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I invested $40000.00 on Bankers Life mutual fund 08/01/16. By 09/01/16 I had lost $1799.45. These people are a bunch of thieves. No legitimate fluctuation could have caused this. Of course no callback from my agent. Do not invest with this company!!!

Worse service of any company I have ever dealt with. This started a few years ago and required an attorney to get them straight. Part of which required them to acknowledge receipt of my Power of Attorney for my client. Now years later they change the address of record and send me a letter saying I requested it. When I called they could not give me details because they did not have any records on my POA. Said resend it on their upload site and request a change of address back, which I never requested in the first place.

Said it would take min 4 weeks to effect. Guess what, their upload site did not work. Said a supervisor could call me back in 24 hours. Meanwhile the duly owed LTC payments are going who knows where. They cannot keep records and change legal records without POA request and will not act on a simple request to correct the records with any urgency. I have to wonder how many 97 year old customers are being treated in this manner without the help of someone young enough to save them.

Turning 65 soon and have my insurance needs in place already but I cannot get Bankers Life to stop calling me. They call me every day and an agent dropped by my house told my husband he had an appointment with me which was not true. Then the jerk called and said he was on his way over to see me as he was right near my house. I told him I had everything in place but he kept pushing that he was going to compare products. I told him no again and he would not let up. I told he I am undergoing chemo and I am not suppose to be around people which is true and he still kept badgering me so I said we are not going to let you in so leave us alone.

Then today I get a call and a lady says one of their professionals was on their way over to compare products so I had to tell her that if anyone showed up I will call the police as I have repeatedly told this company to stop calling me. We are on a do not call list but Bankers Life does not care. I called the State Ins. Commissioner's office and filed a complaint. I then called our local news station and asked them to review the pushy sales efforts especially since I am battling cancer, undergoing chemo and do not want people dropping by to sell me stuff so they can get a commission.

I called the Bankers Life local office and the only options available are to buy policies. I finally got a human who said she would put me through to customer service and all she did was put me into the sales line. Two months of these daily calls and sales reps wanting “to do me a favor “ by stopping by are enough. I am giving the local police a copy of the Insurance Commissioner complaint and this complaint and if anyone shows up again I will call the police.

I received a letter from Bankers Life stating that I owed 259.00 by the 25th of August or I would be cancelled. I called the local office in Spokane to inquire why. They said that they would send two agents out to go over my policy. When they came out they said that it was due to a loan. Well I said, "Ok I don't remember a loan" but it probably was. The one agent Eddie said that they would have the fraud department investigate. They got them on the line on speakerphone. After giving them all the information he asked if we should wait to pay the 259.00 till their investigation was done they said yes. And to disregard the letter so we did. We never heard back from Edd or anyone in the fraud department to let us know that they concluded their investigation.

The only notification I received was on the 27th of August stating that I was cancelled. I'm disputing not the loan. Let me make that clear. What I'm disputing is being cancelled wrongly because on what we were told to do by the agent period. I need your help in this matter. I would have made the payment if I was told by the agent Edd to do so. I have had this life insurance policy since 1994. Why would I let it go? And they found out, the agent, that I have cancer three months prior that. I was diagnosed in 2014. I would never have not made that payment. I only did because they told me to wait till I heard from them and I never did.

I had take insurance out on my mother January 1, 2014. And I had the money coming out of my banking accepted. The agent that went out and talk to my mother about her medical health he did not talk to me. Well my mother pass away on April 3, 2014. This was very underspent when it happen. I call them up to find out what all I need to send in and this was April 24, 2014. I call them on June 24, 2014 to find out if these things are going. They're waiting on the medical records from the doctor. I call again on July 3, 2014 and was the same thing, waiting on the doctor so I call the doctor's office and they tell me that they have not received anything from them. So ask them can they fax the paper work over to the doctor office. I go to the doctor office to see have they send it to them, it's the same thing. They giving me the runaround. Then I ask them to send the document to me and I can take it to the doctor office, have them to fill it out and have them to fax it from the doctor office. I can not get them to do that. I ask to talk to a supervisor, they would not let me talk to one.

My father had a Long Term Care policy with Banker's Life & Casualty. They finally issued checks after he had passed away. After some time had passed, and my brother passed away, I found an uncashed check from his policy dated after my father's death. I contacted Banker's Life and they said to send them a letter to their Policy Benefits Dept with documentation to establish my relationship. I did this. They confirmed receiving it, but told me to contact their Abandoned Property Section, which I did, but never got a callback. Called again a few days in a row. Finally, submitted an email to them, with the Policy #, dates of the checks, and amounts of the checks.

They want the Check #. So I called Banker's Life again to get that information. They tell me that they need documentation to give me any information. I explained that they already have that information. They put me on hold many times, then tell me that my original letter only requested the one check's information, but that they could not give me information on the other two checks. This company is nothing but a ** and doing anything to avoid paying or reissuing the original checks. At this point, I threatened them with legal action. Bottom line, avoid this company at all costs. They are a bunch of crooks!!!

