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Automobile Club of Southern California is a fraud! Do not do business with them! I did sign up for their services, however, since I did not need their services after all since I decided that I do not need to drive after all, I decided to cancel their services right away with American Express since that is how I paid for their services to begin with and had no problem in doing so! American Express therefore gave me the credit back right away and blocked my account from being charged and/or from being rebilled again. However, this company is a big fraud because not too long after I cancelled their services, they started having one of their uneducated employees call me up on the phone and harass me for about $60.00 dollars or so that I do not owe them for their services to begin with in which I never used, utilized or needed after all!

In addition, they have been extremely disgustingly and rudely aggressive for the wrong reasons after I have told them over the phone the whole situation and they have continued to illegally call me against my will and ignore my responses. I have therefore asked them to cease and desist immediately and sadly, my wishes have not been respected. I had ended up swearing, yelling and cursing them to leave me the ** alone or I will call the police. It has got that far and my next step is to file a police report if it continues!

Not only that, but this ** company has also sent me many letters harassing me for the money as well like the one that I am presenting to you in the attachment and they even increased the illegal amount of money that they claim that I owe them, even though in reality, I do not owe them a dime! I wish this ** company would just please get their facts straight and start being honest with their potential and non-potential customers when they tell them something because you never know what websites they are going to be broadcasted on like I am doing right now! Obviously!

I purchased a policy from AAA and I was not informed of the 18% annual percentage rate it charges for paying for the car insurance under installments. When I called to complain to the manager, he stated it should have been told to all consumers, but they have trouble controlling the staff because they are afraid of losing the sale! Not acceptable!

AAA is 100% liable for an accident caused by one of their insured. After I contacted AAA and told them I had a repair estimate from the BMW dealership the AAA claims agent "Dawn" in Escondido told me "regardless" I still had to take our BMW to Caliber Collision in San Marcos for their repair inspection (isn't that against California state law?). After going to Caliber Collision which was a joke, they literally took less than 3 minutes to inspect our car, I got back to AAA and talked to claims manager "Mark **?" and told him we are not going through Caliber Collision and that we will need a rental car while our BMW is being repaired, he said he would look into our case and get back to me. He never got back to me. Next I get a phone message from Enterprise Car Rental in Escondido, they told me AAA made a reservation for a car rental and they just need to confirm the dates.

I called Enterprise Car Rental, AAA told them we were going through Caliber Collision and that we were responsible for paying for the rental out of our pocket. I was furious, I left a phone message for claims manager Mark ** telling him we are not going through Caliber Collision and we are not paying out of our pocket for a car rental. I asked him to return my call, he hasn't called back. I left him 2 more phone messages along with my email address. In my phone message I also asked Mark to provide me with the name of his supervisor and contact number and I asked Mark to provide me with his email address. Mark still has not responded. This guy is suppose to be the "claims manager" for the Escondido branch, what a joke, AAA totally sucks. I guess we will go through our own insurance co. and let them go after AAA, or get an attorney? What a hassle...

I received an invitation for an auto insurance quote via Westways Magazine and in return I will receive a $10.00 gas card. On May 30, 2012, I went to the Redlands office of Auto Club and got a quote, but it was too high compared to my current provider. Auto Club did not get my business and I did not get the $10.00 gas card they promised. I called the manager of the insurance department in Redlands and he was quick to answer that I will get it from the corporate office. My question is this: when? It has been 2 months now and there is still no card.

The Auto Clubs Verified Mileage Program or Pay as You Drive Program was approved by the Insurance Commissioner earlier this year and was touted as a way to save consumers money by lowering the price of insurance when they drive less. In theory, the program has its merits by discouraging unnecessary driving by motorists. In reality, the Auto Clubs implementation of the program has many troubling flaws.

Auto Club agents are pressured to forge insurance documents and manipulate insurance premiums in exchange for more phone duty, better phone calls, better leads, paid vacations, better treatment by management, a trip to the Bahamas, and to maintain their employment. Ethical agents are threatened and harassed to quit or accept their fate that they will be terminated for low performance. High production is looked at as a virtue and not scrutinized as agents submitting fraudulent business. Low production is looked at as laziness, incompetence, stupidity, and reason for punishment and termination. Lead distribution is such that high producers are given more leads and low producers are given even less leads insuring a huge gap between high and low producers. It also skews the policies written with integrity versus policies that are problematic.

