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Very professional and effiecent excellent customer care !!
They keep calling me, they keep calling me, they keep calling me, they keep calling me
Cassandra was great, she took initiative and got the job done. Due to staffing changes we did not get her e-mails, so tracked down who to talk to got it all done at the last minute.
This is nothing but high pressure sales with no clear information. They are not willing to really explain things so you understand. Instead they will throw as much information at you so that you become overwhelmed and exhausted and then they firmly request you make a decision right then and there. Not willing to email you the information so you can actually review all the information to better understand. Will not ever do business with them. Left nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth. I will not be recommending this company to anyone but I will be sure to let folks know about my negative experience with Benepath.
Over 60% of the leads I receive from Benepath say they already have insurance and don't need our services. Not very exclusive and overpriced.
Was good service
After registering with Benepath I received a call within 15 minutes. The agent was very helpful and helped me find a good choice for me.
Benepath is hands down the best way to start, and grow your business! They take great care of the agents, and are fair with returnable leads. Over all I am more than pleased working with them for the time I have, and I plan to continue investing more, knowing my returns will be not only huge, But consistent! If you understand the simplicity of filling the roll of the authority figure! And honestly advising your client in the right direction, then stop wasting time and watch your business grow with benepath!! Thank you to the Benepath Team for your support and kindness!! Jentrey Shannon
Forwarded me so someone's voicemail and did not follow up
Will be recommending this company to everyone I know
Sent me to a company site I can trust
I have been getting all of my Life Leads from Benepath for two year now. Before Benepath I was getting my leads from another company that was selling me recycled leads. When I made contact with the lead they were so overwhelmed with the amount of calls they received that they were less likely to buy a policy. With my Benepath leads I receive the lead information in real time. Benepath prides themselves on providing truly Exclusive Real Time Leads to their agent. The entire Benepath team is great to work with. There really is no other lead company out there that has the quality that Benepath has. So, I highly recommend them.
I was able to receive calls from Insurance Brokers fairly quickly. However, conversations with brokers were rather protracted and repetitive. Initial discussions with the broker, which took almost an hour, resulted in a request for an e-mail of the discussed quote from the broker. None was ever received from the first conversation. I have received multiple and have been inundated with multiple repetitive e-mails and calls requesting another discussion. Only from the second call, where I had to go over the details again, was I able to receive an e-mail quote for the medical insurance coverage requested.
Went above and beyond to get me coverage. Thank you.
Your rep was not rude, in fact very pleasant. I have an issue with them trying to sell me something that I was not interested in. I wanted a major medical insurance policy, which was explained. I had to find out through another kind rep from a different search that I was unable to get what I wanted until open enrolment in November.
Your reps called every hour every day. Even after repeatedly telling them we were no longer interested and take us off the list. Most reps either had an attitude about it or just plain hung up on us.
In your email asking us to review you, you need to tell us who you are.i may have loved whatever it is but I don't have any clue who I'm reviewing.