My elderly mother bought a long term care policy from a Banker's Life Sales Rep who knocked on her front door. When I read the policy I told her to stop paying the premiums and let it drop because there were too many requirements to collect and she probably never would. She said the sales rep told her if she had this policy she would be able to stay in her home if she became unable to take care of herself. That was a lie. When Mom had to move out of her home because of Alzheimer's Banker's Life did not want to pay for her to stay in an assisted living facility. The sales rep actually told me I should take Mom home with me. I told her I had her in my home and neither my husband nor I had slept since. We could not do it. She said the policy would pay for a nurse to come to my home for 4 hours a day. I asked her if she would like to come the other 24 hours. There is no way Mom could stay in her home or mine with that level of care.

I decided to call the home office because I was not getting anywhere with the sales rep. The home office sent me the paperwork to file a claim. Until they received all the required documentation they would not open the claim and process it. I provided 85 pages of required documentation. I sent them a copy and kept a copy for myself. I numbered the pages. I received numerous calls and letters telling me the claim was not being processed because I had not provided everything. I would call and ask what was missing and then tell them they had it and what page information that was on. They had everything. They refused to pay for various reasons even though Mom qualified according to the policy.

I had been appointed legal guardian for Mom by the courts. I finally told them I was going to turn everything they sent to me over to the attorney if they did not pay her. They approved her claim shortly after that. When I let the attorney know she would be receiving those payments his comment was, "How did you get them to pay? That is hard to do!" I told him I threatened them with him.

When Mom had to be hospitalized they quit paying. I continued to pay her rent at the assisted living facility because the Dr. hoped they could send her to rehab so she could go back to the facility. I called about the non-payment. They told me if she was in the hospital they did not pay. Mom went to rehab but they were not able to rehab her, she had to go to a nursing home and passed away within a few months. Banker's life stopped paying and I could not even get them to pay what they owed during her stay at the nursing home. I even received a letter saying the claim was closed and they still owed her money.

After Mom's funeral, when I had the time, I read the policy again. There was a bed reservation fee coverage. That said they would pay her rent for 21 days if she was hospitalized to hold her room at the assisted living facility. I had been told there was no coverage for that. I called Banker's Life and read this to them. They said I did not have the correct policy and read me something else. I told them I had the policy that was given to Mom when she got their coverage. I faxed them a copy of the policy Mom had. They also owed her monthly payments for the time she was in the nursing home.

I must have called them 100 times and received numerous letters from them, sometimes 3 or 4 a week denying coverage. I was told the claim was closed and I also received a letter stating that. I told them the claim was not closed because they still owed Mom's estate money. It was not a lot of money but I was not going to let it go. They took very high premiums out of my mother's checking account every month for years. They never had to beg her for payment, they just took it, and they were going to pay her what they owed her. I threatened many times to take it to the attorney and to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance. They finally paid what they owed.

My advice to ANYONE is: If you do not have an advocate to do what I did for Mom do not purchase this insurance. Your health has to be VERY bad for you to collect and you will never be able to do it on your own. I have been in business for myself for many years and knew what I was doing and it was almost impossible for me to collect. I would NEVER buy insurance from Banker's Life after my experience with them. There is a movie called The Rainmaker which is about insurance fraud. I felt like I was the main character. Watch it. It is a good movie and it shows that this stuff really happens. Unbelievable.

I have had this life insurance since June of 2014, and I am very satisfied with it! I have upgraded my coverage by $3,000.00 just this last month!

My husband has paid for long term home are since 2002. Remember faithful monthly payments since 2002. In February I tried to get care for him as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. WELL, was I surprised when they told me I would have to wait 90 days for care. I said he has terminal cancer and needs home care, that is what we have been paying for all these years. I could go on telling you how frustrating and painful these phone calls have been. Bottom line - we could not get any care and this company just made a windfall with our payments. I will tell anyone interested in long term care to take BANKERS LIFE, OFF YOUR LIST. Please read the fine print and whatever insurance you get make your agent is telling you all the fine print that may be overlooked just to get your trust. I wish this review was fake, but I am a living example of buyer beware.

I had a phone call from a lady who said she wanted to 'update' me on some new Medicare information. She did not inform me she was from an insurance company until she showed up at my residence wanting me to let 'them' in the gate. I told them I wish she hadn't lead me to believe she was from an official Medicare place or I would never given them my address. Once I inquired what changes she wanted to discuss and she replied Open Enrollment. I informed I was done, already enrolled, she hung up on me. Bad business practice all around to lead a prospective client that you are one thing you are not.

I have a Part B Medicare Supplement Policy with Bankers Life. There has been a dispute over a claim on policy since April 2012. I have received two different interpretations by two different customer "care" reps in their service center in Indiana. Attempts to reach the local Somerset office are stonewalled by a voice mail system that says to leave a voice-mail message and they will return the call within 24 hours. I have left three messages and have received no return calls. I've called at various times during the business day and can only get a voice-mail message.