Rather than estimate the accurate or actual mileage for each policy, agents are lowering initial mileage readings when starting a policy, which lowers the annual mileage category and thus lowers the annual premium, but just for that year. Agents that use this practice to quote will sell more policies because the premium will be much lower than it would otherwise be. Agents can accomplish this because only about 25% of all policies require inspections with an odometer reading. Agents at the district offices are allowed to inspect their own vehicles. They omit odometer readings intentionally and enter any figure they want to sell the policy.

All this would be a moot point; however, with the Verified Mileage Program insured are required to submit their exact mileage reading upon renewal of the policy or be removed from the program. Though no fault of their own, many Auto Club insured members will have renewals with extraordinarily higher mileage depending on how much the agent lowered the original mileage and how many miles were driven during the current policy period.

An example to illustrate the wrong that is being perpetrated on unsuspecting consumers: If I start a policy today and my current annual mileage is 15,000 and I bought the car exactly a year ago, with zero miles, the mileage category should be 15,000 miles or less. The agent knows if he quotes me at 15,000 miles per year I won’t buy the policy so he enters my mileage at 5,000 and my premium is much lower than what I am paying now so I switch to the Auto Club. I’m happy until my renewal arrives next year.

The premium almost doubles in price. When I am asked by the Auto Club what my current mileage is next year, it will be 30,000 because if you remember I was driving 15,000 miles per year and my vehicle had 15,000 miles at the inception of the policy. The Auto Club is going to rate my renewal at 25,000 miles per year because my agent entered 5,000 as my current mileage at the time I purchased the policy. The renewal will encompass the miles that were deficient from the prior policy which is at 10,000 and include the actual miles driven that is, 15,000. My annual mileage rating goes from 5,000 per year to 25,000 per year because it looks like I drove all those miles in only one year.

I really didn’t drive that much but that is the way the miles are calculated. That’s a big increase. If I complain, I am told by the representative that I am a liar and I can bring in a service receipt in 30 days to lower my mileage to where it should be. Now that is customer service! Some from the company may say that the miles are being accounted for over two years so it really doesn’t matter. This is all being suppressed by the sales department. My view is the original sale would not have taken place and the premium manipulation has put the insured into a situation where the policy is written under false pretenses and can be voided by the insurance company.

The agent doesn’t care because all this stuff will happen a year later and he sold a policy he normally would not have. The Auto Club praises the current agent and lavishes him with more phone duty, pays him more per policy, and sends him on paid vacations because he is a top producer and gets away with doing this on a daily basis. Nobody seems to notice except our insured members. On the renewal, the policy is way over priced and the insured non-renews or has to fight with our customer service department that won’t believe him. The insured doesn’t know exactly what happened because they did not see the fraud that was committed against them. The fraud only becomes apparent on the renewal a year later. The insured has lost all longevity with their prior carrier because they are now with the Auto Club. Their current renewal is too high so the insured must shop for insurance elsewhere.

The only way to eliminate the out right fraud and corruption at the Automobile Club of Southern California is to require inspections with odometer readings for every policy written. Currently, inspections are not required for liability, only policies or insured that have prior insurance with similar coverage. Also, agents in the field can perform their own inspections and omit the odometer photo on purpose! This lack of accountability on new policies opens the door for agents to commit fraud and abuse on the unsuspecting public. This is a verified mileage program so you must verify the mileage or otherwise this is a sham and should be abolished. Also, allowing the same agent that writes the policy to inspect the vehicle is a flagrant conflict of interest. The inspection should be completed by a manager or impartial third person at all levels of the organization and at all times include a photo of the odometer.

There should be a separate disclosure just for mileage in the insurance documents that require the exact mileage for each vehicle to be listed at the inception of the policy. The insured should be required to sign the disclosure verifying the exact mileage for each car on the policy. There should be an explanation that this figure will be used to determine next year’s mileage calculation. Unbelievably, this is not now required. The mileage would therefore be verified by the insured, by an inspector, and by the agent. The current system allows for only the agent to verify the mileage and the agent has a conflict of interest to be trusted with that. Currently, the only disclosure that references anything about mileage is on the Coverage and Limits page and this only lists what the annual mileage is calculated at. This is misleading if the insured doesn’t know what their real annual mileage is or how it was calculated. Most insured don’t know what they drive and are influenced by the agent. When you ask an insured how many miles they drive, they most likely under estimate. This figure should still be listed in that location but the mileage disclosure should list the exact miles at the inception of the policy. There is a culture of corruption within the Auto Club of Southern California and drastic measures are needed for true change to be forthcoming.

