made my experience a easy and quick one.
Hello, I decided to look online for better coverage and I couldn't have picked a better website, but most of all I couldn't have picked a better sales executive. David Brown exerts the epitome of a well versed and knowledgeable executive. He was personable as well as friendly and truly made you feel like he "really" had your best interests at heart and for that I would personally like to say "thank you" and wish him the very best in his career. As a person who deals with the public on a daily basis I understand how hard it gets sometimes. Again, my many thanks!
It was as if I were talking to a friend Monica was wonderful really great customer service thank you.
Josh was very helpful getting me the most affordable car insurance possible. Even with the issue of trying to find my girlfriends drivers license number he stayed calm and engaging. He was great to work with
The agent was very helpful in getting me the coverage I needed . I would recommend her to friends and family.
This was one of the absolute best customer service experiences I've ever had! My agent went over and beyond to help me find the perfect car insurance. Because of her great assistance, I did!
I was online checking for different auto and home insurance quotes and Michael contacted me immediately. He was very helpful and informative and in the end he saved us a lot on insurance. I would highly recommend him for your insurance needs
Great experience. She was professional, friendly and made me feel a valued customer. She explained all that I needed to know. I will let others know about her service.