One of my assigned field service reps did not return cell or landline messages and was eventually fired. The new one who was assigned returned messages as long as she thought I was going to purchase a long-term care policy. When I asked her to return the deposit on the policy, after changing my mind, it took three months and calls to the Somerset Office, which was answering phone calls at the time, to receive my deposit of $300 back. The amount in dispute right now is for $70. My service provider has been hounding me for the past four months for this amount. I do not know what to do at this point except to discourage anyone from signing up with any policies at this company.

My mother had LTC insurance through Bankers Life & Casualty. She received many services at her assisted care (including med distribution, assistance toileting, assistance dressing, assistance bathing, assistance transferring), but BLC would not pay because it was not a "nursing home." My mother then moved into a hospice facility with 24 hour nursing care for the last 6 months of her life. But again, because it was not licensed as a traditional nursing home, they kept denying coverage.

They would also keep asking for information we had already sent. They do not assign an agent to your case. So when calling, you always get someone new which requires you to explain your story over and over again. They never call back. Instead you get another letter stating materials are missing, when they're not! The hospice facility director finally submitted mom's care broken into personal care hours. They finally paid, but only for 3 months. And it took hours and hours of my time, the hospice director's time, and the facility director's time. Both directors could not believe how terrible Bankers Life & Casualty is.

Called the 800 number.... Computer voice, "Type your policy number.... Type 8 digit birth date... Type last 4 of SSN, Type your zip code.... Type your phone number..... PLEASE HOLD.... Wercome to Bannkers, (barely speaks english) What is the policy number......What is birth date.....what is ZIP core.... What is SSN....." I just typed all in "why do you ask again?" "jhfrifjefnpeh f.kl rj" (unreadable answer). "I want to talk to someone who speaks english", "Ir peak engrish."

"I want to talk to someone who speaks english", "jhwuegwgeluf". "I want to talk to someone who speaks english", "Hord."

20 minutes later I find the local number, and call the Palm Beach office. I had asked for some withdrawal forms and they had send me the wrong ones. Promised to send correct forms today (office is 20 miles away and post office 1 day). 2 days later no forms, try to file complaint with Bankers and get this: "Server Error in '/' Application."

Over the past few years I have been speaking with both of my parents about preparing for what the future has in store for them. After doing tons of research on what was necessary for aging people to have set in stone before retiring I had made a list of what they needed and checked it off as we addressed these needs. Life insurance, medical coverage and income was a must! As we started checking into these more closely we found out we needed a lot of help. An agent from the local office had called several times to come out and sit with my parents to "review their Medicare options" and they finally agreed, mostly so they would stop calling.

I decided to come over and sit in on this to make sure they wouldn't get scammed into something they didn't need. Now I am glad they were so persistent! The lady came out and went over a lot of information and explained the major areas they specialized in. Just by asking a few questions in those areas got my parents thinking they didn't really know the answers. She asked a few questions about their life insurance and she uncovered their life insurance policy was only until they retired and ended or the premiums almost doubled which was stated in their copy of the policy. She asked a few questions about their medical coverage and their concerns moving into Medicare.

My dad was able to pull out his handbook for retirement coverage offered by the company so she was able to explain their coverage (in simple form) and compare it to the other products that are out there in hopes of giving them better coverage or save them money, which she did! They ended up saving almost $200 a MONTH in premiums by opting out of group coverage not to mention almost completely eliminating their out of pocket expense. Instead of signing up right away we asked if we could take some time to time over the options as a family and get back with her but she insisted she at least schedule a follow-up appointment and call the day before to ensure it was still a good time. She asked if we had made any set plans for long term care and explained that Medicare NO longer covered it like they did for their parents if it was needed.

Finally, she ended all the questions with a few on their current and future income (which I did not like at all). Why did she need their net worth if we were talking about medical coverage and life insurance? The entire time she sat with us she took tons of notes as if she was about to take a test or something which made me a bit curious. On her follow-up visit with the three of us I found out why! She came back with even more information but this time I was ready to take notes. We pulled out all the information like we did before and she was able to point out the flaws again and marked each one with a tab so we could address them as we got to that part.

First, we covered Medicare again so my dad pulled out his notebook and showed her he actually crunched the numbers and they compared note, which both decided not participating in their group coverage would be best for them both and save them about $2400 a year in premiums, eliminate their co-pays at any doctor except $20, eliminate networks altogether and reduce their cost of prescription medicine. Next, she wanted to addressed their life insurance concerns. She opened their policies again and showed them that the money they were saving on medical could be used to keep their life policies in place after retirement OR take the money inside of it and put that into a completely different policy outside of the company that would have the same face value with just a small increase in their current premium because they were much older and it wasn't group life insurance.