The Auto Club will defend its position by stating it has systems in place to catch fraud and abuse and to some extent they do. However, the only way to avoid agents from lowering mileage is to educate the insured with a mileage disclosure that must be signed by the insured and the agent. It should explain how this figure will affect the rating for the following year. When only some of the policies require inspections, and this can be manipulated by field sales agents, then there is no effective process.

When the agent knows in advance which policies will require an inspection the agent can make up the mileage on selective policies to, get the job done. The Auto Club will also reference the fact that conversations are recorded and can be audited for integrity. The agent knows this and never asks the insured what their mileage is. They’ll only make reference to how much the insured commute is and make up a figure that is statistically consistent with the commute, albeit on the low end. The policy ends up being a fill in the blanks bonanza for the agent.

Some managers look the other way and others go further by processing business that has serious errors. In fact, some managers were required to send policies through processing a second time to verify corrections were completed because the managers couldn’t be trusted to verify the corrections were actually completed. This company needs managers to watch the managers. But when the processing team can only catch incorrect phone numbers or spelling corrections, the mileage factor cannot be corrected at the pre-completion level but only at renewal when the insured complains about the increase in premium unless an inspection is completed and a mileage disclosure is developed.

Without seeming redundant, I have spoken in generalities because it is not my intention to get employees in trouble but to correct the failures of this program and this company. If the deficiencies discussed here are not corrected I have lists of managers, employees, and policy numbers that are at issue and I will release this information to the media and notify those insured that have been wronged. Insured will have grounds for a class action lawsuit.

We are very disappointed with the AAA. After 46 years of membership. We feel we have been treated unfairly. All of a sudden this year when we filled out our mileage survey, we happened to list our adult son as an additional driver. He only drives on occasion. And in case of emergency, he would be covered. He has his own insurance, and would not need to be listed on ours. We talked to the AAA representative and explained our side of this. And were advised that we would need to sign a form of exclusion. Or pay $250 to include him on our policy. We have tried honestly, to explain our side and have been threatened of cancellation. Actually, unfortunately, we have been cancelled. We have no other option than to go with another Insurance Company. We remain very disillusioned.

I have had my automobile insurance through AAA for decades. When I purchased a new vehicle, I went in to the Tustin, CA AAA office and met Ken ** to have this vehicle added to my auto insurance policy. I later emailed him the necessary documents he requested (Dealer sales contract). Afterwards, I never heard back from Ken. I called and left him 2 voicemail messages without any reply. I also left 2 voicemail messages to his supervisors without any reply at all. It is frustrating not to get any response (email or phone call) back about this request.

I have had AAA renters insurance throughout my moves around the country and have always benefited from friendly staff and competitive rates - this has NOT been my experience, however, dealing with AAA of Southern California. AAA Southern California uses antiquated customer support processes, was unable to provide me a quote in one phone call and does not make their policy information available online like it is for the roadside assistance services. Furthermore to amend my policy, they required me to come into a branch in person, unlike any other provider I researched. With AAA insurance I am dealing with literal pieces of paper.

To further exacerbate their inadequacies, when requesting a quote to add my engagement ring to my current renter's policy it was over 2x as expensive as three other quotes I was given from other insurers. What is laughable is that when I first tried calling AAA to amend my renter's insurance policy to include my engagement ring I called the Northern California branch by accident. Their response was immediate, easy to navigate to and policy information available online. I was pleasantly surprised until they realized I'd reached the wrong branch and had to transfer to Southern California where I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes in queue. And each successive policy agent was more and more confused as to how to deliver what I was requesting.

All this being noted, I've NEVER had a problem with AAA Southern California's roadside assistance. And in fact had them come through for me several times in a pinch. (Including when I got a flat on the highway - they mobilized someone to help in less than 10 minutes - great!) This has NOT been my experience with their insurance products. If you are planning to purchase insurance from the AAA Southern California operation, I would rank this a *strong* avoid - go to someone else.