We all had already agreed that keeping the group life insurance would be a waste of money so we agreed to look at her options (she even had some from other companies to compare it to). The other companies were very similar in price/coverage with slight deviations so I asked if she was a broker for them and she explained she was just trying to provide as accurate information as possible and she actually knew people with the other companies which were happy to help out. Then, she wanted to address the fact that we had not made any plans for long term care for either of them. Both of my moms' parents and her brother needed facility care and she knew it would cost most, if not, all of their savings and investment if one of them needed care for an extended amount of time.

After my mother expressed her concern on the cost the agent was able to show us a spreadsheet she had put together to show a timeline on how long their money would last if one of them needed care and then another one if both of them needed care. We all reviewed the sheets and after some calculation my dad did quietly in the corner he spoke up and told the agent to quickly get the process for that coverage started! He told her they worked very hard for their money and would rather spend it on living life not waiting to die in a home of some sort. Which brought her to the final area. She wanted to address his last statement in the means of introducing her "business partner". She explained the majority of her clients were concerned with ensuring their money outlive them not them out live their money.

Her business partner was a financial adviser that sits with clients who have this exact concern and in most cases are able to help them out or at least guide them in the right direction. Our biggest question was cost for him to come to us and review their situation which she explained, "It was a complimentary service we offer to all our clients with these concerns but in the long run it might cost us some time and tea." In conclusion to this long winded story, I have read numerous reviews about this company and decided it was time someone spoke up that had a good experience with them. If it wasn't for this agent at Bankers Life and Casualty we never would have known about all these issues we were going to face in the event of one of them getting ill, hurt or even dying. People always speak louder when upset and usually don't tell the entire story and that is why I made sure to include as much as possible.

I urge you to reach out and speak to someone that will actually come and sit down with you. Someone that will listen to your concerns and address issues that will eventually be a burden on your family. But be cautious. Make sure they are experienced with the company and have some time under their belt so they are established and not just someone that will only be with them for a short time.

My parents purchased Bankers life nursing home, Home health care and assisted living insurance and paid premiums for over 20 years totaling over $200,000. They never collected a dime of benefits. Recently my father, who is under home hospice, was denied home health care coverage because there was some exclusion in the policy that said he didn't meet the "need" requirement. Come on he is dying? He asked me to make sure I warned other people about this company and the insurance agent's practices. These people are criminals in my opinion.

I don't think what Bankers is doing is illegal but it is certainly unethical and unprofessional. I have been a paying Bankers on a life Insurance policy for over 15 years. I was moving out of the country and called Bankers. I informed the lady of my out of country move and told her I will keep my NY address but will not be in the country. I asked if Bankers would email me when they have a document they want to mail me. She stated that we will put a note in your file so in the future we will email you with problems or questions.

I contacted Bankers about a year later and was told my policy has been cancelled because of lack of payments. I said, "That's impossible, you automatically withdraw from my bank every month and have been for 15 years." I was told there is nothing you can do but reapply and pass the physical health questions. I told her I was in my 70's and would not pass the physical and they said, "Sorry, you are cancelled." I then wrote a letter to the New York Insurance commissions office explaining my situation and never received a response from them for over a year.

One day, a man called me from the insurance comm. and told me to call a woman at Bankers. She will tell you the amount you owe, send them a check and you will be reinstated. I asked why am I paying back payments for coverage I never had. He said pay it or lose your policy. I called the woman, received the amount owed and an address where to send the check. I sent a check immediately. Bankers lost the check. It took several months for Bankers admit they lost the check.

When they tried to reinstate me on the system, they told me they were having computer problems. This computer problem lasted over a year. Finally, I was told I am reinstated and I should set up automatic withdraw from my bank the same way I did for 15 years. I completed the forms and sent them to Bankers and now Bankers cannot get the withdraw to work. This problem is now almost 6 months old and still they cannot withdraw a payment. They don't know why?

I have had so many phone calls and emails but nothing get's resolved. The problem is now around 2 years old with no resolution. Now I'm receiving emails that tell me she is busy or I call her phone and hear my mail box is full. I am not stating this 2-year easy to resolve problem is intentional but I do wonder if they are trying to make things so difficult I'll just give up and Bankers has 15 years worth of payments. Any suggestions, recommendations, or solutions will be appreciated.

The nickname for their added health plan is a "cancer" policy. It should be called "just a scam" policy. They not only didn't pay out my policy when I was diagnosed with cancer, they LIED about policies and signatures several times. They even lied in writing to me. Then, they offered to reimburse all of my premiums if I closed my policy. A week later, said they couldn't reimburse me because my policy was closed. SCAM. I would love to sue these people.

My parents bought a long term health care policy from Bankers Life years and years ago. My dad passed away in 2000, never having had to use any of the policy benefits. As of 2011, my mom now requires a long term health care. We contacted Jason, her agent, to find out exactly what the total payable benefit was; how it was paid, what the requirements were and et cetera. Meanwhile, we had to pay for her nursing home expenses up front, approximately $6500/month. We were told by Bankers Life that we had to pay; submit the receipts, and fill out the claim forms--they would reimburse us.

We filed our first claim, and they received it on March 31, 2011. We have yet to get one penny from this company. Every time we call the customer service department, we get excuse after excuse. I contacted her agent, Jason. He made some calls, and he told us that he was told we would be paid in full, by July 12, 2011. Today is July 22 and we have yet received anything. We called the 800 number AGAIN, last week. We were told that they needed another document from the facility, and had just received it. So now it would be another 30-45 days. We get the same line about every 2-3 weeks. It is nothing, but stall tactics. It is a crying shame that this company preys on elderly (and the not so elderly), selling them a bill of goods. These people obviously need the money when they need it.

Bankers Life obviously feels that it is more important for the company to hold on to their customer's money (which is the customer's money). In addition, they have the "gall" to continue to withdraw her monthly $200 from her account, when we have a letter stating that this would not happen.

Very easy to get and very happy with the premiums. I was actually able to write my policy for myself and greatly detail exactly what I wanted as far as specific riders. It makes me feel good that my policy is with a trustworthy company that has been around for a while.

I dealt with a local agent here in the Midlothian, VA office by the name of Robert **. I had liked our initial interaction and information he provided and filled out an application which included my bank information. That same day I told Robert ** I had changed my mind and not to move forward with submitting my application. He submitted it anyway and I just realized I have been charged for the policy anyhow. You may ask why I changed my mind about doing business with this company, it was from reading the reviews right here on this site.

I purchased a life insurance policy from this company in 1998. I was told it was a fixed plan, meaning the price of the plan would never change. $24.79 has been drafted out of my account ever since. I received a letter from this company a few days ago telling me"Final notice: This policy is in grace period and will lapse on January 25, 2019 unless amount due is paid. The amount they are telling me I owe is $1,764.21.

They are now telling me it's flexible premium adjustable life. I wasn't told it was a universal plan when I purchased the policy, if they had explained that to me I would never had purchased the policy let alone made payments for over 20 years. Also I found they have been charging me for a rider for one of my children that is now 33 yrs old. I've spoken to the company and as far as they are concerned they did nothing wrong. Beware that's all I can say. Also it's funny they didn't take a payment for December 2018 this after they sent me the correspondence. Being that far behind so they say, why are they just now telling me all of this.

I worked with Bankers Life and Casualty at its branch office in Laguna Hills in 2010. It did not work out and a year later I am billed for $510. I respond to the bill as it went to collections and had them investigate the situation. My supervisor crossed my ID out from the policy on a client. Bankers ceased all further collections efforts and told me that they would close the paper trail.

Years later I find the same collections agency still on my credit report and Bankers tells me they have asked the collections agency to close the account. It's been years! That damaged my credit report and score. I asked for an offer in compromise and although they admit their negligence may have damaged my credit score and reports, they are not inclined to pay statutory damages. Now, I will be taking them to court! Take it from somebody who worked with the company and came out the other side more damaged than going in. Do NOT give your business to these folks!

I am the daughter of 2 parents who bought into and own a life care policy from Bankers Life. My parents were 87 and 89 when I started to access the policy for their benefits. It has been nothing but red tape the whole time. I documented many conversations so I could reference what each agent would tell me. I got the run around for months trying to start up the policy so my parents could get some money. From the time I started working on it to the actual date that Bankers acknowledged and began paying was about 8 months! The whole process was extremely difficult and I had to keep calling in every few days to keep on top of it. I would send in my POA papers and they would deny getting them, which would hold up going forward. It was 2 years into it before I got acknowledgement of the POA for my mom. My father's was much quicker; 1 year maybe.

The thing is, I always sent the POA paper work in for both of them together. It made no sense that they would only have my dad's. This is just a perfect example of every step of the way for me to get money from Bankers. If an elderly couple did not have a daughter or son with some smarts about them, they would never be able to use the policy. Left on their own, my parents would NOT have gotten anything out of Bankers. The whole idea of the policy is to provide money to take care of people when they get sick, or are disabled when they get elderly. The idea is great but the reality is that it is far too complicated to get the policy in force when it comes that time. If a person is disabled, sick or has Alzheimer's, which are the 3 prerequisites for starting your policy to pay out, they are not capable at that time to go through the red tape and months of confusing information and one agent telling you one thing and another agent to tell you the opposite the next time you call and you can NEVER talk to the same agent twice.

The other problem is that a person who buys this policy is still paying a premium every month, hundreds of dollars, even while they are trying to access their benefits/money. The premium does not stop until the person qualifies for being disabled enough to be put in a nursing home, Alzheimer's unit, etc. So I have been paying this premium for almost 3 years while we are trying to use the policy and it will not stop till one of my parents has been admitted to a care unit like mentioned above and lives there for 90 days. Then the premium stops. The whole thing to me seems like a scam and a fraudulent way to do business. The bottom line is that when a person has reached the age when he would need the policy, he is not capable of following through with all the red tape that Bankers requires to get their benefits. I am stating this as a fact for my situation because of my parents and the experiences I have had trying to get their benefits for them.