Was in the Mojave Desert in August with my classic Auto Club So Ca membership card when the vehicle began to sputter and finally died. It was at night 9 PM and very hot in So Ca. Called Auto Club for a tow as we had plenty of fuel, battery and coolant so we were thinking the fuel pump failed. Spoke to a girl on the phone, gave her the information she wanted and she said she has a truck on its way but wanted to mention to me that my "Classic" membership will only tow the vehicle 7 miles from where it is. I asked her how would that be of any help, we're about a good 80 miles from any town? She said well, she could upgrade me to the "Plus" membership and that would tow us 100 miles if I wanted to. I asked her about the "7 miles or to the nearest contract station" benefit the Classic card provides and she didn't understand what that meant.

Got her boss on the line and she understood the memberships to be the same, 7 miles towing for "Classic" and 100 for "Plus". I explained they need to get out the contract membership agreement and read what it says about how far their service will tow a vehicle. Keywords are "Or, to the nearest contract station" which was Parker, AZ. This went on and on and then the tow truck (flatbed) showed up. I told Auto Club to take it up with their boss, "we're hot, wasting time with them and the tow truck is here who also disagrees with you". Ended the call and had a nice Air Conditioned ride for about 50 minute inside the truck. The driver was very competent and said, "Don't worry, we do this all the time and our tow lot is the closest one so you are good."

Got to his tow lot and he said, "try to start it now, sometimes fuel pumps fail as they heat up". Sure enough, the vehicle started so we could take the short 20 mile drive to our place vs. find a motel at midnight. The car made it all the way and the next day, took it to the dealer for a new fuel pump that was failing. Placed a call to Auto Club member services a few days later to file an issue as it was completely unfair to have idiots dealing with members who had no idea what the services are. Got a basic "I'm sorry" don't know what to tell you. Got out some paper and sent a letter to the Auto Club who responded with a "I'm sorry, we'll try better next time." I didn't think that set in far enough with them so sent a letter to the President, at the time. He wrote back with apologies and assured further training and review would occur to be sure all of their employees are current with policy. He also refunded my membership fee for the year to be sincere.

I have to say, what a complete blunder experience we had, in the middle of the Desert, Luckily had cell service and at the other end of the phone was an employee trying to upsell us to a “plus” card in efforts to reel in added revenue over a fake reason. I’m going to guess a lot of folks would have believed the employee and upgraded. How low can a company get?

Based on recommendation of my girlfriend I went to AAA in Long Beach CA to obtain BOTH auto and home insurance. In the past had obtained quotes and they were about twice as much as other insurance companies. Never have I experienced such poor customer service in SIGNING up for insurance. AAA requires an home inspection for home owners. Insurance, other companies will take a photo from the street and you're ready to go (if that), no problem. Agent makes an appointment to come over and we WAIT 4 hours for him and he never comes or calls. True professional. Contact office about inspection and does not contact me for 7 weeks.

A few days before Xmas he calls and says he needs to do the inspection today... I had literally just arrived in Vegas for my annual 2 week vacation there. Asked him why he never got back to be earlier... He was on vacation. Asked him why such SHORT notice. Said his office just told him it was needed now. WHAT. Told him won't be back in town for 2 weeks. He said he would let them know and get back to me. Never called me back and my insurance was cancelled. True professionals. Mind you, I was paying TWICE the amount with AAA than the other company and only went to them because of their alleged reputation. My girlfriend said I should have went to the same AAA office she had coverage (Costa Mesa ca). There are serious problems with the AAA office in long beach... WARNING!!! CAUTION!

I have been an AAA club member for 20 years. Today, I called the AAA to arrange for my father's car to be towed from my house to his house, because it was unsafe to drive. They informed me that I cannot arrange the tow, because it is not covered under my membership! I was not able to tow from one residence to another. I informed them that the car starts and runs but it is unsafe to drive; I needed to return the car to my father's house for my brother to work on it.

I was told again that they would not tow since the vehicle is going to a residential house and not a repair shop. I would need to hire a private towing company to tow the vehicle and pay them! I informed the supervisor and manager that my father was able to tow the car from his house to mine using his Premier membership card without an issue, and they told me it was because he was able to use a "one-time residential tow." I asked then that I wanted to use my one-time residential tow since I have not used my card. They said no since my father already did it, even though we have two separate memberships. I spoke to the supervisor and manager and they both refused to schedule the tow. When I purchased the Premier membership, I was not told that I could not tow a vehicle from a residence to a residence. That's with all the business I send their way.