I know they would not have been able to do it on their own and an outsider coming in to help would not have been able to do it either. It has been too difficult and I am over 3 years into it now and still paying 350.00 a month on the policy because if you miss one payment, they can drop you (as stated in the fine print). Any policy to be used by an elderly person should be "Usable and easily enough understood" for that elderly person to use. In my case, I feel it is a scam and a fraud because it is NOT usable by an elderly person.

When Bankers Life agent Ed ** and I initially met (June 20, 2017) to discuss the possibility of purchasing life insurance. He told me it would not be an issue if I changed my mind about the policy so long as I did that prior to having the medical tests performed. At no time during that meeting did he tell me that if I changed my mind he would need to have a letter sent to me stating that Bankers Life would be declining coverage.

On Friday, June 23rd, I called Ed ** to tell him I had decided to not go forward with purchasing a life insurance policy. Mr. ** told me then that he would return my deposit, which he has done. At the same time Mr. ** told me that since I was changing my mind about purchasing the insurance I would receive a letter from Bankers Life informing me that I was declined coverage, that letter was merely an administrative convenience for him to cover my request to stop the process of the insurance application. Mr. ** specific reference to the letter stating that coverage was declined puzzled me. I was puzzled because at that time I was not aware of the consequences of such an official action, so I attributed Mr. **'s declaration to simple petulance over losing a customer.

However, as you are probably aware, a declination letter from an insurance company is no mere administrative formality. It has come to my attention the serious ramifications of such a letter. When an insurance company declines to insure a person, that declination goes into a database that is accessible to all insurance companies.

The result is that this letter will probably significantly impact all future life AND MEDICAL insurance coverage, and premiums or cost for me. That deleterious impact was neither explained to me by Mr. **, nor is it justified. For the plain reason that the letter was instigated solely as an immature response by Mr. ** to my decision to not purchase life insurance I respectfully request that you withdraw the DECLINE COVERAGE determination and letter. My letter of complaint to the corporate headquarters of Bankers Life, that included a request for retraction of the letter has not been responded to after five weeks.

I have had no interaction or follow up from Bankers since I bought the policy. There has been no contact from my agent to see if I need any more information or even another policy or revision to the existing one. You pay your premiums but do not hear from Bankers life. I have 2 policies: Life and Short Term Disability. Although I was able to purchase Short Term Disability Policy, I was declined for a long term disability policy - does not seem to make sense. Have not had to access either policy and have had them for over 2 years and applied for the 3 policies at the same time.

I received a letter from Bankers Life & Casualty Company stating that my cousin, of whom I am legal guardian, had money coming from a policy that our deceased aunt took out for him. I submitted all of the papers and documents that they asked for and they sent me a letter saying that the funds had been sent to abandoned property. I contacted abandoned property and have heard nothing; 30 days. The website they gave me does not work. I would not take out a new policy with them if they won't even honor a less than $500 pay out that was issued in the '60s. Are they still in operation. The letters I received are typed in a font that looks like a manual typewriter. Still waiting for claim pay-out. I began the process over a year ago.

I purchased a life policy from Bankers on 3/18/17 based on $180.00 a month. They took my check and set it up on EFT... Come to find out they took in April $247.74. I tried contacting the numbers that I had and could never get anyone. Another month went by and they took another $247.74 in May. I kept contacting and found a number to call and spoke with a representative that would investigate and get back to me which they never did. From May to September this company debited out of my account $247.74 in lieu of $180. I was told they would apply the excess amount they had withdrawn and apply it to my next payments which never happened. October they finally took out the agreed premium of $180.00.

On 11/11/17 I received a letter advising that if I did not pay $500+ by 1/6/18 my policy will cancel. This is not a reputable business. I work in the property/casualty side and I would never work the way they do. The insurance document is a contract. They never lived up to their end of the contract. I want my policy voided and will go to the Insurance Commission to file a formal complaint against Bankers. I would not recommend Bankers to my worst enemy if I had one - since I don't anyone checking them out DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

My mother purchased a long term care policy in 2002. She added my Dad to the policy. By 2006 they could no longer afford the premiums and they let the policy lapse. They had paid $11,000.00 in premiums. Both of my parents are now deceased. Prior to my Dad passing in January of 2019, he had told me to check this policy to see if there was any money in the policy. After he died I found the policy and I can't believe what they were sold. Based on what the policy covered I knew that she had been scammed.

She was 71 and Dad was 74 when the policy was issued. I vaguely remember when they got the policy. They told me that they had gotten this policy to protect their assets and to ensure that they would never be a financial burden to me and my family. After reviewing the policy I found that the coverage would barely pay 1/3 of the actual costs of long term care at a facility. My issues: 1) They were sold a policy that was not appropriate for their age. 2) The policy was unsustainable due to increasing premiums 3) The actual policy would not have covered the costs of long term care. In my opinion they were scammed out of $11,000.00.

I had been searching for work in the Computer Support Tech. arena for over three months. So when I received an e-mail from Bankers Life and Casualty I was elated. So I was contacted by a "recruiting director" and an appointment was set for the following week. So when I didn't receive my e-mail verifying my appointment I went looking and found it in my SPAM section of Google. Then I went searching online for complaints against this company and found my exact scenario listed as a complaint. So I emailed the person at the company and admonished her and declined my appointment. I also asked her how she slept at night. I maybe new at this online job search, but I'm learning fast. The only consequence of this misadventure is that I am 60 years old and really need a job, so my wife and I are very dismayed and disappointed by this whole incident.

There needs to be another class action lawsuit (CAL) filed against Bankers Life & Casualty. Hope Evans and Evans Law Firm will initiate another (CAL). If you care enough about yourself and your love ones, please do not chose Bankers Life to handle your future financial needs/affairs. This company has shown repeated discrimination among its policy holders.

How do I know? I know because I know other policy holders whom Bankers Life treat w/ higher esteem based upon the perception that they are **. We're in the same support group because we have aged parent(s) w/ policies from BL. They can show me on paper how their claims are opened with no hesitation from BL. They can show me how their claims are paid timely on a weekly basis. I on the other handle can show them how my loved one's comparable claim gets denied. And I can show them how when a claim is open after an appeal battle, how Bankers Life does not send timely reimbursement.

Customer service is not good. They're always ambiguous and elusive. I am surprise this company is still in business. I am taking this review to social media... especially Facebook for buyer beware concerns. I hope the president of this company (Scott Goldberg) will review how they conduct business and ensure equality across the board.

I have had a Home Health Care policy with Banker's Life for the past 3 years. There has not been the same agent to service my policy since first purchasing my policy. I have three visitations from a team of agents wanting to "review" my policy. When I ask for a cost to get improved options of their elimination period or daily benefit amounts, I never get a return call. Their sole purpose is not to service your policy, but to sell additional investment services such as annuities. Today, their agent, Heather **, hung up on me when I insisted on obtaining benefits information by phone instead of another home visit. I wanted a dollar amount of the cost to reduce the elimination period from 90 days to a shorter term.

When you call the Denver office, all you get is a recording. No one responds to your message for assistance with your policy. I think I will cut my losses and not continue with this policy. I have read about their excuses, run-arounds, and delays in payment of claims. Their customer service is terrible. I regret paying high premiums for the past 3 years for very limited coverage especially the long waiting period to access benefits. I would definitely NOT recommend Bankers Life and Casualty.

Willie ** obtained a life insurance policy with Bankers Life and Casualty Company and signed the medical authorization form. He passed away 3 months after he obtained his policy and it was investigated as to be expected. The first denial letter that was issued by Bankers stated Mr. ** answered one of the questions on the application incorrectly. The letter next went into the great feat of how Bankers obtained Mr. ** medical files. Then at the bottom they state Mr. **’s policy is null and void. It took this company another 90 days before they disclosed and actually decided to use the medical records to identify what medical condition Mr. ** misrepresented.

I filed a lawsuit against Bankers on February 14, 2014 but it was dismissed for defective service of process. I appealed it and the ruling was affirmed on June 29, 2016. I refiled on August 10, 2016 and the case was removed to federal court on September 15, 2016. Sarah ** of Turner and Padget moved for summary judgment citing statute of limitations. Summary judgment was granted on June 23, 2017 by Judge **. This summary judgment was granted without this case going to discovery and without a jury deciding discovery rule tolling.

When the Judge ** issued his order, he alleged that I had waited over 2 years and 8 months before I filed a lawsuit. This is when I realized that the prior court pleading was never presented to the court. I submitted a judicial notice but Judge ** ruled that court pleading are evidence and it was too late to add this prior court pleading to the court records. Court pleading are allegation made in the court complaint and are unverified and unproven. Judge ** is suppressing this prior court pleading to keep his erroneous summary judgment in place. This benefits no one but Bankers Life And Casualty Company.

They add clauses without letting you know they borrow money from your policy to pay two or more years of your premiums, without writing you to say your policy is in grace period when mine was not still taking my money. No one you speak to there can help you who would borrow money from their policy for two years. What if you die during that time you lose policy benefits.

My dad had a long term care policy with them, but they did not honor it. We filed for coverage on the policy in April 2016 when he entered an assisted living facility, but they rejected the claim, saying he was not getting enough assistance. He couldn't get in and out of bed or dress or bathe without assistance and used a walker, but they claimed he did not qualify. He was approved, however, by John Hancock, with whom he had another long term care policy. Bankers Life did not do a thorough investigation like John Hancock. They just quickly rejected the claim. His condition worsened and he had to go to a nursing home in October 2016. We filed another policy then, but they have a 90-day blackout period (grace period?) and my dad passed away on January 20, 2017. Despite the fact that my dad paid his premiums for years, Bankers Life never paid a dime for his long term care.