I am done. I am cancelling my membership and will no longer be recommending the AAA to people. I am looking for another provider and will recommend them instead to the Auto Club.

I was never informed that there was a limit as to how many times (I have basic membership) I could get a jump to my car. They sent me a letter that there was a limit of four jump starts per year. Folks, I had four jumps in one month, battery kept going dead due to lights being left on. I searched/looked in the benefit membership packages; nowhere does it say that there is a limit of four roadside assistance! When you click on membership comparisons:...It does not state that at all; they are misleading the public and its members. Not a good policy at all because it is not noted to us! I protest this and want this to be included in all information shared to potential members. I received a letter from the Emergency Road Services Administration stating I must pay $60 bucks to AAA; and if I do not, they will not give me further roadside assistance because I have reached their so called limit that I knew nothing about. A violation of my rights under U.C.C.1-308...all contract info must be transparent. BE aware folks and have a good day.

Congratulations Auto Club! You've turned me from a loyal, long term customer to a spokesman shouting from the roof tops against you. Sadly, if you only knew, I'm the absolute last person to post a reply, let alone a negative one with regards to a company I once esteemed highly. I'll keep it short. My wife and I purchased a home and were looking to insure it through AAA and combine it with our existing auto. Respectfully, AAA declined insuring the home given our location fell just outside of AAA's deemed fire hazard comfort zone. No problem. I quickly found that practically every other reputable insurance company greeted our needs with open arms.

Sat down face to face with our AAA agent, Matthew **, San Clemente and updated him that we decided on State Farm for our homeowners insurance and wanted his direction as to how to proceed regarding our auto. In person, and this is what really infuriates me, it was decided and agreed on in his office cubicle that it obviously was advantageous to “bundle” our auto and homeowners with the new provider, State Farm, given AAA declining to insure our home. The plan was simple, rather than cancelling, let the remaining paid term of auto coverage go until it expires and not renew. Upon expiration, establish new auto coverage with State Farm and we're good. Not quite.

Months pass, AAA renewal notifications/bills steadfastly arrive in the mail. I purposely disregard not opting to renew. AAA notices continue well past the expiration date, which apparently is as inconsequential as Obama’s red line... Open one belabored notice to find as if they were pardoning me for not renewing, keeping the policy active assuming my non-renewal was not sufficient. Hindsight, I should have contacted AAA agent Matt at this point to ensure we’re still on the same page, not renewing the policy even though AAA’s billing didn’t coincide. A collection agency mailing and a phone call now greets me on AAA’s behalf. I supposedly owe them for keeping my policy open. What?! Call agent Matt, how, what, where... please fix this. Nope. Per Matt, I'm liable for the months they continued billing me after expiration?!? Unbelievable! Who does business this way?

Bottom line, I paid the extortion to protect my credit. Interestingly, I start to mention this whole shady billing scenario to my State Farm agent and to my surprise she basically finished my sentences as to what played out as she enumerated on the multiple times she had heard this from prior AAA insurance customers. Wow, you got me! Never again AAA! So agitated with your lack of ordinary principle I no longer want any form of association. I intend to not renew my wife and I’s AAA memberships. Sadly, I’m wondering now if they’ll let me cancel without this whole fiasco repeating itself?!

Recently I've become aware of an employee of AAA Auto Club (Los Angeles) looking up my driving record along with other personal information. Then exposing my private information to the public. I am certain that the same employee is responsible for identity theft.

We had a auto and homeowners bundle policy for 17 years thru a national insurance company, but decided we were paying too much now. We researched and found that AAA (Auto Club of So. Cal) have better rates and a supposedly good reputation. We switched, signed up. Our previous policy with the other company was still active until Feb. 16th for auto and Mar. 16th for homeowners. Just before our homeowners policy came into effect we were told that AAA needed to come out and take pictures of the kitchen, bathrooms, and outside perimeter of the house. This was done. About a month later our AAA rep emailed us that said we had some storage containers too close to the house and need them moved and he would have to take more pictures after we moved them. We did this and he came back out to take more pictures.