I turned 65 in July and began in January of this year to research my medicare supplement options. I have selected a supplement at this point but am still receiving calls, etc. Yesterday while I was working an agent from this company visited my home. While I am working my neighbor looks after my home and my dog. She has several dogs as well and apparently they were all creating quite a ruckus. She looked out some windows to see what was going on. She saw a woman in my backyard. This is disturbing on several levels. I think we all would probably agree that front doors are fair game for solicitors and such. However, fenced back yard are a different story in my opinion.

My backyard is surrounded by a six foot high privacy fence and secured with a steel built gate. I keep a lock on the inside of this gate so I am able to determine who comes and goes. Yet there is a woman standing at my back door, storm door open with her hand on the handle of the inside door when my neighbor calls out to her. My neighbor inquires as to how she got in the yard and she giggled and said she came through the gate. My neighbor thought perhaps I had forgotten to lock the gate as it was trash day. She checked the gate and the lock was still engage on the latch. This woman had forced my gate. My neighbor challenged her and she said she had not forced it, she had just used the latch to come in. Not so folks.

Her presence also disturbed me because my neighbor had tethered my dog in the backyard. She had torn her ACL several months ago and she has been crated or on a short tether to limit motion during this period. The presence of a stranger in the yard got her riled and she was pull and jumping while tethered and re-injured her leg to the point she is not weight bearing. I call this woman last evening and she denied forcing the gate. I'm mystified by this. She couldn't get the gate to close as she was leaving because the LOCK was still on the latch. It was a singularly unsatisfying conversations.

Today I called her office and asked to speak with the person who supervised or managed her. I related my story and was asked if I had seen Barbara? I said no and was told she was tiny, frail, and shy and could never force a gate. Really? There she was in my yard, at my door with the lock still on the gate. There was no apology and he asked what I wanted him to do. Again, really? Perhaps remind your folks not to trespass on people's property. Remind them fences and gates are there for a reason, to keep people out. This was a cold call, I did not request a visit nor did I receive a call to schedule a visit. However, I will be out a fairly tidy sum to fix the gate and provide additional treatment for my injured pet. These people both practically called me a liar. Horrible way to do business.

My mother's husband paid for years for a long-term healthcare policy and passed away without collecting a cent. My mother is now in assisted living and is paying the premiums and Banker's Life continues their policy of "denied, denied, denied!" resorting to claims that they didn't receive requested information, or waiting period hasn't been fulfilled or any of a number of tried and true ruses that they've used. This company should not be allowed to operate as it appears their game plan to is clearly to take and never give back. Don't even think about buying a policy of any kind from them.

For over 10 years my mother in law faithfully paid her monthly bill to Bankers Life for a home care policy. While they gladly took her money now that she needs it they have fought us tooth and nail trying every trick and stall tactic to not pay her. I guess with her being 96 years old if they stall long enough she will die and not collect. Shame on you Bankers Life!!!

I made an appt. with an agent a month ago. He did not show up. I called him & he said he was held up with his 1st customer. For the past week, I have called to try to have an agent contact me, to no avail. I was on the phone almost all morning with another issue. They paid $1.81 on a claim. I pay over $400/month for the supplemental ins. & think this is an insult. I had to pay $36.40 on the same claim. So I do want to change my plan. Now I will have to change companies as Bankers Life is not interested in helping me. My husband also has a supplement ins. policy with them, and my brother & his wife. I think it's sad that we can't review our policy because Bankers Life has no interest. They should not have not signed us up in the first place rather than string us along. Now I will call other companies, and they have lost 4 policies.

This lady called my Mom last week and told her there were some changes to Medicare that they needed to come talk to her about. I come home today and find out two people from Bankers Life insurance were here today while I was gone at work trying to sell her life insurance and trying to get her financial information. Well luckily my Mom does not do anything without having me check it out first. Really makes me mad that they are trying to pawn off their overpriced life insurance on Elderly people and giving them the impression that they are from Medicare / Social security to get into the door.

Had she known from the beginning who they were and what they were doing she never would have let them in the house. You can best believe I called and gave them the what for. Also called the Sheriff’s office and let them know what these parasites are up to. Not to mention a letter to the BBB and I'm fixing to call the people they work for. I doubt they will care. Damn insurance people are about as bad as used car salesman. Kendra ** and Chad ** from Bankers Life Insurance in OKC.

My mom died 2 months ago. Within days of her passing, my dad filed a claim. We were told 10 days tops till he received the check. Since then, Bankers has made him fill out forms and send in death certificate THREE TIMES!!! The local agent he and my mom bought the policy from (Maumee, OH) DOES NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS. Highly disappointed in their customer service. He just received forms in the mail again today. THE SAME forms he has filled out and faxed in before. After reading all the other reviews, I so wish they would have seen them before purchasing this policy.

He currently has one for himself with them as well, which I'm sure will be cancelled. Not to mention the agent Nichole, has tried to get his business for his retirement. HA! Not a chance. Stay away from this company. It's shameful that while grieving your loved one, this is what they put you through. My parents paid premiums for almost 2 years on a small 10g policy. Good luck to anybody that has a large one. They don't like to pay. May be time to get a lawyer.

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