Now, after the policy had been active for 2 months we were told that our patio, which was permitted and built back in 1972, did not meet their specification because it was built on a concrete slab and had a brick foundation and they were going to cancel our policy. We didn't understand how home improvements that were permitted, inspected and passed back in 1972 were not OK now in 2016? It's funny because our previous carrier had no issues with the construction and we got that policy in 1999.

So be very careful who you choose for your insurance carrier, because you may think you're getting a good deal, and have coverage, then find out in a few months you suddenly have no coverage at all and need to find another carrier ASAP to make sure you don't have any gaps in coverage. God, knows how our mortgage company is going to react if we aren't able to get new coverage in time. So, final words, don't trust AAA, it's better to go somewhere else for your insurance needs!

A few weeks ago, both of my vehicles were damaged when I parked them in my community's parking lot. The workers on the lot used a concrete saw to cut up the parking lot and in the process covered both my 2003 Special Edition F-150 and my very low mileage 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo in large amounts of concrete dust. The cars were wet from morning dew, then got covered, and then heated up in the sun. Concrete dust, to anyone unaware, contains silica (a very fine abrasive) and lime (a highly basic chemical) that will etch the car paint. Both vehicles are in need of complete repaints.

I filed a claim with AAA and was assigned a claims representative named Sergio **. Sergio was vague and careless. He was either unable or unwilling to answer my questions regarding their total loss policy, adjustment policy, or any of the claims and repair process.

Upon his recommendation, I got the Porsche into a body shop to assess the damage (I actually took it to two shops). Both advised against detailing the car and they said that my only option was a complete repaint. Upon mentioning concrete dust, both acknowledged that anything less than complete repaints would leave me with vehicles that would quickly degrade far past the damaged condition that they were in.

I was then contacted by Chris **, a San Diego based claims adjuster, who suggested that instead of meeting at the body shop to adjust the damages, we should meet at my place of residence. I forwarded him the body shop quotes and I thought that everything would be fine.

Upon his arrival, he suggested that I have both cars detailed at my own expense so that he could further assess the damage. I objected strongly, based upon the recommendations of every person I've talked to. Everyone said that I should avoid detailing because it could make my problem worse.

Since then, I have been in contact with multiple managers from various offices within AAA and no one has provided me with any help or assistance. My vehicles have been damaged for 3 weeks now and I see no end in sight.

Both of my vehicles are seeing daily depreciation as well as increasing in damage the longer they are left unattended to. I cannot remove the residual dust without damaging the car more, which only makes the problem worse.

Additionally, I use my Porsche as a marketing item. I am a member of the Porsche Club of America and develop most, if not all, of my business through PCA referrals. My marketing item is now damaged and I have not been able to use it for weeks, and it will likely never be back to its pre-concrete-dust-damaged state.

I have been an AAA member for 24 years and I have had nothing but good interactions until now.

Worse insurance company ever, experts at bait and switch and unacceptable customer service. As you know, AAA aggressively advertises for new business. This summer, I called for a quote. I own five vehicles that were then covered by Travelers Insurance (under two different policies) and I was interested in determining potential cost savings by covering all five vehicles under one policy. I was not then considering making a change in my homeowners policy that I have had with Travelers for six years. The sales agent inquired about my homeowners policy and encouraged me to move that policy to AAA and save additional monies through bundling. I disclosed that in May 2011, I made a claim on that policy due to my dog haven bitten a UPS delivery person. Other than the incident with the UPS delivery person, my dog has never bit or threatened any other person, and has become much more complacent with age. My dog is a Cockapoo, weighing about fifteen pounds and is now 12 and one-half years old. During that call, the agent pulled the dog bite claim up and told me the precise amount that was paid to the claimant.

I was informed me that this prior incident would not pose a problem and that I should move forward in obtaining the bundled policy with AAA as it would save me considerable money from my existing homeowners and auto policies, which were both up for renewal on September 15. I proceeded accordingly. Home inspection was required. After home inspection I was told by the agent I was approved and I should proceed to cancel my existing policies with Travelers. I relied on the AAA agent's statements and proceeded accordingly. The bundled deal that I purchased was only attractive because it included all my vehicles and the homeowners policy. In other words, I would not have made the change had I not been offered the full package of rates for coverage and the assurances AAA sales agent provided.

Without any notification or warning, on Saturday, October 25, 2014, I received a letter (dated October 22nd) stating that my homeowners policy was being terminated effective November 16, due to the dog bite incident. This made no sense as the incident had been fully disclosed and discussed and I was assured it was not a problem. I immediately called both the sales agent and underwriter whose phone numbers were listed on the letter. Neither returned my call. After my spending the day on Monday making further inquiries, I finally received an email requesting a copy of the loss letter from my prior carrier, which AAA already had but I immediately sent to the agent. I was told there was a mistake in that, she had uploaded something wrong, and led me to believe that issue would be favorably resolved. She told me that her manager, would contact me to confirm. I received no communications from anyone I contacted including the regional Vice President of business development for Southern California. The VP of business development do not return my phone calls or respond to a detailed email.

Also during this time, I contacted my prior homeowners insurance carrier as I cannot be without home insurance. I was informed that had I sought reinstatement within two weeks of the cancellation, it would have been honored. Now, my request for homeowners insurance would be viewed as an entirely new one, subject to more stringent requirements and fees (especially because I no longer have my auto insurance with it). On Thursday afternoon, I learned that AAA was going to proceed in cancelling the homeowners policy. To add insult to injury, I was further informed that AAA was now going to increase the rates for my car insurance due to lack of bundling and should I cancel the car insurance policy at this time (due to the bait-and-switch), AAA was going to charge me an eleven percent early termination penalty fee. This conduct is in complete bad faith. The company SUCKS, will run you around and I can't even imagine what would happen if you actually had to place a claim with AAA.

Three employees, including agent whom left cubicle to double check told us the same thing. Teen drivers with permits are covered free until they get their license. Then five months later, I got a retroactive change to my policy. I was being charged from the day my teen turned 16 1/2. The change didn't happen when my policy renewed. No money was added to my premium until after the 16 1/2 day happened. Was even postmarked for a week later. I spent hours on the phone and in the office over two weeks of BS! I had been a member for 31 years. I was treated like crap and was accused of all kinds of crap. The one guy on the phone was great. But he had his hands tied and could not reach the guy from branch who was a phone tagger. Nor could he reach any person to help him.

After resolving the issue and doing what the lower level guy in the branch offered to do (only I declined at first because I wanted a supervisor to give me what I was promised.... coverage until my teen was licensed or at least eligible to take the exam). His supervisor didn't call me, she made him call me and wanted me to pay. In the end, I was not charged. It was outrageous.... This is the short version. I left AAA after 31 years. While shopping, I discovered all the companies I called covered my teen until he got his license. ** off AAA, seriously.

I went to get car insurance with AAA on December 10th, 2012. I went to the Torrance, California location. I dealt with a Sales Agent by the name of Earlene **. When I received my new policy, I examined to find that Ms. ** added an Edwin ** to my policy. I called Ms. ** to ask what is going on with this guy on my policy. I was told not to worry about it. I said, "What the HELL you mean not to worry about it?" I said, "Take his name off my policy immediately." Ms. ** said she would. She was very adamant that this guy would not affect my policy in any way. I still said remove him immediately. Well I received my new policy on June 1st, 2013 because it's coming up on a year. What do I see! Edwin **'s name is still on my policy.

I went to AAA club on Monday, June 10th, 2013 and spoke to a Sales Agent Debborah **. She removed this ** from my policy. I am not pleased with the LIES, the SERVICE and the unprofessional care I received from Ms. **. I sincerely believe Ms. ** knows this guy ** on some type of level. You don't go around adding people to other people's policy. I am not angry with AAA as a whole. I'm angry with the service I received from one of their employees. Ms. ** needs further training in my opinion. So now I am going to wait and see if this guy's name is totally removed from my policy. Ms. ** is going to send me information through the mail showing the removal of this guy's name.

I signed on with AAA because they gave me a great quote for my family. When I received the bill in the mail it was for over 3000. They couldn't help me when I called to complain about it. I of course cancelled, only to find out they charge me 1700 for cancelling. I really couldn't believe it. After a ton of calls, emails to explain why I cancelled because of their agent's negligence, they still wanted to charge me. I settled for an 8th of the price, even though it was against my better judgement. I am still getting bills in the mail even though the amount I paid shows in their system. Don't join AAA.

I had a pipe break in the main line into the house. I have been insured for 20+ years. Destroyed 150 sq feet of OAK floors. Bids ran $4000.00 plus removal, scrapping, and sanding. I had oak paneling on the walls, for beauty and warmth to match floors, which had to be removed along with the dry walls. Repair cost is over $9000.00. So far, this does not include computer damage or other property damage. AAA company of choice stated they would have done all repairs for less than $5000.00 including drying, storage - all repairs. This is less than the cost of replacing true oak floors and walls. Don't you love the way they treat you? Have their insurance on at homes and 5 cars. Time for a change. To top it off, you don't get call backs when you call from reps.

I was in a very small accident where a girl backed into my car. It was a he-said-she-said situation. She filed a claim and I reported the accident to AAA. The claims adjuster notified that it would be a 50/50 which in turn said that it would not raise my rates and the deductible would be waived. I was OK with this. Then another adjuster called and asked for pictures of the damage to my car. I sent them. Then they saw that the damage would be less than the deductible so they settled the claim at 51% my fault. This, in turn, made me cover the deductible. So AAA had to pay NOTHING! For some reason, they all of the sudden believed the other driver. I have been with AAA for 40 years and never had a claim. Now they will raise my rates. I think it is time to find another insurance company.

Had auto insurance through ACSC for 44 years. I was thanked for my loyalty each time I called their agency. Unfortunately loyalty is a one way street with the Auto Club. In all of the years I've had the auto coverage I had 2 accidents both of which were (last one in 1991) paid by other party due to being their fault. Note I've been paying $3300 per year for auto insurance which includes 2 daughters.

Last September I experienced a second homeowners claim. After paying homeowners insurance for 19 years at $1000 per year, my insurance was cancelled. The claims totaled $13000 so my calculation was the ACSC was still ahead. When I called to submit the second claim I specifically asked the adjuster if I would be cancelled and she assured me that it wouldn't affect my insurance. I would have gladly paid the money to avoid being cancelled. I was instructed to repipe home or get an expensive coating and they would consider coverage, but immediately I was cancelled. Also I was promptly sent a bill for no longer having a multi policy.

Due to this bad experience I decided to cancel my auto insurance (Also my annual insurance went up to $3900 so it appears they were trying to make up for my property insurance). They took my 44 year membership cancellation with no questions asked. They promptly refunded the rest of my year. So the moral to this story is you can be a loyal customer paying thousands of dollars per year however if you make a claim you will be cancelled.

I filed claim with ACSC for an accident Nov 2013. Was told by them I could get it at a later date and to see I could get car fixed. I was told yes I could. When I called Feb. 2015 ACSC claim person MR Dan **. When he first called and requested what shop I asked to got to he never send info to the shop. And when he got the info right the shop Sam's Autoland lied about a abs light they saw but later claimed I never requested to get checked out at drop off which I did. They asked me did I get it checked out as they called it a misunderstanding later and then "if you bring it we will take it to a dealer to get it checked this but it would be a charge". This all happened after the fact. On day I picked up the car and had made plans to take to a dealer for maintenance if and when I told this to Sam's mgr. Andrew ** he replied "why am I doing this". And I called Mr ** 445. He was out of office and call after hours service. Was told a claim person would be available.

I called. Nobody was available. Mr ** call Monday ask me what I wanted. I replied "my car fixed". He got called them. He called back. I was told it was a misunderstanding. They could take it if I drop it off at the Sam's". I replied "I could done that on the day of pick up". I call Mr ** boss Heather **. She said "we can't do nothing about it". I said Mr ** and Sam's to me didn't handled the claim correctly. I said to her "If I other issues Ms **. She would did. I call her bosses said she would and I ask on do I have go back the Sam's. She said yes. Later a year on I had different issue with claim. I called Ms **. She never called back. On 2 /2016 I had another issue with claims. I called MR **. Never got a call back. Three days later I called claims ask who's handling my case. I was told Dan **. I spoke to claims dept. told I had another issue. He called back same day. I voiced my unhappiness with this claim. He said "I sorry".

He later said "I get you over to a claim specialist". And after the issue was took care of I asked "will you be taking over for future concerns". "The specialist would." In all my years with this company I never had a claim this poorly handled so I wrote to the California Dept. Insurance. They Sam's Autoland. I never get abs light checked and said I refused to let them but told them yes did. They didn't want to pay for the abs light check that is my feeling is.